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Full text of "The Psalms of David : imitated in the language of the New Testament and applied to the Christian state and worship"

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6 ^^ 



[F 5] [Same Title as F 2] Pnuted at Xorthampton l)y AVilliaui 
Butler. MDCCXCIX. 12mo. 

(An accurate reproduction of the typographical features 
aiKi the text on F 1 or F 2, including the misprint '^ na- 
tives.") ^_ _-^^^ rr- 











^-l iJF ;■ 

r Q. 







Applied to the Chsistian State and Wonsmp. %, k 


Y M N S, 

A N" D 



^0^ I- CoHeaed fVom the ScriVtures. " |^ 

^^■^ ill' C^-^PO^^on DiviNB Subjects. 5L X ^ 

gx J in. Prepared fbr the Lord's Supper. ^0^ 

With INDEXES and TABLES complete. 






All Thmgs muf^ he fulfmed vhich were written in the— Pr^ -ILMS 
concerning me. r • 

A J .1 r ■L.'^te.xy.i-v. 44. 

wna 7 ^^' f ?";?''"?' ^^>--^^ Thou .rt worthy, &c, .-of thou 
waft flam, and haft reciLcmed us, &c. ' p ... ., c 


t 9 


PRINTED at liOTcTU.^MFiCLV^ jf* 



kA:ss8 " """ •■'"•■"■'"•■*;';;2'1^'-:5^:';'J''''''-'^ 

AUvr^iv. .. .X to the READERS of the PSALMS. 

'"I ""HE C/lIef defign of this v.-ork was to improrc Pfalmcdy, or reUgions Jinging^ and to cn- 
X courai^e the frequent practice of it in public affemblies, and private families, 
Tiith more konour and delight ; yet the author hopes the reading of it may alfo cn» 
tertain the parlour and the clofct with devout plcalure and holy meditations. There- 
fore he would requeft his rca<icn<;, at proper feafons, to perufe it throCigh, and amon^ 
..40 Incred hymns, they may find cut feveral that fult their oivn cafe and temper, or 
tiie circumftanccs of their families and friends ; they may teach their children fuch as 
.^••e proper for tlieir age, and by treafuring them up in their memory, they may be fur 
xiiilicd for pious retirement, or may entertain their friends v. itk holy melody. 
Of Chujtntr or Jindiug the Pfalm, 

The rerufaj of the w/iolcbook v.iU acquaint every reader with the author's method, 
and by cor.fuking the Index^ or Table of CoKieaU, annexed, he nay find hymns very 
proper for many occallons of tlie Chrlilian life and worfliip, though no copy of Va- 
■viJ's P falter can provide for all. 

Or, if he remember the firfl line of any Pfalm, the TahU cf the frf Lines will dire(fl 
where to find it. 

Or if any {hall think it beft to fing al! the Pfalms in order, in churches or familics,V 
:X may be done v.ith pro lit. 

Of Dividing the Pfuln: 

U the Pfalm be too long for the time, orcuftomof fmging, there arc /■(7(//^j in many 
of them at which yo'.i may properly reft : Or you may leave out thofe verfes which 
are included in crotchets [ ] without diP;urbing the fenfe : Or in fomc places you may 
begin to ling at ?^ panfe. 

I)o not always confin^i yourfelres to ilx Jlanza^^ but fing fevcn or eight, rather than 
confound the fenfe, and abuiethe Pfalm in folemn worfliip. 

Of the Jilar.ncr of Singitrr. 

It were to be wiflied that all congregation-i and private families would fing as they 
do in foreign proteilant countries, without reading line by line. Though the airthor 
has do.ic wlKit he co\ild to make the fer.fe complete in every line or two, yet many in-' 
convjiicnces will always attend tiiisunliappy manner of linging ; liut where it cannot 
be ah-^rcd, thefe two things may give fome relief. 

Pirfi, I,et r:s tiiany as can do it bring Pfi:!rj Bod- with them, and look on the words 
while t}u::y fing, fofar as to make the fciiic eompj'cte. 

Se:nr:d!y, Let the clerk read the whole Pfalm over r.loud before he begins to parcel 
cut the lines, that the people may have fome notion of what they ling, and not be forc- 
ed to drag on heaviiv through eight tedious fyllabics wlthoat any meaning, until the 
next line comes tog-ve the fenfe of them. 

It were to be wiflicd alfo that we might not dwell fo long upon every fmgle nrte, and 
prc.duce th.e fyllabics to fuch a tircfuine extent with a confraiit uniformity of time ; 
which difgraces the mufiek, and puts the congregation quite out of breath in fmging 
live or hx ftanzas : Whereas if the method of ilnging were but reformed to a greater 
fpecd in pronunciation, we might often enjoy the pleafure of a longer Pfalm Avith lefs 
cxpenfe of time and breath ; and our Pfalmody would be more agreeable to that of the 
ancient churches, more intelligible to others, and more delightful to ourfelves. 
Of the Diiftn cf th:- Pfalms. 
In many of thefe facred Songs It is evident that the Pfalmift had feveral diflincf^ cafes 
in view at the f:iitie time : As ffilm Ixv, the iirfl: four or verfes defcribe the tempUy 
'.vovVxb of pray:r end praife : the following verfes reprefent i\ie providence of Cod in tb: 
fj.fins of the \eJr. So in Pflm Ixvlii, the firft fix verfes declare the v:ajefy and mercy ef 
Ccd, and from the 7tli verfe to the i6th, Ifrael isbrouglA from Egypt^ to lii divine wor- 
ihip at 'jcrvf alert.- The 17th and iSth are a prophefy of the afetfcfi rf Chrif, Verfe 
•i\\ '^ c. delirribci a rd:\rious proccj/ioiy Sec. The like may be obferved in many other 
I'f ?-ltns, cfpccially fuch as rcprofent fome com?-'licated forrows or joys of the Pfalmift. 
Now it 'is not to be fuppofcd that Chrlfiians iViould have ail the fame diflin<5l occaiicn 
of mcditruion, complaint, or jiraifc, much lefs all at the fame time to be mentioned 
before Ciod • therefore I have divided many Pfalms into feveral parts, ai.-d difpofcd 


them into diAinA Hymns on thofe various fubjccls, that may be proper mutter to" 
''rljlian Pfalmody. 

Bdides, that exccfTive long tone of voice, that flretchcs out every fyllable in oi:;- 
publick tinging, aWows u:> neither time nor fpirits to fmg above fix or tight fli.nzis m 
once, and fomctimes we make ufe of but three or four : Therefore I have reduced ai- 
moft all the work into Hymns of fuch a length, as may fuit the ufual cufioni-of t^.■'• 
churches, that they may not fing broken fragments of fenfe, as is too oltcn done, and 
fpoil the beauty of this worfliip ; but may finifli the v.-hole ibng and fubjccl at once. 

For this end I have been forced to tranfpofe, or omit, fo me verfes ; yet I think \r 
will be fddom found tliat I have omitted any ufcful pfelm, or verfe, whofe fcnfe is ;ir l 
abundantly repeated in other pans of the book : and what i have left out in one u.c - 
tre, I have often inferted in another. 

When the occalion or i'ubject are much the fame througl\out a long Pfalm, I hav 
cicher abridged the verfes,. or divided the Pfalm h-'f paufcs, that the worfliip may not be 

INDEX : Or, TABLE to find a Psalm fmted to particuhr 
Subjects or Occasions. 

Note, in this Table I ha-.-s mi dircBcd to trj Jcjcyal Paris cr J',Z£!rcs of ihc Pfuhn, hjl ii 
JhoulJ [treed tea great a CvnfufiuH of Piguns, What ii fong-ji in any Pfulm trtay cafily he 
fmnd liy lurnLt^ <i Lif or tivo lacixvcrJ or fcrtisrdt to t'}} dif.irM Pans or Afrir.'s. 
2f you find not 'u.-hat IVird you fsk in this I'chlc^ fcl another of the ^ams Siy^nif\.aii<.r. : Or 
Jlti it under fome of tbs more trer.fral Jl^arJ? ; fxb cs, (lod, Chrift, Church., Sri'ntt, 
Plalm, Prayer, Praifc, AilUciioa, Grace, Delivcrc'icc, Death, &c. Tic f^ures rfer 
to the Pfalms, 

A. j ' B. • 

ADAM, the firft and fccoad, their do- j'r>.\CM>!.IDING foul in diftrcfs, and dc- 
minion, Pfatm 8. jX) ferticn, 25 ; rcitored, ji ; pardoned, 

Afilic1ed,plty to them, 35, 41 ; and terapt- i 7?, 130. 

cd, fupported, 55, 145, 146 ; their pray- JBIeitng ot Cod on the bufmefi and com- 
er, 102, 143 ; faints happy, 73, 21";^, j forts cf life, 127. 

xivth/ar/, 94. 
Aflii'Ilions, hope in thera, 13, 42, 77 : iuri- 

port and profit, 119, livth pari ; ia- 

ftrua:ion by them, 94> ii?j xviiith /Mr>* ; 

fanclificd, 94, 119, xviith ^!>^r*' ; courage 

In them, 119, xxiith fart ; removed by j 

prayer, 34, 107 ; fubmi.Tion to them, 39, 

123, 131 ; from men, fee Perfccnnsft ■ in ! 

mind and bodv, 143 ; trying our gracc^. ! 

j forts cf life 

L5le.{ra^.g5 of a family, lig, 133 ; cf a na- 
tion, -i.i,x^ 147 ; of the country, 65. 147 

■ Oi a perion, x, 32, 112. 
Blood of ChrifL clear, fmg from fin, 51, 
Bock of nature and fcripturc, 19, 119, 


Brotherlv Icvc, 1-5-^ ; reproof, 141. 
iJuilnciV of ]in: blcfl, 127. 


66, 119, xyiith part ; without rejection, ]f^.\KZ of God over his nxiiits, 34. 

39 ; of faints and fmners diilerent, 94 ; 
gentle, 103 ; moderated, 125 ; very rreat, 
77, 102, 143. 

Aged faints reflexion and hope, 71. 

All feeing God, 139. 

Angels, guardian, ^a, 91 ; all fubjedl to 
Chrift, 89, 97 ; praife the Lord, 103 ; 
prefent in churches, 138. 

Appeal to God againfl perfecutors, 7 ; con- 
cerning our fmcerity^i 39 ; humility, 1 3 1. 

Afccnfion of Chrift, 24, 47, 68, no. 

Affiftancefrom God, 138, 144. 

Atheifm pra^ical, 12, 14, 36 ; punI{hed,io. 

Attributes of God, 36, in, 14:, 147. 

Authoritv from God . " ', 8 ?. 

'O Charity to the poor-, 37, 41, 112 ; and 

v/ith imp 


jui:;ce, 15,113; 

Chr.ftifcnicnt. See Afp.iaicns. 

Children prail'ing God, 8 ; made blefnng", 
127, iz^^; inftruAed, 34, 78. ' 

Chrifl the fceond Adam, his incarnation, his 
dominion, 8 ; liis all-fulhcicncy, 16 ; his 
afccnfion, 24, 68, no; the' churches 
foundation, 118 ; his coming, the figns of 
it, 12 ; his condefcenfion and glorifica- 
tion, 8 : covenant made with him, 89 ; 
firfl and fecond coming, or his incarna- 
kingdom, and judgment, 96, 07, 9^ ; 
'^9 J 35 ; his death an<j. 


the true Dr.- 


69 ; ttic cter.n :* 


Creator, ici 

1, 8,21,72. no; our example, 109; 
faith in his blood, 51 ; God arid man, 39 ; 
his Ccd-head^ 102 ; our hope, 4,51 ; Iiis 
incr.rnation and facritice, 40 ; the King 
and tht' church his Ipoufc, 45; his king- 
dom among the GcuHUsy 72, 87, 132; hi^ 
love to enemies 35, 109 ; his majefty 
97, 99; liis mcdiiitorial kingdom, 8v 
no ; h!s obedience and death, 69, hi^ 
perlonal glories and government, 45 ; 
prailedby childrtn, 8 ; pricft and kin^;, 
no ; his reliirrcclion on the Lord's dav 
r.i3 ; ourilrcngth and ri;^hteoufncfs, 71 ■ 
his fuilVnngs and kingdom, i, 22, 69 ; hi;- 
Julllrin-j; for our falvation, (>') \ his zcai 
and ri?proac!i^j, 69. 

Chriftian qualiCcations, i ', 24 ; church 
made up of Jczus and G<:r!ti!ssy 87. 

Church, its beauty, 45, 4H, 122 ; the birth 
p!:ioc of faints, 8 7 ; built on J-'fis Chr-p 
118; delight and fa fety in it, 27; dcf- 
truclioncf enemies proceeds from thence, 
76; gathered and fettled, 132 ; of th 
(:c:it}iis^ 4/, 147 ; God i\-^\\U ibr her, 10, 
20,46; G.7,/'x pre fence there, 84, 132 
(•V/j fpecial delight, 87, 132 ; GWVgar- 

ith God, 63, 119, iid yjrt. 
Convcriion and joy, 126 ; at thr afcenlion 

of Chriji, no ; of Je-ivs and Gentiles, 87, 

96, 106. 
Corre(iHon. See AJ-iciion. 
Corruption of manners general, n, 12. 
Counftl and fupport from God, 16, 119, 

xivth part. 
Jourage in death, 16, 17, 71 ; in pcrfccfl-^ 

tion, 119, :i.\ iiih. part. 
Covenant, made with Chriji^ 89 ; of grace 

uncliangeablc, 89, io6. 
Creation and Providence, 33, 104, 135, 

136, 147, 148. 
Creature?, no t.uft in them, 33, 62, 146; 

vain, and God all fufficicnt, ^t^ ; praif- 

ing God, 148. 


DAILY devotion, 55, 139. 
Dav of humiliation for difappoint- 
mcnts m war, 60. 
Death ana refurreckion of Cbrljl^ 16, 69 ; 
of faints a:id lluners, 17, 37, 49 ; and 
fuirerings of Chriji^ 2i, 69 ; deliverance 
from it, 31 ; and pride, 49 ; and the ref- 
urreclion, 49, 71, 09 ; courage in it, x6, 
17, 23 ; the eSedl of fin, 90. 

den, 92 ; going to it, 122 ; the houfe and Defence in God, 3, 121 ; and falvation ia 

care of GaJ, 135 ; of the Jcil's and Gei!-\ God, 18, 61. 

iilcs, 87 ; its in^reafc, 67 ; prayer in dif- Delaying linncrs warning, 95. 

t:efs, 80; perftcuted, f.-e Jfcif.cutlv.- ■ re-Delight and fafety in the church, 17.4^. 

fton-d by prayer. 85, 10?, X07 ; its fafe-i 84 ; in the law of Ciod, 119, vch, viiith, 

tyin n:;L;ooal d..'r>.2ation.>, 46 ; if. the fafe-' and xviiith parts i in God, :( 8, 42:, 45* 

1 }, ?.ni Iioaour of a nation, j 8 ; the fi>oufe 73,84. 

(1 Cf <-■,.', 45 ; 't:^ wFrn-s57i ai-d order, 48 ; Deliverance begun and pcrfe(5>e(i. 85 ; from 

defpair, 18 ; from, deep diflrcfs, 34. 4© 
from dvnth, 31, 118 ; from opprcl£on 
and fa Tl hood, 56 ; perfccution, 53, 94; 
by prayer, 34, 4C, 85, ia6 ; from (hip- 
wrcck,'i07; from flandcr, 31 ; furprif- 

w.-atii ;;j'iiuft enemies proceeds thence 

Colonies planted, I07. 
Conifort, holinefs and partlon, 4, 32, 119 

xifh a;id liith f>art:, and fupport in God 

t6, 94 ; from ancient Provulmces. 77, ing, 12^) ; from temptation, 3, 6, 13, 18 ; 

1 43 '; of life hlef^, 127; and pardon, X39. from a tumult, 1 1 8. 
Comp.Tnyof faints, iv^, 107. Defertion and diUrefs of foul, I3i 25, 38, 

Complaint of ab'.Vnco from pviblic worfhip, 14.V 

jiz; of iicknds, 6; of defertion, 13 ; Dcfirc of knowledge, n9, ixth ;?ffr/.. of ho- 

-.Mide,athelfm,oonrLinon,oce, 10, 52; of linefs, n9, xith part ;. of comfort and 

temptation, I v/sc-^-ral, 102; of quar- deliverance, x 1 <), ^nth p^rt ; of quick- 

r.-lfomc neimbou1-s. no; of hta\/ afn ening grace, x 19, xvufh/ur/.^ 

ilicllon, in mind andbodv, 143- Def.)1i.tioi.s, the churches fafety m thern,46. 

Compn.Iion of God, 103, 145, 147- Defpair and hope in^ death, 17, 49 ; dchv. 

Communion with faints io6, 133. cranee, from it, lo, 130. 

Confdllon of our povertv, 16 ; of fm, re- Devotion, daily, 5Sy 1.34, X4i ? on z hck; 

pentanceandpardQn,'^!, 3^, JL 130. bed,/>, 39- i^^cma^hg,^'i^e,:.^g.LcrJsJuy. 

j^^ DircoVion and pardon, 25 ; and defence 

Confc'i'encc tender, 119. xiiith part; its prayed for, 5 ; aud hope, 4a. SeeKno-ojU 

guilt relieved, 12,38, 51, 130. 1 f-^^'^- 

Coritcntiuu complained of, nc. " iDiicafe. Sec S!cin.-fs, 

I N D E 

DIftrcfs of foul, or back-iliding and dtfcr- 

tion, relieved, 51, 130. 
Dominion of man over creatures, 8. 
Doubts and fears fupprcflcd, 3, 31, 143. 
Drunkard and glutton, 107. 
Duty to God and man, 15, a4. 
Dwelling with God. See Heuicn^ Churcb^ 

&c. E. 

EDUCATION, religious, 34, 78. 
Egypt's plagues, 105. 
f'nd of righteous and wicked, i, 37. 
Enemies overcome, 18 ; prayed for, ^tS^) 

109 ; deftroyed, la, 48, 76. 
Envy and unbelief cured, 37, 49. 
Equity and wifdom of Providence, 9. 
Eve»Ing Pfalm, 4, 139, 141. 
Evidences of grace, or feIf-e«aminatIon, 

26 ; of fincerity, 18, 19, 139. 
Evil times, 12 j neighbours, 120; magif- 

trates, 11, 58,82. 
Exaltation of Chrift to the kingdom, 2, 21, 

22, 69, 72, 110. 
Examination or evidences of grace, 26, 139. 
Exhortation to peace and holincfs, 34. 

FAITH and prayer of perfecuted faints, 
35 ; in the blood of Chrifl, 32, 51 ; in 
divine grace and power, 62, 130. ! 

Riithfulnefs of God, 89, 105, iii, 145,' 

146 ; of man, 15, 141 
Fahliood, blafphemv, &c. 12 

dencp, n,2,y 104, vkc. our defcr.ce, and 
fiilvation, 3, 33, 61, 115 ; eternal am! 
fovcreign, and holy, 93 ; etern-al arui n.r.n 
mortal, 90, 102 ; faithfuincfs, 80, 105. 
Ill ; jjonued r^nd fmncrs faved, 69 ; 
goodnefs and mercy, iot^, 145 ; gocdr:t! . 
and truth, 145, 146 ; governing pov.vr 
and goodnefs, 66 ; great and good, 6Ji. 
144, 145, 147 ; htart-fcarching, 139; 
our only hope and help, 142 ; the judge, 
9i JO) 97 ; ^nd to his people, 145, 146; 
}ii& majcfty, 97 ; and condcfccnfion, 113, 

144 ; mercy and truth, 36, 89, 103, 136, 

145 ; made man, 8 ; of nature and grace, 
65 ; his perfections, 36, 11.T, 145, 147; 
our portion, and Chrlft our hope, 4 ; our 
])ortion here and he; eafltr, 73 ; liis pow- 
er and majefly, 68, 89, 93, 96 ; praifed 
by children, 8; our i^rofervcr, I2i, 138; 
prefcnt in his churches, 84 ; our refuge: 
in national troubles, 46 ; our fhcpheid, 
23 ; his fov(.rei«ntv &nd goodnefs to, 
8,113,144; our fupport and comfort, 
94 ; fupreme governour, 75, 82, 93 ; 
vengeance and companion, 6^',, 97 ; i:n- 
changeable, 89, i.ii ; his univerfal do- 
minion, 103 ; his wifdom in his worki, 
III, 139 ; worthy of all praifc, 145, i.\t, 

15, 24, 112, prcCt znen, not 

I Good v.-orks, 
and oppref-l God, 16. 
lion, deliverance 'from them, 12, 56. iGocdnefs of God, 8, 103, iir, 145, 146. 
r^^mily government, loi ; love and wor-'Gcfpcl, its glory and facccfi, ic. ^^f, 11- 
^iJP) ^33 ; bleffin:j;5, 128. | joyful found,' 89, 98 , wcriiJp "u.-.ti . 

Fears c.nd doubts fupprcft, 3, 31, 34 ; in' der, 48. 

the wo-flitp of God, 89, 99 ; of God, Government of Chnfi, 45 :.frc:n Ga.\, ; 

119, y.inv.\ part. 
Flattery and deceit complained of, 12, 36.| 
Forgivcncfs. See Pardon. 
Formal worfhip, 50. 
Frailty of man, 89, 90, 144 
Fretfiilr.efs difcouragcd, 37. 
Friendfliip, its bleffings, 13: 
Funeral Pfa!m, 89, 9a 
r^ ENTILES given to Chrifl 

2, 22, 72 

Its evidences, or \ 
139 ; above richc 

26, 139; above richer, 144; v iihoiit 
merit, 16, 32; of Chriil, 45, 7- ; and 
providence, 33, 36, 135, 136, 147 ; pre- 
ferving and r^froring, 138 ; truti'i aril 
protccUon, 57 ; tried by a.llicli.m, j>, 
J ; and g'ory, 84, 97 ; pci;donir^-, 

ov/nin7 tiie 

VJT church, 45, C<5, 73, 87 ; 

true God, 47, 96, 98. 
t''lorifica:ion and condcfcenfion of Cl 

Olory of God in our falvatio:-, 69; 

grace proiTiifed, 84, 89, 97. 
Glutton, 78 ; ^-r^-^ drunkard, 107. 
God all ia all, i, 7 ; aU-frcin-, 139 ; all-fuf- 

_fi<riin.\ 16, 33 ; his bting,'attributC3, and 


66, 12 
Guilt of confcience rtTevcd, 31, -38^ s^ 

HAPPY fain? and curfed i'mnc 
Hirven:, 65, 126, 147. 
ifi, Health, ficknefs and recoverv, 6, 30, 31', 

I prayed for, 6, 38, 39. 
nd Heart known to God, 238. 

Hearing of prayer and filvat'cn, 4, 10, CC 

Heaven nf fecaratc fcul* and rcfurrcclion 

„ ., , ^ .. - 17; the fan.:.- dwelling place, 24. 

Jrovmencc, ^6, 65, 147; his care of.Holinefs, pardon and r;;infert, 4 ; def red, 
faults 7, 34 ; h:s crcat.Mi and ProvI~| ii').\i'h i:^.-' ; y-ra:^Ct 

A 2 * 

roitlt, IX' 


It I V 

I N D E X. 

Hop- In Jarknefu, 13,77, 14.3; of refur- Luxury puniflied, 78 ; and pardoned, 107. 


reclion, 16, 71 ; and defpiijr in deaih 
17, 49 ; and prater, 27 ; for victory, 
20 ; :ind dire^ftion, 42, ; in afriiflionsj 4:4, 

Hofanna of the cluldren; 8 ; for the Lord's 

day, 118. 
HoulTicld, fee Family. \ auniinioa over creatures, 8 ; mortal, and 

Huniiliatioa day, 10 ; for difappolntment,! Chrift eternal, los ; wonderful form;t- 

MAGISTRATES warned, 58, 8z ; qual- 
iiicatijiii, xox ; raifed and dcpofed, 
MajefVy of God, 68 ; See Gd. 
[Man, his vanity as mortal, 39, 89, pp, 144 ; 
j dunriinioa 


Humility ?.nd fu'omliilon, 39, 131. 
Hypocrites and hypocrkv, 12, jc. 

I. ' I 

TDO:..\TI>Y reproved, 16, 115, ^zs- 
A Jehovah, 6oj S3 ; rel^as^ 93, 96, 97. 
Jews, fee JfricL 
Images, fee I(tli:r\\ 
Imprecatioas, and charity, 35. 
I:icarna;\on, 9^, 97, 98 ; and facrifice of 

C'riTin, 40. 
.^ifants, fee Chi::lr:n. 
lu^lrudt'.on f.-ora God, 15 ; from fcrlpture. 

II9» ivth and viith j>.j/-/j ; in piety, 34. iMciriah, fre Ckrljh 

tion, 139. 
Marriage myftica!, 46. 
Mariners Pi'ilm, 107. 
Mailer of a family, I or. 
Meditation, i, 63, 119, vth and vith partt. 
Melancholy reproved, 4% ; and hope, 77 ; 

removed, ia6. 
Mercies common and fpecial, 68 ; fpirltu- 

al and tcmpcral, 103 ; innumerable, 139; 

evcrlafting, 136 ; recorded, 107 ; and 

judgment, 9 ; and truth of Cod, 36, 89, 

103, 136, 145, 146. 
Merit diicjaimcdj 16. 

jjafhruitive afHIttioiis, 94. 

Midnigiit thoughts, 63, 139, 119, vth and 

?:nper;uics, punifiied, 78 ; and pardon-; v\'Ci\ parts. 

^d, 107. Miuifters ordained, 132* 

,'oy of converfion, ii6 ; fee Delight. [Miracles in the wildernefs, 114. f.ived fro!n the AJsrLms, 76 ; faved Morning Pfalm, 3, 141 ; of a fabbath, 5, 

/rum ii^ri,-^/ and brought to Cjc-saan, 77,! 19,63. 

T05, 107, 135, 136 ; rebelUop and pun- Mortality of mm, 39, 49, 90; and hope, 

iihment, 7^; puniflied and pardoned, 89; and God's eternity, 90, 103. 

106, 107 ; travels in the wiidwrncfs, 107,! N. 

114. i 'STATIONS honour and fafety is the 

Judgment and mercy, 9, 68; day, i, 50,ijLN church, 48 ; profperity, 67, 144-, bkfl 

9^. 9 7> 98, 149; feat of God, 9. | and puniHied, 107. 

Jufticc of provldciice, 9 ; and truth tov/ards National deliverance, 67, 75, 76, 124^ 1^6 \ 

dcfolatioris, the church's fafety and ti-i^ 

uinph In thtm, 46. 
Nature and fcripture, 19, 119, vlith />arL 

of man, 139. 
New-England iValm, 107. 


I^^BEDIENCE fmccre, 31, 18, 39; bct- 

m:-n, 15. 
Tuftiricition free, 3a, 130. 

TT" IN^'r David and Chrid, ai. 
XV Kingd.un of ChrHt, fee Cbrfj'}. 
Knuwledgs; dcured, 19, 119, iiih^^r.'. 

AW- of God, delight in it, 119, vth^V^ tcr t'aan facrilice, 50. 

pjri. i Old-age, death, 90 ; and r^furredllon, 71, 

I-ihi-ralitv rewarded, 41, 112. ! 89. 

Lif.' and riclies, their Vuiiliv, 49 ; ihort and Omniprefence, Omaitciencc, Omnipotence, 

feeble, 8^,90, 144. ' I w^c. S'tcGoJ. 

Lon;tn'4 after God, 4 2, 6 V I ^* 

Lord's div Pfalm, 92, 118 ; morning, 5, T9,iT)ARD0N, hclinefs, and comfort, 4 ; of 
63. ' iX bacV-Jliding, 78 ; and dlrcaiou, 25 ; 

Love of God to the righteous, and hatred!, and repentance prayed for, 38 ; and 

X, It ; to our ucignoour, 

confeliion, 3 a ; of original and actual Hn, 
^i ; plentiful with God, 130. 

i> ; of Chrift to linners, 35; of God . . 

better than life, 63 ; of God uacha';gca- Tatience under affliaions, 39 ; under per- 
blc, 8;, J06 ; t -» enemies 3^, to; ; broth- ', fccutlon:, 37, 44 ; ia darknefs, 77, i^c, 
ctW, _ii v.'jiil.Ip in a family, -.-,^. \ 131. 


Peace and holinefs encouraged, 34 ; with'Profperity dangerous, 55, 7 
men de fired, 


Perfedlionsof God, 36, iii, 145, 147. 

Perfecuted faints, their prayer and faith, 
35. 44, 74, 80, 83. 

Pefecution, vi^Story over and deliverance 
from it, 7, i3>94'> courage in it, 119, 
xviith part. 

Prcfervance, 138 ; in trials, 119, xviilh part. 

Pcrfecutors puniflied, 7, 119, 149 ; their 
folly, 14 ; complained of, 2^1 44, 74i 80, 
83 ; deliverance from them, 94, 

Perfonal glories of Chrift, 45. 

Peftilence, prefervation in it, 91. 

Piety, imlrui^ion therein, 34. See Saints. 

Pity to the afflidled, 41. See Charity y God. 

Pleading without repining, 39, laj ; the 
promifes, 119, xth/^r*'. 

Poor, charity to them, 15, 37, 41, iii. 

Portion of faints and iinnerr, i, 17, 37. 

Poverty confeft, 16. 

Power and majcfty of God, 6^% 89, 145. 
See Cod. 

Pra^f^ical atheifm, 14, 36. 

Praife to God from children, 8 ; for crea- 
tion and Providence, 33, 104; to our 

jProfperous finners curfed, 37, 49, 73. 

'Protedlion, truth and grace, J? ; by day 
and night, lai. 

Providence, its wifdora and equity, 9 ; and 
creation, 33, 135, 136 ; and grace, 36, 
147', and perfections of Cod, 36 ; its 
myftery unfolded, 73 ; recorded, 77, 78, 
107 ; in air, earth and Tea, 65, 89, IC4, 

Prudence and zeal, 39. 

Pfalm for foldiers, 18, 60 ; for old age, 71 ; 
for huibandmen, 65 ; for a funeral, 89, 
90 ; for the Lord's day, 9a ; be/ore pray- 
er, 95 ; before fermon, 95 ; for magif- 
trates, 101 ; for houfholders, lor • for 
mariners, 107 ; for gluttons and drunk- 
ards, 107 ; for New-England, 107 ; See 
Morning, £.vsninv^ X^c. 

Publick praifes for private mercies, tvn, 
cxviii ; for deliverance, cxilv ; tvorAxip, 
abfence from it complained of, 41 ; wor- 
Ihip attended on, cxxii ; prayer a&4 
praife, 65, 84. 

PuniftimcEt of finners, i, xJ, Xixvii ; and 
falvation, lxxviii,lxxii, cvi See AffliBioa. 

creator, 100 ; from all creatures, 148 ; Purpofes holy, cxix, ijth/^^rr. 

for eminent deliverance, 34, 118 ; gen- 
eral, 86, 145, 150 ; for the gofpel, 98 ; 
for health reflored, 30, 116 ; for hearing 
prayer, 66, 102 ; to Jefus Chrift, 45 ; 
from all nations, 117; and prayer pub- 
lick, ds ; for prote*£lion, grace and truth, 
57; for providence and grace, 36 ; for 
rain, 65, 147 ; from the faints, 149, 150; 
for temptations ove.rcorae, 18 ; for tem- 
poral bicilings, 147, 68 ; for vi(5lory in 
war, 18, 

Prayer heard, 4, 34, 6.?, 66 ; In time of xvar, 
ao ; ?.nd hope of viiftory, 20 ; and praife 
publick, (i<, ; and hope, 27 ; in church's 
iliftrefs, 80 ; heard, and Zion reftored, 
loz ; and faith of pcrfecuted faints, 35. 
37, 56 ; and praife for deliverance, 34 ; 
for repentance and pardon, &c. 38. See 

Prefer vi ng grace, 1 3 8. 

Prefervation in public dangers, 46, 91, ir a; 
daily, izi. 

Pride and atheifm, and opprelEon, punifh- 
ed, 10, 12 ; and death, 49. 

Prlefthood of Chrift, ji, 110. 

Princes vain, 62, 146. 

Profeffion of finccrlty and repentance, &c. 
x\c)SvApart, 139; falfe, 50. 

QUALIFICATIONS of a chri/Uan, iv. 
Quarrelfome neighbours, cxx. 
Quickning grace, cxix. it\\\part. 

RAIN from heaven, Ixv, ciixv, cxlvii. 
Recovery from ficknefs, vi, xxx, cxvi. 
Rejoicing in God, xviii. See "Joy^ Dshght. 
Relative duties, xv, cxxiiiii 
Religion and juflice, rv ; in words and 

deeds, xxxvii. 
Religious education, xxxlv, Ixxvili. 
Remembrance of former deliverances, 

Ixivii, cxliii. 
Repentance, confcilion and pardon, xxxii % 

and praj-er for pardon and (trength, 

xxxviii ; and faith in the blood of Chrift, 

Reproach removed, xxxl, xxxvii. 
Refignatiou, xxxIi, cxxiii, cxxxi, 

Refoiutions, holy, cxix, \$x^part. 
Reftoring grace, xxlii, cxxxviii, 
Refurredlion and death of Chrift, ii, xvi ; 

of the faints, xvi, xvll, xlix, Ixxi ; and 

death, xiix, !xxi, Ixxxix. 

Reverence in worfliip, Ixxxii, xcix. . 

Revolution, Ixxv. 
omifes and thrcatnin^s, 81 \ pkadcd,ii9, Riches, their vp.nity, xlix ; compared v/ith 
xth pj.rt. • 1 grace, cxUv. 


I N D E X. 

RightCOlB, Sec Salnfi. 
Righteoufnefs, from Chrift, ixxL See 5a/- 
ifationy Pardon, Cbrifl. 
QABBATH, fee Lord's day. 

faints portion,!, xvii, 37, 5c ; hated, and 
faints patience, 37 ; dcftroyed, and faints 
chaftlfed, 94. 

Sins of tongue, xii, 34, 50. 

Siamkr, deliverance from it, xxxi. 

\0 Sacrifice, xl, U, Ixix ; incarnation of Song. See Pfalm. 
, Chrift,:xl. Sorrow. Stc AJJlicllon, Slcknefs. 

Safety in publick dangers, xci ; and tri- Souls in feparate ftate, xvii, 146, 150. 

umph of the church, in national defola- Spirit given at Chrift's afcenfion, 68 ; his 

tions, xlvi ; in God, Ixi ; and delight m\ teaching defired, 51, 119, xxih. part. 

the church, xxvii. 'Spiritual enemies overcome, 3, 18,144; 

Saints happy, and finners curfed, i, cxix,I bleflings and puniihmcnt, 81 ; minded- 

1^ part, fafety in evil times, xii, xlvi;' nefa, 119, iid part. Sec Saints, Cract, 

the beft company, xvi ; charadlerifed,' &c. 

XV, xxiv ; and finners portion, i, xvii ; Spoufe of Chrift the king is the church, 45. 

dwell in heaven, xv, xxiv ; pimifhed and Spring of the year, 65 ; fummer 65, 104; 

faved, Ixxviii, cvi ; God's care of them,' and winter, 147. 

34 ; reward at laft, 50, 90, 9a ; and fin- Storm and thunder, 29,48, 135. 

ners end, i, xi, xxxvii ; patience and Strength, repentance and pardon prayed 

world's hatred, 37; chafiifed and fin-| for, 38 ; from Chrift, 7 1 ; of grace, 138. 

ners deflroyed, 94 ; die,'but Chrift lives, SubmifHon, 123, 131 ; to Chrifk, a; to fick- 

cii ; punifhed and pardoned, cvi, cvii ;! nefs, 39. 

conducted to heaven, cvi ; tried and pre- Succefs of the gofpel, 19, 1 10. 

ferved, 66, cxxv ; afRicStions moderated. Sufferings and death of Chrift, %i ; and 

cxxv ; judging the world, cxlix. I kingdom of Chrift, 2, 22,69, iio. 

Salvation of faints, x ; and triumph, xvlii ; Summer, 65 ; and winter, 147. 

and defence in God, Ixi ; by Chrift, 69, Support and couucil from God, 16 ; for the 


Sanclified aftH<fllons, 94, cxix, laji part. 

Satan fubdued, 3, 6, xlil. 

Scripture compared witk the book of na- 

afFiicled and tempted, SF, '■> ^^^ comfort 
in God, 94, 119 ; x\\ih. part. 
Surety and iacriiice, Chrift, 40. 
ture, XIX, cxix, 7th part ; inftrucftioninPEMPTATIONS overcome, iii, ivjii . 
from it, cxix, 4th part ; delight in it, JL in fickneis, vi ; efcape from them. 
cxix, 5th and xviiith parts ; holinefs and xxv ; of the devil, xiii ; fupport under 
comfort from it, cxix, 6th part ; perfec-j tlicm, iii, Iv, xciv. 
tion, cxix, 7th pjrt ; variety and excel-,Tempter. See Satan. 
ieney, cxix, ^i\\ part ,• attended with thc^Tender cor.fcience, cxix, 13th/ 
Spirit, cxix, 9th part. 
Seafons of the year, 6s, cxlvii 

Seaman's fong, cvii. 
Secret devotion, 34, cxix, \idi part. 
Seeking God, 27, 63. 

Self examination, or evidences of grace, 36. 

Thanks publick for private mer-irs, *ivi, 

cxviii. See Fraife. 
Threatnlngs and promlfcs, Ixxx:. 

Thunder and ftorm, xxix, exxxv, ciixvi, 

Times cvllj xl, xii. 
TcR^'yje governed, 34, -^p. 
Trial of our grace, by aflliclions, I xvi, cixv ; 

cf our hearts, xxvi, cxxxix. 
Triumph for ftilvation, x\iii ; ^.nd. fafety cf 
the church in national defolaticns, 46 ,„ 
at tlie Uft d.rj'f, cxlix. 
Troubles. Sec A^i^iom, ^rr.ptzfions. 
tual, Truft in tlic creatures vain,liii, cil^i. 
ccnfeflcd and pardancdjli ; and chaftife- Truth, grace, and proteibion,lvii,c>:iv,cilvi. 
ment of faints, 78, cvi ; univerfal, xlv. Sqc (Jed, Fahhfutncp. 

Sincerity, xix, 26, 32, cxxxix ; profeft andjTumult, deliverance from it, cxviii. 

rcv.'arded, xvH, cxix, liid/'ar^. | \. 

SUmcT cuiAcdjand faint l:;ippy. i., ii ; and/^TANITY of as morta!, 39,89,0x117: 

' \ cf life and riches 49- 

Stp.vrate fouls, heaven, xvii. 
Shfpherd of faints is God, 23. 
Shipwreck, prevented, cvii. 
Sick-bed devotion, 6, 38. 39. 
JUckncfs healed, 6, 3c, cxvi. 
*ngns of Chrift's coining, xii, 96, ^<c. 
Sin of nature, xiv ; oricinal and 


Vcngeanec and compaflion, 68 ; againft the Wickednefs of maa» xit, iirvi, li.. 

rncmics of th« church, liivijcxlii. jWimL Se^ Pr<n>i<Unceiy Seaforn^ Storm. 

%'iclory hoped and prayed for» ao ; over Winter, and Summer, cxlvii. 

temptations, vi, xviii, cxUv ; over tem-;Wifdom and equity of Proviilence, 9 ; of 
poral enemies, xviii ; oad deliverance j God in his works, cxi. 

Word of God. See Scripture. 
Works of creation and Providence, civ. 
cxivii, cxlviii : and grace, xix, 33, cxi, 
cxxxv, rtcxivi ; good workj profit men, 
not God, xvL 
World's hatred, and faints patience, 37. 
Worfiiip and order of the gofpel, 48 ; de- 
light in it, 84; with reverence, 89, 99; 
daily, Iv, cxxxiv, cxli ; in a family, 
cxxxiii ; publick, 63, 84, cxxii, cxixii ; 
abfence from it, 4a, 63. 
Wrath and mercy from the judgement feat, 
9. See more ia God, . Pum^^m^r.t, Sinmr^ 


from perfecutioa, 53. 
Vineyard of God wafted, 80. 
Hnbclicf and en\'y cured, 37 ; pumflied,9J.j 
Unchang-sable God, Ixxxix, cxi. 
Vows paid in the church, cxvi ; of holinefs, 

cxii, 15th />flr/. 

w. ! 

WArriNG for pardon and dircaion,| 
25 ; for anfwcr to prayer, Sj.CJsliii 


War, prayer in time pf it, 20 ; difappoint- 
ments therein, 68 ; victory, xviii ; fpir- 
itual, xviii, cxliv. 
Warnings of God to his people, IxxxL 
Watchfuinefs, xix, cxli ; over the tongue 

Weather, Ixv, cvii, cxxrv, cxlvii, cxlviii. 
Wicked. See Sinntry Saint, 

ZEAL and prudence 39. 
21ion,. its citizens, xy. , See Chursh. 

A T A B L E 

To find out any Psalm, or part of a Psalm, by the firil Line 

of it. . * 

A. Pitg-^. I Come children, learn to fear the Lord 36 

ALL yc that love the Lord rejoice 119 Come, let our voices join to raife - 79 

Almighty Ruler of the flcies - 1 8 Come, fotind his praife abroad —. 7^ 
Amidfl: thy wrath remember love - 39 Coniidcr ail sav forrows, Lord - JOO 

69I D. 

7 1 1 "pv AVID rejoJc'd in God his ftrestgth a8 

69 JL/ Deep in our hearu let us record 60 

Aniv:;g th' aflemblies of the great 
Among the princes earthly gods - 
And will the God of grace - - - 
Are all the foes of Z'on fools - - 
Are finners no?v fo fenfelefs grown 
Arife, my gracious God ,1 - - - 
Awake, ye faints, to nraife your King 

T)EHOLD thelofyflcy 





Deep in our heart* let us record 

EARLY, my God, without delay 
Exalt the Lord our God. 

FAR as thy name is known 
Father 1 blefs thy gentk hand - 

X> Behold the love, the gen'rous love 37 ; Father I fmg thy wond'rous grace 

Behold the morning fun, - - 

Behold the fure foundation ftone 

Behold thy waiting fervant Lord 

Blefs, O my foul, the living God - - 

^left are the fons of pe*ice - - - 

Bleft are the fouls that hear and know 

Bleft are the undeCl'd in h^art - • 

Bleft is the man, forever bleft - 

Bleft is the man whofe bowels move 

Bleft is the man who ftiuns the place 

Bleft is the nation where the Lord 

/CHILDREN in years and knowledge 




26 Firm andunmov'd are they - » 104 
9.5 ' Firm was my health, my day was bright 3 % 
99 Fools in their hearts believe jind fay 2i 
83 For ever bleircd be the Lord ^ - 114 
107 For ever fliall my fong record • - 7* 
72 From age to age exalt his name - - 88 
96 From all that dwell below the Ikies - 94 
34 From deep diftrefs and troubled tho'ts io6 
42, G. 

1 1\(^ IVE thanks to God ; he reigns above 88 
\j Give thanks to God, invoke his 

name - • - - - 86 

.Give thanks to God mofthigh ^ - 109 

3 6 [Give tbaaks to God the fov'rcign Lord 109 



Give to our God immortal praife - no 

Give to the Lord ye fons of fame - 3a 

God in his earthly temple lays - - 71 

God is the refuge of his faints - - 44 

God my (upporter and my hope - - 63 

God of eternal love - - - 87 

God of my childhood and my youth 61 

God of my life look gently down - 40 

God of my mercy and my praife - 90 

Good is the Lord, the heav'nly King 57 

Great God, attend while Zion fings - 69 

Great God, how oft did Ifraei prove 67 

Great God, indulge my humble claim ^s 
Great God,the heav'ns well order'd frames 7 

Great God, whofe univerfal iway - 62 

Great is the Lord exalted high - - icS 

Great is ihe Lord, his works of might 9 1 

Great is the Lord our God - - - 4/ 

Great Shepherd of thine Ifraei - 68 

HAD not the Lord, may Ifraei fay 103 

Happy is he that fears the Lord 92 

Happy the city where their fons - 114 

Happy the man to whom his God - ;X4 

Happy the man whofe cautious feet 14 

Hear me, O God, nor hide thy face - 82 

Hear what the Lord in vifion faid - 73 

Help Lord, for men of virtue fail - ao 

He reigns : the Lord the favieur reigns 79 

He that hath made his refuge God - 75 

High in the heav'ns, eternal God - 57 

How awful is thy chaft'ning rod - - 66 

How did my heart rejoice to hear - 103 

How faft their guilt and forrows rife 23 

How long, O Lord, {liall I complain a 1 

How long wilt thou conceal thy face a i 

How pleafant, how divinely fair - 6p 

How pleafant 'tis to fee - - - 108 

How pleas'd and blcft was I - - 103 
How fliall the young fecure their htaits 9 7 

JEHOVAI^ reigns : he dwells in light 77 

Jefus,our Lord, afcend thy throne 90 

Jefus fliall reign where e'er the fun - 61 

If God fucceed not all the coft - - 105 

If God to build the houfc deny - - 105 

1 lift my foul to God - - - 30 

I'll blefs the Lord from day to day - T)^ 

I'll praife my maker with my breath 116 

I'll fpeak the honours of my King - 43 

I love the Lord : he heard my cries - 94 

In all my vafl concerns with thee - 112 

In anger, Lord rebuke me not - - 16 
InGod's own houfe pronounce his praifei 20 

In Judali God of old was known - - 65 

Into thine hand, O God of truth - ^3 

Jpy to the world : the Lord is come 80 

I fet the Lord before my face - - - i.i 
Is there ambition in my heart - - 106 
It is the Lord our Saviour's hand - 83 
Judge me, O Lord and prove my ways 31 
Judges who rule the world by laws - 53 
Juft are thy ways, and true thy word 25 
I waited patient for the Lord - - - 41 
i will extol thee, Lord on high - -3a 

LET all the earth their voices raife 79 
Let all the heathen writers join - 98 
Let children hear the mighty deeds - 66 
X-et ev'ry creature join - - - - 119 
Let ev'ry tongue thy goodnefs fpeak 115 
Let God arife in all his might - - 58 
Let finncrs take their courfc - - jj 
Let Zion in her king rejoice - - - 44 
Let Ziou and her fons rejoice - - 83 
Let Zion praife the mighty Goi - in 
Long as I live I'll blcfs thy name - 115 
Lord, haflthou caft the nation off - 53 
Lord,! am thine ; but thou v/ilt prove 24 
Lord, I can fuffer thy rebukes - - 1 7 
Lord, I am vile, ccnceiv'd in fin - - 50 
Lord, I cfteem thy judgments right - 98 
Lord, if thine eyes furvcy our faults 75 
Lord, if thou dod not foon appear - 20 
Lord, I have made thy word my choice 98 
Lord, in the morning thou fhalt hear 16 
Lord, I will blefs thee ail my days - 35 
Lord, I \vould fprcad my fore diflrefs 51 
Lord, of the worlds above - - - 70 
Lord, thou haft call'd thy grace to mind 71 
Lord, thou hafl heard thy fervant cry 95 
Lord, thou haft fearch'd aad feea me . 

through - - - - - jii 
Lord, thou haft fecn my foul fincere 25 
Lord, thou wilt hear me when I pray i6 
Lord, 'tis a pleafant thing to ftand - 76 
Lord, we have heard thy works of old 4% 
Lord, what a feeble piece - - - 7 J 
Lord, what a thouglitlefs wretch was I 63 
Lordi what is man, poor feeble man 114. 
Lord, what was man when made at firft 18 
Lord, when I count thy mercies o'er ii;^ 
Lord, when thou didft afcend on high 59 
Loud Hallelujahs to the Lord - - n8 
Lo ! what a glor'ous corner ftonc - 96 
Lo ! what an entertaining view - - 107 

MAKER and fov'reign Lord - 14 
Mercy and judgment are my fcng 8 ^ 
Mine eyes and my delire - - - ^ 31 
My God, accept my early vows - • 113 
My God, confider my diftrefs - - 99 
My God, how many arc my fears - 15 
My God, in v/bona a;c all the fprings /3 











My God, my evei laftlng hope - - 6 
My God, my King, thy various praife 
My God, permit my tongue - - - 
My God, the fteps of pious men - - 
My God, what in\vard grief I feel - 
My heart' rejoices in thy name * 
My never-ceafmg fongs fliall (hovf - 
My refuge is the God of love - 
My righteous Judge, my gracious God 
My Saviour and my King - . - 
My Saviour, my almighty Friend 
My Shepherd is the living Lord 
My Shepherd will fupply my need - 
My foul, how lovely is the place 
My foul lies cleaving to the duft - - 
My foul repeat his praife - - - - 
My foul thy great Creator praife 
My fpirit looks to God alone 
My fpirit finks within mej Lord 
My ttuit is in my heav'nly Friend 

NO fieepnor number to his eyes 
Not to our names thou only jufl: 
and true - - - - 93 
Not to ourfclves who are but duft - 93 
Now be my heart infpir'd to fing - , 4 j 
Now from the roaring lion's rage - 28 
Now I'm convinc'd the I^ord is kind 63 
Now let our lips with holy fear - - 60 
Now let our mournful fongs record 29 
Now may the God of pow'r and grace 27 
Now plead my caufe, almighty God 37 
Now ihall my folemn vows be paid j8 


OALL ye nations praife the Lord 
O blefled fouls are they 
O blefs the Lord, my foul - - - 
Of juftice and of grace I fmg - - - 
O for a fliout of facred joy - - - 
O God my refuge, hear my cries - - 
O C-cd of grace and rlghteoufnefs - 
O God of mercy hear my call - - ■ 
O God to whom revenge belongs 
O happy man whofe foul is nll'd 
O happy nation where the Lord 
O how i love thy holy law - - - 
O Lord how many are my foes 
O Lord our heav'nly king - - - 
O Lord, our Lord, how wond'rous great 
O that the Lord would guide my ways 
O that thy Hatutes ev'ry hour - 
O thou rhat hear'A; when finners cry 
O thoa whofe grace and juftice reign 
O thou wliofc jufliice reigns on high 
Our God, our help in ages pad 
Out of ihc deeps of long diflrefs - 
O what a ill iT rebellious houfe 


PRAISE waits in Zion,Lord, for thee 56 
Praife ye the Lord, exalt his name 108 
Praife yc the Lord : My heart fliall join n6 
Praife ye the Lord ; 'tis good to raife 116 
Preferve me Lord in timeof need - 22- 

REJOICE ye righteous in the Lord 34 
Remember, Lord, our mortal ftate 73 
Return, O God of love, return - - 75 

70 Save me, O Lord, from ev'ry foe 

ALVATION is forevernigh - - 71 
O Save me, O Lord, the fweUing floods 59 




See what a living ftone 
Shew pity. Lord, O Lord forgive 
Shine, mighty God, on Sion fhine 
Sing all ye nations to the Lord - 
Sing to the Lord aloud 
Sing to the Lord Jehovah's name 
Sing to the Lord with joyful voice 
Sing to the Lord ye diftant Lands 
Songs of immortal praife belong - 
Soon as I heard my father fay - 
Sure there's a righteous God - - 
Sweet is the mem'ry of thy grace 
SvN^eet is the work, my God my King 

TEACH me the meafure of my days 40 
Th* Almighty reigns exalted high 80 
That man is blcfl that flands in awe 91 
The earth forever is the Lord's - - 30 
Thee will I love, O Lord, my ftrength 24 
The God Jehovah reigns - - - 81 
94 The God of glory fends his fummons 
33 forth ------ 48 

8/ The God of our falvation hears - - 56 
82 The heav'ns declare thy glory, Lord 26 
45 The king of faints, how fair his face 44 
51 The Lord appears my helper now - 95 

16 The Lord, how wond'rous are his ways 84 

51 The Lord Jehovah reigns - - 77 
77 The Lord is come the heav'ns proclaim 80 

105 The Lord rav Shepherd is - - 30 
35 |The Lord of glory is my light - - 31 
97 The Lord of glory reigns, he reigns on 
jj' high - - - _ - - 77 

17 The Lord the Judge before his throne 47 
iSThelftrd the Judj^e h-s churches warns 47 
99jThe Lord, the fov'rcign King - - - 85 

100 The Lord the fov'reign fends his fum- 
50 mons forth - - - - 48 

i«3 The man is ever blefl - - - 13 

52 Ihe praiie of Zion waifs for thee - 5^ 
- 7 J The wonders lord thy love has wrcught4i 

106 'I'hink mighty God en fce'ole man - 7.'^ 
^7 [This is the day the Lord hath made (fs 


IN D E X. 

TKhf^fpacIous earth Is all the Lerd*6 
Thou art my portion, O my God - 
Thou God of love, thou ever bleft - 
Through ev'ry age eternal God, - - 
Thrice happy man who fears the Lord 
Thus I refolv'd before the Lord 

When Ifracl freed from Pheraoh's hand 93 

When Ifrael fins the Lord reproves 
When I with pleafing wonder (land 
7 4'. When man grows bold in fin - - - 
91; When overwhelmed with grief - 
40 i When pain and anguifli feize me Lord 
Thus faith the Lord, the fpacious fiel4jS 47 When the great Judge fupreme and juft 
Thus faith the Lord your work is vain 41, Where fliall the man be found - 

90 Where fliall we go to fcek and find - 
90; While men grow bold in wicked ways 
98; While I keepfilence and conceal 
95 Who fliall afcend thy heav'niy place 

Thus the eternal Father fpake - 
Thus the great Lord of earth and fea 
Thy mercies fill the earth, O L©rd 
I'hy name almighty Lord 
Thy works of glory, mighty Lord 











Tis by thy ftrength the mountsins ftand 57 
To God I cry'd with mournful voice 66 
To God I made my forrows known - 
To God the great, the ever bleft 
To heav'n I lift my waiting eyes 
To our almighty Maker God - • 
To thee before the dawning light 
To thee moft holy and moft high 
To thine almighty arm we owe - - 
*Twas for our fake, eternal God - 
*Twas from thy hand my God I came 
Twas in the watches of the night 

VAIN man on foolifii plcafures bent 
Unfhaken as the facred hill 
Up from my youth, may Ifracl fay - 
Vp to the hills I lift mine eyes - - 
Upward I lift mine eves 
TTTE blefs thee, Lord, the juft, the 

We love the Lord, and we adore 
What fliall I render to my God - 
When Chrift to judgment fhall defcend 47 
When God is nigh my fiiith is ftrong a,^ 

When God provoked with daring crimes 89 
When God reflor'd our captive ftate 104 
W^hen God reveal'd his gracious name 104 

Who fliall inhabit in thy hill - 

Who -will ariie and plead my right - 

Why did the Jews proclaim their rage 

113 1 Why did the nations join to flay - - 

87 j Why do the proud infult the poor - 

ioa;Why do the wealthy wicked boafb 

80' Why doth the Lord ftand off fo far - 

96 Why doth the man of riches grow - 

65 Why has my God my foul forfook 

25 Why fliould I vex my. foul and fret - 

61 i Will God forever caft us off 

III .With all my powers of heart and tongue 

54lWithearneft longings of the mind 

'With my whole heart I'll raife my fong 

With my whole heart I've fought thy face 100 

With re v'rence let the faints appear - 7 a 

With fongs and honours founding loud 117 




Would you behold the works of God 88 

YE holy fouls In God rejoice - - 35 

Ye ifiands of the Northern fca 80 

59 1 Yc nations of the earth rejoice - 81 

25^ Ye lervants of th' Almighty King - 91 

94 j Ye fons of men, a feeble race - - 76 

Ye fons of pride that hate the juft - 46 

Ye that delight to fcrvc the Lord - 91 

Ye that obey th* immortal King - 108 

Ye tribes of Adam join - - - n; 

Yet (faith the Lord) if David's race 73 

T A B L E to the APPENDIX. 

Along the banks where Babel's current | Juf'.ge me, O God, and plead my caufr ni 

flows - - - IZ4> O God of my falvation, hear - - 123 

Awake my foul to found his praife - 123! Protedl us Lord, from fatal harm - 124 

Behold, 6 God, v.-hat cruel foes - - 1231 To thee O Lord I raife my cries - 121 

1221 Why fliouId the haughty hero boaft - ii; 
122] Why fliould the haughty make their 

iza boaft - - - - - 121 

Beheld us Lord, and let our cry 9 
From foes that round us. rife 
Great God attend to my compl.-iiat - 
In h;;l\c, O God, attend my call - 







The W*y and End of the Rigbteovi and the 

I "O I.EST is the man wlio fiiuns the place 
J3 Where finners love to meet ; 
Who fears to tread their wicked wavs. 
And hates the fcofter's feat. 

a But in the ftatutes of the Lord, 
Kas plac'd his chief delight ; 
By day he reads or hears the word» 
And meditates by night. 

3 [He Kke a plant of generous kind 

By living waters fet, 
Safe from the ftorms and blafting wind. 
Enjoys a peaceful flate.] , 

4 Green as the leaf, and ever fair 

Shall his profeflion iliine ; 
While fruits of hoiincfs appear 
Like cluftors on the vine. 

5 Not fo the impious and unjuft ; 

What vain defigns they form ! 
Their hopes are blown a%vay Hke duft:, 
Or chaff, before theflorm. 

6 Sinners in judgment fhall net ftand 

Amongfttbe fons of grace. 
When Chrift the Judge at his right hand 
AppeiDts his faints a place. 


His eye behoMs the path they tread, 
Hie heart approves it v/ell ; 

But crooked ways of finners lead 
Down to the gates of heLL 


The Saint happy^ the Sinner miferable, 

I npHE is ever bled 

jL Who fliuns the (Inner's way?, 
A.mong their councils never ftands, 
Nor takes the fcorner's place j 

a But makes the law of God 
His ftudv and delight, 
Amidft the labours of the day. 
And watches of the night. 

3 He like a tree fliall thrive; 
With waters near the root : 

Freili as the leaf his nam.e fliall live. 
His works are heav'nly fruit. 

4 Not fc th' ungodly race. 
They no fuch blelTinVs find : 

Their hopes iliall flee like empty chafF 
Before the driving wind. 

5 How will they bear to fla»d 
Before that judgment feat. 

Where ail r he faints at ChriK's right laand 
In full alTembly meet. 

6 Heknov/s, and he approves 

The way the righteous go : ' 

But finners and their woi ks fhaii meet 
A dreadful ovcrthiow. 




L O N G M E T R E. i 5 The Lord dcndcs their rage, 

Tbi Diff^snc. hf^ren the Righteous and tS.', t^V^} ^"P^T' ^'\ '^''' u^ \ , 
IVick-d ^' ^^'^ ^""^ ^^"' ^^*^ ^^**^ 

I Hath own'd him for his Son. 
I TTAPPY the man v/hofe cautious feet pause 

JLJL Shun the broad way that finuers go; 6 Now he's afcended h'gh, 

"Who hates the place where athdfts inect, And aflcs to rule the earth ; 

And fears to talk as fcoiTers do. The merit of his blooil he pleads, 

And pleads his heavenly birtk. 

He aflcs, and God beftows 
A large 


He loves t' employ his mcrning li^ht 
Amoqgft the ibtutcs of the Lord \ 
Andfpends the wakeful hours of night 

Vv'itii pleafure pond'ring o'er the vorj. Far as the world's remotefl: ends 
He like a plant by gentle ftrcams, ^'' ^^'^Sd^ni flaall advance. 

Shall tlouriih in immortal green ; 8 The nations that rebel 

And heav'n will iliine with kiadeft beams' Muft feel his iron red ; 
On cv'ry work his hai-ds begin. ^Hc'll vindicate thofe honours well 

Which he receiv'd from Gori. 

9 [Be wife, ye rulers, now, 
And worftiip at his throne ; 

Bit fmnersfind their counfels croft ; 

As chaff before the tempeft flies ; 

So fliail their hopes be blowi;i and loft, 

When the laft trumpet fhakcs the fkies. With trembling joy, ye people, 

T . , I. -I r ' n. J To God's exalted Son 

In vam the rebel fceKs to ftand. 

In judgment v.'ith the pious race ; 

The dreadful Judge with ftern command 


10 If once his wrath arife. 
Ye perifli on the place 

Divides him to a diff'rent place. 1 

•' Straight is the way my faints have trod, 
I blefs'd the path and drew it plain ; 
But you would chufe the crocked road ;. 
And down it leads to endlef* pain." ! 

Then blcffed is the foul that flifs 
For refuge to his grace.] 




Tfcutjlated acccrdingto divine Pattern^ 
Acts iv. ^4, &c. 

Chrijl dyli-y_y rying, ir.iercedirig, and reigning 
[i T\ /TAKILR and fov'reign Lord 
IVX Of heaven and eiarth and feas 
Thy providence confirms thy word, 
And aaTwers thy decrees. 

% The things fo lottg foretold, 
By Da-uid are fuiJBll*d» 
When Jczi-s and G.ntiJcs rofe to flay 
Jefui, thine holy child.] 

3 Why did the GentiL's rage, 
And Jews wiuh one accord 

Eend ail their cottufels to deftroy 
Th' anointed of the Lord ? 

4 Rulers and kings a<(rec 
1 o foini a vain dcGrn ; 

Agai^ift the Lord their pow'rs luiite, 
Ag^Aiuli Itin Chrift tiicyjoiu. 


HY did the nations join to flay 
ie Lord's anointed Son ? 
Why did thev caft his laws away, 
And tread his gofpcl down ? 

Z The Lord that fits above the ikie«, 
Derides their rage below, 
He fpeaks with vengeance in his eye*, 
And ftrikes their (pints through. 

3 ** I call him my eternal Son, 

And raife him from the dead ; 
I make my holv hill his thione. 
And wide his kingdom fpread. 

4 " A(k me, my Son, and then enjoy 

The utmoft heathen lands : 

Thy rod of iron fliall deftroy 

The rebel that withftands." 

5 Be wife, ye rulers of the earth, 

Obey th' anointed Lord, 
Adore the King of heav'nly birth, 
And tremble at his word. 

6 With humble love addrefs his throne J 

For if he frown, ye die ; 
Thofe are fecure, and thofe alone, 
Wko oa his ^ra.;c rely. 


E, m, 



Christ's Deaths RefurreBion and Afcenfion. 
iT T THY did the Jews proclaim their ragei 
V V The Romans why thei r fwords era- 
AgainfttheLordtheirpow'rs engage [ploy, 

His dear Anointed to defti 


a" Come let us break his bands, fay they, 
" This man fliall never give us laws ;" 
And thus they cail his yoke away, 
And nail'd the monarch to the crcfs. 

3 But God, who high in glory reigns, 
Laughs at their pride, their rage controls; 
He'll vex their hearts with inward pains, 
And fpeak in thunder to their fouh. 

4'* I will maintain the Khig I made 
" On Zir>,is everlafting hill, 
" ?viY hand i"hall bring him from the dead 
" And he fliall fland your fov'reign fbli." 

/[His wond'rous riling from the earth 
Tvlakes his eternal Godhead known ; 
The Lord declares his heavenly birth ; 
" This day have I begot my Son. 

6" Afccnd my Son, to my right hand, 
" There fhalt thou aik, ?jnd I beftow 
** The utmoft bounds of Heathen lands 
" To thee the northern iiles fliall bow."] 

^ But nations that reiid his grace, 
^hall fall beneath his iron fcroke ; 
His rod 0iall crufli his foes with eafe, 
As potters earthen ware is broke. 
P A us E , 

8 Now ye that fit on eatthly thrones, 
Be v/iie, and fc rve the Lord, the Lamb, 
Now to his feet fubmit your crowns, 
Rejoice and tremble at his name. 

9 With humble love addrefs the Son, 
Left he grow angrj'', and ye die ; 
His wrath will burn to worlds unknown 
If ye provoke his jealoufy. 

10 His florms fliall drive you quick to hell, 
He is a God, and ye but dufV;: 
Happy the fouls that know him well, 
And make his grace their only truft. 

a The lying tempter would purfeiade 
There's no relief in heav'n. 
And all my fwelling fins appear 
Too big to be forgiven. 

3 But thou, my glory and my ftrength. 

Shalt on the tempter tread, 
Shalt lilence all my threat'ning guilt, 
And raife my drooping head. 

4 [I cry'd, and from his holy hill 

He bow'd a lift'ning ear ; 

I call'd my father, and my God, 

And he fubdu'd my fear. 

5 Ke flied foft flumbers on mine eyes. 

In fpite of all my foes ; 
I 'woke and wondered at the grace 
That guarded my repofe.} 

6 What though the hod of death and hcli' 

All arm'd againft me ftood, 
Terrors no more fliall fliake my foul 
Aly refuge is my God. 

7 Arife, O Lord, fuliil thy grace, 

While I thy glory fing : 
My God has broke the ferpent's teeth. 
And Death has lofl his Iling, 

S Salvation to the Lord, belojigs. 
His arm alone can fave : 
Bleflings attend thy 
And reach beyond the graTC. 



Ver. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5j 8- 

A Morning Pfalm. 

LORD, how many are my foes 
In this weak ftate of flefli and blood 
My peace they daily difcompofe. 
But my defence and ^lope is God. 

2 Tir'd with the burdens of the day. 
To thee I rais'd an ev'ning cry : . 
Thou heardfl when I began to pray. 
And thine almigkty help was nigh. 

3 Supported by thine heav'nly aid, 
I laid me dov/n, and flept fccure ; 
Not death fliould make my heart afraid, 



Doubts and Fears fuppreffed^ cr GOD our Defence i^^ ^ "*^u t^/t!"^"tT ""*,^'" "*•', "l^^f^ 

from Sin and Satan. . I hough I fliould wake and nfe no 

I IV /TY God, how many are my fears ! 4 But God fuflain'd me all the night : 

xVX How fall my foes increafe ! . Salvation doth to God belong ; 

Confpiringmy eternal death, He rais'd my head to fee the light, 

They break my prefent peace. j And make his praife my morning fon, 




Vcr. I, a, 3, 5, 6, 7. 

Msariiig »/ Prayer : Or GOD owy Portion^ and 
CHRIST our Hope. 

I /^ GOD of grace and righteoufnefs, 
V^ Hear and attend, tvhca I complain ; 
Thou haft enkrg'd me in diftrefs, 
JBow down a gracious ear again. 

a Tc fons of men, in vain ye try 
To turn my glory into iliame ; 
How long will fcofTt^rs love to die. 
And dare reproach my Saviour's nat»e. 

3 Know that the Lord divides his faints 
From all the tribes of men befide : 
He hears the cry of penitents 
Tor the dear fake of Chrifl that dy'd, 

^When our obedient hands have done 
A thoufand works of righteoufnefs. 
We put our truft in God alone, 
And glory in his pard'ning grace. 

5 Let the unthinking many fay, 
" Who will bcftow feme earthly good ?" 
But, Lord, thy light and love v/c pray ; 
Our fouls defire this heav'nly food. 

iThen fliallmy cheerful pow'rs rejoice 
At grace and favours fo divine, 
Nor will I change my happy choice 
For all their corn, and aii their v/ine. 

Ver. 3, 4, 5, S. 

An Evening Pfalm. 

R E. 

IT, V, VI. 


For the Lord's Day Morning. 

1 T ORD, in the morning thou fhalt hf aj 
JLj My voice afcendiiig high ; 
To thee will I diredl my pray'r, 
To thee lift up mine eye. 

4 Up to the hills where Chrift is goae 
To plead for all bis faints, 
Prcfenting at his Father', throne 
Our fongs and our complaints. 

3 Thou art a God, before whofc fight 

The wicked fl-.all not ftand. 

Sinners f^iall ne'er be thy delight, 

Nor dwell at thy right hand. 

4 But to thy houfe will I rcfort, 

To tafte thy mercies there ; 
I will freouent thine holy Court, 
And worfhip in thy fear. 

5 O may thy Spirit guide thy feet, 

In ways of righteoufnefs ! 
Make ev'ry path of duty ftrai^ht, 
And plain before my face. 
p A u s E. 

6 My watchful enemies combine 

To tempt my feet aftray ; 
They flatter with a baie defign. 
To make my foul their prey. 

7 Lord, crufli the ferpentiu theduft* 

And all his plots dcftroy ; 
While thofe that inthy mercy truft. 

For ever fhout for joy. 
g The men that love and fear thy name 
Sh?r. fee thdr hopes fulfiU'd ; 

I T ORD, thou wilt hear me, when I pray; The mighty God will compafs them 
X-i I am forever thine ; With favour as a fliitid. 

I fear before thee all the day, 
Nor would I dare to fin. 

i#J« And while I refl my we?.!-y head 
From cares and bus'ncfs free, 
'Ti^ fweet converfmg on my bed 
With my own heart apd tliee. 

3 1 pay this ev'ning facri£ce : 

And whoa my work is done, 
Great (5od, my fairh and hope relies 
Upon thy grace alone. 

4 Thus with my tho'ts compos'd to peace, 

ril give mines eyes to flccp ; 
Thy hand in fafety keeps my days, 
^And will my fi ambers keep. 



Complaint in Sichiifi : Or Difecfes healed. 

I TN anger, Lord, rebuke me not, 
1 VMthdr^w the dreadful dorm : 
Nor let thy fury burn fo hot 
Againft a feeble worm. 
z My foul's bow'd down with heavy cares^ 
My flclh with pain oppreft : 
My couch is witnefs to my tears, 
iviy tears fofbid my reft, 



j Sorrow and pain wear out my days ; 
I wafte the night with cries, 
Counting the minutes as they pafs, 
'Till the flow moriiSng rife. 

4 Shall I be (lill tormented more ? 

Mine eyes confum'd with grief ; 
Hov.' long, my God, how long before 
Tiiiae hand afford relief ? 

5 He hearB when dull and aflaes fpeak, 

He pities all our groans, 
Hefaves us for his mercy's fake, 
And heals our broken bones. 

6 The virtue of his fov'reign word 

Reftores our fainting breath : 
For lalent graves praiie not the Lord, 
Nor is he known in death. 





R E. 


iT ORD, I can fuficr thy rebukes, 
JLi When thou with kindnefs doth chaf- 
•But th}-- fierce wrath I cannot bear, [tife ; 
O let it not againfl me rife. 
■2 Pity my languifiiing eftate, 
And eafe the forrows that I feel ; 
The wounds thine heavy hand hath made; 

let thy gentler touches heal. 

3 See how I pafs my weary days 

fn fighs and groans ; and when 'tis night, 
My bed is water'd with my tears ; 
My grief confumes and dims my fight. 

4 Look how the pov.-crs of nature mourn 
How long. Almighty God, how long ? 
When fliall thine hour of grace return ? 
AVhen (h-AW I make thy grace my fong ? 

? T feel my flcfli fo near the grave, 
ij^fy thoughts are tempted to defpair ; 
But grave? cxn never praife the Lord, 

1 or ail is dud and hlence there. 

6 Depart, ye tempters from my foul, 
And all defpairing thoughts depart ; 
My God who hears my humble moan. 
Will cafe my fiefli and cheer my heart. 



cod's Care of his People, and P unijbmtnt of 

I T\/rY trufi is in my heav'nly friend, 

My hope in thee, my God. 
8ifc, and my lielplefs lift defend 
Fiam thoie ihix feek znv biyod. 

a With infolcnce and fury they 
My foul in pieces tear. 
As hungry lions rend the prey, 

When no deliv'rer's near. 1 

3 If I had e'er provok'd them firft, 
Or once abus'd my foe, 
Then let him tread my life to duft. 
And lay mine honour low. 

4. If there be malice found in me, 
I know thy piercing eyes ; 
I fliould not dare appeal to thee. 
Nor aflc my God to rife. 
y Arife, my God, lift up thy hand. 
Their pride and pow'r control ; 
Awake to judgment, and command 
Deliv'rance for my fouL 

p A u s E. 
S [Let linners and their wicked rage 
Be humbled to the duft ; 
Shall not the God of truth engage 
To vindicate the juft .-* 

7 He knows the heart, he tries the reins 

He will defend th' upright ; 
His fliarpeft arrows he ordains 

Againit the fons of fpite. » 

8 For me their ma'ace digg'd a pit, 

But there thcmfelves are caft ; 
My God makes all their mifchief light 
On their own heads at laft.] 

9 That cruel perfecwting race 

Muft feel his dreadful fvvord : 
Awake, my foul, and praiie the grace, 
And juftice of the Lord. 

P S A L 



M E T R E, 

god's Sovereignty and Gcodnefs ; and J\dan^s 
Dcmiuion coer the Creatures. 

1 /^ LORD, our heav'lily King, 
V^ Thy name is all divine ; 

Thy glories round the earth are fpread, 
And o'er the heav'ns they fliinc. 

2 When to thy works on high 
I raife my wond'ring eyes. 

And fee the moon complete in light, 
Adorn the darkfome fkies : 

3 When I furvey the ftars 
And all their Oiiuing forms. 

Lord, what is mnn, that worthlefs thiogj 
Akiu to diMC and Y«'Ui'm& V 

E » 




4 Lord, what is worthlcfs man, 
That thou fhould'ft love him fo ? 

Next to thine angels is he plac'd, 
And lord of all below. 

5 Thine honours crown his head. 
While hearts like flaves obey, 

iVnd birds that cut the air with wings, 
And filh that cleave the fea. 

6 How rich thy bounties are ! 
And wond'rous are thy ways : 

Of dufl and worms thy pow'r can frame 
A monument of praife. 

7 [Out of the mouth of babes 
And fucklings thou canft draw 

Surprifing honours to thy name, 
And ilrike the world with awe. 

S O Lord, our heav'nly King, 
Thy name is all divine : 
Thy glorks round the earth are fpread, 
And o'er the heav'ns they fhine.] 


CURKt's Condefcenfton, and Glorification ; — 

•r GOD made Man. 

1 /^ tiQRD, our Lord, how wond'rous 
\J Is thine exalted irame ; [great 

The glories of thy heav'nly ftate 
Let men and babes proclaim. 

a When 1 behold thy works on high. 
The moon that rules the night, 

And ftars that well adorn the fky, 
Thofe nooving worlds of light, 

3 Lord, what is man, or all his race, 

Who dwells fo far below, 
That thou fhculdft vifit him with grace, 
And love his nature fo. 

4 That thine eternal Son fliould bear 

To take a mortal form, 
Made lower than his angels arc, 
To fave a dying worna,. 

5 [Yet while he liv'd on earth unknown, 

And men woul4 not adore, 
Th' obedient feas and fi(hes owa 
His Godhead and his pow'r. 

6 The waves lay fpread beneath his feet ; 

And fi^^h at h'£ command, 
§ring their large ilioals to Peter's uet, 
JBriag tribute to his haiid^ 

7 Thefe leiTer glories of the Son» 

Shone through the flefhly cloud t 
Now we behold him on his throne. 
And men confefs him God.] 

8 Let him be crown'd with majcfty, 
Who bow'd his head to death ; 

And be his honours founded high, 
By all things that have breath. 

9 Je/tts, our Lord, how wond'rous great 

Is thine exalted name \ 
The glories of thy heav'nly ftate, 
Let the whole earth proclaim. 


Vcr. I, a, Paraphrafed. 

The Hojanna of the Children : Or^ In/ants 
fraijing GOn. 

1 A LMIGHTY Ruler of the fkies, 
xV- Thro' the wide earth thy name Is 

And thine eternal glories rife [fpread^, 

C^cr all the hcav*ns thy hands have made. 

2 To thee the voices of the young 
A monument of honour raife ; 
And babes with uninllrudVed tongue, 
Declare the wonders of thy praife. 

3 Thy pow'r afllRs their tender age 
To bring proud re1?els to. the ground ; 
To ftill the bold blafphemen's rage. 
And all their policies confound. 

4 Children amidft thy temple throijg " 
To fee their great Redeemer's face ; 

• Thefon of David, is their fong, 
And young hofannas fill the place. 

5 The frownin.g fcrlbcs and angry pricfls 
In vain their impious cavils bring : 
Revenge uts fiknt in their breads. 
While Jeivijh babes proclaim their King. 


Ver. 3, &:c. Paraphrafed. 

ADAM, and CHRIST, Lords of the old and ncut 

1 T CRD, what was man, when made at 
I J y?^tf«7, the offspring of the duft,[firfl^ 
That thou fhould'ft fct him and his rac3 
But jufl belew an angel's place. 

2 That thcu ilionld'ft raife his nature fo,. 
And make him lord of all below : 
Make ev'ry beaft and bird fubmit^ 
And lay the fiflics at his feet. 


IX, X. 


3 But what brighter glories wait. 
To crown the fecond Adanis ftate ! 
What honours fliall thy fon adorn, 
Who condcfcended to be born ? 

4 See him below his angels made ! 
See him in duft among the dead, 
To fave a ruin'd world from fin : 
But he fliall reign with pow'r divine. 

5 The world to come, redeem'd from ail 
The miseries that attend the fall, 
New made, and glorious, fliall fubmit 
At our exalted Saviour's feet. 


JVratb and Mercy front the yudgmeni-Siai. 

I "ITTITH my whole heart I'll raife my 
V V Thy wonders I'll proclaim, [fong. 

ThouTov'reign Judge of right and wrong 
Wilt put my foes to ihame. 

a I'll ling thy majefty and grace ; 

My God prepares hie throne 
To judge the world in righteoufnefs. 

And make his vengeance known. 

3 Then ihall the Lord a refuge prove 

For all that are oppreft ; 

To fave the people of his love, 

And give the weary reft. 

4 The men that know thy name will trufl 

In thy abimdant grace ; 
for thou haft ne'er forfook the juft, 
Who humbly feek thy face. 

5 Sing pralfcs to the righteous Lord, 

Who dvvcHs on Zions hill, 
Who executes his threat'ning word. 
And doth his grace fuifil. 

3 His foes (hall fall with hccdicfs feet. 

Into the pit they made j 
And Tinners perifh in the net 

That their own hands have fpread. 

4 Thus by thy judgments, mighty God, 

Are thy deep counfels known ; 

When men of mifchief arc deftroy'd. 

The fnare muft be their own. 

P A U S ». 

5 The wicked fliall fink down to hcjl ; 

Thy wrath devour the lands 
That dare forget thee, or rebel 
Againfl thy known commands. 

6 Tho' faints to fore diftrefs are brought* 

And wait and long complain. 
Their cries fhall never be forgot, 
Nor fhall their hopes be vain. 

7 [Rife, great Redeemer, from thy feat. 

To judge and fave the poor ; 
Let nations tremble at thy feet, 
And man prevail no more. 

8 Thy thunder fliall affright the proud, 

And put their hearts to pain. 
Make them cenfefs that thou art God, 
And they but feeble men.] 


Vcr. 12. 

The Wifiom and Equity cf Pro'Vidcn^e^ 

I TTTHEN the great Judge fuprcme a 
W Shall once inquire forblocd, i ii: 


The humble fouls that mourn in duft. 
Shall find a faithful God. 

2 He from the dreadful gates of death 
Does his own children raife : 

In Zifi's gates with cheerful breath 
They ling their Fiittisr's pr^ife. 





Prayer heard, and Saints faved : Or, Pride, 
Atheifm, and Opprcftion punifhed. 

Par a Humi!iat'io»-D<fy, 

I "TTTHY doth the Lord ftandoftTo far? 

VV And why conceal his face, 
When great calamities appear. 

And times of deep diftrefs ? 
Z Lord, fliall the \yicked ftill deride 

Thyjviftice and thy power.' • 
Shall they advance their heads in pride 

And (till thy faints devour I 

^ They put thy judgments from their fight-. 

And then infult the poor ; 
They boaft in theiir exalted height, 

That they fhall fall no more. 

4 Arife, O Lord, lift up thine han^ 

Attend our humble cry ; 
No enemy ftiall dare tp ftand 

V/hen God afcends oa high. 


Why do the men of mahce rage,, 
A^d Tuy With loclifti i^j;;idc. 




" The God of heav'n will ne'er engage 
" To fight on Zicii^i lide." 

6 But thou for ever art our Lord ; 

And pow'rful is thine hand, 
As when the heathens felt thy fword, 
And perifli'd from thy laud. 

7 Thou wilt prepare our hearts to pray, 

And caufe thine car to hear ; 
Hearken to what thy children fay, 
And put the world in fear. 

8 Proud tyrants fhall no more opprefs, 

No more dcfpife the jufi: ; 
And mighty fuiners iliali confefs 
They are but earch and dull. 


The Saint's Safety and Hope in evil Times 
Or Sins of the Torque complained of, viz. 
Blafphemy, Balfboody ISfc. 

X T ORD, if thou dofl not foon appear, 
-L/ Virtue and truth will fly away ; 
A faithful man amongfl us here, 
Wilifcarce be found if thou delay. 

7, Thev»'holedifcourfewhenneighbo'rsmeet 
Is fill'd with trifles loofe and vain ; 

I Their lips are flatt'ry and deceit, 
And their proud language is profane. 

3 But lips that with deceit abound 
I Shall not maintain their triumph long ; 
! The God of vengeance will confound 
■ ; Their fiatt'ring and hlafpheming tongue, 

'4 '' Yet fhall our v/ords be free, they cry : 
j Our tongues fliall becontroul'dby none ; 
I Where is the Lo-rd will a fie us why ? 
j Or fay our lips are not our own ?" 

G0I> loves the Righteous^ and hates the Wicked.^ The Lord, who fees the poor opprMs'd, 

And hears th'cpprelTor's haughty (train. 
Will rife to give his children reft. 
Nor fliali thev trufl his word in vain. 



I T\/rY refuge is the God of love, 
XVX Why do my foes infult and cry, 
" Fly like a tim'rous trem'bling dove, 
" To diftant woods or mountains fly .<"* 

a If government be pnce defl;roy'd> 
(That firm foundation of our peace) 
And violence makes juftice void, 
Where Uiall the righteous fcek rcdrefs ? 

3 The Lord in heav'n has fix'd his throne. 
His eye furveys the world below : 
To him all mortal things arc known. 
His eye-lids fearch our fpirits through, 

Thy word, O Lord, though often try'd. 

Void of deceit fliallftill appear, 

Not filver fev'n times purify 'd 

From drofs and miiture fliine* fo clear. 

Thy grace fliall in the darkefl howr 
Defend the holy foul from harm ; 
Thoughvhentlie viieil: men have pow'r, 
On ev'ry iide will iinners iwarm. 

If he aflllvfbs his faints fo far. 
To prove their love, and try their grace, j 
What may the bold tranfgrcflbrs fear ? 
His very foul abhors their ways. 

C O M M ON IM E T R ?. 

Cc»ipl.::nt of a ^fiiercl Corruption of Jifar.-^ 
mr: : Or, the Provvf and Signs e/*CURlS'f's 
coming io fudgtnenl. 

( On impious wretches he fliall rain 
Te.Tipcfts of brimf^one, iire and death, 
Such as he kindled en tlie plain 
Of Sodom, witji his angry breath. 

6 The rightconsl^ordloves righteous fouls 
Whofc thoughts and acliojis are fiaccrc 
And With a gracious eye beholds 
The men Uiut his own ima^ie bear. 

HELP Lord, for men of virtue f:il! 
Religion lofes ground ; 
The fons of violence prevail, 
And treacheries abound. 

I Their oaths and promife? they break; 

Yet Z&. the flatt'rcr's part ; 
With fair deceitful lips they fpeak, 

And with a double heart. 

If we reprove feme hateful ly?, 

How is their fury ftirr'd ! 
Are not our lips our own, they cry, 

" And who inali be our Lord V 




4 Scoffers appear on cv'ry fide, 

Where a vile race of men 
Is rais'd to feats of pow'r and pride. 
And bears the fword in vain. 

5 Lord, when iniquities abound, 

And blafphemy grows bold, 
When faith is hardly to be found. 
And love is waxing cold. 

6 Is not thy chariot haft'ning on ? 

Haft thou not giv'n the fign ? 
May we not trud and live upon 
A promife fo divine ? 

7 " Yes, faith the Lord, now will I rife, 

" And make opprefTors flee ; 

** I fliall appear to their furprife, 

" And fet my fervants free." 

i Thy word like filver fev'n times try'd, 
Throuo;h ages fiiall endure ; 

The men that in thy truth' confide. 
Shall find thy promife fure. 



JFleading %uitb god under Defertion 
ffi Darknef;. 

My heart fliall feel thy lore, and raifc 
My cheerful voice to fongs of praife^ 

Cbtnplaint under the Temptaiions cf the Devtf- 

I TTOW long wilt thou conceal thy face? 

JLX My God, how long delay ? 
When fliali I feel thofe heav'nly rays 

That chafe my fears away ? 

% How long fliall my poor laboring foul 

Wreftle and toil in vain ? 
Thy word can all my foes controul, 

And eafe my raging pain. 

3 See how the prince of darknefs tries 
All his malicious arts, 

He fpreads a raift around, my eyes, 
And throws his fi'ry darts. 

4 Be thou my fun, and thou my Hiield, 
My foul in fafcty keep ; 

Make hafte, before mine eyes are feaPd 
In death's eternal Hsep. 

5 How would the tempter Jjoaft aloud. 
If I become his prey ? 

Behold the fons of hell grow proud 
At thy fo long delay. 

Or, Hope\^ But they fliall fly at thy rebuke, 
And Satan hide his head ; , 
He knows the terrours of thy look. 

I TJOW loog, O Lord, fhall I complain,! And he^rs thy voice with dread. 

jn LikeonewhofeekshisGodinYain?!^ Thou wilt difplay that fov'reign gra€€> 

■• 4 

Canfl thou thy face for ever hide. 
And I (till pray, and be dcny'd ? 

Shall I for ever be forgot, 

As one whom thou regarded not ? 

Still fhall my foul thine abfence moura, 

And fliil defpair of thy return. 

How long fhall my poor troubled breaft 

Be with thofe anxious thoughts opprefi ? 

And Satan^ my malicious foe, 

Rejoice to fee me funk fo low ? 

Hear, Lord, and grant me quick relief, 
Before my death conclude ray grief, 
\i thou withhold thy heav'nly light, 
I fleep in everlafting night. 

5 How will the pow'rs of darknefs boaflt 
If but one praying foul be loft ? 

But I have trulted in thy grace, 
And ilinll again behold thy face. 

6 Whate'er my fears or- foes fuggefi, 
'J'hou art my hope, my joy, my rtft :. 

Where all my hopes have hung 
I fhall employ my lips in praife. 
And vi<^L'ry fnall be fung. 



By Jjifature all Msn are Sinners. 

iXpOOLS, in their hearts, believe apd fay^ 

-L " That all religion's vain, 
*' There i^ no God that reigns on high, 
*- Or minds th' afiairs of men." 

% From thoughts fo dreadful and profane. 

Corrupt diicourfe proceeds ; 
And in their impious hands arc found 

Abominable deeds. 

3 The Lord, from his celeftial throne, 

Look'd down on things below. 
To find the man that fought his grac.e, 
Qr did his juAice k^coY^. 



4 By nature all are gone aftray, 

Their pra(£tice all the fame : 
There's none that fear, his maker's hand 
There's none thmt loves his name. 

5 Their tongues are us'd to fpeak deceit, 

Their fianders never ceafe ; 
How fwift to mifchief are their feet, 
Nor know the paths of peace. 

4 S'.ich feeds of fin, that bitter mot, 
In ev'ry heart are found ; 
Nor can they bear diviner fruit. 
Till grace refine the ground. 


The Folly of Per/ecutors. 

I \ RE finners now fo fenfelefs grown, 
X\. That they the faints devour ? 
And never worfhip at thy throne. 

Nor fear thine awful 


a Great God, appear, to their furprize. 

Reveal thy dreadful name ; 
Let them no more thy wrath defpife, 
Nor turn our hope to fhame. 

3 Doft thou not dv/ell among the juft ? 

And yet our foes deride, 
That wc fliould make thv name our trufb. 
Great God confound their pride. 

4 O that the joyful day were come 

To finifh our diftrefs ! 
"When God fhall bring his children home. 
Our fongs fliall never ccafe. 



Charadier of a Saint, or a Citizen of Zion : Or 
the ^alijications of a Chrmian. 

I TTrnO fliall inhabit in thy hill. 

VV O God oi holinefs ? 
Whom will the Lord admit to dwell 
So near his throne of grace ? 
a The man that walks in pious ways, 
And works with righteous hands ? 
That trulls his Maker's promifes, 
And follows his commands. 
3 He fpeaks the meaning of his heart, 
Nor ilanders Avith his tongue .> 
"Will fcarce believe an ill report, 
^Tor do his neighbour wrong. 

4 The weahhy fmncr he contemns. 

Love-, aU that fear the Lord ; 
And though to his own hurt he fwcars. 
Still he performs his word. 

5 His hands difdain a golden bribe. 

And never gripe the poor ; 
This man fliall dwell with God on earth, 
And find his heav'n fecure. 


Religion and fufiice, Goodnefs and Truth ; ot 

Duties to GOD and Man : Or^tbe ^lalifua" 

tioHs cf a Chrifiian^ 

I'lTT'HO fliail afcend thy heav'nly place, 

VV Great God, and dwell before thy 

The man that minds religion now, [face ? 

And humbly walks with God below. 

2 Wiiofe hando a re pure, whofe heart is clean ; 
Wliofe lips rdll fpeak the thing they mcioii 
No /landers dwt.l upon his tongue : 

He hates to do his neighbour wroag. 

3 [Scarce will he truft an ill report. 
Nor vent it to his neighbour's, hurt : 
Sinners of flate he can defpife. 
But faints are honour'd in his eyes.] 

4 [Firm to his v/ord he ever ftocd, 
And always makes his promife good : 
Nor dares to change the thing he fwcars, 
Vv''hatever pain or lofs he bcar^] 

5 [He never deaL in bribing gold, 

And m.ourns that juftice fhould be fold; 
While others gripe and grind the poor, 
Sv,-eet charity attends his door.] 

6 ?Ie loves his enemies, and prays 
Forthofe that curie him to hii* face ; 
And doth to all men ftill the fame 
That he would hope or wilTi from them. 

7 Yet when his holieft works are done, 
His foul depends on grace alone : 
This is the man thy face fliall fee. 
And dwell for ever. Lord, with thee. 


Confejfon of our Poverty, arJ Saints the hefl 


Or, good Works prof t Men, n.t 

iT)RESERVE me. Lord, in time of need, 
A For fuccour to thy throne I flee, 
Eut have no merits there to plead ; 
My goodacfs canaot reach to thee. 

P S A I. M XVI. 


3 Oft hare my heart and tong\i<r conftft, 
How empty and how poor I am ; 
My praife can never mako thee blefl, 
Nor add new glories to thy nane. 

3 Yet, Lord, thy faints on earth may reap 
Some profit by the good we do ; 

Thefc arc the company I keep, 
Thefe are the choiceft friends I know. 

4 Let others choofe the fons of mirth 
To give a relifh to their wine ; 

I love the men of heav'nly birth, 
Whofe thoughts ani language are divine. 


Christ's All-Sufficiency. 
iTTOTV faft their guilt and forrowi rife 
XjL Who hafte to feek feme idol god ; 
I will not taftc their facrificc, 
Their oiV'rings of forbidden blood. 

2 My God provides a richer cup, 
And nobler food to live upoa ; 
He for my life has offer'd up 
y^fus, his beft beloved foa. 

2 His love is my perpetual feafl ; 
By day his counfels guide me right : 
And be his name forever bleft, 
Who gives me fwcet advice by night. 

4 I fet him ftill before my eyes ; 
At my right hand he (lands prepar'd 
To keep my foul fr»m all furprifc, 
And be my everlafting guard. 


Courage in Death ^ and Hope of the R'.fiirre^i 
I'TTT'HEN God is nigh my faith is ftrong, 
V V His arm is my almighty prop ; 
B« glad my heart, rejoice my tongue, 
My dying flefli fhall reft in hope. 

2 Though in the du/1: I lay my head, 
Yet, gracious God, thou wilt not Lsare 
My foul for ever with the dead, 

Nor lofethy children in the grave. 

3 My flciJi fliall thy £f ft call obey, 
Shake otf the duft, and rife on high ; 
Then flialt thou lead the wond'rous way 
Up to thy throne above the {kj. 

4 There ftreams of eudlefs pieafure flow ; 
And full difcov'ries of thy grace 
(Which we but tafted \\irt tjclov.') 
Spread hcav'u^y jays chf 0' all the place, 

Vcr. I 3. 

Support and Council from GOD nviiboui Merit, 

1 QAVF me, O. Lord, from ev'ry foe ; 

O In thcc my truft I pbce, 
I'liQugh all the gocd that I can do 
Can ne'er deferve ihy grace. , 

2 Yet if my God prolong my brcatk, 
The faints may profit by 't ; 

The faints, the glory of the eartk. 
The men of my delight. 

3 Let Heathen) to their idols hafte, 
And worfhip wood or ftonc ; 

But my delightful lot is caft 
Where the true God is knowB- 

4 His hand provides aiy coaftant food, 
He fills my daily cup ; 

Much am I pleas'd with prefent good, 
But more rejoice in hope. 

5 God is mv portion and my joy ; 
His counfels are my light ; 

He gives me fweet advice by day, 
And gentle liints by night. 

6 My foul would all her thought* apprtYe 
To his all-feeing eye ; 

Not death, nor hell, my hope fball xaorc. 
While fuch a friend is nigh. 


The Death and Refurre£i:on of CHRIST. 

1 « T SET the Lord before my face, 

A " He bears my courage up ; 
" My heart and tongue their joys expra£i, 
«' My flefli fliall reft ill hope. 

2 " My fpirit, Lord, thou wilt not Icayc 
" Where fouls departed are ; 

" Nor quit my body to the grave, 
" To fee corruption there. 

3 " Thou wilt reveal the path of life, 
" And raife me to thy tlirone ; 

" Thy courts immortal pieafure give, 
" Thy prei'cnce joys unknown." 

4 [Thus in the name of Cbrif, the Lord, 
The holy David fung, 

And Providence fulfils the word 
Of his prophetic tongue. 

'5 Jcfi..-, whom ev'ry faint adores, 

Was crucify'd and fiain : 
Behold the tomb its prey reftores I 

Behold he lives again! 




6 When fliaD my feet arife and fland 

On hcav'n's eternal hilU ; 
Tkere fits the Son at God's right hand, 

And there the Father fmilcs.] 

P S A L 




Hath joys fubftantiai and Crtccrc ; 
When fliall I wake aiid find me there ? 

5 O glorious hour ! O bleft abc<le ! 
I fliall b. near, and like iny Gcd! 
And fiefli and fin no more controu! 
The facrcd pleafures of the foul. 

6 My flefli fliall flumber in the ground, 
Till the laft trumpet's joyful found ; 

0, Behold the finncr dies, 

His haughty words are Tain ; 
Here in this life h's pleafure lic«, 
And all beyond is pain. 

3 Then let his pride advance. 
And boift of all his (lore ; 

The Lord is my inheritance. 

My foul can wifli no aorc, 

4 I fliall behold the face 
Of my forgiving God : 

And ftand complete in righteoufnef« 
Wafli'd in my Saviour's blood. 

5 There's a new heav'n begun 
When I awake from death, 

Dreft iH the llkenefs of thy Son, 
And draw immortal breath, 

And in my Saviour's image rife. 

Ver. 13, &c. . 

P.rikn of Saints and Signers : Or, ff^ and ^^^J'-^'^Z^^ tZS^^'^^ ^-l^Z^'!!' ^"'P""'**' 
Defpair in Death, 

I A RISE, my gracious God, 
±\. And make the wickfd flee, 
They are but thy chaftifingrod 
To drive thy faints to thee. 

PSALM xvni. 


Ver. I 6, 15 18. 

Delhtrmnet fr*m Defpair : Or^ 7empfatient 



O N 


M E T R E. 

and tfj4 Sai;i/'s 


iT^HEEwill I Iove,OIx)rd,myftrcngth, 
X My rock, my tow'r, my high defence ; 
Thy mighty arm fliall be my truft, 
For I have found faivation thence. 

a Death, and the terrours of the grave 
Stood round me with their difmal fliade ; 
While floods of high temptation rofe. 
And made my flnking foul afraid. 

3 I faw the op'ning gates of hell 
With endlefs pains and forrows there, 
Which none, but they that feel, can tell, 
While I was hurry 'd to defpair. 

4 In my diftrcfs I call'd my God, 
When I could fcarce believe him mine . 
Be bow'd his ear to my complaint : 
Then did his grace appear divine. 

Or, the Heaven of feparate Souis, and ^/-^^ f With fpeed he flew to my relief, 
•^ . As on a cherub s wmg he rode ; 

J T CRD, I am thine -. But thou wilt prove Awful and bright as lightning flione 
!_-< My faiih,my patience, and my love, 'ihe face of my deliv'rer God. 

When men of fpitc aoainft me iom, , _, . « , , . , , 

They are the fword. the baud h thine. ^^.^"^^'"t^^Tx ^ ^ ^' u'' \ f 
\ _ The blaft of his almighty breath ; 

■a The;r hope and portion lie below ; 

'Tis all the happinefs they know, 

*Ti6 all they feek : they take their fliares. 

And leave the red among their heirs. 
3 What finners value, I rcfi'^^n ; 

Lord, 'lis enough that ibou art mine : 

1 fliall behold thy bUfsful face, 

Aad ftand complete in rightcoufnefs. 

4 This life't a dream, an empty fliow ; 
liijt the bright world to which I go, 

He fcnt faivation from on high. 

And drew me from the depths of death.] 

7 Great were my fears, my foes were great. 
Much was their flrength,'&: more their rage 
But Chrf, my Lord, is conqu'ror flill, 
In all the wars that devils wage. 

•8 My fong for ever fliall record 
That terrible, that joyful hour ; 
And give the glory to the Lord, 
Due to his mercy and his pew'r. 




Ver. ao 26. 

Sincerity proved and tervarded. 

ORD, thou hr.ft fcen my foul fincere, 
Haft miidc thy truth and love appear ; 
Before mine eyes I fet thy laws. 
And thou haft ownM my righteous caufe. 

1 Since I hare lenrn'd thy holy ways, 
I've walk'd upright before thy face ; 
Or if mv feet did e'er depart, 
'Twas never with a wicked lieart. 

3 What fore temptations broke my reft ! 
What wars and ftrugglings in mybreaft! 
But through thy grace that reigns within. 
I guard ag^inft my darling fin, 

^ That fin that clofe befets me ftill, 
That works and ftrives againft my will ; 
When fl'-J'-ll thy Spirit's fov'reign pov.-'r 
Deftroy it, that it rife no more. 

5 [With an impartial hand, the Lord 
Deals out to mortals their reward : 
'J lie kind and faithful foullliall find 
' God as faithful and as kind. 

he jvft and pure fliall ever fay 

Thy love to faints in Chrijl their head 
Knows not a limit nor an end. 

ViSlory a»d Triumph over temporal Etutf:ies, 

iTTTE love thee, Lord, and we adore, 
V? Now is thine aim reveal'd ; 

Thou art our ftrenglh, our heav'niy tov/'r, 
Our bulwark and our fnieid, 

2 We fly to our eternal Rock, 
And find a fure defence ; 

Kis holy name otir lips invoke, 
And draw falvation thence. 

3 When God our leader fhincs in arms, 

What mortal he.-^rt can bear 
The thunder of his loud alarms ? 
The lightning of his fpear ? 

4 He rides upon the winged wind, 
And angels in array 

In millions wait to know his mind. 
And fwift as flames obr v. 

5 Ke fpeaks, and at his fierce rebuke 
Whole armies are difmay'd ; 

His voice, his frown, his angry look, 
Sn-ikes all their courage dead. 

i iiou art n.ore pure,more juftlhan they: ^, ^^ forms our gcn'rals for the field 

A^nd men that love revenge lliall know 
God hath an arm of vengeance too.l 

Ver. 30, 31, 34, 2>5^ 36, &c. 
Rejoicing in G<»D : Or, Salvation and Triiin 
1 JUST are thy ways, and true thy word, 

V/itli all their dreadful fkili ; 
Gives them his awful fv/crd to wield, 

A.nd makes them hearts of lieel. 
7 [He arms our captains to the fight. 

J Great rock of my fecure abode 
V.'ho is a God befide the Lord ? 
Or where's a refuge like our God ? 

2 "Tis he that girds me with his might, 
Gives me bis holy f'.\T)rd to wield ; 
And while with fin and hell I fight. 
Spreads his falvation for my fliield. 

3 He lives (and blefled be my rock) 
Th^' God of my falvation lives. 
The dark defigns of hell ai'e broke ; 
Sweet is the peace my father gives. 

4 Before the fcofters of the age 
I v.-ill exalt my Father's name, 
Kortreniblc at their mighty rage. 

But meet reproach and bear the fliame. 

5 To David and his royal feed, 
Thy grace foi- ever fl;all extend ; 

ph. He girded Cyrus v/ith his might, 
But Cyrus'kn&vi him not.) 

8 Oft has the Lord whole nations blcft 
For his ov,n churchee fake ; 

The pow'rs that give his people reft 
Shall of his care partake.] 


The Ccnqueror'*s Scn^. 
1^ I ^O thine almighty arm vrc owe 

.JL The triumphs of the day ; 
Thy terrours, Lord, confound the foe. 

And melt their ftrength away. 

2 'Tis by thine aid our troops prevail, 
And break united pov.-'rs ; 

Or burn tiieir boafted fleets, or fcale 
1 he proudtft of their tow'rs. 

3 Hew have v.-c chas'd them thro' the field, 
And trad th-im to the ground, 


P S A L I\I 


WhDc thy falvation was our fhicld, 
But they no flicker lound ! 

4 In vain to idol faints they crv, 
And perifh in their blood ; 

Where is a rock fo great, fo high, 
So poTv'rful as our Cod ? 

5 The rock of J/mei ever lives. 
His name be ever bleft ; 

*Tis his own arm the viiS'ry gives. 
And gives his people reft. 

6 On Kings that reign as David did. 
He pours his blefllngs down ; 

Secures their honours to their feed, 
And well fupports their crown, 



The Booh of Nature and Scripture, 

For a lord's Day Morning. 

I T> EHOI.D the lofty (ky 
X3 Declares its maker, God, 
And all his ftany Avorks on high 
Pi-oclaim his pow'r abroad. 

a The darloiefs and the light 

Still keep their courfc the fame ; 
While night to day, and day to night. 
Divinely teach his name. 

3 In ev'ry difF'rent land 
Their gcn'ral voice is known ; 

They ihew the wonders of his hand, 
And orders of his throne. 

4 Ye chriftian lands rejoice, 
Here he reveals his word, 

V/c are not left to nature's voice. 
To bid us knoAv the Lord. 

5 His flatutes and commands 
Are fet before our eyes, 

He puts his Gofpel in our hands, 
Where our falvation lies. 

6 His laws arc jufr and pure, 
W'« truth without deceit, 

His prom;lt"8 for ever fure. 

And his rewards arc great. 

7 [Not honey to the tafte 
Affords fo much delight, 

:N'or gold, that has the furnace pafi'd^ 
So much iiil-.;rc5 the li^'ht. 

8 While of thy works I fing. 
Thy glory to proclaim. 
Accept the praife, my God, my King, 
In my Redeemer's name.] 


god's Word moji excellent : Or^ Sincerity ot^ 

For a lord's Day Morning. 

I "OEHOLD the morning fun 
X3 Begins his glorious way ; 
Hie beams through all the nations run, 
And life and light convey. 

a But where the gofpel comes, 
It fpreads diviner light, 
It calls dead hnners from their tombs, 
And gives the blind their fight. 

3 How perfe<fl Is thy word ! 
And all thy judgments juft, 

For ever fure thy promifc, Lord, 
And men fecurely truft. 

4 My gracious God, how plain 
Are thy direclions giv'n ! 

O may I never read in vain, 

But find the path to heav'n. 


5 I hear thy word with love. 
And I would fain obey ; 

Send thy good Spirit from above 
To guide me, left I ftray. 

6 O who can ever find 
The errours of his ways ? 

Yet with a bold prcfumptuous mind 
I would not dare tranfgrcfs. 

7 Warn me of ev'ry fin. 
Forgive my fecret faults, 

And clcanfe this guilty foul of mine, 
Whofe crimes exceed my thought*. 

8 While with my heart and tongue 
I fpread thy praife abroad ; 

.\ccept the woiihip and the fong. 
My faviour and my God. 


The Bods of Nature and of Scripture compared: 
Or., the Glor\' and Succcfs of the Gofpel. 

I'T^HE heav'ns declare thy glory. Lord, 
i- In every ftar thy wifdom flilncs ; 
L\ii: v.'hen our eyes behold thy word, 
Wc rtad th^- name in fairer line*. 

P S A I. M 



2 The rolling fun, the changing light, 
And nights and days thy pow'r confefs ; 
But the bleft volume thou haft writ j 
Reveals thy juflice and thy grace. 

3 Sun, moon and ftars convey thy praife 
Round the whole earth, and never ftand ; 
So when thy truth began its race, 

It touch'd and glanc'd on ev'ry land. 

4 Nor {hall thy fpreading gofpel reft 
'Till thro' the world thy truth has run ; 
'I'iJl Chrijl has all the nations bleft 
That fee the light, or feel the fun. 

5 Great Son of Righteoufnefs arife. 

Thy precepts guide my doubtful w'ay. 
Thy fear forbids my feet to ftray, 
Thy promife leads my heart to reft. 

6 From the difcov'ries of thy law 
The perfeA rules of life I draw ; 

Thefe are my ftudy and delight : 
No honey fo invites the tafte, 
Nor gold that has the furnace pafs'd. 

Appears fo pleafmg to the fight. 

7 Thy threat'nings wake my flumb'ring eyes- 
And warn me where my danger lies ; 

But 'tis thyblcfled gofpel. Lord, 
That makes my guilty confcience clean. 

6 Thy nobleft wonders here we view, 
In fouls renev/'d, and fins forgiv'n : 
•Lord, cleanfe my fins, my fcul renew, 

Blefs the dark world with heavenly light ; Converts my foul, fubdues my fin, 
Thy Gofpel makes the fimple wifi, i And g.ves a free, but large reward. 

Thy laws are pure, thy judgments right. § -^^^^o knows the errours of his thoughts ? 

Ivly God forgive my fecret faults, 

Aud from prefumptuous fins rcftrain : 
Accept my poor attempts of praife. 
And make thy word m/guide to heav'n. That'l have read thy book of grace, 

And book of nature not in vain. 

P S A L M XX. 


Prayer and Htpe nf ViSiory, 

For a Day of Prayer in a Time of War. 
i"\JOW may the God of pov/'r and grace 

l-\ Attend his peopie's humble cry ! 

yehovah hears when Ifral-^vzjs, 

And brings ddiv'i-ance from on high. 
% The name of Jaa-Fs God defends 

Better than ilutlds of brazen walls ; 

He from his fancluary fends 


The Beck of I'Tature and Scripture. 

1 r^ RE AT God, the heav'ns well order'd 
*^Declares the glories of thy name:[frame 

There thy rich works of wonder Hiine, 
A thoufand ftarry beauties there, 
A thoufand radient mai'ks appear I 

Of boundlefs pow'r, and ikiil divine. 

2 From night to day, from day to night, 
The dawning and the dying light, ! 

Lectures of heav'nly wifdomread ; 
Wish iilent eloquence they raife 

Our thoughts to our Creator's praife, ^-, ^ u ^^ x. ^- ^ v, 

. J ^^ , ^ J , ^ ' , ^ buccour and Itrencth when Zion calls.. 

And neither found nor language need. ° 

,^ ,.,... ^ ^. , '■^ Well he remembers all our fighs, 

3 \ et their divme uiftruaions run ^ j^j^ j^.^,^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ beft deferts ; 
rar as tne jourmes of the fun, ^.^^ ,^^,^ ^^ ^j^^ ^^^^-^^^ 

And evry nation knows their vo,ce : ^^ j^^,^^^,^ /^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^,^^^ ^^^^^^ 
The fun like lome young bridegroom dreft, ^ 

Breaks from the chambers of "the eaft, !4 In his falvation is our hope, 

Rolls round,andmakesthe earth rejoicej And in the name of Ifral's God, 

, , . , . , Our troops fliall hft their banners up 

4 \v here er ne fpreads his beams. abroad - - 
He fmiles and foeaks his maker God : 

Ail nature joins to fhew thy praife : 
Thus God in ev'ry creature fliines ; 
Fair is the book of nature's lines ; 

But fairer is the book of grace. 


5 I love the volumes of thy word ; 
V/hat lig'nt and joy thefe leaves afford 
To fouls benighted and diftrcft ! 

Our navies fpread their flags abroad. 

c Some truft in horfes ^rain'd for vv'ar, 
And fome of chariots make their boafts '. 
Our fureft expeiftations are 
From thee, the Lord of heav'nly hofts. 

6 [O may the mem/ry of thy name 
infpire our armies for the fight ! 
Our foes fl;all fall and die with fhame, 
Or quit the field with fhameful flight] 


P S A L 


7 Now fare us Lord, from Haviili fear, 
Now let our hope be firm and ftrong, 
Till thy falvation fliall appear, 
And joy and triumph raiit the foag. 



Ver. I- 

CIIRIST exalted to the Kin^j^ojn. 
-\'X>^AVID rejoic'd in God his Ilrength, 
JL>/ Rais'd to the throne by fpccial ^race, 
Rut Chrijl the Son appears at length, 
"ruiiils the triumph and the praiie. 

Hcitv great is the McffuVs joy 
In the frtlvation of thy hand ! 
Lord, thou haft rais'd his kingdom hj^h, 
And giv'n the world to his commanc. 

Thy gocdnefs grants whate'er he wiil, 
Nor doth the ieaft requelt withheld ; 
i'lcfTings of love prevent him ftill, 
And crov/ns of g'cry, not si gold. 

/Honour and majcfty divine 
Around hisfacrcd temples fhine, 
Eleft with the favour of thy face. 
Arid length cf everlafting days. 

: Thine hand fiiall find out all his foes. 
And as the iicry oven glov.-s 
V/ii,h raging heat and living coals, 
cc fuall thy v.'rath devour their fouls. 



Ver. 1 — = 1 6. 

The Siifohivs and Diaih cf cilillST. 

I'^TT'HY has my God my foulforfcok, 
/ V Nor will a fmile atlcrd ? 
(Thus Da-Did once in anguilh fpoke, 
And thus our dying Lord.) 

% Though 'tis, my chief delight to dwell 
Among thy praifing fuints, 
Yet thou can ft hear a groan as well. 
And pity our compkiiijs- 

3 Qjr fathers trufted in thy name, 

And great dellvVance foun,d ; 

Eut I'm a vv'orm, defpis'd of men. 

And trodden to the ground. 

4 SJiaking the head, they pafs ms by, 

And laugh my foul to fcorn ; 

In vain he trufts in God, they cry,. 
" Ncgledled and forlorn." 

5 But thou art lie who form'd my fleft, 

By thine almighty word, 
And fince I hung upon the breaft 
My hope is in the Lord. 

6 Why will my Father hide his face. 

When foes ftand threat 'ning round. 
In the dark hour of deep diftrtfs, 
And not an helper found I 


7 Behold thy darling^cft' among 

The cruel and the proud, 
As bulls of Bajlan fierce and ftrong, 

As lions roaring loud. 
3 From earth and hell my forrov-'s meet 

To multiply the fm.nrt ; 
They nail my hands, they pierce my fett. 

And try to vex siy heart. 

9 Yet if thy fov'reign hand let luofe 

The rage of earth and hell, 
Why will my heav'nly Father bruife 
The Son he loves fo v/ell ? 

10 My God, if poflible it be. 

Withhold this hitter cup : 
But I refign my v/ill to thee. 

And drink tlie fcrrov/s up. 
T I My heart difiblves in pangs unknown, 

In groans I v/afte my breath : 
Thy heavy hand hath brought ine down 

Low as the duft of 
1 2 Father, I give my fpirlt up, 

And truft it in thy hand ; 
My dying flefli fiudi reft in hope, 

And rile at thy command. 


Ver. ao, 21, 27— — 31- 
CURIS.t's Sufferings and Kingdom. 
T ""KJOW from the roaring Uon's rage, 
IN " O Lord protcA thy Son, 
" Nor leave thy darling to engnge 
" I'he po.w'rs of hell alon<;." 

2 Tlius did our fuff'ring Saviour pray 

With mighty cries and tears.: 
God heard him in th:U dreadful d;iy, 
And chas'd away his fears. 

3 Great was the vitft'ry of ln& death, 

His throne's exalted high : 
And all the kindreds of the earth. 
Shall worfliip.or lliall die- 




4 A num'rous ofrsprlng mufl arife 

From his expiring groans ; 
They (hall be reckon'd in his eyes 
For daughters and for fons. 

5 The meek and humble fouls fhall fee 

His table richly fpread ; 
And all that feek the Lord fliall be 
With joys immortal fed. 

6 The ifles fhall know the righteoufnefs 

Of our incarnate God, 
And nations yet unborn profefs, 
Salvation in his blood. 


Christ's Sufferings and Exaltaticn. 

I "VTOW let our mournful fongs record 
jL\| The dying forrows of our Lord : 
When he complain'd in tears and blood, 
As one forfaken of his God. 

^ The Jeivs beheld him thus forlorn. 
And fliake their heads ,and laugh in fcorn; 
*' He rcfcu'd others from the grave, 
" Now let him try himfelf to fave. 

J " This is the man did once pretend 
" God was his Father and his Friend ; 
" If God the blclTed lov'd him fo, 
" Why doth he fail to help him now ?" 

4 Barbarous people ! cruel pr'efts ! 
How they ftood round like favage beads 
Like lions gaping to devour, 

When God had left him in their pow'r. 

5 They wound his liead.his hands, his feet, 
'Till flre.ims of blood each other meet ; 
By lot his garments they divide, 

And mock the pangs in which he dy'd. 

6 But God his Father heard his cry ; 
Rais'd from the dcs.d he reigns on high 
The nations learn his righteoufnefs, 
And humble finners tafte his grace. 



1 1\/TY Shepherd is the living Lord : 
XVX Now fliall m.y v/ants be well fup- 
His providence and holy word [ply'd 
Become my fafcty and my guide. 

2 In paftures where falvation grows. 
He makes me feed, he makes me refl ; 
There living water gently flows, 
And ail the food divinely bltit. 

C a 

3 My wand'ring feet his vrays miftakc ; 
But he reftores my foul to peace, 
And leads me for his mercv's fake. 

In the fair paths of righteoufnefs. 

4 Tho* I walk thro' the gloomy vale. 
Where death and all its terrours are. 
My heart and hope fhall never fail, 
For God my fliepherd's with me there. 

5 Amidft the darknefs and the deeps, 
Thou art my comfort, thou my flay i 
Thy ftafF fupports my feeble fteps. 
Thy rod dire^Sls my doubtful way. 

6 The fons of earth and fons of hell, 
Gaze at thy goodnefs and repine 
To fee my table fpread fo well, 
With living bread and cheerful wine> 

7 [How I rejoice when on my head 
Thy Spirit condefcends to reft ? 
'Tis a divine anointing fhed 
Like oilcf gladnefs at a feaft. 

8 Surely the mercies of the Lord 
Attend his hcufehold all their days ; 
There will I dwell to hear his Avord, 
To feek lus face, and Cng his praife.] 


1 T\^Y Shepherd will fupply my need, 
iVX 'Jeho'vjh is his name ; 

In paftures frefli he makes me feed, 
Bcfide the living flream. 

2 He brings my wand'ring fpirit back, 

When I forfake hisAvavs, 
And leads me for his mercy's fake. 
In paths of truth and grace. 

3 When I walk thro' the fliades of death. 

Thy prefence is my flay : 
A word of thy fupporting breath, 
Drives all my fears away. 

Thy hand in fpite of all my foes, 
Doth flill mv tsble fpread ; 

Mv cup with bltflings overflows. 
Thine oil anoints my head. 

The fure provificns of my God 

Attend me all my days ; 
O may thine houfe be mine abode. 

And all my work be praife ! 
There would I find a fettled reft, 

(While others go and ccme) 
No more a flrangcr or a gucft. 

But like a child at home. 




I 'T~^HE Lord my fliephcrd is, 
X I fliali be well iupply'd : 
Since he is mine, and I am his. 
What can I want bciidc ? 

% He leads me to the place 

Where heav'nly paflurc grows, 
"Where living; waters gently pafs, 
And full faivation flows. 

3 If e'er I go aflray,. 

He doth my foul reclaim. 
And guides me in his own right way, 
For his mofl holy name, 

4 While he afibrds his aid, 
I cannot yield to fear .' 

Tho' I fliould walk thro' death's dark fhade 
My fliepherd's with me there. 

5 In fpite of all my foes, 
Thou dofl my table Ipread ; 

JMy cup with bleffings overflows, 
And joy eialts my head. 

6 The bounties of thv loye- 
Shall crown my foli'wing days; 

Nor from thy houfe will I remove. 
Nor ceafe to fpeak thy pralfe. 



Dive!l:r.g ivitb GOD. 

i • D ^KE earth for ever is the Lord's, 
JL With Adarns num'rous race : 
He rais'd its archers o'er the floods. 
And built it on the feas. 

a But who among the fons of men 
Ma tifitthine abode ? 
Ke that has hands from mifchlef clean, 
Whofe heart is right with God. 

3 This is the man may rife and take 

The blefTings of his grace : 
This is the lot of thofe that feek 
The God of Jacob's face. 

Now let our foul's immortal pow'rs, 

To meet the Lord prepare. 

Lift up their everlafting doors 

The King of glory's near. 

5 The King of glory, v/ho can tell 
Tlie v/onders of his might ? 
iTe rules the nations ; but to d'.vell 
■^'hl. r:.;iJs h his (kli<][ht. 


Saints d"<.L\ll in Heaven ; or, CHRISt's Af^en^' 

i^P'KIS fpacious earth is all the Lord'i, 

X And men and worms and hearts and 
He rais'd the buildim; on the leas, [birds : 
And gave it for their dweUing place. 

2 But there's a brighter world on high. 
Thy palace. Lord, above the fky : 
Who thall afcend that bleft abode, 
And dwell fo near his maker God ? 

•i, He that abhors and fears to lin [clean^ 
Whofe heart is pure, whofe hands are 
Kim iTiall the Lord the Saviour blefs. 
And clothe his foul with righteoulnt^-. 

4 Thefe are the men, tlie pious race. 
That feck the God of JacoFs face ; 
Thefe fhall enjoy the blifsful fight. 
And dwell in everlafting light. 

p A u s E. 

5 Rejoice ye fhining worlds on high. 
Behold the King of glory nigh ; 
Who can this King of gn.)ry be ? 

1 he mighty Lord, the Saviour's he. 

6 Ye heav'nly gates, your leaves difplay. 
To make the Lord our Saviour way ; 
Laden with fpoils from earth and hell, 
The Conqu'ror comes with God to dwell. 

7 Rais'd from the dead, he goes before, 
He opens heav'ns eternal door. 

To give his faints a blcll abode 
Near their P.edeemer and their God. 



Ver. I II. 

Waiting for Pardon and DireSiian. 

1 T LIFT my foul to God, 

A My truft is in his name ; 
Let not my foes that feek my blood 
Still triumph in my Ihame. 

2 Sin, and the pow'rs of hell, 
Perfsade me to defpair ; 

Lord, make me know thy cov'nant well. 
That I may 'fcape the fnare. 

3 From the flrft dawning light 
'Till the dark ev'niiig rife, 

Fcr thy faivation^ Lord, I wait 
With ever longing -''■--^- 


4 Remen'.her all thy grace. 
And lead rie in thy truth ; 

Forgive the iios of riper days, 

And follies of my youth. ^ 

5 The Lord is jufl: and kind. 
The meek fliall learn his ways, 

And every kuinble (inner find 
The methods of his grace. 

6 For his own goodnefi fake 

He faves my foul from fhame ; 
He pardons (though my guilt be great) 
Through my Redeemer's name. 

Ver. 12, 14, lo, 13. 
Divine Injlru^ion, 
I T T7HERE didl the man be found 
V V That fears t' offend his God, 
That loves the gofpei's joyful found, 
And trembles at the rod ? 

a The Lord fliall make him know 
The fecrets of his heart, 
The wonders of his covenant fhow, 
And all his love impart. 

3 The dealings of his hand 
Are truth and mercy ftill. 

With fuch as to his cov'nant Hand, 
And love to do his will. 

4 Their fouls fliall dwell at eafe 
Before their Maker's face ; 

Their feed fliall tafte the promifes 
In their extenfivc wrace. 

Ver, 15- 
Sijlrcfs of Soul ; cr. Be 



:hjlidin^ and Dfertion 

1 "J\ /TINS eyes and my dc firs 
XVX Are ever to the Lord ; 

I love to plead his promifes, 
And rcitupon his word. 

2 Turn, turn thee to my foul. 
Bring thy falvation near ; 

When will thy hand releafe my feet 
Out of. the deadly fnare ? 

3 When (liall the fov'reign gr^cc 
Of my forgiving God 

Reftore me from thofe daiigerous ways 
My wand'ring feet have trod ! 

4 The tumult of my thoughts 
Doth but enlarge my woe ; 

My fpirit languiiiaes, my heart 
Is defoiate and i(iw. 

5 With ev'ry morning light 
My forrow ntw begins ; 

Look on my anguiili and my pain. 
And pardon all my fins. 


6 Behold the hofts of hell. 
How cruel is their hate "i 

Againft my life they rife, and join 
Their fury with deceit. 

7 O keep my foul from death, 
Nor pat my hope to ihame, 

For I have plac'd my only iruft 
In my Redeemer's name. 

8 With humble faith I Wait 
To fee thy face again ; 

Of Jfra'l it fhall ne'er be faid, 
He fought the Lord in vain. 



Self-exafniaatioit ; or^ E'videtices of Grace. 

I TUDGEme,OLord, and prove ray ways, 
3 And try my reins, and try my heart ; 
My faith upon thy promife (lays, 
Nor from thy law my feet depart. 

Z I hate to walk, I hate to (it 
With men of vanity and lies : 
The fcoffer and the hypocrite 
Are I'he abhorrence of mine eyes. 

3 Amongft thv faints will I appear 
With hands well wafli'd in innocence ; 
But when I fiand before thy bar, 
The blood of Chrijl is my defence. 

4 I love thine habitation, Lord, 

The temple where thine honours dwell x 
There fliall I hear thy holy word, 
And there thy works cf v/onder tell. 

5 Let not my foul be join 'd at lail 
With men of treachery and blood. 
Since I mv days on earth have pafl 
Among the faints, and near my God. 



Vtr. 1 6. 

The Church is our Delight and Safei-j. 
I '^r'HE Lord cf glory is my light, 
X And my falvation too ; 
Ccd is my flrcugth ; nor will I fear 
What all mv focsc;u: do. 


a One privilege my heart dclires ; 

O grant me an abode 
Among the churches of thy faints, 

The temples of my God ! 

3 There fliall I offer my requefls, 

And fee thy beauty ftiU ; 
Shall hear thy mefTagts of love, 
And there enquire thy ivill. 

4 When troubles rife, and ftorms appear, 

There may his children hide ; 
God has a flrong pavilion, where 
He makes my foul abide. 

5 Now fliall my head be lifted high 

Above my foes around. 
And fongs of joy and vidlory 
Witlwn thy temple found. 


Ver. 8, 9, 13, J4- 

Prayer and Hoi>c. 

r QOON as I heard my Father fay, 
O " Ye children, fcek my grace,'* 
My heart reply 'd without delay, 
" ril fy^ek my Father's face." 

2 Let not thy face be hid from me, 

Nor frown my foul away ; 
God of ray life, I fly to thee 
In a diftreirmgday. 

3 Should friendsandkindrcd near and der.r 

Leave me to want or die. 
My God would make my life his care ; 
And all my need fupply. 

4 My fainting flefli had dy'd with grief, 

Had not my foul bcliev'd. 

To fee thy grace provide relief, 

Nor was my hope decciv'd. 

5 Wait on the Lord, ye trem-bling faints, 

And keep your courage up ; 
He'll raife your fpirit when it faints, 
And far exceed your hope. 



Storm end Thunder. 

i/^ IVE to the Lord, ye fons of fame, 
VJT Gi vc to the Lord renown and pow'r 
Al'cribc due honours to his name, 
And his eternal misrht udore. 


1 The Lord prochims his pow'r aloud. 
Over the ocean and the land ; >■ 
His voice divides the wat'ry cioud, 
And lightnings blaze at his command. 

3 He fpeaks, and tcmpeft. hail and wind. 
Lay the wide forcft bare around ; 

The fearful hart and frighted hJhd, 
Leap at the terrour of the found. 

4 To Lebanon he turns his voice. 
And lo, the ftately cedars break ; 
The mountains tremble at the noife, 
The vallies roar, the deferts quake. 

5 The IvOrd fits fov'reign on the flood, 
TheThund'rer reigns for ever king ; 
But makes his church his blefl abode, 
Where we his awful glories fing. 

6 hi gentler language there the Lord 
The counfels of his grace imparts : 
Amidft the raging ftorm his word 
Spealcs peace and courage to our hearts. 


Shlnep healedy and Sorrozv removed. 

1 T WILL extol thee. Lord, on high, 
X At thy command difeafes fly ; 
Who but a God can fpeak and fave 
From the dark Ijordcrs of the grave ? 

2 Sing to the Lord, ye faints of his. 
And tell how large' his goodnefs is ; 
Let all your pow'rs rejoice and blcTs, 
While you record his holinefs. 

3 His anger but a moment flays ; 
His love is life and length of days : 
Tho' grief and tears the night employ, 
The morning liar reftores the joy. 

Ver. 6. 

He.zliJ?, Slsinefs, and Rrce-Jery. 

iT?IRM was my health, m.y day was 
I. bright. 

And I prcfum'd 'twould ne'er be night : 
Fondly I laid within my heart, 
" Pleafiire and peace fhall ne'er depart." 

Z But I forgot tjiine arm was flrong, 
Which made my mountain fcand fo long ; 
Soon as thy face began to hide. 
My health was gone, my comforts dy'd- 

P S A I. M 

3 I cry'd aloud to thee my God 



Deiiveranca from SLinJsr and Reproach. 

What canfl thou profit by my blood ? 
" Deep iu the diift can I declare 
" Thy truth, or ling thy gouj.ucfs there ? 

4 " Hear me, O God of grace ! I faid, , 

« And br;ng me from among the dead :" i^lVf "^ -'^^'"^ rejoices ui thy 
Tliy n-ord rebuk'd the pains I felt, I ^^^ ^^^^■^^; "'7,^'-'^^'/. "^ 

Tiiy pard'ning love remov'd my guilt. 

5 My groans, and tears, and forms of woej 
Are turn'd to joy and pralfes now ; | 
I throw my fackcioth on the ground, 
Andeafe and gladnefo gird me round. 

6 My tongue, the glory of my frame, 
Shall ne'er be filentof thy name ; [he?.v'n,'3 
Thy praife fharl found through earth and! 
For ficknefs heal'd and fins for^iv'n. 



Ver. 5, 13 19, 22, 23. 

Deliverance from Death. 

iTNTO thine hand, O God of truth, 
Jl My fpirit I commit ; 
Thou haft rcdeem'd my foul from death 
And fav'd me from the pit. 
% The paffions of my hope and fear 
Maintain'd a double flrife. 
While ibrrow, pain, andliii confpir'd 
To take away njy life. 

3 " Aiy time is in. thy hand,'* I cry'd, 

" Though 1 draw near the d.uft :" 
Thoii art the refuge where I hide, 
The God in whom I truft. 

4 O make thy reconciled face 

Upon thy fervant fliiae, 
And fave me for thy mercy's fake, 
For I'm entirelv thine. 

PA U S E. 

5 ['Twas in my ha fie m.y fpirit faid, 

" Imuildcfpair and die, 
" I am cut olT before thine eyes ;" 
But thca liaft: heard my cry.] 

C Thy goodnefs, how divinely free ! 
Hew wond'rous is thy grace. 
To thofe that fear thy majefty, 
Aadtrufl; thy promifes I 

7 O love the I.ord, all ye his faiuts. 
And Ung aii praifcs loud; 
He'll bend his ear .to your complaints, 
Aftd. recouipeuce the proud. 

my truft ; 
Thou hafl preferv'd my face from lliame. 

Mine honour from the duft. 
' My life is fpent with grief, I cry'd, 

' My years confum''d in groans, 
' Zvlyftrength decays, mineeyes are dry 'd, 
' And forrow waftes my bones.' 

Among mine enemies my name 
Was a mere proverb grown, 

While to my ntiglihours I became • 
Forgotten and unlLuov.^n. 

4 Si^mder and fear on ev'ry llde 

Sciz'd and befet me round ; 
I to the tlirone of grace apply 'd, 
And fpeedy refcue found, 

p A U s £. 

5 How great deliv'rance tliou hafl v.'rcugitt 

Before the fons of men ! 
The lying lips to lilence brouglit, 
And made their bcaflir.g vain ! 

6 Thy children, from the flrife of tongues, 

Shall thy paviiion hide, 
Guard them from infamy and v/rorg*., 
And crulli the fons of pride. 

7 Within thy fccret prefence, Lord, 

Let me for ever dwell ; 
No fenced city, wallM andbarr'd, 
Secures a faint fo well. 


For^lvt-ncfs cf Sins iipcn Ccif-fji'jn. 
I f^ BLESSED fouls are they, 
\J Whofe fins are cover'd o'er 
Divinely blefl, to whom the Lord 
Imputes their guilt no mere. 

a TKey mourn their follies paft, 
And keep their hearts with care ; 
Their lips and lives Avlthout deceit 
Shall prove their faith fmcere. 

3 While I conceal'd my guilt, 
I felt a feft'ring wound, 
'Till I confefs'dmy lins to thee. 
And ready pardon founds. 




4 Let finners learn to pray, 
Let faints keep near the throne 
Gur help in times of deep diftrefs 
Is found in God alone. 


Free Pardon and fmcere Obedicnse : Or, Con 
/J/ton ana Forpvcnsfs. 

^ TTAPPY the man to whom his God 

J- X No more imputes his tin, 
Eut wafh'din his Redeemer's blood, 

Hath made his garments clean ! 
- H"*ppy beyond expreflion, he 

Whofe debts are thus difcharg'd ; 
And from the guilty bondage free, 

fie feels his foul cnlarg'd. 

3 liisfpirit hates deceit and lies, 

His rvorJs all Hncere ; 
Heguards his heart, he guards his eyes, 
A o keep his confcience clear. 

4 While I mv inward guilt fuppreft, 

No quiet could I find ; 
Thy wr?.th lay burning in my breaft. 
And wrrvck'd my tortur'd mind. 
$ Then I cocfefs'd my troubled thoughts, 
My fecret fins reveal'd ; 
Thy pard'ning grace forgave my faults, 
Thy grace my pardon'feal'd. ' 

t This fhali invite thy faints to pray ; 
When like a raging flood 
Temptations rife, our flrength and ftay 
Is a forgiving God. 

While a bright evidence of grace 
Thro* his whole life appears and fliinc 


A guilty Cor,f:i:nce cafcd l.y Ccnfcjficn and Pa, 


1 'XTT'HILE I keep fdence and conce- 

V V My heavy guilt within my hear 
Whnt torments doth my confcience feel 
What agonies of inward fmart I 

2 I fpread ray fins before the Lord, 
And all my fecr^^t faults confefs ; 
Thy gofpcl fpeaks a pard'ning word, 
Thy Holy Spirit feals the grace. 

J For this fhall ev'ry humble foul, 
Make fwif: addreffes to thy feat : 
When floods of huge temptations roll, 
There fliall they lind a blcft retreat. 

4 How fafe beneath thy wings Hie, [pear 
When days grow dark and ftorras ap 
And when I walk, thy watchful eye 
Shall guide me fafe from every fnare. 


Rtpintance and free Pcrd-.n ; or, Jvjlfcatkn 
ajid SanCiificatiort. 

i-J W.hofc guilt is pardon'dby his God, 
Whofe fins with forrow are confefs 'd, 
Ar;d covtr'd with his Saviour's blood, 
a Blcft is the m?.n to whom the Lord 
Imputes not his iniquities, 
Ke pleads no merit of reward, 
And not on works, but grace relies. 

3 From guile his heart and lips are free 
His humble joy, his holy fear, 
With deep repentance well agree, 
Afid join to prove his faith fmcere. 

4 How glorious is that righteoufnefs 
'i'iut hides and cancels aJI his lin* ! 


Works of Crect'iM end Providence. 

1 TJ EJOICE, ye righteous, in the Lord 
lA^ This work belongs to you : 
Sing of his name, his ways, his word, 

How holy, jull and true ! 

2 His mercy and his righteoufnefs 

Let heav'n and earth proclaim ; 
His works of nature and of grace 
Reveal his v.ond'rous name. 

3 His wifdom and almighty word 

The heav'nly arches fpread : 
/Vnd by the Spirit of the Lord 
Their iliining lioits were made. 

\ He bade the liquid waters flow 
To their appointed deep ; 
The flowing feas their limits know. 
And their own ftation keep. 

Ye tenants of the fpacious earth, 

With fear before him (land : 
He fpake, and nature took its birtk. 

And rcfls on his command. 
He fcorns the angry nations rage, 

And breaks their vain defigns ; 
His counfcl (lands through cverv age. 

And in full glory fhines. 




Creatures vain, and GOB All-fuficieut. 

t T)LEST is the n.ition where the Lord 
X3 Hath fix'd his gracious throne ; 
Where he reveals his heav'nly word, 
And calls their tribes his own. 

% His eye, with infinite furvey. 
Does the whole world bvhold ; 
He form'd us all of equal clay. 
And knows our feeble mould. 

) Kings are not refcu'd by the force 
Of armies from the grave ; 
Nor fpeed nor courage of an horie 
Can the bold rider fave. 

X Vain is the ftrength of beads or sacn, 
To hope for fafety thence ; 
But holy fouls from God obtain 
A ftrong and fure defence. 

J God is their fear, and God their truft, 
When plagues or famine fpread ; 
His watchfid eye fecures the juit, 
Among ten thoufand dead. 

ft Lord, let our hearts rejoice in thee, 
And blefs us from thy throne ; 
For we have made thy word our choicej 
And iruft thy grace alone. 


IVorLs of Creation and Providence. 

:'V7*E holy fouls, in God rejoice, [voice, 
X Your Maker's praife becomes your 

Greatis your theme, yourfongsbe new; 
SJng of his name, his word, his ways, 
His works of nature and of grace. 

How wife and holy, jufl and true ! 

a Juflice and truth he ever loves, 
And the whole earth his goodnefs proves 
His word the heav'niy arches fpread ; 
How wide they fliine from north to fouth; 
And by thefpirit of his mouth 
Were all the ftarry annies made. 

3 He gathers the wide flowing fcas, 
Thofe wat'ry treafures know their pla<:e 

In the vafl: ftore-houfe of the deep : 
Hefprke, and gave all nature birrh. 
And f.rcs, and feas, and heav'n and earth 

His everlafliug orders keep, 

4 Let mortals tremble and adore 
A God of fuch reflftlefs pow'r. 

is'&r dare Ludi 

thcL- fcsols ragt ; 

Vain arc your thoughts, and weak ycur 

Eut his eternal ceuniftl ftands, [hand«^ 

And rules the world from age to age. 


Creatures •vain, and G on All-fuficitnt. 
i/^ HAPPY nation, where the Ix)rd 
V>/ Reveals the treafures of his word, 
And buildshis church, his earthly throne? 
His eye the heathen world furveys, [ways, 
He form'd their hearts, he knows their 
But God their Maker is unknown. 
Z Let kings rely upon their hod. 
And of his ftrength the champion boafl ^ 

In vain they boafl, in vain rely ; 
In vain we trufl: the brutal force, 
Or fpeed, or courage of an horfe. 
To guard his rider, or to fly. 
,3 The eye of thy companion, Lord, 
Doth more fecure defence afford, [ftand : 
When death, or dangers threatening 
Thy watchful eye preferves the juft. 
Who make thy name their fear and tnafc. 
When wars or famine wafte the Iand« 
4 In ilcknefs or the bloody field. 
Thou our Phyfician, thou our fhield. 
Send us falvation from thy throne : 
We wait to fee thy goodnefs fhine ; 
Let us rejoice in help divine, 
For all our hope is God alone. 



god's Care of the Saints ; or, Deliveranee ly 

I T OPvD I will blefs' thee -all my days, 
JL-i Thy praife fhail dwell upon my 
My foul fliall glory in thy grace, [tongue^ 
While faints rejoice to hear the long. 

a Come, magnify the Lord with me, 
Come let us all exalt his name ; 
I fought the eternal God, and he 
Has not expos 'd my hope to fhame. 

3 I told him ail my fecrct grief. 

My fecret groaning reach'd his cars ; 
He gave my inward pains relief, 
And calm'd the tumult of my fears, 

4 To him the poor Lift up their eyes. 
Their faces feel the heav'niy fliine , 
A beam of mercy from the Ikies 
Fills thea with light and joy divine 


P S A L 1\I 


5. His holy angels pitch their tents 
Around the men that I'erve the Lord ; 
O fear and love him, all yr faints, 
'lafteof his grace, andliufl his word. 

t The wild young lions pinch'd with pain 
And hunger, roar through all the wood ; 
But none ihail iVek the Lord in vain. 
Nor want fupplics of real good. 


Vcr. II 22. 

J?fI/^}ous Educaiiofi ; or, InJlriiSiioris cf Piety. 
I /CHILDREN in years and knowledge 

Your parents hope, your parents joy, 
Attend the counlels of my tongue, 
lyCt pious thouglits your minds employ, 

Z If you defire a length of day, 

And peace to crown your mortal fliate, 
Roftrain your feet from finful ways, 
Your lips from Handerand deceit. 

3 The eyes of God regard his faints, 
His ears are open to their cries ; 
He fets his frowning face againft 
The fons of violence and lies. 

4 To humble fouls and broken hearts, 
CJod with his grace is ever nigh ; 
Pardon and hope his love impi'.rts, 
When men in deep contrition lie. 

5 He tells their tears, he counts their groans. 
His Son redeems their fouls from death ; 
His Spirit heals their broken bones. 
They in Itis p; aife employ their breath 


Ver. I 10. 

Prayer and Praife for eminent Deliverance. 

7. T'LT blcfs the Lord from <lay to day 
JL How good ave all his ways ! 
Ye humble fouls that ufe to pray, 
Come help my lips to praife. 

1 Sing to the honour of his name, 
How a poor finner cry'd. 
Nor was his hope cxpos'd to (liame, 

3 When threp.t'ningforrows round meflood 
And endlefs fears arofe, 
Like the loud billows of a floed, 
Redoublip)! alj niv woc-b. 

4 I told the Lord my fere difireft, 

\\ i:h heavy groans and tears : 
He gave my fliarp' fl torments cafe, 
And lilenc'd all my icars. 

p A u s J-. 

5 '[O finners, come and tafle his love. 

Come learn his plealant y.ays. 
And let your own experience prove 
The fwcctnefs of his grace. 

6 He bi Js his angels pitch theiv tents 

Round where his children dwell ; 
What ill their heav'nly care prevent?, 
Kg earthly tongue can tell.] . 

7 O love the Lord, ye faints of his ; 

His eye regards the juft ; 
How richly blefl: their portion is 
Who make the Lord their truft ! 

8 Young lions pinch'd with hunger roar, 

And famiiii in the wood ; 
But God fupplies his holy poor, 
V/ilh ev'rv needful rood. 


Ver. II 22. 

Exbortatiors to Peace and Holinef^. 

1 /^OME, children, learn to fear th< 
V^ And that your xlays be long, [Lord 
Let not a falfc or fpitctul word 

Be found upon your tongue. 

2 Depart from mifchicf, pradlife love, 

Purfue the works of peace : 
So fliall tlie Lord your ways approve, 
And fet your fouls at eafe. 

3 His eyes awake to guard the jult, 

His earr. attend their cry : 
When broken fpirits dwell in dufl, 
The God of grace is nigli. 

4 Wliat though the forrows here they ta{l( 

Arc fliarp and tedious too. 
The Lord who i'aves them all at laf^. 
Is their fupporter now. 

5 Evil fliall fmite the Xvicked dead ; 

But God fecures his ov.n : 
Prevents the mifchief when theyflidcj 
Or heals the broken bone. 

6 When defolation, like a flood, 

O'er the proud Tinner rolls, 

Saints find a refuge in their God, 

For he rcdcem'd thdr foui^ 



Common metre, first part. 

!*r.iyer and Faith of ferftcuted Saints: Or^ 
Imprecations niixtdivith Charky. 

I "VTOW p^ead my caufe, almighty God; 
l\ With all the fens of ftrifc ; 
And fight ?2^inft the men of blood, 
Who fight againft my life. 

^ Draw out thy fpear, and ftop their way, 
Lilt thine avenging rod ; 
But to my foul in intrcy fay, 
" I am thy Saviour God." 

3 They plant their fnares to catch my feet 

And nets of mifchicf fpread : 
Plunge the dtftroyers in the pit 
That their ov/n hands have made. 

4 Let fogs and darkxsefs hide their v/ay, 

And liipp'ry be their ground ; 
Thy wrath iliall their lives a prey, 
And all tlitir rage confound. 

5 They fly like chafFbefure the wind, 

Before thine angry breath ; 
The angel of the Lord behind, 

Purfucs them down to death. 
t) i'hcy loA^e the road that leads to hell ; 

Then let the rebels die, 
Whofe malace is implacable 

Againfl: the Lord on high, 
7 iJut if thou haft a chofen few 

Araongfl that impious race. 
Divide them from the bloody crew, 

Ey thy furpriiiiig grace. 
r8 Then will I raife my tuneful voice, 

To make thy wonders known ; • 
In their filvatlon ITi rejoice. 

And bltfs thee for my own. 

How did bis flowing tears comlole, 

As for a brother dead .' 
And fafting, rpo^tlfy'd his foul. 

While for their life he pray'd. 

4Theygroan'd, and curs'd him on their be4 
Yet ftill he pleads and mourns ; 
And double bicllings on Jiis head 
The righteous God returns. 

5 O glorious type of heav'nly grace! 

Thus Cbrijl the Lord appears ; 
While llnners curfc, the Saviour prays. 
And pities lhc:;xx v/ith tears. 

6 He the true David, Ifrad's King, 

Eleft and belov'd of Cod, 
To fave us rebels dead in tin, 
Pav'd his own d^arefl blood. 


Ver. s 9- 


PerfcSions end Pro-jidence cf COD : Or^ 
general Pro-Jidiuce aiid fpcciai Gyacc, 

I TTIGH in the heavens, eternal God, 
XJ- Thy goodnels in full glory {liines ; 
Thy truth (liall break thro' ev'ry cloud 
That veil* and darkens thy deteas. 

2 For ever firm thy juftice ftands. 

As mountains their foundaticMas keep; 
Wife arc the v/onders of tiiinc hands; 
Thy judgments are a mighty deep. 

'3 Thy providence is kind and large, 
j Both man and beaft thy bounty ll:ar<?, 
- — ■— I The v/hole creation is thy charge, 

COMMON METRE. SECOND PART But faints are thy pecihar care. 

Vcr. 12, 15, 14. A ^y God ! how excellent thy grace! 

Whence all our hope and comlortiprings; 

Lov: t 


Or, the Love cf CHRIST /o 
typ'-ftd in David. 

BEHOI-B the love, the generous love 
That holy David fliows ; 
Hal V: how his founding bowels move 
To his afflicted foes ! 

When they are lick, bis foul complains. 
And feems to feel thefmart; 

Tilt fpirit of the gofpel reigus. 
And mehs his pious heart. 

The fons oi Adiim in diftrcfs. 
Fly to the fliadowofthy wings. 

From the provifions of thy houfe 
We fliall be fed v.ith fweet repaft ; 
There mercy like a river flows, 
And brings falvation to our tafte. 

Life, like a fountain rich and free. 
Springs from the prcfence of my Lord, 
And in the light our fouh; fhaii fee 
The gloriwS proiiils'd in thy word. 


C O IvJ ?vl O N M E T R E. 

Vcr. 1, a, 5, 6, 7, 9. 

PraSiiccl Ath-:ijtn expcfcd : Off the Being and 
Anriljutcs cf GOD ajfertcd. 

1 "TTTHILE men. grow bold in wicked 
VV And yet a God they own, [waj^s, 
!My heart within mc often fays, 

" Their thoughts believe there's none." 

fi Their thoughts and ways at once dccUrc 
(Whate'er their lips profcfs) 
God hath no wrath for them to fear, 
Nor will they feek his grace. 

^V/hat ftrange fclf-flatt'ry blinds their eyes! 
But there's a kaft'ning hoar 
When they fhali fee with fore furprize, 
The tcrrours of thy pow'r. 

4 Thy juftiqe fliall maintain its throne, 

Thcnigh mountains melt away; 
Thy judgments are a world unknown, 
A deep unfathom'd fca. 

5 Above thefe heav'ns created rounds, 

Thy mercies, Lord, extend ; 
Tliy truth outlives the narrow bjwnds 
Where tinae and natv^re end. 

4 Safecf to rr-au thy goodneis brings, 

N^).' ore; looks liicbean: ; 
Bene itli tht laadov/ of thy wings 

Thy clilluicn choofe to reft. 
; fFrom thee v/hen creature ftreams ran 

And mo-'al comforts die, [Io^Tj 

Perpetual fprings of life fiiall flow, 

And raife our picafures higii. 

5 Though all created light decay, 

And death clofe up our eyes, 

Thy prefence makes eternal dayj 

Where clouds c-iw never rife.] 

3 Kis heart is falfc and fou!. 
HJB words arc fmootiv and ir.. , 

Wifdom is banilird from his foul, 
And leaves no goodncfs thcic. 

4 He plot* upon his bed, 
New mifchiefs to fulfil : 

He fcts his heart, and hands, and head, 
I'o praclifc all that's ill. 

5 But there's a dreadful God, 
Though men renounce hi» fear ; 

Kis jufticc liid behind a cloud. 
Shall one great day appear. 

6 His truth tranfcends the llcy, 
In IiTav-'n his mercies dwell ; 

Deep as the fea his judgments lie, 
His anger burns to hell. 

7 How excellent his Iotc, 
Whence all our fafcty fpring* : 

O never let my fou! remove 

From underneath his wings ! 

Ver. T 7. 



Vcr. I 15. 

The Cur a cf Eni>y, Fretfulrcfs and Unhelirf ; 
6/-, the Reivards of the Righteous and tie 
IViiksd : Or, the IVoyUs "^Hatred, and the 
Siiiiii't Pjiience. 

I TTTHY fnould I vex my foul and fret 
y V To fee the wicked rife ; 
Or envy finners waxing great 
By violence and lite ? 

a As flow'ry grafs cut down at noon. 
Before the ev'ning fades. 
So fliall their glorie-s vanillx foon, 
In evcrlafting fnadcs. 

3 Then let me make the Lord my truft, 
And pra<5life all that's good : 
So fliall I dwell among the juft, 
And he'll provide me food. 

The H'icled/iffs of Man, and the J^'^'J^Jy of 4 I io my God my ways commit 

COD : Qry practical Athefn expcfed. 

iTTTHEN man grows bold in fin, 
vV My heart within me cries, 
" He hath noVsith of God within, 
" Nor fear before his eyes." 

a [He wrlks a while conceal'd, 

In a fi;lf-flalt"ring dream. 

Till hii dark crimes at^ 'cvi<n^ revcaJ'd 

And cheerful wait his will 
Th.y liaiid which guides my doubtful feej, 
Shall my dcUres ful5I. 

5 Mine innocence flialt tliou difplay. 

And make thy judgments known. 
Fair as the ligiit of dawning day, 
And glorious as the noon. 

6 The meek at lafl the earth poflefs. 

And arc the heir* of heav'n ; 



rruc riches, with abundant peace, 
To humble fouls aremv'n. 

7 Red: in the Lord, and keep his way. 

Nor let your anger rile, 
7'hough Providence Iliould long delay 
To punifli haughty vice. 

8 let ilnners join to break your peace, 

And plot, and n'.ge, and foam ; 

The Lord derides them, for he fees 

Their day of vengeance corne. 

9 They have drawn out the threat'ningj rj.-, , , , 

Have bent the murd'rous bow, [fword, ^ ^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ 
To Hay the men that fear the Lord, 
And bring the righteous low. 

10 My God fiiall break their bows, and 
Their perfecuting darts, [burn 

Shall their own fwords againfl them turn, 
And pain furprifc their hearts, 

Ver. Z3.— 

TL' Fl 




and :h 

End of the Righiicus 


Ver. i6, 21, 


Charity to the Po 

■ Or, 

1 "XTT'^Y ^° ^^^^ wealthy wicked boaft, 

VV And grov/ profanely bold ? 
The meaneft portion ofthe jufl. 
Excels the iinaers gold. 

2 The v/icked borrows of his friends, 

But ne'er defigns to puy ; 

The faint is merciful and lends, 

Nor turns the poor away. 

3 His alms with iib'ral heart he gives 

Among the fons of need ; 
His mem'ry to long ages lives, 
And bleiFed is his feed." 

4 His lips abhor to talk prophanc, 

To llander or defraud ; 
His ready tongue declares to men 
What he has learn'd of God. 

5 The law and gofpel of the Lord, 

Deep in his heart abide ; 
Led by the Spirit and the word, 
His feet fliall never Hide. 

6 When Hnners f?,ll, the righteous flaad 

Preferv'd from ev'ry fnare. 
They ihall po3tfs the promis'd land, 
And dwell forever there. 

1 "Tl/TY God, the fteps of picus men 
XVi Are Oider'd by thy will ; 

Tho!;gh they fliould fall they rile again, 
Thy hand fupports them Hill. 

2 The Lord delights to fee their ways, 
Tlieir virtue he approves ; 

He'll ne'er deprive them of his grace. 
Nor leave the men he loves. 

ritage is theirs. 
Their portion and their home : 
He feeds them now, and makes them hciis 
Of bklliHgs long to come. 

4 Wait on the Lord, ye fons of men, 
Nor fear when tyrants frown ; 

Ye iliall confeis their pride was vain, 
When juillcc calh them down, 
p A u s i: . 

5 The haughty fiancr I have feen, 

Not fearing man nor Gcd, 
Like a tall bay-tree, fair and green, 
Spreading his arms abroad. 

6 And lo, he vanifli'd from the ground, 

Deftroy'd by hands unfcen ; 
Nor root nor branch, nor leaf was found. 
Where all that pride had been. 

7 But mark the man of rightcoufnefs. 

His feveral fteps attend ; 
True plviafure runs through all his ways, 
And peaceful is his end. 



Guilt of Confciencs and Relief ; or, Repentar.ce 
and Prayer for Pardon and Health. 

I A MIDST thy wrath remember love, 

JLjL Reflore thy fervant. Lord, 
Nor let a father's chafe 'ning prove 
Like an avenger's Iword. 

% Thine arrov/s Hick ivithin my heart, 
My flelh is forely preft ; 
Between the forrow and the fmart. 
My fpirit finds no relfc. 

3 My fiHs a heavy load appear, 
And o'er my head are gone ; 
Too heavy they for me to bear, 
T«o hard for mc t' atone. 



4 My thoitghts arc llTce a troubled fea, 

My head ftill bending down j 
And I go mourning all the day 
BeatiiLh my Father's frown. 

5 Lord, I am weak and broken fore. 

None of my pow'rs are wjiolc ; 
The iav/ard nftguifli m:i^c8 me roar, 
The anguifh cf my foul. 

6 All my defire to thee is knoxvn, 

Thine eye counts ev'ry tear^ 
And ev'ry fi^h and ev'ry groan 
Is notic'd by thine ear. 

7 Thcu art my God, ny only hope, 

My God will hear my cry. 
My God win bf ar my fpirit up 

When Simian bids me d:«, 
[ t My fQot is ever apt to flide, 

Aly foes rejoice to fee't ; 
They raife their pleafure and their-prlde. 

When they fupplant my feet. 

J2ut V'li confefs my guilt to thc«, 

Aird grieve for all my fin ; 
rii-niourn how wtak my graces be, 
And beg fupport divine. 

■ --^ JvTy God, forgive my follice patl, 

And be forever nigh ; 
O Lord of rny falvation ha^C 

Before thy fervant die.] 

Ver. 4, 5, 6, 7. j 

Thr Vanity of Man as Mortal. \ 

I ^ I ^EACH me the mcafure of my days J 
X whou Maker of my frame ; \ 

I would furvey life's narrow fpace. 

And learn how frail I an*. i 

^ A fpan is all that we can boift, ; 

An inch or two of time ; 
Man is hut vanity and duft 
In all his flow'r and prime. 

3 Sec the vain race of mortals more 

Like fliadows o'er the plain, 
They rage and ftrive, dcfirc and love. 
But all the noife is vain. 

4 Some vfAV in honour's gaudy fliow, 

Some d'd for polden ore, 
They toil for heirs they know not who, 
And flraight arc fecn no more. 

5 What fhould I wifh or wait for then 

From creatures, earth and duH: ? 
They make our expevftations vain, 
And difappoint our Iruft. 

6 Now I forbid my carnal hope, 
' My fond defires rccal ! 

I give my mortal intereft up, 
And make my God my all. 


Ver. 1, a, 3. I 

r^ eicifirlnefs ever tie Tci.'gue : Or, Prudence 
ci'd Zeal. I 

^T^HUS I refclv'd before the Lord, 

X " N^jw v/iil I wi;tch my tongue, 
• Left I let flip one fuifal word, 
"Or do my neighbour wrong." 

■ Ai:d if I'm e'er ccnfrrain'd to ftay. 

With men of lives prophane, 
Tjjfct a double guard that <;lr.y, 
Nor let my talk be vain. 

i'llfcarce ailow my lips to fpeak 
The pious thoughts I feel, 
Left I'cotTers flior.ld th' occaiion take 
To mock niy holy zeal. 

4 Yet if fonie proper hour appear, 
I'll not be over aw'd. 
Eat let the fcoifmg finncrs hear 
That v.c can fpc^k for Gud. 


Ver. 9 13. 

S: el-led Devoiicn : Or, Pleading ivithzui Rg'^ 

pinijig. \ 

I t^ OD of my life, look gently down, 
V_T Behold the pains 1 fetl ; 

But I am dumb before thy throne, ; 

Nor dare difpute thy will. 1 

a Difeafes are thy fcrvants, Lord, .^ 

They come at thy command ; j 

I'll net attempt a murm'ring word, •; 

Againft thy chaft'ning hand. ' 

3 Yet may I plead with humble cries, \ 

P emove thy fliarp rcbukei : \ 

]*-Ty ftrcngth confuines, my fpirit dies, ] 

'rhrougJi thy repeated ttrokes. < 

4 Cruflid as a moth beneath thy handj^ \ 

Wc nioulder to the viuft ;. j 
Our feeble pow'rs can ne'er withftaudi 
And all our bci\utv's lof!;. 



5 [This mortal life tlecays apace, 
How foon the bubble's broke ; 
Adam and all his num'rous race 
Are vanity and fmoke.l 

I'm but a fojourner below, 

As all my fathers v/ere ; 
May I be well prepar'd to go. 
When I the fummons hear. 

7 But if my life be fpar'd a while. 

Before my lall remove, 
Thy prsife (hall be my bufinefs ftill, 
And L'll declare thy love. 

P S A L M XL. 

Ver. 1, a, 3,5, 17. 
A Song of Deliverance from gnat Difrefs. 

1 T WAITED patient for the Lord, 
A He bow'd to hear my cry : 
He faw me rcfling on his word, 

And brought falvation nigh. 

2 He rais'd me from a horrid pit. 

Where mourning long I lay. 
And from my bonds releas'd my feet, 
Deep bonds of miry clay. 

3 Firm on a rock he made me itand. 

And taught my cheerful tongue 
To praife the wonders of his hand 
In a new thankful fong. 

4 I'll fpread his work» of grace abroad ; 

The faints with joy iliall hear, 
And jinners learn to make my God 
Their only hope and fer.r. 

; How many are thy thoughts of love ! 
Thy mercies, Lord, how great ! 
V/e have not words, nor hours enough. 
Their numbers to repeat. 

4> When I'm aflliifled, poor and low, 

And light and peace depart. 

My God beholds my heavy woe, 

And bears me on his heart. 


Ver. 6- 9. 

The iKcarnation and Sacr'ifce o/" CHRIS 
1 nPHUS faith the Lord, " Your work is 
X vain, 

" Give your burnt ofF'rings o'er, 
'■ In dying goats and buUgcks flain 
*' My ioul delights no more." 

\ Then fpakc the Saviour, " Lo, I'm hcre^ 
" My God, to do thy will ; 
" Whate'er thy facred books declare 
" Thy fervant fliail fulfil. 

** Thy law is ever in my 5ght, 

" I keep it near my heart ; 
** Mine ears are opcn'd with delight 

" To what thy lips impart." 

And fee the blcfk Redeemer comes, 

Th' eternal Son appears. 
And at th' appointed time aflumes 

The body God prepares. 
Much he reveal'd his Father's grace, 

And much his truth he fhew'd. 
And prcacli'd the way of righteoufncfe 

Where great aflemblies flood. 

His Father's honour touch'd his heart, 

He pity'd finners cries, 
And to fulfil A Saviour's part 

Was made a facrilice. 

p A u s E. 
No blood of beafis on altars fiied 

Could wafh the confcience clean. 
But the rich facrifice he paid 

Atone« for all our Ixn. 

Then was the great falvation fpread^ 
And Satan s kingdom fhook ; 

Thus by the v/oman'i promis'd feed. 
The fcrpent's head was broke. 


N G 

R E. 

D z 

M E T 

5 10. 

CHRIST 01^ r Sacrifce. 

THE wonders, Lord, tliy love haa 
Exceed our praife, furmount our thought; 
Should I attempt the long detail. 
My fpeech would faint, my numbers fail. 

No blood of beaRs on altars fpllt, 
Can cleanfc the fouls of men from guilt \ 
But thou haft: fet before our eyes 
An all-fufficient facrifice. 

Lo ! thine eternal Son appears, 
To thy defigns he bows his ears j 
AHurnes a body well prepar'd, 
And well performs a %vork fo hard» 

4 " Behold I come (the Saviour crieij ' 
With love and duty in his eyes) 
" I come to bear the heavy load 
" Of fins, and do thy will, my Gcs^, 



5 " 'Tis writicn In thy great decree, 
*' 'Tis in thy book foretold of me, 
" 1 muft fultil the Saviour's part ; 
" And lo ! thy law is in my heart, 

6 " I'll magnify thy holy law, 
" And rebels to obedience draw, 
*' When on my crofs I'm lifted high, 
" Or to my crown above the (ky. 

; « The Spirit fliall defcend and faow 
" What thou hafl: done, and what I do ; 
'• The vvond'ring world fliall learn thy 

" Thy wifdom and thy righteoufnefs." 

P S A I. M XLI. 

Ver. 1, a, 3- 

Charity to tie Poor : Or, Pity to the AJJiiacd. 

1 T) LEST 15 the man.wiiore bowels move, 
JD And melt with pity to the poor, 
Whofc foul by fympathifinglove 
Feels what his fellow faints endure. 

a His heart contrives for their relief 
More good than his own hands can do ; 
He in a time of gc«'ral grief 
Shall find the Lord has mercy too. 

3 His foij fliall live fecure on earth. ; 
With fecrtt Llellings on his head, . 
"When drought, and pert!lcnce,and death, 
Around him m.ultlply their dead. 

Or, if he languifli on his couch, 
Gcd will pronounce his firxs forgiven. 
Will fave him with a healing touch, 
Or take his wlllin:! foul to heav'n. 

The foe infuhs without control, 
" And Where's your God at laft f " 

4 'Tis with a mounful pleafure now 

I think on ancient days ; 
Then to thy houfe did numbers go, 
And all our work was praifc. 

5 But why, my foul, funk down fo far 

Beneath this heavy load ; 
Why do my thought* indulge defpair» 
And fin agaiuft my God ? 

6 Hope in the Lord, whofe mighty hand 

Can all thy woes remove. 
For I fliall yet before him (land, 
And iing rcftoring love. 



Ver. I 5. 

Dfjcriion ani Hcfe : Or, Ccmplaint of /xhfcui 
from Pvblici Wcrfi'ip. 

1 TTTITH c^rnefc longings of the mind, 

V V yiv God, to thee I loo'jc. 

So pants the hunted hart to £nd 

And tafle the cooling brook, 

2 When fliall I fee thy courts of grace, 

And meet my Gcd again ? 
So long an afcfcnce from thy fjicc 
My heart endures with pain. 

Temptations vex my weary foul, 
And tears arc my repaft ; 


Ver. 6 II. 

Mehncboty Thoughts reproved: Or, Hofi '« 

I TV T Y fpirit finks within me, Lord, 

1\ JL But I will call thy name to mind. 
And times of paft diftrefs record, 
When I have found m.y God was kind. 
^ Huge troubles, with tumult'ous noife^ 
Swell like a fea, and round me fpread ; 
Thy watcr-fpouts drown all ray joys, 
And riung wav<:s roll o'er my head. 

3 Yet will the I^ord command his lovCv 
When I addrefs his throne by day. 
Nor in the night his grace remove ; 
The night fliadj hear me fmg and pray. 

4 I'll eaft myfelf before his feet. 

And fay, ' My God, my hcav'iily Rock, 

' Why doth thy love fo Icng forget 

' The foul that groansbeneath thy f^roke Y 

5 I'll elude my heart that finks fo low. 
Why fhould my foul indulge her grief, 
liope in the Lord, and praife him too ; 
lie is my reft, my fure reliefs 

6 Thy light and truth fliall guide me ftlll. 
Thy word fliall my beft thoughts employ, 
And lead me to thine holy hill, 

My God, my triofl exceeding joy. 


Ver. I, a, 3, 8, 15 -26. 

Irr Church's Complaint in Perfecuticr. 

LORD, we have heard thy works cf 
Thy works of pow'r and grace 


When to our ears our fathers told 
The woiidwrs of their days,. 




i How thou didA build thy churches here. 

And make thy gofpel kjiown ; 
Amongft them did thine arm appear, 

'I'hy light and glory llione. 
In God they boaftcd all the day. 

And in a cheerful throng, 
Did thoufands meet to praife and pray 

And grace was all their fong. 
4 But now our fouls are feizM with fliame, 

Confufion fills our face. 
To hear the enemy blafpheme. 

And fools reproach thy grace. 

5 Yet have we not forgot our God, 

Nor falfeiy dealt with heav'n, 
Nor have our fteps declin'd the road 
Of duty thou haft giv'n. 

6 Though dragons all around us roar 

With their deflrudlive breath, 
And thine own hand has bruis'd us fore 
Hard by the gates of death. 


; We arc expos'd all day to ^e^ 
As martyrs for thy caufe, 
As flieep for fiaughter bound we He 
Ey {liarp and bloody lawg. 

8 Awake, arife, almighty Lord, 

Whv fleeps thy wonted grace ! 
Why fliould we look like men abJiorr'd 
Or banifli'd from thy face ? 

9 Wilt thou for ever caft us ofF, 

And flill negle(5l our cries ? 
For ever hide thine heav'nly lovo- 
From our afflicSled eyes f 

SO Down to the duft our foul is bow'd. 
And dies upon the ground ; 
Rife for our help, rebuke the proud, 
And all their pow'rs confound. 
1 1 Redeem us from perp&tual fi-i3me> 
Our Saviour and our God ; 
We plead the honours of thy name. 
The merits of thy blood. 



'^e Gkry of CHRIST : Tbe Sisccafs of th 

Gcfpcl : And the Gentile Church-, 

Z Now make thy glory know«, 
Gird on thy dreadful fword. 
And ride in majelty, to fpread 
The conquefts of thy word. 

3 Strike through thy ftubborn foes. 
Or melt their hearts t' obey, 

While juftice, meeknefs, grace, and truth 
Attend thy glorious way. 

4 Thy laws, O God, are right j 
Thy throne fliall ever ftand ; 

And thy victorious gofpel proves 
A fceptre in thy hand. 

5 [Thy Father and thy God^ 
Hath, without meafure, ihect- 

Kis Spirit like a joyful oil 

T' anoint thy facred head. 

6 Behold, at thy right hand 
The Gentile church is fcen. 

Like a fair bride in rich attire, 

And princes guard the queen.] 

7 Fair bride, receive his love, 
Forget thy father^s houfe ; 

Forfake thy gods, thy idol gods, 
And pay thy Lord thy vows. 

8 O let thy God and King 

Thy fweeteft thoughts employ j 
Thy children fliall his honours Ung 
In palaces of joy. 

C O M M O N 

The perfu.ial 

?vl FT R E. 


Y Saviour and xaj Kin 

Thy beauties are divine 
Tliy Hps with bleiTings over.^ow, 
Aad ev'ry grajce Is thiac. 

Glories and 

/ T'LL fpeak the honaurs of "my King ; 
A His form divinely fair ; 
None of the fons of mortal race 
May with the Lord compare. 

Sweet is thy fpeech, and heav'aly grace 

Upon thy lips is fhed ; 
Thy God with blefungs infinite 

Hath crown 'd thy facred head. 

3 Gird on thy fword, viclorioua Prince, 

Ride with majefcic fway ; 
Thy terrour ihall ftrikc through thy foc". 
And make \.\i£ world obey. 

4 Thy throne, O God, for ever flands ^ 

Thy v/ord of grace lliall prove 
A peaceful fceptre in thy hands. 
To rule thy faiats by love. 

? Juftice and truth attend thee iB.\. 
But mercy is thy clioke j 




And God, thy God, thy foul ihall fill 
With niofl pcculinr joys. 


*Tbe Glory of CHRIST, and rczutr of Lis 


1 "VJO^V' be my heart infpir'd to fing 
i.^ The glories of my Saviour King, 
Jefus the Lord, how hcav'nly fair 
His form ! how bright his beautieb are ! 

% O'er all the fons of human race 
He fhincs with a ("uperiour grace. 
Love from his lips divinely flows, 
And bleflings all his ftate compofe. 

3 Drefs thee in arms, mcft mighty Lord, 
Gird on the terrour of thy fword. 

In majefty and glory ride 

With truth and mcekncfs at thy fide. 

4 Thine anger, like a po^.atcd dart. 

Shall pierce the foes of ftuhborn heart ; 
Or words of mercy kind and fwcct 
Shall melt the rebels at thy feet. 

5 T1\y throne, O Godi^ for ever ftands, 
Grace is the fccptre in thy hands ; 
Thy laws and v/orks are juft and right, 
Jufticc and grace are thy delight. | 

6 God, thine ov/n God, has richly flied 
His oil of gladncfs on thy head. 
And with his facred fpirit blcft 
His firA-born Son above the ref^. 

5 O happy hour, when thou fhait rife 
To his fair palace in the Ikies, 
And all thy fons (a numerous train) 
Each Kke a prince in glory reign. 

6 Let endlcfs honours crown his head ; 
Let ev'ry agp hi? praifcs fprcad ; 
While we with cheerful fongs approve 
The condefccnlion of his love. 



The Churches Sjfty and Triumph among r,a- 
ticjuil Dfolations. 

I /^ OD is the refuge of his faints, 
V_TWhen ftorms of Iharp diArefs invade ; 
Ere we can oflfer our complaints 
Behold him prefcnt with his aid. 

1 Let mountains from their feats be hucl'd 
Down to the deep, and bury'd there ; 
Convulfions fhake the folid world. 
Our faith fliall never yield to fear. 

3 Loud may the troubled ocean roar, 
In facred peace our fouls abide, 
While ev'ry nation, ev'ry fliore, 
Trembles, and dreads the fwelling tide. 

CHRIST and his 


The Myp:al 

Church : 

I np'HE King of faints, how fair his face,! 
JL Adorn'd with majefty and grace ; 
He comes with blefBugs from above, 
And v/ins the nations to his love. 

Supplies the city of our God ; 

Life, Love, and joy ftill gliding through, 

And wat'ring our divine abode. 

5 That facred ftrcam, thine holy word, 
That *11 my raging fear controls : 
Sv/ect peace thy promifcs atibrd, 
And give new Arength to fainting fouis. 

J6 Sion enjoys her monarch's love. 
Secure againft a threat'ning hour ; 
For can her firm foundations move, 
Built on his truth, and arm'd withpow'r. 

a At his right hand, our eyes behold, 
The queen array'd in pureft gold ; 
The world admires her heav'nly drefs; i 
Her robe of joy and rightcoufncfs. 

3 He forms her beauties like liis own. 
He calls and feats her near his throne 
Fair ftranger, let thine heart forget 
The idols of thy native ftate. 

4 So fhall the King the more rejoice 
In thee the fr.v'rite of his choice ; 
I^et him be lov'd, and yet ador'd, 
tor he's ihy Maker aud tby Lord. 

GOD fgh,s fcr his Chmnh. 

LET Zion in her King rejoice, [rife ; 
Tho' tyrants r.ige, and kingdom* 
He utters his alini^^hty voice. 
The nations mtlt, the tumult dies. 

a The Lord of old for J^cob fought, 
And y.icob^s God is ftill oar aid ; 
Behold the v/orks his hand has wrought. 
What defulaiions he has made. 

3 From fea to Tea, tiirough all the (horcs. 
He inakts the iicii'c of battle cctSc ; 



\M\en from on high his thunder roars, 
He awes the trembling v.'orld to peace. 

4 He breaks the bow, he. cuts the fpcar, 
Char'ots he burns with heat'nly flame ', 
Keep filencc all the earth, and hc;ir 
The found and glory of his name. 

5 « Be ftill, and learn that I am God, 
" I'll be exalted o'er th:; land5» 

" I •xrill be known and fear'd abroad, 
" But flill my throne in Zhn ftands." 
$ O Lord of hofts, almighty King, 
While Ave fo near thy prefence dv/cil, 
Our faith fhall fit fecure, and ling 
Defiance to the gate.^ of hell. 


CHRIST cfcend'im'^ and reignirg. 
2 £~\ FOR a lliout of facred joy 
KJ To God the fov'icign King ! 
Let cv'ry land their ton rues employ, 
And hymns of triumph fing. 

2 jf,7«.- our God afcends ca high, 

His heav'niy guards around, 
Attend him riling through the fky, 
With trumpets joyful found, 

3 While angels fliQut and praife their King, 

Let mortals learn their (trains : 
Let all the earth his honours ling ; 
O'er all the earth he reigns. 

4 Rehearfe his praife with awe profound ; 

Let knowledge lead the foag; 
Nor mock him with a folemn found 
Upon a thoughtlcfs tongue. 

5 In Ifral Aood his ancitnt throne, 

He lov'd that chofen race ; 
But nOw he calls the world h.'s own, 
And hea,thcn§ tafte his grace. 

6 The Gentile natipns are the Lord's, 

There Abraham s God is known, 
While pow'rs and princes, fiiields and 
Submit before his throne. ffwords. 

a Thefe temples of his grace. 
How beautiful they ftand. 
The honours of our native place, 
The bulwarks of our laAd. 

3 In Sior. God is known 
A refuge in diftrefs ; 

How bright has his falvation fhown 
Through all her palaces. 

4 When kings againft her join'd 
And faw the Lord was there,- 

In wild confufion of the mind. 
They fled with hafty fear. 

5 When natives tall and proud 
Attempt to fpoil our peace, 

Ke fends his tempefls roarin? loud. 
And finks them in the leas. 

6 Oft have our fathers told. 
Our ey€S have often fecn 

How well our God fecures the fold 
Where his own fheep have been. 

7 In ev'ry new diflrefs 
We'll to his houfe repsir, 

We'll think upon his wond'rous grace, 
And feck deiiv'rancc there. 

P 8 A L M XJLVill. 

Ver. I- 8. 

^he Church k the Hcn-iur and Safety of a J^a- 
1 r> REAT is the Lerd our God, 
^^ Aiid let his praife be great ; 
iie makes his ciiurclies his abode, 
HJ^nioa deliclitful frat. 

Ver. 2C 14, 

tbt S^^Kiy of the Church : Or, CoJj)el fVar- 
fcip and Order, 

1 T^AR as thy name is known 

X The v/orld declares thy praife ! 
Thy faints, O Lord, before thy throne, 
Their fongs of ly^nour raife, 

2 With joy let Jv.iuh ftand 
On Sioiis chofen hill, 

Proclaim the wonders of thy handj 
And counJels oi thy will. 

3 Let Grangers walk around^ 
The city where we dw-ell, 

Compafs and view thine holy ground,. 
And mark the building well* 

4 The orders of thy houfe. 
The worlhip of thy cooirt^ 

The c'neerful fongs, the folemn vows. 

And make a fair report. 
5 How decent and how wife \ 

H(nv glorioui to behold ! 
Beyond the pomp that charms the eyes, 

Aad rites adorn'd with gold. 


P S A I. M 


6 The God we worfliip now 

Will guide us 'till we di.;, 

Will be our God while here below, 

And ours above the iky. 


Ver. 6. 14. 

Pride and Death ; or, the Var.liy pf Life and 

I "\X7'^Y doth the man of riches grow 
VV To infolcncc and pride, 
To fee his wealth and honours flow 
V/ith every riaug tide ? 

* [Why doth he treat the poor with fcorn 
Mnde of the fcU'-iame clay, 
And boaft as though his.flclli was born 
Of better dull than they ?] 

3 Not all his treafurc can procure 

His foul a fliort reprieve, 
E-edeem from death one guilty hour, 
Or make his brother live. 

4 [Life is a blefiing can't be fold. 

The racfom is too hi^h ; 
Juflice v.'ill ne'er be brib'd with gold, 
That man may never die.] 

5 He fees the brutifli and the wife, 

The tim'rous and the brave, 
Quit their poffcflions, clofc their eyes, 
And haften to the grave. 

6 Yet 'tis his inward thought and pride, 

" My houfe fliall ever ftand : 
" And that my name may long abide, 
" I'll give it to my land." 

7 Vain are his thoughts, his hopes are loft, 

How foon his mem'ry dies i 

His name is written in the duft, 

Wlicre his own carcafs ijcs. 


% This is the folly of their v.-ay ; 
And yet their fons as vain. 
Approve tlie words their futlicrs fay, 
-'\nd acl their works again. 

9 Men void of v/ifdom and of grace, 
\i honour^aifc them high, 
Live like the beaft, a thoughtlcfs race. 
And like the beaft, they die. 

xo [Laid in the grave like filly flicep. 
Death fccd-3 upon them tiierc, 

'Till the laft trumpet breaks their iJecp, 
In terrour and defpair.] 


Vcr. 14, 15- 

Death and the Rcfur reel ion. 

1 "VTE fons of pride that hate the juft, 

X And trample on the poor, 
When death has bro't you down to duft, 
Your pomp fliall rife no more. 

2 The Lift great day fliall change the fccnc ; 

When will that hour appear ? 
When fliall the juft revive, and reiga 
O'er all that fcorn'd them here .' 

3 God will my naked foul receive. 

When fcp'ratc from the flefli ; 
And break the prifon of the grave, 
To raife my bones afrefii. 

4 Heav'n is my cverb.fting home, 

Th' inheritance is fure ; 
I>et men of prid-- their rage rel'umc, 
But I'll repine no more. 


The rich Sinner s Deatby and the Saint^s Rtf- 
vrreSiion. - 

I "XTri^Y do the proud infult the poor, 
VV And boaft the large eftates they 
How vain arc riches to fecure [have \ 
Their haughty owners from the grave. 

Z They can't redeem one hour from death 
With all the wealth in which they truft ; 
Nor give a dying brother breath. 
When God commands him down to duft. 

3 There the dark earth and difmal fliadc 
Shall clafp their naked bodies round : 
That flefli fo delicately fed, 

Lies cold, and moulders in the ground. 

4 Like thoughtlefs ftieep the finner dies, 
I^aid in the grave for v. orms to cat ! 
The faints fliall in the morning rife, 
And find the oppreflbr at their feet. 

5 His honours perifli in the duft. 

And pomp and beauty, birth and blood ; 
That glorious day exults the juft 
To full dominion o'er the proud. 

6 My Saviour fliall my life reftore, 
And raife me from my dark abode ; 
My flcfli and foul fliall part no more 
But dwell fwr ever near mv God. 




Ver. I 6. I 

r^f Idjl Judgment ; or, tbt Saints reiuaried. 

L M L. 



rniRB PART. 
Ver. I, 5, 8, i6, 21, 22. 

The judgment of Hypocrites. 
TT 7 HEN Chriji to judgment fliall defcend 


And faints furround their Lord, 
HE Lord, the Jiidge,before hia throne, He caUs the nations to attend, 

Bids the whole earth draw nigh 
The nations near the rifing fun, 
And ne^tr the wefiern fky. 

No more fliali bold blafphemcrs fay, 
" Judgment will ne'er begin ;" 

No more abufe his long delay, 
To impudence and fin. 

3 Thron'd on a cloud our God fliali come 

Bright flames prepare his way, 
Thunder and darknefs, fire and ftorm, 
Lead on the dreadful day. 

4 Heav'n from above his call fhall hear, 

A.ttending angels come ; 
And earth and hcil fliali know and fear 
His juftice and their doom. 

5 " But gather all my faints (he cries) 
" That made their peace with God 
" By the Redeemer's facrifice, 

*' And feal'd it with his blood. 

6 " Their faith and works brought forth to 
" Shall make the world confefs flight 
" ATy fentence of reward is right, 
" And heav'n adore my grace." 

Ver. 10, II, 14, I J, 2$. 

Obedience is better than Sacrif.cs. 
I'rpHUS faith the Lord, "the fpacious 

" Otr all the cattle of the hills 
" i claim a right divine. 

a " I a£(C no flicep for facrifice, 

" Nor bullocks burnt witai fire ; 
" To hope and love, to pray and priufe, 
" Is all that I require. 

3 " Call upon me when trouble's near, 

"My hand ihall fet thee free ; 
'• Then fliali thy thankful lips declare 
" The honour due to me. 

4 " The man that ofFcrs humble praife, 

" He glorifies me beft : 
" And thofe that tread my holy -/, ays, 
" Shall my falvution tafte." 

And hear his awful word. 

% " Not for the want of bullocks flain, 
" Will I the world reprove ; 
" Altars and rites, and forms are vain, 
" Without the fire of love. 

3 " And what have hypocrites to do, 

" To bring their facrifice ? 
" They call my flatutesjufl and true, 
" But deal in theft and lies. 

4 " Could you expert to 'fcape my fight, 

" And fin without control \ 
" But I fliall bring your crimes to light, 
" With anguiili in your foul." 

5 Confider ye that flight the Lord, 

Before his wrath appear ; 
If once vou fall beneath his fword, 
There's no deliv'rer there. 


Hypocricy »i<j'of:d. 

i"! HE Lord thejudgc his churches warm , 
-*■ Let hypocrites attend and fear. 
Who place their hope in rights and forms; 
But make not faith nor love their care. 

2 Vile wretches dare rchcarfe his naine 
With lips of fal/liood and deceit ; 
A friend or brothc r they defame, 
And footh and flatter thofe they hate. 

-jThey watch to do their neighbours wrong, 
And flocks and herds are mine, [fields " Yet dare to feck their maker's face : 

They take his cov'nant on tlieir tongue, 
But break his laws, abufe his grace. 

4 To heav'n they lift their hands unclean, 
Dciil'd with lufi-, defii'd with blood ; 
By night they praclife ev'ry fin, 

Ey day their mouths dia%\^ near to God. 

5 And vv liile his judgments long delay, 
They grow fccurc and fin the more ; 
I'hey thinJi he ileeps as well as tlicy, 
And put fjir cfTthe dreadful hour. 

6 O dreadful hour, \»hcn God draws near, 
And fcts their crimes before their eyes 
His wrath their guilty fculs <\vA\ tear, 
And no d-;Iiv'i y dare to rife. 




The laf^ JuJ^ment. 
inpHE ].ord, the fov'reign, fends his 
1. fumnrjon^ forth, [north ; 

Xp.IIs the foath nations, and awaV-cs the 
From cait to weft the loiindiug orders 
fprcad [dead ; 

Thro' diftant worlds and regions of the 
No more fliall Athdfls mock his Ion* de- 
lay ; [tbeday I 
His vengeance fleeps no more : Bclioid 

a Behold the Judge defcends ; his guards 
are nigh, [fky ; 

Tcmpcft and fire attend him down the 

Hcav'n, earth, and hell draw near ; let all 
things come 

To hear his juftlce, and the fmners doom ; 

Eut gather iirft my faints (the Judge com- 
mands) [hmds. 

Bring them, ye angels, from their diriant 

3 Behold my covenant ftands forever good, 
SeaJ'd by th' eternal facrifice in blood, 
And fign'd with all their names; — the 

Greek, the Jciv^ 

That paid the nnc!entworfiiip,or the new; 

•I'here's no diftin^fiion here ; come, fpread 

their thrones, [fone., 

And near me feat my fav'rltes and my 

4 1 their almighty Saviour and their God, 
I am their Judge : Ye heav'r.s proclaim 

My '.iin eternal fentencc,r.nd<lcciare [hear; 
Thofe awful trutl^s that fmners dread to 
Sinners in Zioriy tremble and retire ; 
I doom the painted hypocrite to fire. 

5 Not for the want of goats orbuUocks flain 
Bo I condemn thee; bulls and goats are vain 
Without the tlamcs of love : In vain the 

Of brutal off' rings that were mine before ; 
Mine are the tamer beads and iavagebreed, 
Flocksjhcrds, and fields, and forefts where 

they feed. 

C If I were hungrv', ti-ouk! I afk thee food? 
When did I ihirll, or drink thy bullock's 

blood ? 
Can Ibe flatter'd with thy cringing bows, 
Ti.y folemu chatt'rings, and fauraftic'ic 
vows ? [hold, 

Arc my eyes charm'd thy veftmentsto be- 
Ciiariiig ia^cms, and^aj' in woven gold ? 

7 Unthinking wrf tch ! hovv could ft thcu 

hope to ])leare 
A God, a Spirit, with fuch try? as thefc ? 
While, witii my grace and ftatutts on thy 

tongue, [wrong ; 

Thou lov'ft deceit, and doft thy brother 
In vain to pious forms thy zeal pretends^ 
Thieves and aduU'rers are thy chofea 


8 Silent I waited Af ilh long-fufTering love, 
But didrt thou hope that I fliould utcr re- 
prove ? [within, 

And cherlHi fuch an impious thought 
That God the righteous, would indulge 

thy Jiu ? 
Behold my terrours row ; my thunders 

ro:l, [foul. 

And thy own crimes aflright thy guilty 

9 Sinners aviakc betimes ; ye fools l^e wife J 
Awake before this dreadful morning rile; 
Change your vain thoughts, your crooked 

Niorks amend ; [friend : 

Fly to the Saviour, make the Judge your 
I-cft like a lion liis laO: vengeance tear 
Your trembling fouls, and no deiiv'rer 



The lajl Judgment. 

inPHE God of glory fends his fummcne 
X forth, [north ; 

Calls the fouth nations, and awakes the 
From eaft lo weft the fov'reign orders 
fpre-nd, [dead. 

Thro' diftant worlds and regions of the 
The trumpit founds ; Lcll tmnhlcs ; hccven re- 
joices ; [i>M<ff. 
L'ft up your biadsy ye faints,^ ivitb cheerful 

Z No more fliall Athcifts mock his long 

delay ; [day ; 

Kis vengeance fleeps no more ; behold the 

Behold the Judge defctud ; hib guards are 

nigh ; [^y* 

Tempcfts and fire attend him down the 

IVben God appears, all nature flail cilore him. 

While trcmh'.e. faints rejoice hefcre Lim, 

3 *' Heav'n, earth, and hell, draw nea: . — 

Let all things come 
" To hear my jufticc. aud tkc'; 
dooai ; 



" But gather firft my faints; (the Judge Eartii h tie Lord's : All nature Jhall adore 

commands) [lands."| bim ; [hifK. 

" Bring them, ye angels from their diftant While fmners tremhU^ faints rejoice befer: 

IVhen Cbrifi returns^ wake tvry theerful paf-\ 


And Jkdut^ ytfaintii, ha ecmes for yourfalvation. 

4 " Behold my covenant ftaftd* for ever 

** Seai'd by the eternal facrifice in blood, 

9 *' If I were hungry, would lafk thee food ? 

" When did I thirft, or drink thy bullock s 
blood ? [breed, 

" Mine are the tamer bead*, and favagc 
" Flocks, herds, and fields, and forella 
where they feed." 
And~fign'd~with aUtJieir names ;— the''^^^ '' *^'' ^°'<^^'> ^' '■'•'^" *^' ''*''"^' creation^ 
Greik, the Ji-.u, [ncvf."-^'"''"/"'"^*'*^ 'vengeance, and ike faints fahation. 

" That paid the ancient worfliip or the^ ^ , _ , , • , , . . 

, , , , . , . i^° " Can I be flatter d with thy cnnging 

7btrei't no diftinP.isn here, join all ycur voices,, bows fvows ? 

And raifeyourbcads ye faint: for beav\ rejoices, « Thy folemn chattVings and fantaftick 

Are my eyes charm'd thy veflments to 

5 " Here (faith thcLcrd) ye angels, fpread 
their thrones, [fons. 

behold, [gold V 

" Glaring in gems, and gay in wovea 

•* And near me f«at my fav'ntes and my:Q,^y, ,.^, y,,^,, ,y ^^,^,^^,^ „,y^,V j-j^.^-f^ 
« Come, my redcem'd, pofiefs the ]Oys Ca.nfcreen the guilty tvbsn his vengcarxs rifcs, 

prcpar'd [ward/'i 

'' Ere time began, 'tis your divine re- pause the fxond. 

Whin Chrtfi returns, ivaie e^^ry cheerful p<^f-\ 

fton ; [vatios. II " Unthinking wretch ! howcouldilthott 

hope to pleafe 

A God, a Spirit, with fuch toys as thefe ?' 

While with my grace and llatutes on thy 

tongue, [iher wrong." 

Thou Iot'iI deceit, and doft thy bro- 

6 " I 2m the Saviour, I th' almio^htv Gcd,-r>^ , . ^ , ? n , n r ' -- 

,^ , , , ,r ■. , ^ ' 7 • -jMl^fKcfii prosetds i bell trembles; bea-v n r<r- 


And fhottt, ye famis, be comes for y«ur fal 
PAUSE the frf. 

" I am the Judge : Ye heav'ns proclaim >^ ^ ■ .,^ , r 



,,_,,- , _ » , , \Lifi up youf beads, ye faints, 'uith chenful 

" My juft eternal fentence, and declare -^ -^ -* y j j ■> j 

"Thoi> awful truths, that fmners dread " In vain to pious forms thy zeal pre- 

^°^'^^^- tends; ' [friends t 

Ji^hen God appears, all nature fho.ll adore him :\ " Thieves and aduItVers are thy chofen 

While finners\remble, faints rejoice before hin!\ " V/hile the lalie flatt'rcr at my altar 

I waits, ^ [hates." 

7. " Stand forth, thou bold blafphemerandj " Kis harden'd foul divine inftrucSlioa 

P^'^f^o^' [ni^'gs ^ai" \G,disthe Jud^e cf hearts : No fair difgmfes 

« Now feel my wrath, nor call my threat- c^^y-.^^„^^ ih^gullty lohcn his -Vengeance rifs, 
'* Thou hypocrite, once dreft in faints at- 

*^^^' I r 3 " Silent I waited with lonff-fuiPring Icvc; 

" I doom, the painted hypocrite to fire." j .c g.^t ^i^ft jj^^^ ],op, tkat^I fiaouid ne'er 

fudgm-nt proceeds ; hell tranhles ; heavn re-\ reprove ? [within, 

j(jices ; [yoices^ " And cheriili fuch an impious thought 

Lift up your heads, ye faints, •with cheerf\d\ " That the Ali-Holy would indulge thy 

j fin ? 

8 " Not for the want of goats or bullocks ^^i*. Gad appears ; all nature joins t' adcre him : 
flaJn ly^k't^ifudgmciit proceeds, and firmer s fall before hitn. 

" Do I condemn thee, bulls and goats arej 

" Without the flames of love : In vain, 14 " Behold my terrours now ; my thun- 

the florc [fore."i ders roll, [fouf^f 

" Of brutal ofF'rings that were mine be- « And thy own crime* afTright thy guilty 




•* f^ovr, Wkc a licm, fhall my vcRgeance 

tear [near." 

"Thy bleedinrj heart, and no dvliv'rer 

^.ud^tncr.t cortcludes ; lell trcriclcj ; hcjv'n re 

joicn ; [x-c/i-v. 

I^'J^t up ycur hcijds, ye faints, iv:th cLwrJ'-jl 

n P I P II O N E M A. 

rj Sinncrs,awake betimes ; yc fools be wife ! 

Awake before this dreadful morning riic ; 

Change your vain thoujhts, your crook- 
ed vorks amend, [friciid : 

Fly to the Saviour, make the Judge your 
^hcnjoifiy ye faints, ivahe evry cheerful paff.on, 
When Chr'tfi returns, be comes for your fSlvation. 


A Penitent plead' ny for Par. hi. 

1 C HEW pity, Lord ; O Lord, forgive, 

Let a repenting; rebel live ; 

Are not thy mercies large and free ^ 
^lay not a fmner truft in thee ? 

t, My crimes are great, but can't furpafs 
The pov.cT aiid glory of thy grace : 
Great Ciod, tliv rature harh no bownd, 
So let thy pard'ning love be found. 

5 O wafli my foul frTm ev'ry fin. 

And make my guilty confcitnce clean : 

. Here on my heart the burden lies, 
And pafi offences pain mine eyes. 

4 My lips with fliani:^ mv fins confefs 
AgainC: thy law, a^ainfl thy grace : 
Lord, fliould ihv iudgmcnt grow fcvcre 

1 am coadcma'd, but thou art clear. 

5 Should fuddcn vengeance feize my breath. 
I mufl pronounce thee jaft in death : 
And if my foul were lent to hell, 
Thv righteous law approves it well. 

6 Yet fave a trembling finncf, I,ord, 
Whofr hope flillhov'ring round thy word, 
Would light on fome fwccr promife there, 
Some fure fupport agaixift: dcfpair. 

ft Soon as wc draw our infant breath, 
The feeds of fin grow up for death i 
Thy law demands a perfect heart ; 
But we're djfil'd in tv'ry part. 

3 [Great God, create my heart a-ncxr, 
And form my fpirit pure and true ; 
O make me wiie betimes to fpy 
My danger r.nd my rtmedy.] 

4 Behold, I fall before thy face; 
My only refuge is thy grace ; 

No outward forms can make me clean ; 
The leprofy lies deep within. 

5 No bleeding bird, nor bleeding beaft. 
Nor hy -Top branch, nor Iprinkling pricft. 
Nor running brook, nor flood, nor fca, 
Can wafli the difmal ftain away. 

6 j<f^s, my Gcd, thy blood alone 
Hath povv''r fuITicitnt to atone : 
Thy blood can make me white as fnow, 
No Jcwilli t^y-pcs could cleaufe me To. 

7 Wliileguihciifluibs and breaVismy peace. 
Nor ficih nor foul hath reft or eafe; 
Lord, let m.e hear thy pard'ning voice, 
And make my broken bones rejoice. 


Original and affual Sim anf-ff:.!. 

% T ORD, I am vile, ccnceiv'd in fiu ; 
JLi And born unholy and unclean ; 
■Sprung from the man whofj guilty fail 
Csrrupts the race, ajad taiut* lu *il. 


'T/je rrfored: Or, Repentance and 
P^itb in the blood of CHRIST. 

I /^ TllOUthathcar'ftwhenfmrerscrr, 
\^ Tho' all my crimes before thee lie. 
Behold them not with angry look, 

iEut blet their mem'ry from thy book. 
2 Create my rature pure within, 
And form n-iy foul averfe to fin ; 
Let thv good Spirit ne'er d'jpart. 
Nor hide thy prcfcncc from my heart. 

3 I cannot livr v,-ithout thy light, 

Caft out and banifh'd from thy fight ; 
Thine holy jtiys, ray God,reftoie, 
And gurad me that I fall no more. 

4 Though I have griev'd thy Spirit, Lord, 
Thy help and comfort ftill aflbrd : 
And let a wretch come near thy tlirone 
To pltiid the merits of thy Son. 

5 A broken heart, my God, my King, 
Is ail the facriSce I bring; 

The God of grace will ne'er defpiTc 
. A brokca heart for iacrificc. 



'y foul lies humbled in the duft, 
. uid owns thy dreadful fentence jufl ; 
Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye, 
And fave the foul conclcran'd tc die. 

I 7 Then will I'tcjich the world thy ways ; 
I Sinners fliali learn thy fov'reign grace ; 
I I'll lead them to my Saviour's bleed, 
1^ And they (hall praife a pard'ning God. 

O may thy love inlpifre ray tongue ! 
S.dvrition thall be all my fr-ng ; 
And all my pow'rs fliaH joui to blcfs 
The Lord,my ftrength and ri^hteoufnefs. 

Gr.'^iftat a.nd a^iual S:/'. confcjj'id a>ii: pardoned. 

1 y ORD, I -vould fpread my fore diflircfs 
X-i And gnilt before thine eyes : 

A^ainft thy i nvs, a;;,ain{l: tl.y grace, 
Mow high my crimen arift ! 
i Shouldft thou condemn my foul to helK 
And crulli my ilefli to clufl, [well 

He.iv'n would rpprove thy vengeance 
And earth mufi own it juit. 

3 I from the ftock of Adam came, 

L'nholy and unclean ; 

Al! my original is flirme, 

And ail my nature fin. 

4 Born in a v/orld of guilt, I drew 

Cont.igior with u\y breath -; 
And as my days aUvancM, i grew 
A juilcr prey for death. 

5 Cleanfe me, O Lord, and cheer my foul 

With thy forgiving love ; 
O make my broken fpirit whole. 
And bid my piiias remove.. 

:t not thy fpirit quite depart. 
Nor drive iV2e from thy face ; 
Create anew i;iy vicious litart. 
And nil it with thy grace. 

Then will I make thy mercy known 

Before the Ions of men ; 
Eacicfiidcrs fliall addrefs thy throne. 

And tuni to God ■A"?^n. 

6 J. 


Ver. 14 17. 

Rsp:r; and Faith in ths Bhcd 0^^ CHRIST. 
I {~\ GOD of mercy, hear my call, 
V^ My loads of guilt remove ; 
Break down this feparating wall 
That bars mc from thv love. ' 

2, Give me the prefer ce of thy grace. 
Then my rcjoicina; tongue 
Shall fpeak aloud thy ri^hteoufnefs, 
And make thy praife my fong. 

T, No blood of goats, nor heifer flain, 
For Hn could e'er atone ; 
The death of C!.r!j} £l:a!l {lill remain 
SufHcient and alone. 

4 A foul opprcfi with fin's defert, 
My God will ne'er defpife : 
A humble groan, a broken heart. 
Is our beil iacrifice. 


Ver. 4 6. 

Vlci'.ry and Deliverance from Ftrfccut'ua^ 

I A RE .-II the foes of Sion focls, 
-Ljx. V/ho thus devour her faints ? 
Do they not kncv.' her Saviour rules, 
And pities litr co-riplaints ? 
a They Ihaii be ftiz'd with fad furprife \ 
lor God's revenging arm 
Scattex-s the bones of tuem that rife 
To do his ciiildren harm. 

3 In vain the fons of Satan bouH; 

Of armies in. arr^y ; 
Wiitn God has £r(t'defpis'd their hc:1;. 
They iaii i^n ealy prey. 

4 O for a word fromSicKs King, 

Her captives to reiiore ! 
yucc6 witti all the tribes ihall fing. 
And "Judah weep no mere. 


Ver, \, 8, 16, 17, 18, 22. 

C O'M M O N M E T R E. 

Si!Uj:ort fa- ihi cfjlldci and tcvrpted Soul. 

I /~\ GOD, my refuge, hear my cries, 
v-^ Beheld my flowing tears, 
Eor earth and hell my hurt devifc, 
And triumph ii» niy fears. 

% Their rage is level'd at my life, 
yiy foul with guilt they load. 
And £11 my thoughts with inward faifc, 
To fuake rny hope in God. 

3 With inward pain my heart-firings found, 
I groan with cv'ry breath ; 



Horrour and fear hefct me round 
Amongft tht; fliadts of death. 

4 O were I like a feather'd dove. 

And innocence had Avinc^s ; 

I'd fly, and make a long remove 

From all thcfe rcillefs things. 

5 Let me to fome wild dcfert go, 

And find a peaceful home, 
Where florms of malice never blow, 
Temptations never come. 

6 Vain hopes, and vain inventions all, 

To 'fcape the rage of hell ! 
The mighty-God on whom I call, 
Can favc me here as well. 


1 By morning light Til feek his face. 
At noon my cry, 
The night fliall hear me a{k his grace, 
Nor will he long deny. 

S God fliall prtferve my foul from fear, 

Or flncld me when afraid ; 
Ten thoufand angels muft appear 

If he command their aid. 
I Icafl my burdens on the I.ord, 

The Lord fuflains them all ; 
My courage refts upon his word, 

That riioiB fliall never fall. 

10 My h'ghcft hopes fliall not be vain, 
My lips fliall fpread his praife j 
"VMille cruel and dec< Itful men, 
£carce live out half their days. 

Vcr. 15, 16, 17, 19, 22. 

Dangerous Ttofpcrity : Or, Daily Divzih 
I T ET finners take their courfe, 
X-i And chufe the road to death ; 
Eut in the worlhip of my God 
I'll fpcnd my daily breath. 

a Mv thoughts addrcfs his throne 
When morning brings th::]ight ; 
I feek his blcfTir.g ev'ry noon. 
And pay my vows at ni^ht. 

3 Thou wilt regard my cries, 
O my eternal God, 

V'hile finners perifn in furpvifc 
Beneath thine angry rod. 

4 Eccaufc they dwell at cafe. 
Aad no fad chances feel, 

They neither fear nor truft thy name. 
Nor learn to do thy wilL 

5 But I with all my cares. 
Will lean upon the Lord, 

ril cafl my burdens on his arm. 
And rcfl upon his word. 

6 His arm fhall well fuflain 
The children of lils love ; 

The ground on which their f.«fcty ftands, 
No earthly pow'r can move. 



^sliverance from QppreJJion and Fjljhood : Or, 
cod's Cjre of b'n Feople^ in Anfivtr tt 
Faith an J Prayer. 

OTIiOU,whofejufHce reigns on high, 
And makes th' opprefTor ceafe, 
Echold how envious finners try 
To vex and break my peace. 

The fons of v.'oleHce and lies, 

Join- to devour me, Lord ; 
But as my hourly dangers rile, 

My refuge is tiiy word. 

In God mofl holy, juft, and true, 

I have repos'd my trufl ; 
Ncr will I fear what flefli can do. 

The cflipring of the dufl. 

They wrcft my words to mlfchif f ftiU 
Charge mc with unknown faults ; 

Mifchicf doth all their counfels fill. 
And malice all their thoughts. 

Shall they efcape without thv frown ? 

Muft their devices ftand ; 
O caft the haughty iinner down. 

And let him know thy hand. 

God counts the forrows of his faints, 
Their groans aflc(5l his cars ; 

Thou haft a book for my complaints, 
A bottle for mv tears. 

When to thy throne I raifemy cry, 
'I he wicked fear and flee ; 

Sofwift is prayer to reach the ikv, 
fc>o near is God to me. 

la thre, mofl holy, juft and true, 

I have repos'd my truft ; 
Ncr will ) fear what man can doj 

'V\.z ofl':j)r;ng gl tiir duft 


9 Thy lolcmn vcvs are on nie, Lord, 

Thou ilialt receive my praife ; 

I'll fmg, " How falthful'is thy word ; 

" How righteous all thy ways." 

10 Thcu hadfecur'dmy foul from death, 

O fet a pris'ner irce ! 
That heart and hand,and life aiid breath 
Mr^y be einploy'd for thee. 



Praifd for Proitfi'on^ Grace and Truth. 

I 1\ /T'^" God, in whcm are all the fprings 
XvX Of boundlcis love, and grace un- 
Hide rr.e bcneitth thy fprc-iding wings 
'Till the dark cloud is overblown. 

i Up to the heav'ns i fend my ciry, 
Tiie Lord will my de.lrcs perform ; 
He feuds his angels from the fkv, 
Andfavesme from the threat'n'ng ftorm. 

3 3e thou exalted, O my Gx)d, 

Above the heav'ns where an^^els dwell ; 
Thy pow'r tn earth be known ubroad, 
And land to land thy wonders teil, 

4 My heart is fix'd ; my fong fnall raife 
Lnmcrta-l honours to thy name ; 
Awake, my tongue, to found his praife 
My tongue, the j^lory of my frame. 

5 High o'er the earth his merer ncigns, 
And reaches to the iTtmoft iky ; 

His truth to ^^ndlefs years remains, 
When lowtr worlds diuoive and die. 

6 Be thou exalted, O my God 
Above the heav'ns whtre t 
Thy pow'r on earth be knc 
And land to land thv wonders tell 

z Have ye forgot, or never knew, 
That God will judge the judges too ? 

High in the heav'ns his juftice reigns % 
Yet you invade the rights of God, 
And fend your bold decrees abroad, 

To bind the confcicnce in your chains, 

5 A poifon'd arrow is your tongue, 
The arrow fliarp, the poifon ftrong, 

And death attends where'er it wounds : 
You hear no counfels, cries nor tear* ; 
So th€ deaf adder flops her ears 

Againii the pow'r of charming fouads. 

4 Ere^.k out their teeth, eternal God, 
1 hofe teeth of lions dy'd in blood ; 

And crufli the ferpcnts in the do ft ; 
As empty chaff, when whirlwinds rife. 
Before the fweeping tempeft flies. 

So let their hopes and names be loft. 

5 Th' Almighty thunders from the fky. 
Their grandeur melts, their titles die. 

As hills of fnow -diliblvc find run. 
Or fnails that perifli in their fiime. 
Or births that come before their time, 

Vala births that never fee the fun. 

6 Thus fl^all the vengeance of the Lord 
Safety and joy to faints afFord ; 

And all that hear fliali join and fay, 
" Sure tiierc's a God that ri-les on high, 
" A God that licars his children cry, 

" And will their fuff 'rings well repay.' 



Ver. I, — —5. ic 12. 

3// a D::y cf HumiUation for Difabpozntnient^ 
in War. 

Above the neavns wht re atvrtls a-^ojl : -». ^^t>. y n. > r .1 .• /r 

'T'K^r ^„„ '^ .11^ 1 J i T 03.D, haft thou caft the nation ofT, 

i by pow r on earth be Known abroad, fi ,.'<-, , , '- 

' A.J Muft we forever mourn ? 

Will tl.ou indvilge immortal wrath \ 

Shall mercy ne'er fctux'n ? 

1 The terrour of one frown of thine, 
MeUs all our ftrcngth away ; 
I^ike men thnt totter, drunk with wlaej 
V»''c tremble in difmay. 

Ovr Sion tre^tdiUs at i':y ftroke. 


P A p. T I C U L A R M E T R E> 

Warning to J^IugiJ} rates. 

I TUTGES, who rule the world by laws, ,^ u. ^ j j 1 ^i rr. j l j / 
1 -.T-n j-j- T I ^- 1.^ r I ^ And dreails tl'V ltjti:d hand ! 

J \V I 1 ye defpae thj righteous caufe, ; , ^^^^^ ^.^ - ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^,^ 

U hen til injur d poor befo. e you ftaads ?.. ., Andfuvcthlnnlin. landr 

Dire ve condemn the righteous poor, I •' j t^ 

And let rich finncrs Tcape fecure, [hands ? ' 4 Lift up a br.nncr in the field. 

While gold aad grcatncfs bribe your, for tkofc-taai fear thy naaie ; 

E 'a 



Save thy bclovtd with thy fliicld, 
And put our foes to fiiarac. 

5 Go with our armies to the %ht, 
Like a conft d'rate God ; 
Jn vain confcd'rate powers unite 
Agaiiift thy lifted rod. 

< Our troops fliall gain a wide renown 
By thine afiidinj; hand ; 
'Tis God that treads the mighty down, 
And makes the Icf ble ftand. 


Ver. 1 6. 

Safety in GoJ. 

1 ^XrHEN o'trwhclm'd with grief, 
VV My heart within me dies ; 
Ilclplefs and far from all relief. 
To htav'n I lift mine eyes. 

a O lead mc to the Rock 
That's liigh above my head, 
4.nd make the covert of thy wings 
My fhclfei: and my fliadc 

3 V/ithin thy prrfence, Lord, 
For ever I'll abide ; 

'J boa art the tow'r of my defence, 
The refuge where I hide. 

4 Thou giveA nft the lot 

Of thofe that fear thy name ; 
if cndlefs life be their reward, 
I fhall pofieis the fame. 


1 4 Make not encreafing gold your truft, 
Nor let your hcnrts on glitt'ring duft; 
Wliy wjll you grafp the fleeting fmokc. 
And not believe what God lus fpoke : 

5 Once has his awful voice declar'd. 
Once and again my ears have heard, 
"All power is his Ciernal due ; 

** He mnft be fcar'd and trufted too." 

6 For fov'rcign pow'r reigns not alone, 
Grace is a partner of the throne; 
Thy grace and juflicc, mighty Lord, 
Shr.ll well divide our laft reward. 


Ver. s 1 2- 

X^t irufi in the Creatures : Or, Faith in dlitine 
Grace and Poiver. 

I TV TY fpirit Icoks to God alone ; 

-LtX My rock and refuse is his throne ; 
In ail my fears, in all my ftraits, 
My foul on his falvation waits. 

7. Truft him, ye faints, in all your ways, 
Pour out your hearts before hJs face ; 
When helpers fail, and foes invade, 
God is our all-fufficient aid. 

5 Falfe are the men of high degree, 
The bafer fort are vanity ; 
Laid in the balance both appear 
light as a puff" of empty air. 


Ver. I, a, 5, 3, 4- 

Tbe flaming of a LORD's Day. 

I TT^ARLY, my God, without delay, 
-L» I hafte to feck thy face; 
My '•hirfty fpirit faints away 
"Without thy cheering grace. 

Z So pilgrims, on the fcorching fand, 
Sencath a burninn; fky. 
Long for a cooling ftream at hand, 
And they muft drink or die. 

3 I've fecn thy glory and thy pow'r 

Through all thy temple ftiine ; 
My God, repeat that heav'nly hour, 
That viliou fo divine. 

4 Not all the blcflings of a feaft 

Can plcafe my foul fo well, 

As when thy richer grace I taAc 

And in thy prefcQcedwelL 

5 Net life itfclf with all its )oy«. 

Can my beft paffions move ; 
Or raifc fo high my cheerful Toicc, 
As thy forgiving love. 

6 Thus 'till my lafl expiring day, 

I'll blcfs my God and King : 
Thus will I lif. my hands to pray. 
And tune my lips to ling. 


Midnight Thourhts rtcolkSied, 

I TTn^AS in the watches of the nigh: 
X I thought upon thy pow'r, 
I kept thy lovely face in fi;!»ht 
Amidit the darkcll hour. 




\ i My flcfli lay rcfting on my bed, 
My i'oul arofc on hi>^h : 
" My God, my life, ray hope, I faid, 
♦* Bring thy falvation nigij." - 

3 My fpirit labours up thine hill, 

And climbs the heav'niy road ; 
But thy right hand upholds me Ibll, 
While I purfue my God. 

4 Thy mercy ftretche*; o'er my head 

The iLadow of thy wing-^ ; 
My heart rejoices in thine aid, 
J;Iy tongue awakes and hags. 

5 But the deflroyers of my peace 

Shall fret and rage in vain : 
The tempter fhall for ever ccafe, 
And all my fins '*e flain. 

6 Thy fword fhall give my foes to death; 

And fend them down to dwell 
In the dark caverns of the earth. 
Or to the depths of hell. 

Lsnging afUr GOD ; Or, the Love cf GOD b<itter 

than Life. 
X f^KZAT God, indulge my humble 
V-T • claim, 

Thou art my hope, my joy, my reft ; 
The glories that compofe thy name 
Stand all engag'd to make me bleft. 

\ % Thou great and good, thou juft and wife, 
Thou art my Father and my God ; 
And I am thine by facred ties : 
Thy fou, thy fervant, bought with blood 

3 With heart and eyes, and lifte4 hands, 
For thee I long, to thee I look, 
As travellers in thirflv lands 
Pant for the cooling water-brook. 

A With early feet ! love t' appear 
Among thy faints, and feck thy face ; 
Oft have I feen thy glory there, 
And felt the pow'r of foy'rcign grace. 

5 Not fruits, nor wines that tempt ourtafte, 
Nor all the joys our fenfes know, 
Could make; \az fo divinely bleft. 

Or raife my cheerful paflion fo. 

6 My life itfelf, without thy love 
No tafte of plcafure could afford ; 

['. 'Twould but a tircfomc burden provC; 
■■r If I were banifli'd from the Lord. 
i 7 Amidfc the v/akeful hours of night, 
^; When bufy cares aflliv5l my head, 

One thought of thee gives ntw delight ; 
And adds refrcfliment to my bed. 

8 I'll lift my hands, I'll raife my voice, 
While I have breath to pray or praife ; 
This work .fhall make my heart rejoice, 
And fpend the remnant of my days. 


Seeking COD. 
I IMfY God, permit my tongue 
i-VA This joy to call thee mine ; 
And let my early cries prevail 
To tafte thy love divine. 

a My thirfty fainting foul 
Thy rnercy does implore : 
Not travellers in defert lands 
Can pant for water more. 

3 V/'ithIn thy churches, Lord, 
I Icon to find my place, 

Thy pow'r and glory to behold. 
And feel thy quick'ning grace. 

4 For life without thy love 
No rclifh can afford ; 

No joy can be compar'd with this. 
To fcrve and pleafe the Lord. 

5 To tHee Til lift rny hards. 
And praife thee while I live ; 

Not the rich dainties of a feaft 
Such food or pleafure give. 

6 In wakeful hours of night, 
I call my God to mind : 

think how wife thy counfels are, 
And all thy dealings kind. 

7 Since thou haft been my help. 
To thee my fpirit flies, 

And on thy watchful providence 
My cheerful hope relies. 

8 The fliadow of thy wings 
My foul in fafety keeps : 

I follow where my Father leads* 
And he fupports my fteps. 



Ver. I 5 

Public Prayer and Praife. 

THE praife of Sion waits for thcc, 
My God ; and praife becomes thy 
There fhall thy faints thy glory fec,[hou fe, 
Aud there perform their public vow*. 



3 O thpu, whofc mercy bends the ikics, 
To favc when humble f;nners prny. 
All lin'-s to thcc flvall lift their eyes, 
And iUanus of the Northern fca. 

3 Agninft my wl^U thy fins prevail, 

But grace ihall purge away their ftain 
The blood of Cbrlft will never fail 
To watli my garments white again. 

4 Ek(l i? the man whom thou flialt choofc 
And give him kind accefs to thee ; 
Give him a place within thy houfe, 

To tafte thy love divinely free. 

P A U S E. 

J Let Baial fear vrhen Sicn prays ; 
-ffa/i./prt-pare for long dii^rcfs, 
"Whcn^'.jw'j God himfelf arrays 
In terror and in rightcoufaefs. 

() With dreadful glory God fulfils 
What his alllicled faints reqri.ft; 
And with alcni^^hty wrath reveals 
His love to give his churches reft. 

7 Then fliall the flocking n?.tions run. 
To Sions hill, and owr thnr Lord ; 
The rifing and the f» '.ting fun, 
Shall fee the Saviour's name ador'd. 


Ver. J-— 13. 

Divine ProviJenct in Air, Earth and Sec ; or 

the COD of Nature and Grate. 

I nPHE God of our falvation hears 
X TJie groans of Sio>i mix'd with tears, 
Yet when he comer, with kind defigns, 
Through all the way his terrour (Lines. 

s On hira the race of man depends, 
Far as the earth's renioteil ends, 
AVhere the Creator's name is kiiownj 
By Nature's feeble light alone. 

3 Sailors tliat travel o'er the flood, 
Addrefs their 'frighted fouls to G:.d : 
When tempefl'; r?.^e, 3nd bill ov. s roar. 
At dreadful diftance from the fhore. 

4 Pie bids the noify tempeft ccafe. 
He calm? the raging croud to peace ; 
When a tumultuous nation raves, 
Wild as the winds, and loud as waves. 

5 Whole kingdoms Hiaken by the Qorm, 
He fettles iu y, neaccful form ; 

Mountains eftablilL'd by his hanti', 
Firm on their old foundation iVaud. 

6 Behold his enfigns fwcep the iky. 
New iromets blaze, and lightnings fly; 
The heathen lands with Iwift furprize, 
From the bright horrors turn tlicir eyes.' 

7 At his command the morning ray 
Smiles in the eaft, and leads the day ; 
He guides the fun's declining wheels, 
Over the tops of wtftcrn hills. 

8 Seafons and times obey his vo'ce, 
The cv'ning and the morn rejoice. 
To fee the earth made io:-. with ihow'ri. 
Laden with fruit, and drefs'd iu flow'ri. 

'Tis from his wat'ry ftores on high. 
He gives the thirfty ground fupply ; 
He walks upon the clouds, and thence 
Doth his enriching drops difpenfc. 

10 The dcfart grows a fruitfi:! field, 
Abundant food the rallies yield ; 
The vallies fliout Avith chccrfrd voice. 
And neighb'ring hills repeat their joys. 

11 The paflurcs fmile in green array ; 
There lambs and Larger cattle play ; 
The larger cattle sndthe lamb, 

Each in his language, fpcaks rhy name- 

12 Thy works pronounce thy pow'r divine; 
O'er ev'py field tiiy glories (Ijine ; 
Through cv'ry month thy gifts appear; 
Great God ! thv^oodnefs crowns thevear. 


A Praser Hearing COD, and thi Gevtiles tailtd^ 

I T)RAISE v.-aits in Sion, Lord, for thee, 
JT Thei-e {liall our vows be paid ; 
Thou haft an ear when linners pray, 
All flclh fnall feek thine aid. 

% Lord, our iniquities prevail. 
But pard'ning grace is thine. 
And thou wilt grant us powV acd ikill 
To conquer cv'ry fin. 

3 Bleft are the men whom thou wilt choofc, 
To bring them near thy face, 
Give them a dwelling in thine hou:e, 
To feaft upon thy grace. 

; In anfw'ring what thy church requefts, 
T'ny truth and terrour iliine, 
And worki of d-eadful rIghtcour.i''i3 
r"u'ul thy kini deiigu. 




fuis fhall the -wonc'ring nations fee 
The Lord is good and jull ; 
And d:fl:ant iflands fly to thee, 
And make thy name their trufl. 

t 7 hey dread thy giittVing tokens, Lord, 
When ijgns in heav'n appear ; 
But they fliall learn thy holy word, 
And love as well as fear. 


The Providence of god, in Airy Earth and Sea 

or, the of Rain, 

The meadows drefs'd in all their pride, 
Perfume the air v.-ith flo'.v'rs. 

I5 The barren clods refrefli'd with rain, 
Promife a joyful crop ; 
The parched grounds look green again, 
And raifc the reaper's hope. 

6 The various months thy goodncfscrowns, 
How bounteous are thy ways ! 
The bleating flocks fpread o'er the dcwiu 
And flicpherds fliout thy praife. 


1 'T'l'^ by thy (trength the mountains' COMMON METRE. PIRST PART. 
Jl God of eternal pow r ; [Itand, 

Governing Poiver and Goodnefs ; or our Gract 

The fea grows calm at thy command 
And tempcfts ceafe to roar. 

2 The morning light and ev'ning fliade 

SuccefGve comforts bring ; 
Thy plentecus fruits make harvefb glad, 
Thy ilow'rs adorn the fpring. 

3 Seafons and times, and moons and hours, 

Heav'n, eartli and air are thine ; 
When clouds diftii in fruitful fltow'rs. 
The author is divine. 

4 Thofe wand'ring cifterns in the iky, 

Borne by the winds around, 
With wat'ry treafares well fapply 
The furrows of the ground. 

i 5 The thirfty ridges drink their fill, 
^ And ranks of corn appear ; 

Thy ways abound with bkfiings flill, 
Thy goodatfs crowns the year. 


Thi Blejftiigi of the Spring ; cr, GOD gives 


A Ffihn fur tLn 

I /^ OOD is the Lord, the heav'nly kiug^ 
V_T Who makes the earth his cure, 
Vilits the paftures ev'ry fpring. 
And bids the grafs appear. 

% The clouds, like rivers rais'd on high, 
Pour out, at hi* command, 
Their wat'ry bledings from the Iky, 
To cheer tbe thiri^y land. 

3 The foften'd ridges of the field the corn to fpring ; 
Theviliies rich pro\iuon yield, 
, And the poor iab'rers fing. 

I4 The little hills on ev'ry fide, 
Rejoice at falling lliow'rs, 

tried by Affiiaions, 

I O ING all ye nations to the Lord, 
O Sing with a joyful noife ; 
With melody of found record 
His honours, and your joys. 

^ Say to the powV that fliakes the flcv, 
" How terrible art thou I 
" Sinners before thy prefence fly, 
" Or at thy feet they bow." 

3 [Come fee the xvonders of our God, 

How glorious arc his ways ! 
In Mofes' hand he puts his rod, 
And cleares the frighted feas. 

4 He made the ebbing channel dry, 

While Jfrael pafs'd the flood ; 
There aid the' church begin their joy, 
And triumph in their Gcd.] 

5 He rules by his refiaiefs migut ; 

Will rebel mortals dare 
Provoke th' Eternal to the h'ght. 
And tempt that dreadful war ? 

6 O blcfs our God, and never ceafe, 

\ e faints, fulfil his praife • 
He keeps our life, maintains our peace, 
And guides our doubtful ways. 

7 -Lord.thou haA prov'dourfuff'rino fouJs, 

i o make our graces ihine ; 
So liiver bears the burnin^^ coals, 
1 he metal to refiue. 

8 Through wat'ry deeps and fiery ways, 

We march at thy command. 
Led to poiiels the promis'd place. 
By thine unerring hand- 




Ver. 13 -20. 

Pra'sfs to GOD fvr bearing Prayer. 

1 "VTOW fliall my folemn vows be pait 
A.N T(5 th-it almighty pow'r, 
Thr.t heard the long rcqucils I made 
In my diftrcfsful hour. 

a My lips and cheerf;:! heart prepare 
To make bis mercies l;nown ; 
Cone ye thrt fear my God, and hear 
The wonders he has doue. 

.3 When on my head huge forrows fell, 
I fought his hc.iv'nly ?.id ; 
He (.wW mv fjiikino; foul from hell, 
And death's eternal lliade. 

4 Tf fin Tay covcr'd in my heart, 

Wnile prny'r cmplov'd my tongue, 
The Lord had fhev\ii mc no repaid, 
Nirl his pr.iiiles fung. 

5 [But God, his name be ever bltfl:, fct my fnirit free ; 
Nor turn'd from him my poor requcil, 
Nor turned his heart from me.] 



TL'i jVaiJc^rs Fro/perih, cud the Ciurcl's 

\ Q HINE, mighty God, on " SlW' flilne' 
^ J With beams of h.eav'n!y grace ; 
Reveal thy pow'r through ali thy co;ifts, 
And m>t\\- thy fmiting lace. 

2 [Amidft our « reaJm" exalted hijh^ 

Do thcu our glory fbctnd, 
Aiidlike a v/all of guardian fire, 
Surround the favVitc land.] 

3 W^hen fliall thy name from iliore to fliopc 

Sound tne earth abroad, 
"'^'^f^/ii't^'^nt uationo know and love 
Their Saviour and tiieir God ? 

4 Sing to the Lord, ye diftant lands, 

fcii'g loud with Iclemn voice ; 
" I-ct ev'ry" tongue exalt his pr.iife, 
Aqa evry heart rejoice. 

5 Ke the great Lord, the SovVcign Judge, 

Tiiat lits entlirou'd above, 
Wild/ coiamands the Avorlds he made. 
In j^ ?.nii i;i iove. 

6 Earth fhall obey her maker's tnijI, 

And yield a full increafc ; 
Our God *'ill crovn his chofen " land** 
With fruitfuintfs and p«ice. 

7 God the Redeemer £cattcrs round 

I^Iis ehoiceft favours her^. 
While the creation's utmoft bound 
Shall fee, adore and fear. 



Ver. I 6, Z%—aS' 

The arJ Cojnpajfion of COD. 

1 T ET God arifein all his might, 
_L_i And put the troops of hell to iTi . 
As fmoke that fought to cloud the ikics. 
Before the riiing tempeft flies. 

2 [lie comes array 'd in bu'rning flames, 
Juflice and vengeance are his names ; 
Behold His fainting foes expire 

Like mching ^zx before the fire] 

3 He rides and thunders through the : 
His nariic Jehovah founds on high ; 
Sing to his name, ysfons cf grace. 
Ye iaints rejoice before his face. 

.; The widow and the fatherlcfs 
Fly* to his aid in fi.'arp diftrefs ; - 
In' him the poor and ntlpkfs lir.d 
A judge that's juft, a father kind. 

5 He breaks the captive's heavy chain, 
Anci pns'ners ie^ ihe light again ; 
But TLbtis tl:ai diiputc iiis uul, 

bnali uwtllin chains and darkntfs Ai:L 

P A U 3 r, 

6 Kingdoms and thrones to Gcd beior; 
Crovv'K him ye nations in yoi.r i-^i.^ 
His wond'rcus names aiid pow'i. — 

hcarfc ; 
Hi§ honours lliall enrich your vcrfc. 

7 He flia'ces the heav'iis with loud alan.. 
How terrible ib God in anns ! 

In Ifrad arc hi5 mercies known, 

JJraei is his peculiar throne. ' 

8 Proclaim him king, pronounce him bleft, 
He's your dcttnce, your joy, your rclt ; 
When terrours rife ana nations taint, 
God is the ftrcngth of cv'ry ftuK. 

P S A L 





Ver. 17, 18. 

rCHRIST's Afcenfion and the G'ft of the Spirit. 

1 T ORD^l'henthoudidflafccnd onhig'; Vcr. i -14. 

Lu Ten thoufand angeis illl'd the iky ; q-f,^ ^fcrin^s of christ for our Sahativt. 

Thofe heav'niyi^uards around thee wait, * ,,. « , 

Like chariots that attend thy ftate. ^ " C AVE me,OLord,thefweliing floods 

O .'' Break in upon my foul : 

I fintc ; an J fofrows o'er my head, 
" Like mighty waters roll. 

* Not Sinats mountain could ?ppear | 

More glorious when the Lord was there ;^ 

While he Pronounc'd his dreadfullaw, • , ^ ,^.y^ ^11 aiy voice be gone. 

And flruek the chofcn tnbcs with a%yc. ^ „ j/,^^^.^ I ^^J^^ ,j,^ ^^^. ^ 
5 How bright the triumph none can tell, j " My God, behold my longing eyej, 

When the rebellious powVs of hell, 

That thoufand fouls had captive made, 

Were all in chains iike captives led. 

, 4 Rais'd by his Father to the throne, 
s He font the promis'd Spirit down, 
f With gifts and grace for rebel men, 
That God might dwell on earth again. 

VeT. 19, 9, 20, 21, 22. 

" And ihorten thy delay. 

3 « They hute my foul -without a caufc, 
" And ftiil their number grow* 

" Mere than the hsiirs around my hcadj 
" And mighty arf my foes. 

4 *' 'Twas then I paid that dreadful debt 
" That men could never pay, 

" And gave thofe honours to tiiy law 
" Which flnners took away." 

5 Thus, in the great M:Jp.ah"s name, 
The royal Prophet mourns ; 

Prafe for teK2boral Bhfjln^s ; or^ camrnon end ^^ixy^ ^^ awakes our hearts to grief, 

f^.irilual Mercies. I ^^^ ^-^.^5 ^g -^y by turns, 

i I'XTT'E blefs the Lord,the juft and good, ^ « y ,^y fj^^jl .j,. ^^i^.^ rejoice and 
\ Y y Who fillsourhearts wit/, joy & food,: u SAlvatlon in thv name: 

I Who pours his blcflings from the fk = es, j 
I And loads our days with rich fupplies. 

2 Kc fends the fun his circuit round, j 
To cheer the fruits. to warm, the ground ; 
He bids the clouds Avith plenleous fain 
Refrefh the thirfty earth again. 

3 'Tis to his care we ov/e our breath. 
And all our near efcapcs fiom death j 
Safety and health to God belong ; 

He helps the weak and guards the ftrcng. 

4 He makes die faint and fmner prove 
\ The common blcffings of his love ; 

But the wide dliTerence that remains, 
Is endlefs joys, or endlefs pains. 

■5 The Lord, that bruisM the ferpcnt's head, 
On all the Serpent's feed fliall tread ; 
The ftubborn tinner's hope confound, 
And iQiite him with a lathing wound. 

i But his right hand his faints fliall raife 
From the deep earrh, or deeper feas ; 
And bring thtm to Lis courts above. 
There iliall they tafte iiis fpeciai love. 

baivation in thy name; 
" For i have borne their heavy load 
" Of forrov/, pain and ihame. 

7 " Grief, like a garment cloth'd me rouiwU 

" And fachclcth was my drefs, 
" While I procur'd for naked foul* 
" A robe of righteoufnefs. 

8 " Amcngft my brethren and the Jeiost 

" I like a fcr anger ftood, 
« AiK! bore their vile reproach, to brrng 
" The Gentiles near to God. 

9 " I carne, in fmfal mortals flead, 

" To do my Father's will ; 
" Yet vv'hen I clcani'd my Father's houfe, 
" They fcandaliz'd my zeal. 

10 " Mv failing and my holy groans 

« V/ere made the drunkard's fong ; 
« But God, from his ccleftial throne, 
" Heard my ccmplainii^g tongue. 

11 « He fav'd me from the dreadful deep, 
'* Nor let my foul be drown'd : 

" He rais'dand fiic'd my finking feet 
" Qw ^Y€li eftabiiia'd ground. 




l» « *Twas m x m^ft accepted hour 

" My prayer arofe ou high ; 
" And for my fake my God fliall hear 
« The dying Cancr's cry." 


Ver. X5 ai, a6, 29, 3a. 

Tbe Pajfion and Exaltation «/ CHRIST. 
OW let our lips with holy f'^r 


Christ's Obedience and Death : Or, ODD ^i[«- 
rijied and Sinner* fu%>ed, 

I ■p ATHER, I ftng thy wond'rous grace, 
JL I blcfs my Saviour's name ; 
He bought faivation for the poor, 
And bore the linners fliame. 


And mournful pleafurc l 
The fuff'rings of our great High Prieft, 
The forrows of our King. 

» He finks in floods of deep dlflrefs ; 
How high the waters rife ! 
While to his heavenly Father's ear 
He fends perpetual cries. 

3 « Hear me; O Lord, and favcthy Son, 

" Nor hide thy Hiining face ; 
• Why fliouldtliy fav'ritc Inok like one 
" Forfaken of thy grace ? 

4 " With rage they per fecutc the man, 

" Ihat groans beneath thy wound, 
" While, for a facrifice, I pour 
*' My life upon the ground. 

J ♦' They tread my honour to the duft, 
" And laugh when I complrin ; 
«' Their fharp infuhing HAcdc/s add 
" Frefli anguifli to my pain. 

4 " All my reproach is knov/n to thee, 

" The fcandal and the fliame ; ^ 
** Reproach has broke m)>jlccding heart 
" And hes dcfil'd my name. 

7 " I look'd for pity but in vain ; 
*' My kindred are ray grief, 
•^ I a«k my friends for comfort round, 
" But meet with no relief. 

5 " With vinegar they mock my thirft, 

'* They give me gall for food ; 
** And fporting with my dying groans, 
" They triumph in my blood. 

9 " Shine into my diftrefitd foul, 

" Let tliy companion favc ; 
*' And iho' my flcfli fink down to death 
" Redeem it from tlie grave. 

10 " 1 fhall arife to praifc thy name, 

*• Shall reign in worlds unkaown, 
" And thy falvation, O my God, 
'* Shall feat mc oa thy throuc.** 

z Hii deep diftrcfs has rais'd us high ; 
His duty and his zeal, 
Tuifil'd the law which mortals broke, 
And finifh'd all thy will. 

His dying groans, his living foilgs, 
Shall better pleafc my Gud, 

Thau harp or trumpet's folemn founii, 
Than goat's or bullock's blood. 

This fliall his humble foU'wers fee. 
And fet tlicir hearts at reft ; 

They by hi» death draw near to thee, 
And live forever blcft. 

Let hcav'n, and all that dwell on hijb. 

To God their voices raife. 
While lands and feas aihft the iky.. 

And join t' advance his praifc. 

ZioH is thine, moft holy God ; 

Thy Son fnall b'-fs Iter gates \ 
And glory purchas'd by his blood 

For thine own J^'racl waits. 


DEEP in our hearts let us record 
The deeper forrows uf ourL^id; 
Behold the rifiug billows rcil, 
To overwhelm his lioly foul. 

a In long ccrr.plaintshe fpends hisbreathi 
While hofts of hell and pow'rs of death, 
And all the fons of malice join 
To execute their curft defign. 

Yet, gracious God, thy pov/r and love 
Has made the curfe a b'rfling prove ; 
Thofe dreadful fu{i*'ric;,s of thy Soa 
Aton'd for fiua which wc had done. 

4 The p^ngs of cur expiring Lord 
The honours of thy law reftor'd : 
His forrows made thy juflice known 
And naici for follies not his own. 

O for his fake our guilt forgive. 
And Lt t!ic mourning (inner live : 
The Lord will hear us in his name, 
Nc;.' flial] our hope be lurn'd to fliamo- 




Ver. 7, &c. 
Christ's Sufferings and Zeal. 
''AS for our fake, eternal God, 
Thy Son fuftain'd that heavy load 
Of bafc reproach and fore difgrace, 
And lliame defil'd his facred face. 


a The 'Je'ivsy his brethren and his kin, 
Abus'd the man that check'd thdr un : 
While he fulfil'd thy holy laws, 
They hate him, but without a caufe. 

3 [" My Father's houfe (faid he) was made 
" A place for worfliip, not for trade ;" 
Then fcatt'ring all their gold and brafs 
He fcourg'd the merchants from the place. 

4 [Zeal for the temple of his God 
Confum'd hH^ifc, expos'd his blood ; 
Reproaches af4hy glory thrown 
He felt, and mourn'd them as his own.] 

5 His friends forfook, his folIoAvers :led, 
While foes and arms furround his head ; 
They curfe him with a iland'rous tong'je,' 
And the falfe judgenialntains the wrong.] 3 

6 His life they load with hateful lies. 
And charge his lips with blafphemies \ 
They nail him to the xliameful tree ; — 
Thsre hung the man that dy'ufor mc ! 

7 Wretches, with hearts as hard as Hones 
infult hi» piety and groans ; 
Gall was the food they gave him there, 
And mock'd his thirft with vinegar.] 

5? But God beheld ; and from his throne 
- -larks cut the men that hate his Son ; 
ri.e hand that rais'd him from the dead, 
. iiall pour forth vengeance on their head. 

Behold my days that yet remain, 

I truft them to thy care. 
Call me not off when ftrength declUifSj 

When hoary hairs arife; 
And round mc let thy glories fliine, 

Whene'er thy fervant dies. 

Then in the hift'ry of my age. 
When men review my days, 

They'll read thy love in ev'ry page, 
In ev'ry line thy praife. 

P s 


^ I 

t; Ver. 5 9- 


The aged Saifit*s ReJI^^'ioii aud Hope. 

1 1\>TY God, mv everlaftiiio- hope. 


Ver. 15, 14, i6, 23, 22, 24. 

CHRIST eur Strength and Righteovfnefs. 

1 l\/rY Saviour, my almighty friend, 
iVi. When I begin thy praife, 
Where will the grovv'ing numbers end, 

The numbers of thy grace ? 

2 Thou art my everlafting truft, 
Tliy goodnefs I adore ! 

And fmce I knew thy graces firll, 
I fpeak thy glories more. 

My feet flaall travel all the length 

Of the ccieftial road ; 
And march with courage in thy ftrength 

To fee my Father God. 

When I am fiild with fore diftrefs 

For iorae furprizing fin, 
I'll plead thy perfedl rigUtcoufnefs, 

And mention none but thine. 

Hov/ will my lips rejoice to teil 

The vicl'ries of my King I 
My foul, redeem'd frora lin andhcH, 

Shall tiiy falvation f!i;g. 

[My tongue fhall all the J^y proclaim 

My Saviour and my God, 
His death has brought my foes to fname. 

And drown'd them in his blood. 

7 Awake, awake, my tuneful powers; 
I With this delightful fcng ; 

I'll eiitcrtain th.e darkefl: houn-:. 
Nor think the fi-al'on long.] 

live upon thy trutii ; | 

hine hands have held my childhood up, COMAION METRE. 

And ftrengthen'd all my youth. 
My fielh was fafliion'd by thy pow'r, 

With ^11 thefe of mine ; 
And from ruv mother's painful hour 

I've been entirely thine. 

Cliill has my life new wonders feeii 
llv-peatcd ev'ry year j 

Ver. 17- 

The a-red Cbrifti 



i?r and 



I Old Age, Dcaih^ and tie Refurrsiiion. 

I /^1 OD of ray cliiiduood,andmy youth, 
KjJ 'I he guide of all my days, 
I have declar'd thy hcav'nJy truth. 
And told thv -. .-,v,- ,■ . ^. .. . 



4 Wilt thou forfake my hoary hairs, 
And leave my fainting heart ^ 
Who ihall fuftain my finking years, 
If God my ftrength depart ? 

3 Let me thy pow'r and truth proclaim 

To the furviving age, 
And leave the favour of thy narae 
When I fliall quit the ftage. 

4 The land of filencc and of death 

Attends my next remove ; 
O may theft- poor remains of breath 
Teach the wide world thy love ! 


5 Thy fighteoufnefs is deep and high, 
Uafearc liable thy deeds : 
Thy glory fprcad. beyond the fky, 
And all my praife exceeds. 

4 Oft have I heard thy threat'nings roar, 
And oft endur'd the grief : 
But when thy hand has prcft me fore, 
Thy grace was my relief. 

^ By long experience have I known 
Thy Ibv'reign pow'r to fave ; 
At thy command I venture down 
Securely to the grave. 

8 When I lie bury'd deep in dufl. 
My flefli fliail be thy care ; 
Thele with'riug limbs with thee I truft 
1 o raife them ftrong and fair. 


Th: Kingdom of CURIST. 

4A8 rain on meadows nc\«'ly mows, 
So fliall he fend his influence down ; 
His grace on fainting fouls diftills 
Like hcav'nly dew on thirfty hills. 

jThe heathen lands that lie beneath 
The fliadcs of ovcrfpreading death, 
Revive at his firft dawning light. 
And deferts bloflbm at the fight. 

6The faints (hall flourifli in his days, 
Drcft in the robes of joy and praife ; 
Peace, like a river, from his throne 
Shall flow to nations vet unknown. 

Christ's Kingdor 

among jiu GentiUs. 

I TESUS fliall reign where'er the fun 
J Does his fuccclTive journies run ; 
His 'Kingdom Itretch from fliorc to flior^ 
'Till moons fhall wax and wane n« more. 

i[Behold the iflands, with their kings. 
And her bcfV tribute bring* ; 
From North to South the princes meet 
To pay their homage at his feet. 

3There Ptrfta, glorious to behold, 
There India fliines in Eaftcrn gold ; 
And barbarous nations at his word 
Submit, and bow, and own their Lord.] 

4For him fliall endlefs pray'r be made. 
And praifes throng to crown his head; 
His name like fweet perfume fhall rife 
With ev'ry morning facrifice. 

5 People and realms of ev'ry tongue 
Dwell on his love with fweeteft fong j 
And infant voices fliall proclaim 
Their early blefDngs on hi* name. 

i/^ PvEAT God, whofe unlverfal fway 

Vjr The known and unknown worlds ^^^^^'"gs «^0"nd where'er he reigns. 

Now giv^e the kingdom to thv Son, [obey, The pris'ner leaps to loofe his chainf ; 

Extend his pow'r exalt his throne. i ^^^ ^'''^^n' ^n^ eternal reft, 

I And all the fans of want are bleft. 
aThy fccptre well becomes his hands, 

All heav'ii fubmits to his commands; 

His jullice fliall avenge the poor. 

And pride and rage prevail no more. 

^Witli pow'r lie vindicates the juft, 
And treads th' oppreflbr in the dufl ; 
His worfhip and his fear fliall laft, 
'Till hours, aad years, ;ind time be pad. 

,;[ Where he difplays his healing pow'r, 

I Death and the curfe are known no more 
In him the tribes of y/o'^/w boafl 
More blcflings than their father loft. 
8Let ev'ry creature rife and bring, 
1 Peculiar honours to their king: 
Angels dcfccnd with fongs again, 
I And earth repeat the long Amcn?^ 




a Thy counfcis, Lerd, ftiall guide nay fe«t 
Througk this dark wllderncfs ; 
Thine hand condu<£l me near thy feat. 
To dwell before thy face. 



Affii^ed Saints happy, and profpertus Sinnert 
curfed. j 

I XJOW I'mconvinc'd the Lord Is kind 3 Were I in heav'n without my God 
IN To men of heart fincere, Twould be no joy to me ; 

Yet once mv foolilli thoughts repin'd, ^".^ "'''^'L^ ^h^* earth is my abodo 

And border'd on defpair. 
I grlev'd to fee the wicked thrive, 
And fpoke with angrv breath, 
" How pleafant and profane they live ! 
" How peaceful is their death ! 

I long for none but thee. 

What if the fprings of life were broke. 
And flefli and heart fliould faint, 

God is my foul's eternal rock, 
The flrength of ev'ry faint. 

3 ■« With well-fed flefli and haughty eyes 5 Behold the finncrs that remove 

They lay their fears to deep ; 

f" Agalnft the heav'ns th.eir flandcrs rife, 
While faints in filence weep. 

4 *' In vain I lift my hands to pray, 

" And cleanfe my heart in vain, 
1 " For I am chaftcn'd all the day, 
" The night renews my pain." 

5 Yet while my tongue indulg'd complaints 

I felt my heart reprove ; 
" Sure I fliall thus offend thy faints, 

*' And grieve the men I love." 
4i But ftill I found my doubts too hard. 

The c0nfli<Sl too fevere, 
'Till I retir'd to fearch thy word, 

And learn thy fecrets there. 

^ There, as in foroe prophetick glafs, 
I faw the finner's feet 
High mounted on a flipp'ry place, 
Befide a fiery pit. 

8 I heard the wretch prophanely boaft, 

'Till at thy frown he iell ; 
His honours in a dream were loft, 
And he awakes in hell. 

9 Lord, what an envious fool I was ! 

Kow like a thoughtlefs beafl ! 
Tims to fufped: thy promis'd grace, 
And think the wicked bleft. 

^o Yet I was kept from full defpair, 
[ ! Upheld by pow'r unknown : 

That blelfed hand that broke the fnarc, 
Shall guide me to thy throne. 

Far from thy prefence die ; 
Not all the idol gods they love 
Can fave them when they cry. 

But to draw near to thee, my God, 

Shall be my fweet employ ; 
My tongue fliall found thy works abroad, 

And tell the world my joy. 


Ver. 22, 3, 6, 17 20. 

The Profperity of Sinners curfed, 
1 y ORD, what a thoughtlefs wretch was I, 
X J To mourn, and murmur, and repine, 
To fee the wicked plac'd on high, 
In pride and robes of honour fhiae ! 

aBut, O their end, their dreadful endi 
1 hy fantSluary taught mc fo : 
On flipp'ry rocks i lice them ftand, 
And her/ billows roll below. 

3 Now let them boafl: how tall they rife, 
I'll never envy them again. 
There they may ftand with haughty cy«», 
'Till they plunge deep in endlefs pain. 

4Their fancy'd joys, how faft they flee ! 
Tuft like a dream when man awakes : 
i'heir fongs of fofteft harmony 
Are but a preface to their plagues. 

J Now I efteem their mirth and wine. 
Too dear to purchafe with my blood ; 
Lord, 'tis enough that thou art mine.. 
My life, i»y portion, and my God. 


Ver. 23 28. 

GOP our Portion here and hereafter. 
I /^^ OD, my fupporter, and my hope, 

VJT My help forever near ; Kj Nor is religion vain , 

Thine arm of mercy held me up Tiiough men of vice may boaft aloud 

When finldnj in defpai/. i And men of grace complain. 


The Myfery cf Providence unfolded. 
I QURE there's a righteous God, 


P S A L M 


1 I fr.w the \\:rkcd rife. 
Ard felt my heart repine, 
While haughty foo's, with fcornful eyes, 
In robes of honour fliine. 

3 [Pnmper'd with Avanton cafe, 
Their flefli looks full and fair. 

Their wealth rolls in like Rowing feas, 
And grows without their care. 

4 Free from tlie plagues and pains 
That pious fouls endure, 

Throiii^h ail their life opprclFion reigns, 
And raeks the humble poor. 

5 Thcii' Impioiis ton^TCs blaifphemc 
The t verlafting God : 

Their malice blafls tlic .qooJ man's name, 
And their lies abroatl 

<j But I wUh flowing tears 
hidalg'd mv doubts to rife ; 
« Is there a Go?lthat: fees or hears 
" The things below the flties ?"] 

7 The tumults of my thought 
Held me in hard fufpenfe, 

^ill to thy houfs my feet were brought 
To karn thy juftice thence. 

8 Thy word with light and pow'r 
Did my ra':ftakcs amend ; 

I vIeWd the fiuners lives before, 
Eut here I learn 'd their end. 

9 On what a flipp'ry ftcep 
The thoughtlcfs wretches go ; 

And O that dreadful fi'^ry deep, 
That waits their fall below 1 

lo Lord, at thy feet I bow, 

My thou'^hts no more repine: 
I call my God my portion now. 
And all my pow'rs arc thine. 

5 Lift up thy feet, and march in haftc, 

Aloud our ruin calls ; 
See what a wide and fearful waflc 
Is made within thy walls. 

4 AVhere once thy churches pray'd and fai*, 
Thy foes profanely roar : 
Over thy gates their cnfigns hang, 
Sad tokens of thtir pow'r. 

4 How are the feats of worflilp broke ! 
'J licy tear thy buildings down. 
And he that deals the heavieft ftroke. 
Procures the chief renown. 

6 "Willi llames they threaten to deftroy 

Thy children in their ncfl ; 
" Corn*, let us burn at once, they cry, 
" The temple and the prieft. 

7 Auu ftill to heighten our diftrefs, 

liy pref 

ence is wirnarawn 




^rbe Chitr:}} pleading iviib Gad ur.dcr fore Per- 


J TTT'iL.L God for ever caft us off ? 
VV His wrath forever fmoke 
Againft the people of his love, 
His little clicfen flock ? 

;3. Think of the tribes fo dearly bought 
With their Redeemer's blood ; 
Mor let thy Zion be forgot, 
Where once thy glory ftood. 

Tl*y wonted figns of pow'r ,'\nd grate, 
'ihy pow'r and grace are gone. 

8 No prophet fpcaks to calm our wees. 
But all the feers mourn ; 
Thert-'s not a foul amongft us knows. 
The time of thy return. 

9 How long, eternal God, how long 

Shall rien of pride blafpht^mc ! 
Shail faints be made their endlcfs fong. 
And bear immortal fimmc ? 

10 ( ar.u thou forever fit and hear 

Tliine holy name profan'd ? 
And ftill thy jealoufy forbear. 
And ftUl withhold thine hand ? 

11 What ftrange deliverance hr.ft thou 

In ages long before ? [ibow u 

And now no othtr God we own, 
No other God adore. 

12 Thou didft divide the raging fea 

By thy rcfiftlefs might, 
To make thy tribes a wond'rcus way. 
And then fccure their flight. 

13 Is not the world of nature thine, 

The darkncfs and the day ? 
Didft thou not bid the morning fliine, 
And mark the fun his way ? 

14 Hath not thy pow'r form'd ev'ry coaft» 

And fct the earth its bounds. 
With fuir.m.r's heat, and winter's frofl, 
in their perpetual rounds ? 


'j5 And iLall the fons of earth and dufl: 
That facred pow'r biaipheme ? 
\ ill not thy hand that form'd them fird 
Avenge thine injur'd name ? 

10 Think on the cov'nant thou haft made, 

[And all thy -words of love ; 
Nor let the birds of prey invade 
And vex thy mourning dove. 

17 Our foes would triumph in our blood, 
And make our hope tlieir jeft ; 
Plead thine own caufe, almighty God, 
And give thy chiidren refb 



Poivtr and Govermntnt from GOD alone. 

jT^O thee, moft Holy and moft High, 
X To thee webringourthankfulpraife; 
Thy works declare thy name is nigh, 
Thy works of wonder and of grace. 

2." Tojla'v'ry dbofnd,thy ch of en fons 
" Beheld their foes triumphant rif^ j 
" And fore opprefi by earthly thrones^ 
*' They fought the Sovereign of the Jhies. 

" ^'Tivas then, great God, tvith equal poiv^r^ 
" Arofe thy vengeance and thy grace, 
^ To fcourge their legions f rum thefhore^ 
" And fave the remnant of thy raie^ 

^Let haughty iinners fink their pride ; 
Nor lift fo high their Icornful head ; 
"Pit lay their foolifli thoughts afide, 
d own the ** empire" God hath made. 

- h honours never come by chance, 
r do the winds promotion blow ; 
i God the Judge doth one advance ; 
^ God that lays another low. 

ti.,^ vain pretence to royal birth, 
Shall fix a tyrant on the throne ; 
God, the groat fjv'reign of the earth, 
V7ill rife and make his juftice known. 

«[His hand holds cut the dreadful cyp 
• Of vengeance, niix'd v/ith various plagueS; 
;To make the wicked drink them up, 
' Wring out, and tafte the bitter dregt. 

tNow fhall the Lord exalt the juft, 
And while he tramples on the proud, 
And lays their glory in the dufi, 
IMy lips £ball ling his praife aJov.d.j 




Ilrael faved, and the Afiyrian defrayed: Or, 
god's Vengeance againfl his Enemies ^r«- 
ceeds from his Church. 

I TN Judab God of old was known, 
X His name in Ifrael great ; 
In Salem ftood his holy throne, 
And Sion was his feat.. 

i Among the praifes of his faints, 
His dwelling there he chofe ; 
There he receiv'd their juft complaints 
Againft their haughty foes. 

3 From Zion went his dreadful word, 

And broke the threat'ning fpear % 
The bow, the arrows, and the fword. 
And cruili'd the Affyrian war. 

4 What are the earth's widekingdoras elfe. 

But mighty hills of prey ? 
The hill on which jehovau dwells 
Is glorious more than they. 

5 'Tw3s Zions King that ftopp'd thebrcatii 

Of captains and their bands ; 
The men of might fiept faft in death. 
And never found their hands. 

6 At thy rebuke, O JacoFs God, 

Both horfe and chariot fell \ 
Who knov/s the terrour of thy rod ' 
Thy vengeance who can tell ? 

7 What pow'r can fiand before thy fight 

When once thy v.rath appears ? 
When heav'n iliines round with dreadful 
The earth lies ftill and fears, [light* 

8 V/hen God in his own fov'reign ways 

Comes ^Q^sw to fave th' opprefi. 
The wrath of man fliall work his praife, 
A.nd hc'il rcflrcin the reft. 

9 [Vow to the Lord, and tribute bring; 

Ye princes, fear his frown : 
Kis terrours lliake the proudeft king, 
I And cuts an army down. 

10 The thunder of his fharp rebuke 
j Oui haughty foes ihall feel ; 

I For Ja«ih"s God hath not forfcok, 
' lK\t dwell! in Zim {fill 

F a 






J\IeljncIjoly ajfault'tngy and Hope prri-ailin^. 
I '^T^O God I cry'd with mournful voice, 
X I fought his gracious ear, 
In the fad day when troubles rofc, 
And fill'd my heart with fear. 

a Sad were my days, and dark my nights, 
My foul refus'd relief; 
I tJiought on God the juft and wife, 
But thoughts increas'd my grief. 

3 Still I compl^rn'd, and ftill oppreft, 

r»Ty heart began to break : 
My God, thy wrath forbid my reA, 
And kept my eyes awake. 

4 My overwhelming forrows grew, 

'Till I could fpeak no more ; 
Then I within myfelf withdrew, 
And call'd thy judgments o'er. 

J I call'd b?ck years and ancient times 
When I beheld thy face ; 
Myfpirit fearch'd for fecrct crimes 
That might withhold thy grace. 

6 I call'd thy mercies to my mind 
Which I enjoy 'd before ; 
And will the Lord no more be kind ? 
His face appear no more ? 
^ Will he forever caft me off ? 
His promife ever fail ? 
Has he forgot his tender love ? 
Shall anger flill prevail ? 

-£ But I forbid this hopelefs thought, 
This dark, defpairing frame, 
Rememb'ring what thy hand hath 
Thy hand is fiill the fame, [wrought; 

9 I'll think sgain of all thy ways, 
And talk thy v/ondcrs o'er, 
Thy wonders of rccov'ring grace, 
When flefli could hope no more. 
^o Grace dwells with jufticconthe throne; 
And men that love thy word 
Have in thy fanftuary known 
The couufeis of the Lord. 

id bnu^hl to 


Cortfctt derived from ardent providences ; 
Ifracl delivered from Egypt 

1 «* TTOW awful is thy chaft'ning rod ? 

JnL " (May thine ov/n children fay) 

•• I'he great, the wife, the dreadful Gud I 

" Jiow holy is bis v. ay " 

I'll wcditate his works of old ; 

The King who reigns above, 
I'll hear his ancient wonders told, 

And learn to truft his love. 

Long did the houfe of Jo/e/fb lie 

With Egypt' J yoke opprcft ; 
Long he dclay'd to hear their cry, "^ 

Nor gave his people reft. 

The fons of good old yacob feera'd 

Abandon'd to their fees ; 
But his almighty arm redeemed 

The nation w horn he chofe. 

Ifraely his people and his flieep, 

Muft follow where he calls ; 
He bids them venture through the deep, 

And made the waves their walls. 
The waters faw thee, mighty God, 

The waters faw thee come ; 
Backward they fled, and frighted flood, 

To make thine armies room. 

Strange was thy journey through the fea, 

'I'hy footfleps, Lord, unknown ; 
Terrours attend the wond'rous way 

That brings thy mercies down. 
[Thy voice, with tcrrour in the found, 

Through clouds and darknefs broke ; 
All heav'n in light'ning llione around. 

And earth with thunder fhook. 

9 Thine arrows thro' the fky were hurl'd, 

How glorious is the Lord ! 
Surprize and trcnbling feiz'd the world, 
And his own frints ador'd. 

10 Ke gave them water from the rock, 

And fafe by Mcfes' hand 
Through a dry dcfart led his flock 
Home to the promis'd land.] 



Pro'AJtnces of GOD recorded ; Or, Pious EJu^ 
cation and JnfiruSiion of Cbildren. 

I T ET children hear the mighty deeds 
JLi Which God perform'd of old ; 
Which in our younger years we faw, 
And which our fathers told. 
% He bids us make his glories knov.'n 
His works of pow'r and grace ; 
And we'll convey his wonders dowa 
Through ev'ry riling race. 




Our lips fiialltell them to our fons, 

And they again to theirs, „ 
That generations yet inborn 

May teach them to their heirs. 

4 Thus fhall they learn in God alone 
Their hope fecurely ftands, 
That they may ne'er forget his works, 
But praclife his commands. 


Ifracl's Rebellion and Pwv.fiment ; 0;-, the Sin. 

and Chajiifctnents of GOd's People. 

1 /^ WHAT a ftiff rebellious houfc 
V>/ Was Jacob's ancient race ! 
Falfe to their own mofl folemn vows, 
And to their Alaker's grace. 

a They broke the cov'nant of his love. 
And did liis laws defpife. 
Forgot the works he wrought to prove 
His pow'r before their eyes. 

3 They faw the plagues on Egypt light, 

From his revenging hand, 
What dreadful tokens of his might 
Spread o'er the ftubborn land ! 

4 They faw him cleave the mighty fea, 

And raarch'd v/ith fafety through, 
With wat'ry walls to guard their wav, 
'Till they had 'fcap'd the foe. 

5 A wond'roup pillow mark'd the road, 

Compos'd of fhade and light ; 
By day it prov'd a flielt'ring cloud, 
A leading fire by night. 

6 He from the rock their ihirfl fupply'd j 

The gufliing waters fell. 
And ran in rivers by their fide, 
A conftant miracle. 

7 Yet they provck'd the Lord raoft high. 

And dar'd diftrufb his hand : 
" Can he with bread our hofl fupply 
" Amidft this defart land .?" 

S The Lord with indignation heard, 
And caus'd his wrath to flame ; 
His terrours ever itand prepar'd 
To vindicate his name. 


The puKifcvieht cf Luxury and Intemperance : 
Or, ChcAifcr,ier.t and Salvation. 

I "XT TliJii^ Ifracl'o fins the Lord reproves, 
\ V And Slls their hearts with dread ; 
Yet he forgive^ the men he loves, 
And feuds them heav'nly bread. 

2 He fed them with a lib'ral hand, 

And made his treafures known ; 
He gave the midnight clouds command 
To pour provilion down. 

3 The Manna, like a morning niow'r. 

Lay thick around their feet ; 
The corn of heav'n, fo light, fo pure, 
As though 'twere angels meat. 

4 But they in mumi'ring language faid, 
" Manna is all our fcafl ; 

We loath this light, this airy bread ; 
** We muft have flefh to tafte. 

5 " Ye fhall have flefh to pleafe your luft," 

The Lord in wrath replv'd ; 
And fern them quails like'fand or dufk, 
Heap'd up from fide to fide. 

6 He gave them all their own dtfire ; 

And greedy -^ they fed. 
His vengeance burnt with ferret fire, 
And fmote the rebels dcpd. 

7 When fome were flain, the reft rcturn'd, 

And fought the Lord with tears ; 
Under the rod they fcar'd and mourn'd, 
Butfoon forgot their fears. 

8 Oft he ckaftis'd, and ftlll forgave, 

'Till by his gracious hand. 

The nation he refolv'd to fare, 

PojTefs'd the promised land. 


Ver. 32, &c. 

BaciJlidiTig end Forgivenep ; Or, Sin pt/iijhtrd 
and Saints faved. 

i/^ REAT God, how oft did Ifrael i>roxe 
\J^ By turns thine auger and thy love ? 
There in a glafs our hearts may fee • 
How fickle and how falfe they be. 

2H0W foon the faithlefs Je-rvs forgot 
The dreadful wonders Gcd wrought I 
Then they provoke him to his face. 
Nor fear his pow'r, nor truft his grace. 

3The Lord confum'd their years in pain, 
And made their travels long and vain ; 
A tedious march through unknown way?, 
Wore out their itrength, and ipent their 


.jOft when they fav/ their brethren flain. 
They mourn'd and fought the Lord aga^a, 
Call'd him the Rock of their abode, 
Their high Redeemer and their God, 




jTheir pray'rs and vows before him rife 
As flatt'ring words or folemn lies, 
While their rebellious tempers prove 
Falfc to his cov'nant and his love. 

jYet did his fov'reign grace forgive 
The men who ne'er deferv'd to live : 
His anger oft away he turn'd, 
Or elfe with gentle flame it burn'd. 

7He faw their fleili was weak and frail, 
He faw temptations ilill prevail ; 
The God of Abraham lov'd them ftill, 
And led them to his holy hill. 



*The Churches Prayer under Jlffl'iBton ; Or, tie 
Vineyard of GOD •uajled. 

j/^ RE AT Shepherd of thine Ifrael, 
VJJ" Who dldft between the cherubs dwell, 
And led the tribes, thy chofen flieep, 
Safe through the dcfart and the deep. 

5tThy church is in the defart now, 
Shine from on high and guide it through; 
Turn us to thee, thy love rcllore. 
We fliall be fav'd, and ligh no more. 

^Great God, whcrrv he^jv'nly hofts obey. 
How long fiiall wc lament and pray. 
And wait in vain thy kind return ? 
How long fliall thy fierce anger burn ? 

jjTnQcad of wine and cheerful bread 
Thy faints with their own tears are fed ; 
Turn US to thee, thy love rcftore. 
We fliall be fav'd, and figh no more. 

r A u s E. I. 

jHafl thou not planted with thy hands 
A lovely vine in Heathen lands ? 
Did not thy powV defend it round. 
And Heav'nly dews enrich the ground ? 

6How did the fpreading branches flioot. 
And blefs the nations with the fruit ? 
But now, dear Lord, look down and fee 
Thy mourning vine, that lovely tree. 

Why is its beaKty thus defac'd ? 
Why haft thou laid her fences waflc ? 
Sirangers and foes againft her join. 
And ev'ry beaft devours the vine. 

. tieturn, almi^(;hty God, return ; 
Nor let thy bleeding vineyard mourn : 
rorn us to thee, thy love reftore, 
We fhall be fav'd, and C2:h no more 


pLord, when this vine in Canaan grew. 
Thou waft its ftrength and glorv too ! 
Attack'd in vain by all its foes, 
'Till the fair Branch of promife rofe. 

loFair Branch, ordain'd of old to flioot 
From Dai' id's ftock, from Jacob\ root ; 
Himfclf a noble Vine, and we 
The leiTcr branches of the Tree : 

ii'Tis thy own Son ; and he fliall ftand 
Girt with thy ftrength, at thy right hand; 
Thy firft-born Son, ador'd and blcft 
With pow'r and grace above the relh 

I 2O ! for his fake, attend our cry. 
Shine on thy churches left they die ; 
Turn us to thee, thy love reftore, 
We fliall be fav'd, and fi?h no more. 



Vcr. I, 8 16. 

Tils Warning of GOD to his People i Or, Spir- 

itual BUJp.ngs and Punijhmtntt. 

I QING to the Lord aloud, 
O And make a joyful noife ; 
God is our ftrength, our faviour God ; 
Let Ifrael hear his voice. 

a " From vile idolatry 

" Preferve my worlliip clean ; 
^ I am the Lord who fet thee free 
" From flav'ry and from fin. 

3 " Stretch thy defires abroad, 
" And I'll fupply them well ; 

But if ye will rcfiife your God, 
" If Ifrael will rebel : 

4 '■ ril leave them, faith the Lord, 
*' To their own luft'? a prey, 

1" Aad let them run the dang'rous roa4, 
" 'Tis their own chofen way. 

; " Yet O \ that all my faints 
" Would hearken to my voice ! 
j" Scon I would eafe their fore complaint*. 
i '' And bid their hearts rejoice. 

16 " While I deftrov their foes, 
" Vd. richly feed my flock, 
p* And they fliould tafte the ftream tliat How* 
Tiom their crcraai Rock.'' 


r P S A L M LXXXII. I 7 Convince their madncfs, Lord, 

I And make them feek thy name : 
LONG METRE. Or elfe their ftubborn rage confound, 

not) the Supreme Governour ; Or, Magljlratcs '^^^^ ^^^^7 "^^7 ^^e in fhamc. 


I A A40NG th' aflembh'es of the great, 
JTx. a greater Ruler takes his feat ; 
The God of heav'n, as judge, furveys 
Thofe gods on earth, and all their ways. 

2 Why will ye then frame wicked lav/s ? 
Or why fupport th' unrighteous caufe ? 
When will ye once defend the poor. 
That Tinners vex the faints no more ? 

jThey know not. Lord, nor will theyknowj 
Dark are the ways in which they go ; 
Their nameof earthly gods is vain, 
For they fliall fall and die Hke men- 

4Arife, O Lord, and let thy Son 
Poflefs his univcrfal throne, 
And rule the nations with his rod, 
He is our Judge, and he our God. 

8 Then fliall the nations know- 
That glorious dreadful word ; 
jKHOVAii ! — is thy name alone, 

And thou the fov'rei^n Lord. 



A Complaint aga'injl Perfecutors, ' 

1 A ND will the God of grace 
Jr\. Perpetual file nee keep ? 

The God of j.uftlce hold his peace, 
And let his vengeance llcep ? 

2 Behold what curfed fnares 
The men of mifchief fpread : 

The men that hate thy faints, and thee, 
Lift up their threat'ning head. 

3 Againft thy hidden ones 
Their counfels they employ. 

And malice, with her watchful eye, 
Purfues them to deftroy. 

4 The noble and the bafe 
Into thy paRures leap ; 

The lion and the flupid afs 
Confpire to vex thy flieep. 

5 " Come, let us join, they cry, 

" To root them from the ground, 
" 'Till not the name of faints remain, 
" Nor mcm'ry ihall be found. 

6 Av/ake, almighty God, 
And call thy vvrath to mind ; 

Give them like foreiti to the fire, 
Or Hubble to the wind. 


The Pleafure vf Ptrhlic Worjllp, 

iTTOW pleafant,-l5cw divinely fair, 
Xj, O Lord of hof!.s, thv dwellings are ! 
With long defire my fpirit faints 
To meet th' afiemblies of thy faints. 

2My flefii would refl in thine abode. 
My panting heart cries out for God ; 
My God, my king, why £[-!ould I be 
So far from all my joys and thee ."* 

SThe fparrow- chufes where to refl, 
And for her young provides her neft : 
But vail my God to fparrows grant 
That pleafure v/hich his children want ? 

4Blefi: are the faints who fet on high 
Around thy throne of majefly ; 
Thy brighteft glories fliine above, 
And all their work is praife and love. 

jBIefl are the feuls that find a place 
Within the temple of thy grace; 
There they behold thy gentjer rays. 
And feek thy face, and learn thy praife, 

6Eltft are the men whofe hearts are fet 
To find the Avay to Zion-=, gate ; 
God is their flrength ; and thro' the road 
They lean upon theif helpei^ God. 

7 Cheerful they walk with growing ftrcngth, 
'Till all fliall meet in heav'n at length ; 
"Till all before thy face appear, 
And join in nobler worfnio there. 


GOD cr.d hii Church ; Or, Grace and Glory, 

\f^ REAT God, attend while Z'ton fmgs, 
V-TThejoythat from thy prefencefpringa: 
To fpend one day with thee on earth 
Exceeds athoafand davs of mirth, 



a Might I enjoy the meancft place, 
Within thy Jioufe, O God of grace, 
Not tents of eafc, nor thrones of pow'r 
Should tempt my feet to Kmvc the door 

1 God is our fon, he makes our day ; 
God is our fliield, he guards cur way 
From all th' aflaults of iiell and fin. 
From foes whhout and foes within. 

4 AH needful grace will God bcftow. 
And crown that grace with glorv too ! 
He gives us all things, and Mrithholds 
No real good from upright fouls. 

5 O God, our king, whofe fov'reigu fway 
Tlic glorious hofts of htav'n obey, 
And dcvilsat thy prcfcnce flee, 
Blcfl is the man that trufts in thee. 

Faraphrajed in 
Ver. I 

, 4, 2, 3, 10. 

Or, GOD 

Delight in ~Ordinancei of Worjblp 
prefcnt in his Churches. 

1 1\^Y foul, how lovely is the place 
IVl To which thy God rcforts ! 
*Tis heav'n to fee his fmiling face, 
Though in his earthly courts. 

a There the great Monarch of the fldes 
His faving pow'r difplays, 
And light breaks in upon our eyes, 
With kind and quick'ning rays. 

3 With his rich gifts the heav'nly Dove, 

Defcends and lills the place, 
While ChriJ} reveals his wond'rous lovC: 
And flieds abroad his grace. 

4 There, mighty God, thy words declare 

The fecrets of thy will; 
And ftill we feek thy mercies there, 
And fing thy praifes ftill. 
r A u s E. 

5 My heart and flefli cry out for thee, 

While far from thine abode ; 
When fliall I tread thy courts, and foe 
My Saviour and my God .' 

i The fparrow builds herfelf a neft, 
And iufters no remove ; 
O make mt, like the fparrows,bleft, 
To dwtll but Avhere I love. 

7 To fit one day beneath thine eye. 
And hear thv gracious voice, 
Exceeds a whole eternity 
Employ *d in canv4 joyj. 


Lord, at thy threfhold I would w 

While Jffus is within. 
Rather than fill a throne of ftatc. 

Or live in tents of fin. 
Could I command the fpacious land, 

And the more boundlefs fca. 
For one blcft hour at thy right hand 

I'll give them both away. 


Lording for the Hovfe cf G0». 

LORD of the worlds above, 
How pleafant and how fair 
The dwellings of thy love, 
Thy earthly temples arc ! 
To thine abode 
My htii'rt afpires. 
With warm dcfires. 
To fee my God. 

The fparrow for her young, 
With pleafure feeks a neft, 
And wand'ring fwallows lofl^ 
To find their wonted reft ! 

My fpirit faints, 

With equal zeal. 

To rife and dwell 

Among thy faints. 

O happy fouls that pray. 
Where God appoints to hear ' 
O happy men that pay 
Their conftant fervicc there ! 

They praife thee ftill ; 

And happy they 

That love the v» ay 

To Zions hill. 

They go from ftrength to ftrength, 
Through this dark vale of tears, 
'Till each arrives at length ; 
'Till each in heav'n appeafs^ 

O glorious feat, 

Wiicn God our Kirg 

Sliall thither brin^ 

Our willing feet ! 

To fpend one facred day, 
Where God and faints abide, 
Affords diviner joy 
Than thoufand days kefide ; 

Where God reforts, 

I love it more 

To keep the door 

Than ihine in courie. 


6 God is our fon and fliield. 
Our light and our defence ; 
With gifts his hands are fill'd. 
We draw our bleflings thence. 

He fliall beftow 
On JacoVs race 
Peculiar grace 
And glory too. 

7 The I^ord his people loves ; 
His hand no good withholds 
From thofe his heart approves, 
From pure and pious fouls ; 

Thrice happv he, 
O God of hofts, 
Whofe fpirit trufla 
Alone in thee. 



Ver. I 8. 

n^oiting for an Atftuer to Prayer : Or De- 
liverances begun and completed. 

I T ORD, thou hafl call'd thy grace to 
I i mind, 

Thou haft revers'd our heavy doom ; 
So God forgave when Ifrael finn'd, 
And bro't his wand'ring captives home. 

% Thou haft begun to fet us free, 
And made thy fierceft wrath abate ; 
Now let our hearts be turn'd to thee, 
And thy faiv^ttion be complete. 

^. Revive our dying graces, Lord, 
And let thy faints in thee rejoice ; 
Make known thy truth, fulfil thy word ; 
We wait for praife to tune our voice. 

4 We wait to hear what God will fay ; 
He'll fpeak, and give his people peace ; 
But let them run no more aftray, 
Left his returning wrath mcreafe. 

3 Now truth and honour fhall abound. 
Religion dwell on earth again. 

And heav'nJy influence blefs the ground, 
In our Redeemer's gentle reign. 

4 His righteoufnefs is gone before, 
To give us free accefs to God : 

Our wand'ring feet fliall ftray no more, 
But mark his fteps and keep the road. 


Ver. 8 13. 

A general Song of Praife to GOD. 

1 A MONG the princes, earthly god«, 
-L\. There's none hath pow'r divine ; 
Nor is their nature, mighty Lord, 

Nor are their works like thine. 

2 The nations thou haft made, fliall bring 

Their off 'rings round tliy throne ; 
For thou alone doft wond'rous things, 
For thou art God alone. 

3 Lord, I would walk with holy feet ; 

Teach me thine heav'nly wavs. 
And my poor fcatter'd thoughts unite 
In God my Father's praife. 

4 Great is thy mercy, and my tongue 

Shall thofe fweet wonders tell. 
How by thy grace my linking foul 
Rofc from the deeps of hell. 


Ver. 9, life. 

Salvation ^y CHRIST. 

iQALVATION is for ever nigh 
O To fouls that fear and truft the Lord : 
And grace defcending from on high, 
Frefli hopes of glory fhall afford. 

1 Mercy and truth on earth are met, 
Since Chiijl the Lord came down from 

heaven : 
By his obedience fo complete 
Jaftice is pleai'd, and peace is giv'n. 



The Church fbe Birth-place of the Saints : Or, 
Jews and Gentiles united in the Chrifian 
i/^OD in his earthly temple lays 
V_T Foundations for his heav'nly praife ; 
He likes the tents of Jacoi well,' 
But ftill .ii Ziofi loves to dwell. 

2 His mercy vifits ev'ry houfe 

That pay theirnight and morning vows ; 

But makes a more delightful ftay 

Where churches meet to praiie and pray. 

3 What glories were defcrib'd of old ? 
Wliat wonders are of Zion told ? 
Thou city of our God below, 

Thy fame ftiali Tyrs and £gypt know, 

4 Pgvfit and Tyrey and Greei and Jeiv, 
Shall there begin their lives ancNv : 
Angds and men fliall join to fing 
The hill where living waters fpring. 


5 When God makes up liislafl: account 
Of natives in his holy mount, 
**rwill be an honour to appear 
As one ner/-born, or nourifli'd there ! 





Or, thi 

The Covenant made iv'ith CHRIIT 
trut David. 

iTpOREVER fliall my fong record 
J? The truth and mercy of the Lord, 
Mercy and truth for ever ft:md 
L-ike heav'n ellabhih'd by his hand. 

a Thus to his fon he fware and faid, 

* With thee my cov'nant firft is made ; 

* In thee fliall dying finners live, 

" Glory and grace are thine to give. 

5 " Be thou my Prophet, thou my Prieft 
"Thy children iMU be ever blcft ; 
** Thou art my chofcn King ; thy throne 
« Shall ftand eternal, like my own. 

4 •* There's none of all my fons above 
<* So much my image or my love ; 

* Celeltial pow'rs thy fubjecVs are ; 

** Then what can earth to thee compare 

5 " i)<i<i':</, my fcrvant, ^vhom I chofe, 

•• To guard my flock, to crufli my foes, 

* And rais'd him to the Jewiili throne, 
** Was but a Aadow of my Son." 

4 Now let the church rejoice and fing 
Jefui her Saviour and her King ; 
Angels his heav'nly wonders fliow, 
And faints declare his works below. 

4 His feed for ever fliall poffefc 

A throne above tlie fkies ; 
The mcaneft fubjc<fl of hi* grace 
Shall to that glory rife. 

5 Lord God of hofts, thy wond'roui wvj% 

Are fung by faintt above ; 
And faintt on earth their honoun raifc 
To thy unchanging love. 


The FalihjJncfs of GOV). 

•1 TV/TY nevcr-cer.fuigfongs fliall fliow 
JLVx The m.ercies of the Lord ; 
And make fiiccecding ages know 
How faithful is his word. 

2 The facred truths his lips pronounce 
Shall firm as heav'n endure ; 
And if he fpcaks a promife once, 
Th' eternal grace is fure. 

.} How long the race of x^^^O/iheld 
The proinia'd Jewifli. throne ! 
But th(.'r'* a noble cov'nant f '. • ■• d 
To JJaviaj greater Son. 


Ver. 7, ^c. 
Thi Ptiver and Majejly of GOD : Or, Rrtt- 

rential Worjhlp. 
iTTTlTH rev'rencelct the faints appear 
VV And bow before the Lord, 
Hi« high commands with rev'rcnce hcar^ 
And tremble at his word ! 

% How terrible thy glories rife ! 
How bright thy beauties fliinc ! 
Where is the pow'r with thee that Tici ?. 
Or truth compar'd with thine ? 

I The Northern pole, and Southern red 
On tliy fupporlJug hand ; 
Darknefs and day from Eaft to Weft 
Move round at thy command. 

4 Thy words the raging winds controul, 
Aud rule the boift'rous deep : 
Thou muk'ft the Hccping billows roll, 
The rolling billows flecp. 

J Keav'n, earth, and air, and fca are thine, 
And the dark world of hell ; 
How did thine arm in vengeance fliinc, 
V/hen Egypt durfl rebel ! 

6 juftice and judgment are thy throne. 
Yet wond'rous is thy grace ; 
While truth3|;<l mercy join'c! in one, 
hivitc vJKp^r thy face. 


■ Ver. 15, isf^ 

A ILfcd Gofpd. 

iT>LEST are the fouls that hear & know 
J3 The gofpel's joyful found ; 
Peace flijll attend the paths tlicy go. 
And light their fleps furround. 

a Their joy flip.H bear their fpirits up 
Through their Redeemer's namt j • 
H's' righteoufnefs CTalfs their hope, 
Nor Saian dares fi^ridcmn. 




3 The Lord our glory, and defence. 

Strength and falvation gives : 
Ifraely thy King for ever reigns, 
Thy God for ever lives. 


Ver. J 9, b'f. 

Christ's Mediatorial Kingdom : Or, His di- 
vine and human Nature. 

I T TEAR what the Lord in vifion faid, 
JLjl And made his mercy known : 
•* Sinners, behold, your help is laid 
" On ray almighty Son." 

1 Behold the man niy wifdom chofe 
Among your mortal race ; 
His head my holy oil o'eri^ows. 
The Spirit of nly grace. 
'3 High ihall he reign on David's throne, 
My people's better King ; 
My arm fliall beat his rivals do"\vn, 
And Aill new fubjeiils bring. 

4 My truth Ihall guard him in his way, 

With mercy by his fide, 
While in my name o'er earth ai:d fca 
He lliall in triuninh ride. 

5 Me for his Father and his God 

He iliall for ever own. 
Call me his rock, his hi;^h abode. 
And I'll fupport my Son. 

6 My urft born Son, array *d in grace, 

At my right hand Jliail fit ; 
Beneath him angels know their pla<:c, 
And monarchs at his feet. 

7 My cov'nant ftands for ever faft. 

My promifes are fbrong ; 
Firm' as the heav'ns hrs throne fliall laft, 
His feed endure as long. 

My cov'nant I will ne'er revoke. 
But keep my grace in mind ; 

And what eternal love hath fpoke, 
Eternal truth fhall bind. 

4 Once have I fworn (I need no more) 
And pledg'd my hohnefs, 
To feal the facred promife furc 
To David and his race. 

The fun fliall fee his offtpring rife 
And fpread from fea to fea. 

Long as he travels round the ikies 
To give the nations day. 

Sure as the moon that rules the night 
His kingdom fiiall endure, 

'Till the iix'd laws of Ihade and light 
Shall be obferv'd no more. 

Ver. to, 


Or, A/' 

TfjJ Covenant of Grace unchangeabU 
Jiiciio'n -diihout RiijcBion, 

I "VTET (faith the Lord) if David's race 
i The children of my Son, 
Should break my laws abufe my grace, 
And tempt mine anger down ; 

a Their fins I'll vifit with the rod. 
And make their folly fmart ; 
But I'll not ccafe to be their God, 
Nor from i::iy truth depart. 

Ver. 47, {s'c 

Mortality and Hope. 

A Funeral Pfalni. 

1 T) EMEMBER, Lord, our mortal ftate 
jlX.How frail cur life, how lliort the date ! 

Where is the man that draws hisbretith 
Safe from difeafe, fecure from death ? 

2 Lord, v/hile we fee whole nations die. 
Our fitfli and fenfe repine and cry, 

" Mull death forever rage and reign ? 
" Or haft thou made mankind in vain ? 

iiife to thejufi: ? 
its turn'd to duft ?' 

3 -" Where is th 
" Arc not thylerva: 
But faith forbids thefe mournful iighs, 
And feci the ijcepiag dull: arife. 

4 That glorious hcur, that dreadful day. 
Wipes the reproach of faints away. 
And clears the honour of thy word ; 
^Uvake our fouls and bltfs the Lord. 


Ver. 47, tirV. 

L':fey Dc'atl, and the Refurrcaion. 

lT~''HlNK, mighty God, on feeble man; 
X How few his hours, iiow fliort hisi'paii 
Short from the cradle to the grave. 
Who can fccurc his vital breath 
Agaiiift the bold demands cf death, 

W^ith fkill to fiy, or pow'r to fave .'' 
a Lord, fliall it be for ever faid, 
" The race of man was only made 
For iickoids, fs^rrow, and th-_- dud !" 




Arc not thy fcrrants day by day 
Sent to tneir graves and turn'd to clay ? 
Lord, Where's thy kindnefs to the juft 

^Hafl: thou not promis'd to thy Son 
And all his feed a heav'nly crown ? 

But flcfli and fenfe indulge defpair ; 
For ever blefled be the Lord, 
That faith can read his holy word, 
And find a rcfurrc<5lion there. 

4For ever blcfled be the Lord, 
Who gives his faints a long reward. 

For all their toil, reproach, and pain ; 
Let all below, and all above, 
Join to proclaim thy wond'rous love, 

And each repeat their loud Amen. 



Alun mortal^ and GOD eternal. 
A 772curnfiil Sor.y at a Funeral. 

I'T^HROUGH ev'ry age, eternal God, 

X Thou art our reft, our fafc abode ; 
High vv as tliY throne e'er heav'u was made 
Or eardi thy humble footftool laid. 

rl.onc; ^-'dft thou'd c're lime began. 
Or duft wa^ fr.fhlon'd to a man ; 
And long thv kin;^^dcm lliall endure 
When earth and time fliall be no more. 

3Br.t man, weak man, is born to die. 
Made up of guilt and vanity ; 
Thy dreadful fentence, Lord, was juft, — 
*' Return, ye fmners, to your duft." 

i;[A th.oufand of our years amount 
Scarce to a day in thine account, 
I>ikt ycftci day's dq-jartcd light, 
Or the laft watch of ending night.] 

••Death, like an ovcr/ldwing ftrcam, 
.Sweeps U5 av.riy ; our life's a dream ; 
An empty tale ; a morniiig flow'r. 
Cut down and withcr'd in an hour. 

6 Our a-^c to fevcnty years is fet ; 
J lov/ Ibort the term ! how frail the ftate ! 
And if to cigl'.ty we arrive, 
We rather figh and groan, than live. 

Tut O ! l-n\v oft thy wrcith appears, 
j^lad cv'ls c^" <jur cxpeAcd years ! 

Thy wrath awake? our humble dread ; 
Wc fear the pow'r that ftrikes us dead.] 

STeach us, O Lord, how frail is man ; 
Arid kindly lengthen out our fpan, 
'Till a wife care of piety 
Fit us to die, and dwell with thee. 

Ver. I .5. 

Man frail, and GOD eternal. 

^ f~\^^ ^o*^' our help in ages paft, 
Vy Our hope for years to come, 
Our fliclter from the ftormy blaft, 
And our eternal home. 

2 Under the fliadow of thy throne, 

Thy faints have dwelt fecure, 
Sufiicient is thine arm alone, 
And our defence is fure. 

3 Before the hills in order ftood, 

Or earth receiv'd her frame, 
From everJafting thou art God, 
To endlefs years the fame. 

4 Thy word commands our flefli to duft, 

" Return, ye fens of men ;" 
All nations rofe from earth at firft, 
And turn to earth again. 

5 A thoufand ages in thy fight 

Are like an ev'ning gone ; 
Short as the watch that ends the night 
Before the riiing fun. 

6 [The bufy tribes of flcft) and blood. 

With all their lives and cares, 
Are carry 'd downwards by the flood, 
And loft in foirwing* years. 

7 Time, like '-m tvcr-rolling ftrcam, 

Bears all its fous away ; 
'J'hey fly, forgotten as a dream 
Lies at the op'uiiig d.xy. 

?. Like flow'ry fields the nations ftand, 
Pl( as'd with the morning light : 
The ftow'rs beneath the mower's liand, 
Lie with'ring e'er 'tis r'ghl.J 

9 Our God, our htlp in ?gcs paft, 
Our hope for years to come, 
Be thou our guard while troubles laft, 
And our eternal home. 





Ver. 8, II, 9, lo, 12. 

Inf.rmities and Mortality the Effdl sf Si:: ; cri 
Z//>, old Agf, and Preparation for Death. 

I T ORD, if thine eyes firrvey our faults, 
JLi And juftice grows feverc, 
Thy dreadful wrath exceeds our thoughts, 
And burns beyond our fear. 

Z Thine anger turns our frame to duft : 
By one offence to thee 
Adam, with all his fons, have loll 
Their immortality. 

3 Life like a vain aniufement flics, 

A. fable or a fong ; 
By fwift degrees our nature dies, 
Nor can our joys be long. 

4 'Tis but a few whofe days amount 

To three fcore years and ten ; 
And all beyond that lliort account 
Is forrow, toil, and pain. 

5 [Our vitals with laborious (Irife 

Bear up the crazy load. 
And drag thofe poor remains of life 
Along the tirefome road.] 

6 Almighty God, reveal thy leve, 

And not thy wrath alone ; 

O letosr fwcet experience prove 

The mercies of thy throne.' 

7 Our fouls would learn the heav'niy art 

T' Improve tlie hours v/e have, 
That we may act the wifer part, 
And live beyond the grave. 

4 Then fhall we fliine before thy throne 
In all thy beauty, Lord ; 
And the poor fervice we have done 
Meet a divine reward. 


Ver. 5, 10, 12. 
The Frailty and Shortnefs of Life. 

1 T ORD what a feeble piece 
-L^ Is this our mortal frame ? 

Our life how poor a trifle 'tis, 

That fcarce deferves the name! 

2 Alas ! 'twas brittle clay 
That built our bodies firfl: ! 

And ev'ry month and ev'ry day 
'Tis mould'ring back to dull. 

3 Our moments ily apace. 
Nor will our minutes ftay ; 

Juft like a Hood our halfly days 
Are fweeping us away. 

4 Well, if our days mu ft R\\ 
We'll keep their end in fight ; 

We'll fpend them all in wifdom's way,* 
And let them fpecd their flight. 

5 They'll waft us fooner o'er 
This Ufe's tempeftuous fea : 

Soon we fliall reach the peaceful fliore 
Of blefi: eternity. 

Ver. 13, &c. 

Breathing after Heaven. 

I TJ ETURN, O God of love, return ; 
Xx. Earth is a tirefome place ; 
How long ihail we thy children mourn 
J Our abience from thy face ? 

% % Let heav'n fucceed our painful years, 
^ Let iin and forrow ceafe ; 

And in proportion to our tears, 
So make our joys increafe. 

J Thy wonders to thy fervants fliow, 
Make thy own work complete ; 
Then fliall our fouls thy glery know, 
And ©wn thy love was great. 



Ver. I 7. 

Safety in public Difesfes and Dangers. 

iTTE that hath^nade his refuge God, 
-LX Shall find a moft fecure abode ; 
bhali walk all day beneath his ihade. 
And there at night fhall reft his head. 

zThen will I fay, " My God, thy powV 
" Shall be my fortrels and my tow'r ; 
" I that am form'd of feeble duft 
" Make thine almighty arm my truft." 

3Thrice happy man ! thy Maker's care 
Shall keep thee from the fowler's^fnare, 
Satan the fowler, who betrays 
Unguarded fouls a thoufand ways. 

4juft as a hen protects her brood, 
(From birds of prey that feek their blood,) 
Under her feathers, fo the Lord 

Makes his own arm his people's guard. 




5lf l)urnln;;bffnm<5 of noon confpirc 
To dart a peftilential fire, . 
Cod is their life, his winpfs arc fprcad 
To fliield them with a healthful fhadc. 

f Tf vapours with malignant breath 
Rife thick and fcatter midnight death, 
Jfra!l is fafe : The poifon'd air 
Grows pure, if Jf>a;Vi God be there. 

r'vVhat though athoufandat thv fide. 
At thy ri;7ht hand ten thoufand dy'd, 
Thy Cod his chofen people favt-s, 
Amon':;{l the dead, amidft the graves. 

PSo Avhtn he fent his nngel down 
To mnke his wrath in Ej;'jpt known. 
And flew their fons, his careful eye 
Pad all the doors of '^acob by. 

9Ejt if the fire, or plarue, or fword. 
Receive comnv Hum from the Lord, 
Toftrike fcis faints among the reft, 
Their very pains and deaths are bleft. 

loThe fword, the peftilcnce or fire, 
.•^hall b'.it fulfil their beft dtfirc ; 
IVom fi'.is and forrovrs fct them free, 
And bring thy children. Lord, to thee. 


Vcr. 9 1 6. 

P rote nion from Death, Guan^ of Argelsy Vic- 
tory and Deliverance. 

:'\7'E fons of men, a feeble race, 

X Expos'd to ev'ryfnare, 
Comc,makethe Lord yourdwellingplace 
And try, and truft his care. 
0. No ill fliall enter where you dwell ; 
Or if the plague come nigh. 
And fweep the wicked down to hell, 
'Twill raife his faints on high. 

He'll give his angels charge to keep 
Your feet in all their ways : 

To watch your pillow while you deep. 
And guard your happy days. 

4 Their hands Hiall bear you, left you fall 
And daih againft the ftones ; 
Ar?' tiiey not fervants at his c.ill, 
And fent t' attend his fons ? 
J Adders and lions ye fhall tread; 
The tempter's wiles defeat ; 
He that hath broke the fcrpent's head 
Puts them beneath vour feet. 

6 " Ecraufe on mc they fet their love, 

'" III favc them (faith the Lord) 

" I'll bear their joyful fouls above 

" Deftrucflion, and the fword. 

" My grace fliall anfwer when they call . 

" In trouble I'll be nigh ; 
" My pow'r fl\all help them when they 

" And raife them when they die. [fall^ 

8 " Tliofe that on earth my name have 
I'll honour them in heav'n -. [known. 
*' There my fdvation fliall be fliown, 
" And cndlefs life be giv'n." 



A Pf.lrn for the 1 ORd's Day. 

I Q \VEf:T is the work, my God, my King, 
OTo praifc thy name, give thanks &fing> 
To flicw thy love by morning light, ' 
And talk of all thy truth at night. 

iSwect is the day of facred reft. 
No mortal cares fliall feize my breaft : 
O may my heart in tune be found. 
Like Daiiifs harp of loiemn found ! 

3My heart fliall triumph in my Lord, 
And blcfs his works, and blefs his word ;, 
Thy works oFgrace how bright they fliine! 
How deep thy counfels ! how divine ! 

4F00IS never raife their thoughts fo high ; 
Like brutes thev live, like b'-utebthey die, 
I-ike grafs they flourifli, 'til! thy breath 
Elaft them in everlafting death. 

jEut I fl'.all fiiare a glorious part. 
When grace hath well rcfin'd my heart. 
And frcfli fupplies of joy are flitd. 
Like holy oil to cheer my head. 

oSin (my Avorft enemy before) 
Shall vex my eyes and ears no more ; 
My iaAvard foes fliall all be flnin, 
Nor fatan break my peace again. 

jThen fliall I fee, and hear, and know. 
All I dcfir'd or wifli'd below ; 
And cv'ry pow'r find fweet employ 
In that eternal world of joy, 


"The CLur<h is the Garden of GOD. 

I T ORD, 'tis a pleafant thing to ftand 
JLj In gardens planted by thine hand; 
Let me within thy courts be feen 
Like a young Cedar, frefli and green. 


2 There grow thy faints in faith and love, 
Blelt with thine influence from above ; 

Not Lebanon Avith all its trees 
Yields fuch a comely fight as thefe. 

.3 The plants of grace fhall ever live ; 
(Nature decays but grace muft thrive) 
Time that doth all things elfe impair 
Still makes them flourilh ftrong and fair. 

4 Laden with fruits of age, they fliew j 
The Lord is holy, juft and true : ! 

None that attend his gates fhall find 
A God unfaithful or unkind. 



The eternal and fovere'ign GOD, 

I JEHOVAH reigns ; he dwells in light ; 
3 Girded with majefty and might : 
The world created by his hands 
Still on its firfl foundation ftands. 

1 But ere this fpacious world was made, 
Or had its firft foundations laid, 
Thy throne eternal ages flood, 
Thyfelf the ever-living God. 

3 Like floods the angry nations rife, 
And aim their rage againft the fkies ; 
Vain floods that aim their rage fo high ! 
At thy rebuke the billows die. 

4 For ever fliall thy throne endure ; 
Thy promife fiands for ever fure ; 
And everlafting holinefs 
Becomes the dwellings of thy grace. 



3 Yc tempefls rage no more ; yc floods b« 

And the mad world obedient to Itts will ; 

Built on his truth, his church muft ever 

Firm are his promifes and flronghis hand : 

See his own Ions, when they appear be- 
fore him, [dore him. 

Bow at his foot-ftool, and with fear a- 

I npHE Lord of glory reigns ; he reigns 
JL on high, 

His robes of flate are flirength & majefly 
This wide creation rofe at his command, 
Built by his word, and 'ftablifli'd by his 
hand : [tion, 

Long ftood his throne ere he began crea- 
And his own Godhead is the firm foun- 

a God is th' eternal King : thy foes in vain 

Raife their rebellion to confound thy 

reign : [rife, 

In vain the ftorms, in vain the floods a- 

And.rcar, and tofs their waves againil 

the ikies.; [commotion, 

Foaming at heav'n they ragfe with wild 

But heav'n's high arches fcora the fv.-el- 

llng ocean,' ' 

G a 


I npHE Lord Jehovah reigns, 
X. And royal flate maintains, 
His head with awful glories crown'd i 
Array'd in robes of light, 
Begirt with fov'reign might, 
And rays of majefly around. 

a Upheld by thy commands. 

The world fecurtly ftands, 
And fkies and flars obey thy word : 

Thy throne was fix'd on high 

Before the flarry fky : 
Eternal is thy kingdom, Lord. 

3 In vain the noify crowd. 
Like billows fierce and loud, 

Againfl thine empire rage and rear ; 

In vain with angry fpite 

The furly nations fight, 
And dafhlike waves againfl the fliore. 

4 Let floods and nations rage, 
And all their pow'rs engage, 

Let fwelling tides a.'lault the iky ; 
The terrours of thy frown 
Shall beat their madnefs down ; 

Thy throne for ever fiands on high. 

5 Thy promifes are true. 
Thy grace is ever new : 

There fix'd thy church fliall ne'er remove ; 

Thy faints with holy fear 

Shall in thy courts appear, 
And fmg thine everlafting love. 

Repeat the four iB f.a7iza, if neceffary. 



Ver. I, 2, 7 14. 

Saints chafifed, and Sinners dfirojed : Or, /«- 
fruSiive AJfiaions. 

I f~>^ GOD ! to whom revenge belongs, 

\_} Proclaim thy wrath aloud ; 
Let fov'reign pow'r redrcfs our wron^-j 
Let juflice finite the proud. 



ft They fay,*'The Lord nor fees nor hears; 
When will the fools be wile ? 
Can he be deaf, who formd their ears ? 
Or blind, who made their eyes ? 

3 He knows their impious tho'ts are vain, 

And tliey fliall feel his pow'r ; [pain, 
His wrath ihall pierce their fouls with 
In fome furprizing hour. 

4 But if thy faints deferve rebuke, 

Thou haft a gentler rod ; 
Thy providences and thy book 
Shall make them know their God. 

5 BIcft is the man thy hands chaftife, 

And to his duty draw : 
Thy fcourges make tliy children wife, 
When they forget thy law. 

$ But God will ne'er caft off his faints, 
Nor his own promife break ; 
He pardons his mheritance 
For their Redeemer's fake. 


Ver. i6 23. 

•OD our Support and Comfort : Or., Deliver- 
ance from Temptation and Perfecution. 

? ^TT'^^ ^^^ *"^'^ ^^*^ plead my right, 
VV Againft my num'rous foes ; 
"While earth and hell their force unite, 
And all my hopes oppofc. 

a Had not the Lord, my rock, my help, 
Suftain'd my fainting head, 
My life had now in filcnce dwelt. 
My foul araongft the dead. 

3 " Alas, my Aiding feet !" I cry'd, 

Thy promife was my prop ; 
Thy grace ftood conftant by my fide, 
Thy fpirit bore me up. 

4 When multitudes of mournful thoughts 

Within my bofom roll. 
Thy boundlefs love forgives my faults, 
Thy comforts cheer my foul. 

j; Pow'rs of iniquity may rife, 
And frame pernicious laws : 
But God my refuge rules the fkies, 
He w''il defend my caufe. 

4 Let malice vent her rage aloud ; 
Let bold blafphemers feoff; 
The Lord our God (hall judge the proud, 
Aiid cut the iinners off. 



A Pfalm before Prayer. 

I QING to the Lord Jehovah's name, 
O And in his ftrength rejoice ; 
When his falvation is our theme, 
Exalted be our voice. 

% With thanks approach his awful fight, 
And pfalms of honour fiag ; 
The Lord's a God of boundlefs might, 
T/.e whole creation's King. 

3 Let princes hear, let angels know, 

How mean their natures feem, 

Thofcgods on high, and gods below, 

When once compar'd with him. 

4 Earth with its caverns dark and deep. 

Lies in his fpacious hand ; 
He fix'd the feas what bounds to keep, 
And where the hills muft ftand. 

5 Come and with humble fouls adore, 
Come kneel before his face ; 

may the creatures of his pow'r 
Be children of his grace. 

6 Now is the time he bends his ear, 
And waits for your requeft ; 

Come, left he roufe his wrath, and fwear 
" Ye iliall not fee my reft." 


A Pfalm before Sermon. 

1 /^ OME, found his praife abroad, 
VJ And hymns of glory fing ; 

Jehovah is the fov'rcign God, 

The univerfal King, 
a He form'd the deeps unknown ; 

He gave the feas their bound ; 
The wat'ry worlds are all his own, 

And all the folid ground. 

3 Come, worfliip at his throne, 
Come bow before the L ord ; 

We are his works, and not our own, 
He form'd us by his word. 

4 Today attend his voice, 
Nor dare provoke his rod ; 

Come like the people of his choice 
And own your gracious God. 

5 But if your ears refufe 
The language of his grace, 

■ Arid hearts grow hard, like ftubboru Ji'ufj 
I That unbelieving race ! 


6 The Lord in vengeance ^left, 
Will lift his hand and fwear, 

You that defpife my promis'd reft, 
Shall have no portion there." 


R E. 


Ver. I, 2, 3, 6 II. 

Canaan lojl through Unbdief : Or, a IVarning S 

to delaying Sinners. 
I/^OME, let our voices join to raife 
V^ A facred fong of folemn praife : 
God is a fov'reign King ; rehearfe 
His honours in exalted verfe. 

2 Come, let our fouls addrefs the Lord, 
Who fram'd our natures with his word 
He is our fhepherd ! we the flieep, 
His mercy chufe, his paftures keep. 

3 Come, let us hear his voice to-day. 
The counfels of his love obey ; 
Nor let our harden'd hearts renew 
The fins and plagues that Ifrael knew. 

4 Ifrael, that faw his works of grace. 
Yet tempt their Maker to his face ; 
A faithlefs unbelieving brood, 
That tir'd the patience of their God. 

5 Thu s faith the Lord, " ho w f alfe they prove 
" Forget my pow'r, abufe my love ; 

" Since they defpife my reft, I fwear 
•' Their feet fliall never enter there." 

6 FLook back, my foul, with holy dread, 
And view thofe ancient rebels dead ; 
Attend the ofFer'd grace to day. 

Nor lofe the bleffing by delay. 

7 Seize the kind promifc while it waits. 
And march to Zions heav'nly gates ; 
Believe, and take the promis'd reft ; 
Obey and be forever bleft.] 



Ver. I, lo, isfc. 

Christ's Firji and Second Coming. 

SING to the Lord, ye diftant lands. 
Ye tribes of evr'y tongue ; 
His new difcover'd grace demands 
A new and nobler ^ong. 

Say to the nations, Jefus reigns, 
God's own almighty Son ; 

Kis pow'r the finking world fuftains, 
And grace furrounds his throne. 

Let hcav'n proclaim the joyful day, 
Joy through the earth be feen ; 


Let cities fliine in bright array, 
And fields in cheerful green. 

4 Let an unufual joy furprife 
The ifljinds of the fea; 
Ye mountains link, ye vallics rife. 
Prepare the Lord his way. 

Behold he comes, he comes to blefs 

The nations as their God ; 
To fliew the world his ri^hteoufnefs, 

And fend his truth abroad. 

But when his voice fhall raife the dead? 

And bid the world draw near. 
How will the guilty nations dread, 
To fee their Judge appear. 


The GOD tf the Gentiles. 
T ET all the earth their voices raife. 

-L< To fing the choiceft pfalm of praife, 

To fing and blefs Jehovah's name ; 
His glory let the heathens know, 
His wonders to the nations fliow. 
And all his faving works proclaim. 

2 The heathens know thy glory. Lord ; 
The wond'ring nations read thy word ; 

Among us is Jehovah known ; 
Our worfliip fhall no more be paid 
Togods which mortal hands have madci 

Our Maker is our God alone. 

3 He fram'd the globe, he built the fky. 
He made the fhining worlds on high. 

And reigns complete in glory there ; 
His beams are majefty and light ; 
His beauties, how divinely bright ! 

His temple, how divinely fair I 

4 Come, the great day, the glorious hour. 
When earth fliall feel his faving pow'r. 

And barb'rous nations fear his name ; 
Then fliall the race of men confefs 
The beauty of his holinefs, 

And in his courts his grace proclaim. 



Ver. I 5. 

CHRIST reigning in Heaven and coming to Judg' 
i reigns, the Lord the Saviour reigQj, 
Praife him in evangelick ftraius ; 
Let the whole earth in fongs rejoice, 
And diftant iflands join their voice. 





a Deep are his counfcls and unknown; 
/But grace and truth fupport his throne : 

Tho' gloomy clouds his way furround, 

Juftice is their eternal ground. 

3 In robes of judgment, lo, he comes ! 
Shakes the wide earth and cleaves the 
Before him burns devouring fire, [tombs, 
The mountains melt, the feas retire. 

4 His enemies, with foredifmay, 

Fly from the fight and fhun the day ; 
Then lift your head?, ye faints, on high, 
And fing, for your redemption's nigh. 


Ver. 6 9. 

■ CHRJSt's Incarnation. 

i'TpHE Lord is come, the heaven's pro- 

X claim 

His birth ; the nations leatn his name ; 
An unknown flar direcfls the road 
Of Eaftcrn fages to their God. 

2 All ye bright armies of the ikies. 
Go, Avorfhip where the Saviour lies ; 
Angels and kings before him bow, 
Thofe Gods on high and gods below. 

3 Let idols totter to the ground, 

And their own worfliippers confound ; 
But Judah fllOUt, but Sicn Sing, 

And earth confefsher fov'reicjn king. 

Grace and Glory. 

V I T-IE Almighty reigns, exalted h'gh, 

X O'er all the earth, o'er all the Iky : 
Tho' clouds and darknefs veil his feet, 
His dwelling is the mercy- feat. 

2 O ye that love his holy name. 
Hate ev'ry work of fin and fluune ; 
He guards the fouls of all his friends. 
And from the fnares of hell defends. 

3 Immortal light and joys unknown. 
Are for the faints in darknefs fown ; 
Thofe glorious feeds fliall fpring and rife 
And the bright harvcft blcfs our eyes. 

4 Rejoice, ye righteous, and record 
The facred honors of the Lord ; 
None but the foui that feels his grace 
CV.n triumph in his holinefs. 


Ver. I, 3, 5, 7,11. 

Christ's Incarnation^ and the laji yudgment. 

1 'VTEifiands of the Northern fea, 

X Rejoice, the Saviour reigns ; 

His word like lire prepares his way, 

And mountains melt to plains. 

2 His prefence finks the proudeft hills. 

And makes the vallies rife ; 
The humble foul enjoys his fmilee, 
The haughty linner dies. 

3 The heav'ns his rightful pow'r proclaim ; 

The idol gcds around 
Fill their own worfliippers with fliame, 
And totter to the ground. 

4 Adoring angels at his birth 

Make the Redeemer known ; 
Thus Ihall he come to judge the earth 
And angels guard his throne. 

5 His foes lliall tremble at his fight, 

And hills and feas retire ; 
His children take their unknown flight, f 
And leave the world on fire. 

6 The feeds of joy and glory fown 

For faints in darknefs here. 
Shall rife and fpring in worlds unknown. 
And a rich harvcft bear. 



Praifi for the Gcfpd. 

I nr'O our almighty Maker, God, 
X New honors be addrcft ; 
His great falvation flnnes abroad 
And makes the nations bkft. 

Z He fpakc the word to Ahral/m firfl. 
His truth fulfils his grace ; 
The Cr:iti!es make his name their truft, 
And learn his righttoufntfs. 
3 Let the whole earth his love proclaim 
With all her different tongues ; 
And fpread the honours of his name 
In melody and longs. 


Toe Messiah's ccming and Kinrdom. 
1 TOY to the world : the Lord is ccme 
J Let earth receive her King : ; 

Let every heart prepare hi::i room, 
And heav'n aad nature hng. 




* Joy to the earth ; the Saviour reigns ; 
I.ct men their fongs employ : [plains, 
While fields and floods, rocks, hills and 
Repeat the founding joy. 

3 No more let fins and forrows grow, 

Nor thorns infeft the ground ; 
He comes to make his blefiing? flow 
Far as the curfe is found. 

4 He rules the world with truth and grace. 

And makes the nations prove 
The glories of his rig'.iteoufnefj, 
And wonders of his love. 



Christ's Kingdom and M-!J<-py. 

1 ' I 'HK God jehovj\h reigns, 

X Let all the nations feur : 

Let finners trcmhle at his throne. 

And faints be humble there. 

2 Jefus .the Saviour reigns ! 
Let earth adore Its Lord ; 

Eright cherubs his attendants ftand, 
Swift to fulii! his word. 

3 In Zion is his throne, 
His honors are divine : 

His church fliall make his wonders known, 
For there his glories fliine. 

4 How holy is his name ! 
How terrible his praife ! 

Juftice and truth, and jud canent join 
In all his works of grace. 


A holy GOD luorjhipped iLiith Reverence. 

i "pXALT the Lord our God, 
-Li And worfliip at his feet ; 

His nature is all holinefs, 
And mercy is bis feat. 

2 When Ifrael was his church, 
When Aaron wa-s his prieft, 

When M-fes cry'd, when Samuel pray'd 
He gave his people reft. 

3 Oft he forgave their fins. 
Nor would deftrcy their race : 

And oft he made W\6 vengeance known, 
When they abus'd his grace. 

4 Exalt the Lord our God, 

Whofe grace is flill the fame ; 
Still he's a God of holinefs, 
Aud jealous for his name. 



A Plain Tranjiatian, 

Praife to our Creator. 

iXT'E nations of the earth, rejoice 

X Before the I>ord your fov'reign Kln^, 
Serve him with cheerful heart and voice, 
With all your tongues his glory fing. 

2 The Lord is God ; 'tis be alone 
Doth life and breath and being give ; 
We ar£ his work, and not our own ; 
The flieep that on his paftures live. 

3 Enter his gates withTongs of joy, 
With praifes to his courts repair, 
And make it your divine employ, 

To pay your thanks and honours there. 

4 The Lord is good ; the Lord is kind ; 
Great is his grace, his m.ercy fure : 
And the whole race of man fhail find 
His truth from a<Te to age endure. 

A Paraphrafe. 

1 QING to the Lord with joyful voice ; 
O Let ev'ry land his name adore ; 
The Northern iflcs fhall fend the noifc 
Acrofs the ocean to the {hore. 

2 Nations attend before bis throne 
With folemn fear, with facred joy; 
Know that the Lord is God alone • 
Fie can create, and he dtftroy. 

3 His fov'reign pow'r, without our aid. 
Made us of clay and furm'd us men : 
And when like v/and'ring fheep we 

He brought us to his fold again. 

4 We are his people, we his care, 
Our fouls and ail our mortal frame : 
What Lifting honors fliall we rear, 
Almighty Maker, to thy name ? 

5 We'll croud thy gates with thankful 

High as the heav'ns our voices raifie ; 
And earth with her ten thoufand tongues 
Shall fill thy courts with founding praife. 

6 Wide as the world is thy command, 
Vaft as eternity thy love j 

Firm as a rock thy truth muft ftand, 
When rolling years fhall ceafe to move. 





The Magijlrates Pfalm. 
l"T\ TERCY and judgment are my fonjr ! 
xSjl ^md lincc they both to ihec belong, 
My ;;racious God, my righteous King, 
To thee my fongs and vows I bring. 

a If I am rnis'd to bear the fword, 
I'll take my couufels from thy word ; 
Thy juftice and thy heav'nly grace 
Shall be the pattern of my ways. 

3 Let wifdopi all my a(5tions guide, 
And let ray God with me reiide ; 
No wicked thing fliall dwell with me, 
Wiiich may provoke thy jealoufy. 

4 No fons of flander, rage and ftrlfe 
Sliall be companions of my life ; 
The haughty look, the heart of pride, 
Within my doors fliall ne'er abide. 

5 [I'll fearch the land and raife the jull 
Tt» poffcs of honour, wealth aad trail ; 
The men that work thy holy will. 
Shall be my friends and fav'ritcs flili.] 

6 In vain ihall finners hope to rife 
By flatt'riag or malicious lies ; 
And while the i«nnoccnt I guard, 
The bold offendtr llian't be fpar'd. 

"i The impious crew, that fadlious band, 
Shall hide their heads, or quit the land ; 
And all that break the publicl: refl, 
Where I have pow'r fliall be luppreft. 


A Pfcltn far a diaper of a Family. 

OF juftice and of grace I ling. 
And pay my God my vows ; 
Thy grace and juftice, heav'nly King, 
I'each me to rule mv houfe. 

a Now to my tent, O God repair, 

And make thy fervaut wife ; 

I'll fusTcT nothing near me there 

Thiit fliall otlend thine eyes. 

The wretch that deals in dy deceit, 
I'll not endure a night : 

The liar's tongue I ever hate, 
And banifli from my fight. 

6 I'll purge my family around, 
And make the wicked flee ; 
So fliall my houfe be ever found 
A dwelling fit for thee. 



Vcr. i: 13, 20, 21. 

A Prayer ff tie AJJiiacd. 

r TTEAR me,0 God, nor hide thy face, 
X -L But aiifwer, kft I die : 
Haft thou not built a throne of grace, 
To hear when finners cry. 

2 My days are wafted like the fmokc 

DiiTolving in tlie air ; 
My ftrengtli is dry 'd, my heart is broke. 
And linking in defpair. 

3 My fpirits flag, like wilh'iing grafs 

Burnt withcxcelllvc heat ; 
In fecret groar.s my minutes pafs, 
And I forget to eat. 

4 As on fonie lonely building's top, 

The fparrow tells her moan. 
Far from the tents of joy and hope, 
I fit and grieve alone. 

5 My foul is like 2 wildernefs, 

Where beafts of midnight howl ; 
Where the fad raven finds her place, 
And where the fcreaming owl. 

6 Dark difmal thoughts and boding fears 

Dwell in my troubled brcaft ; 
While fliarp reproaches wound my eart. 
Nor give my fpirit reft. 

7 My cup is mingled with my woes. 
And tears arc my rcpaft ; 

My daily bread like aflies grows 
Unpleafant to my taftc. 

3 The man that doth his neighbour wrong, 8 Scnfe can a flb id no real joy 

By falfehood or by forces ! To fouls that feel thy frown ; 

The fcornful eye, the ftand'rous tongue. Lord, 'twas thy hand advanc'd me high, 
I'll thruft them from my doors. | Thy hand hath caft me down. 

4 rii feck the faithful and the juft, 9 My locks like wither'd leaves appear ; 

And will their help enjoy ; i And life's declining light 

Thefe are the friends that 1 flialJ truft, j Grows faint as ev'ning fliadows are, 
The fervants I'll employ. I That vanifli into night. 




It thou forever nrt the fame, 
O my eternal God ! 

s to come fliall know thy name, 
And fpread thy works abroad. 
1 1 Thou wilt arife, and fhew thy face, 
Nor will my Lord delay 
Beyond th' appointed hour of grace, 
That long expected day. 

^ Spare us, O Lord, aloud we pray. 
Nor let our fun go down at noon ; 
Thy yeaf s are one eternal day, 
And muft thy children die fo foon ? 

3 Yet in the midft of death and grief 
This thought ourforrow fhall afluage ; 
" Our Father and our Saviour live ; 
Chrift is the fame through ev'ry age.' 

I z He hears his faints he knows their cry, ,_ , , . , , , 

And by myfterious ways 4 T^^as he this earth s foundation laid ; 

Redeems the pris'ners doom'd to die, 
And fills their tongues with praife. 

Heav'H is the building of his hand ; [fade. 
This earth grows old, thefe heav'ns fliali 
And all be chang'd at his command. 

COMMON METRE. SECOND FART, s The ftarry curtains of the fky 

Like garments fliail be laid afide ; 

But ftill thy throne ftands firm and high ; 

Thy church forever muft abide. 

6 Before thy face thy church fliall live. 
And on thy throne thy children reign ; 

Ver. 13 Zi. 

Prayer heard^ and Zion rejiored. 

4 T ET Zion and her Sons rejoice, 
X-J Behold the promis'd hour ' 

Her God hath heard her mourning voice. 
And conies t' exalt his pow'r. 

2 Her (iuft and ruins that remain, 

Are precious in our eyes ; 

Thofe ruins fliall be built again. 

And all that duft fliall rife. 

3 The Lord will raife JerufaUm, 

And ftand in glory there ; 
Nations fliall bow before his name. 
And kings attend with fear. 

4 ?Ie fits a Sov'reign on his throne, 

With pity in his eyes : 
He hears the dying pris'ners groan, 

5 He frees the fouls condemn'd to death, 
And when his faints complain, 
It flian't be faid " that praying breath 
" Was ever fpent in vain." 

i This fliall be known when we are dead. 
And left on long record, 
That ages yet unborn may read, 
And truft, and pralfc the Lord. 

This dying world fliall they furvive. 
And the dead faints be rais'd again. 


Ver. 13 1%. 

Mjns Moriality, and christ's Eternity ) Or, 
Sjirds die, but CHRIST and the Church live. 

the Lord our Saviour's hand 
cakens our ftrength amidft therace; 
Difeafe and death at his command 
Aricfl us and cut ihort our day?. 

1 TT ist 
1 Wca 



Ver. 1 7. 

BleJfiKg GOD /or his Goodnefs to Soul and Body 

I T>LESS, O my foul, the living God, 
13 Call home thy thoughts that rove 

Let all the pow'rs within rac join, 
In work and worflilp fo divine. 

'. Blefs, O my foul, the God of grace ; 
His favors claim thy highell praife : 
Why fliould the wonders he hath wrought 
Be loft in filence and fofgot ? 

3 'Tis he, my foul, that fent his Son, 

To die for crimes which thou haft done ; 
He owns the ranfom, and forgiv&s 
The hourly follies of our lives. 

4 The vices of the mind he heals,' 
And cures the pains that nature feeU, 
Redeems the foul from hcli, and favcs 
Our wafting life from threat'ning graves. 

5 Our youth decay'd his pow'r repairs ; 
His mercy crowns our growing years : 
He fatisfics our m.outh with good. 
And fills our hopes with hcav'nly food. 

6 He fees the opprefibr and th' oppreft, 
And often glv«s the fufl^'rcrs reft ; 

Eiit will liis ji'ftjcc more •lifpl^'- 
In the crrcat, Uft rewarding jlj-. 


PSALM cm. 

7 [His povr'r he fliew'd by Mofes* hands, 
And gave to Ifrael his commands ; 
But fent his truth and mercy down 
To all the nations by his Son. 

% Let the whole earth his pow'r confefs, 
Let the whole earth adore his grace ; 
The Gentile with the Jew fliall join, 
In work and worfliip fo divine.] 


Vcr. 8— — 18. 

•OD's gentle Chajl-f^ment ; cr, h'u tender Mm^ 
cj io bis People. 

\* I ^HE wond'rous are his ways 
X How tirm his iruth,howlargchisgrace 
He takes his mercy for his throne, 
And thence he makes his glories known. 

a Not half fo high liis pow'r hath fpread 
The ftarry heav'ns above our head. 
As his rich love exceeds ou." praifc, 
Exceeds the highefl hopes we raife. 

^? Not half fo far hath nature plac'd 
The rifing morning from the weft, 
As Iiis forgiving grace removes 
The daily guilt of thofe he loves. 

4 How flowly doth his wr*th arlfe ! 
On fwifter wings falvation ilies : 
And if he lets his anger burn, 
How foon hii frowns to pity turn ! 

4 Amidflhij wrath compairiou lliines ; 
His ftrokes are lighter than our lins, 
And while his rod corrects his faints, 
His ear indulges their complaints. 

6 So fathers their young fons chaftife, 
With gentle hands and melting eyes ; 
The children weep bentath the fmart, 
And move the pity cf their heart. 


7 The mighty God, the wife and juft, 
Knows that our frame is feeble duft ; 
And will no heavy loads impofc 
Beyond the ftreng'th that he beltows. 

% He knows how foon our nature dies, 
Elaftedby ev'ry wind that flics ; 
Like grafs we fpring, and die as foon, 
As morning flow'rs that fade at noon. 

9 But his eternal love is lure 
To dl ".he faints, and fhJl endure ; 
T-roniagJ to age his truth fhall rcign, 
t-or chiidren's children hcpc in vain. 


Ver. I 7. 

P raife for Jp'trltual and temporal Mtrcleu 

I r^ BLESS the Lord, my foul ! 
\J Let all within me join, 
And aid my tongue to blefs his name, 
Whofe favours arc divine. 

a O blefs the Lord, my foul, 
Nor let his mercies lie 
Forgotten in unthankfulncfs. 
And without praifes die. 

3 Tis he forgives thy fins, 
'Tis he relieves thy pain, 

'lis he that heals thy Hckneflcs, 
And makes thee young again. 

4 He crowns thy life with love. 
When ranfom'd from the grave ; 

He that redeem'd my foul from hell, 
Hath fov'reign pow'r to fave. 

f He fills the poor with good; 
He gives the fufF'rers reft ; 
The Lord hath judgments for the proud, 
And juftice for th' oppreft. 

6 His wond'rous works and ways 
He made by Mvfi known ; 
But fent the world his truth and grace, 
'B^ his beloved Son. 


Vcr. 2 18. 

AloufiJi/i^ Compaffiui of COO : Or, Jilerey i, 
lie midji of fudg:r,ent. 

J l\/rY foul, repeat his praife, 
XvX Whofe mercies arc fo great 
Whcfc anger is fo flow to rile, 
So ready to abate. 

a God will not always chide ; 
yViid when his ftrokes are felt, 
His ftrokes are fewer than our crimcs- 
And lighter than our guilt. 

3 High as the heav'ns are rais'd 
Above ♦he ground we tread, 

o far the riches of his grace 
Our highcft thoughts exceed- 

4 His pow'r fubducs our Cee. 
And his forgiving love, 

Far as the £aft is from the Weft, 
Doth all our guilt remove. 




5 The pity of the Lord 

To thofe that fear his name, 
Is fuch as tender parents feel ; 
He knows our feeble frame. 

6 He knows we are but duft, 
Scatter'd with ev'ry breath : 

His anger like a rifing wind 

Can fend us fwift to death. 

7 Our days are as the grafs, 
Or like the morning flew'r ; 

If one fliarp blaft fweep o'er the field, 
It withers in an hour. 

S But thy cempaflions, Lord, 
To endlefs years endure ; 
And children's children ever find 
T^y words of promife furc. 


Ver. 19 22. 

god's univerful Dominion: Or, Angels praife 
the Lord. 

1 ^' I ""HE Lord, the fov'reign King, 

-L Hath fix'd his throne on high ; 
O'er all the heav'nly world he rules, 
And all beneath the flcy, 

2 Ye angels, great in might, 
And fwift to do his will, 

Blefs ye the Lord, .whofe voice ye hear, 
Whofe pleafure ye fulfil. 

3 Let the brigiu hofts who wait 
The orders of their King, 

And guard his churches when they pr.^y 
Join in the praire they ling. 

4 While all his woncUrous works 
Through his vafl: kingdom flicw 

Their Maker's glory, thou, my I'uul, 
Shall ling his graces too. 



The Glarv of COD in Creation and FrQvidence. 

I "jV/TY i'oul, thy great Greater praile ; 
IVi. When cloth'd in his celeftiai ray::; 
He in fall majefty appears, 
And, like a robe', his glory wears. 

Noit. Thi^-. Pfalm may be fung to a differ- 
ent metre, by adding llie foliowiug twc 
lines to every ftanza, viz. 
Great is tie Lord ; ivhat iuigitc canfrane 
An eciual honour to bis name. 

i . .. TJ 

2 The heav'ns are for his curtain fpread, 
Th' unfathom'd deep he makes his bed ; 
Clouds are h^s chariot, when he flies 
On winged ftorms acrofs the fkics. 

3 Angels whom his own breath infplres, 
His minifters are flaming fires ; 

And fwift as thought their armies move, 
To bear his vengeance or his love. 

4 The world's foundations by his hand 
Are pois'd, and fliall for ever ftand ; 
He binds the ocean in his chain. 
Left it fliould drown the earth again. 

5 When earth was cover'd with the flood. 
Which high above the mountains ftood, 
He thunder'd, and the ocean fled, 
Confin'd to its appointed bed. 

6 The fweliing billows know their bound. 
And in their channels walk their round ; 
Yet thence convey'd by feciet veins. 
They fpring on hiUs,and drench the plains. 

7 He bids the crvftal fountains flow. 
And cheer the vallies as they go ; 
Tame heifers there their thirfl allay. 
And for the ftream wild afTcs bray. 

8 From pleafant trees which Ihade the brink. 
The lark and linnet light to drink ; 
Thei-r fongs the lark and linnet raile, 
And chide our fllence in his praife. 


9 God from his cloudy ciftern pours 
On parched earth enriching fliow'rs : 
The grove, the garden, and the field, 
A thoufand joyful blcfDngs yeld. 

10 He makes the gralTv food arife, 
And gives the cattle large fupplies ; 
With herbs for man, of various powV, 
To nouriili nature, or to cure. 

1 1 What noWe fruits the vines produce I 
'I'he olive yields an ufeful juice ; 

Our licarts are cheer'd wich gen'rous wine. 
With inward joy our faces fliine. ' 

12 O blcfs his name, ye people, fed 
With nature's chief iapporter, bread : 
While bread your vital flren^th imparts. 
Serve lilm with vigour in your hearts. 


13 EehoM the ff-^.tcly ccJ^ir Pcands 
Pvuis'd in the icreft by his hands ; 
Birds to tlic boughs for fhelter fly. 
And build their uefts fecure on high. 


14 To craggy hills afcends the goat ; 
And at the airy mountains foot 
The feebler creatures make their cell ; 
He gives them wifdom where to dwell. 

1^ He fets the fun his circling race, 
Appoints the moon to change her face ; 
And when thick darkncfs veils the day, 
Calls out wild beifts to hunt their prey. 

16 Fierce lions lead their young abroad. 
And roaring afk their meat from God ; 
But when the morning beams arife 
The favagc beafl to covert flies. 

17 Then man to daily labour goes; 
The night was made for his ref>ofe : 
Sleep is thy gift, that fweet relief 
From tirefome toil and wafting grief. 

1 8 How flrange thy works ! how great thy 
And ev'ry land thy riches fill : [fltilJ» 
Thy wifdom round the world we fee. 
This fpacious earth is full of thee. 

19 Nor lefs thy glories in the deep. 
Where fiili in millions fwim and creep, 
With woiid'rous motions fwift or flow, 
5till w L.d'ring in the paths below. 

20 Tht-re faips divide the wat'ry way, 
And flocks of fcaly monfters play ; 
There dwells the huge leviathan, 
And foams and fports in fpite of man. 


ai Vaft are thy works, almiglity Lord, 
All nature refts upon thy word, 
And the whole race of creatures ftand, 
Waitingi their portion from thy hand. 

ai While each receives his difr'rcnt food, 
Their cheerful looks pronounce it good ; 
Eagles and bears, and whales and worms 

"Kt}wi*«2 and praife in dilFrcnt forms. 

»3 But when thy face is hid, they mourn, 
And dyin^ to their duft return ; 
Both man and bcaft their louls refign : 
Life, breath, and fpirit all are thine. 

a4 Yet thou canft breathe on daft again. 
And fill the world with beafts and men ; 
A word of thy creating breath 
Repairs the waftcs of time and death. 

ftj His works, the wonders of his might. 
Are honour'd with liis own d-.light : 
How awful arc his glorious ways ! 
Tfec Lord is dreadful in Ivis praiic. 

26 The earth ftands trembling at thy ftroke. 
And at thy touch the mountains fmoke ; 
Yet humble fouls may fee thy face, 
And tell their wants of fov reign grace. 

27 In thee my hopes and wifhe* meet. 
And make my meditations fweet ; 
Thy praifes fliall my breath employ, 
Till it expire in endlcfs joy. 

28 While haughty finners die accurft, 
Their glory bury'd in the duft, 

I to my God, my heav'nly King, 
Immortal hallelujahs fing. 




eon's Con^u^ of Ifracl, and the Plaguct tf 

1 t^ IVE thanks to God, invoke his name, 
\JJ And tell the world his grace ; 

Sound through the eartib Jais deeds of fame, 
That all may feek his face. 

2 His cov'nant, which he keptin mind 

For numerous ages part. 

To num'rous ages yet behind, 

In equal force lliall laft. 

3 He fware to Abrham and his feed 

And made the bleflung furc : 

Gentiles the ancient promife read, 

Aad find his truth endure. • 

4 "Thy feed fliall make all nations ble&. 

(Said the Almighty voice) 
" And Canaaus land fliall be their reft, 
" 'I"hc type of htav'nly joys." 
5[How l?.rge the grant ! how rich the trace ' 
To give them Canaan s land. 
When they were ftrangers in the jllace, 
A little f«:ble band ! 

6 Lil:e pilgrims tliro' the couBtries round 

Securely they remov'd ; 
And haughty kings that on them frown'd, 
Severely he rcprov'cl, 

7 " Touch mine Anointed, and mine-arm, 

" Shall fcon avenge the wrong ; 
« The man that does my prophets Uarm, 
" Shall know their Cod is ftron^." 

8 l^en let the 'jucild fcrbear its ra^ff 

K:r put the clurcb in fear : 

Ifrael mujl live through ev'ry ar^f, 

^nj b< .h' Almighty s forr.] 




9 When Pharaoh dar'd to vex the faints, 

And thus provok'd their God, 

Mofcs was fent at their complaiots, 

Arm'd with his dreadful rod. 

10 He call'd for darknefs ; darknefs came, 

Like an o'erwhelmlng flood ; 
He turn'd each lake and ev'ry ftream. 
To lakes and ftreams of blood. 

11 He gave the £gn,and noifome flies 

Through the whole country fpread ; 
And frogs in croaking armies rife 
About the monarch's bed. 

12 Through fields and towns and palaces, 

The tenfold vengeance flew ;. 
Locufts in fwarms di^vour'd their trees, 
And hail their cattle flew : 

13 Then by an angel's midnight ftroke 

The flow'r of I^gypt dy'd ; 
The flrength of ev'ry houfe was broke, 
Their glory and their pride. 

14 Noiv let the xuorld forbear its rage, 

JVor fut the church in fear ^ 

Ifrael muji live through e'ury age, 

AndbetV Almightfs care, 


15 Thus were the tribes from bondage bro't 

And 1. ft the hated ground ; 
Each fome Egyptian fpoils had got, 
And not one feeble found. 

16 The Lord himfelf chofe out their way, 

And mark'd their journies right. 
Gave them a leading cloud by day, 
A fiery guide by night. 

1 7 They thirft ; and waters from the rock, 

In rich abundance flow, 
And foU'wing ftill the coarfe they took, 
Ran all the defart through. 

18 O wond'rous flream ! O blefTedtype 

Of ever flowing grace ! 
So Chrift-our rock maintains our life 
Through all this wilderneis. 

f 9 Thus guarded by th' almighty hand, 
The chofen tribes pofTeft 
Canaan, the rich, the promis'd land, 
And there enjoy'd their reft. 

ao Then let the nvorld forbear its rage, 
*Tbe church renounce her fear ; 
Ifrael muJi live through ev'ry age, 
And be the Almighty s cart. 



Vcr. I 5. 

Praife to GOD : Or, Communion -with Saints. 
I 'T^O God the great, the ever bleft, 
J. Let fongs of honor be addrcft ; 
His mercy firm forever (lands : 
Give him the thanks his love demands. ' 

a Who knows the wonders of thy ways ? 
Who iliall fulfil thy boundlefs praife ? 
Bleftarc the fouls that fear thee ftill. 
And pay their duty to thy will. 

3 Remember what thy mercy did 
For Jaccos race, thy chofen feed ; 
And with the fame lalvation blcfs 
The meanefc fuppliant of thy grace. 

4 O may I fee thy tribe rejoice, 

And aid their triumphs with my voice! 
This is my glory, Lord, to be ' 
Join'd to thy faints, and near to thee. 

Ver. 7, 8, I3~i4, 43—48. 

Ifrael funifhed and pardoned : Or, GOD' s un- 
changeable Love. 

1 /^ CD of eternal love, 
^^ How fickle are our ways ' 

And yet how oft did Jfael prove 
'l"hy coaftancy or grace ! 

2 They faw thy wonders wrought. 
And then thy praiie they lung : 

iiut loon thy wotks of pow'r forgot, 
Aud murmur'd with their tongue. 

3 Now they believe his word. 
While rocks with rivers flow ; 

Now with their lufts provoke the Lord, 
And he reduc'd ihem low. 

4 Yet when they mourn'd their faults. 
He harken'd to their groans. 

Brought his own cov'nant to his thor's, 
And. call'd them ftili his ions. 

5 Their names were in his book, 
Hefav'd them from their foes* 

Oft he chaftis'd, but ne'er forfook 
The people whom he chgfc. 

6 Let Jfrael bifcfs the Lord, 
Who lov'd their ancient race : 

And Chrifians join the foiemn word 
Amen, to ail the praife. 




PSALM CVII. 4Then to the Lord they raifetKelrcn 

Ifrael led to Canaan and Chriftians to Heaven. 

He makes the dawning h'ght arife, 
And fcatters all that difmal fliade 
That hung fo heavy round their head. 

I (T^ IVE thanks to God : he reipns aoove, , tt » .1 i c\, r - .,.,,x 

VT Kind are h-^ ^^^-..^k.. ^± ..^. :lS He cuts the bars of brafs in two, 

HU n. a K°"^^i''' ^''' "^r^ '' And lets the fmiling pris'ner through 

His mercy ages pafl have known, [love : ^ i 

And ages long to come fliall own. 

0. Let the Redeemed of the Lord 
The wonders of his grace record : 
Ifrael, the nation whom he chofe, 
And rcfcu'd from their mighty foes. 

3 [When God's almighty arm had broke 
1 heir fetters and th' Egyptian yoke, 
They trac'd the defert, wand'ring round 
A wild and folitary ground ! 

4 There they could Snd no leading road, 
Nor city for a fix'd abode ; 

Nor food, nor fountain to afTuage 
Their burning thirft, or hunger's rage.] 

5 In their diftrefs to Gcd they cry'd ; 
God was their Saviour and their guide; 
He led their march far wand'ring round ; 
*Twa3 the right path to Canaan's ground, 

6 Thus when our firft releafe v/e gain 
From Sin's own yoke, and Satan % chain, 
We have this defert world to pafs, 

A dang'rous and a tirefome place. 

7 He feeds and clothes us all the way, 
He guides our footfteps le't we firay, 
He guards us witli a pow'rn:i hand. 
And bringj us to the heav'nly land, 

O let the faints with joy record 
The truth and gooduefs of the Lord ! 
How great his works I how kind his ways ' 
Let ev'ry tongue pronounce his praife. 

Corre^iotJ for Sin, and Ly Prayer, 
I TpROM age to age exalt his name, 
X? God and his grace are ftill the fame ; 
He filliS the hungry foul with food, 
And feeds the poor with ev'ry good. 

a But if their hearts rebel and rife 
Againil the God that rules the fl:ies, 
If they rejecl his hcav'nly word, 
And flight the counfels of the Lord; 

3 He'll bring their fpirits to the ground. 
And no deliv'rance fliall be found ; 
Laden with grief tliey wafte their breath 
111 darkflcls and the fliades of death. 

Take; ofFthe load of guilt and grief, 
And gives the lab'ringfoul relief. 

6 O may the fons of men record 
The wond'rous goodncfs of the Lord! 
How great his works ! how kind his ways !■ 
Let ev'ry tongue pronounce his praife. 


Intemperance punifhid and pardoned : Or, a 
Pf aim for the Glutton and the Brur.kard. 

iT TAIN man on focliih pleafures bent, 
V Prepares for his own punilhment ; 
Wiiat pains, what loathfome maladies 
From luxury and luft arife ? 

2 The drunkard feels his vitals wafte ; 
Yet drowns his health to pleafc his taf>e . 
'Till all his adlive pow'rs are loll. 

And fainting life draws near the duft. 

3 The glutton groans and loaths to eat. 
His foul abhors delicious meat ; 
Nature with heavy loads oppreft, 
Would yield to death to be releas'd. 

4 Then how the fright'ned finncrs fly 
To God for help witii eari:cft cry : 

lie hears their groans, prolongs their 

And faves them from approaching death. 

c No med'cjnes could e.TecSt the cure 
So quick, fo eafy, or fo fure : 
The deadly fentence God repeals. 
He fends hi^ fov'reign word and heals. 

6 O may the fons of men record 
The wond'rous goodntfs 01 the Lord, 
,\nd let their thankful off rings prove 
How thcv adore their Maker';; love. 


Deliijeraiice from Storms and Sbtp-ivrect : Or^ 

The Seamau's Song. 

iTTTOULD vou behold the works of 
VV God', 

His wonders in the world abroad, 
Go with the mariners and trace 
The unknown regions of the leas. 




a They leave their native fhores behind, 
And feize the favour of the wind ; 
I 'Till God commands and tempefts riie 
That heave the ocean to the ikies. 

3 Now to the heav'ns they mount amain, 
Now fink to dreadful deeps again ; 
What ftrange affrights young failors feel, 
And like a ftagg'ring drunkard reel ! 

4 When land is far, and death is nigh, 
Loft to all hope, to God they cry ; 
His mercy hears their loVid addrefs, 
And fends falvation in diftrefs. 

5 He bids the winds their wrath affuage, 
The furious waves forget their rage ; 
'Tis calm ; and failors fmile to fee 
The haven where they wifb'd to be. 

6 O may the fons of men record 

The wond'rous goodnefs of the Lord ! 
Let them their private ofF'rings bring. 
And in the church his glory hng. 


The Mariner s Pfalm. 

J npHY works of glory, mighty Lord, 
X Thy wonders in the deeps. 
The fons of courage fliall recorc. 
Who trade in floating iliips. 

2 At thy command the winds arife, 

And fwell the tow'ring waves ; 
The men aflonifh'd mount the ikies. 
And fink in gaping graves. 

3 [Again they climb the wat'ry hills, 

And plunge in deeps again ! 
Each like a tott'ring drunkard reela^ 
And finds his courage vain. 

4 Frighted to hear the temptft roar, 

They pant with flutt'ring breath. 
And hopelefs of the diiiant lliore^ 
Expcd: immediate death.] 

5 Then to the Lord they raife their cries. 

He hears the loud requcft, 
Ajid orders filence tlu-ough the ikies, 
Ai^ lays the floods to reft. 

i, Sailors rejoice to lofe their fears, 
And fee the ftorm allay'd ; 
Now tu their eyes the port appears 
There let tlicir vows be paid. 

7 Tis God th-At brings iheni f.;fc to land ; 
Let ftifpid mcrtals k^ow 

That waves arc under his coiftmand. 

And allth# winds that blow. 

O that the fons of men Tirould praife 
The goodnefs of the Lord ! 

And thofe that fee thy wond'rous ways 
Thy wond'rous love record. 


Colonies planted : Or» Nations bleft . and 

A Pfalm for N^eiv^ England. • 

iTTTHEN God provok'd with daring 
VV crimes, 

Scourges the raadnefs of the times. 
He turns their fields to barren fand, 
And dries the rivers from the land. ^ 

2 His word can raife the fprings again, 
And make the wither'd mountains gre^, 
Send fl^ow'ry bleffings from the ikies, 
And harvefts in the defart rife. 

3 [\^'liepe nothing dwelt but beafts of prey, 
Or men as fierce and wild as they ; 

He bids th' oppreft and poor repair, 
And builds them towns and cities there. 

4 They fow the fields, and trees they plant, 
Whofe yearly fruit fnppljes theif want : 
Their race grows up from fruitful ftocksj/ 
Their wealth increafes with their flocks. 

5 Thus they are bleO ; but if they fin j 
He lets the heathen nations in ; 

A favage crew invades their lands, 
Their princes die by barb'rous hand^. 

6 Their captive fons expos 'd tofcorn. 
Wander unpity'd and forlorn : 
The country lies unfenc'd, untill'd, 
And derolation fpreads the field. 

7 Yet if the humbled nation mourns, 
Again his dreadful hand he turns ; 
Again he makes their cities thrive. 
And bids the dying churches live.] 

8 The righteous, with a joyful fenfe, 
Admire the works of providence ; 
And tongucA of Aheifts lliall np more 
Blafpheme the God that faii^ts adore. 

9 How few with pious care record 
Thefe wond'rous dealings cf the Lord ; 
But wife obfervers ftill fliall find 

The Lord is holy, juft;jd. 



cix, ex. 


Ver. I 5, 31. 

Love to Enemies from the Example of CHRIST. 

I f^ OD of my mercy and my praife, 
ViT Thy glory is my fong ; 
Though finners Ipeak againil thy grace 
With a blafpheming tongue. 

a When in the form of mortal man 
Thy fon on earth was found, 
With cruel flanders falfe and vain, 
They compafs'd him around. 

3 Their mis'ries his compaflion move, 

Their peace he ftill purfu'd ; 
They render hatred for his love, 
And evil for his good. 

4 Their malice rag'd without a caufe, 

Yet with his dying breath 
He pray'd for murd'rers on his crofs, 
And blcft his foes in death. 

5 Lord, fliall thy bright example iliine 

In vain before my eyes ? 
Give me a foul a-kin to thine. 
To love mine enemies. 

6 The Lord fliall on my fide engage. 

And in my Saviour's name 
I ihall defeat their pride and rage 
Who IJander and condemn. 


The Kingdom and Priefbood of CHRIST. 

I ' I 'HUS the great Lord of earth and fea 
JL Spake to his Son,and thus he fwore : 
" Eternal fhall tliy pricflhood be, 
" And change from hand to hand no more. 

Z " Aaron and all his fons muft die ; 
" But everlafting life is thine, 
" To fave forever thofe that fly 
" For refuge from the wrath divine. 

3 " By me Meldifedeck was made 

" On earth a king and prieft at once ; 
" And thou, my heav'nly pried, flialt plead 
" And thou, my King, {halt rule my fons." 

4 fefus the prieft afcends his throne, 
While counfels of eternal peace, 
Between the Father and the Son, 
Proceeds with honour and fuccefs. 

jThro the whole earth his reign flaallfpread. 
And crufli the pow'rs that dare rebel ; 
Then fliall he judge the rifing dead. 
And fend the guilty world to hell. 

6Though while he treads his glorious way. 
He drinks the cup of tears and blood, 
The fufF'rings of that dreadful day 
Shall but advance him near to God. 

P S A L 


M ex. 


CBrist exalted^ and JMuUitudes ccnvertcd: ' 
The Succefs of the Go/pel. 

1 nPHUS the eternal Father fpake 

JL To ChriJ} the Son ; " afcend and fit a What m onders fliall thy gofpel do ! 


Christ's Kingdom and Pruflhood. 

I TESUS, our Lord, afcend thy throne, 
J And near thy Fatlicr fit : 
In Z'lou fhall thy pow'r be known, 
And make thy foes fubmit. 

At my right hand, 'till I fhall make 
*♦ Thy foes fubmiflive at thy feet. 

s" From Zhn fliall thy word proceed, 
" Thy word, the fceptre in thy hand, 
" Shall make the hearrs of rebels bleed, 
** And bow their wills to thy command. 

3 " That day fhall (hew thy pow'r is greats 
•' When faints fliall flock with willing 

" And finner? croud thy temple g.nte, 
" Where holinefs in beauty flunks." 

4 O bleiTcd pcv.''r ! O f,lorious day ! 
What a large vi(fl'ry fhall cnfue ! 
And converts who thy grace obey. 
Exceed the drops of morning dew. 

Thy converts fhall furpafs 
The num'rous drops of morning dew, 
And own thy fov'reign grace. 

3 God hath pronoiinc'd a firm decree, 

Nor changes what he fwore ; 
" Eternal fliall thy priefthood be, • 
" When Aaron is no more. 

4 « Melchfedeck, that wond'rous prieft, 

« That king of high degree, 
" That holy man who Abraham bIcfV, 
" Was but a type of thee." 

5 "Jd""^ our prieft forever lives, 

To plead for us above : 

J fits our king forever gives 
The bkilinrs cf his lovt. 




6 God fliall exalt his glorious head, 
And his high throne maintain, 
ihall ftrike the powers and princes dead 
Who dare oppofe his reign. 



The Wifdcm ef aoD in Bis Works. 

SONGS oLimmortal praife bel^ong 
To my almighty God : 
He has my heart, and he my tongue, 
To fpread his name abroad. 

How great the works his hand has 
How glorious in our fight ! [wrought ! 

And men in ev'ry age have fought 
His wonders with delight. 

How moft exa<£t is natures frame \ 
How wife the Eternal mind ! 

His counfels never change the fcheme 
That his firft thoughts defign'd. 

When he redeem'd his chofen fons, 

He fix'd his cov'nant fure : 
The orders that his lips pronounce 

To endlefs years endure. 

4 They that would grow divmely wife, 
Muft with his fear begin : 
Our faireft proof of knowledge lies 
In hating evVy fin. 

! it$ Nature and time, and earth and ikies, 
Thy heav'nly ikill proclaim : 
What lliall we do'to make us wife, 
But learn to read thy name .•' 

6 To fear thy pow'r, to trud thy prace. 
Is our divined ikiJI : 
And he's the wifefl: of our race 
That beft obeys thy will. 


The PerfeBicns of GOD. 


The blejjings of the liberal Man. 

•C I ^HAT man is bleft who ftands in awe 
-L Of God, and loves his facred law : 
His feed on earth fliall be renown 'd : 
His houfe the feat of wealth fhall be 
An unexhaufted treafury. 
And with fuccellive honours crown 'd. 

% His lib'ral favours he extends. 
To fome he gives, to others lends : 

Ageij'rous pity fills his mind : 
Yet what his charity impairs. 
He faves by prudence in affairs. 

And thus he's juft to all mankind. 

3 His hands, while they his alms beftow'd, 
His glory's future harveft fow'd : 

The fweet remembrance of the juft. 
Like a green root, revives and bears 
A train of blefilngs for his heirs, 

When dying nature lleeps in dull. 

4 Befet with threat'ning dangers round, 
Unmov'd fliall he maintain his ground : 

His confcience holds his courage up : 
The foul that's fiU'd with virtue's light, 
Shines brighteft ia afllidlion's night ; 

And fees in darknefs beams of hope, 
p A u s . E . 

5 [111 tidings never can furprize 
His heart, that fix'd on God relies, 

Tho' waves and tempcils roar around : 
Safe on a rock he fits and fees 
The fhipwreck of his eneniies. 

And all their hope and glory drown'd. 

i/^REAT is the Lord, his A-orks 
\jf might 

Demand our noukfi: fongs ; 

Let his afTembled faints unite 

Their harmony of tongues. 

2 Great is the mercy of the Lord, 

He gives his children food ; 
And ever mindful cf ,his word, 
He makes his promife good. 

3 His Son, the great Redeemer came 

To feal his cov'nant fure : 

Holy aud rev'rend is his name. 

His ways are jult and pure. 

of 6 The wicked fliall his triumph fee. 
And gnafli their teeth in agony. 

To find their cxpeclations croft. 
They and their envy, pride and fpight. 
Sink down to everlafting night. 
And all their names in darknefs loft.] 


The Blejpn^s of th; Pious an J Charitable. 

THRICE happy m:in who fears the 
Loves his commands and trufts his word ; 
Honor and peace his days attend, 
And bleffin« to his feed dtfcead. 




a Compafllon dwells upon his n>ind, 
To works of mercy ftill inclin'd : 
He lends the poor fome prefent aid, 
Or gives them not to be repaid. 

3 When limes grow dark:,and tidings fpread 
That fill his neighbour round with dread, 
His heart is arm'd againft the fear, 

For God with all his pow'r is there. 

4 His foul well fii'd upon the Lord, 
Draws hcav'nly courage from his word ; 
Amidft the darkncfs light fhall rife, 
To cheer his heart, and blefs his eyes. 

5 Hehath difpers'd his alms abroad, 
His works are ftill before his God ; 
His name on earth fliall long remain, 
While envious fmners fret in vain. 


Liberality Reivarded. 

X TT APPY IS he that fears the Lord, 

X X And follows his command?, 
Who lends the poor without reward, 
Or gives withlib'ral hands. 

a As pity dwells within his brcaft 
To all the fons of need ; 
So God fnall anfwer his requell 
With blcflings on his feed. 

3 No evil tidings fliall furprize 

His well eftablifli'd mind ; 

His foul to God his refuge flics, 

And leaves his fears behind. 

4 In times of general diftrefs 

Some beams of light (hall flilne^ 
To fliew the world his righteoufnefs, 
And give him peace divine. 

^5 His works of piety and love 
Remain belo..c the Lord : 
Hbnor on earth, and joys above, 
Shall be his fure reward. 



Tie Majcfy and djrJcfca-fion of GOD. 

I'VTEthat delight to fcrve the Lord, 
X The honours of his name record, 
His facrcd name for ever bUfs : 
Where'er the circling fun dilplays 
His riling beams, or fitting rays, 
Let lands and fcas his pow'r confer?. 

a Nq> time, nor nature's narrow rounds ; 
Can give his vaft dominion bounds ; 

The heav'ns are far below his height ; 
Let no created greatnefs dare 
With our>*ternal God compare, 

Arm'd with his uncreated might. 

3 He bows his glorious head to view 
What the bright hof^s of angels do. 

And bends his care to mortal things; 
His fov 'reign hand exalts the poor, 
He takes the needy from the door. 

And makes them company for kings* 

4 When childlefs families defpair. 
He fends the bleflings of an heir 

To rcfcue their expiring name ; 
The mother, with a thankful voice 
Proclaims his praifes and her joys : 

Let cv'ry age advance his fame. 


GOD fovereign and grat'tous. 

i"V?^E fen^ants of th' almighty King, 

X In ev'ry age his praifes fing; 

Where'er the fun fliall rife or fet. 

The nations fliall his praife repeat. 

% Above the earth, beyond the flcy. 
Stands his high throne of majefty ; 
Nor time, nor place his pow'r relLraini 
I.'or bound his univerfal reign. 

x Which of the fons of 4dam dare, 
Or angels with their Cod compare ? 
His glories how divinely bright. 
Who dwells in tncreated light ! 

4 Behold his love, he floops to view 
What faints above and angtls do ; 
And condefcf-nds yet more to hnow 
U he mean affairs of men below. 

5 From diifl and <;ott?ges obfcure 

! His grace ciaks t!»e humble pooi- ; 
Gives theni the honours of iiis fons. 
And Hts them for their hciv'nly throne*. 

6 [A word of hi? creating voice. 
Can make the barren houfc rejoice 
Though Saml's ninety years v/cr* pail, 
'ihc promii'ufccd .'s born ai Ii.l1. 

7 With jcT the mother views her Ton, 
And tells the wonders God has doi.'e : 
Faith mav grew ftrong whrn fenfe defp .. 
If n;;iiire'fi:l5; the prorniiV Uj.rj.l 




L' (D N G M E T R E. 

IU[ trades attending IfrazVs 'Journey. 

1 "XT "THEN I/raely freed from Pbayaah's 

VV hand, 

Left tbc proud tyrant and his land, 
The tribts with cheerful homage own 
I'heir Kino;, and y<<^:/6 was his throne. 

1 Acrofs the deep their journey lay -., 
The deep divides to make them way: 
'Jordan bchcld their march, and fled 
With backward current to his head. 

3 The mountains fliook like frighted fliecp. 
Like lambs the little hillocks leap ; 
Not Sinai on her bafe could ftand , 
Confcious of fov'reign pow'r at hand. 

4 What pow'r could make the deep divide ' 
Make Jordan backward roll his tide ? 
Why did ye leap, ye little hills ? 

And whence the fright that Sinai feels ? 

5 Let cv'ry mountain, ev'ry flood, 
Retire, and know the approaching God, 
The King of Ifrael ; fee him here : 
Tremble thou earth, adore, and fear. 

6 He thunders, and all nature mourns. 
The rock to ftanding pools he turns ; 
Plints fpring with fcuntains at his v/ord. 
And fires and fcas confefs the Lord. 


The trui GOD our Refuge : Gr, Idolatry re- 
f roved. \ 

i'^TOT to ourfelves, wh.o are but dufl, 
-L^ Not to ourfelves is glory due. 
Eternal God, thou only jufl, 
Tiiou only gracious, wife and true. 

2 Shine forth m alJ thy dreadful name ; 
Why fliouid a heathen's haughty tongue 
Infult us, and to laife our fliame, [long ?" 
Say, " Where's the God you've ierv'd lo 

3 The God we ferve maintains his throne 
Above the clouds, beyond the fkies, 
Through ail the turtli his will is done, 
He knows our groans, he hears our cries. 

4 But the vain idols they adore 
Arefcnfelefs fhapes oi'ftone and wood ; 
At bcft a mafs of glitt'ring ore, 

A fiivcr faint, or golden god. 

5 [With eyes and ears they carve the head; 
i Deaf are their ears, their eyes are blind 

In vain are coftiy oflF' rings made, 
I And vows are fcatter'd in the wind. 

6 Their feet were never made to move. 
Nor hands to fave when mortals pray ; 
Mortals that pay them fear or love. 
Seem to be blind and deaf as they, i 

9 O ^rael, make the Lord thy hope, 
Thy help, thy refuge, and thy reft ; 
The Lord fliall build thy ruins up, 
And blefs the people and the prieft. 

8 The dead no more can fpeak thy praifc» 
They dwell in filence in the grave ; 
But we fliall live to fing thy grace. 
And tell the world thy pow'r to favc. 


Popifi Idolatry reprcved. 

lATOT to our names, thcu only juft and 
iN true. 

Not to our worthlefs names is glon," due, 
Thy pow'r and grace, thy truth audjudice 

Immortal honours to thy fov'reign name. 
Shine thro' the earth from heav'nthy blefk 

abode, [your God ?" 

Nor let the heathen fay, " And where's 

2 He.av'n is thilie higher court : There 

(lands thy throne, [done : 

And thro' the lower worlds thy will is 
Our God fram'd all this earth, thefe 

heav'ns he fpread, [made ; 

But fools adore the gods the ir hands Have 
'I'he kneeling, croud, with locks devout 

behold [gold. 

Their lilver faviours, and their faints of 

3 [Vaiu are thofe artful fiiapea of eyes and 


The molten Image neither fees nor hears ; 

Their hands are helplefs, nor their feet 
can move, [pow'r, nor love ! 

They have no fpeech, nor thought, nor 

Yet lottifli mortals make their long com- 
plaints [faints. 

To their deaf idols, and their movelefs 

4 The rich have flatues well adorn'd with 

gold : [mould, 

The poor content with gods of coarfer 
With tools of iron carve the fenfelcfs flock, 
Lopt from a tree, or broken from ^ rock: 




People and prieft drive on the folemntxade 
And truft the gods that fa\v8 and hammers 

5 Be heav'n and earth amaz'd ! 'Tis hard 

to fay [they. 

Which is more ftupid, or tlicir gods or 
O Ifrad, truft the Lord : He hears and 

fees, [peace : 

He knows thy forrows, and rcftores thy 
His worlhip does a thoufand comforts 

yield, [flileld. 

He is thy he!p^ and he thine heav'nly 

6 In God we truft ; our impious foes ia vain 
-Attempt our ruin, and oppofc his rtign ; 
Had they prevaii'd, darkncfs had clos'd 

our days, [pr^iife : 

And death and filence had forbid his 
But we are fav*d,and live: Let fongsarifc 
And Zicn blefs the God that built the fkies 



Rtccvery from Sukneft. 

1 T LOVE the Lord : He heard my cries 
A And pity'd ev'ry groan : 

Long as I live, when troubles rife, 
I'll haften to his throne. 

2 I love he Lord ; he bow*d his ear, 

And chas'd my griefs away ; 
O let my htart no more dcfpair, 

Vcr. i: 


"VV'hile I have breath to 


3 My flefh declin*d,my fpirits fell. 

And I drew near the dead, 
While inward pangs, and fears of liell, 
Perplex'd my wakeful head. 

4 " My God, I cry'd, thy fervant fave, 

'• Thou etcr good and juft ; 
" -^^'7 pow'r can refcue from the grave, 
" Thy pow'r is all my truft. 

5 The Lord beheld me fore diftrcft, 

He bade my pains remove ; 
Return, my fuul, to God thy reft, 
For thou haft known bis love. 

4 My God hath fav'd my foul from death. 
And dry'd my falling tears ; 
Now to his praife I'U fpend my breath, 
And my remaning years. 

Fotvs made in TrztibU, paid in the Church; Or, 
Publick Thafiktfor private Deliverance. 

I TTTHAT flAall I render to my God 
VV For all his kindnefs fliown ! 
Mv feet fiiall vifit thine abode. 
My fongs addrefs thy throne. 

1 Among the faints that fill thine houfe. 
My ofTrings fUall be paid ; 
There fiiall my zeal perfi)rm the vows 
My foul in anguifh made. 

3 How much is mercy thy delight, 

Thou ever blefled God ! 
How dear thy fervants in thy fight ! 
How precious is their blood 1 

4 How happy all thy fervants arc ! 

How great thy grace to me ! 
My life, which thou haft made thy care, 
Lord, I devote to thee. 

4 Now I am ihine, for ever th'nc. 
Nor fliall my purpofe move ;. 
Thy hand hath loos'd my bonds of pain. 
And bound me with thy love. 
6 Here in fhy courts 1 leave my vow. 
And thy rich grace record ; 
Witncfs ye faints who hear me now, 
If I forfake the Lord. 



Praife to COD from aU Nations. 

I /^ ALL ye nations, praife the Lord, 
V-/ Each with a dift"*rcut tongue; 
la ev'ry language learn his word, 
And let Jiis name be fung. 

% His mercy reigns through ev'ry land ; 
Proclaim his grace abroad ; 
For ever firm his truth fliall ftand ; 
Praife ve the faithful God. 

I'C'ROM a'l that dwell below the (kios 
A Let the Creator's praife arife : 
Let t^ie Redeemer's name be fung 
Through ev'ry land, by ev'ry tongue. 

2 Eternal are thy mercies. Lord ; 
Eternal truth attends thy word : 
Thy praife fliall found from fliore to flior^ 
Till fuds ihaU riic and fct ao more. 




r 'T^HY name, almighty Lord, 

X Shall found thro* diftant lands 
Great is thy grace, andfure thy word ! 
Thy truth for ever Hands. 

a Far be thine honour fpread, 
And long thy praife endure, 
'Till morning light and ev'ning ihadc 
Shall be eichang'd no more. 


Ver. 6 



Deliverance from a Tumult. 

1 THHE Lord appears ray helper bow, 
-L Nor is my faith afraid 
What all the fons of earth can do, 
Since heav'n affords its aid. 
4 'Tis fafer. Lord, to hope in thee. 
And have my God my friend, 
Than truft in men of high degree, 
And on their truth depend. 

3 I^ike bets my foes befet me round, 

A large and angry fwarm ; 
But I fhall all their rage confound 
By thine almighty arm. 

4 'Tis through the Lord my heart is Arong, 

In him my lips rejoice ; 
While his falvation is fey fong. 
How cheerful is my voice ! 
= 5 Like angry bees they girt me round ; 
When^God appears they fly : 
So burning thorns with crackling found 
Make a fierce blaze and die. 

6 Joy to the faints, and peace belongs ; 
The Lord protecls their days : 
Let Ifrael tune immortal fougs 
To his almighty grace. 


Ver. 1 7 21. 

Publkl Praife for Deliverance from Death. 

I T ORD, thou haft heird thy fervant cry, 
JLi And refcu'd from the grave ; 
Now iliall he live : (and none can die, 
If God refolve to fave.) 

X Thy praife more conftant than before, 
Shall fill his daily brcat?. ; 
Tliy hand, that hath chaftis'd him fore, 
Defends Liai fUii from death. 

Open the gates of Zicn now, 

For we fliall worfliip there. 
The houfe where all the righteous go. 

Thy mercy to declare. 

Among th' affemblies of thy faints 
Our thankful voice we raife ; 

There we have told thee our complaint»y 
And there we fpeak thy praife. 


Ver. 22, 23. 

CHRIST the Poundation of his Church. 

BEHOLD the furc foundation ftonc 
Which God in Zion lays. 
To build our heav'nly hopes upoo, 
And his eternal praife. 

Chofen of God, to finners dear, 
And faints adore the name. 

They truft their wholi falvation here, 
Nor fliall they fuff.r Ciime. 

The fooliili builders, fcribe and priell, 

Reje^St it with difdain ; 
Yet on this rock tl>e church fliall reft. 

And env) rage in vaiu. 

Wbat though the gates of hell withftood. 
Yet muft this building rife ; 

'Tis thy own work, almi.ghty God, 
And vond'rous in our eyes. 


Ver. 24, 2j, 26. 

Hcfanna : the lord's Day : Or, Christ's 
Refiirre^ion and our Salrjaiioa. 

I 'T^HIS is the day the Lord hath made, 

L He calls the hours his own ; 

Let heav'n rejoice, let earth be gladj 

And praife furrouud the throne. 

To-day he rofe and left the dead, 

And Satan s empire fell ; 
To-d^y the faints his triumphs fpread, 

And all his wonders tell. 

Hofanna to the anointed King, 

To Dai-id's holy Son : 
Kel-p us, O Lordj'defcend and bring 

Salvation from, thy throne. 
Ekft be the Lord, who comes to men 

With mcflagcs of grace ; 
Who comes in God his Father's name 

To fave our linlul race. 




5 Hofanna in the higheft drains 

The church on earth can raifc ; 
The higheft hcav'ns,in wliich he rcigus, 
Shall give him nobler j)raifc. 

Vcr. 22 a;. 

An Hofanna for the lord's Day : Or , A neiv 
Song of Salvation l>y CHRIST. 

I QEE what a living Stone 
O The builders did rcfufe ; 
Yet God hath built his cliurch thereon. 
In fpite of envious Je-us. 
1 The Scribe and angry Prieft 
Rejcdt thine only Son ; 
Yet on this Rock Hiail S/V/i reft, 
As the chief corncr-ftone. 

3 The work, O Lord, is thine. 
And wond'rous in our eyes ; 

This day declares ^it all divine, 
This day ^\<XJefui rife. 

4 This is the glorious day 
That our Redeemer made; 

Let us rejoice, and fing, and pray ; 
Let all the church be glad. 

5 Hofanna to the King 
Of Djt/V's royal blood ; 

Bk'fs him ye faints : He comes to bring 
Salvation from your God. 

6 We blefs thine holy word 
Which all this grace difplay* ; 

And oQVr on th-ne ultar. Lord, 
Our Sacrifice of prnife. 

Let the v'hole church addrefs their King 
With hearts of joy, and fongs of praifc. 

L O N G M E T R E. j 

Ver. 22 27. i 

An Jlvfunna for the lord's Day : Or, A tinv, 
Son 'J of Salvation /•ji CHKlST. \ 

3 T O ! what a glorions Corner-ftone \ 
X_J The J^rcifi builder:; did rcfufe : i 
But God hath built liIs cl.urch thereon, 
In fpite of envy and the Jt'cvi. 

2 Great God, the work is all divine, 
The joy and wonder of our c^;cs ; 
This is the day that provei, it thine. 
The day that faw cur Saviour rife. 

3 Sinners rejoice and faints be glad; 
Hofanna, let his name be Mtft : 

A thoufand honours on his htid. 
With peace and light, and glory reft ! 

4 In God's own name he ccmts to bring 
.'S^Ivatioft 10 cur dying race ; 


\ I have coUedtd and difpofed the mofl ufeful 
verfes ofthit Pfalm under eighteen different beadi, 
and formed a divine fong npen each of tb<.m. IBut 
tic 'oerfes ere much tranfpofedy to attain fome de- 
'grcr of connexion. In feme places ^n:ong the iiords, 
law, commands, judgments^ teftimonie^, / ufid gofpel, word, grace, truth, prom- 
ilcS, &C. at more agreeable to the N^exv 'Ttjia- 
m<>itt and the common language of Chrifians, and 
it equally anfzvers the deftgn of the Pfalmif, 
zv/jiih ivas to recommend the holy fcripture.^ 

The Bltffednefi of Saints, and Alfery (.f Sinners. 

Ver. I, 2, 3- 
I T)LEST are the undefil'd in heart, 
x3 Whofe ways are right and clean ; 
Who never from thy law depart, 
But fly from ev'ry fin, 
a Bkft«irethe men that keep thy word, 

And pra<^ife thy commands ; 
With their whole heart they feck the Lord 
-Vndferve thee with their hands. 
Ver. 165. 

3 Great is tiieir peace wiio love thy law ; 

How firm their fouls abide ! 
Nor can a bold temptation draw 
'i'htir fteady feet afide. 
rer. 6. 

4 Tlicn fhall my heart have inward joy. 

And keep my face from Ihamc, 
Wiien all thy f^atutes I obey, 
And honour all thy name. 
Ver. 21,' 118. 

5 But haughty finners God will hate, 
The proud fliall die accurft ; 

The fonaof falfliood and deceit 
Are trodden to the duft. 
Ver. 119, 1 5 J. 
S Vile as the drofs the wicked arc : 
And thole that leave thy ways 
Shall fee falvaticn from afar. 
But never taftc thy grace. 


Secret D<rjotton and fpiritual-mindednefs : Or 

dnfant Converfe 'uith COD. 

Ver. 147, SS- 

I nr^O thee, before the dawning light 

X My gracious God,,! pray ; 
I meditate thy nume by night, 
Ai-.u keep thy law by day. 




Fir. 8 1. 

S My fpirit faints to fee thy grace. 
Thy promifc bears me up : 
And while falvation long delays, 
Thy word fupports my hope. 

rcr. 164. 

J Seven times a-day I lift my hands, 
And pay my thanks to thee ; 
TIiv righteous providence demands 
Repeated praifc from me. 

Vcr. 62. 

4 When midnight darknefs veils the fkles 
I call thy works to mind ; 
My thought* in warm devotion rife. 
And fweet acceptance find. 


ProfsJJions of Sincerity, Repentance and Obedi- 

y^r. 57, 60. 

t'T^HOU art my portion, O my God, 
X. Soon as I know thy way, 
Mv heart n\akes h.irte t' obey thy word 
And fuffers no delay. 

Ver. 30, 14. 

1 I choofe the path of heavenly truth, 
And glory in my choice : 
Not all the riches of the earth 
Could make me fo rejoice. 

3 The teflimonies of thy grace, 

I fet before mine eyes ; 
Thence I derive my daily flrcngtli, 
And there my comfort lies. 

Ver. 59. 

4 If once I wander from thy path, 

I think upon my ways, 
Then turn tny feet to thy comr^ands, 
And trull thy pard'ning grace. 

Ver. 94, 114- 

5 Now I am thine, for ever thine, , 

O lave thy ftrrvant. Lord, 
Thou art my lliidd, my hiding place, 
My hope is in thy word. 
Ver. H2. 

<) Thou haftinclln'd this heart of mine 
Thy ftatutes to fulfil ; 
And thus 'till mortal life fhall end 
Would I perform thy vriil. 



InJlruSiiont from Scripture. 
Ver. 9. 

iTTOW fliall the young fecure their 
XJ. hearts. 

And guard their lives from fin ; 
Thy word the choicefk rule imparts 
To keep the confcience clean. 
Ver, 150. 
a When once it enters to the mind, 
It fpreads fuch hght abroad. 
The meaneft fouls inftrucflion find. 
And raife their thoughts to God. 
Ver. 105. 

3 Tis like the fun, a heav'nlylight 

That guides us all the day ; 
And through the dangers of the night, 
A lamp to lead our way. 
Ver. 99, 100. 

4 The men that keep thy law with care. 

And meditate thy word, 
Grow w^ifcr than their teachers are, 
And better know the Lord. 
Ver. 104, 113- 

5 Thy precepts make me truly wife ; 

I hate the finner's road ; 
1 hnte my own vain thoughts that nie. 
But love thy law, my God. 
Ver. 89, 90, 91. 

6 [The Harry heav'ns thy rule obey. 

The earth maintains htr place ; 
And thefe thy fervants night and day 
Thy (kill and pow'r exprefs. 

7 But ftill thy lav.- and gofpel. Lord, 

Have lellbns more divine ; 
Not earth flands firmer than thy word. 
Nor ftars fo nobly fliine.] 
Vir. 160, 140, 9, 116. 

8 Thy word is everlafiing truth ,' 
How pure is cv'ry page ! 

That holy book fliall guide our youilii 
And well fupport our age. 


Delight in Scripture : Or, tie IVcrd uf_ ut-iiJ 
divelling in us. 
Ver. 97. 
i/^ HOW I love thy holy lav/, 
V_/ 'Tis daily my delight ; 
And thence mv meditations dra.Vf- 
Diviue advice by night. 
Ver. 148. 
2 !My waking eyes prevent the day 
'i'o meditate tliy word ; 
My foul with longing melts av.':;y 
To hear thy gofpel, Lc^rd. 




3 How doth thy word my heart engage ! 

How well employ my tongue ! 
And in my tirefome pilgrimage, 
Yields me an heavenly fong. 
Fir. 19, 103. 

4 Am:I aftranger, or at home ? 

'Tis my perpetual feaft ; 
Not honey dropping from the comb, 
So mueh delights rtiy tafte. 
rer. 72, lar- 

5 No treafures fo enrich the mind ; 

Nor fhall thy word be fold 
For loa4s of diver well rcfin'd, 
Nor heaps of choiceft gold. 
rer. 7.8, 49, 175. 

6 When nature fmks, and Ipirits droop, 

Thy promifes of grace 
Are pillars to fupport my hope, 
And there I write thy pralic. 

Nor lead a flep beyond the grarc ; 
But thine condu(5l to heav'n. 

3 I're fcen an end of what we call 

Perfcdlion here below ; 
How {hort the pow'rs of nature fall. 
And can no further go. 

4 Yet men would fain bejuft with God, 

By works their hands have wrouglu 
But thy commands, exceeding broad, 
Extend to ev'ry thought. 

5 In vain wc boa ft perfection hcFC, 

While fin defiles our frame. 
And (Inks our virtues down fo far 
They Icarce dcfcrvetht*«ame. 

6 Our faith and love, and ev'ry grace. 

Fall far below thy word ; 
But pcrte<5l truth and righteoufncfs 
Dwell onlv with the Lord. 


Holinefs and Comfort from the TV'orJ. 
Vcr. 1Z3. 
xT ORD, I eftecm thy judgments right, 
JLi And all thy ftatutts juft ; 
Thence 1 lauiutiiin a conltaut fight 
Vv^ith ev'ry {latt'ring lufl. 
P'ir. 97, 9. 
a Thy precc;ViE often I furvey : 
I'kecp thy law in fight, 
Through all the buliucfs of the day. 
1 o form my aiSlions right. 
Fcr. 62. 

3 My heart in midnight filence cries, 
' " Hovv- fvvcet thy comfort. s be •,'* 
My thoughts In holy wonder rife, 

And bring their thanks to thcc : 
P'er. 162. 

4 And when myfpirit drinks her fill. 

At fomc good word of thine. 
Not mighty men that fliarc thefpoil 
Have joys compared to mine. 


Jm^crfeftlon of Nature, arj PafcSisr. of 

Vef. 96, paraph rnfcd. 
xT ET all the Heathen writers join 
1 i To form one pcrfc<fl booV, 
Great God! if once eompar'd withrhine, 
How mean their wiltings look ! 

a Not the moil perfedl rules they gave 
Cv^ld facw o:ic fua forgiv'n. 


Th: Word cf OOD is th Saint's Portion : Or 
Tbe Ex^elI<Ttcy atsd Variefy of Scripture. 

Ver. in, pr.raphraftd. 

iT ORDJhnvemadethy wordmychoi'-" 
A-i My lading heritage ; 
There fliall my noblefl pow'rs rejoice, 
My wr.rmefl: thot^ghts engage. 

2 I'll read the hift'ries of thy love, 

And keep thy laws in fight, 
While through the prcmifes I rove, 
With ever frcfli delight. 

3 'Tis a broad land of wealth unknown. 

Where fprings of life arife, 
Seeds of immortal biifs are fown, 
And hidden glory lies. 

4 T!ic heft relief that mourners have. 

It makes ourforrows blcft : 
Our fairell hopes beyond the graVc, 
And our eternal rePc. 


Dejirc of Knozvledge : Or, Tke Tc-i:.lii:^ 
the S/>irit iv'.tb tiu- IVud. 
Ver. 64, 68, 18. 
I'T^HY mercies fill the earth, O Lcrd, 
X How good thy v/orks apper r ! 
Open mine eyes to read thy word, 
And fee thy wonders theie. 
f'er, 73, 17.5. 
2 My heart was fafliion'd by thy hand, 
My ftrvicc is thy d-je, 




O make thy fcrvant underftand 

The duties he muft do. 
Vcr, 19. 
Since I'm a ftrangcr here below, 

Let not thy path be hid, 
But mark the road my feet fliould go, 

And be my conftant guide. 
Vcr. z6. 
When I confefs'd my wand'ring ways, 

Thou heard'ft my foul complain ; 
Gr^nt me the teachings of thy grace, 

Or I fliall ftray again. 
rer. 33, 34, 
If God to me his ftatutes fliew. 

And licav'uly truth impart, 
His work forever I'll purlue, 
' His law fliall rule my heart. 

k'er. 50, 71. 
This was my comfort when 1 bore 

Variety of grief ; 
It made me learn thy word the more, 

And fly to that relief. 

[In vain the proud deride me now ; 

I'll ne'er forget thy law. 
Nor let that blelTcd gofpel g© 

Whence all my hopes I draw. 

When I have learnt my Father's will, 
I'll teach the wofld his ways ; 

My thaakful lips infpir'd with zeal 
Shall loud pronounce his praife.] 

Pleading the Promifes. 
Ver. 38, 49- 
I "OEHOLD thy v/ajting fervant, Lord, 
Jj Devoted to thy fear ; 
Remember and confirm thy word, 
For all my hopes are there. 
Ftr. 41, 58, 107. 
i Haft thou not fcnt falvation down, 
And promis'd quick'ning grace ? 
Doth not my heart addrcfs thy throne.^ 
And yet thy love delays. 
Fer. 123, 42. 

3 Mine eyes for thy falvation fail ; 

O bear thy fervant up ; 
Nor let the fcoffing lips prevail, 
Who dare reproach my hope. 
Fi^r. 49, 74. 

4 Didft thou not raife my faith, O Lord? 

Then let thy truth appear : 
Saints fliall rejoice innvy reward, 
And truft as well xa ieiir. 



Ver. 5, 33. 

Breathing after Holincfs. 

O That the Lord v,ould guide my waySj 
To keep his flatutes fiill ! 
O that my God would grant me grace 
To know and do his will I 
Ver. 19. 
O fend thy fpirit down to write 

Thy law upon my heart ! 
Nor let my tonji^e indulge deceit, 
Nor a6t the liar's part, 
Fer. 37, 36. 
From vanity turn olF my eyes 

Let no corrupt defign. 
Nor covetous defires arife 
Within this foul of mine. 
Fer. 133. 
\ Order my footfteps by thy word. 
And make my heart fincere ; 
Let fin have no dominion, Lord, 
But keep my conference clear 
Fer. 176. 
■ My foul hath gone too far aflray, 
My feet too often flip ; 
Yet unce I've not forgot thy way, 
Reftore thy wand'ring fliecp. 
Ver. 35. 
) Make me to walk in ihy commands ; 
'Tis a delightful road ; 
Nor let my head or heart, or hands,. 
OfFcnd againft my Gcd. 

Breathing after Ccmfort and Deliverance, 
Ver. 153. 
I 'l^/TY God, confider my diftrefs, 
jlVX Let mercy plead my caufe ; 
Though I have finn'd againft thy grace> 
I can't forget thy laws. 

Fer. 39, 116. 

a Forbid, forbid the fliarp reproach, 
Which I fo juftly fear ; 
Uphold my life, uphold my hopes, 
Nor let my fliame appear. 
Fer. 12Z, 135. 

3 Be thou a furety, Lord, for me, 

Nor let the proud opprefs, 
But make thy waiting fervant fee 
The iliiuings of thy face. 
Fer. 82. 

4 Mine eyes with expet^ation fail, 

My heart within me cries, 
IVhen -will the Lord his truth fulfl, 
And make my comforti rife ? 




Ter. 13 a. 
5 Look down upon my forrow?, Lord, 
And fhew thy grace the fame, 
Aa thou art ever wont t' afford 
To thofe that love thy name. 



Holy Ftar qni tender ncfi cf Confiitnie. 
Ver. 10. 

Ker. so. 
This is the comfort I enjoy " 

When new diftrefs begins ; 
I read thy word, I run thy way, 
And hate my /ormer fins. 
rer. 9a. 
rniMrEENrH j^ Had not thy word been my deh'ght 
When earthly joys were fled, 
My foul, oppreft with forrow's wei| 
Had funk amongft the dead. 

y,r. 75. 

' '\T7'^'^^ my whole heart IVe fought j I know thy judgments, Lord, are right 
V V O let me never ftray [thy face, Though they may fcem feverc ; 

From thy commands, O God of grace, 
Kor tread the finners way. 
Fir. II. 
a Tky word I've hid within my heart, 
To keep my confcience clean, 
And be an everlafting guard 
From ev'ry riling fin, 

Ver. 63, 53, 158. 
2 I'm a companion of the faints, 
Who fear and love the Lord ; 
My forrows rife, my nature faints, 
When men tranfgrefs thy word. 
Ftr. 161, 16.3. 

4 While finners do thy gofpel wrong, 

My fpirit ftands in awe ; 
My foul abhors a lying tongue. 
But loves thy righteous law. 
Ftr. 161, 120. 

5 My heart with facred rcv'rcnce hears 

The threat'nings of thy word ; 
^ly flefli with holy trembling fears 
The judgments of the Lord. 
Fer. 166, 174. 

6 My God, I long, I hope, I wait 

For thy falvation ftill ; 
While thy whole law is my delight. 
And I obey thy will. 

The fharpeft fufT'rings I endure 
Flow from thy faithful care. 
Fer. 67. 

Before I knew thy chaft'ningrod, 
My feet were apt to ftray : 

But now I learn to keep thy word, 
Nor wander from thy way. 

PART. '4 

Sentjit cf AJliSiiaus, and Support andtr them: 

Ver. 153, 81, 82. 

I /CONSIDER all my forrows, Lord, 
V>< And thy deliv'rancc fend ; 
My foul for thy falvation faints ; 
^\'^lcn will my troubles cud .' 

Vtr. -}!. 
a Yet have I found 'tis good for me 
To bear my father's rod ; 
Afni<5lfons make mc learn thy law, 
And live upon my Gcd. 


I Holy RefolutioHS. 

I Ver. 93. 

\^f\ THAT thy ftatutes ev'ry hour 
j V^ Might dwell upon my mind ! 
Thence I derive a quick'ning pow'r. 
And daily peace I find. 
Fer. 15, 16. 
a To meditate thy precepts. Lord, 
Shall be my fwect employ ; 
My foul fliall ne'er forget thy word, 
Thy word is all my joy. 
Fcr. 31. 
3 How would I run in thy commands. 
If thou my heart difcharge 
From fin and Satan s hateful chains, 
And fet my feet at large. 
Fer. 13, 46. 
My lips with courage fliall declare 

J hy ftatutes and thy name ; [hear, 
I'll fptak thy word, though kings Qiould 
Nor yield to iinful fhajne. 
Fer. 61, 69, 7c. 
Let bands of perfccutors rife 

To rob me of my right, 
Let pride and malice forge their lies, 
Tiiy law is my delight. 
Fer. 115. 
Depart from me, ye wicked race, 
Whofe hands and hearts are ill ; 
I love my God, I love his wiys, 
And iiiuft obev his will. 



1 01 

Praytr for quicVning Grate . 

Vcr. 25»_37- 

MY foHl lies cleaving to the dufl : 
Lord give me life divine ; 
From vain defires and ev'ry luft 
Turn oflf thefe eyes of mine. 

2 I need the influence of thy grace 
To fpeed me in thy way, 
Left I ihould loiter in my race, 
Or turn my feet aflray. 

P'^er. 107. 
i When fere afflidlions prcfs me down, 
I need ihy quick'ning pow'rs ; 
Thy word that I have refted on 
Shall help my he&Vieft hours. 
r«r. 156, 40. 

4 Are not thy mercies fovc reign fiill, 

And thou a faithful God ? 
"Wilt thou not grant me warmer zeal 
To run the heav'nly road ? 

r--r. 159, 40. 

5 Does not my heart tliy precepts love, 

And long to fee thy face ? ^ 
And yet how flow iiiy fpirit* move 
Without eniiv'ning grace ! 

^er. 95. 

6 Then fliaJl I love thy gofpcl more. 

And ne'er forget thy word. 
When I have felt its quick'ttingpowV 
To draw -ine near the -Lotxl';'' ' 


Courage and Perfevennce under Perfecuiiqa : 
Or., Grace fiining in DijfuuUiii UJid Trials. 

Ver. 143, aS. 
I'lTTHEN pain and anguifh feize me, 
VV Lord, 

A\\ my fupport is from thy word : 
?vly foul diSblvts for heavluefs ; 
Uphold me with thy flrength'iiing grace. 
I'cr. 51, 69, no. 
a The proud have framed their fcofFsand lies, 
They watch my feet with eavious ejrts, 
And tempt my foul to fnares and lin ; 
Yet thy commands I ne'ei- decHi^e. - 

F:r. 161, 78. 
3 They hate me, Lord, without a caui'c, 
They hate to fee me love tiiylav/s ;■ 
But i will trufc and fear thy. nii."!?, 
'Till pride and malice die with iiiawic. 


Saniiified AJliiilons : Or, Delight in the Wcri 
of GOD. 

Ver. 67, 59. 

I'pATHER, I blefs thy gentle hand ; 
A How kind was thy chafUfing rod, 
That forc'd my confcience to a Hand, 

' And brought my wand'ring foul to God \ 

a Foolifh and vain I went aftray. 
Ere I had felt thy fcourges, Lord, 
I left my guide, and loft my way. 
But now I love and keep thy word. 
Ver. 71. ' 

3 "Tis good for me to bear the yoke. 
For pride is apt to rife and fwell ; 
'Tis good to bear my father's ftroke, 
That I might learn his ftatuteswclL 

Ver. 7a. 

4 The law that iflvies from thy niouth 
'Shall raife'my cheerful, pafilons more 
Than all'the treafures of the South, 
Or Weftern hills of golden ore. 

• Vtr.'jl.. - 

5 Thy hands have made my mortal frame, 
Thy fpirit foi-m'd my fouLwithin^ 
Teach me to know thy wond'rous naruCj. 
And guard me fafefrom death and.iin. -^ ' 

Ver: 74^. , - 

6 Then all that love and fear the Lord, 
At my falvatioH fliall rejoice ; 

For I have hoped in thy word, 
And made thy grace thy only choice. 


Complaint of quar relfoiue Niighboiirs : Or^ A 

devout ivijt for Peace. 
i^HOU God of love, thou «ver bkft, 
X Piiymv fuiF'ring'ftate ; 
When' tv2t thoii fet my foul at reft 
From lips'that love deceit ! ' 

a Hard lot of mine ! my Uay^,ar(^.c3||:'; ..^ 
Among the fons of fcn'fe, ' ' " " 
Who fe never ceafing brawiiaigs wa.ric 
My golden hours of life. 

3 O might I fly to change my place, 

Kow wovild V choofe to dwell 

In feme wide-Jonelome wild<?rnefsi 

And leave theftJ'gatesof hell } 

4 Pcaceis the blefllng that Ifeek, ■ 

Kow lovely are its charms '! 

I am for peace; but when i fpeak, 

They all declare f©ra>4«»>E ' 



P S. A L M 


5 New paflions flill their fouls erfgage. 

And keep their malice ftroug. 
What fliall be done to curb thy rage 
O thou devouring tongue I 

6 Should burning arrows fmite thee thro' 

Stridt jufticc would approve ; 
Sat I had rather fpire my foe, 
And mch his heart with love. 


Divine ProU{iii>>*. 
iT TPto the hills I lift mine eyes, 
kJ Th' eternal hills beyond the fkies ; 
Thence all her help my foul derives ; 
There my almighty refuge live». 

1 He lives ; the cverlafting God, 
Thatbuilt the world, that fpread the flood 
The heav'us with all their hofts he made 
And the dark regions of the dead. 

3 He guides out feet, he guards our way 
His morning f miles blefe all the day ; 
He fpreads the ev'nlng veil, and keeps 
The fiicnt tours while If rati flceps. 

4 IJraely a name divinely bleft, 
May rife fecure, fccurely reft ; 
Thy holy Guardian's wakeful eyes 
Admit no flumber nor furprize. 

J No fun fhall fmite thy head by day, 
Hot the pale moon with fickly ray 
Shall blaft thy couch ; no babful ftar 
I>^: his malignant £re fo far. 

6 Should earth and hcU with malice limrn, 
Still them fluiltgo, and ftill return 
Safe in tb« Lord ! his hcav'nly care 
Defeads thy life from ev'ry faare. 

7 On thee foul fpirits have no pow'r ; 
And in thy laft departing hour 
Angels, that trace the airy road, 
Shall bear thee homeward to thy God 


Frtferxatien by Day and Night. 
j'TPO heaven I lift my waiting eyes, 
X There all my hopes are laid ; 
Tke Xx>rd that built the earth and fkics 
Is my perpetual aid. 

a Their feet fhall never Aide to fall, 
Whom he dcfigns to keep ; 
His ear attends the foftcft call ; 
His eye* c«a fitvcr (kcp. 

3 He will fuftain our weakeft pow'rs, 

With his almighty arm, 
And watch our moft unguarded hours 
Againft furprizing harm. 

4 Ifrael rejoice, and reft fecure, 

Thv keeper is the Lord ; 
His wakeful eyes employ his pow'r 
For thine eternal guard. 

5 Nor fcorching fun, nor fickly moon, 

Shall have his leave to fmite ; 
He fliiclds thy head from buruiag noon, 
From blading damps at night. 

6 He guards thy foul, he keeps thy breath, 

Where thickeft dangers come ; 
Go and return, fecure from death. 
Till God commands thee home. 

COD our Preferver. 

UPWARD I lift mine eyes. 
From God is all my aid ; 
The God that built the ikies, i 
And earth and nature made ; 
God is the tow'r 
To which I fly ; 
His grace is nigh 
In ev'ry hour. 

My feet fliall never Aide, 
Aud fall in fatal fhares. 
Since God my guard and guide 
Defends me from my fears. 
Thofe wakeful eyes 
That never fleep 
Shall Jfrael keep 
When dangers rife. 

No burning heats by day, 
Nor blafts of ev'ning air. 
Shall take my health away. 
If God be with me there ; 
Thou art my fun, 
And thou my fliadc, 
To guard my head 
$y night or noon. 

Haft thou not giv'n thy word 
To fave my foul from death ! 
And I can truft my Lord 
To keep my mortal breath ; 
111 go and come, 
Nor fear to die, 
'Till from on high 
'Uku call uc home. 





Giing to Church. 

I T TOW did my heart rejoice to hear 
JlJL Mv friends devoutly fay, 
" In Zion let us all appear, 

•* And keep the folcmn day !" 

A I love her gates, I love the road ; 
The church adorn 'd with grace 
Stands like a palace built for God 
To fhew his milder face. 

3 Up to her courts with joys unknown 

The holy tribes repair ; 
The fonof i>avii/ holds his throne, 
And fits in judgment there. 

4 He hears our praifes and complaints ! 

And while his awful voice 
Divides the finners from the faints, 
We tremble and rejoice. 

5 Peace be within this facred place, 

And joy a conAant gueft ! 
With holy gifts and heav'nly grace, 
Be her attendants blefl. 

6 My foul fliall pray for ZIm ftill, 

While life or breath remains, 
Where my beft friends, my kindred dwell 
There God my Saviour reigns. 

The man that feeks thy peace, 
And wiflies thine increafc, 

A thoufand blefiings on him reft. 
5 My tongue repeals her vows, 
« Peace to this facred houfe !" .- 

For here my friends and kindred dwell 
And fince my glorious God 
Makes thee his blcil abode. 

My foul fhall ever love thee well, 

Rtftat the fourth fianza, if nectjfary. 


Going to Cbuub. 
1 TTOW pleas'd and bleft was I, 
XJ. To hear the people cry, 
" Come let us feekour God to-day ;" 
Yes, with a cheerful zeal, 
Wc hafte to Zions hil!, 
And there our vows and honors pay. 

a Zion, thrice happy place, 
Adorn'diwith wond'rous grace, 

And walls of flrength embrace thee round; 
In thee our tribes appear, 
To pray, and praife, and hear, 

The facred go fpel's joyful found. 

3 There Daiiitl's greater Son 
Has fix'd his royal throne, 

He fits for grace and judgment there : 

He bids the faints be glad, 

He makes the (inner fad. 
And humble fouls rejoice with fear. 

4 May peace attend tliy gate, 
And joy within thee wait, 

To bicf* the foul of cv'ry gueft ; 


Pleading nvitb Submijfton. 
I /^ THOU whofe grace and jufticereiga, 
\J Enthron'd above the ikies, 
To thee our hearts would tell their pain, 
To thee we lift our eyes. 

a As fervants watch their maftcr's hand,. 
And fear the angry ftroke ! 
Or maids before their miftrefs ftajxd, 
And wait a peaceful look : 

3 So for our fins we juftly feel 

Thy difcipline, O God ; 
Yet wait the gracious moment ftill. 
Till thou remove thy rod. 

4 Thofe that in wealth and plcafure Htc, 

Our daily groans deride, 
And thy delays of mercy give 
Frefh courage to their pride. 

5 Our foes infult us, but our hope 

In thy compaifion lies ; 
This thought fhall bear our fpirits uf , 
That God will not defpifc. 



Song for Delivirance. 
iTTAD not the Lord, may Jfrael fay, 
Xx Hadnot the Lord maintain'd our fide. 
When men to make our lives a prey, 
Rofe like the fwelling of the tide ; 

a The fwelling tide had flopt our breath. 
So fiercely did the waters roll. 
We had been fwallow'd deep in death ; 
Proud waters had o'erwhelm'd our foul. 

3 We leap for joy, we (hout and ling. 
Who juft efcap'd the fatal ftroke ; 
So flies the bird with cheerful wing. 
When once tlxe fowler's laare 'a broke. 




4 For ever blcffcd be the Lord, I 4 Deal gently, Lord, with thofc 

Who broke the fowler's curfed fnare, } Whofe faith and pious fear. 
Who fav'd us from the murd'ring fword, Whofe hope and love, and tv'i y grace. 

And made our lives aud fouls his care. 

5 Our help is in Jehovah's name, 
Who form'd the earth and built the flcies 
He that upholds that wond'rous frame, 
Guards his own church with watchful eyes. 



The Saint^j Trial and Safety, 

1 T TNSHAKEN as the facred hill, 

KJ And firm as mountains be, 

Firm as a rock the foul fliall reft 

ThaL leans, O Lord, on ihcc. 

a Not walls, nor hills, could guard fo well 
Old Saltm's happy ground, 
Ab thofe eternal arms of love 
That ev'ry faint furround. 

3 While tyrauts are a fmarting fcourgc 

To drive them near to God, 
Divine compaflion does allay 
The fury'of the rod. 

4 Deal gently. Lord, with fouls fincere, 

And lead them fafely on 
To the bright gates of paradifc, 
"V^here Cbrijf their Lord is gone. 

5 But if we trace thofe crooked wayi 

That the old ferpent drew, 
The wrath that drove hirti firft to bell 
Shall fmite his foUVers tgo. 

Proclaim their hearts fii 

6 Nor fliall the tyrant's rage 
Too long opprefs the faint ; 
The God of Jfrael will fupport 
I His children, left they faint. 
6 But if our flavifh fear 

Will choofc the road to hell. 
We muft expc£b our portion there. 
Where bolder finners dwell. 




\ 'ht Sal^ti Trial and Safety : 0, 

X TT'IRM and unmov'd are they 
1. That reft their fouls on Gcxl ; 
Firm as the mount where David dwelt, 
Or where the ark abode. 

a As mountains flood to guard 
The city's facred ground, 
So God and his almighty love 
Embrace his faints around. 

3 though the Father's rod 
Drop a chaltlQng ftrokc, 
Yet left it wound their fouls too deep, 
Us furv ili;ill be brolic. 



Surprizinv Deliverance. 

iT TTHEN God reftor'd our captive ftate, 
VV Joy was our fong, and grace our 
theme ; 
The grace beyond our hopes fo great, 
That joy appear'd a painted dream. 

a The fcoffcr owns thy hand, and payj 
Unwilling honours to thy name: 
While we with picafure fliout thy praifc 
With cheerful notes thy love proclaim. 

3 Wiien we review our difmal fears, 
'Twas hard to think they'd vaniflifo ; 
With God we left our flowing tears, 
He makes our joys like rivers flowi 

4 The man that in his furrow'd field, 
His fcatter'd feed with fadncf-^ lc-.nrffs. 
Will ftiout to fee the harveft yield 

A welcome load of joyful (heaves. 


The Joy of a remarkable Ccitverficn ; Or^ AZe- 
Lincbcly removed. 

1 T XT' HEN God rcveal'd his gracious 

VV name, 

And chan^'d mv mournful ftate, 
My rapture fcem'd a pleafing drtam, 
'I'he grace appear'd fo great. 

2 The world beheld the glorious change. 

And did thy hand confefs ; 
My tongue broke out in unknown Grains, 
And fung furprifnig grace. 

3** Great is the work," my neighbors cry'd. 
And ovvn'd thy pow'r divine ; 
' Great is the work, my heart rtply'd, 
'• .'Vnd be the dorv thir.c." 


4 TKc Lord can clear the darkcft fkie», 
Can give us day for night ; 
Make drops of facrcd forrow rife 
To rivers of delight. 

5 Let thofe that fow in fadnefs, wait 

'Till the fair harveft come, 
They fliall confefs their flieaves are great. 
And fliout the blefUngs home. 

6 Though feed lie buried long in duft, 

It (han't deceive their hope ! 
The precious grain can ne'er be loft, 
For grace infures the crop. 



The Blejfing of GOD on the Bufmefs and Cotn- 
forts cf Life. 

iTF God fucceed not, all the coft:, 
A And pains to build the houfe arc loft ; 
If God the city will not keep, 
The watchful guards as well may fieep. 

% What if you rife before the fun. 
And work and toil when day is done, 
Careful and fparing eat your broad, 
To fliun that poverty you dread ; 

3 'Tis all in vain, 'till God hath bleft ; 
He can make rich, ye^ give us reft : 
Children and friend:- .-vrc: bltHin^^fs too, 
If God our iovereiga make them fo. 

4 Happy €he man to whom he fends 
Obedient children, faithful friends : 
Hov/ fv.-ect our daily comforts prove. 
When thcv are feafon'd v/ith his love ! 


COD all in all. 

I TF God to build the houfe deny, 
-fl. The builders work in vain ; 
And towns, without his wakeful eye, 
An ufelefs waicli maintain. 

a Before the morniug bearas arife. 
Your painful work renew, 
And 'till the ftars aictnd the ikies 
Your tircfome toil purfue. 

3 Short be your ilccp, and coarfeyour fare ; 
In vain, 'till God has bltft ; 
But if his fmilcs attend your care, 
You iliaU have food aad xcii. 

4 Nor children, relatives, nor friends, 
Shall real blefllngs prove, 
Nor all the earthly joys he fends, 
If fent without his love. 


C O M M O M 



Family Bleffin^s. 
I r\ HAPPY man, whofe foul is fiU'd 
\y With zeal and rev'rend awe ! 
His lips to God their honours yield. 
His life adorns the law. 

Z A careful providence ihall ftand 
And ever guard thy head. 
Shall on the labors of thy hand 
Its kindly bleflings flicd. 

Thy wife fliall be a fruitful vine '. 

Thy children round thy board, 
Each like a plant of honour flume, 

And learn to fear the Lord. 
4 The Lord fliall thy beft hopes fulfil 

For months and years to come ; 
The Lord who dwells on Zions hill 

Shall fend the bleflings home. 

J This is the man whofe happy eyes 
Shall fee his houfe incrcafe, 
Shall fee the finking church- arife. 
Then leave the world in peace. 



Perfiii'.tcrs punijce^' 
I T TP from my youtK, may Ifrael fay, 
vJ Have I been nurs'd ip tears ; 
My griefs were conftant as the day, 
And tedious as f he years. 
I Up from my youth I bore the rage 
Of all the fens of ftrife ; 
Oft they afiail'd my riper age, 
Eut not deftroy'd my life. 

T, Their cruel plough hath torn my flefli, 
With furrows long and deep, 
Kouriv tliev vex'd my wounds ufrefh, 
Nor let my forrows fleep. 

4 The Lord grew angry on his throne^ 

And v,-ith impartial eye, 
lueafur'd ihe raifchiefs they had done', 

Tiien let his arrows fly. 
J Hov,' was their infolence furpriz'd, 

To /x\w his thunders roU \ 




And all the foes of ZUn feiz'd 
With horror to the fouL 

6 Thus flinH the men that hate the faints, 
Be blaftcd from the flcy ; 
Their glory fades, their courage faints, 
And all their proje»fl5 die. 

'7 [What though theyflourifli tall and fair 
I'hcy have no root beneath ; 
Thrlr growth fliali pcrifli in dcfpair, 
And liedclpis'd in death.] 

8 [So corn that on the houfe-top (kauds, 

No hope of harveft gives ; 
The reaper ne'er lliall fill his hands, 
Nor binder fold the flxeavcs. 

9 It'fprings and withers on the place : 

No traveller beOiows 
A word of blcfling on the grafs, 
Nor miuds it as he oocs.] 


Jr'ardonlng Crate. 

X /^^1" "^ t'l^' deeps of h>ng diftrefs, 
\j The borders of d.fpair, 
1 lent ray cries to feek thy grace. 
My groans to move thine ear. 

S Great God, fliould thy fcverer e}'e, 
And thine imparll«l hand, 
Mark and rcvcn^rc iaiquity, 
No mortal iTcilx could flarid. 

3 Eut there arc pardons with my God, 

For crimes of high degree ; 
Thy Son has bought them with his blood, 
Vo draw us near to thte. 

4 [I wait for thy filvation. Lord, 

With firong deiires I wait ; 
My foul invited by thy word, 
Stands watching at thy gate.] 

5 [J^ft as the guards that keep the night 

Long for the morning iTcits, 
Watch the firA beams i f breaking light, 
And meet them with their eyes : 

6 So waits my foul to fee thy grace, 

And more intent than thty 
Meets the iirft op'nings oftliy face, 
And £nds a brighter day.] 

7 Then in the Lord let T/Vj?/ truft, 

L.<:iJJrael fcck his face ; 

The Lord is good as well as juft. 
And plenteous is his grace. 

8 There's full rcdcm.ption at hii throac 
Forfmners longenflaT'd : 
The great Redeemer is his foa : 
And Jfrael iLali be favM. 


Pdrionlng Greet. 

I'P'ROM deep diilrcfs and troubled tho'ts, 
-L To thee, my God, I rais'd my cries: 
If thou feverely mark our faults. 
No flefli can ftand before thine eyes. 

I But thou hall built thy throne of grace. 
Free to difpenfe thy pardons there, 
Thp.t finners may approach thy face. 
And hope and love as wcii as fear. 

3 As the benighted pilgrims wait. 
And long and wifli for breaking day, 
So waits n-y foul before thy gate :" 
When will my God his facedifplay ? 

4 My truft is fix'd upon thy word. 
Nor fhall I truft thy Avord in vain ; 
Let mourning fouls addrcfs the Lord, 
And find relief from all their pain. 

5 Great is his love, and large his grace. 
Thro' the redemption of his Son : 

He turns our feet from Hnlu! way*, 
And pardons what our hands have done. 


HutnWtty and SubmUJlon. 

1 TS there ambition in my heart t 

JL Search, gracious God, and lee : 
Or do I act a haughty part ? 
Lord I appeal to thee. 

2 1 charge my thoughts, be hum'oleflill, 

?.\A all my carriage mild, 
Content, my Father, with thy will, 
And quiet as a child. 

3 The patient foul, the lowly mind. 

Shall have a large reward : 

Let faints in forrow lie refign'd, 

And irwu a faiLhlul Lo: u. 

S A 
L M 




Ver. 5 



At the Settlement of a Church : Or^ The Ordi 
nation of a JM'tnijler. 

iTTTHERE fhail wc go to feckandfind 

VV An habitation for our God, 
A dwelling for th' eternal Mind 
Among the fons of flefli and blood ? 

t The God of Jacob chofe the hill 
Of Ziom for his ancient reft ; 
And Zam is his dwelling ftill, 
His church is ^vith his prefence bleft. 

3 Here will I fix my gracious throne, 
And reign forever, faith the Lord ; 
Here faall my pow'r and love be known 
And blellings fhall attend my word. 

4 Here will I meet the hungry poor, 
And fill their fouls vith living bread : 
Sinners that wait before my door. 
With fwcet provTlion fliall be fed. 

5 Girded with truth, and cloth'd v/ithgrace, 
My priefts, my miuifters fliall fiiine ; 
Not Aaron in his cofily drefs. 

Made an appearance lb diviiie. 

6 The faints unable to contain 

Their inward joys iLall llioit and fing : 
The Son of DavUhcrt fiiall reign. 
And Zion triumph in her King. 

7 [7/^' fi"*^^^ ^^^ ^ numerous feed 
torn here t' uphold his glorious name ; 
His crown iliHii flourilli on his licad 
While all his foes are cloth'd with fiiame.! 


f^'r. 4, r, 7, 8, 15 —17. 

A Chr.rch eJlabUfcc-d. 
^TO Hcep nor flumber to iiiseyes, 
i. H Good 7^-"y/V would alTorcI, 
Till be had found below the fkies 
A dwelling for the Lord. 

The Lord in Zian plac'd his name, 
His ark was fettled there : 

I0 Z/o;f the whole nation came. 
To wcriliip thrice a year. 

But we have no fuch lengths to go, 

Nor wander far abroad ; 
V.':itre'er thy falnis aiTcmble now 

There is a houfe for God»] 

Arife,0 King of grace, arife, 

And enter to thy reft, 
Lo! thy church waits with longing eyes, 

Thu» to be own'd and blefs'd. 

Enter witli all thy glorious train. 

Thy Spirit and thy Word : 
All that the ark did once contain, 

Could no fuch grace afford. 

Here, mighty God, accept our vows. 
Here let thy praife be fpread : 

Blefs the provifions of thy houfe, 
And iill thy poor with bread. 

Here let the Son of David reign, 
Let God's snnointed fliine ; 

Juftice and truth his court maintain. 
With love and pow'r divine. 

Here let Uim hold a lafting throne, 

And as his kingdom grows, 
Frcfh honors fhail adorn his crown, 

And flianie confound his foes. 


C O M M O N M Z T R E. 

Brctherly Lovt. 

iT O, what an entertaining view, 
-i_j Are brethren who agree, 
Brethren, whole cheerful .hearts purfur, 
The path to unity ! 

When ftrcarns of love from Clrijl the 
Dcfccnd to ev'ry foul, [fpring 

And hcav'uly peace, with balmy wing. 
Shades and bedews the wh»le. 

'^TI^ like the oil divinely fweet, 

On yi^rw/j rev'rend head, 
I'he trickling drops perfum'd his feer, 

And o'er his garments Ipread. 

'Tis pleafant as th.e morning dews. 

That fail c-n Zions hill. 
Where Cod hismildeft glory fhews, 

And makes his grace diftiJ. 


H R T 

M E T 

R E. 

C(jm7n:.mcr. rf SaLxts : Or, 
i;t a F^m/ily. 
I "OLEST are the fons of 
13 Whofe hearts and ho 

and Prorfup 


pes arc cne, 

Whofu kinddciigns to ferve and pleafe, 
ThrouT;h aii ihtir adioi* run. 

io8 PSALM 

a Bleft ii the pioui houfc, 

Where zeal and friendfliip meet, 

Their fongs of praife, their mingled rows, 

Make their coraraunion fwect. 

3 Thus when on Aaron t head 
They pour'd the rich perfume, 

The oil through all his raiment fprcad, 
And pleafure fiU'd the room. 

4 Thus on the hear'nly kills 
The faints are bleft above. 

Where joy like morning dew diftils, 
And all the air is love. 


TAf BUjJingt of Frl:ndjhip. 

I TTOW pleafant 'tis to fee 

XJL Kindred and friends agree, 
Each in their proper ftatioa move, 

And each fulfil their part, • 

With fympathifing heart, 
In all the cares of lite and love ! 
a Tis like the ointment flicd 

On Aaron s facred head, 
Divinely rich, divinely fwcct ! 

The oil through all ihe room 

DifFus'd a choice perfume. 
Ran through his robes, and blcft his feet 

3 Like fruitful fliow'rs of rain, 
That water all the plain, 

Defcending from the ncighb'ring hills ; 
Such ftrcams of pleafure roll 
Through ev'ery friendly foul, 

Where love like hf av'nly dew diilils. 
[Repeat thejirjijtanza^ if tiea-jfarj.'] 

CXXXIV, cxxxv. 

yer. i-.~-4, 14, 19—21. 

The Church it ood's Houfe and Care. 

i"pRAISE ye the Lord ; exalt his name, 
XT While in his holy courts ye wait, 
Ye faints that to his houfe belong, 
Or ftand attending at his gate. 

a Praife ye the Lord ; the Lord is gocd ; 
To praife his name is fwect employ ; 
Jfrarl he chofe of old, and dill 
His church is his peculiar joy. 

3 The Lord himfelf will judge his faints : 
He treats his fervants as his friends : 
And when he hears their fore complaint*. 
Repents the furrows that he fends. 

4 Through ev'ry age the Lord declares 
His name, and breaks th* opprelTor's rod ; 
He gives his fufF'ring fervants reft. 
And will be known th' Almighty God 

Blefs ye the Lord, who tafte his love, 
People and pricfts exalt his name : 
Araongft his faiuis he ever dwells : 
His church is his JerufaUm. 



Daily and tnghtly Dj-joiiori, 

I "VTE that obey th' immortal King, 
X Attend his holy place. 
Bow to the glories of his pow'r. 
And bltls his wond'rous grace. 

a Lift up your hands by morning light. 
And fend your fouls on high ; 
Ruilc your admiring thoughts by night, 
Above the ftarry iky. 

;. The God of Zlon cheers our hearts 
With i,»ys of quick'nlng grace ; 
riie Cod that fpread the heav'ns abroad 
And rules the fw tliii^ii Tea*. 


Ver. 5 12. 

The Iferks if Creation, Pro^'idence, Redctmftitn 

ryifrael, and Deft uiiion of Enemies. 
i/^ P. K AT is the Lord, exalted high, 
v_T Above all pow'rs and ev'ry thrcne : 
"V^'hatt'er he plcafe, in earth or fea, 
Or heav'n or hell, hit. baud hath done. 

'. At his command the vapors rife. 
The light'uingi flafli, the thunders roar. 
He pours the rain, he brings the wind 
^ind tcmpcft from his airy liorc. 

3 'Twas he thofe dreadful tokens fent, 
O Egypt, through thy ftubborn land *, 
When all thy firft-btru beaftb and men. 
Fell dead by hii avenging hand. 

4 What mighty nations, awglity kings, 
He flew, and their whole ccuntry j' 
To Ifratl, whom his hand redecn\\l. 
No more to be proud PLar^ob's Have ? 

5 His pow'r the fame, the fame his grace. 
That favcs us from the holts of litU ; 
And heav'n he gives us to poflefn, 
WhcEcc thoic apollate ans^rls fell. 





Praife Jut to GOD, not to Idols. 
1 \ WAKE ye faints to praife your King 

_ljL Your fweetefl: paflions raife^ 
Your pious plcafurc while you fing, 
Increaling with the praife. 

a Great is the Lord; and works unknown, 
Are his divine employ : 
But ftill his faints are near his throne. 
His treafure and his joy. 

3 Heav'n, earth and fea confefs his hand 

He bids the vapors rife ; 
Lightning and florm at his comniand 
Sweep through the founding fkies. 

4 All pow'r that gods or kings have claim'd 

Is found with him alone ; 
But heathen gods fliould ne'er be nara'd' 
Where our jeuovah's known. 

3 The fun fupplies the day with light ! 
" How bright his counfels flilne !" 
The moon and ftars adorn the night«y 
" His works are all divine." 

4 [He ftruck the fons of Egypt dead ; 
" How mighty is his rod ?" 

And thence with joy his people led : 
" How gracious is our God !" 

5 He cleft the fwellingfea in two ; 
" His arm is great in might :" 

And gave the tribes a paffage through : 
" His pov/'r and grace unite." 

6 But Pharcrnh's army there he drown'd ; 
" How glorious are his ways !" 

And brought his faints through defart 
" Eternal be his praife." [ground ; 

7 Great monarchs fell beneath his hand ; 
" VicTcorious is his fword :" 

While Jfradx.oa\i th J prcmis'd land ; 
'$■ Which of the flocks or flones they trufl! " And faithful is his word."] 
Can give them aiov.'rs of rain ? jg ^^ ,^^^ ^^^ ^^^.^^^^ ^^^^ .^ g^ 

ttnn^duft, I « He felt his pity move " 

In vain they worfliip gl 

And pray to gold in vain. 1 

6 [Their gods have tongues that cannotj 

Such as their makers gave ; [talk,' 
I'lieir ft«t were ne'er dehgiTd to walk, ; 
l>ior hands have pow'r to fave. 

7 Blind arc their eyes, their ears are deaf, 

Nor hear when raoFtals pray ; 
Mortals that wait for their relief, 
Arc blind and deaf as they.] 

8 Te faints adcxe the living Gcd, 

Serve him with faith and fear ; 

He makes the churches his abode, 

And claims your honors there. 

P S A L M 

C O r.I IvI O N 


M E T R E: 

How f?.d the ftate the world was in ! 
" How boundlefs w'-s his love 1" 

J IrVt fcnt to fave us from our wcc ; 
" His goodiicfs never fails :" 
From death and hell, and ev'ry foe ; 
" And ftill his grace prevails." 

lo Give thanks to God, the heav'nly King, 
" His mercies ftill endure ;" 
Let the whole earth his praifes flag :. 
•' His truth is ever fine." 

cod's Wonders of Creation, Provukr^e^ J-^:- 
JempUon zf Ifrael, and Salvjtl'.fi of bi: 

People. j 

I f^ IVE thanks to Gcd the fovereign 
\J " His mercies. ftill endure -." [Lord; 
And be the King of kings ador'd : 
" Hi* truth is ever fire." 

: Whr.t woriders hath \\'s, wifdcm done ; 
" How mighty is hi,^ hand '" 
H ;.vea, earth, and fca. he fiam'd alone : 
•' H.^w wide is his command 1'* 



I {~^ IVE thanks to God mc-ft hi-h, 
V_T 1 he univcrfal.Lord : 
The fovcreign King of l:ings ; 
AvA be his grace ador'd. 
" His pow'r and grace 
■ >\ re ftill the fame : 
'■ And icthis n?.me 

" Have endlefs praife." 

a Hjw mighty Is his hand !. 
What wonders hath lie done ! 
He form'd the earth and fcag, 
And f\:>read the hcav'ns alone. 
" "I'hv mercy, Lord, 
«' Sh-cli ftill endure i 
♦• And ever furq 

" Abides vhv v. -ord.'* 




3 His wifdom fram'd the fun, 
To crown the day with h^ht ; 
The moon and twinkling Ilari 
To cheer the darkfomc night. 
♦' His power and grace 
" Are (lili the fame ; 
*' And let his name 
*' Have endlefs praife." 

[4 He fmotc the firfl-bom font, 
The flow'r of E-gy^:^ dead, 
And thence his chofcn tribes, 
"With joy and glory led. 
*' Thy mercy, Lord, 
" Shall ftiil endure ; 
" And ever fure 

" Abides thy word." 

5 His pow'r and lifted rod 
Cleft the RiJ'tica in two : 
And tor hi* people made 

A wond'rous paffage through. 

" His pow'r and grace 
" Are flill tlic fame ; 
" And let his name 

"-Have endlefs praife." 

6 But cruel Pharaoh thcrc 
With uli his heft he drown 'd. 
And br(;u;;ht l;is Jfr-iul fafc 
Tiiroi'gh a longdcfart ground. 

" Thvnitrcy, Lord, 
" Shall niil endure ; 
" And ever fure 

•' Abides thy word." 
r A u s E. 
The kings of Canaan fell 
Beneath hi? dreadful hand ; 
While his 'own fcrvautt took 
VoiTe.Tion of thtir land. 
*' His pov/'r mid grace 
" Are ftill the \-s^j\<z ; 
"And let his name 

" Have cuJlcfs praife' J 

8 He faw the uaticns lie 
All perifyn]^:ia fin, 
And pityMthef.'.d flatc 
'i'hc ruii.'d world was \\\. 

" Thv incrcy, Lord, 
"Shall ft^ll endure: 
" And over fure 

" Abide* thy word." 

9 He fcnt Lis only ft»n 

To fave us 1 rum our u-or, 
Froni .S'i/rj.i, hu and death, 
Aud cv'ry hurtful fee. 

" His pow'r and gracf 
« Are ftill the fame ; 
" And let liis name 

" Have endlefs praife** 

10 Give thanks aloud to God, 
To God the heav'nly king : 
And let the fpacious earth 
His works and glories (lag. 
" Thy mercy, Lord, 
" Shall ftill endure: 
" And ever fure 

" Abides thy word." 


i/^"N IVE to our God immort.-\l praife ! 
VJX Mercy and truth are all his ways ! 
Wonders of grace to God belong. 
Repeat his mercies in your fong." 

a Give to the Lord of lords renown, 
The King of kin^^s with glory crown ; 
" His mercies ever ftiall endure, [more." 
" Wlicn Lords and kings arc known no 

3 He built the earth, he fpread tRc fl:y, 
And fix'd the ftarry lights on high : 

" Wonders of grace to God belong. 
" Repeat his mercies in your fong." 

4 He fills the fun with morning li^^ht. 
He bids the moon dircd. the night : 

" Hismerci« ever lliall endure, [more." 
** When funs and moons fliall iliine no 

5 The yeivs he freed from PlaraiJj's, hand> 
And brought them to the promis'd land ; 
" Wciider? of grace to God belong, 

" Repeat his mercies in your fong." 

6 He faw the Gfntilis dead in fin. 
And felt his pity work \>ithin ; 

" His merries ever fliall endure, [more." 
*' Wlacn death and fin fliall leigu no 

7 He Tent his .Son with pow'r to 
Trrm. guilt and darknefr and thf grave : 
*' Wonders of grare to God belou;,', 

" Repeat his mercies in your fcug." 

8 I'hro' this \aJn world he guides our it\ 
And leads us to his he;u'nly feat : 

" His mercies ever iLail cnduie, 

" Whtu tUi> vain wodd lliall be na more.'" 




P, and prcfir'v'iH^ Grace. 

[iTTTlTH all my pow'rs of heart and 

VV tongue 

ril praife" my Maker in my fonp ; 
Angels flipJI hear the notes I raife. 
Approve the fong and join the praife. 

% Anjrels that make the church their care 
Shall witnefs mv devotion there, 
"While holy zeal diretlls mv eyes 
To thy fair temple in the ilcies.] # 

3 I'll fin^ thv truth snd merer. Lord, 
I'll fin;^ l^'^.^ wonders of thv -".vord ; 
Not all the '.vorks nnd nani.'^.^ helow 
^orauch thy po'.v'r an.'.? glory fhow. 

4 To 0'^C\ I cry'd w]\en troubles rofe ; 
He heard me and ffibdu'd my foes; 
Ke ^'A my rifino; fears contjoul. 

And ftrength dilTus'd thro' aH my foul. 

5 The God of heav'n maintains his fi-ite, 
frowns on the proud and fcorns the great; 
tut from his throne defcends to fee 
'V\\^ fons of humble poverty. 

6 Amidfl a thoufand faarcs I ftand 
ITpheld and guarded by thy hand ; 
*T'txj words my fainting foul revfve. 
And keep my dying faith alive. 

7 Grace will complete what grace begins, 
To fave from forrow or from fins : 
The work that wifdom undertakes 
Eternal mercy ne'er forfakes. 



The All-fith:y GfJD. 

iT ORD, thou haft fearch'd and feen me 




Thine eye commandi with piercinj view 
My riling and my refciag hours, 
My heart and ficfn with all tlieir pow'rs. 
% My thoughts, before they arc my own, 
A.e to my God diftinctly known ; 
\l^ knows the word»i I mean to Ipeak, 
Ere from my op'ning lips they break. 

3 Within thy circling pow'r I (land ; 
On ev'ry fide I find rhy hand : 
Awake, allecp, at hoRie, abroid, 
I an^ furruaaUcd ftili with G*d. 

4 Amazing knowledge, vaft and great ! 
What large extent ! What lofty height ; 
My foul with all the pow'rs I boaft 
Is in the boundlefs profpecflloft. 

5** O may thefe thoughts poitefs my breafr, 
" Where'er I rove, where'er I reft : 
" Nor let my weaker pa/fions dsre 
*' Confent to fin, for God is there." 


6 Could I fo falfc, fo faithlefs prove. 
To quit tiiy fer\'ice and thy love. 
Where, Lord, could I thy prefence fliun. 
Or from thy dreadful glory run ? 

7 If op to heav'n I take my flight, 

'Tis there thou dwell'ft tnthron'd in light; 
Or dive to hell, there vengeance reigns. 
And Saian groans beneath thy chains. 

8 If mounted on a morning rav, 
1 fly beyond the IVifum fca,' 

Thy fwiftcr hand would firft arrive. 
And there arrefl thy fugitive. 

9 Or fliotild I try to fnun thy fight 
Beneath the fpreaJing veil of night, 
OnegLince of thine, one piercing ray, 
Would kindle darkiiefs into day. 

10" Omay thcfe thonghts polTefs^lny b.-eafl, 
" Where'er I rove, v. hcrt'cr I reft I 
" Nor let my weaker paffions dare, 
" Confent to fin, for God is there." 

11 The veil of night is no difguife, 

No fcreen from thy all-fcarching eyes : 
I'hy hand can feizc thy foes as foon. 
Thro' midniglit fliades as blazing noon. 

12 Midnight and noon in this agree. 
Great God they're both alike to thee ; 
Not death can hide what God will fpy, 
And hell lies naked to eye. 

ij "O may thefe thoughts poiiefs mybrea' 
" Whe'er I rove, where'er i reft! 
" Nor let my v/eaker pafhons dare, 
" Confent to iin, for God is there." 


The ivonJerful fcmatioi cf Alan. 

I 'nnWAS from thy hand, my Gcd, I 

X came, 

A wor'icof fuch a curious frame ; 
In me thy fearful wonders fhhie, 
And each proclaims tb.y ikill divine. 




a Thine eyes did all my limbs fiin-cy, 
Which yet in dark conful:on lay ; 
Thou faw'ftthe daily gro-vvth they took, 
rorm'd by the model of thy book. 

3 By thee my grov/ing parts were nam'd, 
And what thy fovcrcign councils ir;.ni'd, 
(The breathing lungs, the beatiug heart) 
V/as copi'd with unerring art. 

4 At lad to flieAv my Maker's name, 
God ftamp*d his image on my frame, 
j\ud in fome unknown moment join'd 
The Cnifli'd members of the mind. 

5 There the young feeds of thought began 
And all the pajFions of the man ; 
Great God, our infant nature pays 
luiniortal tribute to thv praife. 

i I.ordjuicc in my advancing age, 
I've :;oUd on lift's bufy Hage, 
Thy thoughts of love lo mc furmovnt 
The pov.'r of numbers to rccouut. 

^ I could furvey the cccan o'er, 

And cour.t eachfaud ihat makesthc Ciorc, 
J'cfore my fwiittfi- thoughts tould tr^icc 
The numVou«. uoiidcrs of thy gr.ace. 

:■: The^i en my heart are fiill imprcfa'd, 
With thefe I give my eyct to reft ; 
/ n ! at my waking liour I nnd 
i^^d SiiA hi:, l.-\c i:oJi:. ni_r 



•COD w rcery ntbere. 

1 TN all my vaft concerns with the», 
A In vain my foul would try 

To fliun thy prefence, Lord, or flee 
The notice of thine eye. 

2 Thy all-furrounding fight furveys 

2VIy rifing and my rcfl, 
My public walks, my private ways, 
Aiid fecrets of my breafl. 

J My thoughts lie open to the Lord, 
Before they're form'd within ; 
And ere my lips pronounce the worJ, 
He knows the fcnfe I mean. 

4 O wond'rous knowledge, deep and high 
Where can a creature hide ! 
Within thy circling arms I lie, 
EcTct on ev'ry fi,de. 

7 So It t thy grace furround me ftill. 
And like a bulwark prove. 
To guard my foul from ev'ry iU, 
Sccur'd by fov'rcign love. 

6 Lord where fliall guilty fouU retire, 

Forgotten and unkown ? 
In hell they aacet thy dreadful fire, 
In heav'n thy glorious throne. 

7 cl-.culd I uipprcTs my ^'ital breath 

To 'fcape the wrath divhie, 
Thy voice could break the bars of death, 
And make the grave refign. 

F-liccritKbrofcf, and Grace tryd : Or, 7h\S If wing'd with beams cf mernlng light, 
Heart-ff::rching COD. 

i"T\ TY Gcd, what inwari frricf I fet-l, 
iVl When iir.nio 

:ou5 men tiunigrcii 
will ! 
T mourn to hear their lip? profane. 
Take thy tremendous name in vaiu. 

^ Does not myA^ul detcO and h^ite 
The fons of malice and deceit } 
'J'hof^ th;:t oppofc thy bvs a;id thee, 
1 count thcin enemies to me. 

3 Lord fcarch my fcul, try ey'ry though.t ; 
Though my own heart acciife me not 
Of walking in a fr.lfe difgu'le, 

1 beg the trial of thine e;, cs. 

4 Doth fccret mifc'aicf lurk witliin ? 
Do 1 indulge fome uukr.own fin r 
O turn my feet whene'er I flray, lae iu .tfiy pwrlvct way. 

I fly beyond the Weft, 
Thy hand w hich muft fupport my flight 
Would foon betray my reft. 

If o'er my fms I think to draw 

The curtains of the nijjht, 
Thalc flaming eyes guard thy law. 

Would turn the fliades to fight. 

lO The beams of noon, thcmidnigh'.-Tiour, 
Are bcth alike to thee : 
O may I ne'er provoke that pov,-'r 
From v.hich I cannot flee ! 


'Thi' lVifd:.m c/ COD in the Formation "f Man. 

I TT7'HEN I with plcafmg wondcrfland, 
V V And all my frame furvey, 
Lcrrd,'tis thy work : I own thy iian4 
'iliU* built mv humble da V. 


a Thy hand my heart and reins pofTeft 
Where unborn nature grew, 
Thv wifdom all my features trac'd, 
And all my members drew. 

3 Thine eye with nicefl care furvey'd 

The growth of ev'rypart, 
'Till the whole fchemcthy thoughts had 
Was copi'd by thy art. [laid 

4 Heav'n, earth and fea, and fire and wind 

Shew mc thy wond'rous fltill ; 
But I review myfelf and find 
Diviner wonders flill. 

5 Thy awful glories round me fhine, 

My f]c£li proclaims thy praife ; 
Lord, to thy works of nature join 
Thy miracles of grace. 

4 When I behold them prefl with grief, 
I'll cry to heav'n for tlirir relief; 
And by my warni petitions prove 
How much I prize their faithful love. 


Ver. 14, 17, 18. 

The Mercies of GOD innumerable. 

An Evening Pfalm. 

OR.D,when I count thy mercies o'er. 
They ftrike me with furprize ; 

Not all the fands that fpread the fliore 
To equal numbers rife. 

2 My flefli with fear and woader fiands, 

The produa of thy llcill, 
And hourly blefllngs from thy hands 
Thy thoughts of love reveal. 

3 Tliffe on my heart by night I keep : 

How kind, how dear to me I 
O may the hour that ends my lleep, 
Still find my thbughti \?ita thee. 


GOD is tie Hr^pe of the Helplefs. 

1 '"T'O God I made my forrows known, 
X From God I fought relief : 

In long complaints before his throne 
I pour'd out all my grief. 

2 My foul was overwhelm'd with woes. 
My heart began to break ; 

My God, who all my burden knows. 
He knows the way I take. 

3 On ev'ry fide, I cafl: mine eye, 
And found my helpers gone, 

While friends and ftrangers paft m,e by, 
Ncgledted and unknown. 

4 Then did I raife a louder cry, 

And cali'J thy mercy near, 
" Thou art my portion when I die, 
" Be thou my refuge here." 

\$ Lord, I am brought exceeding low. 
Now let thine ear attend, 
And make my foes who vex mc, know 
I've an Almighty Friend. 

6 From my fad prffon fet me free, 
Then fliall I praife thy name. 
And holy men {liall join with me. 
Thy kir.dnefs to [proclaim. 


Ver. £, 3, 4,5. 
Watdfulnefs and .Brother!;^ Love. 
A Morning or Evening Pialm. 
ilk ^Y God accept my early vows, 
XVX Like morning incenfe in thy houfc. 
And let my nightly worluip ri/e, 
Sweet as the ev'ning facrifjce. 
a Watch o'er mylips,and piard ihemLcrd. 
From ev'ry rafli and heedlcfs word : 
Nor let my feet incline to tread 
Th(e guilty path where fenners lead. 

3 O may the righteous, whgn I ftray, 
Smite and reprove ray wand'rinr way ! 
Th:ir gentle words, like ointment ined, 
Shall never bruifc, but thecr mv h?^d. 



Complaint cf leavy AjfliSliens in Mind ami 

j BaJy, 

I "\ jT^ righteous Judge, my gracious God, 
i. v^ Hear when I fpread my hands abroad, 

1 And cry for fuccour from thy throne, 
' O make thy truth and mercy known. 

2 Let judgment not agatnft me pafs ; 

I Behold thy fcrvant pleads thy grace : 
1 Should juJtice call us to thy bar, 
j No man alive is guiltlefs there. 

3 Look down in pity, Lord, and fee, 
: The mighty woes that burden me ; 

i Down to the duft my life is brought, 
; Like one long bury'd and forgo;. 




4 I dwell in darkncfs and unfecn, 
My heart is defolatc within ; 

My thouglits in muling filcncc trace 
The ancient wonders of thy grace. 

5 Thence I derive a glimpfe of hope 
To bear my finking fpiriis up ; 

1 Aretch my hand to God again, 
And thirft like parched lauds for rain. 

C For thee I tj.irft, I pray, I mourn ; 
WJien will thy fmiiing face return ? 
Shall all my joys on earth remove ? 
And God forever hide his love ? 

7 My God, thy long delay to fave, 
Will fink thy pris'ncr to tJic grave ; 
My heart grows faint, and dim mine eye 
Make haftc to help before I die. 

S The night is witnefs to my tears, 
DiftrcfCng pains, diftrcfling fears ; 

might I hear thy morning voice. 
How would my weary 'd pow'rs rejoice ! 

9 In thee I truft, to thee I figh, 
And lift my weary foul on high ; 

^ For thee fit waiting all the day, 
And wear the tirefome hours away. 

3 Break ofTmy fetters, Lord, and fliow 
Which is the path my feet fhould go ; 
Jf fnares and foes befet the road, 

1 fiec to hide me near my God. 

1 1 Teach me to do thy holy will. 
And lead me to thyheav'nly hill ; 
let the good fpirit of thy love 
Condudl me to thy courts above. 

12 Then iliall my foul no more complain, 
The tempter then fhall r^ge in vain ; 
And flefli that was my foe before, 
fihiiil never vex my iplrit more. 


Ver. I, 2. 

AJifante andVi^cry in the Spiritual Warfare 

J Tj^ORevcr blefTcd be the Lord, 
JL My Saviour and my fhield ; 
He fends his Spirit with his word. 
To arm me for the field. 

2 When fin and hell their force unite, 
He makes my foul his care, 
Inftrutfls rac to the hcav'niy light, 
Aad guards mc ikrou^h tkc war. 

3 A friend nnd helper fo divine * 

Doth my weak courage raife ; 
He mik-s the glorious vi<il'ry mine, 
And his (hall be the praifc. 


Ver. 3, 4, 5, 6. 

The Fanity of Man ^ and Condeftenfion o/cOB. 

I r CRD, what is man, poor feeble man, 
jL-j Eorn of the earth at firfl ? 
His life a fliadow, light and vain. 
Still halting to the dufl. 

Z Owhat is feeble dying man, 
Or any of his race. 
That God fliould make it his concern. 
To vifit him with grace ! 

That God whodartshis lightnings down, 
Who fljakes the worlds above, 

And mountains tremble at his frown, 
How wond'rous is his love ! 


Ver. I a 15. 

Grace above Riches : Or, Tie Hapfy Nation, 

1 TIT APPY the city, where their fon« 

1- X Like pillars round a palace fet, 
And daughters bright as polifli'd ftone* 
Give ftrengih and beauty to the ftate. 

2 Happy the country, where the fheep. 
Cattle, and corn, have large incrcafc 
M'here men fecurcly work or fleep, "^ 
Nor fons of plunder break their peace. 

3 Happy the nation thus cndow'd, 
Dut more divinely blcftare thofc 
On whom the all-futncient God 
Himfcif with all his grace beftows. 



The Greatnefs of GOD. 

I'ly yTY God, my king, thy various praifc 
J.VjL Shall fill the remnant of my days ; 
Thy grace employ my humble tongue, 
'Till death and glory raife the fong. 

2 The wings of ev*ry hour fliall bear 
Some thankful tribute to thine ear; 
And ev'ry fetting fun fliall fee 
i\tw works of duty done ioi tkcc. 




3 Thy truth and juftice I'll proclaim ; 
Thy bounty flows an cndlefs ffcream ; 

1 hy mercy fwift ; thine anger How, 
Eut dreadful to the ftubborn foe. 

4 Thy works with fov'reiga glory fhine, 
And fpeakthy majefty divine ; 
Let ev'ry realm with joy proclaim 
The found iuid honor of thy name 

5 Let diftant times and nations raife 
The long fuccelHon of thy praife ; 
And unborn ages make my fong 
The joy and labour of their tongue. 

6 But who can fpeak thy wond'rous deeds ? 
Thy greatnefs all our thoughts exceeds ; 
Vaft and unfearchable thy ways, 

Vaft and immortal be thy praife. 

Ver 1 7, II 13- 

7be greatnefs of GOD. ^ 

I T ONG as I live TU blefs thy name, 
1 A My King, my God of love ; 
My work and joy fhall be the fame, 
In the bright world above. 

% Great is the Lord, his pow'r unkno-wB, 
And let his praife be great : 
I'll fmg the honors of thy throne, 
Thy works of grace repeat. 

3 Thy grace fliall dwell upon my tongue : 

And while my lips rejoice, 
The men that hear my facred fong 
Shall join their cheerful voice. 

4 Fathers to fons fliall teach thy name, 

And children learn thy ways ; 

Age|,fo come thy truth proclaim, 

And nations found thy praife. 

5 Thy glorious deeds of ancient date 

Shall through the world be known ; 
Thine arm of pow'r, thine heav'nly ftate. 
With public fplendour fliown. 

6 The world is manag'd by thy hands, 

Thy faints are rul'd by love ; 
And thine eternal kingdom flands, 
Though rocks aad ^Us remove. 


Ver. 7, &c. 

The CocJtufs of GOD. 

1 Q WEET is the mcm'ry of thy grace, 
O My God, my heav'nly King ; 
Let age to age thy rightcoufuefs 
In founds of glory fang. 

a God reigns on high, but ne'er confines 
His goodnefs to the fkies ; 
Thro' the whole earth his bounty fliiaes 
And ev'ry want fapplies. 

3 With longing eyes thy creatures wait 

On thee for daily food, 
Thy lib'ral hand provides their meat, 
And fills their mouths with good. 

4 How kind are thy compafCons, Lord ? 

How flow thine anger moves ; 
But foon he fends his pard'ning word 
To cheer the fouls he loves. 

5 Creatures, with all their endlefs race. 

Thy pow'r and praife proclaim ; 
But faints, that tafte thy richer grace, 
Delight to blefs thy name. 


Ver. 14 17, &c. 

Mtrey io Suffer ers :■ Or, COD bearing Prayer. 

I T ET ev'ry tong-ae thy goodnefs fpcak, 
I A Thou fov 'reign Lord of all ! 
Thy ftrength'ning hands uphold the 
And raife the poor that fall. [weak, 

a When forrow bows the fiiirit down. 
Or virtue lies diflrefl 
Beneath fome proud oppreflbr's frown. 
Thou giv'fl the mourners rcrt. 

3 The Lord fupports our tott'ring days, 

-^nd guides our giddy youth : 
Holy and jufl: are all his v/ays, 
And all his words are truth. 

4 He knows the pain his fervants feel, 

He hears his children cry, 
And their befl; wifhes to fulfil 
His grace is ever nigh. 

5 His mercy never fhall remove 

From men of heart fincere : 
He faves the fouls, v/hofe hurubic iove 
Is join'd with haly fear. 




6 [H-s ftvibborn foes his fword fliall P.ay, 2 Why fliould I make a man my truft ? 
And pierce their hearts with pain ; 
But none that ferve the Lord fliall fay, 
" Thev fought his aid in vain."] 

7 [My lips fliall dwell upon his praife, 
And fpread his fame alsroad ; 
Let all the fons of AJam raifc 
The honours of their God,] 

Princes muftdic nnd turn to duft . 
I Vain is the help of flefli and blood ; 

Their breath departs, their pomp and pow'r 
And thoughts all vanilTi in an hour, 
Nor can they make their Romaic good. 

;; Hippy the man whofc hopes rely 
On IfraePi God : He made the iky, 

And earth and feas,with all their train; 
Hi'^ truth for ever flands fecure : 
He faves th' opprett, he feeds the poor, 
And none fhall find his promifc vain. 



Praife to con for bis Go»dncfs and Truth. 4 The I^ord hath eyes to give the blind ; 

PriATPi? .u T 1 u . n n • • ' The Lord fupports the finking mind : 
RAISE ye thelx)rd, my heart fliall join u r j : «: 1 1 • • r • 

'. - .-'-'-... •> He lends the lab ringcenfcicnce peace, 

JL In works fo pleafant, fo divine 
Now while the flelh is mine abode, 
And when my foul afcends to God. 

2 Praife fliall employ my noblcft pow'rs 
While immortality endures ; 

My days of praife fliall ne'er be paft, 
While life and thought and being lafl. 

3 Why fliould I make a man my trufl .' 
Princes muft die and turn to duft ; 

He helps the ftranger in<iiftrcfs, 
The widow and the father Icfs, 

And grants the pris'ner fwcct rclcafc. 

5 He loves his faints, he knows them wcH, 
But turns the wicked down to hell : 

Thy God, O Ziou, ever reigns : 
Let ev'ry tongue, let ev'ry age, 
In this exalted work engage : 

Praife him in everlafting drains. 

Thcirbreathdeparts,theirpompandpowV 6 I'll praife him while he lends me breath. 

And when my voice is loft in death, 

Praife fliall employ my nobler pow'rs: 
My days of praife fliall ne'er be paft. 
While life and thought and being laft, 
Or immortality endures. 

And thoughts all vanifli in an hour. 

^Kappy the man whofe hopes rely 
On lfrad\ God : He made the fky, 
And earth and feas, with all their train, 
And none fhall find his promifc vain. 

5 His truth for ever ftand? fecure ; 

He faves the oppreft, he feeds the poor ; 
He fcads the lab'rijig confcience peace, 
And grants the pris'ner fweet relcafe. 

6 The Lord hath eyes to give the blind ; 
The Lord fupports the finking mind ; 
He hclpa the ftranger in diftBefs, 

The widow and the fatherlefs. 

7 He loves his faints, he 'Knows them well, 
But turns the wicked dov^n to htfl : 
Thy God, O Z/oz/jCver reigns; 

Praife him in everlafting flrains. 


Pr.'ifc to GOO fcr his Gco.imfs and Truth. 

iT'LL praife my Maker with my breath ; 
A An«l v/hcn my voice is loft in death, 

Praife fhall cinpiov my nobler pow'rs. 
My d:ivs of praife fhall ne'er be pail, 
While life and thought and Weing laft, 

Or immortality endures. 



The Dii'i/ii Nature, PrcviJence and Grate. 

1T3RAISE ye the Lord : 'tis good to raif5 
JL Our hearts and voices in his praife ; 
His nature and his v.'orks invite 
To make this duty our delight. 

2 The Lord builds up fcrufaltm^ 
And _^athers nations to his name : 
His mercy melts the ftubborn foul. 
And makes the broken fplrit whole. - 

\ He form'd the ftars,ihofe heav'niy flames 
Hecountstheir numb«rs,calls their naraos: 
"is wifdoni's vaft, and knows nj bound, 
A deep where all our thoughts are drown' J. 

4 Great is our Lord, and great his might ; 
And all liis glories i aiinite : 
He crowns the meek, rewards the juft, 
*Uid trcadi the wicked 10 ihc duft. 





5 Sing to the Lord, exalt him high, 
Who fpreads his clouds all round the £ky: 
Tliere he prepare;* the fruitful rain, 
Nor I^s the drops dcfcend in vain. 

6 He makes the grafs the hi.Is adorn, 
And clothes the fmlling fields with corn ; 
The beafts with food his hands fupply, 
And the young ravens when they cry. 

7 What is the creature's fkill or force, 
The fprightly man, the warlike horfe, 
The nimble wit, the acStive limb ! 

All are too mean delights for him. 

8 But faints are lovely in his fight ; 
He views his children with delight : 

He fees their hope, he knows their fear. 
And looks and loves his image there. 

Summer a fid IV inter, 
I " T ET Zion" praife the m.ighty God, 
■l.-j And make his honours knov/n z-\ 
" For f'-jueet the joy our Jongs lor alfe^ [broad ;j 
*' And glorious is the luork of praife" 

% Our children are fecure and blefl ; | 

Ourfliores have peace, our cities reft ; 
He feeds our fons with iineft wheat, 
And adds his blefUng to their meat. 

3 The changing feafons lie ordains, 
The early and the iacer rains ; 

His flakes of fnow like wool he fends, 
And thus the fpringing corn defends. 

4 With hoary frofl he firews the groiind ; 
His hail defcends with clatt'ring found ; 
Where is the lo vainly bold. 

That dares defy his dreadful cold ! 

5 He bids the Southern breezes blow ? 
The ice diflblves, the waters flow : 
Ent he hath nobler v/orksand ways 
To call his people to his praife. 

6 To all our realm his laws arc iliown ; 
His gofpel through the nation known ; 
He hath not thus reveal'd his word 
To ev'ry land : Praiie ye the Lord. 



Ver 7 9,13 ^8. 

The Serf JUS of ihe Tear. 

I'TTTITH fongs and honours founding; 

VV Addrefs the Lord on high ; [loud; 

Over the heav'ns be fpread.^ his cloud, \ 

x\nd waters veil the Hcv. • 

He fends his fliow'rs of blefUngs down 

To cheer the plains below ; 
He makes thegrafs the mountain* crown, 

And corn in vallies grow. 
He gives the grazing ox his meat, 

He hears the ravens cry : 
But man who taftcs his fineft wheat, 

Sould raife his hoi.'jurs high. 

His fteady counfels change the face 

Of the declining year ; 
He bids the fuK cut fliort his race, 

And wintry days appear. 

His hoary froft, his fleecy fnow, 
Defcend and clothe the ground : 

The liquid llreams forbear to flow. 
In icy fetters bound. 

\Vhen from his dreadful (lores on high 

He pours the rattling hail, 
The wretch that dares his God defy, 

Shall find his courage fail. 
He fends his word and melts the fnow, 

The fields no longer mourn : 
He calls the warmer gales to blow. 

And bids the fpring return. 

The changing wind, the flying cloud, 

Obey his mighty word : 
With longs and lionours founding loud, 

Praife ye the fov'rcignLord. 



Praife to GOU frojn all Creatures. 

'^7'E tribes of yhhm join 

i With heav n and e«ith and feas, 
And offer notes divine, 
To your Creator's praife. 
Ye holy throng 
Of angels bright, 
In worlds of light, 
Begin the fong. 

Thou fun with da2::ling raj-s. 
And moon tViat rules the night. 
Shine to your Maker's praife, 
With ftars of twinkling liglu. 
Kis pov/'r dcckre, 
Ye floods on high, 
And clouds that fly 
\i\ empty ;ii<-. 




3 The (lulling worlds above, 
In glorious order fl;ind. 
Or in fwift courfcs move 
By his fupreme command. 

He fpake the word. 
And all their frame 
From nothing came 

To praift: tlie Lord, 

4 He mov'd their mighty \v!\ctl!« 
In iinkn*)\vn ages part, 

And eacli his word fiil/lh 
While time and nature laft. 
In dilTVcnt wa-v s 
His works proclaim 
His wond'rous n-\mr. 
And fpcak his praift. 

I' A u s E . 

J I-ct all the earth-born race, 
And monftcrs of the deep, 
ThcfitTi that cleave the le^s, 
Crin their bofor.i flcep. 
From Tea and flic re 
Their tribute pay, 
And rti'l dilplay, 

'J'heir Maker's pow'r, 
C Ye vapours, hnil a-.'.d fnow, 
Praife yc :h' Almighty Lord, 
And ftormy \vi.ids that blgw 
To execute his word. 

When lightnings £hlnc, 
Or thunders roar, 
Let ear:h adore. 
His hand divine. 

7 Yc nountains near the flcics. 
With lofty cedars there, 
And trc?s of humbler fi/.e, 
That fruit in plenty boar. 

Beafia wild anil tainc, 
Birdj, flics and v/orm^. 
In various forms, 

Exalt his name. 

8 Ye kings and judges fc.r, 
The Lord the fov'reign vir.;, 
And while you rule us here, 
flis heav'uiy honors bug : 

Nor let the dream 
Of pow'r andfiatc 
Make you forj;::t 

Hispovv'r fupreme. 

9 Virglas and youths, eag.igs 
To found his praife dlviue, 
While infaiioy and age 
Th^ix ftthlcr voices viin : 

Wide as he reigns. 
His name be fung 
By every tongue. 

In cndlefs ftraius. 

to Let all the nations fear 
The God fhat rules above : 
He brings his people near, 
And makes them tifte his love 
While earth and iky 
Attempt his praifc. 
Hi* faints fliall raifc 
His honors high. 

LONG METRF^ Paraphrafcd. 

Uiiverful Praift to OOD. 

1 T OUD hallelujahs to the Lord 
1 . J From diftant worlds where creature 

Let heav'u begin the folemn word. 
And found it dreadful down to h#il. 

Note, Tl.h Vfilm may hi fur.^ to a fTifffre. 
vieire^ by d.'id'tr.9 tie txoo foUoiv'ng linn 
eviry jiansa., viz. 

E-j:b of bis ivorki t': name 'Tifh'.ayi^ 
But tbcy tan nicr fulfil hii prufe. 

% The Lord ! hoi\: abfolute he rel^s ; 
Let ev'ry angrl bend ta^ knCe : 
Sing of his love in heav'nly ftrains. 
And fpeak how fierce his terrors be. 

.3 nigh on a throne his glories dwell. 
An awful tlirone of fliining blifs ; 
Fly through the woild, O Jun, and tell 
H jv/ dark thy bearas compar'd to his. 

4 A'v.ike, ye tcmpcfts, and his fame 

In founds of dreadful praife declare, j 

Aud the fwect whifper of his naaic 
Fill ev'ry gentler breeze of air. 

5 Let clouds, and winds, 2nd wavrs agree j 
"i'o join their praifc witiibl.tziug fire, 
L-t the tirm earth and rolling feu, ( 
la this eternal fonj coufpire. 

6 Ye flow 

ry p! 


laim his ikil! 

Valleys lie low before his eye ; 
Ar.d let his praife from ev'ry hill 
Rife tuneful to the ncighb'iirg iky. 

r Yc ftubborn oaks, and flately pines, 
Bend your high branches and a'^ore ; 
Praifc him ye bcaUs In diff'rcnt Hraini ; 
Tlie lamb wuft bleat, the lion roar. 



J5 Birtls,yemuft m:ikc this praJfe your theme 
Nature demands a fong from you ; 
While the dumb fiHi that cut the ftrcam 
Leap up and mean his praifcs too. 

9 Mortals, cati you refrain your tongue, 
When nature all around you fings i 
O for a Ihout from old and young, 
From humble fwains, and lofty kings ! 

JO Wide as his vaft dominion lies 
Make the Creator's name be known : 
Loud as his thunder llxout his praiTc, 
And found it lofty as his throne. 

XI Jkhovah ! 'tis a glorious word, 
O may it dwell on ev'ry tongue ! 
But faints who beft have known the Lord,' 
Are bound to raife the nobleft fong. 

It Speak of the wonders of that love 
Which Gabriel plays on ev'ry chord 
From all below and all above, 
Loud hallelujahs to the Lord. 



Unherfil Praife. 
Y ET ev'ry creature join 


I JLi To praife th' eternal God ; 
Ye heav'nly hofts, the fong begiu, 
And found his name abroad. 

t Thou fun with golden beams, 
Aiid monn with paler rays, 
Ye flarry lights, ye twinkling flames, 
Shine to your Maker's praife. 

3 Ke boilt thofe worlds above, 
And fix'd their wond'rous frame ; 

By his command th=y ftand or move. 
And ever fpeak his name. 

4 Ye vapours, when you rife. 
Or fall in (how'rs or fnow ; 

Ye thunders murm'ring round the Ikies, 
His pow'r and glory Tnow. 

5 Wind, hail, and flafliing fire, 
Agree to praife the Lord, 

When ye ia dreadful ftorms coiifpirc 
To execute his word. 

6 By all his works above 
His honours be cxpreft ; 

But iViQts th-it taCie h:5 faving'.ove 
Should ling his praifes b^ft. 


7 Let earth and ocean know 
They owe their Maker praife ; 

Praife him yc watry worlds below, 
And monfters of the feas. 

8 From mountains near the flcy 
Let his high praife rcfound, 

From humble flirubs and cedars liigb) 
And vales and fields around. 

9 Yc lions of the wood, 

And tamer beafts that graze, 
Yc live upon his daily food, 

And he eipecSls your praife. 

10 Ye birds of lofty wing. 
On high his praifes bear ; 

Or fit on flow'ry boughs, and fiag 
Your Maker's glory there. 

11 Ye creeping ants and worms, 
His various wifdom fliow. 

And flies in all your ihining fwarms, 
Praife him that drcft )'eu fo. 

12 By all the earth-born race. 
His honours be exprcft ; 

But faints that know his heav'nly grace. 
Should learn to praife him beft. 

i.-j Monarchs of wide command, 
Praife ye th' eternal King ; 
Judges adore that fov'reign hand, 

Whence ail your honours i'prlng. 

14 Let vig'rcus youth engage 
To found his praifes high : 

While growing babes and with'ringage 
Their feebler voices try. 

15 United zeal be fliown 
His wond'rous fame to raife ; 

God is the Lord, his name alone 
Deferves our endlefs praife. 

16 Let nature join with art, 
And all pronounce him blcfl. 

But faints tiiai: dwell 10 near his heart 
Should iiug his j-ruifes beft. 






Pia'ft GOD all his Saints : Or, ^^ke 
juii^:i:g- the fVorld. 

ALL ye that love the L(>rd rejoice, 
And let your fongs be new ; 
Am-dfc the church with cheerful voice 
tU* later v.-ciders Ihs-A-. 




ft The Jc^vj, the people of his grace, 
Shall their Redeemer fing ; 
And Gentile nations join the praife, 
While Zion owns her King. 

3 The Lord takes pleafure in the juft, 

Whom finners treat with fcorn : 
The meek that lie dclpis'd in duft 
Salvation Hiall adorn. 

4 Saints fliould be joyful in their King, 

Ev'n on a dying bed ; 
And like the louls in glory fiag, 
For God fliall raifc the dead. 

5 Then his high praife flaall fill their 

Their hands fliall wield the fworU : 
And vengeance fhall attend their fongs. 
The vengeance of the Lord. 

4 When Cbrrjf his judgment feat afcends. 
And bids tlic world appear. 
Thrones are prepar'd for all his friends 
Who huuiWy lov'd him here. 

7 Then fliall they rule with iron rod 
Nations that dar'd rebel : 
And join the fcntcnce of their God, 
Oil tyrants dooin'd to hell. 

8 The royal finners bound in chaim», 

New triumphs fliall afford ; 
Such houor for the faints remains ; 
Prnifc yc and love the Lord. 

P 8 A L M CL. 

Ver. I, a, 6. 

A So;tg of Praife. 

I TN God's own houfe pronounce hi« 
J. His grace he there reveals ; [praife, 
To heav'n your joy and wonder raife, 
For there his glory dwells. 
% Let all your facred paflQonsmoTC, 
While you rehcarfc his deeds : 
But the great work of faving lore 
Your highcft praife exceeds. 
3 AH that have motion, life and breath. 
Proclaim your Maker blcfl ; 
Yet when my voic< expires in death. 
My foul fliall praife himbeft. 

\['Tle jrrtj:ef part ef this Pfalmfuits not mychif 
d.f*gi i i have tkerrfor: tbc txvo 
frji verfej and the hft^ in afocrt Doxclcgy cr 
S^ngof Praft. TetfHittke Chriftlan Dex- 
ology is wore ufed in ChriJltoH Ajfetnklics ^ I 
bj^: iiddid that alfo.] 



^T^O God the Father, Go.', the Son, 

X And God the Spirit, three in One, 
Be honor, praife, anu glory giv'ii, 
By a!l on earth and all in hcr.v'n. 



ET God the Fatli 

the- Son, 

And Spirit be ador'd 
Where there are woiksto make h:mluiov/n. 
Or faints to love the Lord. 

COMMON METRE, ivhcre the iuHe in- 
cludes tii'cflaffzas.' 

'^pHE God of mercy be ador'd, 
.1- Who calls our fouls from death, 
\\')xo frives by hi* redeeming word. 
And new creating brcatli. 

To praife the Faiher and the Sen, 

And Spirl: all divinr, 
Tac One in Three, and Three iii Cue, 

Let faints and ar.gcU join. 



"XT'E angels round the throne, 
X And faints that dwell below, 
Wor£hip the Father, praife the Son, 
And blefb the i-pirii too. 


NOW to the great and facred Three, 
The Father, Son, and Spirit, be. 
Eternal praife and glory giv'n 
Thro' all the v. crld^ where God is known, 
By all the angels near the throne. 

And all the faints in cartli r.nd heav'n. 


TO God the. Father's throne, 
Perpetual honors raife, 
Glcry to God the Sen, 
To G"i! the Spirit praife : 
With all our pow'xs, 
]■ ternal King, 
1 hy name wc fii^tj. 
Wiiiic faikh sdurc^. 



[Dr. Watts, in hit Verjion of the Pfalms thovgbt proper to omit the fallo^ving^ viz. aS.'A, 43</, 
SZd, SAthy S9'^t 64/i&, yothy ygth^ %Sfhy loSth^ 137/A and l^Oth. He fuppcftd the fubjefl 
cf each Pfulm omitted ii-a: fully taken up in other I'/ulms.'] 

The follo7ving, ivritten by the ingenious Mr. Joel Earlow cf Conrellici.t, by difire of the Gcr.' 
eral Affociation of that State, are here added in order to accor.imcdate ihufe ivbo icif: i^ b^ue ' 
the Pfalms complete. They are extraBed from a. Book, itiiitled " Dr. Watls's I.r.ilation of 
the Ffaltns of David, correSiid and enlarged" 


GOD the JirfLge of the J^i^cd. 
i'T~^0 thee, O Lord, I raife my cries ; 
J- My fervent prayer in mercy hear ; 
For rain -waits my trembling fouJj 
If thou refufe a gracious car. 

a WJicn fuppliant toward thy holy hill, 
I lift my mournful hands to pray, 
Afford thy grace nor drive me llill, 
\Vith impious hypocrites away. 

3 To Ions of falfehood, that dcfpife 
Tlie works and wonders of thy reign, 
Thy vengeance gives the due rcwaru, 
And Unks their fouls to endlefs paia. 

A But, ever blefled be the Lord, 
Whofe mercy hears my mournful voice, 
]My heart t!iit truftcd in his v/ord, 
In his ialvation flia.ll rejoice. 

5 Let every faint in fore diftrcfs, 
J3y faith approach his Saviour God; 
Then gr:.nt,0 Lord, thy pardoning grace. 
And feed thy church v.ith heavenly fcod, 

3 O Tend thy light to guide my feet. 

And bid thy truth appear, 
Condud: me to thy holy hill. 
And tafle thy mercies there. 

4 Then to thy alter, oh my God, 

Aly joyful fett fliail rife, 
And uiy triumpliant fongs fiva!! praifC; 
The God tiiat rules die ikies. 

5 Sink not, my foul, beneath ihy fear, 

Nor yield to weak dcfpair ; 
For I fliall live to praife the Lord, 
Andblefs his "uardian ere. 



Safety in Divine Protc^ion. 
1 JUDGE me, O god, andplead my caufe, 
J' Agaiuft a fiuful race ; 
yrom vile cpprellion and deceit 
Secure me by thy grace. 

a On thee my ftedfafl hope depends, 
And am I left to mourn ? 
T« fuik iu forrov/s, and in Tain 
Ircploie thy kiiid return I 


C O !^I M O N M E T R E. 

rie Difafpointr:ent cf the fi\.kd. 

I TT7^Y fliould the mighty make their 
VV boa ft, 

And heavenly grace defpife ? 
in their own arro they put their truli. 
And uU their mouth with lies. 

J Hut Cod in vengeance fliall dcilrov, 
And drive them from his f.icc,' 
No more ihall they his church 
Nor f.nd on earth a place. 

3 Bat like a cultur'd olive grove, 
Drefs'd in immortal green, 
Thy children blooming in thy lore, 
Aiiiid thy cour;3 are feen. 

£;. Ou thine eternal gr^ce, O Lord, 
Thy faints fl^all rei't fecure, 
And all, who truH: thy jjoly ^Yord; 
Sii2il fiiid fahatioafurc. 





The felly ef Self Dependent. 

I'tTTHY fliould tke haughty heroboaft, 

V V His vengeful arm, his warlike hoft 
While blood dctilcs his cruel hand, 
And defoiation waftts the land. 

a He joys to hear the captive's cry, 
The widow's groan, the orphan's figh ; 
And when the wearied fword would fparc, 
His falfchood fpreads the fatal fnarc. 

3 He triumphs in the deeds of wrong, 
And arms with rage his impious tongue 
With pride proclaims his dreadful power 
And bids the trembling world adore. 

4 But God beholds, and with a frown, 
Cafts to the dufl his honours down ; 
The righteous freed their hopes recal, 
And hail the proud opprtflbrs fall. 

5 How low th' infuking tyrant lies, 
Who dar'd th' eternal power dcfpifc ; 
And vainly deem'd with cnviouj. ]oy, 
His a-:u aimigbty to deftroy. 

6 W • ^.Ti.'\Q tlic I.ord who hca'.d our cries. 
And fent falvntion from the Ikies ; 

The faiotK, who faw our mournful days, 
Shall join our grateful fon^s of praifc 


C O Al M O N M E T R E- 

I T> EHOI J) us Lord, and let our ciy 
XJ Eeff-re thy throne afcend, 
CaH thou on us a p:fy;ng eye, 
/scd ftill our lives defend. 

Q. For flatTgatcrina fj;?, Infult u; round, 
Opprcfuvc p'-ciid and vain, 
Thcv c:'.A thy temples to the ground, 
And all our rites profane. 



Prayer far National Deliverance, 

I T7ROM foes that round us rife, 

jL O God of heav'n defend. 

Who brave the vengeance of the ikie;* 

And with thy faints contend. 

a Beh«ld from diftant fhores. 
And defart wilds they come, 
Combine for blood their barbarout force, 
And through thy cities roam. 

3 Beneath the filcnt {hade, 
Their fccrct plots they lay, 

Our peaceful wall* by night iavadc, 
And wade the fields by day. 

4 And will the God of grace, 
Rcgardlefs of our pain. 

Permit fecurc that impious race, 
To riot in their reign ? 

5 In vaiii their fecret guile. 
Or ppcn force they prove : 

His eye can pierce the deepcft veil. 
His hand their Itrength remove. 

6 Yet fave them, Lord, from death. 
Left Ave forget their doom ; 

But drive them with thine angry brcatn 
Through diftant lands to roam. 

7 Then fhall our grateful voice 
Proclaim our guardian God ; 

The nations round the earth rejoice. 
And found the praifc abroad. 

3 Yet thy forgiving grace wc truft, . 

And in thy pow-'r rr joice ; 
Thine arm OjaU crulh our foes to dufb, 
Thy praife iijfpirc our voice. 

4 Be thou with thofe whofe friendly hand 3 Tin' jutl'cc and thy po«v'r dlfnlay. 



1 /^i RFAT Gi-d af.cod to my complai:;!, 
\ji Korlct niy drooping fpirit faint ; 
Wlienfocs in fecrfcfpread the fn^rc, 

Let my falvatlon be thy care. 

2 Shield me withoi;t. and guard wirluit, 
rrom treacherous foes and dtadlv aa \ 
h-iav envy, h:ft. a*- d pride depart, 
And hcav'iiiy |;racc cxpai.d a.y heart. 

Upheld us in rtiftrcfi 
Extend thy truth thro'Jc;li cv'ry land. 
And 11:11 rhy pcapic bid;. 

And fcL'tt^r far thv foes away 

While llft.en;lng nation-; karn thy word, 

And laiiits triuaipLaui blcfs the Lord. 


4 Then fliall thy church exalt her Toicc, 
And all that love thy name rejoice ; 
By faith approach thine awful tlirone, 
And pleadjhejnerits of thy Son. 


Froteffion againfi Perfonal Enemies. 

I TN haftc, O God, attend my call, 
X. Nor hear my cries in vain ; 
O let thy fpeed prevent my fall, 
And (iill my hope luftaln. 
a AVben foes infidloiis n'cund my name. 
And tempt my foul aftray, 
Then let them fnllwith laflin- fhame, 
To their own plcts a prey. 

3 While all that love thy name rejoice, 

And glory in thy wojd, 
I« thy lalvation raifc their voice, 
And magnify the Lord. 

4 O thou my help in tim-e of need, 

Behold mv fore difmay ; 
In pity haften to my aid. 

Nor let thy grace delay. 



For the Difrtfs of War. 

iT>EKOLD,0 Gcd,what cruel foes, 
£b Thy peaceful heritage invade ; 
Thy holy temple (lands deai'd, ^ 
la duft thy lacred walls are laid. 

s Wide o'er the va'lits,drench'd in blood 
Thy people fall'n in death remain ; 
•i'h'e Jowls of heav'n their flefli devour, 
And favage beafts divide the fluin. 

3 Th* infuking foes with impious rage, 
P.epi-oach thy children to their face ; 

" Where is your God oi boalled pow'r ? 
" And where the prornife of his grace r" 

4 Deep from the prifon's horrid glooms, 
O hear the mournful captive's figh, 
And let thy fov'rcign pow'r reprieve, 
The trembling fouls condemn'd to die. 

5 Let thofe, who dar'd infult thy reign, 
Return diimay'd with endlefs Ihaiue, 
While heathens, who thy grace defpife, 
Shall from thy vengeance learn thy name. 

6 So ihall thy children, freed from death, 
Eternal fongs of honour raife, 

And ev'ry future age fhall tell 

Thy fov'reigu pow'r and pard'aing grace. 




Lcfs cf Fritnds and Ahjence of Divine Crccc. 

GOD of my falvation, hear 
My nightly groan, my daily pray'r. 
That Uill employ my waiting breath ; 
My foul, declining to the grave. 
Implores thv fov'reign pow'r to fave. 
From dark defpuir and lafling death. 

2 Thy v,'rath lies heavy on ray foul, 
An<i waves of forroAvs o'er me rcU, 

V.'hilc d'.ifland filence fpread theglocm; 
My friends beiov'd in happier days. 
The dear compr^nions of my ways, 
Dcicend around me to the tomb. 

3 As left in lonely grief I tread 

The mournful manfions of the dead. 
Or to lome thron^^'d afrenibly -o ; 
Thrauu;h all alike I icvc alone, 
Whi'.e here forgot ar.d there unknown. 
The change renews my piercing woe. 

4 And w!.y will God iirglecb mv call ? 
Or who fhall profit by my fail. 

When life departs and love expires * 
Can duft and darkncfs praife the Lord ? 
Cr walie or brighten at his word. 

And tune theharp with heav'nly quirci? 

5 Yet thro-Jgh each melancholy day, 
I've pray'd to tliee. and fcill we pray. 

Imploring ftill thy kind return — 
But oh \ my friends, my ccir.forts fled. 
And ail my kindred of ihe dead 

Recalmy -vvanu'ringthoughtstoiaourn. 



A Song of F raifc. 

I A WAKE my foul to found his praife, 
XjL Awake my harp to fing ; 
Join all my powers the fong to raifc, 
And morning incenfc bring. 

a Among the people of his care. 

And through the nations rcuad ; 
Glad fongs of praife will I prepare, 
And there his namerefound. 
3 Be thou exalted, O my God, 
Above the ftarry train ; 
Difrufe thy heav'nly grace abroad^ 
And teach the world thy reigiv 


P E N D I X. 

4 So flizll thy chofen fon? rrjorcc, 
Ai'.d throng thv courts sbovf ; 
While finni-rs hear thy pardonin^volcc 
And tafterrdccmlng love. 



Tbe E*bv Ionian CapHiity. 

> A LONG thr banks where Bitlryt cur- 

-1 jL rent }k)ws, [/tr?.y'd, 

Our captive b::ndi in deep dcfpoud'uce 

While Z.o.v'j full in fad rcnicmbrance rofe, 

Her fricuds, h-jr cliiidrcn, niiaglcd with 

the tl.'ud. 

:: Thctvir.clcri. harp that once vfjth joy we 

When praile cmnl'iy'd ::nd mirth in- 

IpirM the lay, 1 

In mournful h'crrcon the xvi'loxvs lump;;! 

And ijrowinjj ix\t:l prch-n^'d :I.ctcdit)us 


I hf ba' b:\ror.s. tvrants,t<>ir.crejfethe\voc, 

5 ir e'er my memory lofe thy lorely narar, 

If my cold heart negleA my kindred 


Let dire deftnijfUonfeizcthisguiltT frame; 

My hand fliall pcrifli and my foicc 

fh.all ceifc. 

6 Yet fliall the Lord, -who hears wlicn 
Zioit calls, 
O'ertakc her foes with terror and dlf- 
Hir, arm avenge her dcfolatcd vralls, 
And r.iifc her children to eternal dav. 



I "pF.OTECT u^ I ord, from fatal liar, 
Jl Behold our rifmg v,-ocj ; 
Wc truft alone thy povieriul arm, 
'io fcatter ali our foes. 

1 2 Th- 

Thcir thocj-^hts arc fr.ll ofj^uile. 
While ra^tand carnage fwcll their heart, 
'I'hey wear a pei-.ccful I'milc. 

O God of grace, thy gnardian care, 
W!»infot.> without iuvade, 

Or fprcad within a deeper fuarc, 
Supplies our conftant aid. 

cUnn ; j 

n,M farrtdpr,!'!j:in flrinnsmclodoius flow,i 

vi'hih- thr y u'niphcmc the grcit jinc-U Let falfliocd f!cc before thy face, 

v.>>i'> n:.nie. Thy heavenly truth extend, 

„ , • I .1 1 • ,4 1 1 „ All n^tioni tafte thy heavenly ;rra re, 

4Euchow,,n!.tathcncaa.nsar.dhndsun.| ^,.d^,j a^^iufion end. ^ *' 
kiiOwn, j 

S'la'J Ifi icl\- fens a foag of Z;V-j raiTc ? 15 With drJIy bread the poor fupply, 

O hapieis Sjlertj G<'ti'5t'rrtftri-I iLrone, I The caufe of juPace plead, 

rii.iii land of gloiy, iicud mount of. And be thy church exalted high, 

pi^iiV. I With Cir//? tkc glorious hca4- 



H Y 






A anv Song U tbe Lamb thai teasjlaln. Rev. 

V. 6, 8, 9, lo, 12. 

1 TOEHOLD the glories of the Lamb 
J3 Amidft his Father's throne : 
Prepare new honours for his name. 

And fongs before unknown. 

2 Let ciders worflilp at his feet. 

The church adore around ; 
With vials full of odours fweet, 
And harps of fweeter found. 

3 Tliofe are the pray'rs of all the faints, 

And thefe the hymns they raifc : 
y.'/Kf is kind to ov.r complaints, 
He loves to hear our praife. 

4 [Eternal Father, who fhall look 

Into thy fecretwill ? 
Who but "the Son fhall take that book, 
And open ev'ry feal ? 

5 He fliall fulfil thy great decrees, 

T]»e Son deferves it weil ; 
Lo, in his hand the fov'rcign keys, 
.Of heav a, aud death, and hell !] 

i Now to the Lamb that orice was flain, 
Be endlefi blcffin^^s paid ; 
Salvation, glory, joy, reai->ia 
Forever on thy head. 

7 Thou haft redeem'dourfouU with blood,; 
Ilaftfet the prisoners free, 
H.'.n made us kings and prltfts to Cod, 
And we ftiull reign with thee ! 

L a 

8 The worlds of nature and of grace 
Are put beneath thy pow'r ; 
Then fhorten thefe delaying days, 
And bring the promis'd hour. 



The Deity and Humanity of Chrlft. John !» 
I, 3, 14 ; andQ,Q\. i. l6; c/jiEph.iii.9, la 

I T7 RE the blue heav'ns were llretch'd 
-Hi abroad, 
From everlafting was the woJ-d : 
With God he was ; the word was God, 
And mud divinely be ador'd. 

a By hk own pow'r were all things made, 
By him fupported all things ftand ; 
He Is the whole creation's head. 
And angels fly at his command. 

3 Ere fin was bo»n, or Satan fell, 
Ke led the r.oft of morning ftarj ; 
(Thy gener-ition .vho can tell, 

Or count the number of thy years ?) 

4 But lo, he leaves thofe heav uly forms. 
The Vy^ord dtfcends and dwells In clav, 
That he may hold converfe with vvorms,. 
Drefs'd iu fuch feeble flefli as they. 

5 Mortals with joy beheld his face 
Th' eternal Father's only Son ; 

How full of truth ! how full of grace \ 
When thro' his eyes the Godhead flionc \ 

6 Archangels leave their high abode, 
To learn new myftVies here and tcii 
The Jove of our <Ierccnding Godj 
The glories of Innaanutl. 


HYMNS, kc. Ill, V, VI, vn. Book 1. 



Tic NatiKJity of Chriji. Lukc i. 30, &C. 

Luke ii. 10, ^cc. 
1 "TjIiHOLD tjte grace appears, 
JD 7 he prfimile is fulftli'd ; 
^aiy the v.'or.d'rous virgin bears, 
And Jijus is the child. 

a [The Lcrd, the highcft God, 
Cells him ]>is only Son; 
jE-It bids him rule the lands abroad, 
And givc£ him Daiilu'i throne. 

3 O'er 'Jcuf.h fliall he rci^ 
With a peculiar fway ; 

The nations ili.ill his grice obtain, 
Hir kingdom ne'er decay.] 

4 To bring the glorious news, 
A heav'nly form appears ; 

He ttlls the fliepherds of Lhcir joys, 
And baniihts their f^ars. 

5 Go^ humhle frvatHS., faid he, 
To David's tUy jh ; 

The pion:'ii'd infant^ kutr, to djy, 
Djth in a sir.Hgtr lie. 

i }Vith !coh and heart fer;nt. 
Go I'ifit Clirift your King ; 
And Hrai^ht a flaniing troop was feca ; 
The fhephcrds heard them fing : 

7 Clory to Cod on hia'o f 
And lea'-J' illy fcaet (.h e^^ith^ 
^i,oJ-'<uiil to men, 1c (i-igc/s Jty, 
At tie Redeemer s birtL 

\ [In v.'onl.ip fo diviBC 
Let faints employ their tongues, 
V*'iih the celcftiai hoft wr.join, 
And hjud repeat thtir fon^^s : 

9 Cffry to Gcd oil bi^h ! beu-^nlj pc^it en tartly 
Ce0tf''ui// tp men, ta enrc's Jcy^ 
At tur Redeem CI \ lirti.'] 

^V. Ilefcrred to the id Pfalm. 


a The dear delights wc here enjoy. 
And fondly call our own, 
Arc but fiiort favours borrow'd now. 
To be repaid anon. 

3 TIs God that lifts our comforte high, 

Or Gnk* them in the grave, 
He gives and (bltfTcd be his name !) 
He tAes but what he gave. 

4 Peace, all our angry pa(£ons then. 

Let each rebellious figh 

Be filent at his fov'reign will, 

And ev'ry murmur die. 

5 If fmiling mercy crown our lives. 
Its praifcs fliall be fpread. 

And we'll adore thcjufhicc too 
'J hat ftrikes our comforts dead. 

' \T 

Jl->I And crcpc to life at ^j :'>, 

We to the earth return agaia, 

And nunijlt xviti» our iluft 

Triumph over Death. Job xix. IJ , a 6, 2 7- 

I /^ REAT God, I own the fentcnce jlH, 
yjT And nature mull decay; 
I yield my body to the dull. 
To dwell with fellow-clay. 

i Yet faith may triumph o'er the grave, 
And trample on the tombs ; 
My yffuf, my Rtdeemer lives. 
My God, my Saviour comes. 

3 The mighty conqu'ror (lull appear 
High on a royal feat, 
And death the laft of all his foes. 
Lie vanquifb'd at his feet. 

Though greedy worms devour my ILin, 
And gnaw my wafbng flefh, 

When (;od fliall build my bonci again, 
Hc'il clothe them all afrcfli : 

5 Thea lliall I fee thy lovely face 
With flrong immortal cyci. 
And fciift upon thy unknown grace 
With plcafurc and lurprize. 


Tie Invitdticii of the Gtffel ; Cr, Spirit,M 

jro(.d and Clothinr. Ifa. Iv. I, 2, &.C. 

LET ev'ry mortal ear attend. 
And ev'ry heart rejoicr, 

.,, -,,^ - ^, ., _ The trumpet of the eolpcl louuds, 

AKr.D as from the earth wc came, -,.., ' . .. «^ X » 

^ V.jtij an inviting voice. 

2 Ho ! all ye hungry ftarviiig foul&. 

That feed upot il.t wi;,tl, 

Book I. 


And vainly Ilrivc with earthly toys 
'J'o fill an empty niind : 

S Eternal v.ifdom has prepar'd 
A foul reviving fcaft, 
And bids your longing appetites 
The rich provifion tafte. 

4 Ho f ye that pant for living ftreams, 

And pine av.-ay and die ; 
Here you may qr.cnch your raging thirA 
With fprings that never dry. 

5 Rivers of love and mercy here 

In a rich ocean join ; 
Salvation in abundance flows, 
• Like floods of milk and wine. 

6 [Ye perifhing and naked poor. 

Who work with mighty pain, 

To v/eave a garment of your own, 

That will not hide your fin ; 

7 Come nUked and adorn your fouls 

In robes prepar'd by God, 
Wrought by the labours of his Son, 
And dyed in his own blood.] 

3 Dear God ! the treafures of thy love 
Arc evcrlafting mines, 
Deep as our helplcfs miferics arc, 
And boundlefs as our fins ! 

9 The happy gates of gofpcl grace 
Stand open night and day : 
Lord, we are come to fcek iupplics. 
And drive our wants away. 



Tie Safety and ProteSiion of the CburfO. Ifa. 

iivi. I, 2, 3, 4, J, 6. 

1 TTOW honourable is the place 
X X Where we adoring ftand> 
Ziou the glory of the earth, 

And beauty of the land I 

2 Bulwarks of mighty grace defend 

The city where we dwell ; 
The walls of ftrong falvation made, 

Defy th* alTaults of hell. 
2 Lift up the everlafting gates, 

The doors wide open fiing. 
Enter ye nations thut obey 

The ftatutes of our King. 

4 Here fliall you trtfle unmingled joys. 
And live in perfccSl peace ; 
You that have known Jehovah's name, 
Aad vcntur'd on his grace. 

J Trufl in the Lord, for ever truft, 
And banifh all your fears : 
Strength in the Lord Jehovah dwells, 
Eternal as his years. 

6 What though the rebels dwell on high, 

His arm fliall bring them low ; 
Low as the caverns of the grave 
Their lofty heads fhall boir. 

7 On Bahyhn our feet fliall tread, 

In that rejoicing hour ; 
The ruins of her walls fliall fprcad 
A pavement for the poor. 


tit Promlfes of the Covenant of Grace. Ifa. 
Iv. I, a. Zech. xiii. i. Mic. vii. 19. 
Ezek. xxxvi. 35, &c. 

1 TN vain wc lavifli out our lives, 
JL To gather empty wind ; 
The choiceft blcffings earth can yield 
Will flarve a hungry mind. 

% Come and the Lord fliall feed our f#uls 
With morefubftantial meat. 
With fuch as faints in glory love, 
With fuch as angels cat. 

3 Our God will ev'ry want fupply. 

And fill our hearts with peace : 
He gives by cov'nant and by oath 
The riches of his grace. 

4 Come and loe'll cleanfe our fpoited foule. 

And warh away our ftains 
In the dear fountain that his Son, 
Pour'd from his dying veins. 

5 [Our guilt fhallvanifli all away, 

Though black as hell before ; 

Our uns fliall fink benesth the fca. 

And lliall be found no more. 

6 And left pollution fliould o'erfprcad 

Our inward pow'rs again, 
His fpirit fliall bedew our fouls 
Like purifying rain.] 

7 Our heart, th'at fiinty, ftubborn thing. 

That terrors cannot move. 
That fears no threat'ningsof his wrath. 
Shall be diflblv'd by love : 

8 Or he can take the flint away 

That would not be refin'd, 
And from the treafures of bis grace 
Ecftuw a fcfter nu»d. 


HYMNS, kc. Xy XI, xii, xiii. Book I. 

9 There fliall his facred Spirit dwell, 

And deep engrave his law, 

And eT'ry motion of our fouls 

To fwift obedience draw. 

10 Thus ttUI he pour falvation down, 

And we fliall render praife ; 
Wc the dear people of his love, 
And he our God of grace. 



Tbt hhfeijttfs of Go/pel rimes ; Or, the ^ro- 
tUiion •/ Chrift to Jews and Gentiles. Ifa. 
▼. a, 7, 8, 9, 10. Math. xiii. i6, 17. 

'OW beauteous arc their feet 
Who ftandon Zion i\i\\\. 
Who bring falration ou their tongues, 
And words of peace rereal ! 

a How charming is their voice, 
How fweet the tidings are ! 
" Zitn behold thy Saviour King, 
-" He rdgns and triumphs here." 

,", How happy are our cars, 
That hear this joyful found. 
Which Idugs and prophets waited for 
And fought, but never found \ 

4 How blefled are our eyes, 
That fee this hcav'nly light ; 

Prophets and kings defir'd it long, 
But dy'd without the fight. 

5 The watchmen join their voice. 
And tuneful notes employ ; 

'JerufdUm breaks forth in fongs. 
And defarts Iciirn the joy. 

6 The Lord makes bare his arm 
Through all the earth abroad ; 

Let ev'ry nation now behold 

Their Saviour and their God. 

a ♦* I thank thy fov'reign pow'r and love, 
♦' That crowns my docflrine with fuccef* ; 
" And makes the babes in knowledge leara 
" The heights, and breadths, and len^h* 
of grace. 

3 " But all kis glory lies conceal'd, 

" From men of prudence and of might ; 
*' The prince Dfdarknefs bliudsthcireyes, 
" And their own pride refills the light. 

4 " Father, 'tis thus, becaufe thy will 
** Chofe and ordain'd it (hould be fo ; 
" Tis thy delight t' abafe the proud, 
*• And lay the haughty fcorner low. 

5 " There's none can know the Father rigbf , 
But thofe who learn it from the Son ; 
Nor can the Son be well rccciv'd. 
But where the Father makes him 


6 Then let our fouls adore cur God, 
That dt als his graces as he pleafe ; 
Nor gives to mortals an account. 
Or of his adlions or decrees. 



Fret Graft h rtvialing Chrift. Luke X. ^r' 

I JESUS the man of conAant grief, 
J A mourner all his days ; 
His fpirit cncc rcjoic'd aloud. 
And turn'd his joy to praife. 

a Father 2 thaitl tby 'U"nt4frotet /#f /, 

'Th^i hatb rccifd tvr Sen 

To men unlearned ; and ic babes 

Has tncde the gcfpcl lufum. 

3 Tbt msjTrles of redeeming .f •" 
A-e bi-hlen froinihc '.viff, 
IVh'l; fride and carnal reasonings j»im 
Te fivell and hJiud tbeir eyes. 

Thus doth the Lord of hcav'n and earl 
I His great decrees fulfil, ' 

■j And orders a'! !ms works of grace, 
I By bis own fov'reign will. 

Tif Humble enli^btened, and carnal Hecfc. 
Ll.d ; Or, the Sovenijriiy vf G/a^t'. 





j'T^HERE wns an hour v.hcn Corfj} rc- 

X joic'd. 

And fi>oke his joy in words of praife ; j 

*' Father, I th3;a'v thee, mighty Gvd. ' 

" Lcrd oi rh»' - ■ '.-. ,iiiU zicaviis. .in.! fc;^s 

Sen tf God incxjf^uic ; Or, the TitUs and 
■! K'.-.^dotn of cHKisx. Ifa. ix. a, 6, 7. 

i^~^nE lands that long indarknefs lay,. 
X No'.v have bthcid a heav'nly light ; 
N^tii^ns ibarfat in deam's cold Ihadc, 
Arc ':'.;is''.l vrith be urns divir.-J' ''^r\<)-' 

Book I. HYMNS, &c. xiv, xv, xvi, xvii. 


t The virgin's promis'd Son is born ; 
Behold the cxpeAed child appear : 
What fiiall his names or titles be ? 
'■' 7he Wonderful, rhe Comfdlor. 

5 [This infant is the mighty God, 
Come to be fuckled and ador'd ; 
Th' eternal Father, Prince of peace, 
The Son of Da-oid and his Loid.] 

,4The government of earth ar.d fcas 
i Upon his flioulders fliall be laid ; 
His wide dominions fnall increafe, 
And honours to his name be paid. 

-y 7{A'- the holy child Oiall fit 
; High on his father David's throne, 
Shal! cruiTi his foes beneath his feet. 
And reign to ages yet unknown. 

I glory in infirmity, 

That Chr/JI's own pov/r may reft on mc; 
When I am weak, then am I ftrong, 
Grace is my fliield, and C^jrfjl my fong. 

I can do all things, or can bear 
All fuft"'rings, if my liOrd be there; 
Sweet pleafures mingle with the pains, 
While his left hand my head fuftaiuj. 

4 But if the Lord be once withdrawn, 
And we attempt the work alone ; 
When new temptations fpring and rife. 
We find how great our weakncfs 19. 

So S^ifrtpfon, when his hair was loft. 
Met the Philijlines to his coll ; 
Shook his vain Hmbo with f?.d furprir^, 
Made feeble fight, and lolt liis eyes. 

7 -Ir Triumph of Faith ; Or, Chrift's umhangc 

a'Ae Love. Rom. viii. 33, &c. 
1 TTTHO fhall the Lord's eka condemn. 
VV "i'is God tbat iuflilies their fouls, 
Ar.d mercy like a mighty ftream, 
O'er ail thcii* fins di^'intly rolls. 

: Who fliall adjudge the f:iints to heli ? 
'J'is Chr)fl that fcff"er'din *hcir ftcad ; 
And the falvaiion to fulfil, 
Behold him rifing from the dead. 

3 He lives ! he lives ! and uts above, 
for ever interceding there : 
"Who fiv.dl divide ufc from his love, 
Or what fliould us to delpair ? 

», Shall perfecution or diilrcfs. 
Famine, or fword, or nr.kediicfs ? 
He that hath lov'd us, beare us through. 
And makes us more than conqu'rors too. 

5 Faith hath an overcoming pov/'r, 
* It triumphs in the dying hour: 

Chrif ii our life, our joy, our hope, 
No*- can we fink with fuch a prop. 

6 Not all that men on earth can do, 
Nor pow'rs on high, nor pow'rs below, 
Shall caufe his mercy to remove. 

Or wean our hearts from Chr ift our love 


Qur oivn M^ccknefs, and Chrift cur Strength. 
1 Cor. xli. 7, 9, 10. 

I T ET me but hear my Saviour fay, 
1 J Strcvgth Jbcll be equal to the day : 
Then I rejoice in deep diftrefs» 
Leaning 00 aii-iufficieQt grace 

XVI. COMMON METRE. to Chrift. Matth. xxi. 9. Luke xix; 
38, 40. 

I TT OS ANN A to the roya! Son 
XjL Of David's ancient lint ! 
His natures two, hisperfon one, 
Myfterious and divine. 

z The root of David here we find, 
And offspring is the fame ; 
Eternity and time are join'd 
In our Immanuel's name. 

3 Bkfs'd he that comes to wretched mc« 

With peaceful news from hcav'u 1 
^././.«c.r,cf the higheft ftrain. 
To Chrif the Lord be giv'n ! 

4 Let mortils ne'er refufc to take 
Th' Hcfaii7ia on their toniTues, [break 

Left rocks and ftcnes fliould raife, and 
Their lileuce into fongs. 


Fiacry ov.-r Death. I Cor. XV. $$, &C. 

I f^ FOR an overcoming faith 
\J To cheer my dying hours, 
To triumph o'er the monfter death. 
And all his frightful pow'rs ; 

Z Joyful, with all the ftrength I have» 
My quiv'ring lip fliould ling, 
IVbere is tby beef c J via'ry jrrave t 
And ivb'ere ike moifersfing ? 

3 If fm be pardon'd I'm fecure. 
Death has no fting befide j 

I30 HYMNS, &c. 

xviii, XIX, XX, XXI. Book I. 


The law gives fin It« damning pow'r ; 
But Cbriji my ranfom dy'd. 

Now to the God of viclory 

Immortal th:inks be paid, .- ! i A WAKE my heart, arlfc my tongue, 
Who mskes ns conqa lors, whrle we die /-\. ^ / c i -.. . 

Spiritual Apparel^ ▼JZ- '^ht Robe tf Rightetuf- 
nrfj,andGarmeHtt of Sahailtn. Ifa. lli. lO. 

Through C.'yrrji our living hcid. 


Blepd are thi Deadlhat die in tie Lfrtf. Rev. 
xiv. 13. 

1 TTEAR r.-hat the voice frcm heav'n 
XjL For all the piow? dead, [proclaims 
Sweet is the favour of their names, 

And foft their flecping bed. 

2 They die in yefui, and arc b!f Ts'd ; 

How kind their (lumbers are ! 
From fuft"'r:np;s and frcm Hns released. 
And freed from ev'ry fnarc* 

3 Far from this world of toll and ftrlfe. 

They're prtfent with tlie Lord ; 
The labours of their mortal life 
End in a large reward. 

JLA. Prepare a tuneful voice ; 
In God the life of all my joys, 
Aloud will 1 rejoice. 

a 'Tis he adorn'd my naked fonl, 
And made fa'.vation mine ; 
Upon a poor polluttd vi'orm 
He makti his graces (bine. 

And Icil the fhadow of a fpoi 
Should en my foul be fouv;d. 

He took the rcbe the Saviour wroaght. 
And caf^ it all around. 

How far the heav'niy rcbe exceeds 
What earthly princes wear I 

Thefe ornaments, how bright they fliint ' 
How white the garments are ! 

The Vpirit wrought by faith and IcTC, 

And hope in ev'ry grace ; 
Eut Jff-is ipent his life, to work 

The robe of lightecuincfs. 

Strangely, my foul, art thou array 'd 
By the great facrtd Three ! 

la fwcettft harmoKy of praii'e 
JLct all thy pcw'rs a^rce. 

^ Vift(.r. tsf th-T Kingucm cf Chlifl ar»»ng rain. 

Rev. ixi. 1, z, 3, 4. 
I T O, what a glorious fight appears 
i I A To our believing eyes ! 
I The earth and feas are pafs'd away. 
And the eld rolling fiies. 


The Song «f Simeon : Or, Death madt dijirci' 
ble. Luke i. 27, &c. 

1 T ORD, at thy temple we appear, J 1. 

JLi As happy Simeon came, I X 
And hope to meet our Saviour here 
O make our joys the fame ! 

S With what divine and vaft delight 

The good old man was fili'd, 
When fondly in his witrier'd arms 

He clafp'd the hcly Child ; 
3 " Now lean leave this world, he cry'd, a From the third heavX'^^here God re£dc«, 

" Behold thy ftrvaut dies 

" I've fecn thy great falvation, Lord, I 

" And dole my peaceiul eyes. ' 

'■'• This is the light prep-ii 'd to fbluc 

" Upon the Gentile lands, 
" Thine Ifrael\ glory, and their hope, 

•* To break their llavifli bands." 

\'jefus ! the vifion of thy face 
Hatb overpov/'ring charms ! 

Scarce fhall I feel death's cold enabrace, 
If Cbriji be in my arms. ' 

That holy, happy place. 
The New comes down, 
Adorn'd with Ihining grace. 

3 Attending angels fliout for joy. 

And the bright arriiies fing, 
*' Mortals, behold the facredfeat 
Of your dcfccnding King. 

4 ^' The God of glory down to men 

*' Removes bis bltls'd abode ; 
** Men,tli'j dearc'bjcds of Lis grace, 
" And he the loving God. 

4 Then wiU ye hear my heart-ftrings break, 5 " His own foft hand fliall wipe the tears 

How fwect my minutes roll 
A aiortal palenefs on my check, 
Awd glory in my foul.] 

" Frora ev'ry weeping eye, [fears, 
" And pains, and groans, and griefs, and 
'* ^\ud deatk itftif (baii dk. 

Book I. HYMNS, kc. xxiv, xxr, xxvi, xxvii. 131 

< Ho^ long, dear Saviour, O how long ! 
Shall this bright hour delay ? 
Fly fwifter round ye wheels of time, 
And bring the welcome day. 

XXII, ^;fy XXIII. Referred t9 the \%f,th Pfal. 

the rkh Sinner dying. Pfal. xlix. 6, 9, Eccl. 

viii. 8. Jobiii. 14, I5- 
I TN vain the wealthy mortals toil, 
A And heap their fhining dull in rain, 
Look down and fcorn the humble poor, 
And boaft their lofty hills of gain. 

s Their golden cordials cannot eafc 
Their pained kcarts or aching heads, 
Nor fright, nor bribe, approaching death 
From giitt'ring roofs and downy beds. 

3 The lingering, the unwilling foul, 
• The difmal fummons mud obey, 

And bid a long a fad farewell, 
. To the pale lumps of lifelefs clay. 

4 Thence they arc huddled to the grave, 
Where kings and flares have equal 

tlirones ; 
Their bones without diftindion lie 
Araaag the heaps of meaner bones. 

The rcji referred to the J^^th Pfalm. 

A Viffn of the Lamb. Rev. V. 6, 7, 8, 9. 

I A LL mortal vanities be gone, 

Jl\. Nor tempt my eyes, nor tire my 
lehokl amidil: th' eternal throve [ears, 
A vifion of the Lamb appears. 

Z [Glory his fleecy robe adorns, 

Al'cirk^'d wiih the bloody death hs bore; 
[< Seven are his eyes, and fevcn his Jiorns, 

To fpeak his wifdom and his pow'r. 
^ Lo, he receives a fealcd book 
\ From hiin thut fits upon the throne ; 
"fefus^ my Lord, preva^s to look 
Cii dark decrees and things unknown.] 

4 Ail the a^embliug faints around 
ikll v/orrh;ppIng biifore the Lamb, 
And in new longs of gofpel found 
^'xudfefs th'.rlr houourj to his name. 

5 T'Uc joy, the fliout, the harmony 
l-iies o'er the evcrlafting liilU ; 
JVorihy art'tbo-u alo-e, they cry, 
T'y r:ud tht !:o:iij ti loof- the fali- 

6 Our voices join the heav'nly ftrain. 
And with tranfporting plcafurc iing. 
Worthy the Lamb that once was flain. 
To be our teacher and our king 1 

7 His words of prophecy reveal 
Eternal councils, deep defigns : 
His grace and vengeance fhall fuliJI 
The peaceful and the dreadful lines : 

8 Thou haft redeem'd our fouls froaa kcO 
With thine invaluable blood ; 

And wretches that did once rebel 
Are now made fav'rites of their Go<L 

9 Worthy for ever is the Lord, 
That dy'd for trcafons not his owa« 
By ev'ry tongue to be ador'd. 

And dwell upon his Father's throne. 


Hope of Heaven by the RefurreB'tm of Chrift; 

I Pct.i. .■5»4, 5- 

I T)I^ESS'D be the evcrlafting God, 
Jj The Father of our J^ord : 
Be his aboundiJSg mercy firais'd. 
His majefty ador'd. 

1 When from the dead he rais'd his Sea, 
And call'd him to the flcy, 
He gave cur fouls a lively hope 
That they £hould never die. 

3 What though our inbred fins reqiurs 

Our flcili to fee tbe duft. 
Yet as the Lord our Saviour rofc, 
So all bis foH'wers muft. 

4 There's an inheritance divitie 

Referv'd againft tJiat day; 
*T;s uncorrupted, uauelil'd, 
And cannot wafic away. 

5 Saints by the pow'r of God are kept, 

'Till the falvation come : 
We walk by faith, :^5 fcrangcrs here, 
'Till Clrljl fliali call us home. 


/ijfurauce of Heaven ; Gr, .7 S.:lnt prepared lo 

dii. % Tim. iv. 6, 7^ 8, iZ. 

I [ IPb EATH may dhToIvc my body now, 
X3 And beara?.y Ipirit heme ; 
Why do rny minutes move fo .low, 
Nor my fc-.ivauon come "^ 


HYMNS, &c. 

4 With heav'nly weapons I have fought 
The battle* of the Lord, 
Finilli'd my courfe, and kept the faith, 
And wait the fure reward.] 

3 God has laid up in hcav'n for me 

A crown which cannot f?de ; 
The righteous Judge at that great day 
ShaU place it on my head. 

4 Nor hath the King of grace decreed 

This prize for me alone ; 

But all that love and long to fee 

Th' appearance of hia Son. 

5 "Jefuty the Lord, fliall guard me fafc 

From ev'ry ill dcfign ; 
And to his heav'nly kingdom take 
This feeble foul of mine. 

4 God is my cverlafling aid, 

And hell fliall rage in vain ; 
To him he highcft glery paid, 
And eadlcfs praife. Amsn. 

^ ^ % 
The Trrumpb of Chrift over the Enemies of tie 
Church. Ifa. Ixiii. I, a, 3, &c. 

iTTTHAT mighty man, or mighty God, 
V V Comes travelling in ftatc 
Along the IJumean road, 
Away from Bcxrc.h\ gate ! 

2 The glory of his robes proclaim 

'Tis fome vi<5lor!ous king : 
«' Tis I the juft, the Almighty One, 
*• That your lalvation bring." 

3 Why, mighty Lord, thy faints inquire, 

Why thine apparel's red ? 
A!id :>.l! thy vefture ftaiu'J like thofc 
Who in the v/inc-prers tread ? 

4 « I b V myftilf have trod the prefs, 

" And crufli'dmy foes alone ; 
" My wrhtli has ftiuck the rtbi-lsdead, 
'* IMy fury fiAmp'd them down. 

5 •' 'Tts Edifr.'s blood thr.t dyes my robes 

*• With joyful fcar'et fl.tins ; , 

" Tlie triumph that my raiment wears 

" Spruo;^ frcui thfeir bleeding veins. 

6 « Thus fhall the n,^tions be dcftroy'd 

•- That dare iniVt my Taints ; 
'■• 1 h'^-rc a« arm t' avenge their w: onga 
•• .\r. M;r fur thi'M C'v/cr::'].iii:ti." 



The Triutrpb cf Chrift .• Or, The Ruin of 
Antichriji. Vcr. 4,5, 6, 7. 

I « T LIFr my banner, faith the Lord, 
A " Wliere Antkhrif has (lood ; 
" The city of my gofpel foes 
" Shall be a field of blood. 

*' My heart has (ludicd jufl revenge, 
" And now the day appears, 

*' The day of my rcdecm'd is ccme, 
" To wipe away their tears. 

" Quite weary \i niy patience g^ovrn, 

" And bids n\y fury go : 
" Svv'ft as the lightning It fliall move, 

" And be as fatal too. 

" I call for helpers but in vain : 

" Then has my gofpel none ? [nough, 

" Weil, mine own arm has might c- 
*' To crufli rjy foes alone. 

" Slaughter, and my devouring fwcr4 
" Shall walk the ftreets around, 

" Bahel fhall rccl beneath my llroke, 
•' And ftaggcr to the ground." 

ThyhcnourF, O vicloriou*; King! 

Thine own right hand fliall raifc. 
While we thy av.iul vengeance Cng, 

And our deliverer praife. 


d'jcr fc 


Dili'ttrartce anfivertd, Ifa. XX vi. 

8 ao. 

iTN thine own v/ays, O God of love, 
' X We wail the vihts of thy ;;i ace ; 
Our fouls d'-fire is to thy name. 
And the rcmcu.brcjicc of thy face. 
% My thoughts are fcarching,Lcrd forthfc; 
'Mongflththlarkfl'ndcsof loncfomtniglu. 
My e.'irned crits fnlutc the A:ics, 
Before tiic dawn rcllorcthe light. 

3 Look how rebellious men deiidc 
The tcFider patience of mv C^cd ; 
Lut they ll;all fee thy lifted hai-d. 
And feci the Icourges ofth) rod. 

4 Mark 1 the Ltcrnal rends the fky, 
A mighty vcice btfcrc him goes, 
A voice of ir;u!\.:V: to his friends, 
H-t :hfc:«i";»!ri: thuixUr to i%ib foa. 

Book I. HYMNS, &c. xxxii, xxxix, xl. 


5 Come, children, to your Father's arms, 
Hide in the chambers of my grace 
'Till the fierce ftorm be overblown. 
And my revenging fury ceafe. 

6 My fword fliall boaft its thoufands flain. 
And drink the blood of haughty kings, 
While heav'nly peace around my flock 
Stretches its foft and fliady wings. 

XXXI. Re/erred to the ijl Pfalm. 

Strength from Heaven, Ifa. xl. 27, a8, 29, .30 

iTTTHENCE do our mournful thoughts 
V V And Where's our courage fled ? [arife 
Hasreftlefs fln,and raging hell, 
Struck all our comforts dead ? 

Z Have we forgot th' Almighty name, 
That form'dthe earth and fea ? 
And can an all-creating arm 
Grow weary or decay ? 

3 Treafures of everlafting might 

In our Jehovah dwell ; 
He gives the conquefl; to the weak, 
And treads their foes to hell. 

4 Mere mortal pow'r fliall fade and die, 

And youthful vigor ceafe ; 
But we that wait upon the Lord, 
Shall feel our ftrength increafe. 

5 The faints fliall mount on eagles' wing- 

And tafle the promis'd bills, 
'Till their unwearied feet arrive - 
Where pcrfecl pleafurc is. 

XXXVII, XXXVIIL R.-ferrcd to Pialni 
IZl, I24> 67, 73j ^0,and 84. 

3 Why do we then indulge our fears, 

Sufpicions and complaints ? 
Is he a God, and fliall his grace. 
Grow weary of his faints ? 

4 Can a kind woman e'er forget 

The infant of her womb. 
And 'mongfl:a thoufand tender thoughts 
Her fuckhng have no room ? 

5 Tety faith the L.QrA,fioutd nature change^ 

And mothers monjiers provCy 
Sion JiiU divells upon the heart 
Of everlajling lo'ue. 

6 Deep on the palms of both my hands 

1 have engravd her name : 
My hands fball raije her ruindiualls. 
And build her broken frame. 


GODS tender care '/ his. ClurJj. Ifa. xhx. JJ 
14, ^c. 

1 lyJ^OW fli'.ll my inv/ard joys arife, 
X^ All d b u r 1 1 i n to a fon g : 
Almighty low inlpircs my heart, 

Aiid plealures tunc my tongue. 

2 God on his thiifly Sio's hill 

Some mercy drcips hab thrown, 
AvA folenin oi'.rhs !:avli bound ills love 
'i'o fliowcr falvatiuu djwn. 



The Bufnefs and Blejfednefs of glor'ifed Saints, 
Rev. vii. 13, 14, ij> ^^^ 

iTTTHAT happy men, or angels, the fcy 
VV That all ikcir r6bes arcfpotlfs tvhits? 
Whence did this glorious troop arrive 
At the pure realms cfheavnly light ? 

z From tort 'ring racks and burning fires. 
And feas of their own blood they came ; 
But nobler blood has wafli'd their rubes. 
Flowing from Chrift the dying Lamb. 

3 Now they approach th' almighty throne, 
With loud H( faunas uight and day, 
Swett anthems to the great Ihrec-QuCy 
Mealiire thtlr bkfs'd eternity. 

4 No more fliall hunger pain their fouls : 
He bids their parching thirfl be gone. 
And fpre'ads the fliadow of his wir.:;s. 
To Icrecn them from the fcorching uin. 

5 The Lamb that fills the middle throne, 
Shall flied around his milder beams ; 
'J"hcre AkuI they feaft on his rich love. 

And drink full joys from ll^ir!g dreams. 

6 Thu-. lliall their miglity blifs renew, 
Througli the vafi round ofcndltTs years. 
And I he fol t hand of fov'reign grace 
Ktals ail their wounds, and wipes their 


HYMNS, &c. xLi, xui, XLV. Book I. 


Ibifamc: Or ^ The Martyrs glorijied. Rey. 
vii. 1.3, &c. 

1 'npHESE glorious m'trds, ho-w bright tbey 

X Wbenct all their ivhite array ? \Jhinf 
Hoiv came they to the bafpy feats 
Of everlafing day ? 

2 From tortVing pains toendlefsjoys, 

On fiery wheels they rode, 
And ftrangely wafli'd their raimentwhitc, 
In Jff"f' dying blood. 

3 Now they approach a fpotlefs God, 

And bow before his throne ; 
Their warbling harps and lacred fongs. 
Adore the Holy One. 

4 Theunvcil'd glories of his face 

Amongft his faints refide, 
While the rich treafure of his graec 
Sees all their wants fupply'd. 

5 Tormenting third fliall leave their fouls 

And hunger flee as faft ; 
Tlie fruit of life's immortal tree 
Shall be their fwect repaft. 

6 The Lamb fliall lead his heav'nly flock 

WiU-.c living fountains rife, 
And (vc divine fliall v/ipe away 
The forrcws of their eyes. 

J Through the wide air the weighty rocki 
Are fwjft as hailftoncs hufl'd : 
Who dares engage his fiery rage, 
That fliakcs the folid world i 

6 Y€t mighty God ! thy fov'reign grafc 

Sits regent on the throne, 
The refuge of thy chofen race. 
When wrath comes rufhing dowc. 

7 Thy hand fliall on rebellious kings 

A fiery tempefl pour. 
While we beneath thy flielt'ring wings 
Thy jufl revenge adore. 

XLIIT. Referredto the 100th Pfalm. 
XLIV. Reftrredto the l^^J Pfalm. 


Divine f-rrath and Mercy ; from Nalium i. 

1, 2, 3.^c. 
I A DORE and tremble, for our God 
jL\. Is a *iciipmiti<rfire. 
Hi'; jealous eyes with wrath inflame, 
And raifc his vengeance higher. 

1 Almighty vengeance how it burns ; 
Huw briplit his fury glows ! 
Valt m.-'.g2i',incs of plagues and Il:orms 
Lie trcaijr'd for his foes. 

3 Thofe heaps of wrath by flow degrees 

Arc furc'd into a flame, 
But kindled, Oli ! how fierce they bla^c! 
And rend ail nature's frame. 

4 At bis approach tljc mountains flee, 

And leek a wat'ry gr.".vc ; 
Thcfri^litcd fua makes liafic r.way. 
And llirliikiUp cv'iy wave. 

ii.b, xii. ly. 


The lafi Judgment. Rcv. XX. 5, 6, 7, 8. 

I O EE where the great incarnate God, 
O Fills a majeftic throne, 
\^'hile from the flcies his awful voice 
Bears the laft judgment down. 

a [" I am the firfl, and I the lafl, 

" Through endlefs years the fame ; 
" I AM — is my memorial ftill, 
" And my eternal name. 

3 " Such favors as a God can give, 

" My royal grace bcftows ; 
" Yc thirfty fouls come tafte the ftreams 
"• Where life and pleafure flows.] 

4 [" The faint that triumphs o'er his fins, 

" I'll own him for a fon ; 
" The whole creation lliall reward 
" The conquefts he has wop. 

5 " But bloody hands and hearts unclean, 

" And all the lying race, 
" The faithlefs and the fcotHng crew, 
" That fpurn at oiler'd grace ; 

6 *• They fliail be taken from my fight, 

" Bound fall in iron chains, 
" And hc;iulong plunij'd ii.tothe lake 
•" Where fire and daikncfs reigns." 

7 O m;'.y I fl^and before the Lamb 

When car:h and feas are fled ! 
Arilluar the JuJgc prc>nouj:ct n:y name 
Will: blcflings on my head. 

8 Mr.y I with thofc forever dwell 

Who here were my d/:l!<;ht, 
While lir.ners b.inilli'd dowi: to hcl], 
ix J more oli'jiid lay light. 

ffioiok I. U YM N S, &c. xLviii, xlix, l, li. 135 

XL VI andXUVn. kefetred to Pfti,%and 3 6 Then fhall our love and joy be full, 

And feel a -warmer flame, 

The ChrijVan Race. Ifa. xl. 28, 29, 30, 31 
X A WAKE our fouls (away Our fears 

And fweeter voices tunc the fong 
Of ^If^yl'j and the Lamb. 


X\. Letev'rytrcmblingthought begOne) The Song of Zachan'as, and the Mrffcge cf 

]Q\\n the Bapt-jl : Or, Light. ind Sanation by 
JefusChrift.Luke :. 68,l7V. John 1.29,31. 

Awake and run the heav'nly racC; 
And put a cheerful courage on. 

1 True 'tis a ftrait and thorny road, 
And mortal fpirits tire and faint ; 
But they forget the mighty God, 
That feeds the flrength of ev'ry faint 

3 The mighty God, whofe matchlefs pow'r, 2 Now he bedews old Dai>iJ's root 

I VrOW be the God of Ifrael blef>'d, 
Xy Who makes his truth appear \ 
His mighty hand fulfils his word, 
And all the oaths he fware. 

is ever new and ever young, 

And firm endures, while endlefs years 

Their everlafting circles run. 

4 From thee, the overHowing fpring, 
Our fouls iliall drink a frcfh fupply, 
While fuch as truft their native ftrciigth 
Shall melt awuy, and droop and die. 

5 Swift as an eagle cuts the air, 
We'll mount aloft to thine abode ; 
On wings of love our iouls Hmll fly, 

Nor tire amidfl the heav'nly road. 


The JVorks of Mofes and the Lamb. Rev. 
XV. 3. 

X T TOW Arong thine arm i3,m!ghty Ged-i 
JLJL Who wGuld not fear thy name ? 
Jcfus, how fwect thy graces are ! 
Who would not love the Lamb ? 

a He has done more than M-jfes did, 
Our Prophet and our King ; 
From bonds of hell he freed our fouls, 
And taught our lips to ling. 

3 In the Eed Sea by Mcfes' hand 

The Egyptian hofl: was drown'd ; 
But his own blood hides all our iins, 
And guilt no more is found. 

4 When through the defart Jfrael went, 

With manna they were fed ; 
Our Lord invites us to his flelh, 
And calls it \Wii\g bread. 

5 Mofes beheld the promis'd land, 

Yet never reach'd the place : 
But Chrif fhall bring his foU'wcrs home. 
To fee his Father's face. 

^Vith blellings from the fkies : 
He makes the branch of promife grow, 
The promis'd hern arife. 

3 [ J^''' ^vns the prophet of the Lord, 

To go before his face, 
The herald Vvhich our Saviour God 
ijent to prepare his ways. 

4 He make? the great falvation known, 

Hefpcitks of pardon'd fins ; 
While grace divine, and heav'nly love, 
In its ov/n glory fliiaes. 

5 *' Behold the Lamb of God, he cries, 
" That takes our guilt away : 

" I faw the Spirit o'er his head 
" On his baptizing day.] 

6 " Be ev'ry vale exalted high, 
" Sink ev'ry mountain low ; 

" The proud muftflcop, and humblefouis 
" Shall Lis falvation knew. 

*' T.he Heathen realms with ///Wsland 
" Shall join in fweet accord ; 

*' And all that's born of man fliall fee, 
" The glory cf the Lord. 

8 " Behold the morning flar arife, 
" Ye that in darknefs Ht : 
He marks the path that leads to peace 
"And guides our doubtful feet." 


Preferring Grace. Judc Xxiv. 35. 

I ^^T^O God the only wife, 

X Our Saviour and our King, 
Let all the- faints below the fkies 
Their humble praifts bring. 


HYMNS, &c. Lii, Liii, Liv, Lv. Book I. 

a 'Tis his almighty love. 
His counfel and his care, 
Prefervcs us fafe from fin and death, 
And cv'ry hurtful fnare. 

.3 He will prefent our fouls 
Unblemifli'd and complete, 
Before the glory of his face, 
With joys divinely great. 

4 Then all the chofen feed 
Shnll meet around the throne. 

Shall blefs the condi:ifc of his grace. 
And make his uondcrs known. 

5 To our Redeemer (jod 
Wifdom and pow'r belongs, 

Immor^;ll crowns of ma;efty, 
And evcrlafting fongs. 



Baftifm. Matth. xxviii. 19. Acls ii. 38. 

1 ^^ I 'WAS the commilTion of our Lord, 

JL Oo teach the tiaticns, ari.i hapf'xCy 
The nations have recci\'d tlic word 
Since he afccuded to the llcits. 

a He fits upon th' eternal hills. 
With. gr;ec and p-irdon in Lands, 
And ftncb his rov'jiant, with the fcals. 
To blefs the diftunt chriftian lands. 

2 r-priii, and be tapfrzd, he faith, 
J'or th^ rerrijfion cf your fins ; 

And thus our fcnfe aflifts our faith, 
And fliews us what his gofpcl means. 

4 Our fouls he waflies in his blood. 
As water makes the body clean ; 
And the good Spirit from our God 
Defcends like purifying rain. 

5 Thus we engage ourfclves to thee, 
And feal our cov'nant wit!i the Lord; 
O may the great Kternal Three 

In heav '11 our fclemn vows record ! 

2 Our nation reads the written mord. 
That book of life, that fure record ; 
The bright inheritance of heav'n, 
Is by the fweet conveyance giv'n. 

5 God's kindefl thoughts are here exprcfa'd, 
Able to make us wife and blefs'd ; 
The doclrines are divinely true, 
Fit for reproof and comfort too. 

A Ye people all who read his love 
In long epi flies from above, 
(He hath not fent his facred word 
To ev'ry land) praife ye the Lord. 


'Elccl'ni^ Grace: Or, Saints beloved in Chrift. 
j Eph. i. 3, ^c. 

1 TESUS, \Tc blefs thy Father's name ; 

J* Thy God anci ours are both the fame; 

What heav'nly bielungs from his throne 
1 Flow down to anners through his Sou ! 

a Chrift be my jirjl ehB, he faid. 
Then chofe our fciuls in Chiiji <. ur Head, 
Before he g-:ve the mounta-ns birih. 
Or laid foundations for the earth. 

3 Thus did eternal love begin 

To raife us up from death and fin ; 
Our characlcrs were then decreed; 
Llar.dtji in lu^e, a hc!yj\^i. 

4 Predeftinated to be fons, 

Born by degrees, but choofe at once ; 

A new regenerated race, 

To pralft the glory of his grace. 

5 With C/j./_y?, cur Lord, v.e fliare a part 
in the afltHflions of his h.eart ; 

Nor fl'.all our f(,u!s be thence remov'd, 
"fill he forgets his fiift bclov'd. 


The hol'j Scriptures Hfb. i. I. 2 Tim. iii. 1 5, 
16. Pfal. cxlvii. 19, ao. 

1 f^* OD, who ia various metliodt- told 
Vjr His mind and will to faints ot" old. 
Sent hi-5 own Son, with truth and grace, 
'I'o teach us in thcfe latter duvs. 


liczekiah's .^oa.t ; Or, Sulnefs and Recovery 
\L\. xxxvili. 9, &c. 

I TTTHEN we are rais'd from d.ep dif- 
VV Our God deferves a fon^ ; [trtfs, 
We take the pattern of our praife 
From Hezciral's tongue. 

7, The gates of the devouring grave 
^rt open'd wide in vain. 
If he that holds the keys of death 
ton.;iiaiidi ihtm fail a;rain. 

Book I. H Y M N S, &c. lvi, lvii, lviii. 


3 Pains of the flefh are wont t' abufc 

Our minds with (lavifli fears ; 
Our days are faji^ and ivt Jhall lofe 
The remnant of our years. 

4 We chatter with a fwallow's voice. 

Or like a dove we mourn, 
With bitternefs inftead of joys, 
Afilidied and forlorn. 

5 Jehovah fpeaks the healing word, 

And no difeafe withftands ; 
Fevers and plagues obey the Lord, 
Aqd fly at his commands. 

6 If half the firings of life fliould break, 

He can our frame reflore, 
He cafts our fins behind his back. 
And they are found no more. 


n:he Song of Mok% and the Lamb: Or Babylon 
falling^Kty. xv. 3, and xvi. 19, and xvii. 6. 

I TTTE fing the glories of thy love, 
VV We found thy dreadful name ; 
The Chriftian church unites the fongs 
OiMofes and the Lamb, 
a Great God, how wond'rous are thy works 
Of vengeance, and of grace ! 
Thou King of faints, Almighty Lord, 
How juft and true thy ways ! 

3 Who dares refufe to fear thy name. 

Or worfliip at thy throne ! 
Thy judgsients fpeak thy holincfs 
Through all the nations known. 

4 Great Babylon, that rules the earth, 

Drunk with the martyrs bload, 
Her crimes ihall fpeedily awake 
The fury of our God. 

5 The cup of wrath is ready mix'd. 

And flic muft drink the dregs ; 
Strong is the l>ord, her fov'reign Judge 
And (hall fulfil the plagues. 

a To all that's good, averfe and blind, 
But prone to all that's ill ; 
What dreadful darknefs veils ourmind t 
How obftinate our will ! 

3 Conceiv'd in fin (O wretched (late) 

Before we drav/ our breath. 
The firfl young pulfe, begins to beat 
Iniquity and death. 

4 How ftrong in our degen'rate blood 

The old corruption reigns, 
And mingling with the crooked flood, 
Wanders through all our veins ! 

5 [Wild and unwholefome as the root 

Will all the branches be ; 
How can we hope for Hving fruit 
From fuch a deadly tree ? 

6 What mortal pow'r from things unclcaa 

Can pure produdlions bring ? 
Who can command a vital flream 
From an infe<5led fpring ?] 

7 Yet mighty God, thy wond'rous love, 

Can make our nature clean, 
While Ckrlji and grace prevail above 
The tempter, death, and fin. 

8 The fecond Adam fliall rcftore 

The ruins of the firil ; 
Hojttnna to that fov'reign pow'r 
That new creates our dufc! 



Devil •uanqvlfhed : Cr^ Michael' 
"■jiitb the Drao-cn. Rev. xii. 7. 



ET mortal tongars atternpt to fing 



Chief gen'ral of th' eternal King, [ftocd 
And fought the battles of our God. 

2 Againfl the dragon and his hcfl 
Tiie armies of the Lord prevail ; 

In vain they rage, in vain tliey boan-, 
Their courage fiuki, their weapons iaiU 

3 Down to the earth'5<7/^« thrown, 
Down to the earth his legions fell; 
Then was the trump of blown, 
And fliook the drtadiui deeps of hell, 

Cripnai Sin : Or, Tbcfrji and fecond Adam.' 

Rom. V. la, b'.-. Pfal. li. 5. Job xiv. 4. j 
I "O A CK WARD with humble fliame we 4 Now is the hour cf darknf fs paft, 

Jj On our original ; [look Chrift has alTura'u his reigning pow'r ; 

Hjw is our natuix- dalh'd and broke | Behold the jjrtat accuicr calt 

ia our Brftfather's fall ! i Dov/a fjo:n the »ides,:o riic no more. 

Book I. 

HYMN S, kc. Lix, Lx, lxi, lxii. 


J 'Twas by ihy blood immortal I.amb, 
Tliine armies trod the tempter down ; 
'Twas by thy word and pow'rful nam 
They gaia'd the battle and renown. 

6 Rejoice ye heav'ns ; k-t ev'ry fVar 
Shine with new glories round the iky 
.Saints, while ye Ting the heav'nly war 
Ralfe vour Deliv'rcr's name on high. 


Babylcn/u//<r/i. Rev. xviii. ao, li. 

iTN Gabriil'^ hand a mighty ftonc 
X Lies a fair type of £abylon : 
Frof-itti rejoice and all ye faints ^ 
(Jodjhall avenge your long complaints. 

1 He faid, and dreadful as he ftood» 
He funk the millftone in the flood ; 
*Xhus terribly Jball Babel /a//, 
*Tbus^ and no more bt found at all. 



The Virgin Mary's Song : Or, The promifed 
MelEah born. Luke i. 46, \Sfc. 

j|^UR fouls fhall magnify the Lord, 
V^ In God the Saviour we rejoice ; 
"While we repeat the Virgin's fong, 
May the fame fpirit tune our voice. 

^ [The Higheft faw her low eftate, 
And mighty things his Uand hath done ;" 
His ovcrihadowing pow'r and grace 
Makes her the mother of his Son. 

Q Let ev'ry nation call her blcft 
And cndlefs years prolong her fame ; 
But God alone muftbe ador'd ; 
Holy and rev'rend is his name.] • 

4 To thofe that fear and truft the Lord) 
His mercy (lands forever fure : 
from age to age his proraife lives, 
And the performance is fecurc. 

x; He fpake to AbrAam and. his feed, 
' In thc-ejimll all the earth he blcfs'd ; 

The mcm'ry of that ancient word, 

Lay long iu his eternal breaft. 

6 But now no more fliall JfraelwAi, 
No more the Gentiles lie forlorn ; 
Lo, the delirc of nations comes ; 
Behold the promis'd feed is bora ! 

CHRIST cur High Prirfi and King : •^ 
CHRIST coming t9 Jt.'Jgmcnt. Rev. 1.5,6,7. 

iXTOW to the Lord that makes us know 
l\ The wonders of his dying love, 
Be humble honors paid below, 
And ftrains of nobler praifc above. 
, 'Twas he that cleans'd our foulcft fins, 
And wafti'd us in his richcft blood ; 
'Tis he that makes us pritfls and kings, 
And brings us rebels near to God. 

3 To Jefui our atoning PriefVy 
To J^fus our fuperior King, 
Be everlaAing pow'r confcft. 
And ev'ry tongue his glory fing. 

4 Behold on flying clouds he comes. 
And ev'ry eye fliall fee him move ; 
Though with our fins we pierc'd him once ; 
Then lie difplays his pard'ning love. 

5 The unbcUeving world (hall wail, 
While we rejoice to fee the day -. 
Come, Lord, nor let thy promife fail, 
Nor let thy chariots long delay. 


cURiST*ESUS<ir Zam^ e/ COD -worppfcd 

by all the Creation. Rev. V. II, 12, 1 3. 
I /^OME let us join our cheerful fongs, 
l^ With angels round the throne ; _" 
Ten thoufand thoufand arc jhcir 
But all their joys arc one. 

I Worthy the Lamb that dy'd, they cry, 
To be exalted thu^ • 
Worthy the Lamb, o"'^ ^'P^ ^eply 
For he was llain for us. 

J Jefus is worthy to receive 
Honor and pow'r divine ; 
And bleflings more than we can give, 
Be, Lord, forever thine- 

4 Let all that dweU above the flcy. 

And air, and earth and feas, 
Confpirc to lift thy glories high. 
And fpcak thine endlefs praife. 

5 The whole creation join in one, 

To blcfs the facrcd name 
Of him that fits upon the throne, 
Aud to adore the Lamb. 

Book I. HYMNS, &c. lxiii, lxiv, lxv, lxvi. 139 

Christ's Humiliation and Exaltation. Rev. 

V. I a. 

iTTTHAT equal honours fhall we 

W bring, 

To thee, O Lord our God, the Lamb, 
W'hen all the notes that angels fmg, 
Are far inferior to thy name ? 

a Worthy is he that once was Hain, 
The Prince of Life that groan'd and dy'd, 
Worthy to rife, and live and reiga 
At his Almighty Father's fide. 

3 Pow'r and dominion are his due, 
Who ftood condemn'd at Fi/ate's bar, 
Wifdom belongs to Jefus too, 
Tho' be was charg'd with madnefs there. 

5 All riches are his native right, 
Yet he fuflain'd amazing lofs ; 
To him afcribe eternal might, 
Who left his weaknefs oa the crof». 

5 Honeur immortal muft be paid, 
Inftead of fcandal and of fcorn ; 
While glory fhines around his head. 
And a bright crown without a thorn. 

6 Bleflings for ever on the Lamb, 
Who bore the curfc for wretched men : 
Let angels found his facred name, 
And ev'ry creature fay, Amen. 


Adoption. I Jolin iii. I, t5*<r. GaK vi. 6. 

I T>EHOLD what wond'rous grace 
13 The Father has beilow'd 
On finners of a mortal race, 

To call them fons of God ! 
% 'Tis no furprizing thing, 
That we fliould be unknown ; 
The Jewifli world knew not their King, 
God's everlafting Son. 

3 Nor doth it yet appear 
How great we muft be made : 

But when we fee our Saviour here, 
We fliall be like our head. 

4 A hope fo much divine 
May trials well endure, 

Mav purge our fouls from fenfe and an, 
' As Ciiriji the Lord i » pure. 

5 If in my Father's love 
I fharea filial part, 

Send down thy Spirit like a dove 
To reft upon my heart. 

6 Wc would no longer lie 

Like (laves beneath the throne 
My faith fliall Abba Father cry, 
And thou the kindred own. 


The Kingdoms of the World become the King' 
doms of the Lord : Or^ The Day of jfudg' 
ment. Rev. xi. IS' 

I T ET the feventh angel found on high, 
X-i Let fliouts be heard thro all the &y. \ 
Kings of the earth with glad accord. 
Give up your kingdoms to the Lord. 

z Almighty God, thy pow'r afl«mc, 
Who waft, and art, and art to come ; 
Jefus the Lamb, who once was flain. 
For ever live, for ever reign. 

3 The angry nations fret and roar, 
That they can flay the faints no more^ 
On wings of vengeance flies our God, 
To pay the long arrears of blood. 

4 Now muft the rifing dead appear ; 
Now the decifive fcntence hear ; 
Now the dear martyrs of the Lord 
Receive an infinite reward. 


CHRIST the King at bis Table. Solomon's. 
Song i. 2,3, 4,5, I3,i3, i?- 

iT ET him embrace my foul and prove 
X. i Mine int'reft in his heav'nly love ; 
The voice that tells me, thou art mine,. 
Exceeds the bleflings of the vine. 

a On thee th' aaointing fpirit came, 
And fpreads the favour of thy name, 
That oil of gladnefs and of grace 
Draws virgin fouls to meet thy face. 

3 Jefus, allure me by thy charms, 
My foul (iiall fly into thine arms ! 
Our wand'ring feet thy favours bring 
To the fair chambers of the King. 

4 [Wonder and pleafure tunes our voice> 
To fpeak thy praifes and our joys ; 

Our mem'ry keeps this love oi thine 
Bevoiid the tad- of richeft rviae.] 

I40 HYMN S, kc. lxvii, lxviii, lxix. Book I. 

5 Though in ourfelvcs deform'd wc arc, 
And black as Kedar's tents appear, 

Yet when we put thy beauties on, 
Fair as the courts of Solomon. 

6 [While at his tabic fits the King, 
He loves to fee us fmile and fing ; 

Our graces are our beft perfume, [room 
And breathe like fpikenard round the 

7 As myrrh new bleeding from the tree 
Such is a dying Chrift to me : 

And while he makes my foul his gucft, 
My bofom, Lord, {hall be thy reft. 

t [No beams of cedar or of fir, 
Can with thy courts on earth compare, 
And here we wait until thy love 
Kaifc us to nobler feats above.] 


SttHfig the Pajures a/ CHKlsr the SbepherJ. 
Solomon's Song i. 7. 

I'T^HOU whom my foul admires above 

X All earthly joy and earthly love. 
Tell me, dear fhcpherd, let me know 
Where doth thy fwccteft paftures grow ? 

» Where is the fhadow of that rock. 
That from the fun defends thy flock ? 
Fain would I feed among thy flieep. 
Among them reft, among them flcep. 

3 Why fhould thy bride appear like one 
That turns afidc to paths unknown ? 
My conftant feet would never rove, 
Would never feek another love. 

4 [The footfleps of thy flock I fee ; 
Thy fwceteft paftures here they be ; 
A wond'rous feaft thy love prepares. 
Bought with thy wounds,and groans,and 


5 His dearcft flefh he makes my food. 
And bids me drink his richeft blood ; 
Here to thcfe hills my f«ul will comCi 
•'1 ill my beloved lead' rac home.] 

a Amongft the tkorns fo lillies fliinc -. 
Amongft wild gourds the noble vine ; 
So in my eyes my Saviour proves, 
Amidft a thoufand meaner loves. 

3 Beneath his cooling (hade I fiu. 

To fliicld me from the burning hc»t ; 
Of heav'nly fruit he fprcads a fcaft. 
To feed my eyes and plcafe my taftc. 

4 [Kindly he brought me to the place 
Where ftands the banquet of his grace, 
He faw me faint, and o'er my head, 
The banner ot his love he fpread. 

5 With living bread and gen'rous wine. 
He cheers this finking heart of mine ; 
And op'ning his own heart to me, 

He fliows his thoughts how kind they be] 

6 O never let my Lord depart. 
Lie down and reft upon my heart ; 

I charge my fins not once to move, 
Nor ftir, nor wake, nor grieve my love. 


The Banquet of Love. Solomon's Song ii. i 
a, 3. 4. 5. 6, 7- 

iX>EHOLD the Rofe o^ Sharon here, 
XJ The Lilly which the vallics bcir ; 
Beheld the Tixc of Life that gives 
Rwa\:Iiii»^' fruit and healing leaves. 


ClltLlST appearing to Lis Church, and feeHng 
her Company. Solonion's Song ii. 8, 9, lO, 
II, 12, 13. 

i'~T^HE voice of my beloved founds 

JL Over the rocks and rifing grounds ; 
O'er hills of guilt and feas of grief, 
He leaps, he flies to my relief. 

2 Now through the veil of flcfli I fee 
With eyes of Jove lie looks at me ; 
Now in the gafpel's cl^eareft glafs 
He fliows the beauties of his face. 

3 Gently he draws my heart along. 
Both with his beauties and his tongue ; 
Rife, faith my Lord, make hafte away, 
No mortal joys arc worth thy ftay. 

4 The Jcwifli wintry ftatc is gone, 
Themifts are fled, the fpring comes on, 
Thefiicred turtle dove we hear 
Proclaim the new, the joyful year. 

5 Th' immortal vine of heav'nly root 
BlofToms and buds, and gives her fruit ; 
Lo, wc arc come to taftc the wine ; 
Our fouls rejoice and blcfs the \ inc. 

6 And wlierl wc hear oar J^fus fay, 
Rife up, my Love, make hallc av.ay \ 
Our hearts would fain oittfly the wind, 
Aiid leave all eurthly lovts behind. 

Bookl. HYMNS, &c. lxx, lxxi, lxxii, lxxiii. 141 


CHV.JST i»viii/Jg, and the Church anfiuering the 
\ In-jttaiion. Solomon's Song ii. X4, i6, i;. 

I TT ARK ! the Redeemer from on high 
JLJ. Sweetly invites his fav'rites nigh ; 
i From caves of darknefs and of doubt, 
I He gently fpeaks and calls us out. 

I a My dove who hidcft in the rock, 
I Thine heart almofl with forrow broke, 
Lift up thy face, forget thy fear, 
And let thy voice delight mine ear. 

; 3 Thy voice to me founds ever fweet ; 
My graces in thy count'nance meet ; 
Though the vain world thy face defpifc, 
'I'is bright and comely in mine eyes. 

4 Dear Lord, our thankful heart receives 
The hope thy invitation gives ; 

To thee our joyful lips fliall raife 
The voice of prayer and that of praife. 

5 I am my L©ve's, and he is mine ; 

Our hearts, our hopes, our paflions join ; 

Nor let a motion, nor a word. 

Nor thouglit arife to grieve my Lord. 

6 My foul to paftures fair he leads, 
Amongft the lillles where he feeds ; 
AiKongft the faints (whole rvvbes are white 
Wafli'd in his blood) is his delight. 

7 'Till the day break, and fliadows flee, 
'Till the iwcet diiwning light I fee, 
Thine eyes to me-ward otten turn, 
Nor let my foul in darknefs mourn. 

SBe like a hart on mountains green, 
Leap o'er the hills of fear and liu ; 
Nor guilt nor unbelief divide 
My Love, my Saviour from my fide. 


CHRIST found in the Street ^ and brought to the 
Church. Solomon's Song iii. i, c, 3, 4, 5. 

I^^FTEN I feek my Lord by night, 
V^ feftis, my love, my foul's delight ; 
With warm defire and reftltfs thought 
\ feek him oft, but find him not. 

a Then I arife, and fearch the ftreet, 
'Till I my Lord, my Saviour meet ; 
I aik the watchmen of the night. 
Where did you fee my foul's delight ? 

3 Sometimes I find him in my way ; 
Direclcd by a heav'nly ray ; 
I leap for joy to fee his face. 
And hold him faft iu mine embrace. 

4 [I bring him to my mother's home, 
Nor does my Lord refufe to come 
To .S/-o«'s facred chambers where 
My foul firfl drew the vital air. 

5 He gives me there his bleeding heart, 
Pierc'd for my fake with deadly fmart j 
I give my foul to him, and there 

Our loves their mutual tokens fhare.] 

6 I charge you all, ye earthly toys. 
Approach not to diflurb my joys ; 
Nor fin, nor hell, come near my heart, 
Nor caufe my Saviour to depart. 


The Coronatkn cf CHRIST, a?:d Efpcufals cf 
the Church. Solomon's Song iii. 2. 

1 -pv AUGKTERS of Slon come, behold 
JLJ The crov/n of honour and of geld. 
Which the glad church, with joys un- 
Plac'd on the head of Solomon. [known, 

2 7^1;j,thou everliifting King, 
Accept the tribute which we bring; 
Accept the well-dcfcrv'd renown. 
And wear our praifes as tliy crown. 

3 Let ev'ry acl of worfliip be. 
Like our efnoufals. Lord, to thee ; 
L'.ke the dear hour, v. hen from above 
We firil recciv'd thy pledge of love. 

4 The gladnefs of that happy day ! 
Our hearts would wifh it long to ilay ; 
Nor let our faith forfake its hold. 
Nor comfort fink, nor love grow ccld. 

5 Each foll'wlng minute as it flies, ^ 
Increafe thv prsife, improve our joys, 
'Till we arerriis'e; lo fing thy name 
At the great fupper of the Lamb. 

6 O that the months would roll away, 
And bring that cort.nation-day ! 

'Lhe King cf grace i>.all fill the throne. 
With all his father's glories on. 


T:ie Church's Beauty in the Eyes of CHRIST. 
Solomon's Song iv. i, 10, 11, 7, 9, 8. 

I XT" IND is the fpcech of Chrif our Lord, 
IV AlTedlion founds in ev'ry word-, 
Lo, thou art fair, my Love, he cries, 
Not the young doves have iwcetcr eyes. 


HYMNS, kc. Lxxiv, lxxv. Book I. 

2 [Sweet are thy lips, thy pleafing voice 
Salutes mine car with fecret joys ; 

No fpicc fo much delights the fmcll, 
Nor milk nor honey taftcs fo well.] 

3 all fair, my bride, to me ; 
I will behold no fpot in thee. 

What mighty wonders love performs, 
And puts a comclinefs on worms ! 

4 Defil'd and loathfomc as we are, 
He makes us white and calls us fair ; 
Adorns us with that hcav'nly drels, 
His graces and his ligiitcoufnefs. 

5 My fiflcr and my fpoufe, he cries, 
Bound to my heart by various tics, 
'J'liy pow'rful love my heart detains 
111 flrong delight and plealing ch-ins. 

6 He calls me from the Leopard's den, 

I rom this wide world of bcafts and men 
To Zhn where his glories are ; 
Not JLtbj.non is half lb fair. 

7 Nor dens of prey, nor flow'ry plains, 
Nor curthiy joys, nor czirthly pains, 
tiliall hold my feet, or force my itay, 
When Chiiil invites my foul away. 

6 Out Lord into his garden comes. 

Well pleas'd to fmcll our poor perfumes, 
And calls us to a fcaft divine, 
Sweeter than honey, milk or wine. 

7 Eat of the tree of life, my friends, 
'Ihc blcflinps that my father fends ; 
Yourtafle fliall all my dainties prove, 
And drink abundance of my love. 

8 y.fui,v/c will frequent thy board, 
And fmg the bounties of our Lord : 

But the rich food on which we live [»!▼•] 
Demands more praife than tongue can 


The Church the GarJen of CHRlST. Solomon's 
Song iv. 12, I J, 15, and v. i. 

iTTT'E arc a garden xvall'd around, 
V V Chofen and madv; peculiar ground ; 
A little fpot ; inclos'd by grace, 
Out of the world's wide wildcrnefs. 

2 Like trees of myrrh and fpice wc ftand, 
Planted by (iod'the Father's hand, 
^\nd all his fprings in Sion fiow, 

'i'o make the young plantation grow. 

3 Awake, O hcav'nly wind, and come, 
Blow on this garden of perfume ; 
Spirit divine, dcfcend and breathe 
A gracious gale on plants beneath. 

4 Make our bcft fpiecs flow abroad, 
To entertain our Saviour God: 
And faith and love, and joy appear. 
And ev'ry grace be active here. 

5 [liCt my beloved come ai.d taflc 
His pleafant fruits at his own fcaft ; 
I come my fpoufe, I come, he cries, 
With love and plcafurc in his eye. 


The Dcfcription ef CHRtST the Belo-ved. Sol- 
omon's Song v. 9, 10, II, 12, 14, 15, i^'. 

I'T^HE wond'ring world inquires to know 
X Why 1 Hiould love my J^f'^i fu : 
What are his charms, fay tliey above 
Theobje<5ls of a mortal love .' 

2 Yes, my beloved to my fight 
Shews a fwtet mixture rtd and white : 
All human beauties, all divine. 
In my beloved meet and flunc. 

3 White is his foul, from blemifli free ; 
Red with the blood he ftied for me ; 
The faircft of ten tbouiand fairs ; 
A fun amongft ten thouiand ftars. 

4 [His head the fineft gold excels ; 
'1 here wifdom in perfection dwells. 
And glory like a crown adorns 
Thofe temples once bcfct with thorns. 

5 Ct^mpalTvons in his heart are found, 
Clofe by the fignals of his wound : 
His fae'red fide no more fluiU bear 
The cruel icourge, the piercing fpcar.] 

C [Mis hands are fairer to behold 
1 ban diamonds fet in rings of gold ; 
'Ihofc hcav'nly hands, that on the tree 
Were naild, and torn, and bled for me. 

7 Though once he bow'd hi-s feeble knees 
Loaded with fins and agonies. 

Now on the throne of his command 
His legs like marble pillars ftand.] 

8 [His eyes are majefly ahd love. 
The eagle tcmper'd with the dove ; 
No more fliall trickling forrows roll 

'i iirough thofe dear windows of his fouLj 

Book I. H y>M N S, &Ci lxxvi, lxxvii, lxxviii. 


Now fmiles, and cheers hkfai«,tiQgIaint$: 
His countenance more graceful is 
Than Lebanon with ail its trees. 

JO All over glorious is my Lord, 
JMuft. be belpv'd, and yet ador'd ; 
His worth if all the nations knew, 
Sure the whole earth would love him too. 


CHRIST d'wells in Heaven but vjftts on Earth, 
Solomon's Song vi. i, a, 3, iz. 

iTTTHEN ftrangers ftand and hear me 

V V tell 

What beauties in my Saviour dwell ; 
Where he is gone they fain would know, 
That they might feek and love him too. 

a My beft beloved keeps his throne, 
On hills of light, in worlds unknown ; 
But he defcends and fliaws his face 
In the young gardens of his grace. 

3 [In vineyards planted by his hand. 
Where fruitful trees in order ftand ; 
He feeds among the fpicy beds, 
Where hllies fliow their fpotlefs heads. 

4 He has engrofs'd my warmeft love, 
No earthly charms my foul can move : 
I have a mandon in his heart. 

Nor death nor hell fliall make us part.] 

J [We takes my foul e'er I'm aware. 
And fliows me where his glories are ; 
No cliariot of Amminadib 
The heav'nly rapture can defcribc. 

6 O may my fpirit daily rife 
On wings of faith above the fkies, 
'i'ill death fliall make my laft remove, 
To dwell forever with my love.] 

13 Such wond'rous love awakes thelifk 
Of faints that were almoft afleep 
To fpeak the praifes of thy name. 
And make our cold affections flame. 

4 Thefe are the joys he lets us know 
In fields and villages below : 
Gives us a relifli of his Jove, 

But keeps his nobleft feaft abore* 

5 In Paradife, within the gates 
An higher entertainment waits ; 
Fruits new and old laid up in ftore, 
Where we (hall feed, but thirft no more. 


The Strength of Christ's Love, and the Sours 
Jealoufy of her oivn. Solomon's Song viii. 
5, 6, 7, 13, 14. 

i[TT7'H0 is this fair one in diftrefs ? 
VV That travels from the wildernefs: 
And prefs'd with forrows and with fins, 
On her beloved Lord ilie leans. 

2 This is the fpoufe of Chri/i our God, 
Bought with the treafures of his blood ; 
And her requefl, and her complaint, 

Is but the voice of every faint.l 

3 " O let my name engraven ftand, 
Both on thy heart and on thy hand ; 
Seal me upon thine arm, and wear 
That pledge of love for ever there. 

4 Stronger than death thy love is known. 
Which floods of wrath could never drown; 
And hell and earth in vain combine 
To quench afire fo much divine. 

LXXVII. LONG METRE. 5 But I am jealous of my heart, 
Tie Love of cnni.sT to the Church in his Lan- Left it fliould once from thee depart ; 
guage to her, and Proviftcr.s for her. Solo- Then let tliy nair.c be well imprefs'd, 

tor her. 


mon'sSong vii. 5, 6, 9, 12 

I X TOW in ilic gall'fics of his grace 
XM Appears the King, and thus 

" How fair my faints are in my fight, 
" My love how plcafant for delight ?" 

a Kind is tliy language, fov*reign Lord, 
There's heav'idy grace in cv'ry word ; 
I'loni that dear iMuuth a ftrcam <!iviije 
lluwifwccter :han the chtiiccft wine. 

As a fair fi^net on my breaft. 

6 'Till thou haft brought me to thy homf, 
Where fcais and doubts can never come, 

i Thy covuit'nance let rne often fee, 
I And often tLuu ftialthear fiom me. 

7 Come, my beloved, hafte away, 

. Cvt lliort the hours of thy delay ; 

My like a Y-utU.''ul heart or rop 
» Over the hi'is where fi^icci grow.** 

144 HYMNS, &€. Lxxix, lxxx, Lxxxr, lxxxii. Book L 

LXXIX. LONG METRE. \S [^^^^^ \^ ^^^^ ^f^^> forbids my fear ; 
■^'^*' I O may thy prefcnccneer depart, 

6 Thus when the night of death fliall come, 
l/^ OD of the morning, at whofe voice ^y fl^-fl^ fl^ali reft beneath the ground, 
VJ The cheerful fun makes hafte to rife, And wait thy voice to reufe my tomb, 

With fweet falvation in the found.] 

And like a giant doth rejoice, 

To run his journey through the flties. 

a From the fair chambers of the eaft, 
The circuit of his race begins, 
And without wearinefs or reft, 
Round the whole earth he flies and ftiines. 

3 Oh, like the fun may I fulfil 
Th' appointed duties of tlie day, 
With ready mind and atflivc will 
March on and keep my hcav'nly way. 

4 [But I fliall rove, and lofc the race. 
If «od my fun fliould difappcar j 
And leave me in this world's wild maze 
To follow ev'ry wand'ring ftar.] 

5 Lord thy commands are clean and pure,'^ i yield mv pow'rs to thy command 


A Sorter for Morning and Evening. Lam. lU. 
23, Ifa. xlv. 7, 

i"|i ^Y God, how endlefs is thy love ! 
IVX Thy gifts are ev'ry evening new ; 
And morning mercies from above. 
Gently diftil hke early dew. 

2 Thou fpread'ft the curtains of thenight, 
Great Guardian of my deeping hours ; 
Thy fov'reigu word rcftore the light, 
And quickens all my drowzy pow'rs. 

Tnlight'ning our beclouded eyes 
Thy threat'nings juft,thy promifcfure, 
IJiy gofpel makes the fimple wife. 

6 Give me thy counfel for my guide, 
And then receive me to thy blifs ; 
All my deijrcs and hopes beiide 
Are faint and cold compar'J with this. 


An Evening Hymn. Pf.ilm iv. 8, »2/:i/ ili. 5,6 

unJcxVn. 2. 
I'THHUS far the Lord has led me on, 
X Thus far his pow'r prolongs my days, 
And ev'ry evening tli.ill make known, 
Some frelli memorials of his grace. 

2 Much of my time has run to waftc, 
And I perhaps am near my home ; 
But he forgives my follies pall. 

He gives nicfucni^Lh ford.r.s to cone. 

3 I lay my bo»<ly down to dec j3, 
Peace is the pillow t'lr my head ; 
While wcil p.ppe.intcd an^cli keep 
'i'hcir watciji'al lUtior.s roiitid rr, bed. 


4 In vain the fons of earth or lull 
'i'tll ir.e a thoufnnd fri^-htfiil ihi).;'^ ; 
Tvly God li'i fiift-ty raakcr mu-dv.rtl 
Beneath iLt IIva^qw -jt' ■ '- -'• '• 

To thee I confecrate my days ; 
Perpetual blefl'mgs from thine hand 
Demand perpetual fongs of praife. 


GOD /a r above Creatures : Or, 
mortal. Job iv. I / — 

il-fj« vain an J 
— 21. 

1 QHALL the vile race of flefli and bbod 
i^ Contend with their Creator God ? 
Shall mortal worms prefume to be 
More holy, wife, or juft than he ? 

2 Behold he puts his truft in none 
Of all the fpirits round his throne ; 
Their natures, when compar'd with his, 
Are neither holy, juft, nor wife. 

I But how much meaner things are they 
Who fpring from duft, and dwell in clay -* 
Touch'd by the finger ol thy wrath. 
We faint aud vanifli like the moth. 

4 From night to day, from day to night. 
We die by thciiuinds in thy figl-.t ; 
Bury'd iii dult whole nations he. 
Like a forgotten vanity. 

5 Alm'giity pow'r, to thee wc bow ; 
How frail are we ! how glorious thcu ." 
No more the n;ns of earth ibali d:.rc 

V. ;, -n • -:-:r;.l Gcc\ _ rr-,.-,T,rc. 

Book I. HYMNS, &c. lxxxiii, lxxxiv, lxxxv, lxxxvi. 145 

Affliaions and Death under Providence. Job v. 

6. 7, 8. 

I XJOT from the duft affllifVion grows, 
JlN Nor troubles rife by chance ; 
Yet we are born to cares and woes ; 
A fad inheritance ! 

a As fparks break out from burning coals, 
And ftill are upwards borne ? 
So grief is rooted in our fouls, 
And man grows up to mourn. 

3 Yet with my God I leave my caufc, 

And trult his promis'd grace ; 
He rules me by his well known laws 
Of love and rightcoufnefs. 

4 Not all the pains that ere I bore 

Shall fpoil my future peace, 

JTor death and hcl! can do no more 

Than what my Father pleale. 


Salvation f Ri^hteoitfnefs, and Strength ///CHRIST 
Ifa. ilv. a I 25. 

iTEHOVAHfpeaks, let Ifradhcnr, 
J Let all the eartJi rejoice and fear, 
Vv''hile God's eternal Son proclaims 
His fov'reiga honours and his names. 

2 " I am the laft, and I the firfl:, 
The Saviour God, and God the jufl: ; 
There's none befides pretends to iuew 
Such juftice and falvaticn too. 

3 [Ye that in fliades of darknefs dwell, 
Juft on the verge of death and hell, 
JLook up to me from diftant lands ; 
Light, life, and heav'n are in my hands. 

4 I by my holy name have fworn. 
Nor fliall the word in vain return ; 
To me fhall al! things bend the knee, 
And ev'ry tongue iliall fwear tome.] 

5 la me alone fii^'.U men confefs 

Lies all their iVcngth and rightcoufnefs : 
But fuch as dare defpife my name, 
ril clothe them with eternal Ihame. 

6 In r!-:e the Lord fliall all ihz feed 
Of If'-ud from their Has be freed, 
And by their fiiiuing graces prove 
I'hcir int'refl; in wy pard'aing love." 

The fame. 

1 'THHE Lord on high proclaims 

JL His Godhead from his throne 
Mercy andjujtice are the names 
By "which I ivill be known. 

2 I'e dying fouls that Jit 
In dctrknefs and dijirefs^ 

Look from the borders of the pit 
To my recovering grace. 

3 Sinners fliall hear the found ; 
Their thankful tongues fliaJl owUj 

Our righteotftiefs and Jirength is found 
In thecy my Lordy alone. 

4 In thee fliall Ifrae! tru^. 
And fee their guilt iorgiv'n ; 

God will pronounce the finners jult. 
And take the faints to heav'n. 


GOD holy,jiff},a!id ftvcrchn. Job ix. 2 13. 

1 T TOW fliould the fens of^ race 
XJL Be pure before their God ! 

If he contend in rightcoufnefs 
\\'e fall beneath his rod. 

2 To vindicate my words and thoughts 

J'ii make uo more pretence ; 
Not one of all my tlioufand iaulls 
Can bear a jult defence. 

3 Strong is his arm, his heart is wile; 

What vain prefumers dare 
Againft their Maker's hand to rife 
Or 'tempt th' iiuctiual war ^ 

4 [Mountains by his almighty wrath 

From their old feats are torn ; 
Ho fr.akes the earth from South to Norths 
And all her pillars mourn. 

5 He bids the fun forbear to rife, 

i he obcdieiit ian lor:JCc:ro ; 
Kis hand with fackcloth fpreadstheikic*. 
And feais up all the i^ars. 

♦ He wal'ics cpon the fioriny Tea ; 
Files on the ftormy -vind ; 
There'-! none can traceliis wond'rous wjy, 
Or his dark foatft:-n: and, 


146 HYMNS, &c. Lxxxvii, lxxxviii, lxxxix, xc. Book I. 


OOD divells ivitb the humble and fenitent, Ifa, 
ivii. 15, 16. 

inpHUS faith the high and lofty One, 

X '■ 1 fit upon my holy tliroue ; 
My name is God, I dwell on high 
Dwell in my own eternity. 

2 But I defcend to worlds below, 
On earth I have a manfion too ; 
The humble Ipirii and contrite 
Is lui abode of my delight. 

3 The humble foul my words revive, 
I bid the mourning tnncr live ; 
Heal all the broken hearts I fijid, 
And eafc the forrows of the mind. 

4 [When I contend againft their fin, 

I make them know how vile they've been ; 
But iliould my wrath for ever Imoke, 
Their fouls would finkbeneathray flroke.' 

5 O may thy pard'ning grace be ni^h, 
Left we fhould faint, defpair and die ! 
Tkus fliall our berrtr thoughts approve 
The methods of thy chaft'ning love.j 

6 There are no atfls of pardon pad 
In the cold grave to which we hade, 
But darknels, death, and long defpair 
Reign in eternal filence there. 




Dfs th; Day of G?.2.-r ana' Hope. Iccl 

r, 6, 10. > 

IX. 4, 

iT IFE is the time to ferve the Lord, 
J_j The time t' inliu-e the great reward, 
And while the lamp holds out to burn, 
The vllcft fiuncrmay return. 

:: [Life ii the hour that God lias giv'n 
'i'o Tcape frcm hell and fly to heav'u-, 
The day of grace, and mortals may 
Stcure the bleiiings of the dr.y.j 

2, The living know tiiat they niuft die, 
Bat all the dj.'d for;5ottcn lie ; 
Their rnem'ry and uiicir fenfe !>« gone, 
Alike unknowing and unknown. 

4 [Their h-it.-cd andtlieir love islo.^, 
Their cn.y bury'd in the dull ; 
Tiic-y ha\ c- no fllarc in all's dene 
Beneath the circu I of the fun.] 

5Thenv.-h^-t mv th'Vjghts dwfu-ri to do, 
My har.ds, \/!i:h al! yoiir iT.i^ht purlue, 
Since nu dcvic.:, nor woik is found. 
Nor faith, ujr hope, beneath the grouad. 

Touth and 'Judgment. EccL xi. 9. 

I VT"^ ^°°* ®^ ^^<j»», vain and young, 
X Indulge your eyes, indulge your 
Tafte the delights your fouls dcfire. 
And give a loofe to all your fire. 

2 Purf«c the plea fu res you defign 
And cheer your hearts with fongs and wine, 
Eajoy the day of mirth ; but know 
There is a day of judgment too. 

3God from on high beholds your thoughts. 
His book records your fccrct faults ; 
The worki of darknefs you have done 
Muft all appear before tlxefun. 

4 The vengeanc c to your foHics due 
Should ftrikc your' hearts with tcrrour 

throug 1 : 
How will ye lland before his face, 
Oranfwer for his injur'd grace ? 

5 Almighty Gc»d, turn off their eyes 
FronitJiel'e alluring vanities, 
..\nd let the thunder of thy v.'ord 
Awake thtir fouls to ftar the Lord. 



The Jarre. 

O the youn^ tribes of y:/^<7>!w rife. 
J And through all nature rove,- ' 
1 iilKI tlic wifhes of their eyes, 
.i\r.d tafce the joys they love. 

a Thev give a loofe to wild defires ; 
But kt the fiiaicrs know 
The flrict accosMit t'lat God requires 
Of ail the works tiity do. 

3 The T'idgc prepares his throne on high 
I The triglUtd c.'trth and feas 

j Avoid theTury of histyc, 
And fltc bcft rt Ins face. 

4 How lli.iU Ihep.r that drcadftl day, 
I And fland the licry K ft ? 

1 I'd };)ve all mortal j'.ys away 
'Ic be for ever bl.Ti. 

Book I. HYMNS, &c. xci, xcii, xciir, xciv, xcv. 147 



Advice to Toittb : Or, Old Age and Death in 
an unecni-erted State. Eccl. xii. 1, 7. Ifa 
Ixv. 20. 

iX TOW in the heat of youthful blood 
iN Remember your Creator God : 
Behold the months come haft'ning on. 
When you fliall fay — My joys are gone. 

1 Behold the aged finncr goes, 
l.aden -.vith guilt and heavy -vvocs, 
Down to the regions of the dead. 
With endlefs curfes en his head. 

2, The dufl returns to dufl: again : 
The foul in apr.nics of pain 
Afcends to God ; not there to dwell. 
But hears her doom, and finks to hell. 

if Eternal King, I fear thy name, 
Teach me to know how frail I am ; 
And when my foul mufi hence remove. 
Give me a maafion in thy love. 

CHRIST the IVifdom of COD. Prov. viii. i, 

1 QKALL wifdom cry aloud, 

And not her fpeech be heard ? 
The voice of God's eternal v/ord, 

Deferves it no regard ? 

2 *' I was his chief delight, 
His everlafbing Son, 

Before the firfl, of all his works, 
Creation was begun. 

3 [Before the flying clouds, 
Before the folid land, 

Before the fields, before the fleods, 

1 dwelt at his right hand. 

4 When headorn'd the fkies, 
And built them, 1 was there. 

To order, when the fun fliould rife, 
And marfhal ev'ry ftar. 

5 When he pour'd out the fea. 
And fpread the flowing deep, 

I gave the flood a firm decree. 
In its own bounds to keep. 

6 Upon the empty air 

The earth was balanc'd well ; 

With joy 1 faw the manFion where 

The £cms of oxen ihould dwell. 

7 My bufy thoughts at firft 
On thtir falvation ran, 

Ere fin was born or Adcrns dufl: 
Was fafhion'd to a man. 

8 Then come, receive my grace,- 
Ye children, and be wife ; 

Happy the man that keeps my ways ; 
The man that Hiuns ihcm dies." 

CHRIST or Wijdotn obeyed or rcfif.ed. ProV' 

vn\. 34 2>(>' 

iT^KUS faith the wifdom of the Lord, 

X " Bled is the m-.n that hears my 
Keeps daily watch before my gates, [word. 
And at my feet for mercy waits. 

2 The foul that feeks me fliall obtain 
Imm.ortal wealth, and heav nly gain ; 
Immortal life is his reward, 

l>ifc and the favour of the Lord. 

3 But the vile wretch that fiies from me, 
Dctii his own foul an injury ; 

Fools that againfl my giace rebel 
Seek death, and love tlie road to hell. 


J.iji'fcation by Faith, nit hy Worls : Or, TIs 
l^aiv condemns, Grace ftiji' Rom. iii. 
19 1^. 

I T TAIN are the hopes the fens of men 
V On their own works have built ; 
Their hearts by nature are unclean. 
And all their a<5Lions guilt. 
^ Let "Jerv and Gentile flop their mouths'. 
Without a niurm'ring word, 
And the wlioie race of Ada>n itaad 
Guilty before the Lord. 

3 In vain we afic God's righteous law 

To juftify us now, 
Since to convince, and to condemn^ 
Is all the lav/ can do. 

4 'Jefiis how glorious is thy grace. 

When in thy name we trufc ! 
Our faith receives a righteoufnefs 
Ihat makes the fmacr jufl. 


Regeneration. John i. 1 3, and iii. 3, iS\. 
I XJOT all the outward forms on earth, 
JLN Nor rites that God has giv'n. 
Nor wiil of man, nor blood, nor birth. 
Can raife a foul to heav'n. 

148 HYMNS, &c. xcvi, XCV1I5 xcvni, xcix. Book I. 

1 The fo\ 'reign will of God aloilc 

4 Jifus beholds where Sata» reigns, 

Creates us Iicirs of grace ; 

Binding his flavcs in heavy chains. 

Born in the image of his Son, 

He fets the pris'ners free, and breaks 

A new peculiar race. 

The iron bondage from our necks. 

3 The fpirit like fome heav'nly v/ind, 

5 Poor helplefs worms in thee poflefs 

Blows on the fons of flefli, 

Grace, wifdom,pow'r, and righteoufhcfs 

New models aJl the carnal mind, 

Thou art our mighty All, and we. 

And forms the man afrefli. 

Give our whole felves, O Lord, to thee. 

4 Our quickcn'd fouls awake and rife 
From the long fieep of dc;uh ; 
On heav'nly thinv;s we fix our eyes, 


Andpraire employs our breath. 

The Same. 


1 TTOW heavy is the night, 
XjL That hangs upon our eyes, 

Elision exJuJts Lc.fl.'rT. i Cof. 1. 26— n. 

'Till Chrif with his reviving light 
Ovci our fouls arife ? 

J a 

1 T>UT few among the carnal wife, 
1J Eu? few of noble race. 

2 Our guilty fpirits dread 

'J'o meet the wrath of heav n. 

CbtP-in'd the favour of thine eyes, 

But in his rightcoufnefs array 'd, 

Ahr.igh:y King of grace. 

Wc fee our fins forgiv'u'. 

a lie takes the men of mcaneft name 
For fo:-!5 and heirs of God ; 

3 Unholy and impure 

Are all our thoughts and ways^ 
li!? hands inftded nature cure 

And thus he pours abundant fhame 

On honourable blood. 

With facdlifying grace. 

5 He call? {he fool, and makes himknow 

4 The pow'rs of hell agree 

The nylVncs of his grace, 

To hold our fouis in vain. 

To biji-.;': Hl'piring wifdom lo\7. 

He fet3 the fous of bondage free. 

And all its pride abafe. 

And breaks the curfcd chaia, 

4 Kycj.rz his rdi it3 glories h;fi. 

5 Lord, r/c ;alyre thy xv.-jys, 

WheabrougUt bifore iiii th.-or.c ; 

'I'o bring us nsar to God, 

No ilefii tK%U ia his p.rclencc boaft 

Thy fovVti^a pcwV, thy healing grace 

lint in t:ic Lord :»lone. 

And thiue iitoniag blootl 



CUMST our lyf'jy:, Ri^hteiufucfsy l^c 
I Cor. i. 3C?. 

iT>lTRY*D in flL-dows of the l\\g>\i, 
XJ Weiie'tiU Corn: vc^v.nci rfac light, 
Wifdom dttcends to heal the blind. 
And chafe the darknefs of the mind. 

a Our ^i^uilty fouls a.'t drown'd in tears, 
'Till his atoning blued appears : 
Then we awake front d«'ep diftrefs, 
Andfiu^, The J.trd tur Rigfjte.rufr.p. 

f, Our very frame is mlx'd with fin. 
His fpirit makes onr natures clean ; 
Such virtues from his fulf'rings flow, 
M once to clcanlc and pardon ton. 

Stones mai'e Ch'tldrtn c/" Abraham : Or, Grate 
not ccr.Vi\ed 6y retiviouj Farentt. Matt. ill. 9- 

i T 7AIN arc the hopes tljat rebels pliice, 
V LTpon their birth and blood, 
Dftfcendccl from a pious race, 
'I htir fathcis now with God. 

Z He from tnc Cuves of earth and hell 
Can take tiie liardelh ftoncs. 
And 1:11 the houi'e of Abraham well 
With new created fon?. 

3 Such wcnd'rons pow*!" doth he pofTcfs, 
\\ ho form'd our mortal frame, 
Whocaildihe world from emptinefs ; 
'ihe world obcv'd, and came. 

Book I. HYMNS, &c. 

Belis'vey and he faved. John iil. l6, 17, 18. 

iXTQT to condemn the fons of men 
IN Did Cbriji the fon of God appear : 
No weapons in his hands are feen, 
No flaming fword, nor thunder there. 

a Such was the pity of our God, 
He lov'd the race of man fo weU, 
He fent his Son to bear our load 
Of fins, and fave our fouls from hell. 

3 Sinners, believe the Saviour's word, 
Truft in his mighty name and live ; 
A thoufand joys his lips afford, 
His hands a thoufand bleflings give. 

4 But vengeance and damnation lies 
On rebels who refufe his grace ; 
Who God's eternal Son defpife, 
The hotteft hell fliall be their place. 

c, CI, C1I5 cm, CIV. 



joy in Heaven for a repenting Sinner, Luke 
XV. 7, 10, 

iTTTHO can defcribe the joys that rife 

VV Through all the courts of paradife, 
To fee a prodigal return. 
To fee an heir of glory born ? 

a With joy the Father doth approve 
The fruit of his eternal love ; 
The Son with joy looks down and fees 
The purchafc of his agonies. 

3 The Spirit takes delight to ^icvr 
The holy foul he forni'd anew, 
And faints and angels join to ling 
The growing empire of their King. 

4BIefl: are the fouls that thirft for grace, 
Hunger and long for righteoufnefs ; 
They fhall be well fupply'd and fed 
With living flreams and living bread. 

5 Bleft are the men whofe bowels move 
And melt with fympathy and love,; 
From Chriji the Lord fliall they obtain 
Like fympathy and love again. 

6 Blefl: are the pure whofe hearts are-ckaa 
From the defiluig pow'r of lin ; 

With endlefs pleafure they fliall fee 
A God of fpotiefs purity. 

7 Bleft are the ir.en of peaceful life, 

Who quench the coals of growing ftrife j 
They fliall be call'd the heirs of blifs. 
The fons of God, the God of peace. 

8 Bleft are the fufF'rers who partake 
Of pain and fliame for Je/us' fake ; 
Their fouls fliall triumph in the Lord ; 
Glory and joy are their reward. 

Tie Beatilu'fes. Matt. V. 2 12. 

xT)LEST are the humble foius that fee 
XJ Their emptincls-aiid poverty; 
Treafurcs of grace to tliera are giv'n, 
And crowns of joy laid up in beav'ii. 

2 Bleft are the men of broken heart. 
Who mourn for lln v/it!i inwr^rd iniart ; 
The blood of C/r^'Zdivimly flcv.'s 

A healing balm for all their wce3. 

3 Bleft are the mcek,.v.'ho ftnnu r.far 
From rage and p<Tfnon, noife and war ; 
God will fccurc their happy ftate, 
Atttl plcsd their cui'e ogaiull the grci'.t. 


I\''ot ctjhamed of the Gefpel. Z Tim. i, 13- 

I T'M not afliam'd to own my Lord, 
JI , Or to defend his caufe, 
Maintain the honour of his word, 
The glory of his crofs. 

Z yfus, my God I know his name ; 
His name is all my truft : 
Nor will he put my foul to fhame. 
Nor let my hope be loft. 

3 Finn as his throne his promife ftands,, 
And he can well fecure, 
What I've committed to his hands, 
"rill the decifive hour. 

4. T]>cn will he own my worthlefs name. 
Before his F.-.ther's face, 
And in the new Jcnfi^Iefv 
Appoint my foul a place. 



A S'.ate of Nutun on J Craze. I Cor. vi. 10, 1 1 

1 XTOTthe maf.cicns or profancr, 
J.N The wiinton or t'nc proud. 
Nor thieves, nor J}and>er?, fliall obtain 

The kingdom of our God. 

2 Surpriiing ^vTiZK: I and fuch were v/c 

"S-T nature and l< v fio, 

1 50 HYMNS, Sic, cv, cvr, cvii, cviii, cix. Book L 

HtJrs of immortal mifery, 
Unholy and unclean. 

3 But we are walli'din Jif/s' blood, 

We're pardon'd through his name ; 
And the good fpirit of our God 
.M;ts fandl'fy'd our fiamc. 

4 O for a pcrfevcring pow'r 

To keep thy juft commands ! 
We fliould deliic ov.r hearts no more. 
No more pollute tjur hands. 


Iliavcn ii:v:ftble and koly. 1 Co 
Rev. xxi. 27. 


ii. 9, 10. 



Th> Fall and Recovery of Man ; Or, Chrift 
and Satan at Enmity. Gen. iii. I, 15, 17. 
Gal. iv. 4. Col. ii. 15. 

I'pVECEIVD by fubtlc fnares of hell, 
JL/ Adam our head, our father fell, 
When S'jtar. in the ferpent hid, 
Propos'd the fruit that God forbid. 

2 Death was the threat'ning ; death began 
To take poflefllon of the man : 

His unborn race receiv'd the wound, 
Aud heavy curfcs fmotc the ground. 

3 But Satan found a worfe reward ; 
Thus faith the vengeance of the Lord, 

OR eye hath feen, nor ear lias heard Let evsrla fling hatred be 

Nor lenl'e nor reafon known, 
Whiit joys the Father lias j)rcpar'd 
i'or thofe that love the Son. 

•Z But the good Spirit of the Lord 
R< veals a heav'n to come : 
The beams of glory in his v.ord 
Allure and guide us home. 

3 Pure are ihc joys above the iky. 

And ail the region peace ; 
No w'iii'On iips. nor envious eye, 
Cau fac or talte the blifs. 

4 Thofe holy gates for ever bar 

Pollution, Im and fliamc : 
None fh:ill obtain adir.itt;.nce there, 
But foU'wei s of the Lamb. 

5 He keeps the Father's book of life, 

Vhcve all their names are found; 
The hypocrite in vain lliall ftrive 
To ircad the heav'aly ground. 

Ecizuixi th^ "uiomaus feed and thee. 

4 '^/'^ ivomaii^s f^edjiall be my Son, 
11: ftail dtftroy tvhat thou hafi done : 
S'j^U breai thy head, and only feel 
"Tiy maliie raging at his heel. 

5 [He fpake, and bid feur thoufand years 
Roll on ; at length his Son appears ; 
^\:igels with joy defccnd to earth, 

And ling the young Redeemer's, birth* 

6L0, by the fons of hell he dies ; 
But as he hung 'twixt earth and ikiss. 
He gave thcif prince a fatal blow. 
And triumph'd o'er the pow'rs below.] 


Rom. vi. 

Dead to S:u hj ilc Cnfs rf Chlift. 
1, 2, 6. 

I QILVLL we go on to fin, 

>^ Bcca-.ife thy grace abounds "i 
Or crucify the Lord ag;*iii, 

AaiX opeix all his wounds t 

a Forbid it, mighty God ! 
Nor \cX \t e'er ii«* faid, 
That wc whofe fms are crucify'd, 

Should r;iifj tliem from t\\c dead. 
5 We \vill bc-11kveVnoindre» 
Sij\ce' C':f};} Wm\\ na^.»l:e us frce^,- 
Ka? naii'J our tyrau'.s to liis crufs, 
And bjugh; our libcrJy. 

Chrift tin ft en and beloved. 1 Pet. i. 8. 

1 XJOT with our mortal eyes 
1.N Have we beheld the Lord, 

jYct v/e rejoice to hear his name, 
And love him in his word. 

2 On earth r>e want the fight 
Of our Redeemer's face ; 

Yet, Lord, our inraofl thoughts delight 
To dwell upon thy grace. 

3 And when we taftc thy love. 
Our joys divinely grow 

Uafpcakable, fike thofe' above. 
And Ivcav'n begins b^low. 

The FiUue of Chrift and his li'iglte-.tfnefs. 
I'hih iii. 7, .^-9. 
rl^TO more, my (»cd, I bo.T-ft no more 
JlN Of iil i. t he dia ie-s I V avc d c li c ; 
I quit the hopes \ held before, 
lo trull the meats 01 thy Son. 

Book I. H Y M N S, &c. ex, cxi, cxii, cxni. 


2 Now for the love, I bear his name, 
What was my gain, I count my lofi ; 
My former pride I call my fliame, 
And nail my glory to his crofs. 

3 Yes, and I muft and will efteem 
All things but lofs for Je/us' fake ; 
O may my foul be found in him, 
And of his righteeufnefs partake 1 

4 The beft obedience of my hands 
Dares not appear before thy throne ; 
But faith can anfwer thy demands, 
By pleading what my Lord has done. 

Death and immediatt Clory. % Cor. V. 1,5. 

1 npHERE is a houfe not made with 
, X hands, 

Eternal, and on high. 
And here my fpirit waiting ftands, 
'Till God flaall bid it fly. 

2 Shortly this prifon of my clay 

Mufl: be diflblv'd and fall ; 

Then, O my foul, with joy obey 

Thy heav'nJy Father's call. 

J 'Tis he by his almighty grace, 

That forrai thee fit for heav'n ; 
And as an earneft of the place, 
Has his own Spirit giv'n. 

4 "We walk by faith of joys to come, 

Faith lives upon his word ; 

But while the body is our home, 

We're abfentfrom the Lord. 

J 'Tis pleafant to believe thy grace. 
But we had rather fee, 
We would be abfent from the i3c!h, 
And preient. Lord, with ihce. 

3 ['Tis not by works of righteoufnefs 

Which our own hands have done ; 
But we are fav'd by fov'reign grace. 
Abounding through his Son.] 

4 'Tis from the mercy of our God 

That all our hopes begin ; 
'Tis by the water and the blood 
' Our fouls are wafli'd from fzn. 

5 Tis through the purchafe of his death 
Who hung upon the tree, 

The Spirit is fent down to breathe 
On fuch dry bones as we. 

6 Rais'd from the dead we live anew ; 

And juftify'd by grace. 
We fhall appear in glory too. 
And fee our Father's face. 

Silvafica by Gi\:ce.. Titus.iir. 3, 7. 

LORD, we confi:f3 our numerous 
■ faults, 
How <ireni of.r quik has been ! 


The braz.en Serpent : Or, Looking to JESUS, 
a John, ver» 14 16. 

SO did the Hehreiv prophet raife 
The brazen Serpent high ; 
The wounded felt immediate eafe. 
The camp forcbore to die. 

% Look upixxard In the dying bcur. 
And live, the prophet cries; 
But Chriji performs a nobler cure. 
When faith lifts up her eyes. 

3 High on the crofs the Saviour hung. 

High in the heavens he reigns : 
Here linners, by x.\\ old ferpcnt flung,. 
Look, and forget their pains. 

4 When God*s oivn Son is lifted up, 

A dying world revtves ; 
Tlie Jfiv beholds the glorious hope, 
Th' expiring Gentile lives. 


Ahrabam^s "BhJJlng on the G entiles. Gen xvii. 

7. Rom. XV. 8. . Mark x. 14. 

j"0 W large tlie proraife ! how divin'Jj 
To A'crah'm and- his feed ! 
ril be a GgIso i':ee and tLi.iey 
Supplying all their need. 


FooUTa aud vain were.aU .our thoughts J i Tiie words of his ertenfive Jcve 

, ■ Aod all our livt^ were iin, 

:: But, G my foul, forever praife, 

■ For ever love hla name,' , ■ 

\Vl\o turns *\rj feet f rem dj^r.g'rous vfay." 
Of fi)ljy, fin anu lliairc-] 

From J'.^e to age endure ; 
The angel cf t\\^ cov'riunt prov^. 
And feals the blcflihg fure. 

1, 3^. A.r the ancient faith confirms. 

lo our 

:eat iia.ier? gi 

HYMNS, &c. cxiv, cxv, cxvi, cxvii, 


He takes youn^ children to his arms, 

And calls thcra heirs of hcav n. 

4 Our God, how faithful are his ways! 

His love endures the fame ; 

Nor from the promife of his grace 

Blots out the children's name. 

Book L 

,6 My God, I cry with ev'ry breath, 
For fome kind pow'r to fave, 
To break the yoke of fin and death, 
And thus redeem the Have. 

The fame. Romans xi. 16, 1 7- 
1 /^ ENTILES by nature, we belong 
Vjr To the wild olive wood ; 
Grace took us from the barren tree, 
And grafts us in the good, 
a With the fame blefTings grace endows 
The GertiU and the Jiiv ; 
If pure and holy be the root, 
Such are the branches too. 

3 Then let the children of the faints 

Be dedicate to God ; 
Pour out thy fpirit on them, Lord, 
And wafli them in thy blood. 

4 Thus to the parents >nd their feed 

Shall thy falvation come, 
Andnum'rous houiholds meet at 
In one eternal home. 


Con-^u-:Ln 0/ Sir, by iL' L,-. Romans vi 

8, 0, 14, 14. 


Love to con and cur Nrighbour. Matt, xxii- 

37 40. 

Ii-T^HUS faith the firft, the great com- 
JL mand, 

*' Let all thy inward pow'rs unite 
To love thy Maker and thy God, 
With utmo'ft vigour and delight. 
2 Then (liall thy neighbour next in place 
Share thine afFe^ion and efteem, 
And let thy kindnefs to thyfclf, ^^ 
Mcafurenndrule thy love to him. 

', This is the fcnfe that Mnfcs fpoke, 
''This did the prophets preach and prove , 
For want of this the law is broke, 
And the whole law's fulfiU'd by love. 

4 But O how bafe our paftions are 1 
How cold our charity and zeal 
Lord, fill our fouls with hcav nlv fire, 
Or we fliall ne'er perform thy wiU. 

EUakn So-Jtrel^n and Free. Romans ix. 

ai, 13. 24- 

1 T ORD,howfecuremyconfc;cnccwas,|jj--Q£HOLD the potter and tjie clav 
I A And felt no iowaidc' read! I 13 

I was alive without the law 

And thought my iins were de?.d 

He forms his veiTels as he plcaie 

Such is our God,andfuch are wc. 
The fubjcd^LS of his juft decrees. 

2 My hope, of heav'n were firm andbright, . Doth not the workman's pow'r extend 
2 i\i> i.vrpc .. n .u »«,.,'■<. ^»Vltrh nart to chooic, 

But fince the precept came 
With aco'.ivlnclng pov/'r and lig'nt,. 
1 find how vile i am. 
- TMy gui't appear'd but fnvall before, 
'Till terribly I IV.w, 
Ho'v perfea, I'.oly, juft and pure. 
Was thine eternal Uw. 

4 Then felt my foul the hca-v^ loud, 
Mv fms reviv'd again, 
I had provo'c'd a drcu-iral God, 
And all my hopes were .lain] 

;; rr.i Vvkcr. htlpltfs c?-ptive fold, 
Under the pow'r or hn ; 
I c;i irot do the p;ood I would, 
N .r kcfp my ccnfotencc clcao. 

O'er an the mafs which part to chooft 
And mou'.d it for a nobler end. 
And which to leave for viler ufe r] 
■^l May not the fov'reign Lord on high 
DifpVnfe his favours as he will, ^^ 
Chufe fome to lite, while others die. 
And ytt be jnft and gracious ftdl ? 
i[Whr-J if to make histerrour known. 
He \ttjt, his patience >on^ endure, 
Sun"rin<!; vilercbils to j?o on, 
And fcal their own itftracflion fi:re ? 
^ What if lie means tt> fh^w his grace, 
' And his clerting love ett^r.loys 
To ni-irk out feme of nxnal race, 
And^fcrm tl'.cm fit foY h-av'nJy joys-?} 

Book I. HYMNS, &c. cxviii, cxix, cxx, cxxi. 153 

6 Shall man reply againft the Lord, 
And call his Maker's ways unjuft, 
I'he thunder of whofe dreadful word 
Can crufli a thcufand worlds to duft ? 

7 But, O my foul, if truth fo bright, 
Should dazzle and confound thy light, 
Yet ftill his written will obey, 

And wait the great decifive day. 

° Then he fliall make his juftice known, 
And the whole world before his throne, 
With joy or tcrrour iliall ccnfefs 
The. priory of his righteoufncfs. 

3 The vital f-ivour of his name 

Reftores their fainting breath ; 
But unbelief perverts the fame 
To guilt, defpair, and death. 

4 'Till God difl'ufc his graces down, 

Like fliow'rs of heav'nly rain, 
In vain yl folios fows the ground. 
And Paul may plant in vain. 


Mofes ana Christ : Cr, Sin JjJ"-/;//? tbs 
i7nJ Scfpc'L John i, 17. Keb. iii. 
6, cmd X. 28, 19. 

1 '"pHE law by 7<Lf.'s caine, 

X But peace and truth and love. 
Were brcughiby CLnjh a nobler name, 
Dcfccuding from above. 

a Amidft ijie houl^e of God 
Tlitir difl'icnt works v/ere done : 
M'-fes 2L faitliful fervant flood, 
But Chrlj} a faithful Son. 

3 Then to his new comn;ands 
Be ih icl obedience paid ; 

O'er all his Father's houfe he frands 
The Sov'reign and the head. 

4 The n;an that durft defpife 
The law that I/Iofcs bn ught ! 

Behold ! how terribly he dies 
for his prefumpt'ous fault : 

5 But forer vengeance falls 
On tint rtbtllious race, 

Who hate to hear when jcfus calls, 
And dare rcfift his grace. 

3; 5j 



Faitb of Things unfeen. Heb. xi. I, 3, 8, lO. 

I Tj^AITH is the brighteft evidence 
X Of things beyond our fight. 
Breaks thro' the clouds of flefliandfenfe. 
And dwells in heav'nly light : 

% It fets times pafl in prefent view. 
Brings diflant profpecls home. 
Of things a thoufand years ago. 
Or thoufand years to come. 

3 By faith avc know the worlds were made 

By God's almighty word ; 
Abraham to unknown countries led, 
By faith obey'd the Lord. 

4 He fought a citj'- far and high. 

Built by th* eternal hands ; 
And faith af'ures us, thoi^gh we die, 
That heav'nly building flands. 


Children devoted to cor. Gen. xvii. 7, lO. 
A<rts xvi. 14, 15, 2^. 

For tl^r-fe ivbo praSiice Infant Baptf/n, 

1 'T^HUS faith the mercy of the Loi-d, 
X I'll be a Gcd to thee : 
rilblcfs thy num'rous race, and they 
Shall be a feed for me. 


,TRE. i^ Abraham belJev'd the promised grace, 
' And gave his fens to God ; 

The different Succefs of tie Gtf^sL I Ccr. i- g^,,^ ^..^ter feals the blefliog now, 
-23, ^A■ ^ Cor. ii. 16. 1 Scr. lii. 6, 7. That once was i'cal'd with blood. 

J /CHRIST and his crofs is all our theme;! 3 Thus LyJia fandlify'd her houfc. 

V>< The myff rics that we fpcak 
Are fcandal in the Jexvs'' elleem. 
And foily to t^e Creek.- 

2 But fouls enlighten'd from above ; 
Willi jov receive the word ; 
They fee what wifdom, pov. V and love, 
Siiincs ia their dying Lord. 

When {\\e received the word 
Thus the believing jailor gave 
His houflioid to the Lord. 

4 Thus later faints, eternal King, 
Thine ancient truth embrace : 
To thee their infant offspring brings. 
And humbly claim the grage^ 


154 HYMNS, &c. cxxii, cxxiii, cxxiv, cxxv. Book I. 


Bclirvers buri:J tvltb CHRIST in Bapti/m. 
Rom. vi. 3, 4, 3cc. 

1 T^O ^c not know that folcmn word, 
Xv That wc are bury'd with the Lord 
Baptiz'd into his death and then 
Put off the body of our fin ? 

a Our fiuils receive diviner breath, 
Rais'd from corruption, gnih and death : 
So from the pr.ive did Chrijl a rife, 
And lives to God above the fkies. 

3 No more let fin or Satan reign 
Over our mortal flcfli again ; 
'•"he various lufls we fcrv'd before 
Shall h-ive dominion now no more. 


Tbc Repenl-ng ProMjal. Lukc XV. 1 3, &c. 

I TiEHOLD the wretch whofc luft and 
J3 wine 

Has wafted his cftate, 
He beg^ a fharc amongft the fwine, 
To taftc the hulks they eat. 

a " I die with hunger here," hj crie?, 
" I flvir'7C in foreign laJids : 
Aly fat!:er's houfc has large iuppiics, 
And bounteous arc his hands. 

3 I'll go, and with a mournail tongue 

Fall down before his face ; 
Father, I've done tJiy jufticc wrong. 
Nor cm dcfcrve thy grace." 

4 He faid, and haffcn'J to his home, 

To fcekhis fathtr'i Icve ; 

Tlic father faw the rebtl come, 

And all his bcwcls move. 

5 He ran ard fell upon his neck, 

Embrac'd and kifs'd his fon ; 
The rilv I's heart witli forrow brake 
for follies he had done. 

6 " Take oiT his clothes of fliamc and fin, 

(The father gives commr.nds) 
DrcA him in garments white and clean. 
With rings adorn his hand. 

7 A djty of fcaftiog I ordain, mirth and j<<y abound : 
My fon was dead, and lives again, 
Was loft, and now is found." 


Tie Firji and Second Adam. Rom. V. 1 2, &c. 

I'TXFEP in the duft before thy throne, 
X^ Our guilt and our difgracc we own; 
Great God, we own th' unhappy name 
Whence fprung ournaturtaudour lliamc! 

a AJjm the finner : At his fall 
Death like a conquVor feiz'd us all ; 
A thoufand new-born babes are dead 
By fatal union to their head. 

3 But whilfl oTir fpirits fill'd with awe 
Behold the terrors of thy law. 

We fing the honours of t!:y grace. 
That ftnt to favc our ruin*d race. 

4 We fing thine cvcrlufling Hon, 
Wiko j(>)i»(l<Hir nature tn tiistnvn : 
vtV.7/,7 the I'ccond, froiw tlicdiifl 
Raifcs the ruins of the firft. 

5 ["y the rebellion of one m-in. 

1 hrongh all his f« ed the mifchicf ran; 
And by one mar/, obedience now 
Arc all his feed made rig:i:eous too. 

6 \Vhcre Un did rclgn, znd death abound, 
There h^ve the fons of Ada.-n found 
Abound::-!- Hfc ; the-e glcrious grac= 
Reigns thru* the Lord our rightcoufncfs.] 


Christ's Ccrr.pajhn toth: Weak and Tempted. 
Heb. iv. idyondv. j. Matt. xii. zo. 

I TT7ITH joy we meditate the grace 
y V Of our High Prit ft above ; 
His heart is made of ttndcrncfs, 
His bowels melt with iove. 

S Tcucli'd with a fympathy within 

He knows our feeble frame; , 

He knows what fore temptations mean , 
For he has felt the fame. 

3 But fpoilefs, innocent and pure 

The great Redeemer ftood. 
While Sji.iii's fiery darts he bore, 
And did refift to blocd. 

4 He in the days of feeble flefh, 

Pour'd out his cries and tears. 
And in his meafure feels afrclli 
What ev'ry member bears. 

5 [Hrll never quench the fmoaking (Ux». 

But raifc it loaflamc; ! 

Book I. HYMNS, cxxvi,cxxvii,cxxvni,cxxix,cxxx. 

The bruifed reed he never breaks, 
Nor fcorns the meancft name.] 

6 Then let our humble faith addrcfs 
His mercy and his pow'r, 
Wc (hall maintain deliv'ring grace, 
In the diftrciling hour. 


Cliarity and Uncbaritablenefs. Rom. xiv. 1 7 

19. 1 Cor. X. 32. 

^ ^r^"^ difTrent food, nor difTrcnt drefs 
-LM Gompofe the kingdom of our Lord, 
But peace and joy, and righteoufncfs, 
Faith, and obedience to his word. 

a When weaker Ckriflians we defpife, 
We do the gofpel mighty wrong ; 
For God the gracious and the wife, 
Receives the feeble with the ftrong. 

3 -Let pride and wrath be banifli'd hence, 
Mecknefs and love our fouls purfue : 
Nor lliail our pradtice give offence 
To faints, the Gentile or the Jc -w. 


Christ's Invitatitn to Sinners : Or, Humility 

and Pride. Matth. xi. 28 30. 

" /^OME hither all ye weary fouls, 
, ^ Ye heavy laden Tinners come, 

ril give you reft from all your toils, 

And raife you to my heav'nly home ; 
I They fhall find reft that learn of me, 

I'm of a meek and lowly mind ; 

But paOion rages like the fea, ' 

And pride is reftlefs as the wind. 

''a1\ "'^n' T"' ^'"' ^^"^n^iffion known. 
And ye fliall prove my gofpel true, 
By ail the ivorks that I have done 
By all the wonders ye ftiall do. * 

3 Go heal the fick, go raife the dead. 
Go caft out devils in my name • 

Nor let my prophets be afraid, ' fphcmel 
Though Greeks reproach and jZshlli. 

4 Teach all the nations my commands. 
I m with you till the world (hall end - 
All pow r IS trufted in ray hands. 

I can deftroy, and I defend." 

5 He jpake, and light Jhone round bis bead. 
On a bright cloud to beo'u'n be rode : 
Tiey to thefartbejl nations fpread 
The grace of their afcended Gcd. 

Suhmijion and Deli-verance : Or, Abraham of- 

Sf»-trtsfAsSou. Gen, xxii. 6, &c. 
AINrS, at your heav'nly Father's 
I Give up your comforts to the Lord ; 
I He fhall reftore what you refign. 

Or grant you bleffings more divine. 
a So Abraham with obedient hand 
Led forth his Son at God's command ; 
The wood, the fire, the kuifc he took.* 
His arm prepar'd the dreadful ftrokc. 
3 Abrah'm/or^ifar, the angel crv'd, 

Thy faith is knoivn, thy U-ve is try'd / 
7hy J on fhall li-vs and in thy fed 
Shall the ivhde earth be blrf/d indeed. 

4 Juft in the laft diftreffing hour 
5 Elcfs'd is the man whofe fliould^rs take Vll ^""'^ ^'''^f^-" '^^^•^'^'"S P^^^'^ ; 
My yoke and bear it with delight 1 lyu ^'■'^""V ,1 r"^? '' '-'' P^^^^' 

My yoke is eafy to his, ^ ' ' JLlJElll^l^ ^ "^»^fee furprifin<r CM;a ce. 

My grace fhiU make the burden light 

yf:^s, wc come at thy command 
With f::ith, and hope, »nd humble zeal 
Refign our f,jirits to thy hand, 
To mould and guide us at thy will. 

love and Hatred Phil. ii. 2. Eph. iv. 30, fsfc. 

^ TSJ^^' ^^^ ^'^^ bowels of mv God 
I J. M His Iharp diftrcfs, hi/ fore com- 

By his laft groans, his dying blood, 

:e .4poitles Cofnmiffijn : Or Thf CrTh.! ,1 ^ ni 1 . 

^rfrJ by M^raclTs. Mark l^,f''^tv''''\''l'^^^^^^^ 
Iv.att. xxvwi. ,8, ic ' ^'- t'"'}'.'"'' A^:tc forever ccafc. 

Let bitter words no mere be known 
" /^O, preach my gofpel, faith the ^^'^^-^^t^f 'I»e faints, the fens of peace, 
p. >r^ , l-^"^' , 3 'liie fpirit like a peaceful cove, 

he ft.a be fav d that trufts my word ; Why fl.^uid wc vex and grive hi-, Jove 
Hf fliaJ*bc damu'u that von't believe. | Who f.a]. cu: fou*s to h^.v'rly U^c > 

156 HYMNS, cxxxi,cxxxii,cxxxiii,cxxxiv,cxxxv. Book! 

. T«idcr and kind be all our thoughts a Love fuffers long xvith patient eye. 
4 Tender ana k i> ^^^ .^ provok'd m hafte, 

A 1 cuuvi ». — - 

Through all Our lives let mercy run 
So God forgives our numerous faults 
For the dear fake of Chri jl his Son. 


The Phartfee and Publican. Luke xviii. 10,15*^. 

X T>EHOLD how finners difagree, 
15 The Publican and Pharifee ; 
One doth his righteoufnefs proclaim, 
The other owns his guilt and fliamc. 

a This man at humble diftance ftands, 
And cries for grace with lifted hands ; 
That boldly rifes near the throne, 
And talks of duties he has done 

Nor is provok'd ia haftc, 

She lets the prefent injury die, 

And long forgets the pafL 

3 [Malice and rage, thofe fires of hcU, 

She quenches with her tongue ; 
Hopes and believes, and thinks no ill, 
Though flie endures the wrong.] 

4 [She ne'er defires nor feeks to know 
The fcandals of the time ; 

Nor looks with pride on thofe below, 
Nor envies thofe that climb.] 

5 She lays her own advantage by 
To feek her neighbour's good : 
So God's own Son came down to die 

^i,u 1.1X.W, And bought our lives with blood. 

3 The Lord their difTrent language knows, ^ ^^^^ j^ ^j^^ ^^^^^ ^^at keeps her pow 
And dilFrent anfwers he beftows ; j^ ^jj ^j^g realms above ; 

.rVUU V*l" •>-"•• "'•» 

The humble foul with grace he crowns, 
Whilft on the proud his anger frowns 
4 Dear Father let me never be 
Join'd with the boalling Pharifee, 
I have no merits of my own. 
But plead the fuff'rings of thy Son. 

In all the realms above . 
There faith and hope are known no more, 
Bu*: faints for ever love. 

Ho'.'mep and Grace. Tit. ii. lO, 1 3. 
I QO let our lips and lives exprefs 
O The holy gofpel we profefs ; 
So let our works and virtues fliine. 
To prove the doctrine all divine. 
a Thus fliall we bcft proclaim abroad 
The honours of our Saviour God ; 
When the falvation reigns within. 
And grace fubdues the pow'r of hn. 

3 Our flefli and fenfe mud be de.iicd, 
Pafllon and envy, lull and pride : 
VVhilft juftice, tenip'rancc, truth and love, 
Our inward piety approve. 

4 Religion bears our fpirits up, 
Wlrle we expeclthat blcflcd hope, 
Thcbrii^ht appiarance of the Lord, 
And faith ftands leaning on his word 

Rrli^ion I'j'm ivitkout Lo-ve. I Cor. xin. 1, l, j- 
iTTAD 1 the tongues of Greeks and Jeivi^ 

IX And Kobler fpeech tiian angels ufe, 

If love be abfent, I am found, 

Like tinkling brafs, an empty found. 
a V/ere I infpir'd to preach and tell 

All that is done in heaven and hell ; 

Or could my faith the world remove. 

Still I am nothing without love. 

3 Should I dlftribute all my ftore 
To feed the bowels of the poor, 
Or give my body to the Tiame, 
To gain a martyr's glorious name ; 

4 If love to God and love to men 
Be abfent, all my hopes are vain ; 
Nor tong^.ies, nor gifts, nor fiery zeal. 
The works of love can e'er fultil. 


The Love cf CHRIST Jle-i abroad in the Hear 
Eph. iii. 16, &c. 

CiOME, d'_arc{>Lord,dcfccndanddwc 
\ Bv faith and love incv'ry breaft ; 
'Then ihal! wc know and lafcc and feel, ; 

lav^ and Charity. I Cor. xiii. a 7. LV The joys that cannot be exprcfs'd. 

1 r ETPharifecsofhighefteem a Come, fill our hearts with iinva:-dftrengt. 

I J Their fiith and zeal declare, 


All their religion is a dream. 
If love be wanting there. 

Make our enlarged fouls poffcfs, [Icngt 
And le.\rn the. height and breadth a£ 
Of thine uamcafurable grace. 

Bookl. HYMNS^cxxxvijCxxxviijCxxxviii.cxxxiXjCXL. 157 

3 Now to the God whofe pow'r can do |CXX XVIII. COM MON MKT R E. 
More than our thoughts or wiflics know, 

Be cverlafting honours done \Sainti in the HauL /chuist. Tclin x. 28, 2^. 

Ey ^" the Church through Chrift his SonJ ^ ^jp^j^ ^3 ^^^^ ^^^^j^ ^^.^^ ^^^^^, ^^^^^^^^ 

— I JL My Lord, my hope, my truil ; 

CXXXVL COMMON METRE. If I am found in J^fus' h^nd% 

«• , TT . r fi r lu ■ ur \ My foul can ne'er be loft. 

Sincerity and Hypocrify : Or, Formality ;/' IV or- 

Jhip. John iv. 24. Pfalm cxxxix. 23, 24. \% His honour is engag'd to fave 

1 p. OD is a Spirit juft and wi ^e, . '}^^ "^.^^\^" "^^ ^"^' ^^^^1>^ 

vJT He fees our inmoft m.\n\ ; 
In vain to heav'n we raife our cries, 
And leave aur fouls behind. 

All ih-At his heav'uly father gave 
His hands lecurciy keep. 

a Nothing but truth before his throne 
V/ith honour can appear : 
The painted hypocrites arc known 
Through the difguifc they wear. 

J Tlieir lifted eyes falute the fkies, 

Tiieir bending knees the ground ; 
But God abhors the facriiico, 
AVhcre not the heart is found. 

3 Nor death, nor hell, fliall e'er remove 
Kis fav'rites from his brcaft ; 
In the dear bofom of his love 
Thcv miifl forever reft. 


H/ype in ths Covenant : Or, God\ Pro7>;:fc ar.J 
Truth unchangeable. Htl;. vi. i; -19. 

XJOW oft hath fin and iluian fliovc 

4 Lord, fearch my thouglits, and try my XI To rend my foul from thc<-,my 

And n-.ake my foul finccre ; 
Then faali I ftaud before thy face, 
And llnd acceptance there. 

■' ■ But evrilcfting is tl y love, 

And '^ifui I'cais it with his blood. 

2 I lie oath and proroife of the Lord 
I Join to coulirm the woad'rcus grace; 
~^ — _ — — j £fg.j.j^.j pow'r performs the v/ord, 

CXXXVII. LONG METRE, j And tills aii. heav'n with eudicfs pniife. 

Sahatlon by Grace In CHRIST. 2 Tim. i. 9, 10. 3 Amidfi: temptations fharp and long, 

My ioui to lii's dear refui;e iiics ; 

I'VTOW to tr.e power of God fupreine 
1\ Ee everiafUng hojiours g'v'n, 
He favcR from heli (wc blcls iiis n^^rre) j 
He calls our ivand'rin;? feet to heav'n 

1 Not for our du'.icsor d^fcrts, 
But of bis own abnndar.t grace, 
He works falvatton in cur hearts, 
And forms a people for his praiie. 

3 'Twas his own purpofe that beg'.m 
To refcue rebels doora'd to die ; 
He gave UG grace in Chrif, Lis isun, 
Before he fpread the Harry iky. 

4 Jefus the Lord appears ^t laft, 

AvA makes his Father's counfelj k-iov.n; 
Declai-es the great tranfacrioas pafs'd 
And brings immortal blelTings down. 

5 He dies ! and in that dreadf''il nicht 
Did ail the pow'i-s of he" dellroy ; 
Rilirg, he bro\jf;ht our hfav*n to -i^Ht, 
Ai-d tjok :>oii'.llioa ol the j.y. 

i-i.jpe IS my anchor, firm aud ftrorg, 
W' tcmpeUs blo^, and billows rife. 

14 The cofDel bears my fpirit up ; 
A f;Jchfu! arid uuciiu.nging Grd 
Lays the forndatioa for ni}* l^ope, 
Ir* caihs, and promifes, and 'olood. 


A /'■-•''''^' ClkJ a u':"jn Fc'rih, ccUtcicd fron: fs'uer- 
al Scriptures.. 

I "T^i TISTAEi.N fouls ! that dream of 
IVl. heav'n 

Ard make their empty hoaf!: 

Of inward joys and hn,xfo:7;v'.i, 

"While they are flaves to IlII. 

?, \'>.-''X- are our f?.ncies. airy flights, 

If fait'n be cold and 0.^3.6 ; 

Nor.c hut a tiriiie povtrV ar.itcs 

Tc Chripjlif:, ii\ii.^ head. 

158 HYMN S, 5:c. cxli,cxlii, cxliii. Book I. 

3 'Tis faith that changes all the heart, 

'Tis faith that works by N)ve ; 
That bids all tinlul joys depart, 

Aud lilts the thougiits above. \ 

4 'Tis faith that conquers earth and helU 

By a cclcftial pow'r ; 
This is the grace that fliall prevail 
In the dccilivc hour. j 

5 [Faith muft obey her Father's will, 

As well as truft his grace ; 
A pard'ning God is jealous ftill 
For hii own liolinefs. 

6 When from the curfe he fets us free, 

He makes our natures clean, 
Nor would he fend his Son to be 
The Miniller of fin. 

7 His Spirit purifies our frame. 

And fcals our peace with God : 
JefiiSt and his falvation c-ini.c 
By water and by blood.] 

CaLI. short metre. 

Thi Ilnmil'a'tcn and 
\\x. liii. I 


of CHR}" 

I "TTTHO has bcficv'd thv W( 
VV Or 

tliv falvation known ; 
Reveal tliinc arm Almii^hty Lorti, 
And glorify ihy Siin. 

a The J.^ivs eftecm'd him here 
Too mean for their belief ; 
Sorii»\v3 hi:, cliicf acqu lintancc were, l\is c( m^>aiiion grief. 

Thty turn'd their cyc3 away, 
And trcr^tcd h:ni with iccrn ; 


'twas tlicir g'.ic 
rjicir ioMUWs 


:in: h 

.s bcrnc. 

Twa-; for t!)c flubbcrn 

And Geniik-s thja unknown. 
The Godof juflice pJens'd to briiifc 
His belt beloved Son. 

5 " But I'll prt)loP2 '''^ days, 
And makvi hi.-, k-pgdjm (Imd; 

My ])I'-afv:re, I'aitii the God of Grace, 
SiiH'l profper in his hand. 

6 [I lis joyful fiiui {lull fee 
The puf-'liafc of his pain, 

/,nJ by his k,:owkvi.rc j-jUify 

j 7 [Ten thoufand captive flaves, 

Releas'd from death and fin, 
Shall quit their prifons and tlieir graves, 
j Ajid own his pow'r divine.] 

8 [Hcav*n fhall advance my Son 
To joys that earth dcny'd ; 
Who fav.- the follies men had done, 
And bore their fins and dy'd."] 

Tie fume. Ifa. liii. 6 9 1%. 

1 T IKE flicep we went aflr.iy, 
jLi And broke the fold of God, 

Each wand'ring in a dilTrent way. 
But all the downward road. 

2 How dreadful was the hour, 
When God our waad'rings laid, 

And did at once his vengeance pour 
Upon the Shepherd's head ! 

3 How gloricus was the grace, 
Wiien Cbrif fuftain'd tlie ftrakc ! 

His life and blood the fhcpherd pays 
A ranfcra for the fioek. 

1 4 His honour and his breath 
I Were t.nken both away ; 

Joind with the wicked in his death 
j And made as vile as they. 

I 5 But G(^d {liall ralfc his head 
j O'er all the fons of men ; 
And mrike him fee a num'ious feed 
To rtcompeufe his pain. 

6 " I'll give him, faith the Lord, 
A po-'ton with the flrong ; 
He Iliali pofltfs a Ixrgc rev.ard. 
And hold his honours long." 


fron f 



c gxiuiy 

fjDt t/f IJK-ti.j 

CL:railcri oj ihe Children of GDI 
eral Scri^iurts. 

O new-Vorn babes dTjiire the breafl. 
To fce<l,a-!d ijrow, and tlwive ; 
So faiats with joy the gofptl taftc. 
And by the gofpel live. 

[2 [With inward guft their heart approves 
All that the word relates; 
They Kive ihem^n '.heir I'ather loves, 
And hate the work he hates.l 

[N.>t -xW the flatt'ring baits ontarth 
OiU make tltvni ^avcs to iull ; 

Book I. H Y M N S, &:c. 

They can't forget their hcav'iily birth 
Nor grovel in the dufl. 

4 Not all the chains that tyrants ufe 

Siiall bind their fouis to vice : 
Faith, like a conqu'ror, can produce 
A thoufaud viciories.] 

5 [Grace, like au uncorruptcd feed, 

Abides and reigns v/ithin ; 
Imitiortsl prijiciplcs forbid 
I'he fons of God to fin.] 

6 [Not by the terrours of a (lave 

I>o fiiey pcrfor.-n his will. 
But with the noblcft pow'rs liiey have 
His fwcet conin->a;;di fultil. 

7 They find accefs zt ev'ry hour 

'I'o God within the vall ; 
ric:it:e t;icy derivvif a quiv':k'nlji2 pow'r 
Ai.d jOy 3 that never fuil. 

8 O ha_-py fouls ! O glorious ric:tc 

Of ever-flowing ^n'.ce ! 
Tovhvcll fo near thy Father's feat, 
And lee his lOVC^. face! 

9 Lord, I sddrcfs rhy hc"v'r;y throne : 

Call me a child of chine t 

Ser.d down the apirit of rhy Son 

To form my heart divine. 

ic There iTifd thy choic-.ftlove abroad, 
AuJ nv.]it my comfuxts ftron:^ ; 
"1 ncn ihali tld/, My htoi>; Gcd, an unv/av'rinc: '.cv.z-:Lty' 

CaI.1v'. coiiMON milt:;e. 

Tl'c li-lir.^.ny and fcu'lh.-g SfirH. Rom. viii 
I A. i6. Fph. i. 13, i^". 

I XT THY ilunild the children of a King! 

VV Go mcwsiAv.g A\ their days 
Great Coinftrter, cefcend and b/iijg 
Srm? tokens of tliy grace. 

a Do(l tl.ou not dwell in all the faints, 

And f^al the heire of hcav'n ? 
When wilt. thou bani'Ji my ccijr.plaintS; 

And fliow my fir.s fo:-giv'n ? 

3 AlTure my confcience of her part 
In the Redeemer's biocd ; 

And bear thv aimefs with my heart, 
That I am born of Go J. 

4 Thou art the earned of his love, 
The pledge of joys to come ; 

And thy folt wings, celefhlal Dove, 
Will fafe coavcy me home. 


CnViirv and ATtron^talcr.frzmUfAi. vii. <7' aix, 

1 TESUS, in thee r.ureycs behold 
J A thoufand glcries more 
Than the rich gems and poiiili'd gold 

The fons of A^ron wore. 

2 They firfl their own burnt olT'rin^^s brc':, 

l"o pi;r';e thcmfclves from fin ; 
Thy life was pure v.-ithout a fpot. 
And all thy nature clean. 

3 [Frcfh blood, as conftant .is the day, 

\V.i3on their altar fpilt : 
But thy one ofiT'ring takes away 
Forever all our guilt.] 

\ Tlieir prieflhocid ran thro' fcverai hand* 
For mortal was their race ; 
Thy never changing olUce Itandi, 
Eternal as thy davs.] 

J [Once, in the circuit of a year, 
Willi blood, but not iii» own, 
Aaron Avirhin the v?Ji appears. 
Before the golden throiis. 

6 But Chrifi, by his Own powerful Uocd, 

Afcends above the llics. 
And, in the prtfence of our Gcd, 
Shows his ow^ facrificc.] 

7 jf/ns: the King of glory reigns, 

On i'.'c«'s, heav'nly hill; 
Lccks like a lamb that has been ii«ln. 
And v.-earo his pritfthocd ftill. 

8 He ever lives to intercede 

Before his Father's face : 
Giveiiim, my foul, thy caufe to plead. 
Nor doubt the Father's grace. 


CharcBcrs r/" CHRIST Lorn'! Led from inanimate 

Things in Scripiure. 

i\ f~^ O worftip at I»7iJtatuiel\ feet, 
V_T See in his face what wonders meet i 
Fnrth is too narrow to exprefs 
His worth, his glory, or his grace.] 

; [The whole creation can afford 
But fome faint fliadows of my Lord ; 
Nature, to make his beauties known. 
Mull mingle colours not Ii«r own.] 

3 [Is he compar'd to wine or bread } 
Dear Lord our fowis would thus be fed : 
That fitlh, that dyi!)£ blood of thine. 
Is bread of Li«fe, is heav'nly wine.] 


H Y M N S, Sec. cxLvii, cxlviii, 

Book 1. 

4 [Is he a tree ? The world receives 
balvatijn from his healing leiv=s : 
That ;ik>.htcou?br;inch,thatriulifulbou^h, 
Ik Da-ifiJ'h root and offspring too.] 

j:[:^ he a roie ? Not SLtroH 
iuc!i fra^iancy in all hc!* : 
Kir U th'r lily h? a.lur.'.c, 
The viiilies bicfs the rich pcrf-imc] 

6 [!s he a vine ? Kis h^ iv'nlvr --cot 
bupplles the bouv>;h8 with lite and fruit : 
O ;e; a JHiling uriion j;Mn 

My Icul to Cbrjl the living vine '] 

7 [Is he t';c head ? F.ach member lives, 
And owns tlic vital pcw'r he givt« ; 
Thef-iints bcljw, anu fiiii-.ts iibove, 
'oin'd bv his Spirit and hio u-vc] 

:• 'Is he a fount.^in ? T»;e>e I bathe, 
And ht;-.l the plague of i\n und death : 
Thefe waters ail my iou? renew, 
Ai-.d clcanlt r.iy fpjltcd gaii-.\ciits too.] 

''s he a fire ? He'll pBrge my drcfs : 
j.^t the true gold fullaijis no lols ; 
i_:icc a rcllatr fliall he lit, 
.\iA tread the refufe with his feet.] 

IC' ris he a rock ? How Srm he pvov^s 

1^ [Is he a fun ? His beams are grace. 
His couri'eis joy f«r»<l ri;jhtcoui'uefs : 
Nations rejoice when he appears 
Tochafcthcirclouds, and dry»their tears.] 

T7 [O let me climb thofe higlicr Hdes, 
M'hcre ftorms and darkntfi; never rife ! 
'i here hedifnhys liis pow'is abroad, 
And fliincs and rc^nc :h' incarnate God.] 

J 8 Nor earth, nor ua=, nr>r fun, nor ftars, 
Nor luav*n liis full rdcmblrnce bears; 
His be antics we ep.n never t:acc, 
'T)ll we behold him face to face. 


Tic Nam a and Titles nf CHFIiT, ficm f<nir' 

al Siriptvrfs. 
l[" iniS frc^:?! t!ic trenfurc of his word 
A I borrow titles for mv Lord ; 
y..r it ii( r n.-:'.turi- cm fupply 
Si flkiciU forrrs of majefty. 

i Hii^ht; in aje of t!<e fnthei'i, face, 
j :>liii:ii;g with iiijc'iminifli'd rnrs : 
j Tr.' cAttriyA God'r, . ternal ?vn\ 
I 'i he heir and jiarintr <;i his tl.rone.] 
■3 The Kincr of kin-n, the Lord me.ft high, 
( V.'iitcs hi> t)\vn name r.pon his thigh, 
I Ke wears a garment dipt in blood, • 
} Ar;d breaks the nations wilh bis rod. 
e fwtet ftfcams that fr>m ]:im'4 w hrre grace can neithrr melt nor mov^. 

'l ij" rock ol 29-'s riev< 

-\.t:cuti vii a 

U tiie dclcrt through.] 

II ; ', !ic a way ? He kcds to God, 
Tiu- ps:h is drawn in lines of hVo'.'l ; 
There would I walk with hope :.v.d zeal. 
T:':! I ariive at Sk'i% hiil.] 

J he LambrefcRts his injur' d love, 
A vpkrs his wrath without delay, 
And Juc!ab\ lion tears tlic prey. 

5 Ti-.t V hen for works of peace he ccmes, 
V.' wiauing titles he afiunies ! 
I.'^^lA of U>e lii rLL and i;fe of men : 
>.or bears thofe charrncters in vain. 

6 With tender pity in his heart. 

J X r?s he a doc"- ? I'll enter in ; 
Echoloi the p.'.ftiires Inr^e and green ; 
A parndilc divinely f.iir^ , ^ , 

Nune but the H^cp irecdom there.]' ^;7''' . K t k ^ ' 

-^ A frurd and brother he 

13 [Is he detijn'd a corner flone, 

tor men to buiiJ iheir hcav'n upon 

III make him my fcund;;ti<.«n too, 

Ktr fear the plots of htll below.) 

I.' [U hz a temple f I adore 
'ih" iiulwt.ll'u^rr.aieriy and powV; 
And ftill to his mcft i'loly 
"U iiciiu'cr 1 pray, I turn n:y faec.l 

15 [Is he a it-.r ? He breaks the nigl.t. 
Piercing the ihades with dawning light.' 
I know hisf^jlories from afar, 
1 know the bright, the morning ftar.] 

And Weil lultils the he wears. 

At length ihe Judge his throne al'ccnds, 
1 ividis the rebels from his friends, 
Andicti.Usin full frvution prove 
His rich \.u-ietv of love. 


Thf f'tne us the cxlviii th Pfalm. 
ji [TT7ITH cheerful voice I ling 
j V V The titles ef my Lord, 
•And borrow all the names 
I Gi lioiiour from his word; 

Book I. 

HYMNS, &c. cxLix. 


Nature and ?.rt 
Can nt'tr fupplf 

Sufficient forms 
Of majefty. 

i In Je/us vre behold 

His Father's glorious face. 
Shining forever bright 
With mild and lovely rays : 
Th* eternal God's 

Eternal Son 
Inherits and 

Partakes the throne.] 

3 The fov 'reign King of kings ^ 
The Lord of lords moft high, 
Writes his own name upon 
His garment and his thigh : 

His name is calfd 
T:he V/ord ef 'Cod, 

He rules the earth 
With iron rod. 

4 When promifes and grace 
fan neither melt or mave. 
The angry lamb refcnts 
Tiij[ injuries of his love ; 

Awakes his wrath 
Without delay, 

As lions roar. 

And tcdi- the prey. 

5 But when for works of peace 
Tht great redeenaer ccmcs, 
What gentle characters, 
What titks he allumes 1 

Light of iie ivorlJ, 
And life of men j 

Nor will he bear 

Thoie names in vain. 

_5 Imxenfe compaffion reigns 
In our Ii/u;i:uiuel's heart, 
When he dcfccnds to a«St 
A Mediator's part, 
He is a fricnd, 

And brother too ; 
Divinely kind 
Divinely true. 

7 At length the I.crd, the Judge, 
His awiul throne alccnds. 
Ana drives ttie reb'cls far 
Frc:n favcjuritts and friends. 
Then Ihail th;: :ainLs 
Completely prove 
The heights and d-pths 
Ol ;kU h:s love. 

O i 


The offices of CiiKlST, from fe-veral Scrlpturrs. 

I JOIN all the names of love and pow*r» 
J That ever men or angels bore, 
All are too mean to fpeak his wortiS 
Or fet Imma;tud\ glory forth, 

% But O what condefcending ways 
He takes to teach his heav'niy f^rau: ! 
My eyes with joy and wonder fee 
What forms of love he bears to rac. 

3 (The Angel cf the covnart (lands 
With his con^imiilion in his hands. 
Sent from his Father's milder throne, 
To make the great falvation known.) 

4 (Great Prophet ! let me blefs thy name; 
By thee the joyful tidings came 

Of wrath appeas'd, of fins forglv'n. 

Of hell fubdu'd, and peace with hcav'ji.) 

5 (My bright example and my guide, 
I would be walking near tliy ^d^c^ 

let mc never run aftray, 
Nor follow the forbidden way 1 

6 I love my Shepherds he fliall keep 

My wand'ring foul amongft his iLeep ; 
He feeds his fiocks; he calls their names, 
And in his bofom bears the 

7 My Slurety undertakes my caufe, 
AniXv'fing his Father's broken laws : 
Ecliold my foul at freedom f.'t. 

My Harety paid the dreaduu debt.) 

8 {Jeffs, my great /f.^j Pr'ifl, has dy'd, 

1 feek no facrifice be Hue ; 

His blood di«l once for all atone. 
And now it pleads before the throne.) 

9 (My Adw)catc appears on high, 
'I'he Father lays his thunder by; 
Not all that earth or hell can iz^ 
Shall turn my Father's heart away. 

ic (My Lord^ my Connurcr and my IZiug^ 
Thy fceptre, ?.nd thy fword I fing ; 
Thine is the vid'ry, and I fit 
A joyful fubjc<fl at tliy feet. 

II (Aipire, my foul, to glorious dc:ds. 
Toe (Uipiain af f-l\-aiion leads : 
Maicli on, nor fear lo win the d'.y, 
'I'hcugh death and hell obllrucl tlic v.ay.) 

2 (Should death and hell, and pow'rs un- 
Put all ihcir forms of ivilchief on. [kiiov.n, 
I ihaii be fai'c ; for Chrft diipiays 
salvation in iiiorc IcvVcigu •v^ys.) 


I-I Y M N S, &c. CL. 

Book I. 

Tl'f jum'as ile cxivjiith PJalm. 
1 JOIN ai] the glorious names 
J Of wiidum, love, aud puw 'r, 
That ever mortals knew, 
That angels ever bore : 
Ail are too meaii 

To fpeak his wortli, 
Too mean to fct 
My Saviour forth. 

a But, O what gentle terms. 
What ccndefctnding way* 
Doth our Redeemer uie. 
To teach his heav'niy grace ! 
Mine cyC' with joy 
And wondrr fee 
Wliiit ibrmsof love 
He bears for me. 

"v ( -irr:;y"d lii mort?.l Hcili, 

Me iike au ar.^el Itands, 

/ kU 'jo.'c'i. U:e promili.3 

And parioi s in his hands. 

CTnniiliioifd from 

ilis father's throne j 
To make Ms graee 
To mortai-i knov/n.) 

; ''IrCat Prubhet of my God, 
Aly tongue v'ould blefs thy name ; 
By thtc the ji')ful news 
Ox cur falvatioTi ci'.me ; 
'I'lic joyful news 

(>r tins forgiv'n, 
C: heil I'uhdu'd, 

.^^- J t^eacc w iih heav'n.) 

' n*: thou my tonrfcl'.cry 

My /> A'^crn and my ^ul'e ; 
And tbrovigli tr:is deiert Jand 
Sitil kttp r»ie thy Hdt. 
O let my feet 

Ne'er run .'.fnay, 
Ner rove nor icck 
The crcckcd w ay ') 

6 ,1 IT." Shtpherds voice. 
His watchful eyts (l.Jlkttp 
^.'v ^.- uid'rin^ icul amonj 
Tl-c rhr\^f r.i''^ «^r bis fnetp : 
He fe^ds his flo^k, 

He calls thtir names, 
Hi-, b'fombtars 
The tcndtr Lmbi ) 

E r^ D c F T i: E 

(To this dear Surety's hand 
Will I commit my caufe ; 
He anfwers and fulfils 
His Father's broken laws, 
Behold ray foul 

At freedom fet ! 
My Surety paid 

The dreadful debt.) 

8 (Jcf^s, my great High Prhf, 
Oftcr'd his blood and dy'd ; 
My guilty confciencc fecks 
No facrifice be fide. 

His pow'rful blood 

Did once atone ; 
And now it pleads 

Before the throne.) 

9 (My advocate appears 
For my defence on high ; 
The Father bows his ears, 
And lavs his thundur by. 

Not All that hell 

Or lin can fay, 
Shall turn his heart, 

His love away.) 

10 (My dear Almij^hty Lcpd 
\\y CcKju'rar and my Kifigy 
Tne fceptre and thy fword, 
Thy reigning grace I ilng. 

Thine is the pow'r ; 

Behold 1 hi 
Jn willing bonds 

Beneath thy feet.) 

11 (Now let my foul arife. 
And tread tht tempter down ; 
My Captain leads me forth 

1 o conqucfl and a crown. 
A fejLle faii.t 

i h^ll win the Jay, 
Though death and hell 

Oijifirudts the way. 

\^ Should all the hefts of death. 

And jK'A'rs of hi.ll unknown, 
I III their moQ dreadful forms 
Of rao'c and mifchi.f on ; 
1 IV. .11 bt iafe, 

Vv)i C'--r;y?dirplay3 
F'lp ricur pow'r 

y.nd guaidiaa grace. 

r 1 R S T BOO K. 

1 63 

Y M N S 







A Seng cf PraJfi to GOD. 

iXTATURE, with all her pow'r fliall 
IN fing, 

God the Creator, and the Kiug ; 
Nor air, nor earth, nor ikies, nor feas, 
Deny the tribute of their praife. 

2 [Begin to make his glories known, 
Ye Teraphs that fit near his throae ; 
Tune your harps high, and fprcad the 
To the creation's utrnoft bound.] [ibund. 

3 [All mortal things cf meaner frame. 
Exert your force, and own his name ; 
Whilft with our fouls, and with our voice 
We fing his honors and our joys.] I 

4 [To him be facred all we have. 
From the young cradle to the grave : 
Our lips f.iall his loud wonders tell, 
And ev'ry word a miracle. 

; [Thefe Weflcrn fhorcs, our native land. 
Lie fafe in the Almighty's hand ; 
Our foes cf vid'ry dream in vain, 
And wear the captivating chain. 

6 [Raife monumental praifcs liigh 

'I o him that thunders thrciugli the Ilcy, 
And, with an av/ful nod or fi own, 
Shakes au afpiiing tyrant down.] 

7 [Pillars of li^fcing brar; proclaim 
1 he triumphsof the eternal v.-.xvc ; 
Vvnilc trembling nations re ad fr-^m far, 
"k lit lioiio: s of ihc God of war. 

8 Thus let our flaming zeal employ 
Our loftiefl thoughts, and loudcft fongs ; 
Let there befung with warmed joy 
Hofanna from ten thoufand tongues. 

9 Yet mighty God, our feeble frame, 
Attempts in vain to reach thy name ; 
•The flrongeffc notes that angels raife. 

Faint in the worflaip and the praiie. 


rhe Death cf a 


I IV /TY thoughts on awful fubjedls roll, 
J-T J. Damnation and the dead ; 
A\'^hat horrors feize the guilty foul 
Upon a dying bed. 

3 Ling'ring about thefe mortal lliore*, 
She makes a long delay, 
'Till, like h flv>od with rapid force, 
Beach fweeps the v.retch away. 

3 Then fwift and dreadful flie defccuds 

Down to the fiery coaft, 

Amongfc abominable fiends, 

Htrlclf a frighted ghofl:. 

4 There cndlefs crov.-d; of Gnners lie, 

And Jarknefs makes their chains : 
Tortur'd Y/ith keen defpfir they cry. 
Yet wait for fiercer pains. 

5 Not all ibcir anguiir. ar.d their b. 
For ther old guilt at>uns. 
Nor i;he compalllon of a God 
Shall hearken to :helr grcans. 


1 64 

HYMNS, Sec. Ill, IV, V, vi. 

Book IL 

6 Amazing grace, that kept my breath, 
Nor bid my foul remove, 
Till I had learn'd my Saviour's death. 
And well infur'd his love ! 


Tie Death an J Bur'iMl of a Saint. 

l"T"TTHY do we mourn departing friends? 
VV Or fliake at death's alarms ? 
'Tis but the voice that Je/ut fends 
To call them to his arms. 

0, Are we not tending upward too, 
As faft as time can move ? 
Nor would we wifli the hours more flow, 
To keep us from our love. 

3 Why fhould we tremble to convey 

Their bodies to the tomb? 
There the dear flefli of »j lay 
And left a long perfume. 

4 The graves of all the faints he blcfs'd, 

And foften'd ev'ry bed : 
Where {hould the dying members reft, 
But with the dying Head ? 

5 Thence he arofc, afcendcd high, 

And fliew'd our feet the way : 
Up to the Lord our ficfli fliall fly, 
At the great riling day. 

6 Then let the laft loud trumpet found, 

And bid our kindred rife ; 
Awake, ye nations under ground, 
Ye faints afcend the ficits. 

Thy vengeance will not ftrike mc here, 
Nor Sa!an dare my foul invade. 

5 Yes, I'm fecure beneath thy blood, 
And all my foes fliall lofe their aim ; 
Hofanna to my dying God, 
And my bed honours to his name. 


Salvation in the Crcfs. 

iTTERJE at thy crofs, my dying God, 
XXl Iny my foul baieath thy U;ve, 
Beneath the droppings of thy blood, 
Jcf^s, nor fliall it e'er remove. 

2 Not all that tyrants think or fay, 
With rage and li^hlniug lu their tycs, 
Nor hell lliiili fright my iicart away, 
Should htil with all its Icgioub rife. 

3 Should worlds confplreto drivemethence 
Movelefs and firm tliis hc^rt fhould lie ; 
Ilcfclv'd (tor that's vny laft defence) 

It I muft ptrjlli, there to die. 

4 But fprak,my Lord, and calm my fear 
Am 1 U'Ji Ldt btarath th\ ihudv i* 


Longing to fraift CHRIST better. 

I T ORD, wJien my thoughts with won- 
X A der roll. 

O'er the fl.arp forrowsof thy foul, 
And read my Maker's broken laws, 
Repair'd and honor 'd by the crofs ; 

a When I behold death, hell, and fm, 
Vanqi.ifli'd by that dear blood of thine. 
And fee the Man that groan'dand dy'd, 
Sit glorious by his Father's lide : 

3 My paflions rife and foar abevc, 

I'm wing'd with faith, and £r'd wiihlove; 
Fain would I reach eternal things, 
And learn the notes that Go ^r/e/ lings. 

4 But my heart fails, my tongue complains 
For v,ant of their immoital ftrains ; 

And in fuch humble notes as thefe, 
Mull fall below thy viAories. 

5 Weil, the kind minute mi.fl appear, 
Wlica we iliall leave thcfe bodies here ; 
Thefe clogs of clay, and mount on high, 
To join the fongs above the iky. 


A Morning Song. 

I /^NCE mere, my foul, the rifing d ly 
\jf Scilutcs tliv wa!cing eyes ; 
Once more, my voice, fliy tribute pay 
To him thai rolls the Ikies. 

I Night unto flight his name repeats, 
1 he day renews the found, 
Wide as the heav'n on vhich he fits 
To turn the feaibns round. 

3 'Tis he fupports my mortal frame. 

My tongue Ihall fpeak his pralfe ; 
My li:is would roufe his wrath to flame. 
And y^ri his v/rat!i delays. 

4 [On a poor worm thy pow'r might tread. 

And I could ne'er v/ithfland ; 
Thy jt:!licc nilght h.--ve cri.ih'd mc dead, 
I juui ujtfty held thiae h;.ud. 

Book 11. 

H Y M N S, ^<c. vir, viii, ix, x. 


5 Athoufand wretched fou^s are fled, 

Since the laft letting fiiu, 
And yet thou length'iief!: out my thread 
And ytt my moments run.] 

6 Dear God, let all myhouri be thine, 

Whiift I enjoy the light : 
Then fliaJI my fun infmilcs decline, 
And bring a night. 




An Even!ng Song. 
READ SovVeign, let my 

•:rf. . 

Like holy inccnic riiC ; ['0"J 

4 The riling morning can't affiire 

That -we lliall end the day ! 
For death (lands ready at the door, 
To fcize our lives away. 

5 Our breath is forfeited by fin 

To Cod's revenging law ; 
V/e own thy grace, immortal King, 
In cv'ry gaT;) we draw, 

6 God is our fua, whofe dallv light 

Our joy r.nd faftty brings ; 
Cur fctoie fleili lies fafe at night 
Beneath his fhady wings. 

A.Tift the oT'rings of my tongue, 
To reach the lol ty Ikies. 

2 Through all the dangers of the day, 

Thy hand was Icill my guard, 
And itili to diive my v.'ants away. 
Thy mercy flood prcpar'd. 

3 Perpetual blclungs from above 

Lacompafs me around ; 
But O how few returns of love, 
Hath my Creator found .•* 

4 Wliat have I done for him that dy'd 

To fave my wretched foul ? 
H,)W are my fellies muki-ply'd, 
Fafl as the miuutCa roli ? 

5 Lord, with this guilty heart of mine 

To thy dear crofs I Hue, 
And to thy grace my foul icfign, 
To be renew'd by thee. 

6 Sprinkled afrclli with pard'ning b'ocd 

I lay m<- uov.n to rclr, 
As in the embraces of my God, 
Or oil my Savicur's brcafl:. 



A Hymn for I.Torniicr cr Evenlncr. 

1 TTOS.\NNA, with achcerfiil found, 
XJL To God's uphclJiug hand ; 
Tea thoufand fnarcs attend us round. 

And yet fecure wc ftand. 

2 That v/as a moft am-'zing pow'r, 

7 hat rais'd us with a word, 
And ev'ry day and ev'ry hour, 
We lean upon the Lord. 

3 The evening rcfls cur weary head, 

And angels guard the room ; 

We wake, and we adm're the bed 

That was not mad€ our tomb. 


Godly Fjcro-Jj ar''f:;ig from t\e Svjf-rings of 


I A TAS ! and did my Saviour bleed ? 
^L\ AvA did my Sov'reign die ? 
Would hf devote that facrcd head 
For fuch a worm as I ? 

a [Thy body nain,fv.-eet j'^/J/j, thine, 

And b?th'd in its ovn blood, 

V.'!)i!e ail e.vpos'd to wrath divine, 

The glorious fulF'rer floe d !] 

3 Was it for crimes that I h^X <lo\-.t 
He groan 'd upjin the tree ? 
Amazii-g pity ! grace unknov/a I 
And love beyond degree ! 

'4 Well might the fun in dafkncfs hide, 
I And fliut h's glories in, 
I When God the ujighty Maker dy'd 
I For man the creature's fia. 

5 1 hus might Lhide my blufhing fdce 
j While his dear crofs appears, 

liilblvc my heart in thackfidncrs, 
I And melt mine eyes in tears. 

6 Eut drops of tvars can ne'er repay 
i 1 he debt of love I owe ; 

FIt-rc, I-ord, 1 give myfelf away, 
'Tis all that 1 can do. 



J Joys. 

Parting luith cartn 
TV 4"Y foul forfakes her vain delight 
ivJL And Lids the world farewti ; 
Eafc as the dirt beneath my feet, 
And mifcf.ievcus as hill. 

No longer will i afk your love, 
>7or feek your friend ihip more i 

The happinefs that I approve 
Lies not within your- pov/'r. 


HYMNS, kc, XI, xii, xin, xiv. Book II. 

3 There's not liing round this fpacious earth 

That fuits my large dcfire ; 

To boundlefs joy and folid mirth 

My nobler thoughts afpire. 

4 [Where pleafure rolls its living flood, 

From fm and drofs refin'd, 
Still fpringing from the throne of God, 
And lit to cheer the mind. 

5 Th' Almighty Ruler of the fpherc, 

The glorious anJ the great. 
Brings his own AlHiitTicience there, 
To make our bliils complete.] 

6 Had I the pinions of a dove, 

I'd climb the heav'nlv road •, 
There fits my Saviour drcft in love, 
And there my fmiling God. 

a Nofmoaking fwects, nor bleeding lambs. 
Nor kid nor bullocks llain : 
Incenfc and fpicc of coftly names 
Would all bt burnt in vain. 

8 Aaron muft lay his mbcs away. 
His in it re and his vcft, 
Whtn God himklf comes down to be 
The ofPring and the pritfl. 

5 He took our mortal flefli to fliow 
The wonders of his love ; 
For us lu paid his life below, 
And pj ays fur us above. 

5 Father, he cries, forgive their fins, 
For I myJclf have dv'd ; 


And tl 

he Hi 

his op 

en u veins 

And pleads his wounded fide. 



Tkf fame. 

I J SEND the joys of earth away ; 
A Away ye tempters of the mind, 
Fahe as the imcuth deceitful ii«i, 
And empty as ihj wiijitling wind. 

a Y.jur ftreams were iloatingmc a Ijng 
Down to the gu'f of bl ickdcfpair, 
Aiul wliilft I iiftcn'd tc your long. 
Your ftrearasJiad e'en convey 'd me there. 

^he Crer.tion, Prrfrrrfation^ /*i^/i./;«., 
Refiorc'.iot. of ibis V/orlJ, 

I C 1>«G to the Lord that bui't the A 1 
O The Lord that rcar'd tLii fiatcly 

frame ; 
l,ct all the nations found his praife, 
And lands unknown repeat hi* name. 

^ He form'd the feas, and form'd the hilli, 
Made ev'ry drop and cv*iy duft. 
Nature and (ime.. with all their wheels, 
And put them ir-to motion f ifl. 

3 Now from his high imperial throne, 
Hs looks fur down upon the fpheres. 
He bids the fl.inin^ orbi roll on. 
And round he turns the haftv vcars. 

3 Lord, I adore thy matchlefs gr.-ice, 
That warn'd me t f tlsat dark abyls ; 
That drew me from thofe treach'rous 
And bid me feek fuperior blifs. [feas, 4 Jli>'» ^lali this moving engine laft 

4 Now to the (hining realms above 
I /Irctch my hands and glance my eyes 
O for the pinions of a dove, 

To bear me to the 



5 There from tiie bofom of my God 
Oceans of endlefs plcalurc roll ; 
There would I fix my lafl abode. 
And drown the forrows of my foul. 



'Till all !.Ii faints arc gathered in, 
Th'.n for tiic trumpet's dreadful Llaft 
To fliake it all to dull a2:.;in ! 

J Yet when the found fl.all tear the fliles, 
And lightning burn the rlobe below, 
Saints you may lilt yotir joyful eyes, 
There's a new heav'n and earth for vou. 


Zc»./'s D,>y : Or DJ 

^bt in OrdinJncej. 
I ■^TTf.LCOMEfweet day of reft. 
VV That faw the Lord ar 

CHRIST is the Subjiance of tbe Lcvitkal Prirf.-^y^cXzomft to this reviving brt^fl, 

I rile ; 


I npHE true Meffah now appears, 
X The types are all withdrawn 
So fly the fhadows and the ftars 
Before the riling: dawn. 

Acd thefc rejoicing eyes ! 
2 The King himfclf comes near, 
And fcafts his faints to day ; 
Here we may fit and \cz him here. 
And k»Te, and prail'c, and pray. 

Book II. HYMN S, &:c. xv, xvi, xvir, xviii. 


3 One day amidft the place 
Where ray dear God hath been, 

Is fvveeter than ten thoufand days 
Of pleafurable fin. 

4 My willing foul would Hay 
in fuch a frame as this 

And fit and fing herfeif away, 
To cverlafting blifs. 



*rbe EiijoyMent of CHRIST : Oty Delight in 

iT^AR from my thoughts, vain world, be! While we pafs through this barren land ; 

3 While fuch a fcenc of facred joys, 
Our raptur'd eyes and fouls employs, 
Here we could fit and gaze away, 

A long, and evcrlalling day. 

4 Well, we (hall quickly pafs the night, 
To the fair coaft of perfe<5l light ; 
Then fliall our joyful fenfes rove 
O'er the dear obje(Sl of our love. 

5[There fliall we drink full draughts of blife 
And pluck new life from hcav'nly trees ! 
Yet, now and then, dear Lord, beftow 
A drop of hcav'n on worms below. 

6 Send comforts down from thy right haad. 


Let my religious hours alone : 
Fain would my eyes my Saviour fee, 
I wait a vilit, Lord, from thee. 

a My heart grows warm with holy fire, 
And kindles with a pure defire : 
Come, my dear 'Jefus, from above, 
And feed my foul with heav'nly love. 

3 [The trees of life immortal fland 

hi beauteous rows ?it thy right hand, 
And in fweet murmurs by their fide 
Rivers of blifs perpetual glide. 

4 Haflc then but with a fmiling face. 
And fpread the table of thy grace : 
Bring down a tafic of truth divine, 
And cheer my heart with facred wine.] 

5 Ekfs'd 'Jefus^ what delicious fare ! 
How fweet thy entrrtaiuments are ! 
Never did angeh vJkc ybove 
Redeeming grace and dying love. 

6 Hail, great Lxtra^iuel all divine I 
In thee thy Father's glories iliinc : 
Thou brijhteft, fweeteft, fiirtft One, 
That eyes have fecUj or angels known. 


Part ibi Sfcot.'d. 

iT OR 

JL* Sf 

ihines through the beauties 01 thy 

And lights our pi'flioi'.s to a flame ! 
Lord, now we love ti y cliarming name. 

4 When I can fay. my God is mine, 
When I can feci tl.y glcriu-s dune, 
I tread th<? world benc.ith my feet. 
And all the earth caiis good or great. 

And in thy temple let us fee 

A glimpfe of love, a giimpfe of Thee] 


God's Eternity. 

1 "O ISE my foul and leave the ground, 
JlV. Stretch all thy thoughts abroad. 
And roufe up ev'ry tuneful found 
To praife th' eternal God. 

a Long ere the lofty ikies were fpread, 
Jehovah fili'd his throne ; 
Or Adam form'd, or angels made, 
Jehovah liv'd alone. « 

3 His boundlefs years can ne'er decreafe, 

But ftill maintain their prime ; 
Eternity's his dwelling place, 
And ever is his time. 

4 While like a tide our minutes flow, 

The prefent and the part. 
He fills his own immortal NOW, 
And fees our ages wafte. 

5 The lea and Iky muft perifli too. 

And vaft deftruclion come ; 
The creatures, look ! hov,- old they gro^r 
And wait their fiery doom. 

6 Well, let the fea flu ink all awav, 

And flame molt down the flcits, 
My God fliall live an cndlcfs day, 
When cid creation dies. 


The Mhnjlty of Avgels. 
iTTIGH on a hill of dazzling light 
Xi The King of glory fpread? his feat, 
And troops of angels flrtlcli'd for flight. 
Stand waiting round his awful icct. 


HYMN S, &c. XIX, XX, xxr. Book 11. 

2 Gp, faith the Lord, my Gabriel, j-o, 
Saluti the yirgns frvUful IVomb : 
Aljle hafle ye cherubs doivn hrfo7V, 
Sitj and proclaim the Sai<ici:r\ come. 

% \y^^ fliould my foolifli pafTions rove ? 
Where can li'ch fwcctncfs be, 
As I have tafttd in thy love, 
As I have found in thee.] 

.) Here a bright fquadron leaves tho flcics,'3 "^^'hen my forgetful foul renews 

And thick around Eiijha ftands ; 

Anon a heav'nly foldicr flies, I 

And breaks the chains from Peter i hands. 

4 Thy winged troops, O God of hofts, 
Wait on thy wand'ring ciiurch below ; 
Here v.'e arc failing to thy coafl?. 
Let angels be our convoy too. 

5 Are they not all thy fervants, Lord ? 
At thy command they go and come ; 
AViih cheerful haile obey thy Avurd, 
And guard toy children to thtir home. 


Our Frail BoMcs, and God our Prefcrvcr. 

1 T ET others boalt how flrong they b 
JLj Nor death nor dnngcr fear; 
But we'll conftfs, O Lord, to thee, 

W'hat feeble things v/c arc. 

2 Freda as the n;rafs our bodies flcuid, 

Andilourilh bright andgpyj 
A bldlViii;^ wind fwceps o'er the land, 
And fades the grafs away. 

3 Our life ccntv.Ins a thoufand Tprings, 

And dies if one be goiic ; ' 

Strc-'.nge ! that a hi.rp of thoufand fliiu^s 
Should iicep in tune fo icng. 

4 But 'tis our God fjpports ci:r frame. 

The God tiiat buiil us firfl ; 

Salvation to ih' Almighty n:unc. 

'I'hat rear'd us frum the duft. 

5 [He fpoke. and ftrait our hc.irt? and ^^7 ^"^' "'} Saviour's brtaft.] 

In all their motions rofe ; [brains ^. 

Let blood, laid he, flow rovmd the vein 
And round the veins it flows. 

The favour of thy grace, 
My heart prefumes 1 cannot Icfe 
The relifli, all my days. 

4 But ere one fleeting hour is paft. 
The flatt'ring world employs 

Seme fcnfual bait to feizc ruy tafte, 
And to pollute my joys. 

5 [Trifles of nature, or of art, 
With fair deceitful charms, 

bitrude into juy thoughtlcfs heart, 
Aud thrufl me from thy arms. 

6 Then I repent and vex my foul. 
That I ihould k iive thee fc ; 

Where will thofe wild aflTcclicns roll 
That let a Saviour go ? 
j 7 [Sin's promib'd joys are turn'd to pain, 
And 1 am drown' J in grief ! 
But my dear Lord returns again. 
He flies to my relief ; 

8 Seizing my foul with fweet furprife, 
He draws with loving hands ; 

Divine cumpaffion in his eyes, 
And pardon in his hands.] 

9 [Wretcli that 1 am, to wander tlms, 
In chafe of falfe delimit ! 

Let me b^ faflen'd to thy erofs, 
Father than lL;re thy light.] 

ic[Makc haftc rrydayslo reach the goal, 
And bring mv heart to reft 
On ihr dear centre of my foul, 

A Song of Pra'ije /» GOD tic 

6 While we h'ivc breath to tift our tongues, 

Ovr Maker we'll ; ^ ^, ^.y ^|,^. ^^,^ heathens time tlK-Ir four 

H:s livr.t moves our heavmg lun.cs ; [ ^ ^^ ^;^,.^ ^^^ ,,f .,^ ^ 

Oi they wou.a breathe no more] | ^^^ ^j,^ .:...^^.^ ^,^^,^,^ ^,^^^ mo4mytcnguc 

Is my Redeemer his love. 


BaciJtiJingt and P.-lurif : 

vf our Lcvc, 

Or, tbi Jn:o,:f^ 

\% B'.hold a God defends and dies, 

To lave my foul from gap'i'^.; hell ; 

W,,,, . , ^ r f f u How llie black culph v. here O'./?-: lies, 

HV IS mv heart fo fir from thee, ,, ,, .t* ^^ , .rui 

«, ^' , I • f J •,• ; . i \awnM to receive me when I fell ! 

My God: my chijf de:iy;nt * j 

. Why are my lhou>»ht3 no more by day l^ How jufticefrown'd and vengeance ftyod. 

With thee no more by liiglit ? j To d:ivc hk^ down to enulcfs pain ! 

Book II. HYMNS, &c. xxii, xxiii, xxiVj'xxv, 


But the grrat Son propos'd his blood, 
And heav'niy wrath grew mild again. 

4 Infinite lover, gracious Lord, 
To thee be endlefs honours giv'n ; 
Thy wond'rous name fliall be ador'd 
Round the wide earth and wider heav'n. 


Ifii/j GOD is f err: tie Maje/iy. 

iT^ERRIBLE God that reign'ft en high 
X How awful is thy thund'ring hand 
Thy fiery bolts hew fierce they fly, 
Nor can all earth or hell withltand. 

a This the old rebel angels knew, 
And Hatan fell beneath thy frown : 
Thine arrows Uruck the traitor through, 
And weighty vengeance funk him down. 

2 This Sodom felt and feels it ftiil, 
And roars beneath th' eternal load : 
I'f^ith endlefs burnings rvko c.7k due/l, 
Or bear the fury cf a Gid ? 

4 Tremble ye finners and fubniit. 
Throw down your arms before his thronC; 
Bend your heads low beneath his feet. 

5 O what amazing joys they feci, 
While to their golden harps they Cug, 
And fit on ev'ry heav'niy hill. 

And fpread the triumphs of their King ! 

6 When fhall the day, dear Lord, appear, 
That I fhall mount to dwell above. 
And iland and bow amongft 'em there. 
And view thy face, and fing, and love ? 


^he E'vil ef Sin vifihle in the Fall of An^elt 
and Men. 

iTTTHEN the great Builder arch'd the 
VV (kies, 

And form'd all nature with a word. 
The joyful cherubs t'.ni'd his prajfe. 
And ev'ry bending throne advir'd. 

^ High in the mitlft of all the throng 
S.'tan, a tnll archangel, fat, 
Amongft the morning (birs he fung, 
'I'ill fin de^lroy'd hialieav'nly ftate. 

3['Twas fin that hurl'dh-m fro:rthis throne, 
Grov'iino \i\ fire the rebel 'ic- : 

Or his ftrung hand fliall crulli you down Hotv art thou funi in dr.rhtefs dov 

'5 And ye blefs'd faints that love him too, 
With rev'rence bow before his name ; 
Thus all the heav'niy ferv?.nts do : 
God is a bright and burning flame. 


Tie Sight cf GO H and CHRIST in Heaven. 

iTNESCEND from heav'n, immortal 
JLJ Dove, 

Stoop down and take us on thy wings. 
And m.ouBt and bear us far above 
The r^ach of thefe inferiour things ; 

2. Beyond, beyond this lower fky, 
Up where ettrnr.1 ages roll, 
Where folid pleafures never die. 
And fruits immortal feaft the foul. 

3 O for a u^hty a pleafant fight 
Of our Almighty Father's throne ! 
Tiicre firs our Saviour crown'd with light. 
C iith'din a body Jike cur own. 

4 /Adoring faints around him ftand. 
And thrones and pow'rs before him fall ; 
I'he God ihines gracious through the man. 
Acd iheds fweet <:lorics on them Al. 

Son nf the morningy from the Jii 

4 And thus cur tv.'o firfi: parents flood, 
' i il! fin defil'd the I'.appv place ; 
They left their garden and their God, 
And ruin'd all their unborn race :] 

5 [So fprung the phi^rue from Adcm\hov.'trt 
And fpread dcftrucition all abroad ; 

Sin, the curs'd name ! that in one hour, 
Spoil'd fix days labour of a God.] 

6 Tremble, my foul, and mourn for grief. 
That fuch a foe fliould iei/.e thy breaft ; 
Fly to t]>.y Lord for quick relief; 

Oil ! may he flay this treach'rovs gucft. 

7 Then to thy throne, viilorious King, 
Then to thy throne our fnouts fliall rife. 
Thine everlaftin? arm we fing, 

For fin, the monftc r, bleeds and dies. 

Cc.'.plaintHg cf f^iriiucl Sioih. 

I "jV./TY drowfy pov.'rs why flcep ycfo 
IVX Awake my Huggifh fou! ! ' 
NothiijCT has half thy work to do. 
Vet nc thing's half fo duU. 


HYMNS, &c. xxvi, XXVII, xxviii. Book II. 

% The little ant» for one poor grain 
Labour, and tug, and ftrivc : 
Yet we who have a heav'n t' obtain, 
How negHgeut we litre ! 

3 We, for whofe fake all nature ftands 

And ftars their courfca move, 
We, for whofe guard the angel bands 
Come flying from above. 

4 We, for whom God the Son cantcdown, 

And labour'd for our good : 
How carclefs to fecure that crown 
He purchas'd with his blood ! 

5 Lord, (hall we lie fo flugglifli ftUI, 

And never adl our parts ! 
Come, holy Dove, from th' heav'nly hill, 
And fit,' and warm our hearts. 

6 Then fliall our acflive fpirits more, 

Upward our fouls lliall fife : 
With hands of faith and wings ©f love, 
We'll fly and take the prize. 


GOD itfjijtble. 

iT ORD, wewereblind.we mortals blind 
JLi \\^ lau't behold thy bright abode ; 
O 'ti> beyond a creature mincl, 
To glance a thou;^ht half way to God. 

1 1nfinite leagues beyond the Iky, 
The great Eternal reigns alone, 
Where neither wings nor fouls can fly, 
Nor angels climb the toplcfs throne. 

3 The Lord of glory builds his feat 
Of gems incompar.-ibly bright, 
And lays beneath his facred feet 
£ubftantial beams of gloomy night. 

4 Yet. glorious Lord, thy gracious eyes 
Look through a:id cheer us from above 
Beyond our praifc thy grandoiir flies. 
Yet we adore, and yet v.e love. 


Praife ye him all his A gelt. Pfal. cxlviii. 1 

i/^OD the eternal, awful name, 
V-T That thf: whole heav'nly army fears 
That fliakes the wide creation's frame, 
And Sata/i trembles when he hears. 

a Like flames of fire his fervants arc, 
And light furrounds his dwcilir.g place ; 

But, O yc fiery flames, declare 
The brighter glories of his face. 

3 'Tis not for fuch poor worms as wc 
To fpeak fo infinite a thing; 

But your immortal eyes furvey 
The beauties of your fov'reign King. 

4 Tell how he (hews his fmiling face, 
And clothes all heav'n in bright array ; 
Triumph and joy run through the place , 
And fongs eternal as the day. 

5 Speak, for you feel his burning love, 
What zeal it fpreads thro' all your frame ; 
That facred fire dwells all above, 

For we on earth have lofl the name. 

6 [Sing of hii pow'r and jufb'ce too. 
That infinite right hand of his. 
That vanquifli'd Satan and his crew. 
And thunder drove them down from blifs.] 

7 [What mighty ftorms of poifon'd darts 
Were hurl'd upon the rebels there ! 
What deadly jav'Iins nail'd their hearts 
Faft to the racks of long defpair !] 

8 Shout to your King, you heav'nly hoft, 
You that behold the finking foe ; 
Firmly ye flood when they were loft ; 
Praife the rich grace that kept ye fo. 

9 Proclaim his wonders from the fkies 
Let ev'ry diftaut nation hear : 

And while you found his lofty praife, 
Let humble mortals bow and fear. 

Death and Eternity. 

1 QTOOP dov/n, my tho'ts, that us'd to 
O Convcrfe a wJiilc with death ; [rife, 
Think how a gafping mortal lies, 

Aid pants away his breath. 

2 His quiv'ringllp hangs feeble down. 

His pulfe is faint and few, 
Then fpeechlefe, with a doleful groan. 
He bids the world adieu. 

3 But, oh the foul that never dies ! 

At once It leaves t'^e clay .' 
Ye thoughts, purfue it where it flies, 
And track its wond'rous way. 

4 Up to the courts where angels dwell, 

It ir.ounts triumpi.ant there, 
Or devils plunge it dt^wn to hell, 
lu infinite dtfpair. 

Book II. HYMNS, &c. xxix, xxx, xxxi, xxxrr. 171 

5 And muft my body faint and die ? 

And muft this foul remove ? 
Oh, for fome guardian angel nigh 
To bear it fafe above. 

6 Jefnt^ to thy dear faitliful hand. 

My naked foul I truft ; 
And my flefli waits for thy command, 
To drop into my duft. 

Redemtton by Price and Poiver. 

I JESUS, with all thy faints above, 
J My tongue would bear her part, 
"Would found aloud thy faving love, 
And fing thy bleeding heart. 

1 Blefs'd be the Lamb, my dcareft Lord, 
Who bought tnc with his blood, 
And quench 'd his Father's (laming fword 
in his own vital fiood. 

3 The Lamb that freed my captive foul 

From Satan's heavy chains, 
Andfcntthe lioji down to KomI, 
Where hell and hurrour rclgiis. 

4 All glory to the dying Lr-irr.b, 

And never ceaung praifc, 
V/liile angeh live to know his name. 
Or faints to feel his grace. 

Heavenly "Joy on Earth. 

I [dT^OME, we that love the Lord, 
V>* And let our joys be known ; 
Join in a fong with fwtct accord, 
And thus furround the throne. 

a The forrows of the mind 
Ee banjfli'd from the place ! 
Religion never was defign'd 

To make our pleafures Icfs.] 

3 Let ihofe rcfufe to f:ag, 
That never knew our God, 

But favr'ites of the heav'nly King 
May Iptak their joys abroad. 

4 [The God that rules on high, 
And thunders when he pltafc, 

Tliat rides upon the ftormy licy, 
And manages the feas.] 

5 This awful God is ours. 
Our Father and our love, 

He fhallfend down hisheavVJy powVs 
To carry u& aboye. 

6 There we fliall fee his face, 
And never, never fin ; 

There from the rivers of his grace 
Drink cndlefs pleafurts in. 

7 Yes, and before we rife 
To that immortal ftate. 

The thoughts of fuch amazing bllfa 
Should condant joys create. 

8 [The men of grace have found 
Glory begun below, 

Geleftial fruits on earthly ground 

From faith and hope may grow.] 

9 [The hill of Sion yields 

A thoufand facrcd fwccts. 

Before we reach the heav'nly fields. 

Or walk the golden Itreets. 

10 Then let our fongs abound 
And ev'ry tear be dry ; 

We're marching thro' Imf>r(}r.ueV% ground 
To fairer worlds on high.] 

Christ's Prefnce viahes Death cafy. 

iTTTHY fhould we ftart, and fear to die* 
VV Vv'hat tim'rous worms we niortali 
Death is the gate of cudkis joy, [^rc ? 
And yet wc dread to enter there. 

a The pains, the groans, ami dying ftrifc 
Fright our approaching away ; 
Still we flirink back again to life, 
Fond of our prifon and our clay. 

3 Oh \ if my Lord would come and meet. 
My foul iliould ftretch her wings in haflc^ 
Fly fearlefs through death's iron gate. 
Nor feel the terrours as flie pafs'd. 

4 'Jcfu% can make a dying bed 
Feel foft as downy pillows arc. 
While on his breafl I lean my head. 
And breathe my life out fwectly Lherc» 

Frailty and FMy. 

I TTOW fhort and hafty is our life ; 
JL JL How vaft our fculs affairs ! 
Yet fenfelefs mortals vainly drive 
Tolavifh out their years. 

J Our days run thoughtlcfsly alcng> 
Without a moment's flay; 
Juft like a ftory or a fong 
Wc paf« our lives away. 

172 HYMN S, &c. xxxiir, xxxiv, xxxv, xxxvx. Book II. 


J God from on high invites us home ! 

But wc march heedlcfs on, 

And ever haft'ning to the tomb, 

StODp do'Aiiwards as wc run. 

Breatbing after the Holy Spirit : Or^ Fervency 
I c/" Devotion defired. 

A How we defcrve the deepeft hell ^ P^^'i:I^^"^)y,SP»'■^^' l;eav'nly. Dov<», 

That night the jovs above ! [feel >r^^, ^ 'V" ^'^ '^Y *1"'^^, "'"^ P^^^' ''' 

\7hat chains of vengeance (l.ould we ^^^^^ ^^'T,°u ^^"'■^^'°^'*= 

In thefe cold hearts of ours. 

That break fuch cords of love ? 

5 Draw us, O God, with fov'reion grace, 

And lift onr thoughts on high. 
That we may end this mortal race, 
And fee falvation nish. 

7l>e blfjfed Society in Heaven. 

1 Look, how we grovtl here below, 
Fond of thefc trifling toys : 
Our fouls can neither Hy nor go 
, 'I'o reach eternal joys. 

3 In vain we tune our formal fongs, 

In vain we Arive to rjie, 
Hofannai* languifli on our tongues. 

And our devotion dies. 

4 Dear I^ord ! and fliall we ever lie 

\ ^^S ''^^^ "^l ^^^^' H VP T^ '"''' At thi^ poor dying rate } 

V Througnevryheavnlyftreet , Our love fo faint, lo cold to thee, 

nd fay. 1 htrc s nou;^ht below the lua ^^^ ^j^;,^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ p 

rhut s wci thv of thv feet. ** 


a [Thus will wc mount on facrcd wings 
And iread the courts above : 
Nor earth, nor all her mighticft things, 
Shall tempt our mcancik love.] 

3 There on a high majcftlck throne 

''\\\ Almigaty Father reigns, 
And fl;cd> his glorious goodnefs down 
On all the blifsful plains. 

4 Bright, like the fun, the Saviour fits 

And fprcads eternal noon ; 
No ev nings there, nor gloomy nights, 
To want the feeble moon. 

5 Amidftthofe ever-{hining fkies 

Bt hold the facrcd Dove, 
While baniHi'd hu and forrow flics 
From ail the realms of love. 

6 The glorious tenants of the place 

Ci beading round the tl. rt)ue ; 
And l.iints and Icraphs fing ai.d praife 
The infinite Threc-Oiic. 

7 [Eut, oh, what beams of heav'nly grace 

'i'ranfport them all tiic while ! 
Ten thoufand firiiies from 'jffus' face, 
And love in ev'ry fmiic ! 

8 'Ji'fi'St and when fliall that deir day, 

Th-Jt joyful iiour appc;ir, 
Wiieu I Ihal! leave this houfe of clay, 

id dv, ;11 umur.-R era thvic.'' 

5 Come, Holv Spirit, heav'nly Dove, 
V.'ith all thy quick'ning powVs, 
Come, llitd abroad a Saviour'* love, 
And tluit fiiall kindle ouii. 

Fraiji to con for Creation and RiJembt'ton, 

I T ET them ncglccft thy glovy, Lord, 
A-J V/ho never knew thy ^vzcc ; 
But our loud fong fli?.!l Uil! r;;cord 
The wondera of tljy praiTe. 

a Weraife our fhouts, O God, to thee, 
And fend them to ihy throne ; 
All glory to the uni:cd Three, 
The undivided One. 

3 ' he (and wc'il adore hij uamc) 

That form'd U£ by a word ; 
'Tis he rcilorcs our ruin'd frame : 
SaivatioQ to the Lord I 

4 ilpfanna ! let the earth and /^lics 

Repeat the juNful loiuij ; 
F.ock':, Iiilli, .uiu vaks rcilcifk the voice 
In one ci;«.rn*l rour;d. 


C li n I S r 's //. if rcrfftn. 

I "^TTEi-L, the Retlcerotr'a gone 
VV 'I 'appear b..fore your Or d, 
Fo Cpri;iklc.o\-r the flaming thrv/iic 

With li 


Book II. HYMNS, &c. x^ncvii, xxxviir, xxxix. 173 

4 No fiery Tcngcance now, 

No burning wr:kth comes down ; 
If juflice calls for finnets blood, 
The Saviour fliews his own. 

3 Before his Father's eye 
Our humble fuit he moves ; 

The Father lays his thunder by, 

And looks, and fmiles, and loves. 

4 Now, may our joyful tongues 
Our Maker's honours fing ; 

Jt/uiy the prieft, receives our fongs, 
And bears them to the King. 

5 [We bow before his face, 
And found his glories high, 

•* Hofanna to the God of grace. 
That lays his thunder by.] 

d On earth thy mercy reigns, 
And triumphs all above :" 
But, Lord, how weak our,mortal ftrains 
To fpeak immortal love ! 

7 [How jarring and how low 
Are all the notes we fing ! 
Sweet Saviour tunc our fongs anew. 
And they fliall pleafe the King.] 


7be fame. 

I T IFT up your eyes to th' hcav'nlyfeat 
JLi Where your Redeemer ftays ; 
Kind interceflbur, there he fits. 
And loves, and pleads, and prays. 

a 'Twas well, my foul, he dy'd for thee, 
And flied his vital blood, 
Appeas'd ilcrn jufticc on the tree, 
And then arolc to God. 

3 Petitions now ar.d praife may rife, 

Awd. faints their ofFrings orijig, 
The pncR with his own iacrificc 
Frcfcnts them to the King. 

4 [LetPapiftstri-ri v/hat names they pleafe. 

Their faJnls and angtb boaft ; 

We've no fucli r.dvociites as thefc, 

l^^x pray to th' heav'xily hoft.] 

5 'jcfii alone fliall bear my cries 

Up to i-is Father's t!:rone: 
He. d^arcfl i-ord, pcrfunus my fighs, 
AT.d r-.vtctcns cv'ry groan. 

6 [Ten thoufand praifes to the King, 
Hofanna in the ligbiji ; 
Ten thoufand thanks our fpirits bring 
To God, and to his Cbriji.'i 

Love to GOD. 

I T TAFFY the heart where gracesreign, 
XX Where love infpircs the breaft ; 
Love is the brighteft of the train, 
^nd ftrengthcns all the reft. 

% Knowledge, alas ! 'tis all in vain, 
^nd all in vain cur fear ; 
Our ftubborn fins will fight and reign. 
If love be abfent there. 

3 'Tis love that makes our cheerful feet 

In fwift obedience move ; 
The devils know, and tremble too, 
But Satan cannot love. 

4 This is the grace that Jives and fings. 
When faith and hope fliall ceafe ; 

Tis this fliall ftrike our joyful ftrings 
In the fweet realms of blife. 

5 Before we quite forfake our clay, 

Or leave this dark abode, 
The wings of love bear us away 
To fee our fmiling God. 

P a 

The Shortnefs and Mlfry of Life. 

1 /^UR days, alas ! our mortal day* 
V^ Ai^ fliort, and wretched too , 
Evil and f LIU, the patriarch fays, 

^nd well the patriarch knev,'. 

2 *7 is but at beft a narrow bound 

That hcav'n allows to men, 
AnA pp.ins and fins run thro' the rcund' 
Of threefcorc years and ten.^ 

3 Well, if yc muft be fad and few^ 

Run on my days in hade ; 
Moments ot lln and months of woe, 
Ye cannot fly too faft. 

4 Let hea''raly love prepare my foul, 

AvA cai! her to the ikies, 
Where years of long falvatloa roll, 
>^nd glory nevtr dies. 


li Y M N S, &c. XL, xLi, xLii, xLiii. Book 



Our Cuirjort in the Covenant maJe ivitb 
1 /^UR God, how iirm hispromife ftands, 
\^ P'v'n when he hides his face ! 
He trufts, in our Redeemer's hands, 
His glory and his grace. 

^ Then why, my fouJ, thefe fad complaints. 
Since Chrift and we are one ? 
I'hy God ib faithful to liis faints, 
Is faithful to his Son* 

3 Beneath his Hniles my heart has liv'd, 
And pirt of heav'ii ^toiTcf&'d ; 
I praife his name for grace recciv'd, 
And triift him for the reft. 

A Sight of Cod mortijies us to the fVerld. 

i[T TP to the fields where angels lie, 
LJ .^'nd living waters gently roll, 
Fain would my thoughts ieep out and fly 
But fin hangs heavy on my foul. 

a Thy wond'rous blood, dear dying drift 
Can make this world of guilt remove ; 
-<^nd thou can'fl bear me where thou fly'ft, 
On thy kind win^s, ccleflial Dove. 

3 O might I once mount up and fee 
The glories of th' eternal fkies, 

\Vhat little things thefe worlds would be 
How dtfincabie to my eyes ?] 

4 Had I a f^Unce of thee, my God, 
Kinf:dom3 and men would vanifh foon ; 
Vanifli, as though I faw them not, 

As a dim candle dies at neon. 

5 Then they m^ght 6^ht,ai.d rage,andravc, 
I fliould perceive the i:oifc no more 
Than ^vt can hear a fliaking leaf 
While rat til:-.^ thunders round us roar. 

6 Great y^ll in yfll, eternal King, 
jCt me but view thy loxrcly face* 

{id all my lOw'iS iLhU bow and fin^, 
'Viuw^. jndlcis grand-.ur ar.d thy giace. 

The fwallow near thy temple lies, 
Aaf\ chirpi a cheerful note ; 

The l^rk mounts upwards tow'rd the 
Ar\il tUDcs her warbUng throat, [ikies, 

And wc, when in thy ^refcnce, Lord, 
VVc (hout with joyful tongues ; 

Or fitting round our Father's boardl, 
W'c crown the feaft with fongs. 

4 While 7c/"-' ^"""^^'^^q*iick*ninggr*cc, 

We fing and mount on high ; 
But if a frown becloud his face. 
We faint and tire and die. 

5 Juft as wc fee the loncfomedovc 

Bemoan her widow'd llate, 
Wand'ringfhe flies through all the grove. 
And mourns her loving mate. 

6 Juft fo our thoughts from thing to thing 
In reftlefs circles rove ; 

Juft fo we droop and hang the wing 
When jfus hides his love. 

Christ's Sufferings and Glory. 

i"\TOW for a tune of lofty praifc 
JL^ 1 o great Jehovah's equal Son ! 
y^wake,my voice, in heav'nly lays. 
Tell the loud wonders he hath done. 

2 Sing, how he left the worlds of light. 
And the bright robes he wore above ; 
How fwift and joyful was his flight 
On wings of evcrlafting love. 

3 [Down to this bafc, this finful earth, 
tie came to raife our nature high ; 
He came t' alone almighty wrath ; 
j'fi.s the God was born to die.] 

5 [KcU and its lions roar'd around. 
His precious blood the monfters fpilt ; 
While wei|:hfy furrows prcfs'd him down, 
Large as the loads of all Our guilt.] 

4 Deep in the fliades of j.-loomy death 
Th' almighty captive pris'ner lay ; 


D^'iplt in God. 

Y G<'«d, what endl-fsplcafu-cs dwell 
.^h ;vc at thy ri^.hi hand 1 
I'he coui\i below, how a-uiih!e. 
Where all ihy i,rjci.s ;laiid ! 

'Ih' almi^hiy captive left ll 


6 Lift up your cyts, ) c foes of light, 
Up to throne of fliining grace ; 
See what: iinmorla! glories lit 
Round iht fwect be.iulies of his face. 

7 y^i-.iono*c a tl-.oufand harps and fongs 
Jfis the God cx.iUtd n igns, 

ll'ii facrcd name 5i!r. all liicir toupies, 
And cci:j,- through tiiC iiciv'iily plains I 

Book 11. HYMNS, &c. xliv, xlv, xlvi, xlvii. 


Hell : Or the Vengear.ce of GOD. 
iTTTITH holy fear and humble fong, 
VV The dreadful God our fouls adore, 
Rcv'rcnce and awe becomes the tongue 
That fpeaks the terrours of his pow'r. 

2 Far in the deep where darknefs dwells, 
The land of horrour and defpair, 
Juftice has buUt a difmal hell, 

And laid her (lores of vengeance there. 

3 (Eternal plagues, and heavy chains, 
Tormenting racks and fi'ry coals, 
And darts t' iufli<a immortal pains, 
Dy'd in the blood of damned fouls. 

4 There Satan the firft finner lies. 
And roars, and bites his iron bands ; 
In vain the rebel ftrives to rife, 
Crufh'd with the weight of both thy hands.) 

5 There guilty ghofts of Adam% race 
Shriek out, and howl beneatU the rod ; 
Once they could fcorn a Saviour's grace. 
But they mcens'd a dreadful God. 

6 Tremble, my foul, and kifs the Son ; 
Sinner, obey thy Saviour's call ; 
£lfe your damnation haftens on. 
And hell gapes v/ide to wait your fall. 

god's Condcfcenjton to our Worfo'f. 

1^ I 'HY favours, Lord, furprize our fouls 

i Will the eternal dwell with us ? 
What canft thou find beneath the poles. 
To tempt thy chariot downward thus ? 

2 Still might he fill his flarry throne. 
And pleafe his ears v/ith Gabriefs fongs ; 
But heav'nly Majefty comes down, 
And bows to hearken to our tongues. 

3 Great God I what poor retur;is we pay 
Tor love io infinite as thine : 

Words are but air, and tongues but clay,i 
But thy compafiicn's all divine. 

His goodnefs, how amazing great T 
And what a condefccnding God !) 

3 (God that mufl floop to view the flues. 
And bow to fee what angels do, 
Down to the earth he cafts his eyes, 
And bends his footfteps downwards too.) 

4 He over-rules all mortal things. 
And manages our mean affairs ; 
On humble fouls the King of kings 
Beftows his counfels and his cares. 

5 Our forrows and our tears we pour 
Into the bolom of our God ; 

He hears us in the mournful hour. 
And helps to bear the heavy load. 

6 In vain might lofty princes try 
Such condcfcenfion to perform ; 

For worms were never rais'd fo high, 
Above their meaneft fellow-worm. 

7 Oh I could our thankful hearts devife 
A tribute equal to thy grace, 

Te the third heav'n our fongs fhould rife. 
And teach the golden harps thy praife. " 

god's Condcj^erfiOn ti Human A^air:^ 

P to the Lord thjit reij^ns on high, 
cw^ the nations frcm afar, 

iTTPto th< 
U And V 

And tell how large liio bounties are. 
;, (He that can fl-.ake the worlds hemi^de. 
Or v.ith his word or v. it -i .Ms rod. 

Glory and Grace in the Ferfon of CHIilST. 
I'VrOW to the Lord a noble fong ! 
-LM Awake, my foul ; awake, my tongue j 
Hofanna to th' eternal name, 
And all his boundlefs love proclaim. 

2 See where it fhines in fejus" face. 
The brightefl image of his grace ; 
God, in the perfon of his Son, 

Has all his mightiefl works outdone. 

3 The fpacious earth, and fpreading flood. 
Proclaim the wife, the pow'rful God, 
And thy rich glories from afar 

Sparkle in ev'ry rolling ftar : 

4 But in his locks a glory ftands. 
The nt>blcft labour of thine hai;ds : 
The plcafing luftre of his eyes 
Outfliines the wonders of the fkics. 

5 ! 'lis a fweet, a charming theme ; 
My thcughts rejoice at f fits' niime ! 
Ye ange!s dwell upon the found ; 

Ye heav'ns rcflctii it to the ground ! 

6 Oh, may I live to reach the place 
Wh.cre he unveils his lovely fact- ! 
Where all his beauties you behold, 
Aad ^~-^ his name to harps of geld ! 


HYMNS, &c. xLviii, xLix, l, li. Book II. 


Leve to the Creatures is dangerous. 

I TTQW vain are all things here belovr 
JLJL How falfe, and yet how fair ! 
Each pleafure hath its poifon too ; 
And ev'ry fwcet a Inare. 

a The brlghteft things below the iky 
Give but a flatt'ring light ; 
We fhould fufpcta fome danger nigh, 
Where we poffefs delight. 

3 Our dearcft joys, and neareft friends, 

The partners of our blood. 
How they divide our wav'ring minds. 
And leave but half for God ! 

4 The fondnefs of a creature's love 

How ftrong it ftrikes the fenfe ? 
Thither the warm afFe<flions move, 

Nor can we call 'em thence. 
J Dear Saviour, let thy beauties be 

My foul's eternal food ; 
And grace command my heart away 

From all created good. 

My fpirits ftnk, my comforts die. 
And all the fprijigs of life arc down. 

3 Yet why, my foul, why thefe complaintt? 
Still while he frowns his bowels move ; 
Still on his heart he bears his faints. 
And feels their forrows, and his love. 

4 My name is printed on his brcaA ; 
His book of life contains my name, 
I'd rather have it there imprefs'd. 
Than in the bright records of fame. 

5 When the laft fire burns all things here, 
Thofc letters fhall fecurely ftaud. 

And in the Lamb's fair book appear, 
Writ by th' eternal Father's hand. 

6 Now (hall ray minutes fmoothly run, 
Whilft here I wait my Father's will ; 
My riling and my fctting fun 

Roll gently up and down the hill. 

Mofes Dying in the Embraces of COD. 

I yx EATH cannot make our foul* afraid 
XJ If God be with us there ; 


God the Son equal tvitb the Father, 

I T> RIGHT King of glory, dreadful God ! 
XJ Our fpirits bow before thy feat : 
To thee we lift an humble thought. 
And worship at thine awful feet. 

j2[Thy pow'r hath form'd, thy wifdom 

We may walk through thedarkeft fliadej All nature with a fov'rdgn word : [fway. 
And never yield to fear. And the bright world of ftars obeys 

could renounce my all below, 

If my Creator bid ; 
And run, if I were call'd to go, 
And die as Alafes did. 

3 Might 1 but climb to Fijyah's top, 

And view the promis'd land, 
My flefli itfelf fliould long to drop, 
And pray for the command. 

4 Clafp'd in my heav'nly Father's arms, 

I would forget my breath, 
And lofe my life among the charms 
Of fo divine a death. 

Comforts unc':r Scrroiis ct.J- Pains. 
i"VTOW let the Lord my Saviour fmile, 
-LN And fheu' my name upon his heart ; 
I would forgrt my pains a wiiilc. 
And in the plc-fure lofc the Iir.irt. 

2 But Oh ! it fwtlis my forrowf. tr"gh, 
'la fee my bi-'tlcd 7-:'--- iVor/;) ; 

ght world of ftars obey: 
The will of their fuperiour Lord,] 

3 [Mercy and truth unite in one, 
And fmiling fit at thy right hand ; 
Eternal juftice guards thy throne, 

And vengeance waits thy dread command.] 

4 A thoufand feraphs ftrong and bright 
Stand round the glorious Deity ; 

But who, amongft the fons of light, 
Pretends comparifon v/ith thee .' 

5 Yet there is one of human frame, 
frfus' array 'd in flefli and blood, 
Thin'ts it no robbery to claim 

A full equality with God. 

6 Their glory fhincs with equal beams; 
I'heir elTcnce is forever one ; 

TJio' they arc known by dilT'rent n^mcs 
The Father God, and God the Son. 

7 Then let the name of Cbrifl our King 
With equal honours be ador'd; 

His praifc let cvVy angel ling, 
And Jl the jiations owu ihc Lord. 

Book 11. HYMNS, &c. lii, liii, liv, 


Death dreadful, or delightful. 
I "p\EATH, 'tis a melancholy day 
XJ To thofe that have no God, 
When the poor foul is forc'd away 
To feek her laft abode. 

6 Long nights and darknefs dwell below, 

With fcarce a twinkling ray ; 
But the bright world to which we go, 
Is everlafting day. 

7 By glimm'ring hopes and gloomy fears, 

We trace the facredroad ; 
Through tlifmal dtcps and dangerous 
Wc make our way to God. [fuares, 

8 Our journey is a thorny maze, 
But we march upwards ftill ; 

Forget thcfe troubles of the ways, 
And reach at Zivns hill. 

2 In vain to heav'n (he lifts her eyes ; 

But guilt, a heavy chain, 
Still drags her downwards from the fkics, 
To darkneis, fire and pain. 

3 Awake and mourn, ye heirs of hell 

Let flubborn linners fear ; , ,• j , , 

You muft bedriv'n fromearth, anddwdl.9 L^^ee the kmd angels at the gates 
A long Forever there. 

4 See how the pit gapes wide for you, 

And flaflies in your face ; 
And thou, my foul, look downwards too 
And fing recov'ring grace. 

J He is a God of fov 'reign love. 
That promis'd heav'n to mc. 
And taught my foul to foar above, 
Where happy f jirits be. 

6 Prepare me, Lord, for thvrlght hand, 
Then come the joyful day ; 
Come- death and foniC ccltxtial band ; 
To b;ar my foul away. 


7h: JP-thr' of the Sa'iuis : Or, Earth and 

Inviting us to come 
There J fas the forerunner waits 
To w elcome trav'llers home 

10 [There on a green and fiow'ry mount, 
Our Aveary fouls fhall lit, 

And with tranfporting joys recount, 
The labors of our feet. • 

11 No vaindifcourfe fliall fill our tongue* 
Nor trifles vex our ear ; 

Infinite grace fiiall fill our fong. 
And God rejoice to hear. 

1 2 Eternal glories to the King, 
That brouijjht us fafely through ; 

Our tongues fr.all ne->,-er ceafe to fmg, 
And eudlefs praife renew.] 


I T CRD ! what a wretched land is this con's Frefence is Light in Dcrhnef. 
l_j That viclds us no fuprly. 

No cheering truits, no wholdome tree, |i "j\/!"'^' <"^c.<l, the fpring of dl my joys. 

Nor Prrcams of living joy ? ^^ '1 i^e life of my delights, 


Z Eut pricking thorns thro* u'l the ground,' 
And mortal poifons grow, 
And all the riveis \\x-xX. are found. 
With danz'rous waters flow. 

3 Yet the dcarpatii to thine abode 

Lies through this licrr.d land 
Lord ! wi 

And run a: tiiy 

4 Our fouls fliall tread the defart through 

Willi undiveried feet ; 
And faith and Naming zeal fubdue 
The tcrt^urs that me meet. 

5 [A thoufand favage bcaAs of prey 

Around tlie fgreft roam : 
But J-ud.ih'i Lion guards the way. 
And guides the Grangers home] 

The glory of my brightcfl days, 
ArA ccnrJort of my nights. 

3 In darkcU fliadcs if he appear. 
My downing is begun ! 

lie ii my foul's iwect morning ftar. 
And he my rifiiig fun. 

! we wo"aIdkcep the bea\'nlyroadj3 The op'ninghe?>v'ns around me fliinc 
d run a: thy command. Wiih beam.s of facred biifs, 

. While J^fn friews his heart is mine, 
And whifpers, I am his. 

4 My foul would leave this heavy clay. 
At that tranfporting word. 

Run up with joy the il\in-ng way, 
T' embrace my dtarefl Lord, 

5 Fearless of hell and ghaftly death, 
Vd break through evVy foe 

1/8 HYMNS, &c. Lv, LVi. LVir, LViir. Book 11, 

The wings of love, and arm* of faith, 
Shall bear me conqu'ror throwgh. 



Frail Lift and fucceeJing Eternity. 
* nPHEE we adore, eternal name, 
A And humbly own to thee. 
How feeble is our mortal frame, 
What dying wornu arc we ! 

% [Our waiting liyes grow fliortcr flill, 
As months and days increafe ; 
And ev'ry beating pulfe we tell, 
l.eaves but the number Icfs. 

3 The year rolls round, and fteals away 

The breath that lirft it gave ; 
Whatc'er we do, where'er we be, ^ 
We're trav'lJing to the grave.] 

4 Dangers (land thick through all the 

To pufli us to tlie tomb ; [ground 
And iierce dlfcafes wait around, 
To hurry mortals home. 

5 Good God • on what a lender thrcid 

Haug cverUfting things ! 

Th* eternal ftate ox' all the dead 

Upon hfe's fctblc firings. 

6 Infinite joy or cndlefs woe 

Attends on ev'ry breath ; 
And yet how unconcern 'd we go 
Upon the brink of ueath. 

7 Waken, O Lord, our drowfy fenfe, 

To walk thisding'rons ; 

And if our fouls ^re hurried hence, 

May they be found with God. 

4 Yci, you muft bow your ftately bead. 

Away your fpirit flies, 
And no kind angel near your bed, 
To bear it to the fkies. 

5 Go now and boad of all your (lores, 

And tell how bright they flilnc ; 
Your heaps of glitt'ring duft arc your*. 
And my redeemer's mine. 




The ATifery of being lu'.thout GCD in 
H''urld : Or, ^ain Frcfjerity. 

* N^^' ^ ^^'^'^ *^"^>' ^'^^"^ "" "^'^'^ 
.1 >( Who grow profanely ^rcit, 
I'hough they incre;;fe their gulden (lore. 
And rile to wond'rous height, 
a They laHe of all the joys that grow 
Upon this earthly elod; 
Well, they may fearch the creature 
For they have ne'er a God : 
3 Shake ofTthe thoughts of dying too, 
And think your lite your own • 
But death comes hiirt'ning on to vou, 
To mow your glory down. ' 


The Pleafurex c/a G«od Confcicnte. 

1 r ORD, how fecure and bltft arc they, 
JLi Who feel the joys of pardon'd Gn ? 
Should ftorms of wrath fliake earth and fea 
Their minds have heav'n and peace 


1 The day glides fwiftly o'er their head*, 
Made up of innocence and love : 
And foft and filent as the fliadcs 
Their nightly minutes gtntlymorc. 

.3 [Quick as their thoughts,thcir joys come 
r>ut fly not I;^!; fo fall away ; 
Their fouli ever bright as noon. 
And calm as fummcr evculugs be. 

4 How oft they look to th' heav'nly hills, 
Where groves of living pleafurcs grow. 
And longing hopes and cheerful fmilcs 
Sit undifturb'd upon their brow.] 

J They fcorn to fetk our golden toys, 
But fpcnd the day and fliare the night 
In numb'ring o'er the richer joys 
That heav'n prepares for their delight. 

6 While wretched wc, like worms and 
Lie groveling in the duft below ; 
Almighty grace renew our fouls. 
And we'll afpire to glory toa 


The Jbcrtnefs of Life and the Gcodncf rf goU' 

I '^p'lME ! what an empty vapour 'tis I 
X And days how iwiit they arc ? 
Swift as an Indian arrow Hies, 
Or like a ftiooting flar. • 

1 The prefcnt moments juft appear, 
'i hen Aide away in hafte. 
That we can never fay they're here, 
But only fay, they're palt 

Book IL 

HYMNS, &c. Lix, LX. 


3 [Our life is ever on the wing^ 

And death is crer nigh ; 
The m»ment when our livcf begin, 
Wc all begin to die] 

4 Yet mighty God ! our fleeting d»yj 

Thy U(ling favors (hare. 
Yet with the bounties of thy grace 
Thou load'ft the rolling year. 

5'Ti» fov'reign mercy finds u$ food, 
And we arc cloth 'd with love ; 
While grace (lands pointingout the road, 
That leads our fouls above. 
6 His goodnefs runs an endlefs round ; 
AU glory to the Lord ! 
His mercy never knows a bound ; 
And be his name ador'd ! 
J Thus wc begin the lafting fong ; 
And when we clofe our eyes, 
Let the next age thy praife prolong, 
•Till time and nature dies. 

Aad fnatch the hcaVniy fcenc 
From thefe lamenting cya. 

8 When fltail the time, dear Jf/ut, when 
The (hining day appear. 
That I (hall leave thofe clouds of fin, 
And guilt and darknefs here i 

Up to the fields above the fkies, 

My haftv feet would go, 
There everlafting flow'rs arife. 

There joys unwith'ring grow. 




*Ibe truth of oon the Promiftr : Or^ 

Promifci are our Security. 

iTTJRAISE, everlafting praife, be paid 
JL To him that earth's foundation's laid. 
Praife to the God,whofe ftrong decrees * 
Sway the creation as he pleafe. 

; Praife to the goodnefs of the Lord, 
Who rules his people by his word. 
And there as ftrong as his decrees, 
He fets his kindtft promifes. 

GLORY to God that walks the &y, ,_. , , ,. , . 

And fends his bleffings through ; 3 [F'^-n^ are the words h:s prophets, 
- - - -- '='... ° Sweet words on which his children live 

Each of them is the voice of God, 
Who fpokeand fpread the ikies abroad. 

Faradife on Earth. 

That tells his faints of joys on high 
And gives a tafte below. 

a [Glory to God, that ftoops his throne, 
That duft and worms may fee't. 
And brings a glimpfe of glory down, 
Around his facred feet. 

3 When Cbrlji with all his graces crown*d> 

Sheds his kind beams abroad, 
Tis a young heav'n on earthly ground 
And glory in the bud. 

4 A blooming paradiie of joy 

111 this wild dcfa^t fpriugs, 
And ev'ry fenfe, I ftraight employ 
On fweet ccleftial things. 

5 White lilies all around appear. 
And e:ich his glory fliows ; 

The rofe of i7<:i»c-« blolToms here, 
The faireft flower that blows. 

Cheerful I feaft on heav'nly fruit. 
And briiig the plcafures down, 

Pleafures that flow hard by the foot 
Of the eternal throne. 

But ah ! how foon my joys decay, 
How fooa r.:v fius arife, 

4 Each of them pow'rful as that found. 
That bid the new made world go round ; 
And ftronger than the folld poles. 

On which the wheel of nature rolls.] 

5 Whencethenflioulddoubtsand fears arife 
Why trickling forrows drown our eyes ?j 
Slowly, alas! our mind leceives 

The comforts that our Maker gives. 

6 Oh, for a ftrong, a laftlng faith, 
To credit what the Almighty fr.lth ! 
T' embrace the meilage of his Son, 
And call the joys of heav'n our own. 

7 Then fliould the earth's old pillars fhake 
And all the wheels of nature break; 
Our fteady fouls fliall fear no more, 
Than folid rocks when billows roar. 

8 Our everbr-ing hopes arife 
Above the ruinable flclcs, 
Where the eternal Builder rclgp.«,, 
Aad his own courts his povv'r luilains. 

i8o HYMNS, &c. Lxi, lxii, lxiii, lxiv. Book Ilj 

A Thought of Death ani Glory. 

X TV^Y foul, come meditate the day, 
i.VJL And think how near it Aands 
When thou mufl quit this houfe of clay, 
And fly to unknown lands. 

a [And you, mine eyes, look down and 

The hollow gaping tomb : [view, 

This gloomy prifon waits for you, 

Whene'er the fummons come.] 

3 Oh ! could we die with thofe that die, 

And place us in their ftcad ; 
Then would our fpirits learn to fly, 
And convcrfe with the dead : 

4 Then fliould we fee the faints above 

In their own p^lorious forms, 

And wonder why our fouls fl\ould love' 

To dwell with mortal worms. I 

jr [How we fliould fcorn thefe clothes of 
Thefe fetters and this load, [flefli, 3 

And long for cv ning to undrefs. 
That we may reft with God. 

6 We fliould almoft forfake our clay 
Before the fummons come. 
And pray and wifli our fouls away 
To their eternal home. 

What fliall the wretch the finncr do > 
He once dcfy'd the Lord ; 

But he (hall dread the thnnd'rcr now, 
And fink beneath his word, 

Tcmpcfts of angry fire flial roll. 

To blaft the rebel worm. 
And beat upon his naked foul 

In one eternal ftorm. 

A Funeral Thought. 

HARK ! from the tombs a doleful 
My ears attend the cry, [found, 
" Ye living men, come view the ground 
Where you muft fliortly lie. 

Princes, this clay muft be your bed, 

In fpite of all your tow'rs ; 
The tall, the wife, the rev'rend head, 

Muft lie as low as ours." 

Gret^t God ! is this our certain doom ? 

And are we ftill fccure I 
Still walking downwards to our tomb, 

And yet prepare no more ? 

Grant us the pow'rs of quick'ning grace, 

To fit our fouls to fly ; 
Then, when we drop this dying fleih, 

We'll nfe above the flcy. 


GOD the Tbur.dtrer : Or, Tie laf. Judgment 

I Q TNG to the Lord, ye hcav'uly hods, 
O And tliou, O earth, adore ! 
Let dtath and hell, thro' all their coafti 
iJtand trembling :c his pow'r. 

a H"s founding chariot fliakcs the iky, 
He makes the clouds his throne ; 
There all his ftorcs of lightning lie, 
'Till vengeance dart them down. 

3 H-5 noflrils breathe out fiery ftreams, 

And from his awful t«^ngue 
A fov'rci^n voice divides the flames, 
And thunder roils along. 

4 Think, O my foul, the dreacifui day. 

When this inctnfcd God 
Shall rend the ficy, p.nd burn tV.e fea, 
And Tiin^ his wrath abruad ! 

• I.ldde'in ctgr;atfudJa'.f:crm if tlunJtr, 

/.uguft ihi :o.'i, i6;)r. 


GCE tie Clcry cud Dtfr.ce of Sion. 

iTTAPPY the church, thou facrcd place 
XJL 'I'hc ft at of thy Creator's grace ; 
Thine holy courts are his abode : 
Thou earthly palace of our God. 

a Thy walls are ftrength, and at thy gates 
A guard of heav'niy w;:.rri(>urs waits; 
Nor fliall thy deep foundations move, 
Fix.'d on his counfelk.and his love. 

3 Thy foes in vain dcfigns engage, 
Againft his throne in vain they Tv.'Tt:. \ 
Like rifing waves with angry roar, 
That dafli and die upon the fliorc. 

4 Then let our fouls in 5/5#i dwell, 
Xcr foar the wrath of Rtwe and hell : 
His irms embrace this happy gr;und, 
Like bruzen bulwarks built aiound. 

5 God is our fliield, and God our fun ; 
Swift as the fleeting moments run, 
On us he flicds new bcants of grace. 
And wercflfdt his brighttfl praife- 

Book II. HYMNS, &c. lxv, lxvi, lxvii, Lxviir. i8i 


The Hope of Heaven our Support under Trials 
OH Earth. 

I TTTHEN I can read my title clear 
VV To manfions in the fkie>, 
I bid farewell to ev'ry fear. 
And wipe my weeping eyes. 

a Should earth againftmy foul engage, 
And hellifla darte be hurl'd, 
Then I can fmile at Satan s rage, 
And face a frowning world. 

3 Let cares, like a wild deluge come, 

And ftorms of lorrow fall; 
May I but fafely reach my home. 
My God, my heav'n, my all : 

4 There fliall I bathe my weary foul 

In i'eas of heav'nly reft, 
And not a wave of trouble roll 
Acrofs my peaceful brcaft. 

A Pxjpeci of Heaven maies Death eafj. 

1 ^"T^HERE is a land of pure delight, 

X Where f-Jars immortsl reign, 
inlinitc day excludes the night, 
And plcafurcs' baniiii pain. 

2 There cvcrlafting fpring abides, 

Aiid Hcver-'Aitii'ring fluw'ra : 

Death, like a narrow lea, divides 

Tills hcav'iiiy kiid irom ours. 

3 [.Sweet fields, beyond tlit fwelJing flood 

btand drefs'd in living green ; 

So to t!;':: fe'ws Old Cdnauii ilood, 

Wiiilc fitrdan roli'd between. 

4 Eut tim'rous mortals flart and flinnk. 

To crois this narrow fea, 
And liagtr, Ihiv'ring on the brir.k, 
And fear tu launch away.] 


god's eternal Dominion, 

I /^ REAT God ! how infinite art thou ♦ 
Vjr What worthkfs worms are we ! 
Let the whole race of creatures bo\r, 
And pay their praife to thee. 

a Thy throne eternal ages flood, 
Ere feas or ftars were made : 
Thou art the ever living God, 
Were all the nations dead. 

3 Nature and time quite naked lie 

To thine immenfe furvey. 

From the formation of the iky, 

To the great burning day. 

4 Eternity, -with all its years, 

Stands prefent in thy view; 
To thee there's nothing old appears \ 
Great God ! there's nothing wew. 

5 Our lives thro' various fceaes are drawn 

And vex'd with trifling cares, 
I While thine eternnl thoughts move en 
Thine undifturb'd affairs. 

6 Great Gcd ! how infinite are thou ? 
I W:ia,t worthlefs worms are w;.- ! 

Let the whole race of creatures bov.-, 
I And pay their praife to thee. 


j Tie Humble lVi.rf:-p nf Go J. 

1 T^ATHER, I loiig, I faint to fee 
; X^ 'I'he place of thine abode ; 
j I'd leave the earthly courts, and flee 
Up to thy feat, rny God ! 

% Here I behold thy diftant face, 
I And 'tis a plcafant fight ; 

But, to abide in thine embrace, 
! Is intrnite delight. 

3 I'd part w*th all the joys of fenfe, 

To ga^e upon thy throne ; 
I Pleafiire fprtngs frdh forever thence, 
' Unfociikable, unknown. 

5 Oh ' could we make our doubts remove, ^ ^x^,^^ ^,| ^i,^ heav'nly hofls are fecn, 
Ti.ole glooroy doubts tluU rife, ^ ^_^ Diinin^r ranks ti>ev move. 

Ar.d ice the Canaan that we love 
With unbeclouucd eyes ! 

And drink immortal vigour in 
With wonder, ar.d wiJi love. 

6 Could wc but climb where I^Tofs fl:ood,5 Tlicn 3t thy feet "ivirh awful fear, 
Ajid view the iaiidfcape o'er, [flov^d, Th' adoaing p.rniies fall : 

N.)t 'Jordan h ftream, nor death's cu'id With joy lueyfhrink to ;,;/.'/'?^ there, 
biiuuld irii'ht us from the tliore. Btforc th' eternal all. 


H Y M N S, &c. Lxix, Lxx, Lxxi. Book II. 

6 There would I vie with all the Koft, 

In duty and in blife ; 
While Ufi than notbing I could boaft 
And vanity confcfs.] 

7 The more thy glories fli Ike mine eyes. 

The humbk-r I lliall lie ; 
Thus, while I link, my joy fliall rife 
Unmcafurably high. 

cod's Donir.ion over the Sea. Pfal. cvii. 23, \Sfc. 

i/^^ OD of the fcas, thy thund'ring voice 
vJ'' Makes all the roaring waves rejoice! 
And one foft word of thy command 
Can ftnk them filent in the fand. 

a If but a Mbf's wave his rod, 
The fta divides and owns its God; 
The ftormy floods their Maker knew, 
And let his chofen armies through. 


*The Faiibfulnefs of GOV in tie Promifes. 

r--^T.^,vT r 1 . . ^, The fcalv riioals amidft the fta 

1 CpEGlN my tongue, fome tcav my ' ^^ ^j^^^,-,^^;^ 1^^^^, a tribute par ; 
XJ theme, „ ^ , . The meancrt fi/li that fwims the flj. 

And fpcak fome boundlefs thing 

The mighty Avorks or mightier name 
Of our eternal King. 

3 Tell of his wond'rous falthfulnefs, 
And found his pow'r abroad, 
Sing the fwett promifc of his grace, 
And the performing God. 

3 Proclaim /(Vt\v7r/cn from the Lord 

For 'vcriUhcd dying men : 
Hi-, hand has writ the facred word 
With an immortal pen. 

4 Lnjrav'u, as in eternal brafs, 

The raipkty promife flunes ; 
Nor cm t-it pow'rs of darknefs raze 
Thofe evtrlafting lines.] 

5 lie that can dafli whole worlds to death. 

And make them wlien he pitrafe. 
He fpeaka, and that almighty breath 
Fulfils his great decrees. 

6 His very word of oracc is flrong 

As that which built the fkits ; 
The voice that rolls the ftars along 
Speaks all ilie promifcs. 

7 He faid, Let ihetvide hca'^n be f far cad ^ 

And h{ av'n was ftretch'd abroad ; 
Jl-U'.'Ti rU be thy God, he f.iid, 
And he was Al>rak'tn& God. 

6 Oh, migl't I hear thine hcav'nly tongu^ 
Lut whifper, 7J:oti art rvin: I 
Thi)fe gtntlc wcrrds lliould raife my font 
To notes almoU divine. 

9 n w would my Icapino; heart rejoice, 
And think my hcav'ii fceurc^ 
I trufl the Al'-crciLing voice, 
Aiitl f..itli dtUiLi i\o iQOiC 

30 d, 

Leaps up, and means a praife to God. 

4 The larger monflers of the deep 
On thy commands attendance keep ; 
Ey thy permilTion, jport and play, 
And cleave along their foaming way. 

5 If God his voice of tcrapefi rears, 
Lc-jicthdn lies fHIl, ar.d feais ; 
Anon hehftb his ncftrils high. 
And fpouts the ocean to the iky. 

6 How i> thy glorious pow'r ador'd 
Amidfl thelc wi«*iy nations, Lord ! 
Yet the bold men that trace tj»e feas, 
Lold men r^fufe their Maker's praife. 

7 What fcenes cf miracles they fee, 
And never tune a fong to thee ! 
While on the flood they fafely ride. 
They curfethe hand that fmooths the tide. 

8 Anon they plunge in wat'ry graves, 
And fome drink d.arh among the waves: 
Yet the furviviiig crew biafpheme. 

Nor own the God that refcu'J them.] 

9 Oh, for fome fignal of thine hand I 
Shake all thefcjs, Lord, Ihake the land 
Great Judge ! defcend, left men deny 
'I'hat there's a God that rules tlic fky. 

Frim the "jOih to the 10%th hytnn, I hope the 
ecdtr 11 111 forgive the ne^^leii of rhyme in the 
f'J} ar.d third lit:es of the Stanz a. 


Praife to COD frcm all Crcctures. 

I npHE glories of my Maker, God, 
X Pvly joyful voice ihall fmg. 
And call the liations to adoie 
Tlicir Fciiner and tJicii" iCicg. 

Book 11. HYMN S, &:c. lxxii, lxii;, lxxjv. 


% 'Twas his right hand that fhap'd our clay, 
And wrought this human frame : 
But from his own immediate breath 
Our nobler fpirits came. 

3 We bring our mortal pow'rs to God, 

And woriliip with our tongues ; 
We -claim fome kindred with the ikies, 
And join th' augclick longs. 

4 Yet groveling bcafts of ev'ry fliapc, 

Aiid fowls of ev'ry wing, 
And rocks, and trees, and lires, cindfcas, 
1 heir various tribute bring. 

5 Ye planets, to his hen r fiiine, 

And wheels of nature roll, 
Praifc him in your unweary'd courfe 
Around the Ifceady pole. 

6 The brjgbtnefs of our Maker's name 

Tiie wide creation fills. 
And his unbounded grandeur flics, 
Beyond the heav'nly hills. 


Doubts fcattered : Or, Spiritual Joys rejiorcd. 

I TTENCE from my foul fad thot's be 
XTL And leave mc to my joys ; [gone ; 
My tongue fliall triumph in my God, 
And make a joyful noife. 

a Darknefs and doubts hr.d vcil'd my mind 
And dvowii'd my head in tears, 
'Till fov'rtign grace with fliining rays, 
Difpeii'd my gloomy fears. 

J 'Oh, what immortal joys 1 ftlt, 
And raptures sll divine, 
Wh.'^n "jcfus told me I was his, 
And my beloved mine ! 

i\ In vain the tempter frights my foul. 
And breaks my peace in vain ; 
One glhnpfe, d^ar Saviour, of thy face 
Revives my joys again. 



r.^r tor.r/s i>^r)' ; Or, tic R.^.-rnaion of 

1 T">LESS'D morning, whofe 
X) ing rays 

Eeheldour rifing God ; 
That law him triumph o'er the dud, 
And leave his laft uLodc. 

2 In the cold prifon of p. tomb 

'.[ he dear Redeemer lay, 
'Till the revolving ikies had brought 
Ihe third, th' appointed day. 

3 Hell and the grave unite their force 

To hold our God in vaia; 
The deeping conqueror arofe. 
And burft their feeble chain. 

4 To thy great name, almighty Lord, 

Thcfe facred hours we pay, 
And loud Hrfa/ntas fliall proclaim 
The triumph of the day. 

5 Salvation and immortal praife 

To our vidtorious King ; 
Let heav'n and earth, and rocks andfcas 
With glad Hofannas rin 


Rfpiiitajue frcm a St'fs of a'-'-vhiS Goccjfs : 
Gr, A Covrpiahit rf Lirraiitudi, 

1 TS this the kind return, 

' -1 And thcfe'lhe thanks w^e ov/?. 

Thus lo abure i-craal love, 

Whence all our blelllngs flow ! 

2 To what a ftubbcrn frame 
Has fin reduc'd our mind ! 

What ftrangerebtllicus wretches v/e. 
And God as flrangely kind ! 

3 [On us he bids the fim 
Slicd his reviving rays ; 

For us the ikies their ciicles run, 
To lengthen out our days. 

4 The brutes obey their Gt-d, 
And bow their necks to men ; 

But we more bafe, more brutifla things, 
Rejed: his eafy reign. 

5 Turn, turn us, mighty God, 
And mould our fouls afrefli ; 

Break, fov'reign grace,thefc hearts of flone, 
And give us hearts of flelh. 

6 Let old ingratitude 
Provoke our weeping eyes, 

And hourly, as new mercies fall, 
Let hourly thanks arifc. 

184 I-IYMNS, &c. ixxv, Lxxvi, lxxvii, lxxviii. Book II. 


Sfiritua! and eternal "Joy : Or, The beatlfick 

Vjton of CHRIST. 

X Tj^ROM thee, my God, ray joys Oiall 
JL And run eternal rounds, [:ifc, 

Eeycnd the iimiis of the ikics, 
And all credited bounda. 

a The holy triunphs cf my ftiil 
Shall death itlclf ^ut-bravc, 
Ij« dull mortality btliind, 
And fly bcyord the grave. 

3 There, where my bleflVd 1 ps reigns, 

In hcav'n's uiimeafur'J /pace, 
rjl fpcnd a lon^ cterairy 
111 pleafurc and in praife. 

4 Millions of years my wond'rin_j eyes 

Shall o'er thy b.-auties revc, 
And endlcfs ages I'll adore 
The glories of thy love. 

5 [Sweet j'cAj* every fmile of t]unc 

Shall frefh endearments bring, 
And thoufand taflrs of new delight 
From all thy graces fpring. 

6 Hafte, my beloved, fetch my foul 

Up to thy blcfh'd abode ; 

Fly, fur my fpirit longs to fee 

My favjcur and my God. 

Tkc RfurreBlcn ard Af:ei:fnn cf CHRIST. 
xTTOSANNA to the Prince of light, 
X~L That cloth'd himfelf in clay ! 
Enter'd the iron gates of death, 
And tore the bars aw?y. 

a Death is no more the king of dread. 
Since cur Immar.utl rofc ; 
He touk the tyrant's fling away, 
And fpoil'd our hclii(h foes. 

3 See how the conqu'ror mounts aloft, 

And to his Father flics. 
With fears of honour in his flefli, 
And triumph in his eyes. 

4 There our txa'ied Savioui reigns, 

And icatters. bkflings down ; 
Our 'fef.i filL the inidtlk feat 
Of ihe celcftiai throne. 

? TRaifcyour devotion, mortal tongues, 
To reach his blcf^'d abode, 
6'w?ct lie the accents of year lor.*s 
i'o uur incarnate: God. 

6 Bright angels, ftrike your loudeft Arings, 
Your fwccteft voices raife; 
Let hcav'n and all created things, 
Sound our Jmmany>cl\ praife.] 


The Chr-Jlhn IVarfire. 

1 ^TAND up, my foul, fhakc ofl'thv fears, 
O And gird the gofpel armour on ; 
March to the pates of (ndh f-, joy. 
Where thy great Captain Saviour's gone. 

2 Hell and thy fins re fid thy courfe, 
I5ut hell and /In .trc vanquifii'd iocs; 
^^y 'Jf'"' naiPd ilum to ihecrofs. 
And fung the triumph w hen he rofe.] 

3 What tlio' the prince of darkncfs rage 
And wafle the fury of his fpite ? 
Eternal chains conSne him dov/n 

Yo fiery deep*;, and endlcls night. 

4 What thouph thine inward lufts rtli 
' iis but a Urugglin;!; g'^'^P 'o'' ^''"*-' \ 
The weapons of vietori<>i:s ^racr 
Shall llay thy fins, and end tl.c flrife. 

5 Then let my foul march boldly on, 
Prc'ls forv/ard to the hcav'uly gale, 
Thtre peace ar.d joy eternal reign. 
And gljti'xing robts for conqu'rors wait. 

6 There fliall I wesr a (tarry crown, 
And triumph in aimi^lny grace, 
While all the armies o; the Ikics 
Juin in my gl jru Ui Lcadcv's pralfv. 

ReiemtAn Ly CKRUT. 

1 TT/'HFN tht fiO parens s i^f our race 

VV Rebt ilM and loft :1k ir God, 
And the infcc'uon c** their fin 
Had tainted all our blood; 

2 Infinite pitv touch'd the heart 

Of the eternal Son, 
Defcendingfrom the hea\ V;l(f court. 
He left his Falbei'i) throne. 

3 Afide the Prince of Glory t?irew 

Hi* mod divine array. 
And wiap'd his Godhead in a vtll 
Of our inftriour clay. 

4 Hi? living pow'r and dying love, 

Rtdecin'd unhappy men ; 
And rais'd tlic ruins of our race 
To life and God a ".lin. 

Book II. HYMNS, &c. lxxix, lxxx,lxxxi, lxxxii, 185 

5 To *hee, dear Lord, our flefli and foul 

We joyfully refign ; 
Blefl 'Jefus take us for thy own, 
For we are doubly thine. 

6 Thine honour fliall torever be 

The bufinefs of our days, 
For ever lliall our thankful tongues 
Spqak thy dcfcrved praife. 

Praife to tbe Redeemer. 

1 T)LUNG'D in a gulph of dark defpair 
A We wretched finners lay. 
Without one cheerful beam of hope, 
Or fpark of glimm'ring day, 

a With pitying eyes the Prince of grace 
Beheld our helplcfs grief ; 
He faw, and (O amazing love !) 
He ran to our relief. 

3 Down from the fliining feats abeve 

With joyful hafte he fled, 
Enter'd the grave in mortal flefli 
And dwelt among the dead. 

4 He fpoil'd the pow'rs of darknefs thus 

And brake our iron chains, 
Jifus has freed our captive fou's, 
From everlalling pains. 

5 [In vain the baffled prince of hell 

His curfcd proie<a:s tries ; 
We that were doom'd his endlefs fiavesj 
Are raib'd above the ilcies.j 

6 Oh, for this love let rocks and hills 

Their lafting liience break, 
And all harmonious human tvongues 
The Saviour's pralfes fpeak. 

ill praife thee, dearefl Lord, 

a Let proud imperious kings 
Bow low before his throne ! 
Crouch to his fctt, ye haughty tliin^St 
Or he fliall tread you down. 

3 Above the fkies he reigns, 
And with amazing blows 
He deals infuftcrable pains 
On his rebellious fo?s. 

5 Yet everlafting God, 

We love to fpeak thy praife ; 
Thy fccptrt's equal to thy rod, 
The fceptfe of thy grace. 

5 The arms of mighty love 
Defend our Zion well. 

And heav'nly mercy walU us round 
From Babylon and hell. 

6 Salvation to the King 
That fits enthron'd above . 

Thus we 5dore the God of might, 
And blefs the God of love. 

7 [Yes, we wii 

Our fouls are all on ilame ; 
Il'funna round tl;e fpp.cious earth 
To thine adored name. 

8 Angcli,aCfl our mighty joys, 

Strike all your harps of gold ; 
But when you raife your higheft notes, 
Hi'j lovc- can ne'er be toi.l. 

GODS cnrfii! Poivjr and Go^u.^ifs. 


! the ainiighty Lord 


Kow mr.tch'e! 
O earth, bcnc^ 

hi -5 now'r ! 
is word, 

ii'le all the hc'iv'ii»auor<:. 

Our Sin the Caufe o/" Christ's Death. 

I A ND now the fcales have left mine 
jljL Now I begin to fee ; [eyes, 

Oh the curs'd deeds my fins have dene ! 
What murd'rous things they be ! 

i Were thefe the traitors, dearefl Lord, 
That thy fair body tore ? 
Monfters, that ftain'd thofe heav'nlv 
With floods of purple gore ? [limbs 

13 Was it for crimes that I had done, 
I My dearcfl Lord was flain, 
I When juftlce feiz'd God's only Son, 

And put his foul to pain ? 

1 4 Forjive my gnilt, O Prince of Peace, 
j i'il wound my God no more : ' 

j Hence <r(.m my lieart, \t fins, be gen?. 
For j'fu: I adore. 

J Fnraifli mc, Lord, with 1 eav'niy arms, 
From grace's magazine , 
And I'll prrclaim eternal war 
With ev'ry darling fin. 


/L'^./.Tji .'/:'« a/.J PrvtiSzion from Sfirituai £ne- 

1 A RISE, my foul, my joyful pow'rs, 
m\. And trliiiuph iu my Gcd ; 
Awake my voice, and loud p;-C/c'..:ci 
Hia glorious gricc alroatL 


li Y M N S, &c. Lxxxtn, lxxxiv, lxxxv. Book II. 

2 Hr raia'd me from the deeps of fin 

The gates of griping hell, 
And fix'd my ftandiug more fccure 
Than 'twas beff^re I fell. 

3 The arms of everlafting love, 

Beneath my foul he plac'd, 
AtA en the rock of ages fet 
My llipp'ry footfteps faft. 

4 The city of my bleft abode 

Is waL'd around with grace ; 
Salvation for a bulwark Itands 
To lliield the facred place. 

5 Satan may vent hh fliarpeft fpi<c, 

And all his legions roar ; 
Almighty mercy guards ray life, 
And bounds his raging pow'r. 

6 Arifc my foul, av.ake my voice, 

And ti>ncs of plrallire Cng ; 
Loud hallelujahs faail addrefs 
My Saviour and rny Kin^. 

The Pajpon and Exaltaikn of CHRIST. 

I ''pHUS faith the Ruler of xhi ikies, 
JL Aiiaki viy dreadful fiMord ; 
Ainjie my lurath., end f 7:2 it e the JVIaPy 
My lel/ozvy fuith the Lord. 

a Vengeance receiv"d the dread command, 
And armed, down flie flies • 
yf''S fubmits t'his Father's haiKl, 
And ^ws liis head and dies. 

3 But, oh ! the wifdom and the grace 

That join with vengeance now ! 
He dies to lave our giiiity race, 
And yet he riTes too. 

4 A perfon fo divine was he. 

Who yielded to be flalii. 
That he could give his foul av/ay, 
And take his life again. 

5 live, gloriois Lord, and reign on high 

Let evVy nation fmg, 
And an,icls found, with cnd'cfs joy, 
The- iiaviour an<l the King. 

a Tell how he took our Hcfli, 
To take away our guilt ! 
Sing the dear drops of facred blood 
That hellifli monflcrs fpilt. 

3 [Alas ! the cruel fpcar 
Went deep into his fide, 

And the rich flood of purple gorr 

Their murd'rous weapons dy'd] 

4 [Tlie waves of fwclling grief 
Did . \ r his bofom roll, 

And mountains of Almighty wrath 
Lay heavy on his foul.] 

5 Downto the fhades of death 
He bow'd his awful head ; 

Yet he arofe to live, and reign 
When death itfelf is dead. 

6 No more the bloody fpear. 
The crofs and nails no more ; 

For hell itfelf lliakes at his name, 
Ai\d all the heav'ns adore. 

7 There the Redeemer fits 
High on the Father's throne ; ^ 

The Father lays his vengeance by. 
And fmilcs upc;n his Son. 

8 There his full glories fliine 
With uncreated rays 

And blefa his faints and angels eyes 
To evcrlaft'Ug days. 

The far::e. 

1 /^OME all harmonious tongues, 
V>< Vour nv>bleft niulic bring ; 
' i .s Cb^f the everialling God, 
And Clrft the man, vkc ling. 

Siffcieitcy of Pardon. 

i'\T7'HYdoesyoar face, ye humble fouls, 

VV Thofc mournful colors wear ?[faith, 
Wiiat doubts are thefe that wafte your 
y/nd nourifli your defpalr ? 

a What thou^.h your num'rous fins eiceed. 
The ft»rs tliat fill the £Lics, 
And .iini'iig at th' eternal throne. 
Like poirittd mountains rife? 

.-; Whnt tliongh your mighty guilt beyond 
The wide creation fwcll, 
y^nd has its curfl foimdations laid 
Low as the deeps of htU } 

4 See here an eudlcfs pecan flov/s 

Of ncver-l.iiling grace ; 
Behold a d\ ing Saviwui '^ veins 
The h'cred Jlocd incrcafc : 

5 It rifrsh'gh, and drowns the hills, 

H.:s neither Ihorc nor bound ; 
Now if wc Kareii to find our fins. 
Our fins can ut'cr be found. 

B.ll. HYMNS, &:c. lxxxvi,lxxxviI5Lxxxviii,lxxxix,xc. 187 

6 ^wakc, our hearts, adore the grace 
That buries all our faults, 
And pard'ning blood, that fwcUs above 
Our follies and our thoughts. 

Freedom from Sin and Mifery^ in Heamtn. 

I /^UR fins, alas I how ftrongthey be ? 
\J ^nd like a vi'lent fea, 
They break our duty, Lord, to thee, 
Ai\d hurry us away. 

a The waves of trouble, how they rife ! 
How loud the tempefb roar ! 
But death fhall land our weary fouls 
Safe on the heav'nly fliore. 

3 There, to fulfil his fweet commands, 

Our fpeedy feet (hall move ! 
No lin lliall clog our winged zeal, 
Or cool our burning love. 

4 There fliall we fit, and fing and tell 

The wonders of his grace, 
Till heav'nly raptures fire our hearts, 
.^nd fmile in ev'ry face. 

5 For ever his dear facred name 

Shall dwell upon our tongue, 
And Jcfus and falvation be 
The clofc of ev'ry fong. 

The Divine Glories above our Reafon. 

1 TTOW wond'rous great, how glorious 
XJ. Muft our Creator be, [bright 
Who dwells amidft; the dazling light 

Of vaft infinity ! 

2 Our fearing fpirits upwards rife 

Tov^'rd the celeftial throne : 
Fa'n would we fee the blefled Three, 
And the almighty One. 

3 Our reafon ftretches all its wings, 

^nd climbs above the ficies ; 
E-it ftill how far beneath thy feet 
bur grov'ling reafon lies ! 

4 fLord, here we bend cur humble fouls, 

Awd awfully adore : 
For the weak pinions of our :r.ind, 
Can ftrtt :h a thought no more.] 

5 Thy glories infinitely rife 

Ab JVC GUI- bbV.'ng tcr.ruc ; 

la vain the higheft feraph tries 
To form an equal fong. 

6 [In humble notes cur faith adores 
The great myfierious King, 
While angels ftrain their nobler pow'rs. 
And fweep th' immortal flring.j 



r QALVATION! Oh the joyful found ! 
O 'Tis pleafure to our ears ; 
A forcreign balm for ev'ry wound, 
A cordial for our fears. 

Z Bury'd in forrovi' and in fin, 
Al hell's dark door wc lay ; 
But we arife, by grace divine., 
To fee a heav'nly day. 
.3 Salvation ! let the echo fly 
The fpacious earth arounrl. 
While all the armies of the iky 
Confpire to raifc the found. 


Christ's Viaory ever Satan. 

1 TTOSANNA to our conquVing King I 
X X The Prince of Darknefs flies, 
His troops rufli headlong down to hell, 

Like lightning from the fl:ics. 

2 There, bound in chains, the lions roar. 

And fright the refcu'd ilieep ; 
But heavy bars confine their pow'r 
Aiid malice to the deep. 

3 Hofanna to our conqu'ring King, 

AW hail, incarnate love ! 
Ten thoufand fongs and glories wait 
To crown my head above. 

4 Thy viA'ries and thy deathlefs fame 

I'hrough the wide world ihall run ; 
yfnd evcrlafting ages fing 

The triumphs thou hafl won. 


Faith In C'i-Rl ST, /cr Pardon and Sanaifuuf:on. 

I T TOW i.?A pur flate by nature is V- ■ 
X X Our fin, how deep it ftains ! 
And 2:7tan b-nds our captive minds, 

FaTiin his lla villi cluiius. 

1 88 

HYMNS, &c. xci, xcii. 

Book II. 

a But there^s a voice of fov'reign grace 
Sounds from the facred word ; 
Jio ! ye defpairingftnners comCy 
And truji upan the Lord. 

3 My foul obeys th' almighty call, 
And runs to this relief; 
I would believe thy promife, Lord ; 
Oh ! help my unbelief. 

5 [To the dear fountain of thy blood, 
Incarnate God, I fly ; 
Here let me wafli my fpotted foul 
From crimes of deepeft dye. 

5 Stretch out thine arm, vi<ftorious King, 

My reigning fins fubdue ; 
Drive the old dragon from his feat, 
With all his hellifli crew.] 

6 A guilty, weak, and helplefs worm 

On thy kind arms I full : 
Be thou my ftrcngth and righteoufnefs. 
My Jefus^ and my All. 

7 This is the Man, th' exalted Man, 

Whom we, unfcen, adore ; 
But when our eyes behold his face, 
Our hearts fl\all love him more. 

8 [Lord, how our fouls are all on fire 

To fee thy blefs'd abode ; 
Our tongues rejoice in tunes of praife 
To oilr incarnate God !] I 

9 And while our faith enjoys this fight, j 

We long to leave our clay ; 
And wifli thy fiery chariots, Lord, 
To fetch our fouls away. 

The Glory of CHRIST in Heaven. 

1 /^H, the dciij;hts, the heav'niy joys, 
V^ The glories of the place. 
Where Jcfus llieds the brighteft beams 
Of his o'erflowing grace ! 

a Sweet ma'icfty and awful love 
Sitfiuiling on his brow, 
And all the glorious ranks above 
At humble diftance bow. 

3 [Princes to his imperial name 

Bend their bright fceptres down ; 
Dominions, thrones, and pow'rs rejoice 
To fee him wear the crown. 

4 Archangtis f.^unU his lofty praife 

l>.rough ev'ry heav'niy I^rect, 
And hy their higheft honours down 
Submillive at his feet.] 

5 Thofe foft, thoft blefied feet of his. 

That once rude iron tore, 
High on a throne of li^ht they fland. 
And all the i'aiuts adore. 

6 H?s head, the dear jiiajeftiek head, crut^l thorns did wound. 
Sec what immorta! glories fliiutr, 
Aud circle il around ! 


The Church faved^ and her Enemief difup- 

[ QHOUT to the Lord, and let our joys 
O Through the whole nation run ; 
Ye Weftern {kies, refound the noifc 
Beyond the rifing fun. 

Z Thee, mighty God, our fouls admire, 
Thee our glad voices fing. 
And join with the celeftial choir, 
To praife th' eternal King. 

3 Thy pow'r the whole creation rule.*. 

And on the flarry Ccies 
Sits fmiling at the weakdefigns 
Thine envious foes devife, 

4 Thy fcorn defidcs their feeble rag<r, 

And with an awful frown, 
Flings vaft confufion on their plots. 
And fliakes their Buhd down. 

5 [Their fccret fires in caverns Liy, 

And we the facrilice ; 
But gloomy caverns ftrove in vain 
lb 'fcape all-fearching eyes. 

9 Their dark dcfigns wrre all rcveal'd, 
'i'hcir trcafons all hetray'd ; 
Praife to the Lord, that broke the fnare 
Their curfcd hands had laid.] 

7 In V \\\\ the bufy fons of hell 
Siill new rebcrllions trv,, 
Tiittr ioiils fliall pine witii envious ra^j 
And vtx away, aiid die. 

S Almighty grace defends our iviJ 
From iheir malicious ptjwV ; 
Then let us with united fc.n^s 
Almighty grace adw.-c. 

Book II. HYMNS, kc, xciii, xciv, xcr. 


GOD al/. and in all. Pfalm Ixxii. 25. 

1 TVyTY God, my life, my love, 
IVl To thee, to thee I call ; 

I cannot live, if thou remove, 
For thou art all in all. 

2 [Thy fliining grace can cheer 
This dungeon where I dwell ; 

*Tis paradife when thou art here; 
If thou depart 'tis hell.] 

3 [l\he fmilings of thy face, 
How amiable they are ! 

'Tis heav'n to refl in thine embrace ; 
And no \vhere elfe but there.] 

4 [To thee, and thee alone. 
The angels owe their blils ; 

Tiiey fit around thy. gracious throne, 
And dwell where yefus is.] 

5 [Not all the harps above 
Can make a heav'rjly place, 

k" God his refidcnce remove, 
Or but conceal liis face.] 

6 Nor eanh nor all the Iky, 
Can (^ne delight afford ; 

No, not a drop of real joy, 

Without thy prelence. Lord. 

7 Thou art the fea of love, 

Where all my plealures roll ; 
The circle where my paiFions muve, 
And centre of my foul. 

8 [To thee my fpirits Hy 
V/'th infinite dcfire : 

And yet, how far from thee I lie ! 
Dear yifus raife me higher,] 


COD my only Ilappliicp, Pfal. Ixxiii. 25. 

I "iV 'T^'^ God, my oortion, and my love, 
iVl My evc'rkfting All, 
I've none but thee in heav'n above, 
Or en this eanhly ball. 

a [What empty things are all the ikies. 
And this inferior clod ! 
There's noticing here defervcs my jcys, 
There's uothinglike my God.] 

3 [In vain the bright, the burning fun 
Scatters his feeble light : 
'Tis thy fweet beams create my noon ; 
If thou withdraw, 'tis night. 

4 And whilft upon my rcfllefs bed 

Amongfl the fliadcs I roll. 

If my Redeemer flicws hib head, 

'Tis morning with my foul.] 

5 To thee ve ovfc our v/ealth and friends. 

And health and fafc abode ; 
Thanks to thy name for mtaner things, 
But they are not my God. 

i6 EIow vain a toy is glitt'ring wealth. 
If once comp?,r'd'»to thee? 
Or what'j tny fafety, or my health. 
Or all my friends to me ? 

7 Were I poflefTor of the earth. 

And call'd the ftars mine own ; 
Without thy graces, and thyfelf, 
I were a xvretch undone : 

8 Let ct'uers firetch their arms like feas. 

And grafp in r/.i the fl^.ore. 
Grant mc the vifits of thy face. 
And I dtfire no more. 

Lmh »n him ivhom ibey picrcsd and tr>ourn» 

1 TNFINITF. grief ! amazing woe ! 
i- Bthold ray bleeding Lord : 
Hell and the jezi-s coni^^ir^d his death, 
And us'd the Kotnau fword. 

i Ch, the fnarp pangs of fmarting pain 
r,ly dear Redeemer bore. 
When knotty v/hips, and ragged ihorns, 
Kis facrcd body tore. 

3 But knotty whips, and rrgged thorns. 

In vain do I accuie ; 
In vain I blame the Roman bsnd.>, 
And the more fplteful "Jdws. 

4 'Twere you my fins, my cruel iins, 

His chief tormentcrs v/cre ; 
Each of my crimes became a nail, 
And unbelief the fpea*!-. 

5 'Tv'cre you that pull'd the vengeance 

Upon his guiitlcfi; head : [down, 

Ereak, break, my lieart, oh burft, mine 

And let my icrrows bleed. [eyes, 

6 Strike, nighty grace, nay flinty foul, 

*J ill melting waters flow. 
And deep repentance drown mine eyes 
In unalfltmbled woe. 

190 HYMNS, &c. XCVI5 xcvii, xcviii, xcix, c. Book 11. 


Difiinguijbing Lo-ve ; Or, Angels funJjhei^ 
liltin faveJ. 


How feldom do I rife to God, 

Or tafte the joys above ? 
This mountain prefl'cs down my faith 

And chills my llnming love. 

1 -pvOWN headlong from the native^ When fmiling mcrcv courts my fold 
1^ The rebel angels fell, [flcics with all its hcav'nly charms 

And thunder-bolts of flaming wrath 
Purfu'd them deep to hell. 

a Down from the top of earthly blifs 

Rebellious man was hurl'd 
And "Je/js floop'd beneath the gravpi 
To reach a finking work'. 

Oh, love of infinite degree ! 

Unmeafurabic grace ! 
Muft heav'n's etern.U Darling die, 

To favc a trait'rous lacc ^ 

Mufi angels fink for ever down. 
And burn in qucMchlefs fire. 

While Godf-> his iliining throne 
To raifc us wretches higher ? 

Ch, for his Live, l^t earth and ikies 

With iiiille'u.ja' t ring. 
And tlic full clioir of human tongues 

M\ H.lkij-.'os Ung. 

This (lubborn, this relentlcfs thing, 
Would thruft it from my aims. 

A^ainfl the thunders rf thy word 

Rebellious I have flood ; 
My heart it fljakis not ut the wrath 

And terrors of a Co:'. 

Dear Saviour, ftctp this rock of mine 
In thine own crimfon fea ! 

None but a bath of blood divine 
Can mcli. the flint awyy. 


The p.-e. 

I'J^RO?,! hep.v'n the finning ar^gcls fell 
X Aiic< 'A ruth anddarknelbchiiuMthera 3 There's net a fparrow cr a woriix. 


T/Si- DooL of cod's Deer e-, 

ET the whole race of creatures lie 
Ab.ab'd before thtir God ; 
V hntc'er hi^ fov'rcign voice has forru'd 
He govcrjns wiili a nod. 

S [Ten thc^ufand agts ere the ili^es 
Were into mrtio:: brou^I t; 
All the long years .ind v.xn-lds to come 
Stood prei'eut to his thojghL 

ccv.'u ; 
But man, vile m:in, fnrfcck his blifa 
And mercy lifts him to a crown. 

a Amazin'* work of fov'rcign grace, 
'j'hut could dlftLng'jifli rebels To ! 
Our g:iilty trcalbns calld aloud 
Eor tvulafting feitcrs too. 

.", To thee, to rhcc, almi..;hty love. 
Our fouls, <jurxcives, our all wc pay ; 
Aliilions of tongues fliall found thy piaii'e 
On the bright hills of heav'nly day. 

HarJ/ufs of Heart co>fiplained cf. 

X TV/fY heart how dreadful hard it, is ! 
XVX How heavy here it lies ; 
Heavy and cold within my bre.ift, 
Jul! like a rock of ice I 
a Sin, like a raging tyrant, fits 
Upon this flinty throne, 
And ev'ry grace lies bury'd deep 
Beneath this heart ot llone. 

Ei:t's found in his decrees ; 
Hera-Trs monHrchs to tluir throne?, 
And finks liiem as he plcaftj.l 

4 If liglit attends the courie I ruij, 

'lis he provides tlioic rays ! 
And 'tis his hand that hides my fua» 

If darkncfs cloud my tlays. 
Yet I could not be much conccm'd, 

Ncr vainly long to fee 
The volumes of his deep decrees, 

What moirJis ar^* Avrit for me. 

When he reveals the book of life. 
Oh, may I read my name 

Amongft the chcfen of his love, 
The foll'wers of the Lamb. 


Thf Prifcr.c: cf CHRIST is the If: of my Scul. 

iTTOW full of anguilli is the thought, 
JlT How it diflracls and tears my heart, 
If God at laft, my fov'rcign Judge, 
Should '"row:-', and bid my foul defart ! 

Book II. 

HYMNS, &c. CI, cii, ciir. 


ft Lord, when I quit this earthly ftage, 
Where iliall I fly but to thy brcaft ? 
For I have fought no other home : 
For I have learn'd no other rcfl:. 

3 I cannot live contented here, 
Without fome glimpres of thy face ; 
And heav'n, without thy prcfence there, 
Will be a dark and tirefome place. 

4 When earthly cares engrofs the day, 
And hold my thoughts afide from thee, 
The fliining hours of cheerful light 
Are long and tedious years to me. 

5 And if no cv'ning vifit's paid 
Between my Saviour and my foul, 

How dull the night ! how fad the (hade ! 
How mournfully the minutes roll ! 

6 This flefli of mine might learn as foon 
To live, yet part with all my blood ; 
To breathe, when vital air is gone, 
Or thrive and grow without my food. 

7 [CorJjl is my light, my life, my care, 
Mv blelTed hop:^, my heav'nly pri^e ; 
Dearer than ail my pailions arc, 
My limbs, my bowels, or my eyes. 

8 The firings that twine about my heart. 
Tortures and racks may tear them off; 
But they can never, never part 

With their dear hold of Ci-riJ, my love.] 

9 [My God ! and can a humble child. 
That loves thee with a flame lb high, 
Be ever from thy fdce exii'd, 
Without the pity of thine eye ? 

ic ImpofTible ! — For thine own hands 
Huve tv'd my hear!: fo fart to thee, 
And ill thy book the promife ftands, 
Thit where t'iou art, thy friends mufl be.] 

4 The plcafures that allure ourfenfe 

Arcdang'rous fnares to fouls; 
There's but a drop of flatt'ring fwcet, 
And dafli'd with bitter bowls. 

5 God is mine all-fufTicIent good, 

My portion and my choice. 

In him my vafl defires are fiU'd, 

And all my pow'rs rejoice. 

6 In vain the world accofls my ear, 

And tempts my heart anew ; 
I cannot buy your blifs fo dear, 
Nor part with heav'n for you. 

Tie IVcrlfs three chief Tcnptaticns. 

1 ^TTHEN in the light of faith divine 

VV Vv'e look on things bclcnv, 

Koncur and goU, and fenfuai joy, 

H'jw vain axid (iar:g'rou.> too \ 

2 [Honour's a pufFof noiA' breath ; 

Yet men cxpofe their bii.od, 

And venture everlara: 


To gain that airy good. 

While ethers ft?.rve the nobler mind, 
Ar.d feed on iluniug du'l, 

They rob the fcrjjcnt o! his focd, , 
T' ir.dui-i? a I.-iiid kit.] 


A happy Refurrefilor.. 

I AJO, I'll repine at death no more, 
L\ But with a cheerful gafp rcfign 
To the cold dungeon of the grave 
'Fhefe dying, with'ring limbs of mine. 

2 Let worms devour my v.'afting flefh, 
And crumble all my bones to duii. 
My God fliall raife my frame anew, 
At' the revival of the jufl, 

3 Break, facred morning, through the fkies, 
Bring that delightful, dreadful day, 

Cut ihort the hours, dear Lord, and come; 
Thy ling'ring wheels, how long they flay. 

4 [Our wearied fpirits faint to fee 
The light of thy returning face. 
And hear the language of thofclips 
Where God has llied his richefl grace.] 

5 [Hafle then upon the wings of love, 
Roufe all the pious fleeping clay, 
That we may join in heav'nly joys. 
And fing the triumph of the day.] 

Christ's CommiJJloit, John iii. 16, 17. 

1 /^CME. happy fouls, approach your 
V.^ With new melodious longs ; [God, 
Come tCKdcr to Almighty grace , 

The tributes of your tongues. 

2 So lirange, fo bound tcfs was the love 

l.hat pity'd dying mcii. 
The Fatlier fcnt his equal .Son, 
To give them liie again, 

3 Thy hands, dear J'f--^, v.cre net arni'd, 

With a revenging red, 
No h.ird commJiliou toporfuira 
Tlie vtnc^!-:\nce of « cJuJ; 


II Y ]\I N S, &c. CIV, cv, cvi, cvii. Book 11. 

4 But all was mercy, all was miUl, 

And wrath forfook the throne, 
When CLiiJi on the kind errand came 
And brought falvatiun down. 

5 Here, may heal your wounds. 

And wipe your furrows dry : 
Truftin the mighty Saviour's name, 
And you fliall never die. 

6 See, dcareft 1.01 d, our willing fouls 

Accept thine oHtr'd grace ; 
We blefs the great Redeemer's love, 
Aud give the Father praife. 


The fuf7:c. 

I "r> AISE your triumphant foags 
Xv. To an immortal tune, 
Let the wide earth rcfound the deeds 
Celeftial grace has done. 

a Sing how eternal love 
Its chief beloved chofc. 
And hid him raifc our wretched race 
From tUcir abyfs of v.'oes. 

5 Hishandnoth-under bears, 
Nor terror clclhcs his brow ; 
No bolts to drive our guilty fouls 
'I'o litrccr liames below. 

4 ' Fwas mercy filJ'd the thrcae, 
And wr.^th llo(.cl lilent by, 

When Cbriji v/as fent \\ ich pardons down 
To rebels doom'd to die. 

5 Now, finncrs, dry your tears, 
Let hop'-'lcfs forrow ceafe ; 

Bijw to the fceptrc of his love. 
And take the olTjr'd peace. 

6 I-ord, we obey thy call ; 
We lay an humble cl.iim 

To the falvation fhju haft brought. 
And love and praife thy name. 

And tlireat'ning vengeance rolls above 
To crulli our feeble frames. 

3 Almighty goodnefs cries — Forbear ! 

And flrait the thunder ftays : 
And dare we now provoke his wrath 
And w eary out his grace ? 

4 Lord, we have long abus'd thy love, 

'1 00 long indulg'd our fm, 
Our aching hearts e'en bleed to fee 
What rebels we have been. 

5 No more, ye lufls, fliall ye command, 

No more will we obey; 
Stretch out, O God, thy conqu'ring hand 
Aud drive thy foes away. 


Repentance at the Crcfs. 

r /^H, if my foul form'd for woe, 
V,' How would 1 vent my fighs ! 
Repentance fliould like rivers How, 
1 rom both my ftreamiiig eyes. 

2 'Twas for my fins my dcareft Lord 
Hung on the eurftd tree. 
And groau'd away a dying life 
For thee, my foul, for thee. 

J Cs, how I hate thole Itfts of mine 
That crucify 'd ray God, 
Thife Unsthat pierc'dantlnail'd hUflcfli 
Fait to the fatal wood. 

4 Ye-, rv.\ Redefiner, they fl:-ll die, 
Mv heart has fo decreed ; 

Nor will I fpare the guilty things 
That made my Saviour bleed. 

5 Whilft with a melting broken heart 
My muider'd Lord I xiew, 

I'll raife revenge againft my iins, 
And fiay the murd'rers too. 


JR.c^'eni.uuc fniv'inr f, ofn the {?ai:i!ue .y" GOD. 
tali v.'? 


I A NP are v.-e wrerc!i:.3 yet aliv 
1\. Aud vi»» we ytt rebel ? 
' J'isbour.dlefs, 'tis Amazi .'^ love, 
Ihat bears us up from hell ! 

a The burd.a of our weighty j^lh 
Would li;ik u» d;^wu to ^.c^iius. 


The CJerlajVwg Abj\nce rf GOD iitio'etahle. 

I 'nr'H.\T awful d.iy will furcly come, 
X. 1 h' ;\ppointed hour m.ikes hall 
When I nr.iil Ihind before my Judge 
And pali the foL-nm tcft. 

% Thou lovely chief of all my joys, 
Thou Sov'rcHgn of my heart, 
i\o\y could i bear to hear thy vcicc 
Piauounce the found, Dcp.<rtf 

Book II. HYMNS, &c. cviii, cix, qx.,. 


3 The thunder of that difmal word 

Would fo torment my ear, 
*Twould tear my foul alunder, Lord, 
With moft tormenting fear. 

4 [What, to be banifli'd for my life, 

And yet forbid to die ? 
To linger in eternal pain, 
Yet death for ever fly ?] 

5 Oh, wretched fl;ate of deep dcfpair 

To fee my God remove, 
And fix my' doleful ftation where 
I muft not tafte his love ! 

6 yr/«/, I throw my arms around 

And hang upon thy bread ; 
Without a gracious fmile from thee 
My fpirit cannot reft. 

7 Oh ! tell me that my wortlilefs name 

Is graven on thy hands, 
Shew me fome promife in thy book, 
Where my falvation ftands. 

8 [Give mc one kind, afluring word, 

To (ink my fears again, 
And cheerfully my foul lliall wait 
Her three fcore years and ten.] 


Accefs to the throne cf Grace by a Llcdiator. 

I /^OME, let US lift our joyful eyes 
V>< Up to the courts above, 
And fmiie to fee our Father there 
Upon a throne of love. 

1 Once 'twas a feat of dreadful wrath, 
And fliot devouring flame ; 
Our God appear'U confuming Are, 
Aud vengeance was his name. 

3 Rich were the drops of Jefi^s* blood 

That caln'd his frov/ning lace. 
That fprinkled o'er his burning throne 
And turnd the wrath to grace. 

4 Now we m:iy b.'Av before his feet. 

And venture near the Lord ; 
No lierv chei ub guards his feat. 
Nor double flaming fword. 

5 The peaceful gates of heav'niy blifs 

Arc open'd by t!ie Son ; 
Higli Icr.ui raiie our notes of pr,.ife, 
Ajid ifcacU tli' ahnigluy tUrJac. 

6 To thee, ten thoufand thanks we bring, 
Great Advocate on hrgK : • • , 
And glory to tH* eternal King ^' . 
That" lays Eis fury byj 

CIXy* . ^jONq metre. , 

The ddt;iitefs of Providence. 

iT ORD,'weadorc thy vaft defigns, 
JL^ T^' obfcure abyfs of Providence, 
Too deep to foundwith mortal lines,. 
Too dark to view with feeble fcnfe. 

a Now thou array'ft' thine awful fac^ 
In an^ry frowns, without a fmile : 
We, through the cloud, believe thy grace, 
Secure of thy compaflion fl:ill. 

3 Through feas andftorms of deepdiftrefs 
We fail by faith, and not by fight. 

Faith guides us in the wildcrnefs, 
Through all the briars, and the night. 

4 Dear Father, if thy lifted rod 
Refolve to fcourge us here below, 
Still we muft lean upon our God, 
Thine arm fhall bear us fafely through. 



Triumph o-ver Death, in the Hope cf the R.'J- 

I A ND muft this body die .? 
xV This mortal frame decay ? 
And muft thcfe uiSlive limbs of mine 
Lie mould'ring in the clay ? 

a Corruption, earth, and worms 
Shall but retiue this flelli, 
'Till my triumphant fpirit comes. 
To put it on-afrefli. 

3 God my Redeemer lives, 
And often from the ikics, 

Looks down and watches all my dufi;, 
'Till he fliali bid it rife. 

4 Array 'd in glorious grace,- 
Shall thefc vile bodies flilne, 

And cv'ry lliapc,aud ev'ry facc^ 
Look heav'niy and divii'je. " 

5 I'licft lively hopes w^ owe < ., , 

Tu7/-/dyiitg,lovc;,v. .. " 

\7e would adore his grace bclo'.v. 

And fnjglii^pow'r above. - 

194 HYMNS, &c. cxi, cxii, cxin, cxrv. Book II. 

6 Dear Lord, accept the praifc 
Of thclc our humble fongs, 
Till tunes cf nobler iuund we raifc, 
With our immortal tongues. 


Tbanhjgivingfor ViBory : Or^ OOO's Domitf 
ion, and our Deliv<ra7Ke. 

X ►yiON rejoice, and Judah fing, 
/_4 The Lord aflumcs hit throue ; 
Come, let us own the htav'niy King, 
And malce his glories known. 

a The great, the wicked, md the proud, 
From their high Itats arc hurl'd j 
*jfebcvab rides upon a dimd, 
And thunders through the world. 

3 He reigns upon tli* ctcraal hills, 

Dlftributcs mortal crowns ; 
Empires are fix'd beneath hii fmiles, 
And totter at his frowns. 

4 Navies that rule the ocean wide, 

Arc vanquifli'd by his breath. 
And k^ioiib, arm'd with pow'rand pride, 
D. cLud to wairy de;ith. 

5 L ' tvraTits r rke no more pretence 

Tt'vex cv.-^ happy l?,id : 
Tehavjf-'^ ri?nie is our defence ; 
Our buckler is his hand. 



Angels minljierliig to CHRIST and Saintt. 

R£AT Gcd ! to what a glorious 

Cjt hcii'ht 

Haft thou advanc'd the Lord thy Son,? 
An.;:ls in all their rubes of liglit, \ 

Arc made the fervants of his throne. 

a Ev.forc his feet thine armies wait, 
Aud fwift as uan.cs of fire they move, 
To manage his aiTairoof ftatc, 
In works of vcugcaj.ce and of love, 

3 His orders run through all the hofls, 
Le;ioii8 dclcead at his ccmmaid, 

To fliiclu ai.d ;^ird our native coaft-, 
When for-^';ga rage iuv:idcs our land. 

4 Now t^cy arc fent to guide our feet 
Up to the g;uci> of thiiic abode. 

Through all the dangers that we meet. 
In travelling theheav'niy road. 

5 Lord, when I leave this mortal ground, 
And thou ihalt bid me rile and come, 
Send a btlovcd angel down, 
Saie to conduvfb my fpirit home. 

The fame. 
I "T^HE majcfly of Solomom 
JL Hou' glorious to behold 
The fcrvants w;iiting round his throne, 
The ivVy and iht gold ! 

t But, mighty God ; thy palace fliines 
With far fapcrior beams ; 
Thine angcl-guards arc fwift as winds, 
Thy minifttrs are Hamcf. 

3 [Soon as thine only Son had made 

His entrance on the earth, 
A fhininj/ army downward fled, 
To celebrate his birth. 

4 And when opprc.'s'd with pains and fears, 

On the cold ground he lies, 
Behold a hcav'niy form appears, 
T' allay his agonies.] 

5 Now to the hantl* of CbrJj}, our King, 

Are all their legions giv'n ; 
Tlity wait upon his faints, and bring 
His chofen heirs to heav'n. 

rieafure and praife run through their 
To fee a finner turn ; [huft, 

That S.itan has a Ciptive loft. 
And Cbrift a fubjccl: born. 

But there's an hour of brighter joy, 

When he his an;^cls feuds 
Obftiaate rebels to deftroy, 

And gather in his friends. 

Oh ! could I fay without a doubt. 
There il^r^U my foul be found, 

Then let the great archanL^f 1 ilicut, 
A:id the liift trun)5>tt founci. 

CURI31*S Dejth^ HSljry and Do->'tu:cn. 

I SING my Saviour's word'rous death ; 
He cc>rqucr'd v. hen he fell : 
'Ti: f-Jh\: ! r.'d h's dying breath, 
Ana (liook. the gMiie of l^eli. 

Book II. HYMNS, &c. cxv, cxvi, cxvii, cxviii, cxix. 195 

a *Tis Jin'[h*d ! our Immanutl crics, 
The dreadful work is done ! 
Ilcnce fl-.nll his fuv'relgn throne arifc, 
His kingdom is begun. 

3 His crofn a fur-e foundation laid 

For glory and icuown, 
V/iien thrcnigh tiiC r«"j^Jou3 of the dead 
He pafs'd to reach the crown. 

4 Exalted at his Father's Hdc 

tilts 01 r A icli riows Lord ; 
To hcavn ^nd hc!I his h.invis divide 
The vengeance or reward. 

** . 

J The faints from liis propillous eye, 

Await thtir ic/cral crowns, 

And all the fons of darkneis fly 

The terrour of his frowns. 

GOD tie Avenger cf his Saints ( Or, His X'/to- 

z TTIGH 33 tlieheav'ns above the ground, 
X JL Reigns the Creator, Gcd ; 
Wide as the wliole crraiiyii'o bound 
Extends his awful rod. 

a Let princes cf exalted ilate 

To him afcribc their crown, 

Render thfir homage st his feet, 

And caft their glories down. 

3 Knov/ that his ki/'_^dum is fuprcmc, 

Your lofty thoughts are vain ; 
He calls yoM gods, tliat awful nanio. 
But ye \w\vX dic like men. 

4 Then let the fov'reigns of th.e globe 

Not dare to vcx ti.'e jiin ; 
He puts on vengeance like a re be, 
And treads the worms toduft. 

5 Ye judges of the earth be wife. 

And think of hcav'n \\ ivh ftar ; 
The mcaatft faint that you difpife 
1-Ias an aven^'er there. 

Ivlercit: and TLir.nis. 


I TTOVV can I fink with fuch a prop 
jlX. As my eternal God, 
""v\i>o bears the earth's huge pillars up, 
And fpreaus the hcav'cs abroad ? 

a How can I die while Jefus lives, 
Who rofe and left the dead ; 
Pardon and grace my foul receives 
From mine exalted head. 

3 All that I am, and all I have. 

Shall be for ever thine ! 
"Whate'er my duty bids mc give. 
My cheerful hands refign. 

4 Yet if 1 might m.ake fome rcferve. 

And di'.ty did not c<Jl, 
I love my Cicd with zeal fo great, 
'I'hat I lliould give him all. 


Living a;id dying, tvitb GOD fyf.nt. 

iT CANNOT bear thine abfence, Lord, 
i Aiy life expires if thou depart ; 
yjt t!:ou, my heart, frill near my God, 
And ihou, my Gnd, be near my heart. 

z I was not born U:)^ earth or fin, 
Nor can I live on ti-.ings fo viie ; 
Yet I will flay my father's tine, 
And hope ar.d wait forheav'u a v. hil \ 

3 Then, deartR Lord, in thine r:r,brace, 
I^et me rcfign my fleeting breath. 
And, wiili H fmile upon my fac^, 
i-iiii the imnortaat hour of death. 

CXVlIi. LONG met-;e. 

The Prlefihood of cri?.iST. 

i"y3I'OOD has a voice to pierce the fkies, 
13 R.'vcnge the bleed cf Aid cries : 
I'ut tlie dear fbream, when Chrijl was Hairj, 
Speaks /'^«f(f as loud frcm ev'ry ^^\\x. 

i Pardon and peace from God on hi^h ; 
Eehoid he lays his vcr.gep.nce by ; 
And rebels that dcfervc his fword 
Become the fav'ritcs of the Lord. 

3 To ffus let our praifes rife, 
Who gave his life a facrilice * 
Now he appears before his God, 
And, for our pardon, pleads his blood. 


The Holy Scriptures. 

I T ADEN with guilt, and full of fears, 
JLi 1 fly to thee, my Lord, 
And not a giimpfc of hope appears, 
But in tliy written word. 

igS H Y M N S, &V. cxx, cxxi, cxxii, cxxiii. Book II. 

a The volume of my father's grace 
Docs all my grief afluage : 
Here I behold my Saviour's face 
Aimoll in ev'ry page. 

3 [This is the field where hidden lies 

The pearl of price unknown ; 
That merchant is divinely v,ife. 
Who makes the pearl his own. 

4 Here confccrated water flows, 

To quench my thii ft of fin ; 
Here the fair tree of knowledge grows, 
No danger dwells therein.! 

5 This is the Judge that ends the ftrife, 

"Where wit and reafon frtil; 
My guide lo evcrlafting life. 
Through all this gloomy vale. 

6 Oh I may thy counfels, mighty God, 

■My roving feet command ; 
Nor i forlake the happy road 
That leads to thy ri;>ht hand. 

Tie Laiv aud CtJlHH jciiied in Scripture. 

I npK£ Lord declares his will, 
X And kctps the world in awe ; 
Amidil the fmoke on 6V;.j/'s hiil, 
Ereaks out his iicry law. 

s 'jhe Lord reveals his face. 
And, fmiling from above, 
Send- down the gofpcl of his grace, 
Th' epiltlcs of his love. 

3 Thefe facrcd words impart 
Our Maker's jufl: commands ; 

The pity of his melting hthrt. 

And vengeance of iiij hands. 

4 [Hence we awake our fear 
\Ve draw our comfort hcpce ; 

The arms of grace aie treafur'd here, 
AwX aimour of deicnce. 

5 We learn Cbrlll crucify'd. 
And here behold his blood ? 

All arts and knowledges befidc 
Will do us little good.] 

6 We read the heav'nly word, 
We take the ofter'd grace, 

Qbev the ftatutes of the Lord, 
A'.id truft hli promifes. 

7 In vain fliall Satan rage 
Againft a book divine. 
Where wrath and lightning guard the page. 
Where beams of mercy fhinc. 


^be laiL- and Gcfpel difinginjhed. 

I' I 'HE law commands, and makes u» 
X. know 

What duties to our God we owe ; 
But 'tis the gcfpcl muft reveal 
Where lies (ur (Irengih to do his will. 

zThe law difcovers guilt and fin, 
And ihcws how vile our hcjrts; 
Only the gofpeJ can expr 'is 
Forgiving love, and clcanfing grace. 

3 What curfcs doth the law denounce 
A^aiuft the man that fails but opcc ? 
But in the gofpcl Chrljl appears, 
Pard'ning the guilt of niim'rous years. 

4 My foul, no mare attemjit to draw 
Tljy life and comfort from the law ; 
Fly to the hope the gofpcl gives : 
The man that trufts the prcmife lives. 

ilV >7"Y God permit m< 
L>X A flranger to n/;, 

Kitiremt'n' and lileditation, 

not to be. 

[I if and thee ; 
Air.idft a thoufand :hoi:g!its I rove, 
Forgetful of my hi^^htA "jcvc. 

i W'hy {liould my paiLons rr.ix with earth, 
And thus dtbalc my heaX''nly birth ? 
Whv Ih.ould I ckuvc to things be'ow. 
And let my God, my Saviovir, go ? 

3 Call mcaway from ileHi and fenie. 
One fov'rtign v.ord can draw n-ic thence 
I would obey the voice divine. 

And allinfciiour joys refign. 

4 Be earth with all her fccnc6 withdrawn ; 
Let noife and vanity begone : 

In fccret filcnce of the iiund. 

My heav'n, and there my God, T find. 


TLe Baufit of Public Ordinances. 

I \ WAY from ev'ry mortal care, 
_ZjL Away from earth, our fouls retreat; 
We leave this worthlefs world afar. 
And wait and worihip near thy feat. 

Book II. HYMNS, &c. cxxiv, cxxv, cxxvi, cx-xvii. 197 

a Lord, in the temple of thy grace 
We fee thy feet, and we adore ; 
We gaze upon thy lovely face, 
And Icdrn the wonders of thy pow'r. 

3While here ourvarious wants Ave mourn, 
United groans afcend on high ; 
And pray'rs produce a quick return 
Of blelTnigs in variety. 

4 If Saian rage, and fin grow ftrong, 
Here we receive fome cheering word ; 
We gird the gofpel armour on, 

To fight the battles of the Lord. 

5 Or if our fpirit faints and^ie*, 

(Our confcience gal I'd with inward ftings) 
Here doth the righteous fun arife, 
With healing beams beneath his wings. 

6 Father ! my foul would ftill abide 
Within thy temple near thy fide ; 
But if my feet muft hence depart, 
Still keep thy dwelling in my heart. . 


Faith and Repentance, Unbelief and Impefiiieme. 

1 T IFE and immortal joys are giv'n 
J_J To fouls that mourn the fins they've 

done ; 
Children of wrath made heirs of heav'n, 
By faith in Gou'i eternal Son. 

^ Woe to the wretch that never felt 
The inward pangs of pious grief. 
But adds to all his crying guilt 
The ftubborn fin of unbelief. 

3 The law condemns the rebel dead. 
Under the wrath of God he lies : 
He feals the curfe on his own head. 
And with a double vengeance dies. 

'13 not the law of ten coiTimands 
On holy Sinai giv'n, 

JS/lofeSy Aaron and J-Jhua. 

' T 

6r fent to men by Mofes* hands, 
Can bring us lafe to heav'n. 

a 'Tis not the blnod which Aarrin fpilt, 
Nor fmoke of fweeti-fl: imell. 
Can buy a pardon for our guilt, 
Or fave ouv fouls iroin heil. 

3 A^<ipfirM^ prjeftrefignshis breath, 
-'AtGod'u immedi.-ite \yiil ; 
.^;t<ciin»ihe def^rt yitlJs to death, 
Up-»n th* appointed hili. 

4 And thus en 7 


i le ir'.bcs of Ifrr.A flaiid, 
Whi'e M^fcs hcr.d and dy'd 
Sliort of the prornis'd land. 

5 ^ 

T^r-'.v^ re'rice, now *y )J}jua le.-.ds, 
He'll biiii.c; 70fif tri'.K-s ro refl ; 

So f-iT the Saviour's n;i.Tie exceeds 
The ruler 3r.d the p'-.'tT-. 


GOD glorijled in the Gofpel. 

I 'T^HE LordjdefcendJng from above, 
X Invites his children near; 
While pow'r and truth, and boundlefs 
Difplay their glories here. [love^ 

% Here, in the gofpel's wcpd'rous frame, 
Frcfh wifdom we purfue ; 
A thoufand angels learn thy naree. 
Beyond whate'er they knew. 

Thy name is writ in fairefr lines, 
Thy wonders here we trace ; 

Wifdom thiough all the myft'ry fhines. 
And tliincs in Jifus'' face. 

The law its bcft obedience owes 

To our incarnate God ; 
And thy revengnijr iuilicc fliows 

Its honours in his ll,;od. 

But Hill the liiftce of thy grace 
Our warmer thoughts employs, 

Ci^ds thowiioiefcene wilh brighter rays, 
And more exalts cur joys. 


Circumcifion and Eaptifm^ 

{ ',Vrit-i;n only for thip nvho pra5i;fe ibe Bip" 

■'/■'' f Infants. 

['T~'HUS did the fons of Ah-cVm pnfs j 

1. Under t he bloody fcal of grace ; 
The ycurg difci|;rc«. bcrr. the yoke, 
"J'iH Chrif. the pa^T.ful bcnclage broke-, 

2 Ey milder ways diith J^fis nrove 
His Father's ccv/'na:nt, r.nd his love \ 
He fcals to faints his giv ri^us grace, 
Ncr doca fcrbid their infant race. 

198 HYMNS, &c. cxxviii, cxxix, cxxx, cxxxi. Book 11. 


The miv Creation. 

I A Tl'END, while God's exalted Son 
xV. Doth his own glory flicw ; 
Behold I fit upon mv throne. 

3 Their feed is fprinklcd with his blood, 
Their children let apart for God; 
His fpirit on their offspring flied, 
JLike water pour'd upon the head. 

4 Let ev'ry faint with cheerful voice 
-In this large covenant rejoice ; 

Young children in their early days, 
Shall give the Cod of Abraham praife. 

Corrupt Nature from Adam. 

I "OLESS'D with the joys of innocence 
X) Adam our father flood, 
'Till he dcbas'd his foul to fcnfe, 
And eat th' unlawful food. 

% Now we are born a fcnfual race, 
To finful joys inclin'd ; 
Reafon has loft its native place, 
And flefli inflaves the mind. 

3 While flefli and fcnfe and paflion reignsj 

Sin is the fweeteft good : 
We fancy muficlc in our chains, 
And fo forget the 1 jad. 

4 Great God I renew our ruin'd frame, 

Our broken pow'rs rcftore, 
Infpire us with a heav'nly flame, 
And fleOi fliall reign no mere. 

.5 Eternal Spirit ! write thy law 
Upon our inward parts, 
And let the fecund Ad.m draw 
His ima;ie on our hearts. 


IVc ivalk by Faith y not by S'vght. 

I'T^IS by the faith of joys to come 

JL We walk thro' deferts dark as night 
'1 ill we arrive at heav'n our home, 
Faith is our guide, and faith our li-ht. 

a The want of fight flie well fupplies, 
She makes the pearly gates appear : 
Fir into diflant worlds llie pries. 
And brings eternal glories near. 

3 Cheerful we tread the dcfart through. 
While faiihinfjjirtjs a heav'iiiy ray, 

T hoiigii lions roar and ttmpclls bl.,w. 
And rocks and t!a>i^crs fill the way. 

4 So Alrah^n by divine conimand, 
I.ef: his owi\ h »ufo to wal<i with God ; 
His faith -beheld tii^ pronils'J land, 
And di'J his zc^l alu-.ig the road. 

Creating all things new. 

Z Nature and fin are pafs'd away, 
And the old Adam dies ; 
My hands a new foundation lay — 
See the new world arifc I 

3 I'll be a Sun of righteoufnefs 

To the new heav'ns I make ; 
None but the new-born heirs of grace 
My glories fliall partake. 

4 Mighty Redeemer, fet me free 

From my old flate of fin ; 

Oh, make my foul alive to thee. 

Create new pow'rs within : 

5 Renew mine eyes, and form mine ears 

And mould my heart afrefh ; 
Give me new palfions, joys and fears. 
And turn the flone to flefli. 

6 Far from the regions of the dead. 

From fin and earth and hell ; 
In the new world that grace has made, 
I would forever dwell. 

y/itf Excellency ef the Cbriji an Religion. 

I T ET everlafting glories crown [Lord ; 
A-i Thy head, my Saviour, and my 
Thy hands have brought falvation down, 
And writ the bleflings in thy word. 

2 [What if we trace the globe around. 
And fearch from Sriiain to 'Japan^ 
There fliall be no religion found 

So juft to God, fo fafe for man.] 

3 In vain the trembling confcicnce fceks 
Some folid ground to refl upon ; 
N^'ith long defpair the fpirit breaks, 
'"Fill we apply to Uriji alone. 

1 How well thy blcfled tr.'.ths agree! 

How wife ai.d holy thy commands ! 

1 hy promifcs, how firm they be ! 

How firm our hope .iid ccmfort (lands ! 
^ Not the fti^n'd fields of hcath'nifh blifs 

Could raife fueli pleafures in the mind ; 

Nor docs the Turkifo paradifc 

Prtttiid to jova fo well rcfiu'J. 

B.II.HYMNS,&c.cxxxii5Cxxxiii,cxxxiv,cxxxv5Cxxxvi. 199 

6 Should all the forms that men dcvife 
AfHiult my faith with treach'rous art, 
I'd call them vanity and lies, 
And bind the gofpel to my heart. 


The Oj^ces of CHRIST. 

I "\T7'E blefs the prophet of the Lord, 
V V That comes with truth and grace; 
Jffus, thy fpirit and thy word, 
Shall lead us in thy ways. 

% We rev'rence our High Prieft above. 
Who offer'd up his blood ; 
And lives to carry on his love, 
By pleading with our God. 

3 We honour our exalted King ; 

How fweet are his commands ; 
He guards our fouls from hell and fin. 
By his almighty hands.- 

4 Hofanna to his glorious name, 

Wbofavesby difF'rent ways, 
His mercy lays a fov'rcign claim 
To our immortal praile. 


The Operations of the Holy Spirit, 

I PATERNAL Spirit ! we confefs 
JLi And fing the wonders of thy grace ; 
Thy pow'r conveys our blcfllngs down 
From God the Father and the Son. 

% Enlighten'd by thine heav'nly ray, 
Our iliades and darknefs turn to day ; 
Thine inward teachings make us know 
I Our danger and our refuge too. 

I 3 Thy pow'r and glory works within. 
And breaks the chains of reigning fin ; 
Doth our imperious lufts fubdue. 
And forms our wretched hearts anew. 

% He faid, and with a bloody feal 
eonfirm'd the words he fpoke : 
Long did the Ions of Abrab'tn feel 
The fharp a';d painful yoke. 

3 'Till God's own Son, dtfcending low. 

Gave his own flefli to bleed ; 
And Gentiles tafte the bleflings now. 
From the hard bondage freed. 

4 The God of Abraham claims our praife. 

His promifes endure ; 
And Cbrijl the Lord in gf^ntler way?, 
Makes the falvation fure. 

Types and Prophecies of Christ. 
^ TOEHOLD the woman's promis'd feed! 
XJ Behold the great Mejfiab come ! 
Behold the prophets all agreed 
To give him the fuperiour room ! 

^ Abrab'my the faint, rejoic'd of old 
When yifions of the Lord he faw ; 
Mofcs, the man cf God, foretold 
This great fudlller of his law. 

3 The types bore witnefs to his name, 
Obtain'd their chief dcfign and ceas'd ; 

. The incenfe,and the kleeding lamb, 
The ark, the altar, and the prieft. 

4 Predi(5lions in abundance meet. 
To join their bleflings on his head : 
yKf"^y we worfhip at thy feet. 
And nations own the promis'd feed. 

MlracUs at the birth of CHRIST. 
^npHE King of glory fends his Son 
X To make his entrance on this earth ■ 
Behold the midnight bright as noon, 
And heav'nly hofts declare his birth \ 

3 About the young Redeemer's head 

4 Thctroublcdconfcience knows thy voice, -iiru , , , . 

Thy checrinjr words avvake our iovs • Y^^' wonders and what gJc^nes meet ' 

ly cnecnng woras awaJce our joys 
Thy words allay the flormy wind. 
And calm the furges of the mind. 


I ^ \ "HE promife was diviacly free, 
J- Exienlive was the grace; 
'• I will the God of Abrab\-. be, 
A.nd of liis uur.i'rous ruce." 

An unkno^vn flar arcfc and led, 
Tiie eaftern fages to his feet. 

3 Simeon and Anna both confpire 
The infant o^'^-.-uur to proclaim; 
Inward they fcit the f;;crcd i:rc, 

And blcfs'dthe babe, snd own 'd his name. 

4 Let Jetv^ and Grf-i-'blarphcme aloud. 
And treat the holy child with fcorn ; 
Our fouls idore th' eternal God . 

Who condcfccndcd to be born. 

200 HYMNS, &c. cxxxvii, cxxxvili, cxxxix, cxl, cxlt. B.Il 


JMiraclts in the Life^ Death, and RefurreOion 

iT>EHOLD the blind their fight receive 
13 Behold, the dead awake, and hvc ! 
The dumb fpeak wonders I and the lame 
Leap like the hart, and blefs his name ? 

iThus doth th' eternal fpirit o-nn 
And fcal the miflTion of his Son ; 
The Father vindicates his caufe, 
While he hangs bleeding on the crofs. 

3 He dies ! the heav'ns in mourning ftood: 
He rifes, and appears a God ! 

Behold the Lord afcending high. 
No more to bleed, no more to die. 

4 Hence and forever from my heart 
I bid my doubts ar.d fears dtpart ; 
And to thofe bands my ioul refign, 
Which bear credentials fe divine. 


The Po-wer of the Gofbel 

1^ I 'HIS is thev^-ord of truth and love, 
X Sent to the nations from above ; 
fchovab here refolves to flTew 
What his almighty grace can do. 

a This remedy did wifdom find, 
To heal difeafes of the mind ; 
This fov'reign balm, whofe virtues can 
Reftore the ruin'd creature, man. 

3 The gofpel bids the dead revive, 
Sinners obey the voice, and live : 

Dry bones arc rais'd, r.nd dotli'd afrefli. 
And hearts of ftone arc turn'd to flcfli. 

4 [Where Satan reigu'd in fiiades cf ni^ht, 
The gofpe! ftrikes a heav' light ; 

Our luftj it.s wond'r( us pow'r controls. 
And calms :he rage of angry fouls. 

5 Liops and b'j.-fls of lavage name 
Put en the nature of the lamb ; 
While the wide world efleems it rtrange, 
Gaiie, At.d admire, and haic the change;! 

t fA-vr but this grace *nv renew, 
Let JTmners gnze and liate n>c too : 
The 'Aord that laves me d. (.5 '.ngire 
A*m:c ij^y:'ica<:c from JA their ia^^^:.^ 

Tbe ExamfU of CHRIST. 

ill TY dear Redeemer, and my Lord, 
xVJL I read my duty in thy word : 
But in thy life the law appears : 
Drawn out in living charadlers. 

a Such was thy truth, and fuch thy zeal. 
Such def'rence to thy father's will. 
Such love, and meekncfs fo divine, 
I would tranfcribe and make them mine. 

3 Cold mountains, and the midnight air, 
Witnefs'd the fervour of thy pray'r ; 
The defart thy temptations knew. 
Thy conrtidl:, and thy vidl'ry too. 

4 Be thou my pattern ; make me bear 
More of thy gracious image here ! 
Then God, the judge, fliall own my name 
Amongft the foll'wers of the Lamb. 

The Ex^rrplci of CHRIST and the 

I /'^ IVE me the wings of faith to rife 
V_T Within the vail, and fee 
The faints above, how great their joys ; 
How bright their glories be ! 

a Once they were mourning here below, 
y^nd v/et their couch with tears : 
Tliey wreftlcd hard, as we do now, 
With (ins, and doubts, and fears. 

3 I aflt them, whence their vi<fl'ry came ? 

They with united breath, 
Afcribe tleirconquefl to the Lamb ; 
Their triumph, to his death. 

4 They mark'd the footfleps that he trod, 

(His ztal iuipir'd tlieir breaft:) 
And, following thtir incarnite God, 
PoflciVd the prcmi^d left. 

5 Our glorious leader claims our pralfc, 

For h s.iwn pattern giv'n. 
While the lon^ cloud of witac!"^es 
Shtw the ame path to heiv'n. 


Faith afjied by Se.fc : Or, Prc,:.kitg, Ea^trm^ 
an J the X^rd^i 5;.^y- r. 

I "T^yrv Saviour God myfov'reitnirnrce 
IVjL Rri-ns far abo-v the Oi'ies ; 

Eul br'ni^^h's z '••' ? d '-^ " ■*"' iCi..*c, 
And htlp:;ni_. , 

Book II. HYMNS, &c. cxlii, cxliii, cxliv, cxlv. 201 

2 My eyes and cars fliall blefs his name, 
They read and hear his word ; 
My touch and tafte fliall do the fame, 
When they receive the Lord. 

J Eaptifmal water is defign'd 
To feal his cleanfing grace, 
While at his feaft of bread and wine 
He giv-s his faints a place. 

But not the waters of a flood 
Can make my flcfh fo clean, 

As by his fpirit and his blood 
Ht 11 wafli my foul from fin. 

5 Not choiceft me.its, nor nobleft wines, 

So much my heart rcfrefli, 
As when my faith goes through the figns 
And feeds upon his flcfli. 

6 I love the Lord, who ftoops fo low. 

To give his v/ord a feal : 
But the rich grace his hands befto^v. 
Exceeds the fi^iurcs ftlll. 


Faiih in CHRIST our Sacrtjiie. 

I XJOT all thebiood ofbeaOs, 
i\ On "Jeivyi altars flain, 
Could give the guilty csnfcience peace. 
Or waili a-vvay the ftiiin. 

% Eut C/^r/? the heav'nly Lamb, 
Takes all our fins away ; 
A facrifice of nobler name. 

And richer blood than they. 

3 My faith would lay her hand 
On that dear htad of thin°, 

While like a penitent I ftand, 
And there confCiS my iin. 

4 My fuul looks back to fee 
The burdens thou didft bear. 

When hanging on the curfed tree. 
And hopes her guilt was there. 

5 Believing, we rejoice 

To ice the curfe remove ; 
We blefs the Lamb with cheerful voice. 
And ling his bleeding love. 

2 Now I complain, and groan, and die, 

While fm and Satan rei^j^n: 
Now raife my fongs of triumph high, 
For grace prevails again. 

3 So darkncfs firujgles with thelight. 

Till perfe6l day arife; 
Water and fire maintain the fight 
Until the weaker dies. 

4 Thus will the flefli and fpirit ftrive, 

And vex and break my peace ; 
But I Hiall quit this mortal life, 
And fin for ever ceafc. 


The LJfuf:o;u of the Sp'irh : Or, tie Succefs of 
tU Go/pel. 

i/^ RF.ATwas the day, the joy was great, 
VJT \^'.'ien t'nt divine difcipies met ; 
Whxiift on their heads the fpirit came, 
And fat like tongues of cloven flame. 

a What giffs, what miracles he g«Te ! 
Andpov.-'r to <uve, and pow'r to favc ; 
Furnifh'd their tongues with wcnd'rous 

Tiiftead of niitkls, and fpears, and fwords. 

3Thus arm'd he. fent the champions forth. 
From eaft to weft, from fouth to north ; 
Go ! and aiiert your Saviour's caufe ; 
Go ! fpread the myft'ry of his crofs. 

4 Thefc weapons of the holy war. 
Of wh^t almighty force they are. 
To make our ftubhorn paffiors bow. 
And lay the proudell rebel low ! 

5 Nations, the learned and the tv.Ac, 
Are by thcfe hcavVily arn;s fubdu'd : 
While tiatan rages at his lofs, 

And hates the doctrine of the crofs, 

6 Great King of grace, my heart fubdue ; 
I Avould be led in triumph too, 

A willing captive to my Lord, 
And fing the vicl'ries of his word. 

JFl^fb end Spirit. 

Siobt through a Clafs, and Face to Fate. 

WHAT dilT'rent pow'rs of gracpand i T LOVE the windows of thy grace, 
Attend cur mortal ftate ? [fin JL Threugli which my Lord is feen, 
I hate the thoughts that work within. And long to meet my Saviour's face, 

And do the works I hate. I Without a glafs between. 

202 HYMNS, kc. cxLvi, cxLvii, cxLviii. BookIL 

% Oh, that the happy hour were come, 
To change my faith to fig'ii ! 
1 flioiild behold my Lord at home, 
In a diviner light. 
3 Hafle, my beloved, and remove 
Thf fe interpofinfT days ; 
Then fliall my palfions all be love, 
And all my powVs be praifc. 

Tie f^anity cf Creitures : Or, No Rtjl on 


I"]\ /FAN has a foul of vaft dt fires. | 

IVX lie burns will ii wiih rcftlofs fires; 
Toft to and fro, his puilions fly 
From vanity to vanity. 

a III ^' on earth v;e hope to find 
Scmj foiic! good to fill the mind : 
"We try new pleHfurcs ; but we feci 
The imvard thiril and torment ftlll. 

3 So when a raging fever burns, 
Wc fliift from fide to fide by turns ; 
And 'tis n poor relief we g.iia. 
To chanoe the place but kicp the pair. 

4 Great God ! fubdiie-thfs v-ciotis thirfl, 
Ihi- love to vanity and duft;- 
Cure the vi!c ftvtr of the mind, 
And feed our fouls with joyb rtfm'd. 


Tie Cr.alion cf ft:- Wcrld. Gtn. i. 
1 TWT O W let a f\7c'a::i ivorld crlfc, 
J-^ Said the Creator 'L^xc. \ 
At once th* obcdifut ortli and fkics 
Rofe at his fov'reign word. 

» [Dark was the deep ; the M-aters lay 
Confus'd and druwn'd the ; 
He eall'd the ligh: ; the new born day 
Attciids ju his eommand. 

3 He bids the clouds afecrd on high ; 

Th«- clouds afcend and 
A wal', y treafure to thf Tkv, 
And iiuat on fofr- r air. 

4 The lic-iild eh^ment bilow 

Was gathered by his h-ind: 
The roHiujj leas together ilow. 
And leave the f'.Uid^land. 

5 With herbs and plants, a flcv/'ry birth, 

The na^ed globe he cfcwn'd, 
Pre tlijre wai rain tublei's the earth, 
Or iuu to warm the giouud. 

6 Then he adorn 'd the upper fkics ; 

Behold the fun appears, 
The moon and ftars inoder rife, 
To mark out months and years. 

7 Out of the deep tl.' almighty King 

Did vital beings trame, 

The painted ft wU of tv'ry v ii:!g. 
And filh of c/'ry name.] 

8 He gave the lion and the worm 

hi once th i woi d'rous birth, 
I And grazing beads ( f vaticus form 
Rofc from the teeming earth. 

9 AJain was fram'd of tqtial cKiy, 

Though fov'rcign of the reft, 
Dtfi;'ii'd fur nobler ends t! they; 
With God'ii own im^gt blefb'J. 

10 Thus glorious in the Maker's eye 

'1 lic voung creation ftood ; 
He faw the building from on high, 
His woid pronounc'd it good. 

11 Lord, vhilc the frnmc of nature {land*, 

Thy praife fii.'Ji fll my to!^gue ; 
But the new woild o! grace dtmands 
A more exalted long. 

CXLVIII. coM,v:oN metre. 

GOD ricor.cUc.! in CHRIST. 

I "pVEAREST of all the names abov:, 
X-x My j'<-ft!s and my God, 
Who can relift thy heav'niy icv?. 
Or trifle with thy blood } 

Z 'Ti.^ by the merI^s of thy death 
'f he lather fmiks a^ain ; 
Tis by thine iuteretd n^ breath 
The fpirit dwells with racr. 

3 'Till God ia human flefli I fee, 

My thoughts no comfoit find; 
The holy, juft and facred Three 
Are terrors to my mind. 

4 But if Im.nanuei\ face appear, 

My hope, my joy be JiiS ; 
His name ljrb:ds my (lavifh fear, 
M;s grace rcmtivcs my fins. 

J While J<r.L'i on their own law rely, 
A lid (Jrcfii of wildoin bjalt, 
I love til' Jncarna:c myftcry, 
Aiid there I iSx my t uil. 

3ookII. H YMNS, &c. cxlix, cl, cli, clxi, cliii. 


i[oftour ts Magijirates : Or, Govertimtnt from 


ETERNAL fov'reign of the flcy, 
And Lord of all below, 
We mortals to thy majefty 
Our firft obedience owe. 

i Our fouls adore thy ihione fuprcme, 
And blefs thy providence, 
For mngiftratPB of meaner name, 
Our glory and defenct, 

\ [The crowns of all thofc princes fliinc 
With rays above the reft. 
Where laws and liberties combine 
To make the nation blefs *d.] 

^ Kingdoms on firm foundations (land, 
While Virtue finds reward ; 
And Tinners perifli from the land 
By juftice and the fword. 

; Let Cafurs due be ever paid 
To CefurS-nd his throne; 
But conl'cicnces and fouls were made 
To be the Lord's alone. 


The Liciitfulntfs of &tn.^ 

\ Q 5N has a thoufand treach'rous arts 
O To pradlice on the mind; 
With flatt'ring looks flic tempts our 
But leaves a fling behind. [hearts 

\ With names of virtue flie deceives 
The aged and the young ; 
And v.hile the hecclds wretch believes, 
She makes his fetters ftrong. 

\ She pleads for all the joys flie brings, 
And gives a fair pretence ; 
But cheats the foul of heav'nly things, 
And chains it down to fenfe. 

\ So on a tree di» inely fair 

Grew the forbidden food; 
Cur m .z.Mx :ook the poifoii there, 
And tainted all her blood. 


Prophicy uttd Iifl-Araion. 

jiryrvv AS by an order from the Lord, . 

A TKean-irnt pre phets fpoke hii word; 
Kii fpi;i^ did tlitir lungues infp^re, [fire. 
A:.d warai'd llulr hearts with htav'nly 

% The works and wonders which they wro*t 
Confirm 'd the mcflages they brought ; 
The prophet's pen fucceeds his breath 
To fave the holy words from death. 

7t Great God ! mine eyes withplcafure look 
On the dear volume of thy book; 
There my Redeemer's face I fee, 
And read his name who dy'd for mc 

4 Let the falfe raptures of the mind 
Be loft and vanifh in the wind : 
Here I can fix my hope fecurc ; 
This is thy word, and muft endure. 

Sinai and Sion. Heb. rii. i8, &c. 

I ^fOT to the terrours of the Lord, 
J^ The tcmpeft, fire, and fmokc ; 
Not to the thunder »f that word 
Which God on 5///<y; fpoke ; 
a But wc are coxne to S/oj's hill. 
The city of our God, 
Where milder words declare his will, 
And fprcad his love abroad. 

3 Behold th* innumerable hoft 

Of angels clolh'd in light ! 
Behold the fpiritsof the juft, 
Whofe faith is turn'd to light ! 

4 Behold the blefs 'd afT-mbly there, 

Whofe names are writ in hcav'n ! 
And God, the judge of all declares 
Their vileft fins forgiv'n. 

J The faints on earth, and all the dead, 
But one communion make ; 
All pm in Chriji^ their living head, 
And of his grace partake. 
6 In fuch fociety as this 

Aly weary Ibul would reft : 
The man that dwells where fefus is, 
Klufr be for ever blefs 'd. 

The Difemfer, Fo'.ly, and Ivladtufi sf Sin. 

1 O 1I\, like a venomous difcafe, 
tk^ Iiiftcls our vital blood : 
The only bi'Ini is fov'reign giace. 

And rhe phyficiai;, God. 

2 Our beauty and our ilrcngth arc fled. 

And we draw near to death; 
But C/'ry? the Lord recalls ihc dead. 
With his aloiighiy brcaih. 


H Y M N S, &c. cLiv, CLV, CLVi., Book II. 

3 Madncfs, by nature, reigns within, 

The paflions burn and rage, 
*Till God's own Son with fkill divine 
The inward fire afluage. 

4 [We lick the duft, we grafp the wind. 

And folid good defpife : 
Such is the folly of the miad. 
Till J ejus makes us wife.] 

5 We give our fouls the wounds they feci 

We drink the pois'nous gall, 

And rufli with fury down to hell ; 

But heav'n prevents the fall. 

6 [The man poflcfs'd among the tombs, 

Cuts his own flefh and cries : 
He foams and raves, 'till 'jefus comes, 
And the foul fpirit flies.] 

He pafs'd the tents of Jacob o'er, 
Nor pour'd the wrath divine ; 

He faw the blood on ev'ry door. 
And blefs'd the peaceful fign. 

Thus the appointed Lamb muft bleed, 
To break th' Egyptian s yoke ; 

Thus I/racl is from bondage freed, 
And 'fcapes the angel's ftroke. 

Lord, if my heart were fprinkled too 
With blood fo rich as thine, 

Juftice no longer would pursue 
This guilty foul of mine. 

Jf/us our paflbvcr was flain, 

And has at once procur'd 
Freedom from Satan's heavy chain 

And God's avenging fword. 


Sdf-rtghtcctujnefs infuffuitnt. 

1"TTTHERE are the mourners," faith 

VV the Lord, 

** That wait and tremble at my word. 
That walk in darknefs all the day ? 
Come, make my name your truft and flay. 

1 [No works nor duties of your ovrn 
Can for the fmalleft: fin atone ; 
The robes that nature may provide. 
Will not your lead pollutions hide. 

3 The lofteft couch that nature knows. 
Can give the confcicnce no rcpofc : 
Look to my righteoufnef^, and live ; 
Comfort and peace are mine to give.] 

4 Ye fons of pride that kindle coals 
With your own hands, to warm your fouls, 
Walk in the light of your own lire, 
Enjoy the iparics that yc defire . — 

5 This is your portion at my hands, 
Hell wjiits you with her iron bai.iii ; 
Yc lluU lie down in forrow there, 
In death and darknefs, :uid dci'pair." 

CHRIST our Pa£jV£r. 

LO, the delhnyingaugcl fiiis 
'lo Pi.:it:uL\ Ituljborn land ! 
The pride and flow'r ot li^'i't dies 
liy his v.nJidlive hand. 


Prtfumftion and Defpair : Or, Satan's various 

1 T HATE the tempter and his charms, 
A I hate his flatt'ring breath : 

The ferpent takes a thoufand forms, 
To cheat our fouls to death. 

2 He feeds our hopes with airy dreams, 

Or kills with fiavilli fear; 
And holds us ftill in wide extremes, 
Prefumption or dcfpair. 

3 Now he perfuadcs, Hoiu eafy 'tis 

'Jjt> iva!k the road to bewuen ; 
Anon he fwcUs our fins and cries 
TAv-j cannot be forgii)' n. 

4 [Ke bids young finners, Yet forbear 

Tv think of God or death ; 
Prefer and real demotion are 
But miliincholy breath. 

5 He tcUs the aged, they mujl die^ 

And 'tis ita lute to pray ; 
In vain for mercy neic thiy cry. 
For th.'y ha'uc lifl their day."\ 

6 Thus he fupports his cruel throne 

Uy mlfchitf and deceit, 
And drags the fons »)f Adan down 
lo dii k-nefs and the pit. 

7 Almighty God cut fhort his pow'r, 

Lcc hmi in darknefs d\VclI ; • ' 
Andthit he vox the earth noriiorc,' 
Cjullne liim dowh lo'li'^iy ' •' 

Book II. HYMNS, &c. clvii, clviii, clix, clx, clxi 


*Tbe fame. 

I "VTOW Satan comes with dreadful roar 
jLN And threatens to deftroy ; 
He worries whom he can't devour 
With a malicious joy. 

a Ye fons of God oppofe his rage, 
Rcfift, and he'll be gone ; 
Thus did our dearcfl Lord engage 
And vanquifli him aloue. 

3 Now he appears almoft divine, 

Like innocence and love ; 
But the old ferpent lurks within, 
When he affumes the dove. 

4 Fly from the falfe deceiver's tongue, 

Ye fons of Adam, fly I 
Our parents found the fnarc too flrong 
Nor fliould the children try. 

3 [Daily we break thy holy laws, 
And then rejed thy grace ; 

Engag'd in the old ferptnt's caufe, 
Againft our Maker's face.] 

4 We live cftrang'd afar from God, 

And love the diftance well ; 
With hafte we run the dang'rous road 
That leads to death and hell. 

5 And can fuch rebels be reftor'd ! 

gucli natures made divine ! 

Let (inners fee thy glory, Lord, 

And feci this pcw'r of thine, 

6 We raifc our Father's name on high. 

Who his own Spirit fends 
To bring rebellious flrangers nigh, 
And turn his foes to friends. 




Ci'Jlom in Klin. 
I T ET the wild leopards of the wood 
CLVIII. LONG METR E. -L l"^^-t off the fpots that nature gives, 

Then may thj wicked turn to Gud, 
Fcivfaved: Or, The almoft ChrJfian,ths Hyp", ^uji ^^hange their tempers, and their lives. 

ocrite, and Apofu 

2 As well might Ethiopicn flavcs 

iT> ROAD is the road that leads to death, Walh out the darknefs of their fkin j 
JO And thcufands v/alk toteiher there, 'j j,(. Jead as well may 'ciive their graves. 

But wifdom iliews a narrow path, 
With here and there a traveller. 

IsDeny th^f'f, and tahe ih\ crrf ^ 
Is tiie Redeemer's great command ! 
Nature muft count her gold but drofs. 
If llie would gain this hcav'iJy Land. 

3 The fearful foul that tires and faints. 
And wal'Ks the ways of God no more. 
Is but eftetm'd — almoft a faint, 
And makes his own dtflru-flion fure. 

4 Lord, let not all my hopes be viiln. 
Create my heart entirely new ; 
■VV!)ich h.vpocrites could nc't rait tin, 
Vr hichfaife apoftatcs never knew. 

An unconierUd State : Or, Grace. 

old ti 


brs cCcJ'e to ha. 

3 Where vice has held its empire Jorg, 
'Tv. ill not endure the icaft t( litrcl ; 
None but a pow'r divinely firc-r'; 
Can turn the current of the; ibul. 

4 Great God ! I own thy pow'r divine. 
That works to change tlu.'i heart of mine; 
! would be form'd uucav, and bkfs 

The woudcrti of cre^tin^; grace. 

I CLXI. co: 

Cbrlftian Viituez : Or 

The DiJfcLl'y cf Coti- 

STRAIT is tlie v/ay, the door is ft/ait, 
Tiiat leudii to joys on high ; 
Tisbut a few that llnd the gate, 
V/ l)ik cruwds miftukc and die. 

I [f^ REAT King of glory and of giace ! z Eeloved felf muCl be dcny'd 
V_T We own, with hun:blc lliame, 

How vile is our dcgen'rate race, 
And our firfl father's name.] 

I From uidj?n flows our tainted blood, 
Thcpoilbn reigus within. 
Makes us averfe to ail that's goi'd, 
. And -Aiiliu" Haves to Hn. 

'1 he mind and will rcnew'd, 
Paili-jn fupprcfs'd, and patience try'd 
And vaiu di.iiresfi.bdu'd. 

[McH: is a dang'rous foe to gr^zCy 
Where it prevails and rulcb •, 

Fleilx niufc be humblcdj pride jibas'A 
Li ft thry dcflroy (ur loi-ls.] 

to6 HYMNS, &c. cLxiijCLxiii, cLxiv, CLxv. BookIL 

4 The love of gold be banifli'd hence, 

(That vile idolatry) 
And ev'ry member, ev'ry fenfe, 
III fweet fubjcAion lie. 

5 The tongue, that mod unruly pow'r, 

Requires a ftrong reftraint : 
We muft be watchful ev'ry hour, 
And pray but never faint. 

6 Lord ! can a feeble, helplefs worm 

Fulfil a taflc fo hard ! 
Thy grace muft all my work perform. 
And give the free reward. 


Meditation of Heaven : Or^ TAe yoy of Faith. 

X TV^Y thoughts furmount thefe lower 

i-VL And look within the vail ; [fkies, 

There fprings of endlefs pleafure rife, 

The waters never fail. 

a There I behold with fweet delight, 
The blefud Three in One ; 
And ftrong affeclions fix my fight 
On God's incarnate Son. 

3 His promi'c Rands forever firm, 

H s rate Ihall ne'er dcp:irt ; 
H.* binds niv inane upon his arm, 
And feals it on his heart. 

4 Light are the pains that nature brings 

How fliort our forrows are, 
When with eternal future tilings, 
The prcfcnt we compare ! 

5 I would not be a ftranger ftiil 

To that cclcftial place. 
Where I forever hcpc to dwell 
Near my Redeemer's face. 

4 If thou dcfpife a mortal groan, 

Yet hear a Saviour's blood ; 
An advocate fo near the throne 
Pleads and prevails with God. 

5 He brought the Spirit's pow'rful fword, 

To flay our deadly foes : 
Our fins (liall die beneath thy word, 
And hell in vain oppofe. 

6 How boundlcfs is our father's grace. 

In height and depth and length ! 
He made his Son our righteoufnefs. 
His Spirit is our ftrength. 

Complaint oj Difertion ar.d Titn^tcitiuns. 

DEAR Lord ! bthold our fore diftrefs ; 
Our fins attempt to rtign ; 
Stretch out thine iirm of conqu'rlng 
And let thy foes be Hain. [grac 

[The lion with his dreadful roar 

Affrights thy feeble flicep : 
Reveal che ^lory of thy prv/'r 

And chain him to the: J^cp. 

3 Muft we indulge a longd.fp?.:r ] 
Shrill our petitions die ? 
Our mourniiif:.'^ never reach thine ear, 
Nor tears affjCl thine eye ?] 


rbe End of the World. 

1 TTTHY fliould this earth delight us fo? 

VV Why fliould we fix our eyes 
On thefe low grounds where forrows 
And ev'ry pleafure dies \ [grow, 

2 While Time his fharpeft teeth prepares 

Our comforts to devour. 

There is a land above the ftars, 

And joys above his pow'r. 

3 Nature fliall be diflolv'd and die, 

The fun muft end his race. 
The earth and fea for ever fly 
Before my Saviour's face. 

\ Wlicn will thv.t glorious morning riic : 
When the laft trumpet jbund, 
And call the nations to thclkics 
From underneatli the ground \ 


Utfruitfulnefsy Ignoravce, and unfaniVifed jlf- 


LONG have I fat beneath the found 
Of thy falvation. Lord ; 
But ftill how weak my faith is found, 
And knowledge of thy word ! 

Oft I frequent thy holy place, 

And hear alma(t in vain ; 
How fm:ill a portion of thy grace 

My mcm'ry can retain ! 
[My dear Almighty, and my God, 

How little a:t thou known 
By all the judgn;ents of thy red. 

And blciliiigs of thy throne.] 
[Kow cold and feeble is my love ! 

How negligent my fear ! 
How lovr- my ho}:e of joys a'jove ! 

How few aft\:(5lious l\\txc . j 

Book 11. HYMN S, &c. clxvi, clxvii, clxviit. 207 

5 Great God ! thy fov'reign pow'r impart, 

To give thy word fuccefs ; 
Write thy falvation in my heart. 
And make me learn thy grace. 

6 [Shew my forgetful feet the way 

That leads to joys on high ; 
There knowledge grows without decay 
And love fliall never die. 

*The dhlne Perfs6iior.s. 

HOW iTiall I praile th' eternal God, 
That infinite unknown ? 
Who can afcend his high abode, 
Or venture near his throne ? 

: [The great invifible ! He dwells 
Conccral'dia dazzling light ; 
But his all-fcarching eye rt;veals 
The fecrets of the night. 

i[Earth and the ftars, and worlds unknown. 
Depend precarious on his throne ; 
All nature hangs upon his word. 
And grace and glory own their Lord.] 

3[His fov'reign pow'r what mortal knows ? 
If he commands, who dare oppofc ? 
With ftrength he girds himfelf around 
And treads the rebels to the ground.] 

4[Who fliall pretend to teach him {kill, 
Or guide the counfels of his will ? 
His wifdom like afea divine, 
Flows deep and high beyond our line.] 

5[His name is holy, and his eye 
Turns with jealoufy ; 
lie hates the fous of pride, aud flicds 
Mis liery vengeance on their heads. 

6[The beamings of his piercing fight 
i3ring dark hypocrify to light ; 
Death and deftruction naked lie, 
And hell nncov'^r'd to Lis eve.] 

/[Th' etern.1l law before hin Hands ; 

Thcfe watchful eyes, that never Hcep, 

Survey the world aroujid ; 
His v'ifdom is a bound!cfi deep, 

Where all cur thoughts are drowu'd.j j^j^j^.g .,, ,ji ^hcir due reward. 
[Speak we of ftrength ? His arm is ftrojig, Gr by the iceptre or the fword.] 

S'[His mercy like aboundlefs fea 

His juftice 

impartial hands. 

To fave or 
inite years hi 

deilfov ; 

j life prolon.^. 

And cndlcfd is his joy.] 

5 [He knows no fliadow cf a change, 

rior alters his decrees ; 
Firm as a rock his truth remains, 
Tc^guard his promifes.] 

6 [Sinners before his prcfence die : 

How holy is his name ! 
His anger and his jcaloufy 
Burn like devouring flame ] 

7 Juftice upon a dreadful throne 

Maintains the rights of God, 
While mercy fends her pardons down, 
Bought with a Saviour's blood. 

8 Now to my foul, immortal King, 

Speak fome forgiving word ; 
Then 'twill be double joy to iing 
The glories of my Lord. 

■^-^'aPjts our load of guilt away : 

Willie his own Son cimt d and dy'd, 

T' engage his juftice en our ftde.] 

9[Eaca of his words demands my faith, 
My foul can reft on all he faith ! 
His truth inviolably keeps 
The largeft promife of his lips.] 

10 Oh, tell me with a gentle voice, 
TI30U art my God, and I'll rejoice ! 
Fill'd witii thy love, I dare proclaim 
The brighttft honours of thy name. 

Tbe fame. 

I TEHOVAH reigns, his throne is high, 
I «J Hifi robes are light and majcfty ; 
I His glory fliines with beams fo bright. 
No mortal can fuftain the fight. 

a His terrours keep the world in awe, 
i His juftice guards hJs holy law. 

TLe divtns Perfe£ilont. 
xr^ REAT God ! thy glories fliall employ ^l' ^ove reveals a fmiling face^ 
i T AT,, k^u,f^„.. „,„ u..„ui„ :_-. t*^ ' His truth and promife feal the grace. 

3 Thro' all his v/orks his wifdom fliines, 
( And baffle* Satan's deep defigns ; 

VJ My holy fear, my humble joy : 
My lips, in fongs of honour, bring 
Their uibutc to th' eternal Kiag. 


HYMN S, &c. cLxix, CLXx, 

Book IL 

His powV is fov'reijpi to fulfil 
Uhe noblcft couufeis of his wiH. 

4 And will this glorious Lord defcend 
To be my father and my friend ? 
Then let my fongs with angels join ! 
Hcav'n is fecuxx, il' God be mine. 


3 *■ j ^HE Lord Jehovah rei^jns, 
X His throne is built on high ; 
The garments he a-Haines, 
Arc light and majcfty ; 
His glories fliine 

With ht ams fo bright. 
No niortnl tye 

Can bear the fight. 

a The thunders of his hand, 

Keep the wide world in awe ; 
His v/rath and juilice (i:Uu\ 
To guard his holy law •, 
And where his love 
Refoiws to bkfs. 
His truth conrirms 
Aiid feals the grace^ 

3 Thro' :i'.I his anc'ent works 

Surpri'ing w i Juoni -fliines, 
Confounds the pow'rs of hclU 
And-hrf;ik» Wi-eir c'.Hs'd dsllgr.&j 
iiiror.^ is his arm 
Az.d P.i:;!! faJsi 

His <r;^*^''^ dt'CfCiP, 

His fovVcigu tvilh 

4 And can this mi;^'jty King 

Of g^ory cciMC>:''-nd '< 
And will, he write hiinamc^ 
My Fa:L'cr r.n.f fff'f l^le/.d ; 
I love hi" nat-ic, 

I love his wt)jd^ 
Join all my pov. 'r'i ' 
And pi aiic the L.orJ. 



GOD incoTKprcbetifthle and fcvereign, 

i[/^AN creatures, to perfection, find 

V-4 Th' eternal, uncreated mind ? 
Or can the largcft ftretch of thought 
Meafure and icarch hi& nature out ? 

2 'Tis high as hcav'n ! 'tis deep as hell I 
And wliat can mortals know, or tell ? 
Hi'; flory fpreads beyond the iky, 
And ail the fliining worlds on high. 

."? Lut man, vain man, would faiu be wife, 
Born, like a wild young colt, he flics 
1 hro' all the foiiies of his mind, 
And fmells and fnulll, tlic empty wind,] 

4 ^'od is a Kin« rf pow'r unkni?v»n. 
Firm arc the c.rdcri of his throne ; 
If he refoJve. who dare oppofc, 

Or aik h:m why, or v/hat he docs .' 

5 He wov.nds the heart, and he nia! 

•whofe ; 
Hf cp.Ims the temped cf the foul ; 
When he Vtiwti jp in longdefpair, 
Wlio caa rc-nove the heavy bar .' 

^ t-Te frowns, and dsrlinefs veils the moo- 
The fainting fun grows dim ati^ooti ; 
The VHiiurp of hcavV/fc'y roof 
TiCJT.lile atii ftart at hi« reproof. 

7 He gave the ynuhcd hcav'n its form, 
TWz crooked fcrptntaud the worm, 
He br'-aka the biilows with !>»» brtath, 
Acd fmites tiie foiwof pride to death. 

% Tlicfe are a portion of his way* ; 
But who fliall dare dcfcribe his face?. 
Who can end-.irc his light ? or Qand 
To hcui- the thunders of his hand i 









*rbc Lord's Suffer inJiituUd. I Cor. xi. 23, ^c. 

I'npWAS on that dark, that doleful 
JL night, 

When pow'rs of earth and hell arofe 
Againft the Son of God's delight, 
And friends betray'd him to his foes : 

a Before the mournful fcene began, 
Hetook the bread, and blefs'd, and brake; 
What love through all his aAions ran ! 
What wond'rous words of grace he fpake ! 

3 This is my body hrois for fin , 
Receive and eat the living food : 

Then took the cup and blefs'd the wine ; 
''Tis theneiu covnant in my blood. 

4 [For us his flefli with nails was torn, 
He bore the fcourge, he felt the thorn ; 
And juftice pour'd upon his head 

Its heavy vengeance, in our Head. 

5 For us his vital blood was fpilt, 
To buy the pardon of our guilt, 
V7hcD for black crimes of biggeft fize, 
He gave his foul a facrificc] 

6 Do this, he cry'd, 'till tl7ne fiall end. 
In mffnry of your dying friend : 
lileet at my icili, and record 

The Ibie cf your departed Lord. 

7 [Jfn, tl»y fcr.ft we cclebr-ite, 

V/V fhewU.y death, v.e iiiv^ thy name, 
Ti'.l thou return, and v/c i\\A\ cat 
1 \.t li.urriagf f-ipper cf the i.amb.] 




with CHRIST, andzvitb Saints, 
1 Cor. I. 16, 17. 

I [ TSSUS invites his faints 

J To m€€t around his board i 
Here pardon'd rebels fit and hold 
Communion with their Lord. 

a For food he gives his flefl-x ; 
He bids us drink his blood : 
Amazing favour, matchlefs grace 
Of our defcending God ! 

3 This holy bread and wine, 
Maintains our fainting breath. 

By union with our living Lord, 
And intereft in his death. 

4 Our heav'nly Father calls 
Cbri/l and his members one ; 

We the young children of his love, 
And he the firfl born Son. 

5 We are but fev'ral parts 
Of the fame broken bread ; 

One body hath its fev'ral limbs, 
But'jefus is the head. 

6 Let all our pow'rs be join'd, 
His glorious name to raife; 

Pleafurc and love fill ev'ry mind, 
And ev'ry voice be praife. 


T.-jj A^'ezv Covenart faled. 

''r^HE prcmife of my Father's love 

X Shall iland for ever good : 
He f?»id, and /ave hij fcr.l to death, 
And ie*i'd the grace with blood. 


HYMN S, &c. 


V, VI. Book III. 

2 To this dear co\ 'nant of thy word 

I fct my worth Ids name ; 
Ifcal th' enga-rcmcnt to my Lord, 
-And make my humljle claim. 

3 The light, and ftrength, and pard'ninc 

And glory fliixU be mine ; [;;race' 

My life and foul, my heart and flc7h, 
And nil my powr's arc thiac. 

4 I call that le^iacvmy own, 

Which y.fus di'd bequeath ; 
'Twas purchas'd with a dying groan, 
And ratify 'd in death. 

J Sweet is the mcm'ry of his name 
Who blefs'd us in his will, 
And to his teftamcnt of love, 
Alade his own life the fcal. 


8 Here let our hearts begin to melt. 
While we his death record. 
And with our joy for pardon'd guilt 
Moum that we picic'd the Lord.' 

HRIST the Bread of Life. John vi. 3,, 3^, 39. 

^ T ^T"^ '''^^'■^ '^' eternal word 
J-* Tis he our fouls hath fed • ' 
I hou art the living ftream, O Lord 
And thou th' immortal bread. ' 

z [The manna came from lower Ikies, 
iiut fefus from above, 

Where the frefb fprings of plcafure rift. 
And rivers flow with love 


XM^l^T^ dying Lo-oe : Or, Our Pa»ton bought 
at a dear Price. 

X TJOW condefcending, and how kind 
X. X. Was God's eternal Son f 
Our misVy reach'd his heav'nly mind, 
And pity brought him down, 
a [When juflice, by our fins provok'd, 
Drew forth its dreadful fword, 
He gave his foul up to the ftroke, 
^Vithout a murm ring word.] 

3 He funk beneath our heavy woes. 
To raife us to his throne: 
There's ne'er a gift his hand beftows 
J3ut colt bfs heart a groan. 

4 This was compaffion like a God, 

That when the Saviour knew 
The price of pardon was hio blood. 
His pity ne'er withdrew. 

5 Now though he reigns exalted high, 

^ His love is frill .-1-, great : 

Weil he remembers Cahaiy, 

Nor lets his faints forget. 

i [He:Tcv/e behold liis bowels roll 
As kind as when he dy'd, 
/jsd fee the forrows of his foul 
B'ecd through liis woundtd lidc] 

7 [Here ws receive repeated fcnis 

Hard is ih-c -.vrctch that never fttls 
One fol't iillicliou movt.] 

Ai^?"'*"' ^^^ f^^^^^^, dy'd at laft, 
M ho eat that heav'nly bread • 
But thefe provifions which we tafte 
Can raife us from the dead.] 
4 Blefs'd be the Lord, that gives his flc/h 
ionourifh dying men; 
And often fpreads his table frcfli. 
Left h« fliould faint again. 

^ °"'l°Vl'^^"^"^'^<=iffaeav'nlybrcath 
Wh.Ift7./,,findsfupp!ics; ^ 
^or fliall our graces fink to death, 
For J fits never dies. 
6 Daily our mortal flefli decays, 
Cut Cbry] our life fhall come ; 
His unrefifhd pow'r fliall raife 
Our bodies from the tomb. 



The Mc»:or\cl of our abfent Lord. John xvi. 
16. Luke ixii. 19, Johnxiv. 3. 

1 JESUS is gone above the Ikies, 

J y^here our weak fenfcs reach him not- 

And carnal objecfls court our eyes, 

T o thruft our Saviour from our thoughts. 

2 He knows what wand'ring hearts we 

Apt to forget his lovely face ; [have, 

.y\& to ren-efli ourminds, he gave 
'i'\\tic kind memorials of his |race. 

3 The Lord of life this table fpread 
With his vv;n flcfli and dying blood, 
We en the lichprovifion fttd, 
Andtafte th- wix:e and bJefs our God. 

: Lf t firfu! fwcet3 be all forgot, 
\iii z-\n\\ grow Icfs inourtftcem; 

Book III. HYMNS, &c. vii, viir, ix. 


Cbriji and his love fill ev'ry thought. 
And faith and hope be fix'd on him. 

5 Whilft he is abfent from our fight, 
'Tis to prepare our fouls a place. 
That we may dwell in heav'nly light, 
And live for ever near his face. 

6 [Our eyes look upwards to the hills 
Whence our returning JUord fhall come : 
We wait thy chariot's awful wheels, 

To fetch our longing fpirits home.] 


Long metre. 

Crueifxion U tbt World by tbt Crofs e/'CHRlST. 
GaL vi. 14. 

j"f TTHEN I furvey the wondVout crofs 
VV On which the Prince of glory dy'd, % Infinite grace our fouls adore, 

[4 [Hov'ring among the leaves, there Hands 
The fweet celeflial dove. 
And Jefus on the branches hangs 
The banner of his love] 

5 ['Tis a young heav'n of ftrangc delight 

While in- his fhade we fit ; 

His fruit is pleafing to the fight, 

And to the tafte as fweet. 

6 Now life it fpreads through dying hearts, 

And cheers the drooping mind ; 
Vigour and joy the juice imparts, 
Without a fling behind.] 

7 Now let the flaming weapon ftand', 
And guard all EJens trees : 

There's ne'er a plant in all that land 
That bears fuch fruit as thefe. 

My richeA gain I count but lofs, 
And pour contempt on all my pride. 

a Forbid it, Lord, that I fliould boaft. 
Save in the death of Chrifly my God : 
All the vain things that charm me moft, 
I facrifice them to his blood. 

3 See from his head, his hands, his feet, 
Sorrow and love flow mingled down ! 
Did e'er fuch love and forrow meet ? 
Or thorns compofe fo rich a crown ? 

4 [His dying crimfon like a robe. 
Spreads o'er his body on the tree ; 
Then am I dead to all the globe. 
And all the globe is dead to me.] 

5 Were the whole realm of nature mine, 
That were a prefent far too fmall : 
Love, fo amazing, fo divine. 
Demands my foul, my life, my all. 


The Tree ef Life. 

I [ /~*iOME, let us join a joyful tune 
V^ To our exalted Lord, 
Ye faints on high around his throne. 

And we around his board. 

X While once upon this lower ground 
Weary and faint ye flood. 
What dear refrefiiment here ye found 
From tliis immortal food ! 

3 The tree of life that near the throne 
In heav'n's high garden grows, 
Laden with grace, bcnJ^ gtintJ y dc^yn 
Us ever Ini'lir^- Li..--jhs. 

Whofe wond'rous hands has made 
This hving branch of fov'reign pow'r 
To raifc and heal the dead. 

The Spirit, the IVater.and the Blood. I John V. 6. 

I [T ET all our tongues be one, 
JLi To praife our God on high, 
Who from his bofom fent his Son, 
To fetch us ftrangers nigh. 

a Nor let our voices ceafe 
To fing the Saviour's name ; 
yefusy th* ambaflador of peace, 
How cheerfully he came ? 

3 It cofl him cries and tears 
To bring us near to God, 

Great was our debt, and he appears 
To make the payment good.] 

4 [My Saviour's pierced fide 
Pour'd out a double flood ; 

By water we are purify 'd, 

And pardon'd by the blood. 

5 Infinite was our guilx, 

But lie, oar pricl't, atones : 
On the cold ground his life v/as fpilt. 
And offcr'd with his groans.] 

6 Lock up, my foul, to him 
Whcfe death was thy defcrt. 

And huir.bJy view tlie Hving ilr'.p.:r. 
Flow from his breaking heart. 

7 There, on the curled tree. 
In dyiug pang;s he lies, 

Fu'iiiis his Father's great decree, 
Aud all our v.'ar.tifi;p?'!'; s. 


HYMNS, &c. X, XI, XII. 

Book IIL 

S Thus the Redeemer came. 
By water and by blood : 
And when the Spirit fpeaks the fame, 
We feel Iiis witncfs good. 

9 While the eternal Three 

Bear their record above. 

Here I believe he dy'd for me. 

And feai'd my Saviour's love. 

|0 [Lord cleanfe my foul from fin, 
Nor let thy grace depart ; 
Great Comforter ! abide within. 
And witncfs to my heart.] 


CB&IST Cruci/fd: The Wifdom and Power 
of GOD. 

• "^"ATURE with open volume Hands, 
-*-^ To fpread her Maker's praife abroad; 
And ev'ry labour of his hands 
Shews fomething worthy of a God : 

a But in the grace that refcu'd man, 
His brighteft form of glory fliines : 
Here, on the crofs, 'tis faireft drawn 
In precious blood, and crimfon lines. 

3[Here his whole name appears complete 
Nor wit can guefs, nor reafon prove. 
Which of the letters beft is writ, 
The pow'r, the wifdom, or the love.] 

4 Here I behold his inmoft heart. 
Where grace and vengeance ftrangely join; 
Piercing his Son with fharpeft fmart, 
To make the purchas'd pleafures mine. 

5 Oh ! the fv/eet wonders of that crofs. 
Where God, the Saviour, lov'd and dy'd! 
Her nobleft life, my fpirit draws 
From his dear wounds and bleeding fide, 

a There the rich bounties of our God, 
And fweeteft glories fhine ; 
There 'Jefm fays, that I am liis, 
And my beloved's mine. 

3 Here (fays the kind redeeming Lord, 
And fhews his wounded fide) 
See here the fpring of all your joys, 
That opcn'd when I dy'd ! 

4 [He fmiles, and cheers my mournful heart. 
And tells of all ius pain : 

Ail this, fays he, I bore for thee, 
And then he fmiles again.] 

5 What fhall we pay our hcav'nly King, 

For grace fo vaft as this } 
He brings our pardon to our eyes, 
And feals it with a kifs. 

6 [Let fuch amazing loves as thefe 

Be founded all abroad ; 
Such favors are beyond degrees, 
And worthy of a God.] 

7 [To him who wafli'd us in his blood 

Be everlafting praife ; 
Salvation, honour, glory, powV, 
Eternal as his days.] 


The GofpelFeaJl. 

Luke xiv. i6, \5fe 

6 I would for ever fpeak his name 
In founds to mortal ears unknown, 
With angels join to praife the Lamb, 
And worfliip at his Father's throne. 


Pardon brought to our Senfcs. 

I T ORD, how divine thy comforts ar 
X_J How heav'nly is the place 
W liere Jtfu^ fpread* the facrcd feiifts 
Of his i-cdccmiri^; ^^-ce ! 

f TT OW rich are thy provifions, Lord 
XJ. Thy table furnilli'd from above ! 
The fruits of life o'erfpread the board, 
The cup o'erflows with lieav'nly love. 

2 Thine ancient family, the Jews, 
Were firll invited to the fcaft : 
We humbly take what they refufe, 
And Gentiles thyfalvation tafte. 

3 We are the poor, the blind, the lame ; 
And help wis far, and death was nigh ! 
But at the gofpel call, we came, 

And ev'ry want rcceiv'd fupply. 

4 From the high way that leads to hell. 
From paths of darkncfs and defpair. 
Lord, we are come with thee to dwell, 
Glnd to enjoy thy prefence here.] 

5 [What iliall we pny X\\ ciernal Son, 
That left tiic heav'n of his abode, 
And to this wretched e-irth came dowr., 
To brir.F us \v«.ndVv,r6 viae*, tc Go.i; 

Book III. HYMNS, Sec. xiir, xiv, xv. 


6 It coft him death, to fave our lives ; 
To buy our fouls, it coft his own ; 
And all the unknown joys he gives, 
Were bought with agonies unknown. 

7 Our ^^verlafling love is due 

To him that ranfom'd iinnera lofl ; 
And pity'd rebels, when he knew 
The vaft ezpenie his love would cofi.] 



Divine Love fKallng a Fc^rf}, and calling in the 
Guefs. Luke xiv. 17, 22, 23. 

2 TTOV/ fwect and awful 13 the place 
Xl. With Ghrijl wiihin the doorj, 
While everlaftin^ love difplays 
The choiceft of her (cores : 

2 Here tv'ry bowel of our (Jed 
With foft conipaliion rolls ; 
Here peace and pardon bought with 
Is food for dyin^ fouls. [blood, 

^ While all our hearts, and all our fongs, 
Join to adinire the feafl, 
Each of us cry, wit 

" Lord, Why was- 1 a .juefV .''" 

4 " Why was I made Jo hear tHy i-oice, 

And enter whiiti ih^;i■c•'8 rouni } 

When tho'!ifand3-m&k.i 1 v??<;ghs?i ^IjOJCe," 

And rather ftarvc thiUi mwvi ?" j 

i Our Hp9 (hould learn that joyful fonj^ 
Were but our hearts prepar'd like hi* \ 
" Our fouls ftill waiting to be gonCr 
And at thy word depart in peace. 

% Here we have feefl thy face, Lor<J, 
And view'd falvAtion with our eyes. 
Tailed and felt the living word, 
The bread defcending from the fkic«. 

4 Thou haft; prepar'd this dying Lamb, 
Haft fet his blood before our face, 
To teach the terrours of thy name, 
And fiiew the wondei's of thy grace* 

5 He is our light, our morning ftar 
Shall {liiae on nations yet unknown ;. 
The glory of thine Ifrad here, 
And joy of fpirits near the throne." 

5 'Twns the fame love t hat fpread tbefcafl, 

That fwectiy forc'd ui in ; 
Elfe we h?.d ftill refus'U to t&fts, 
And perifli'd in our ^\t\. 

6 [Pity the nations,. O our God, 

Conftrain the eartli to eome j 

Send tuy viclorious word abroad, 

And bring the ftrangers home. 

7 We long to fee thy churches full, 

That all the chofen race 
May with one voice, aad heart, and foul,. 
&iug thy redeeming grace.] j 


The Son^r of Simeon : Luke ii. 28. Or, a Sight 
o/" CHRIST males death eofy. j 

jATOW have our hearts, embrac'd cur 
IN God, ' 7 

We' would forget all earthly charms, 
And wifn to die as S i;r,on would 
With his young Saviour in hia armjs. 

Our Lord Jefus at his oivn Table. 

1 'T~^HE ir.em'iy of our dying Lord 
X Awakes a thankful tongue r 
How rich hti fpread his royi^l board, 
And bleis'd the f jo4 and fung. 

a Kap|iy £H§ m<gn th-jf ^sx ebis brcs*^, 

That gcml/ bow'd \m Juviiig lit ad^ 
A»d le^fd j{, I»yfd, on tike. . 

By faith the faiine deljghtf we taA^^ 

A« that great fiv'ritg did, 
And fit and lean on 7*/w' bfc^d, 

And take f he heav'sly bread. 
Down fron;; the palace of the fxieSj 

Hither the Kino derccndg ; 
*' Come my beloved eat (he cries) 

And drink falvation, friends. 

Mv flefli is food and phyfic too^ 

A balm for all your pains : 
And the red llreams of pardon flow 

From thefe my pierced veins." 

Hofanna to his bounteous love, 

for fuch a feaft bqlow I 
Ard yet he feeds his faints above. 

With nobler bleilings too. 

Ccme, the dear day, the glorious hour^ 
That brings our fouls to rtft ; 

Then we At a! I need ihtfc types no more, 
Jut dwell at ih' hcav'iilj, feafi.J 

214 HYMNS, kc, xvi, xvn, xviii, xix. Book III. 


The Agonies of CHRIST. 
I ^yOW let our pains be all forgot, 
X ^ Our hearts no more repine : 
Our fufF'rings are not worth a thought, 
Lord, when compar'd with thine. 

a In lively figures here we fee 

The bleeding Prince of I^ovc ; 
Each of us hope he dy'd for me, 
And then our griefs remove. 

3 [Our humble faith here takes her rife, 

While fitting round his board ; 
And back to Calvary {lie flies, 
To view lier groaning Lord. 

4 His foul, what agonies it felt 

When his own God withdrew ; 
And the large load of all our guilt, 
JLay heavy on him too. 

5 But the divinity within, 

Supported him to bear : 
Dying he conquer'd htU and fin ; 
And made his triumph there.] 

4 Grace,wifdom,jufl;ice,join'd and wrought 
The wonders of that day ; 
Ko mortal tongue, nor mortal tliought. 
Can equal thanks repay, 

7 Our hymns fliou'.d found like thofe above. 
Could v/e our voices raifc ; 
Yet, Lord, our hearts iliall all be love, 
And all our lives be praife. 

5 Th* angclick hoft above 
Can never tafte this food ; 

They feaft upon their Maker's lore, 
But not a Saviour's blood. 

6 On us th' almighty Lord 
Bellows this matchlefs grace, 

And meets us with fomc cheering word, 
With pleafure in his face. 

7 Come, all ye drooping faints j 
And banquet with the King ; 

This wine will drown your fad complaints. 
And tune your voice to fing. 

8 Salvation to the name 
Of our adorod Cbriji : 

Through this wide earth his grace proclaim, 
His glory in the high'ft. 


Incomparable Food : Or, The Flejh and Blood 


I TTTE fing th' amazing deeds 

VV That grace divine performs ; 
Th' eternal God comes down and bleeds 
To nourilli dying worms. 

a This foul reviving wine, 
Dear Saviour, 'tis thy blood ; 
Wc thank tliat facrcd fielli of thine, 
For this immortal food. 

3 The banquet that we er.t, 

Ig made of heav'niy thiiigs ; 
Earth hath no dainties half fo fweet 
As our Redeemer brings. 

4 In vain had fought, 
And fcarch'd his garden round, 

For there was no fuchbleflcd fiuit 
Ui all the hippy ground. 

The fwie. 

1 JESUS 1 wc bov/ before thy feet ! 
J Thy table is di\-i::cly fior'd ; 
Thy facredrielli cur fouls have eat, 

'Tis living bread ; we thank thee, Lord ! 

2 And here we drink our Saviour's blood : 
We thank thec,Lord > 'tis gcu'rous wine, 
Mingled with love the fountain Hovy'd 
From th.'t dear bleejiiig heart of thuic. 

3 On earth is no fuch fwectncfs found. 
For the Lamb's ilcili is heav'iily food : 
In vain v/e fearch the globe around 
For brrad fo fine, or wine fo good. 

4 Carnal provifions can atbcft 

But cheer the heart, or warm the head ; 
But the rich cordial that we tafte, 
Gives life eternal to the dead. 

5 Joy to the Mafler of the fcaft, 
His name our fouls forever bltfs ; 

To Gcd the King and Gnd the Prjeft, 
A loud Hofanna round the place. 


Glory In the Crofs 

.- Or Not afcataed of CHRIST 

1 A T thy command our deareft Lord, 
l\ Here we attend thy dying feafk : 
Thy blood, li'xe wine, adorns thy board. 
And thine own fleib feeds cv'ry gueft. 

2 Our faith .adores thy bleeding love. 
And trurts for life in one that dy'd ; 
We hope for hcav'uly crowns above, 
Froiii a Redeemer crucify 'd. 

Book III, H Y N M S, &c. xx, xxi, xxii. 


3 Let the vain world pronounce it fliame. 
And fling their fcandals on the caufe ; 
We come to boaft our Saviour** name, 
And make our triumphs in his croii. 

4 With joy we tell the fcoffing age. 
He that was dead has left; his tomb, 
He lives above their utmofl lagc, 
And we are waiting till he come. 


The Proviftons for the TahU' of our Lard: Or 
The Tree of Life^ and Ri-ver of Lever 

I T ORD we adore thy bounteous hand, 
JL_i And fmg the folemn feaft. 
Where fweet celeftial dainties ftand, 
For ev'ry willing gueft. 

t [The tree of life adorns the board 
With rich immortal fruit, 
And ne'er an angry flaming fword, 
To guard the paiTage to't. 

3 The cup ftands crown'd with living juice, 

The fountain flows above, 
And runs down ftreaming for our ufe^ 
In rivulets of love.] 

4 The food's prepar'd by heav'nly art. 

The plealure's well refin'd \ 
They fpread newlife through ev'ry heart, 
And cheer the drooping mind. 

5 Shout and proclaim the Saviour's love, 

Ye faints that tafle his wine ; 
Join with your kindrec> faints above, 
In loud Hofannas join. 

6 A thoufand glories to the God 

That gives fuch joy as this ; 
Hofanna ! let it found abroad, 
And reach wijere Jcfus is. 


The triumphal Feaf: for CIIHISI 
Sin, D^atj, and Hi 

's Via 


[/^0?>TE, let us lift our voices high, 

V^ Hi^h a> oar joys arife. 
And join the fongs above the flcy, 
V/herc pleaiurc never dies. 

Jejus the God that fought and bled. 
And conquer 'd when he fell ; 

That rcfe, and at his charior.-whceh 
Dra£|;'d all the povy'r:i 01 hcil.j 

3 [^e/""'* t|ie God, invites us here 

To this triumphal feaft, 
And brings immortal bleflings down 
For each redeemed gueft. 

4 The Lord ! how glorious Is his face t 

How kind his fmiles appear ! 
And oh 1 what melting words he fays 
To ev'ry humble ear. 

5 " For you, the children of my love, 

It was for you I dy'd ; 
Behold my hands, behold my feet, 
And leok into my fide. 

6 Thefe are the wounds for you I bore 

The tokens of my pains. 
When I came down to free your fouls 
From miferyand chains. 

7 [Juflice unfiieath'd its £ery fword, 

And plung'd it in my heart ; 
Infinite pangs for you I bore, 
And moft tormenting imart. 

8 When hell, and all its fpiteful pow'rs, 

Stood dreadful in my way, 
Torefcue thofe dear lives of yours, 
1 gave my own away. 

9 But while I bled, and groan'd, and dy'd, 

I ruin'd Satan s throne ; 
High on my crcfs i hung and fpy'd 

10 Now you muft: triumph at my feaft. 
And tafte my flefli, my blood. 
And live eternal ages blefs'd, 
For 'tis imraortal food." 


11 Vi«5loricus God ! what can 

For favors fo divine ? 
We wt)uld devote cur hearts away 
To be forever thine.] 

12 We give thee, Lord, our highcft praifc, 

The tribute of our tcnguta ; 
But themes fo infinite as thefe 
Exceed our nobleft fongs. j,,. 


The Con-.prfjhn of a dyhig CKKIST. 
join t' adore 

the Lamb 5 
our leebic- lips cculd more 
In ftrair^s imnicnal as his nair.e. 
And mcltiiiii as his dvir^ love I 

OUR fpirits 
Oh, that c 



a Was ever equal pity found ? 
The Prince of heav'n refigns his breath, 
And pours his life out on the ground, 
To ranfom guilty worms from death. 

3 [Rebels, we broke our Maker's laws ; 
He from the threatening fets us free, 
Bore the full vengeance on his crofs, 
And nail'd the curfes to the tref.] 

4 [The law proclaims no terror now, 
And SinaJ's thunder roars no more ; 
From all his wounds new bleffings flow, 
A fea of joy without a fliore. 

5 Here we have wafh'd our deepeftftains, 
And heard our wounds with heav'nly 

blood ; 
Blefs'd fountain! fpringing from the veins 
Of Jefus our incarnate God. 

6 In vain our mortal voices ftrivc 
To fpeak companion fo divine : 
Had we a thoufand lives to give, 
A thoufand lives iliould all be thine. 

We touch, we tafte the heav'nly bread. 

We drink the facrcd cup ; 
With outward forms our fenfe is fed, 

Our fouls rejoice in hope. 

We (hall appear before the throne 

Of our forgiving God, 
Drefs'd in the garments of his Son, 

And fprinkled with his blood. 

We fliall be ftrong to run the race, 

And climb the upper fky ; 
Chrift will provide our fouls with grace,] 

He bought a large fupply. 

[Let us indulge a cheerful frame, 

For joy becomes a feaft ! 
We love the mem'ry of his name, 

More than the wine we tafte.] 


Craci and Glory by the Death of CHRIST. I 

1 [QITTINGnround our father's board. 
k^ We niife our tuneful breath ; 
Our faith behokU her dying Lord, 
And dooms our dus to death.] 

a We fee the blood of J.fus flied. 
Whence d! our pardons rife ; 
The finner views th' atonement made, 
And loves the ficrifice . 

3 Thy cruel thorns, thy fliameful crofs, 

procure us heav'nly crowns : 
Our hi^^heft gain fprings from thy lofs ; 
Our hea'iigfrom thy wounds. 

4 Oh! 'tis imprff^bletliat we, 

Wlio dwJl in ferble c!ny. 
Should equal futT'rings bc^r for thee. 
Or equal thiinks rcp.;y. 


Paidun and Strength frzra CHRIST. | 

\ T7'ATHL:R,we wait to ftcl thy grace, 6 
J- To foe thy glories fnine : i 

The Lord will his own table blcfs, i 

Auil n;ak.v the ifJX divine. 

Divine Glories and Graces. 

HOW are thy glories here difplay'd. 
Great God ! how bright they fliinc; 
While at thy word, we break the bread, 
And pour the flowing wine ! 

Here thy revcnoirg juftice Honds, 
And pleads its dreadful caufe ; 

Here faving mercy fpreads her hands 
Like jcft': on the crofs. 

Thy fnints attend with cv'ry grace 

On this great facrifice ; 
And love appears Avith clicerful face, 

And f?.ith with fixtd eyes. 

Our liCpe in waiting pcflurc firs, 
To heav'n dirt(^la her fight ; 

Here t:\-'vy warmer paifion meets. 
And pow'rs unite. 

Zeal and revenge perform their part, 

And lifing fin d-.flroy ; 
Repentance c<mta with aching heart, 

Vet not forbids the joy. 

Dcrir Siiv'our, change our faith to fight ; 

Let fin for ever die : 
Ti^cn ihall our fouls be all delight, 

Aiid ev'ry tJ:;.r be dry. 

Book III. HYMNS, ^c. xxvi,xxvii,xxviii,xxix,xxx. 217 

Spirit. Though the Za//« name of it Glcna ^f'^°^^'^'^^''^^^^ of flperftitious 

Glory of the Divine Nature, that our Lord J^f^i'^^'^'l^^^^^ is one of 

Men! and is fo neceffary to true Chnfbamty. The AAion is P-^J^^^ ^^^^ i„,^ 

the fame End. — ■ 

A SONG of PRAISE to the ever-bleffedjXXVllI. lit SE-IORT METRE. 

TRINITY, GOD the FATHER, SON, and ^ trn 


lT)-Ll^SS'D be the Father and his love, 

Jj To whofe celeftial fource we owe 

Rivers of endleis joy above. 

And rills of comfort here below, 
a Glory to thee, great Son of God, 

FroKi whofedear wounded oody rol.s 

A preciou> ftream of vital blood, 

Pardon and life, for dying iouli. 
3 We give thee, facred Spirit, praife, 

Who, in our hearts of hn and ^roe, 

Makes living fprings of grace anie, 

And into boundlefs glory fiov,-. 
4 Thus God the Father, God the Sen, 

And God the Spirit we adoie, 

That fea of life and love unknown, 

Without a bottom or a lliore. 

I T ET God the Father live 


I /^ LORY to God the Father's name, 
\Jjr Who, from our linful race, 
Chofe out his fav'rltcs to proclaim 
The honours of his grace. 

For ever on our tongues ; 

Sinners from his firft love derive 

The ground of all their fongs. 
z Ye faints employ your breath, 

In honour tothe Son, [death, 

Who brought your fouls from hell and 

By 0^1-ing up his own. 

3 Give to the Spirit praife 
O- an immortal flrain, 

Whofe light, andpow'r, and grace conveys 
Salvation down to nxen. 

4 While God, the Comforter, 
1 Reveals our pardon'd fin, 
P may the blood and water bear, 

The fame record within. 
J To the great One, and Three, 
That feal this grace in heav'n, 
The Father, Son, and Spirit be 

Eternal glory giv'n. 

2 Glorv to God the Son be pr.ul, 

Who dwelt in humble clay. 
And, to redeem us from the dz 
Gave his own life away. 

3 Glory to God the Spliit give,^ 

From wiiofe almighty pow r 
Our fouls their heavnly birtn o 
Andbltis the happy hour. 

4 Glory to God that reigns above, 

Th' eternal 1 hrce tn One, 
Who bv the wonders of his love 
Ut.i. made his nature known. 



•r r^ LORY to God the Trinity, 
' O'\\'hore name has myftcries unknown : 
in cfTcnce One, in perlbns Three ; 
A focial nature, yet alone. 
2 When all our nobleft pow'rs arc ioin'd, 
I The honours of thy iiauie to rai-e ; 
i 'i'hv ^lories over-match our mind, 
I And angels faint beneath Uiejirailc^ 




-IF God of mtrcy be ?.-.'.ot'd 

Who calls our iouis 

from deatli, 

Whofavc3 by his redeeming word 
A n.v. cicatipgbreath. - 

218 HYMNS, &c. XXXI, XXXII, xxxiii, XXXIV, &c. B. III. 

4 To praife the Father, and thfe Son, 
And Spirit, all divine— 


The One in Three, and Three in One, 

/^ IVE to the Father praife, 
vJT Give glory to the Son : 

Let faints and angels join. 

And to the Spirit of his grace 

Be equal honour done. 


I T ET God the Maker's name 
i-i Have honour, love, and fear, 


Seng of Praife to the hUJfei Trinity. 

To God the Saviour, pay the fame, 

And God the Comforter. 

1 T GIVE immortal praife 
1 To God the Father's love, 

a Father of lights above, 

For all my comforts here. 

Thy mercy we adore, 

And better hopes above. 

The Son of thy eternal love, 

He fent his own 

And Spirit of thy pow'r. 

Eternal Son, 

To die for fms, 

That man had done. 


a To God the Son belongs 

'"pO God the Father, God the Son, 
A And God the Spirit, Three in One, 

Immortal glory too ; 

Who bought us with his blood 

Be honour, praife, and glory giv'n, 

From everlafting woe : 

By all on earth, and all in heav'n. 

And now he lives. 

And now he reigns, 

And feefc the fruit 


Of all his pains. 

A LL r.lory to tlie wond'rous name, 
-Ijl F;uher of inercy, God of love : 

3 To God the Spirit's name 
Immortal worlliip give. 

'J'hus we exalt the Lord, the Lamb, 

Whofc new creating pow'r 

And thus we praife the heav'nly Dove. 

Makes the dead fmncr live : 

His work completes 

The great dellon, 


And fills the foul 

With joy divine. 

'VrO^^'' let the Father and the Son, 
_L>I And Spirit be ador'd, 

4 Almighty God ! to thee 

Whv-re there arc works to make himknown 

Be endlefs honour done 

Or faints to love the Lord. 

The undivided Three, 

And the m\flcriou5 One ; 

Where reafon fails 


With all her pow'rs. 

There faith prevails, 

TTOKOUR to the Alir.ighty Three, 
JL JL And everlafiing One ; 
All glory to the Father be. 

And love adores. 


The Spirit, and the Son. 

I "T^O him that chofe us firft, 
X Before the world began : 


To him that bore the curfe, 

To fave rcbtllious man ; 

"XZE ancjt Is round the throne, 
A And Kiints that dwtll btlow, 

'lb hi:n that forni'd 

Our hearts anew, 

'W''.>'-niip ti.e Father, love the Son, 

Is cndlef* praife 

/v^-id bi-.fb the Spirit too. 

And glory due. 

Book III. HYMNS, &c. xl, xli, xlii, xliit, xliv, xlv. 219 

a The Father's love fliallrun 

Through our immortal fongs ; 
We bring to God the Son, 
Hofannas on our tongues : 
Our lips addrcfs 

The Spirit's name 
With equal praife, 
And zeal the fame. 

3 Let ev'ry faint above, 

And angels round the throne, 
For ever blefs and love 
The facrcd Three in One : 
Thus heav'n fliaJl raife 

His honours high. 

When tarth and time 

Grow old and die. 


TO Ged the Father's throne 
Perpetual honours raife ; 
Glory to God the Son, 
To God the Spirit praife : 
And while our lips 

Their tribute bring. 
Our faith adores 
The name we fing. 


TO our eternal God 
The Father and the Son, 
And Spirit all divine, 
Three myfteries in one : 
Salvation, pow'r. 

And praife be giv'n, 
By all on earth 
And all in heav'n. 


The H O S A N N A : 


Xl w 

lANNA to King Da-vhfs Son, 
'ho rc-);i::ns on a fuperiour throne 
WcblelstUe Prince of heav'nly birtii. 
Who brings falvation down to earth. 

a Let ev'ry nation, ev'ry ag^'. 
In this delightful work engage; 
Old men and babes in Sion fmg 
The growing glories of her King. 

I TT OS ANN A to the Prince of grace, 
XA 5/6«, behold thy King ; 
Proclaims the Son of David's race. 
And teach the babes to fing. 

a Hofanna to th' incarnate Word, 
Who from the Father came ; 
Afcribe falvation to the Lord, 
With bleffing'i on his namr;. 

1 TTOSANNA to the Son, 
XX Of DaiiJ and of God, 
Who brought the news of pardon down, 
And bought it with liis blood. 

2 To ChnJ} th' anointed King 

Be endlefs blefllngs giv'n ; 

Let the whole earth his glory fmg. 

Who made our peace with heav'n. 



1 TTOSANNA to the King 
jLX Of Da-viJ's ancient blood, 
Behold he comes to bring 
Forgiving grace from God : 
Let old and young 
Attend his way. 
And at his feet 

Their honours lay. 

a Glory to God on high, 
Salvation to the Lamb ; 
Let earth, and fea, and £ky 
Hi* wond'rous love proclaim. 
Upon his head 

Shall honours reft. 
And ev'ry age 

Pronounce him bled. 





A Table to find any Hymn by the firft Line* 

Note. T^he Letters a,b, c, denoit 

A B. 

ADORE andtremblc.forour God a 
Alas, and did my Saviour bleed b 
All mortal vanities be oone 
And are we wretches yet alive 
And muft this body die - - - 
And now the fcales have left, &c. 
Arlfe my foul, my joyful powers 
At thy command, our dtarcit Lord 
Attend while God's exalted boa 
Awake, my heart, arife my tongue 
Awake our fouls, away our fears 
Away from every mortal care 

th: Firf, Seco.tJ, or Tbird BOOK i the Figures dinfl to tbt 

H. D 


ACKWARD with humble, &g. 

42 "pv AUGHTERS of Zion, &c. 

9 X^ Dcir Lord, behold our, &c. b 

a aj Deareft of all the nanus above - b 

b 105 Death cannot make our fculs afraid b 

b no Death may diflblve my body now a 

81 Death ! 'tis a melancholy d-ty - b 

SzDeceiv'd by fubtlc fnares of hell a 

19 Deep iu the dufi before thy throne a 
l3cDefcendfrom heav'n, immortal Dove b 

20 Do we not know that fulcmn word a 
48 Down htridlong from the native ikies b 

1 23 Dread 3ov 'reign, let my cv'ningfcngb 
!• E 

57 "C'RE the blue heav'ns were, &c. 
jL^ Kternal 

Behold how iinners difagrce 
Behold the blind their fis^ht receive 
Behold tiie gloiics of the Lamb 
Behold the grace appears - - a 
Behold the- potter and the clay a 

Behold the rofe of Sharon here a 

Behold the woman's promis'ti feed b 
I^chold the wretch whofe luft, &:c. a 
Eehold what wo;>d'rous grace. - a 
r.icfs'd are the humhls fouls that Ite a 
J lef^^'d be the evcrlalling God. - a 
^ Xch'd be the father and his love c 
; lefs'd is the man whole cat'.tious feet a 
; !cf>'d morning ! whofe young, S:c. b 
Ll^fi'J v.-ith the joys of innocence b 
Blood has a voice to pierce the flcies b 
Bright Kini^ of Glory, dreadful God b 
Ihuad is the road that leads to death b 
Bury'd in {liadows of the night a 

Ri:t few among the carnal wife a 


CAN creatures, toperfecSl'on, find b 
Chrift and h's crofs is at], .Sec. a 
C'ome, all l;:irmonious tongues - b 
Come, de'.refc 1 rd, dcfctud, &c. a 
Come, happy' folds, approach, <!^;c. b 
Come hither, all ye weary fouls a 
Come, Holy Spirit, heav'niy Dove b 
Come, let us join a joyful time - c 
Come, let us join our cheerful fOngs a 
Come, let us lift our joyful eyes b 
Come, let us lift our voicci high c 
Coijic, we that love the Lord -« . b 

69 X^ Kternal Sov'reign of the iky 
131 Eternal I'pirit we coiifcib - - - 

137. F 

1 T7A.TTH is the brighteft evidence 
3 2. Jar from mvthoiightSj'.'aii^&c. 
117 Father, I long, I )aint to fee - - 

68 Father, we wait to feel thy grace 
135 Firm and unmcv'dai'e they - - 
12.^ Firm :!s the earth the gofpel (lands 

6 4 From LeaV'n the finning angels fell 
102 i'Vcm thee, mv Cod, my joys, &.6. 

26; ■ ' G 

2.6 f^^- ^NTILE.'j bv Nature, we. 'c. 

31 S>jy Giv« iiic the A'iagsof ftilth, licc 

71 Glory to God. the Trinity - 
1 23. Glory to Gcd that walks'the fky 
n^ Glory to God tf.e Father's name 

51- God is a fpiiit jiiH: and.wije - - a 
ijS God of the morning, at whofe verier a 

97 God of the fta>,tl>y tijunuViog voice b 

96 God ! the eternal awful tame - b 

iGod, wiho in various mttliods told a 

1 70 Go preach thvGofpcl, faith the Lord a 

119.G0 v/oi 'l.i^' at Imiaanuer.s feet - a 

84'f;reat Gc .',i50w iniinite art thou b 
13; Great God 1 own thy fentence juft a 
lO.VGrtat God thy glory fliall employ b 
127 Grt at Cbd, to v. ;:at a glorious height b 

3;4:Great King of Glory and. yf grace b 
8iGreat was the dav, the joy was great b 

(^2 ' H 

108 TTAD I the tonguesof Greeks, &c. a 

21 .1 A Happy the church, thoa, &:c.' b 

30 Happy the heart wliere graces Vt/fgn b' 








1^2 2 
























• 64 





Hark ! from the tombs a doleful, &c. b 
Hark I the Redeemer from on high a 
Hear what the voice from heav'n&cc. a 
Hence from my foul fad tho'ts, &c. b 
Here at thy crofs, my dying God b 
Highasthe heav'nsabove the ground b 115 
High on a hill of dazzling light - b 18 
Hofanna, &c. - - - - c 4a to 45 

Hofanna to our conqaering King b 

Hofanna to the Prince of light - b 

Hofanna to the royal fon - - a 

Hofanna with a cheerful found - b 

How are thy glories here difplay'd c 

How beauteous are their feet - a 

How can I link with fuch a prop b 

How cendefccnding and how kind c 

How full of anguifh is the thought b 

How heavy is the night - - - a 

How honoujable is the place - a 

How large the promife, how divine a 

How oft have iin and Satan ftrove a 

How rich are thy provifions Lord c 

How fad our ftate by nature is - b 

How fliall I priiife th' eternal God b 

How fliort and hafty is our life - b 

Howfliould the fonsof Adam's race a 

How ftrong thine arm is, &c. a 

How fweet and awful is the place c 

How vain are all things here below b 

How wond'roui great, &q. b 


CANNOT bear thine abfence,&c. b 



I give immortal praife - 
I hate the tempter and his charms 
I lift my banner, faith the Lord - 
I love the windows of thy grace - 
I'm not afham'd to own my Lord a 
I fend the joys of earth away - b 
I fing my Saviour's v/ond'rous death b 
Jehovah fpeaks, let Ifrael hear - a 
Jehovah reigns, his throne is high b 
Jefus, in thee cur eyes behold - a 
Jefus invites his faints - . - c 
Jefus is gone above the Ikies - c 
Jefus, the man of conflant grief - a 
Jefus, we blefs thy Father's name a 
Jefus, we bo^ before thy feet 
Jefus, with all thy faints above - 
In Gabriel's hard a mightv flcne 
In thine own ways, O God of love 
In vain the v/ta!thy mortals toil 
Ijo vain we lavifh out our lives - 
Infir.ite grief ! an^.axin^ wt)e - - 
Join all the glorious namea - - 

































J 4 


Join all the names of love and pow'r a 
Is this the kind return - - - b 

jr IND is the fpeechof Chrift, &c. a 

LADEN with guilt and full, &c. b 
Let all our tongues be one c 
Let evcrlafUng glories crown b 

Let ev'ry mortal ear attend - - a 
Let God the Father live - - c 
Let God the Maker's name - - c 
Let him embrace my foul and prove a 
Let me but hear my Saviour fay a 
Let mortal tongues attempt to fing a 
Let others boaft how ftrong they be b 
Let Pharifees of high efteem - a 
Let the old Heathens tune, &c. b 
Let the feventh angel found, &c. - a 
Let the whole race of creatures lie b 
Let the wild leopards of the wood b 
Let them negledt thy glory, Lord b 
Let us adore th' eternal word - c 












Life and immortal joys are giv'n - b 115 

Life is the time to ferve the Lord - a 88 

Lift up your eyes to th'heav'nlyfeat b 37 

Like ftieep we went aftray - - a 14^ 

Lo the young tribes of Adamrife - a 90 

Lo what a glorious fight appears - a ai 

Lo what an entertaining fight - - a 44 

Lo the deftroying angel flies - - b 55 

Long have I fat beneath the found b 165 

Look, gracious God, &c. - - - a 47 

Lord, at thy temple we appear - a 19 

Lord, how divine thy comforts are c n 

Lord, how fecure and bleftare they b 57 

Lordjhowfecuremy confcience was a 115 

Lord, we adore thy bounteous hand c 20 

Lord, we adore thy vafl defigns - b IC9 

Lord, we are blind, &c. - - • b a6 

LordjWeconfefs ournum'xousfaults a iii 

Lord, what a feeble piece - - a 37 

Lord, -vs^hat a heav'n of favinggrac e b 16 

Lord, what a thoughtlefs, &c. - a 36 

Lord, what a wretched land is this b ^^ 

Lord, when my thoughts, &c. - b 5 
Loud hallelujahs to the Lord - a 46 

AN hs5 a foul of vaft defires - b 146 

Jvliftaken foul3,th at dream, cVc. a 1^0^ 

My dear Redeemer and my lord b 139 

A'ly drowfy pow'rs, why flccpyefo b 25 

My God how endlcfs is thy love - a 8i 

My God, my life, my love - - b 93 

My God, my portion and tny love b 94 

My God, pc unit mc not. tc h£ - - b ilJk 



My God the fprlng of all my joys b 
A'ly God, what endlcfs, &:c. - - b 
My heart howilrcadful hard it Is b 
My iSHvicur God, &c. - - - b 
••My foul come nveditatc the day - b 
»My foul fopfakes her vain delight b 
<My thouohts on awful fubjccts roll b 
^ly ■thou<;;htsfurinount &c. - - b 

NAKED as from the earth, &c. a 
N:uure with allherpow'rs.&c. b 
Nature with open volume ftands c 
No, I'll repine at death no more b 
No, I fliall envy them no more - b 
No more, my God, I boalt no more a 
Nor eye has fccii, nor ear has heard a 
Not ail the blood of bcafls - - b 
Not all the outward forms on earth a 
Not dilTcrent food or difterentdrefs a 
Not from the duft affliction grows a 
Not the malicious or profane - - a 
Not to condemn the fons of men a 
Not to the terrors of the Lord - - b 
Not with our mortal eyes - - - a 
Now be the God of Ifrael blefs'd a 
Now by the bowels of my God - a 
Now for a tune of lofty praife - - b 
Now have our hearts embrac'd, &c. c 
Now in the galleries of his ^race a 
Now in the heat of youthful blood a 
Now let a fpacious world arife - - b 
Now let our pains be all forgot - c 
Now let the Lord my Saviour fmile b 
Now Satan comes with dreadful roar b 
Nov/ fhall my inv/ard joys^ arife - a 
Now to the Lord a noble fong - - b 
Now to the Lord that makes us know a 
Now to the power of God fupreme a 

OFOR an ov'-crcoming faith - a 
O ifmyfoul wereform'dfor woe b 
O the Almighty Lord - - ^ b 
O the delights, the hcav'nly joys b 
Often I fcck ray Lord by night - a 
Once nwre, my foul, the rifmgday b 
Our days, alas, our mortal davs - b 
Oar God, howjinnihis prornifcitand^ b 
Our fins, al:ts, huw ftrong tliey be b 
Our f. als fliall magnify the Lc;rd a 
Our fpirils join t' adore the Lamb e 

PLUNG'D la agulph ofdr'.rk,-&c. b 
PraIic,cvcrlaQing praife be pild b 

iVAISE ihee mv fuul.nv un, -fee. b 

. H. Ralfe your triumphant fongs - - b 
54 Rife, rife my foul, and leave, &c. b 

42 .S 

9S|OAINTS', atyoirr.heaVnIy, 2<c.' a 

I4i|0 tialvation l' Otiie joyful found b 

6i See where the great jncrtrnate Gad -a 

lo Shall the vilcrace <xf fteftmnd:blood :a 

2 Shall we go on to fin - » - - a 

162 Sliflll wifdi m cry aloud - - - a 

Shout to the Lord, and let our jays b 

5|Sin has a thoufand trtachVous arts, b 

ijSin, like a venomous difeafe - b 

lOjSing to the Lord that builtthefkies b 

lOZiSing to the Lord with joyful voice a 

56jSing to the Lord ye heavenly Iiofts b 

109 Sitting around our Father's board c 

lOjjSo did the Hebrew prophet raife - a 

142IS0 let our lips and lives exprefs - a 

95.S0 new born babes dcfire the brcaft a 

i26jStand up my foul,lliakeo(rtb-y fears b 

83|Stoop down my thoughts, &c. - b 

104 Strait i« the way, the door is ftrait b 












TERRIBLE God that reign'ft, &c. b 
That awfulday willfurely come b 
Thee we adore. Eternal Name - b 
The glories of my Maker God - b 
The God of mercy be ador'd - - c 
The King of glory fends his Son - b 
The lands that long in darknefslay a 

There's no ambition fwells my hearts 
Ihere was an hour when.Chrifi;,.&c. a 
rhtfeglorious minds h6\vj)right,(?<c. a 
This is the word of truth and-love b 
'I'hou, whomvnvj' fouladniirc§ a^ovc a 
rlius did'the funi of Abraham pafs b 


The law by Mofes came - - 
The law commands and makes, &c. 
TheLord declares his will - - - 
The Lord defcending from above 
The Lord Jehovah reigns - - - 
The Lordon high proclaims - - 
The majefty of Solomon - - - 
The memory of our dying Lord - 
The promife of my Father's love 
The promife was divinely free - 
The true Mefliah now appears 1 - 
The voice of my beloved founds 
The wond'ring world enquires, &c 
There is a houfe not made. Sec. 
'here is a land of pure delight .- - 

Thu.s far the Lord has Ld me vxi. 
Thus faith tlic firft, the gtcAt, &c. 
Thus faith the high and lofty One 
'i'iiu.- faitli the Ruler of the iKics 

Ti.Us fuith the HiCrcv of 


fi A B L E. 

Thus faith the wlftlom of the Lord a 
Thy f.avours,Lord,Iurpri::e ourfouis b 
Time, whnt an empty vapor 'lis - b 
'Tis by the faith oi joys to come b 
'Tis from the treafiires of his worJ a 
Tis not the law of ten commands b 
To God the only wife - - - - a 
To him that chcfe us iirft - - - c 
*Twas by an order from the Lord b 
'Twason that dark, that doleful niglu c 
Twas the commiiBon of our Lord a 

VAIN are the hopes the fons of men a 
Vain are the hopes, &c. - a 
Unfliaken as the facrtd hill - - a 
Up to the fields where angels Ke - b 
Up to the Lord that reigns on high b 

WE are a garden wall'd around a 
We blefs the Prophet, &c. b 
"We ling th' amazing deeds - - c 
We ling the glories^ of thy love - a 
Welcome fweet day of reft - - b 
Well, the Redeemer's gone - - b 
What different pow'rs of grace & fin b 
What equal honors iliall we bring a 
What happy men or angels thefe a 
What mighty man, tyj^ighty God a 


. H. Whence do our mournful, &c. a 3 j 

93i When I can read my title clear - b 65 

45! When in die light of faith divine b lOx 

58; When I iurvey the wond'rous crofs c 7 

i29|When wear^ruis'dfromdeepdiftrefs a jj 

i47JWhen lirangets lland & hearraetell a 76 

124, When the jirft parents of our race b 78 

51' When the great builder arch'd, &c. b 34 

39,Whereare the mourners, &c. - -b 154 

15 1 1 Who can defcribe the joys that rife a ici 

i|Who has bcliev'd thy word - - 
52! Who is this fair one in diftrefs - a 
I Who {hall the Lord's elccSl condemn a 
94iWhy did the Je^Ts proclaim, &c. a 
99jWhy does your face, ye humble fouls b 
aij Why do we mourn departing friends b 
41 1 Why is my heart fo far from thee b 
4^1 Why fhould the children of a King a 144 
Why fhould this earth delight us fo b 164 
74 Why fhould we flart and fear to die 
13^ With cheerful voice I ling - 
17 With holy fear and humble fong 
56 With joy we meditate the grace 
141 Y 









36 rVT'E faints, how lovely is the place a 

143! A Ye fons of Adam, vain & young a 

63: Ye that obey th' immortal King - a 

4o|y z 

a8 jZ-< ION rejoice, and Judah fin^ - b iii 








OR, I 

TABLE to find any HyxMN by the Title or Contents of lU 

Note, T':e Letters, \. il. iii. ftgnify the frji, fecond, and third Book : The figure i ri'^^-t^ to irs 
Hymn. If you find not ivhat Hymn you fei under one Word of thf Title, feei it under 
another, or by fonic IVerd that is of the fame Signifcation^ though perhaps not rnentioncd in 
the Title cf the Hymn. 


Afcenfion and rdurredllori of Chrif,\u 76, 
Afljftancc againft temptations, i. 15, 32, ii. 

50. 65. 
Afiurance ot heaven, i. 27, ii. 6s ; of the 

love of Chri/, i. 14, ii. 73 ; of faith, i. 

Attributes. See Gcd. 

Accef:5 to the throne by a MecliHtor, ii. io3.>T> A3YL0N fp?l!ing, i. 56, 59. "Sccfneniics. 

Adii/n, his fall. i. 107 ; corrupt nature from'iL> BackHidings a. id reruriis, ii. '20., 

hirn, ii. 128 j the nril and tlic fcccnd, i.'i^aptirni, i. cz: preaching and tfic Lord'a 
57,124. j flipper, ii. 141 ; and circuniciiion, .121» 

Adoption, i. 64, 14;; ; and clccVani, i. 54. j Ii.. 127, 134 ; burial -.vith Cbrif, i. laa. 

AARON and Chrrf, i. 145. 
ilfi/w and J-i/kua, ii. 124. 
Abraham's blelHng on the Gentiles 
113, £i4,ii. 134; offering his fon, 
Abfcuce and prcfence ,of God, ii. 93, 94. 
ICO; from God forever iatolcrabic, ii. 

Advocate. See ChrijT 
Afredlions inconflant, 
ii. i6^ 

AiPucltd, Chr:f!\ compaGjon to thrni, 

s in;e!fLUi(.n. |Beatitudes, 1. 102. 

ij. SO: unfandl-fied, 'Believe and be faved, i. lOO. 
Ireliever baptized, i. 52, I22. 


u Eirth, firft and fecond, i.,95, 99 ; of drift, 
miracles at it, ii. 136. 

ElefTed are the dead 
Society in lieavcn, i 

n the Lord, 1. 18;. 

Z2^ IS- 
ath uuderjBIcflednefs and builr.efs of heaven, i. 40^ 
41, ii. 86 ; onl^ in G<?d, n. 93, 94, lOO. 


re-.noved, i. 87 ; uibnirted to, i. 
5, 129, ii. 109 ; fuppcrt and comfort un- 
der them, ii. 50, 6j ; and d 
providence, i. 83. 

Almon: cluidian, ii. 158. [ElelUng of Abr^haTn en the C<^ilL 

Angels finning, ii. 24 ; landing and fall-| 114, ii. 134. 

ing, ii. 27 ; praife ye the Lord, ii. 27 ;, Blood and flefn of Chr'fxs our food, iii. 17, 
puniOied and man faved, ii. 96, 97;! 18; tlie fea' of the new teftament, iii. 3.; 
their miniujy to 6'i>r^and Saiuts, ii. iS.I the fpiiit and the water, iii. 9. 
112,113. Boafting excluded, i. 96. " 

Ambition. <?cc, ii. 10 r. 'Bodies frail. Sec life, health, lif^fli. 

Anger of God. See wrath, vengcanceyhell. Book of God's decrees, ii. 99. 

Anfwer to the Gliurch's prayers, i. 3D. Bread of life is Clir/J}, iii. 5. 

Anu-Chriit, his ruin, i. 29,56,59. See Breatliing towards heaven, ii. 23 J God 
enemies. I praifcd, ii- i ; fv">r deliverance, ii. 92. 

Apoftate, ii. 15J?. Burial, ii. 63; v.ith Cl.riji in baptifm, i. 

Apoftles cunuuitSon, i. \7,Zk 1 122 ; and death of 3 faint, ii. ^.. 

226 I N D E X, 


C iNames & titles, i. 147, 148 ; nativity, 1.3,13.] 

CANAAN and heaven, il. 66, 124. (Obeyed or rcfifted, i. 93; his offices, L 
Carnal joys parted with, ii. 10, ii ;' X49, 150, ii. 1^2. 

rcafon hanibled, i. 11, 12. iPardon and ftrcngth from him, iii. 14 ; our 

Ceremonial. See law, types, prieft. I paflbver, ii. 155 ; his pcrfon glorious and 

Charadleri of the children of God, i. 143 ;! gracious, i. 75, ii. 47 ; our phyiician, i. 

of Cbriji^ i. 146,150; of blelfednefsji. loz.' 112 ; his pity to the aflliclcd and tempt- 
Charity and uncharitablenefs, i. 126; andi ed, i. 125 ; his pricfthood, i. 145, ii. 118; 

love, i. 130,133. I his prtfence. Sec prcfence, Prophc- 

Childrcn in the covenant of grace, i. nj,! cies and types of him, ii. 135 ; prophet, 

114; devoted to God, i. I2i, ii. 127. | priefl and king, i. aj, ii. 132; our pro- 
Chrift. Sec Zori and Aaron, i. 145; and phet and teacher, i. 93. 

AJjfKy'i. ii^\ his afccntlon, ii. 76 ; beat- Redemption. See Redemption; rejc<fked 

ifick fight of him, ii. 75; beloved dc-j hy ihc J siusyX. 141; refurrctflion, ii. 72, 

fcribcd, i. 75 ; the bread of life, iii. 5. 76; is our hope, i. 26; refurre(flion. 

Hi* care of theyoung and feeble, i. 125, life and death miraculous, ii. 137 : rc- 

138; and the church, fecking, finding,' vealed to man, i. 10; to babes, i. 11, 1 2; 

Isfc. Sec church. Coming to judge, i.' rigliteoufnefs and fircngth in liim, i. 841 

61; his comn\iflion, ii. 103, 104; com- 85,97; rightcoufncfs v.iluablc, i. 109. 

munion with him, i. 66, 71 ; and faints. His facrifice, ii. 142 ; and interceflion, ii. 

^•67, 77, iii. 2; compared to inanimatCj 1 18; faIvaticn,righteoufntfsHnd ftrength 

things,!. 146; his coronation and ef-' in him, i. i5,.o4, 85, 97, 98 ; our fandti- 

poufah, i. 72 ; his crofs not to be afliam-1 ficatlon, i. ^7, 98; latan at enmity, i. 

cd ofj iii. 19; crucified God's wifdomj IC7; faints in his hand, i. 158; our 

and power, iii. 10. j .Shepherd, ;. 8, 142. 

David's fon, i. 16, 50 ; his death caufcd by The fublLtncc of the types, ii, 1 2 ; fcnt bv 

lin, ii. 81 ; grace •■ind glory by it, iii. 23 ; the Father, i. 10c. ii. 103, 104 ; liisfut'- 

\'i(flory and kingdom, ii. 114; his divine eriiigs, iii. 16; and godly forrow, ii. <;, 

luturc, i. 2, 13, 92, ii. 52; dwells in, 106; and glory, i. i, 62, 63, ii. 43, 81, 

heaven, vifits the c.irth, i. 76. j 83, 84, iii. ic. 

Enjoyment of him, ii. 15, 16 ; his cternitv, His cities and kin'^-^... 1, i. 13; triumph 

i. 2, 92 ; exrimplc, ii. 139 ; excellencies^ over our en<.iniv.'3, i. 2B, ::<; ; 'yp*-^ 3''- -1 

i. 52, il. 47 ; faith rmd knowledge of prophecies of him, ii. 135. 

him, i. 103; Iiis flefl^ and blood our Victory over J'atan, i. 89 ; death and hell, ii;. 

food, iii. 17, 18; found and brought to 21 ; unfecn and belovc-d, i. 108. 

the church,!. 71. jWifdom of God, i. 92; our wjfdom and 

His glcry in heaven, ii. 91 ; God recoa- rightcoufncfs, i. 97, 9S ; worfliipped by 

cilcd in him, ii. 148 ; grace given us in the creation, i. 62. 

him, i. 137, ii, 40. Chriftian. See Saints, Spiritual, ^ic. rcli- 

High prieft and king, i. 61 ; I:is human and g"f>n its CAcellcncy, 11.131; almoil, ii. 

(livine nature, i. 2, 13, 16 ; humiliation 15S; virtues, ii. i6r. 

and f*xalt.ition, i. 1,63, 14X, 142, ii. 5, Church. Sec Worlliip, Saints, Spiritual. 

4",, 8r, 83, 84, iii. 10, 16. i Its fafety and protc^^ion, i. 8, 39, ii. 64, 

His incarnation, i. 3, 15; intercefTion, ii. 92; its enemies liuin by Chrift, i. 23, 

36, 37, 1 18 ; invit:'.t'on to hnners.i. 127. 7.9 ; converfing with Chrift (vi?.) feek- 
Thc King at his tabic, i. 66; his kingdom ing, finding, calling, anfwering, i. 66— 

among men, i. 3, ai ; knowledge and 71 ; undcrGod's care, i. 66; efpoufa's 

faith in him, i. 103. 1 with CLrtJ}, i. 72 ; beauty in the eyes of 

The Lamb of God, i. 1,64 ; his love to the Curif, i. 73 ; the garden of CLriJl'i. 74. 

church, i. 14, 17; under defertion, ii. Circumcifion abolifijed, ii. 134; and bap- 

50; fhed abroavdin the hcnrt, i, 135 ; to tifm, i. I2i, ii. 127. 

men, j. 92 ; lifted up, i. 1 1 1. Clothing fpiritual, i, 7, 40. 

Miniftered to by angels, ii. n 2, 113 ;mira- Comfort in tlie co^caant with Ckriji, ii. tlichirih of C-^/-/^?, ii. 136 ; mira- 40; rcl>ore»i, il. 73. See Pardon. U 

clcs in his life, death, and refurrcdlion, forrows of mind and body, ii. 50, 6$. 

ii, 137 ; and Mcjh^i. ij8, 149. Como>umoa with Ckrijl and TaiaUt i, Z; 

INDEX. 227 

between Cirj/l and the church, i. 66 — ^! ble, i. 19,11. 61 ; overcome, i. 17 ; trl- 

71, ii. 15, 16. I umphcd over, i. 6, ii. no; prepared for, 

Companion of a dying C/jriJf, in. aa ; to! i. 2,7, ii. 63 ; of a (inner, i. 24, ii. 1 ; and 

the afflided, i. laj. burial of a faint, i. 18, ii 3 ; and eterni- 

CompUint of a hard heart, ii. 98 ; of de-' ty, ii. a8 ; and glory, i. 1 10, ii. 61 ; and 

fercion and temptations, ii. 163 ; of dull-' the refurre(flion, ii. 3, loa, 1 10 ; of Mo- 

nefs, ii. 34 ; of indwelling fin, i. 1x5; fes at God's command, ii. 49 ; dreadful 

of ingratitude, ii. 74 ; of floth and neg- and delightful, ii. 52. 

ligcnce, ii. 2j, 32. Deceitfulnefs of fin, ii. 150. 

Condemnation by the law, i. 91. .Decrees of God, i. ii, 12, 96, 117, Ii. 99, 

Condefcenfion to our worfhip, ii. 45 ; af- Deity of Chrifl:, i. 2, 13, 92, ii. 51. 

fairs, ii. 46. jDelay of converfion, i. 88 — 91, ii. 25, 32. 

Confeflion and pardon, i. 131. | Delight in worfliip, ii. 14; in God, ii. 42; 

Confcicnce good, the pleafures of it, ii. J7; in converfe with Chrift, ii. 15, 16. 

fecure and awakened, i. 115. Deliverance, ii. 3. See Enemies, ChurcK 

Conftancy in the gofpel, ii. 4. 
Contention and love, i. 130. 

and Submiflion, i. 129 ; from fpiritual 
enemies, i. 47, ii. 65, 82. 

Converfion, i. 104, ii. 159; the difficulty Dependance. See Faith. 

of it, ii. i6i ; delaying, i. 88 — 91; the Dcfcrtfon and temptation complained of, 

joy of heaven i. loi. j ii. 163. 

ConvitSlion of fin by the law, i. 94, ii5;Defire of Chrift's prefence," ii. loa Sec 

by the crofs of Ci>riJ}, ii. 81, ^S- ' "lore in heaven, Chrift, love, &c. 

Corrupt nature from Adam, i. 51. ii, 128. Defpair and prCfumption, i, 115, ii. ij6, 
Covenant of grace, i. 9 ; children therein, 157. 

i. 113, 114 ; fealed and fworn, i. i39,Devil vanquiflied, i. 58. See vitStory. 

iii. 3 ; hope in it, i. 139 ; made with Devotion fervently dcfircd, ii. 34. 

CbriJ} OUT comfort, ii. 40; of works. Difficulty of converfion, ii. 1 61. 

See Law and Gofpel. jDiflblution of this world, ii. 13. 

Covetoufncfs, &c. i. 24, ii.56, loi. iDifeafe. See ficknefs. « 

Creation, i. 92, ii. 71, 147 ; New, ii. 130 ; Diftemper, folly and ntadncfs offin,ii. 153, 

prefervation,^-c. of this world, ii. 13, Diftinguifliing love, i. u, 12, 96, 117, ii. 
Creatures praife the Lord, ii. 71; love 96,97. 

dangerous, ii. 48 ^ God above them, i. Divine. See God, Deity, &c. 

82 ; tiitir vanity, ii. 146. :Dominion of God, and our deliverance, ii, 

Crofs of C/j,'i/} is our gIory,iii. 19 ; repent-! 3 ; eternal, ii. 67 ; over thcfea, ii. 70. 

ance flowh;g from it, ii. ic6 ; falvation Doubts and fears fuppreft, ii. 73. 

init, ii. 4; cruciiixion to the world bvDulnefs fpiritual, ii. 25. 


IT* ARTH, no reft on it,ii. 146 i andhcav- 
^ en, ii. 10, 11, S3- 
Effufion of the Spirit, ii. 114. 

DANGER.S of our earthly pilgrimage, Elcdlion excludes boafting, i. 96 ; free, i. 
ii. 53 ; of death and hell, ii. 5^ ; ofj xi, 12, 54, 117. See Decrees. 

love to the crtature, ii, 48. jEnd of the world, ii. 164. 

Darknefs difpelledby Chrifl's prefence, ii. Enemies of the church difappointed,ii,9i, 

54; of Providence, ii. 109. | 92; falvation from them, ii. 82; tri- 

Day of grace, and time of duty, i. 88 ; of umphcd over by Chrift,i. 28, 29. See 

judgment, i. 45, 61, 64, 89, 90. Chrift, Babylon, Michael. 

Dead in the Lord, their blellednefs, i. 18 ; Enjoyment of Chrift, ii. 15, 16. 

to fin, by the crofs of Chrift, i. 106. Enmity betwixt Chrift aud Satan, i. 107. 

Dc^ith. See Chrift, and aflliclions under Envy and luve, i. 130. 

Providence, i. 83 ; terrible to the un-Efpoufal of the Church, i. 72. 

converted,!. 91 ; maelc eafy by the fight Eftabliihmcnt i.i grace, ii. 8a. 

of Chrift, iii. 14, ii. 31 ; by a fight of Eltrnity of Gcd, ii. 17 ; of his dominion, 

heaven, ii. 66; God's pref /nee in it, ii. ii. 67 ; and death, ii. 28 ; fuccecding 

49, 117 y our f'.tar of it, ii. 31 ; dciira-' this li.c, ii. jj. See heaven, death* 

It, 111. 7. 
Curfe and promife, i. 107 
Cuftom in Sin, ii. 140. 


I N D E X. 

Evouceand morning hyrani, i. 79. 80,81, Glory and death, i. no, u. 61. StfcHcaT- 
;; /; , 8 en. Of God above our reafon, n. 87; 

Sec Chrift. 

of Chrillin heaven, ii. 91 
And grace by the death of Chrift, iii. 
23 ; juftification and fan(5lificatl6n, r.' 
3 ; to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft, 
ii. 16 — 41 ; of God in the gofpel/ii. 
126 ; and grace in the perfon of Chrift, 
ii. 47 ; and lufferings of Chrift, ii. 43- 
See Sufferings. 

"• 6, 7» 8. ^ n- . 

Exahation. See Chrift, glory, fuffermgs, 

Example of Chrift, ii. 139; o^ 5^»°^*' "' 

ExceUencyof the Chriftian Religion, 11. 

FAITH in things unfeen, i. lao, n. 119 ; r f nu -Or - m 

and knowledge of Chrift, i. lO.u love in the crofs of Chrift, m. i9- 
and ioy, i. 108 ; and unbelief, ii. 1^5 ; God aU & in all, n. 93, 94 ; his abfencc. Sec 
living and dead. i. 140; aflifted by fenfe, Abfence. His attributes, ii. 5i».io6, 
. ii. 141; its joy.ii. i6z-, in Chrift ourfacri- 169 ; glorified by Chrift, ii. ia6, m. 10; 
fire, ii.i42;audfalvation,i.ioo;of affur- the avenger of his faints, 11. 115. 
ance,i. 103 ; and fight, i. no, ii. i45 ; Care of his church, 1. 39; condefcenfion 
triumphing in Chrift, i. 14 = for pardon t» human aftairs.u. 36 ; to our worflup, 
and fan<aification, ii. 90 ; faith and rea- ii. 45 ; the Creator and Redeemer, n. 55- 
fon, ii. 87, lOf. Our delight, ii. 42; our defence, i. 47; 

TaithfuhieCi'of God's promifes,. ii. 40, 60, dominion over the fea, ii. 70 ; 
X ion and our deliverance, ii. Ill 

Fallofangelsandmen, ii. 24 ; andrecov- ^vith the humble, i. 87. 

ery of man, i. i07,ii. 78. " Eternity, ii. 17 ; eternal dominion, ii. 67 ; 

Fears and doubts fupprtft, ii. 73. ! everlafting aljfence intolerable, 11. 100, 

Feaft of love, i. 68 ; of triumph, iii. at ; 107. 

of the gofpcl, i. 7, iii. -12, 20 ; made and Far above his creatures. 1. 82 
guefts invited, iii. I. 1. 

Ftllowfliip. See Communion 



, and 

Fervency of devotion defired, 

Few faved, ii. 158. 

Flefli and blood of Chrift the, beft 

iii. 17, 18 ; our tabernacle, i. no 

fpirit.Ii. 143- 
Food fpiritual, i. 7, 67, 68, 74, »• ^5- 

Folly and madnef^ of fin, ii. 153. 
Forbearance. See Patience. 
Forgivcnefs. See Pardon. 
Formalitv in worfliip, i. 13^'- 
Frail. See Life, Health, Forgctfulnefs, 11. 

Frailty and folly, u. 32. 
Free. See Grace, Election. 
Freedom from fin and mifcry in Heaven, 

ii. 86. 
Funeralthought.ii. 63. 



GARDEN of Chrift 
Garmtnt of faU .-.tion, :. 
Geiullcs, Chrift revealed to them, i. TO, 13 
50, iii. 13, 14-, Abraham's bkfung or 
them. i. 113,114, »>• ^34- 
Glorified mr.ityrs and faia^s, i, 4C, 41 
bodv, ii. i:c. 

See Death, Buri- 

'hurch i 


; the Father, 

. Son and Spirit, iii. 26, 4P ; his faithful- 
nefs to his promifes, ii. 60, 69. 

iGlory and defence of Sic.i,i\. 64 ; his glo- 
ries above our reafon, ii. 87 ; his good- 
nefs, ii. 58, 80 ; his grace. See Grace. 
Government from Iiim, ii. cxiix ; hoii- 
nefs, juftice and fovcrcignty, i. 80.^^ 
SeelaviAble, ii. 26; incomprehcnfible, ii. S7, 
170. , ,. 

His kingdom fupreme, ii. cxv : his loVc ia 
fending his Son, i. c. 

And our neighbour loved, i. civi. 

Our portion or chief good, ii. 91, 64 ; his 
power, ii. 8o ; and goodnefs, ii. 6, 7, 8 ; 
liis praifc. See Praile. Prefence in life, 
and at death, ii. cxv. See Prefence. Pre- 
fervcr of our lives, ii. 6, 7, 8, xix ; prom- 
ife and truth unchangeable, i. cxxxix. . 

Sif'fit of him weans us irom earth, ii. xii ; 
fovereign, ii. c'x:;. 

Tcrribls majefty,ii. 22 ; and mercy, ii. 8o-, 
his truth, ii. 60, C^. 

Vengeance, ii. 44. 62. 

Unity and trinity, iii. 26 — xli. 

Hi', wiird, i. s^ ;'wrath and mercy,!. 4^- 

Goodatis of'cod, ii. 58, 64. t>ec Grace, 
And power of God, i. 4->"- 80. 

Gofpcl fe;;ft, iii. xii. Sec Grace, Feaft. In- 
:1 vit.U'on y.nd provihcn, i. 7, iii- 10 ; times, 
'' iU:v lk;i".diieie, i. x. i>cc tciiptare. 



Glorifies God, ii. cxxvi : no liberty to 
fin, i. cvi, cxxxii, cxl ; not afnamcd of it, 
i. ciii, iii. xix ; and law, i. 94, ii. cxx, cxxi, 
cxxiv ; finned againft, i. cxviii ; its dif- 
ferent fuccefs, i. cxix, ii. clxiv ; miniftry, 
i. X ; attefted by miracles, i. cxxviii, ii. 
cxxxvi, cxxxvii ; its glorious efTedls, ii. 

Government from God, ii. 149- 

Grace and glory by the death of Chrift,iii. 
S3 ; of the fpirit, i. cii, converting, ii, 
cxxxix ; in exercife, iii. 15 5 juftifies, i. 
94 ; fandlifies and faves, i. cxi ; not con- 
veyed by parents, i. 99 ; all-fufficient in 
duty and fufferings, i. 25. 3*» civ ; given 
in Chrift, i. cxxxvii ; covenant, i. 9 ; chil- 
dren in it, i. cxiii, cxiv ; and holinefs, i. 
cxxxii; electing, i. 54 ; its freedom^ and 

Ignorance ?a\d unfruitFuIn^rfs, ii. 165 

Impenitence, ii. laj. 

Incarnation of Chrift, i. 2, 3, 13, 60 

/ » 

Incomprehenuble God, 

ble, ii. 26. 
Inconftancy of cur love, ii. 20. 

and Invlfi- 

flrength, ii. IZ() ; in the covenant, i. 139; 

of heaven by Chrift's refurreetion, i. 26 ; 

of heaven cur fupport under trials, ii. 

6^ ; of the reriirrti5li*n, ii. 3, no. 
Hofanna to Chrift, i. 16, iii. 42, Sec. 
Human afTairs conti'fcended to by God,ii. 

46 ; nature of Chrift, i. 13, 23. 
Humble, God dwclHng with, i. 87; en- 
lightened, i, II, 12, 50 ; worihip of Ledv- 

en, ii. 68. 
Humiliation. See Chrift^ Sufllring, Izft: 

and prayer public, i. 30. 
Humility and pride, i. 127 ; and mccknefs, 

i. 102"; in heaven, ii. 68. 
Hypocrify and fincerity,i. 136 ; hypocrite^ 

or almoft chriftian, ii. 15B. 


;;ig;;;:ri'i:i2V96,ii7,ii. 96,97; p^^LousYofouriove to chri^,!. 72. 

andglorvintheperfonofChrift,ii.47;'f M^l' ^J ^°^^;' ?^^?^-, -o ^ ., 
adoptini, i. 64 ; perfevering,i. 2; prom-Jews. See Mofes, oofpel, Chnft,Gent..8, 

ifes,i. 7, 9; throne aeceffible by Gh'^i^/S""'^'^^'/^''^^^St^^^^^^ ^^ ^2. 

Gratitude for divine favours, u. cxvi. 

HAPPINESS. See Blefled, Heaven. 
Hardnefsofheart, ii. 98. 

Hatred and love, i. 130. ...^^.:..^..y "* r;- 

Health preferved, ii. 6, 7, 8, 19 ; reftored, nlants. See Cl,i dr< n 

. *^ ilngratitude ccmplamed of, u. 74. 

H^^ and earth, ii. 10, 11, 53, and hell, i. Inlpiration ^.d Propl^ccy, n. 15.... 
45 ; invifible and holy, i. 105 ; medita- Inftitution of the i^ora s Mippcr,n:_. i. 
don of it, ii. 161 ; joy there for repent- Infuffici^ency of^elf-rigtatecufneis, n 154. 
ingfinners,i.ioi-, itsbleffednefs andbu- Inrercemon of ..nrift, u. 36,37,11 5^- 
finefs, i. 40,41 ; the hope of it our fup- Invitation of Cnnft anfwered,!. 70; ox the 
port, ii. 56 ; fts profpe^ makes death goipel, 1. 79, 127, lu- i3,,iO- 
cafy,ii. 66; worfhipof it humble, ii.. 68 ; John the baptift s mellage,i. 50. 
freedom from fin and mifery there, ii. Jofliua, Aaron and Mofes, n 124. 
86 • hoped for by Chrift's refurreaion,'Joy, Faith and Love, 1. 108; cf faith, 11, 
i 26 • infured and prepared for, i. 27 ; 162 ; carnalpartcd with,u. 10, 11 ; hcav- 
Chrifi's dwelling place, i. 76, ii. 91 ; fight euly upon earth, 1. 1 35, n. 30, J > j pir- 
of God and Chrift there, ii. 23 i defired, itual reftortd, n. 73 ; bee more in xJJ.g/jf, 
ii 68 I Comfort. 

Heaveniy-mindednefs, ii. 57 ; joy on earth, Judgment day i. 45, 65, 89. 90 ; and Hell, 
ii. 15, 30, 59. I "• 62 ; Chrdt coming^to it, 1. 61. 

Hell and death, ii. 2 ; and judgment, i. 45, Juftlce, &c. of God, '-J^- v r -.t. 

I07,ii.62; or the vengeance of God, ii. Juftification, i. 14; See P.r.on : bv f^ith 
22, 44 ; the holy fear of it,ii, 107. 

Hezekiah's fong, ii. 55- 

Holy. See fpirit. 

Holinefs. See Grace, Spiritual, San(£lifica- ^^^„ , •, c rM. -i • 

tion AndfovereigntyofGod,i.82,86;T7^lNGDOAI and titksof Chrni .. 13; 
and grace,!. 13a, 140 ; its chara^ers, i. K of Chnft among men, .. 21, 65 ; ot 
S , o > t > ^ ^ Godeternal,!. 68; iupieine. II. IT-:. 

Honour vain, ii. lOi ; to magiftrates, ii. 149. Knowledge .nd faith in Cnnft,i, 103 ; fav- 
Hope of the Uving, i. 88 ; gives light and ing trom God, mi, 1 2, 93- 

not bv works, i. 94, 109 • S.mctification; 
i. 7, 20, 80, 25, ii. 90 ; and glory, i. 3. 




LAMB that was flaln, i. i, 25^ 62 ; See 

Law convinces of fin, i. 15; condemns,!. 
94; and gofpcl, ii. 120, 121,124; and 
gofpel tinned againft,i. 128. 

Lcvitical pricfthood fulfilled in Chrift.ii. 12. 

Life frail and fuccceding eternity, ii. S5 ( 
prefcrvcd, ii. 6, 7,8, 19; fliort, frail, 
miferable, i. 81, ii. 39, 58 ; the day of 
j;race and hope, i. 88. 

Light and Salvation by Jefus Chrlfl, i. 50; 
in darknefs by the prefence of God, ii. 
54; given to the blind, i. 11, 12. 

I.jng-Sufferance. See Patience. 

Lord Jefua at his own table, i. 66, iii. 15 ; 
fupper, preaching, and baptifm, ii. 141 ; 
iupper inftituted, iii. i ; day, ii. 72; de- 
lightful, ii. 14; table provided for, iii 
20. See more in Chrift. 

Love of Chrirt unchangeable, i. I4> 39 
flied abroad in the l-jart,i. 135 ; its ban- 
quet, i. 68, iii. 13; of Chrilt in words 
and deeds, i. 77 ; of ChriH: in flrength 
j. 78.; unfeen, i. 108 ; to Chrift, ii. ico 
to God picafaat and powerful, ii. 38 
and hatred, i. 130 ; faith and joy, i. 108 
and chr.riry, i. i;^3 ; of God in fending 
his Son, i. lOO, ii. 103, 104; to God and 
to our neighbour, i. ir6; religion vain 
without it, i. 134 ; peace and meeknefs, 
j. 102; of ChriiVs dying, iii. 4,22; to 
God inconftant, 11. 20 ; to the creatures 
dangerous, ii. 48 ; difkinguiihiug, i. ii, 
12, ii. 06,97. 


MADNESS, folly, and diiT:ernper of fin, 
ii. 153. ■ 

Magiflratcs honoured, ii. 149. 

Majefly of God terrible, ii. 22, 62. 

Malice and love, i. 130. 

Man faved and angsis punlfhed, ii. 96, 97 ; 
mortal and vain, i. 82 ; his fall and re- 
covery, i. 107. 

Alartyrdom, i. 14, ii. 4. 

Martyrs gloriiied, i. 40, 41. 

Mary the virgin's long, i. 60. 

Mediator the v/ay to the throne of grace, 
ii. 108. 

Meditation of heaven, ii. 162 ; and retire- 
ment, ii. 122. 

Memor}'- weak, ii. 165. 

Memorial of our abfent Lord, iii. 6. 

Mercies national, ii. i, iii. See grace, 
wrath, thanks. 

Mefiiah bom, i. 60 ; come, ii. il. 

Michael's war with the dragon, i. j?. 

Minifters commillion, i. 128. 

Miniftry of angels, ii. 18 ; of the gofpcl, i. 

Mifery and fin baniflied from heaven, ii. 
86 ; and fliortnefs of life, ii. 39 ; with- 
out God in the world, il 56 ; of finners, 
fee linner, death, hell. 

Morning and evening fongs, i. 79, 80, 8r, 
ii.6, 7, 8. 

Mortality and vanity of man, i. 82. 

Mortification to the world by the fight of 
God, ii. 41 ; by the crofs of Chrift, ii. 
9, iii. 7. 

Mofes and Chrift, i. 49, 118 ; dying, ii.49; 
Aaron and Jofliua, ii. 124. 

Mourning. See complaint, repentance. 

My fteries revealed, i 11,12. 

"VTATIGNAL mercies and thanks, ii. i, 

Nativity of Chrift, i. 2, 3, 13. 

Nature and grace, i. 104; corrupt from 

Adam, i. 57, ii. 128. 
Neighbour and God loved, i. 116. 
New covenant fealed, iii. 3 ; promifes, i. 

7 ; fong, i. I ; creature, i. 9 ; teftament 

in the blood of Chrift, iii. 3 ; creation, 

i. 95, 130; birth, i. 95. 

OBEDIENCE evangelical, i. 140, 143. 
Old age, and death of the unconvert- 
ed, i. 91. 
OiTence not to be given, i. 126. 
Ofiices and operations of the Holy Spirit, 
ii. 133 ; and of Chrift, i. 146, 150, ii. 132. 
Olive-tree, the wild and good, i. 114. 
Ordinances. See worfliip. Lord's fupper. 
Original iin, i. 57. See Adam, nature. 

PAINS, comforts under them, ii. 50. 
Paradife on earth, ii. 30, 59. 
Pardon, a fufliciency of it, ii. 85 ; and con- 

feffion, i. 131 ; and ftrength from Chrift, 

iii. 24 ; bought at a dear price, iii. 4 ; 

and fanctification by faith, i. 9, ii. 90 ; 

brought to our fenfes, iii. 11. 
Parents and children, i. 113, 114; convey 

not grace, ii. 99. 
Paftover Chrfft is ours, ii. 155. 
Paftion. See Chrift, fufferings, anger, love. 
Patience under affli(Stions, i. 5, 129, ii. 109; 

of God producing repentance, ii. 74, 

105. . V .. 

Peace of confcience, ii. 57; and contCB- 

tion, i. 130. See comfort, joy. 


Perfedlons of God, li. i66, 169 ; perfever- 

ing grace,!. 2,6, 32, 48, Ji, 138. 
Perfon of Chrift glorious and gracious, i 

Perfecution, courage under it, 1. 14. 

Pharilee and Publican, i- 131- 

Pilgrimage of the faints, ii. 53. 

Pleafure of a good confcience, ii. 57 ; of 
religion, ii. 30, 59 ; finful forfaken, ii. 
10,11 ; their vanity and danger, ii. 101. 

PoverLy of Spirit, i. 102, 127. 

Power of God, i. 86 ; and wifdom in Chrift 
crucified, ii. 126, iii. 10 ; and goodnefs 
of God awful, i. 42, ii- 80. 

Praife imperfed: on earth, ii. 5 ; for daily 
pFOtedUon and prefervation, ii. 6, 7, 8 ; 
from angels, ii. 27 ; from the creation, 
ii. 71 ; to the Redeemer, ii. 5, 21,29, 25^ 
70 ; to the Trinity, iii. 26 — 41 ; for cre- 
ation and redemption, ii. :iS' 

Prayer and praife, i. i ; for deliverance 
anfwered, i. 30. 

Preaching, baptifm, and the Lord's fupper, 
ii. 141- 

Predeftination. See eledlion. 

Preparation for death, i. 27. See death. 

Prefumption and defpair, i. iij. ii. 156, 

^•57- . .... 

Prefence of God in worflnp, ii. 45 ; light 
in darknefs, ii. 54 ; in death, i, 19, ii 
31, 49, iii. 14; in life and death, ii. 117; 
or abfence of Chrift, ii. 50 ; of Chrift 
in worfhip, i. 66, ii. 15, 16, iii. 15 ; of 
God our life, ii. 93, 94, 100. 

Prefervation of this world, ii. 13 ; of our 
graces, i. 51; of our lives, ii. 6, 7, 8, 19 

Pride and humility, i. 11, 12, 127. 

Priefthood levitical ending in Chrift, ii. I3 : 
of Ghrift, ii. 118. 

Prodigal repenting,!. 123. 

Profit and unprofitablenefs, i. 1 18, ii. 165 

Promifed MelBah born, i. 60, 107, 134. 

Promifes of the covenant, i. 9, 39, 107. 
See Scripture. And truth of God un- 
changeable, i. 139 ; our fecurity, li. 40, 
60, 69. 

Prophecies and types of Chrift, ii. 135 ; 
and infpiration, ii. 150. 

Profpcrity and adverfity, i. 5 ; vain, ii 

PrcteiEtion from fpiritual enemies, ii. 82; 
of the church, i. 8, 22, 23. See Church. 

Providence, ii. 46 ; executed by Chrift, i 
I ; over afftiAions and death, i. 83 ; its 
darknefs, ii. 109 ; profpcrous and affli(^-! 
ire, i. 5. I 

Provifion. See Gofpel, Lord's Table. 
Public Ordinances. Sec Worfuip. 
Publican and Pharifee, i. 131. 
Punifliment for fin. See Hell, i. lOO, iio. 

RACE Chriftian, i. 48,ii. 53- 
Reafon feeble, ii. 87 i carnal hum- 
bled, i. II, 12. 

Recovery from iicknefs,i. S5- 

Reconciliation to God in Chrift, ii. 148. 

Redemption in Chrift, i. 97, 98, ii. 78 ; and 
protection, ii. 82 ; by price, iii. 4 ; and 
by power; ii. 29. See Chrift. 

Regeneration, i. 95, ii. 130. Sec Eleclion, 
Adoption, San<fi:iiication. 

Religion negleaed, ii. 32 ; vain without 
love, i. 134; chriftian, the excellency of 
it,ii. 131 ; revealed. See Gofpel, Scrip- 

Remembrance of Chrift, iii. 6. 

Repenting prodigal, i. 123. 

Repentance from God's goodnefs and pa- 
tience, ii. 74, 105 ; and humiliation, i. 
87 ; at the crofs of Chrift, ii. 9' lO'^*' 
and impenitence, ii. 125; gives Joy to 
Heaven, i. loi. 

Refignation. See SubmifTion. 

Refurredtion, i. 6. ii. 102. no. See Death, 
Chrift, Heaven. 

Retirement and meditation, ii. 22. 

Returns and backfildings, ii. 20. 

Revelation of Chrift. See Gentile, Gofpel. 

Revenge and love, i. 130. 

Rich linner dying, i. 24, ii. 5^. 

Riches their vanity, ii. 56, lOi. 

Righteoufncfs, and ftrcngth in Chrift, i. 84, 
85,97,98; of Chrift valuable, i. 169; 
our robe, i. 7, 20 ; and felf-righte&ufncfs, 
i. 131; our own infufHcient, ii. 154. 

SABBATH delightful, ii. 14. 
Sacrament. See Baptifm, Lord's Sup- 

Sacrifice of Chrift, ii. 142 ; and intercef- 
fion, ii. n8. 

Safety of the church, i. 8, 22, 23. 

Saints. See Church, Spiritual. _ God their 
avenger, ii. 115 ; and hypocrites, i. 136. 
140; their example, ii. 14c ; charadters 
of them, i. 143; in hand of Chrift, i. 
138 ; fecurity, ii. 64 ; beloved in Chrift, 
i. 54 ; adopted, i. 64 ; death and burial, 
ii. 3 ; in glory, i. 40, 41; communion, 
iii. 2. 

Salvation, ii. 88 ; of the worft of finners, i. 
104 ; by grace, i. Hi j in Chrilt, i, 137- 



Sfc Chrift, Crofs, Grace, Heaven, Light, Sorrow. See Repentance. Comfort un- 
Kcdccmcr, Pightcoufntfs. I der it, ii. 50, 69 ; for the dead relieved, 

fanc^ilic.ition, juftitication and glory, i. 3 ;l ii. .3. 

rti)d jiardon, i. 9 ; through faith, ii. 90. jSovcrtignty, i. 86. Sec Grace, Eledlion, 

Satan Mid Chnft at enmity, i. 107 ; his va-; God. 

■ >us temptation"^, ii. 156, 157; con-Soul feparate. Sec Death, Heaven, Hell. 

quercd by Chrift, ii. 89. See Devil. 
.' cripture,i. 3J!,ii. 1 19. See Gofptl. 
S(.a under the dominion of God, ii. 70. 
ScHiingaiid witntiliiig fpirit, i. 144. 
^■c^■ure a!.d awakened fnmcr, i. 115. 
i^ccurity in the promifcs, ii. 40, 60, 69. 
Scekinj; after Chrift, i. 67 ; 71. 
Sdf-Rjghtec'ji'nefs, i. 131 : infufficient, ii 

Senlc .-xfll Hi no; our faith, ii. 141. 
PcnlV.^l GLlight? dangerous, ii. 11, 12, 48. 
crpent brazen, i. 112. 
i.rphcrd, Chrirt and Jiis paPiUrcs i. 67. 
. ;-.ortnels, frailty and miiery of life, i. 37 

ii.39, ."iS. 
EicVnefs and recovcrv, i. JS- 
bight of Gcd mortiiles us to tlie world, ii. 

41; of Ch'ifl: bcatlfick, ii. 16, 75; and 

faith,!. 1 .0, 120, ii. 1 29, 145 ; of Chrift 

mrikcs death eafy, iii. 14. 
Simeon's fong, i. 19, iii. 14. 
Sinai and Sion, ii. 152. 

Sincerity and hvpocrify, i. 136. 

Sin the canfe of Chrill's death, ii. 81 ; and 

niifery bani{l:ed from heaven, i. 105, ii. 

86 ; original, i. .J7 ; pardoned and lub- 

dued, i. 9, 104, ii. 90; indwelling, i. 115; 

its power, iliid. ii. 86 ; the ruin of angels 

and nicn.ii. 24; cuftom in it, ii. 160; 

folly, m.idnefs and diftcmper of it, ii. 

153 ; conviction of it by the law, i. iij-JTempted, Chrift's compafllon to them, i. 

a;^a:nft the law and j'ofpel, i. it8 ; cru-i 125. 

cific^dji. 106 ; dcccitfulncis of it, ii. ijo. Terrours of death to the unconverted, i. 
Sinning and repenting, ii. 20. | 9r. 

Sinful plcafure?- foiTakcn, ii. 10, II. Teflament-Ncw, in the blood of Chriftj 

l^inner vileft favcd, ii. J 04; and faints! iii. 3. 

death, ii. 121 ; invited to Chrift, i. 127 ;|Thankrgiving for vicftory, ii. iii ; for mcr- 

Spirit breathed after, 1. 74; h. 34; water 

and blood, iii. 9; his oflSces, ii. 133; 

witntfling and fcaling, i. 144; its fruits, 

i. 102. 
Spiritual enemies, deliverance, i. 47, ii. 65, 

82 ; warfare, ii. 77 ; pilgrimage, ii. S3 » 

apjiarel, i. 7, 20 ; race, i.48 ; floth and 

diiilnefs, ii. 25, 34 ; joy, ii. 73, 75 ; meat, 

drink and clothing, i. 7 ; food. Sec 

State of nature and grace, i. 104. 
Storm. See Thunder. 
Strength from heaven, i. 15, 32, 48 ; right- 

eouihcfs and pardon in Chrift, i. 84, 85, 

iii. 24. 
Submiflion and deliverance, i. 129 ; to af- 

fliiHions, i. 5, ii. 109. 
•Succefs of :he gofpel, i. 11, la, 119, ii. 

144- ^ 

.Sufferings for Chrift, ii. loi. See Chrift. 
Supper of the l^ord inftituted, iii. I ; bap- 

tilm and preaching, ii. 112. 
Support under trials, ii. 50, 6s- 
Sympathy of Chrift, i. 125. 

TABLE of the Lord. See Lord. 
Temptations, hope under them, i. 
139 ; of the world,ii. loi ; of the devil, 
ii. 65, 156, 157; and dtfertion com- 
plained of, ii. 163. 

excluded hcaveu, 

terrible, i. 91, ii. 2. 
Sioth fpiii*.!ial complained of, ii, 
Society in hca\'en bleircd.ii. 53. 
fon co'Kil with the Fattier, ii. 

Sons of God, i. 64, 

borii, i. 54. 

IC4, 105 

143; clccl 


death} cie5, ii. 116; national, ii. 

Throne of grace. See Grace, Thunderer. 
2 J. God, ii. 62. 

Time redeemed, i. 88 ; ours and eternity 
52. See God'?, 11.67. 

Tree of life, iii. 8 ; and river of love, iii. 
and ncw-i 20. 

[Trinity praifed, iii. 26 — 41. 
Ecvg of angr-ls, i. 3 ; of Simeon, i. 19, iii.jTriah on earth and hope of heaven, ii. 66. 
14 ; of Ztchariab, i. 50; of Mnfes and Tiiumphs over death,!. 6, ii. no ; or faith 

the La: 

of Solomon yiaraplu a»ed; 
luc Virgin Mary, i. 60. 

56; of Hezckiah, i. 53; in Chrift, i. 14 ; at a feaft, ui, ai ; o! 
66 — 78 ; of! Chrift over our enemies, i. 28. 
'Truft. See Faith. 



Truth and proRihes of God unchangeable, 
i. 139, ii. 60,69; types, ii. 12; and 
prophecies of Chrifl, ii. 135. 

VAIN profperity, ii. 56, iot. 
Vahie of Chrift and his righteoufutfs, 
i. 109. 

Vanity and mortality of man, i. 8s ; of 
youth, i. 89, 90 ; of the creatures, ii. 

Vi<5lory, a thankfgiving for it, ii. 3 ; over 
death, i. 17 ; fin and forrcw, i. 14 ; of 
Chriil over Satan, i. 58, ii. S9. See en- 

Virtues chriftian, ii. 161. See hclinefs, 
love, faint, fpiritual. 

Unbelief and faith, i. 100. ii. 125 ; punifli- 
cd, i. 118. 

Uncharitablenefs and charity, i. 126. 

Unconverted ftate, ii. 159 ; death terrible 
to them, i. 91. 

Unfruitfulnefs,ii. 165. 

Unfandlified affections, ii. 165. 

Unfeen things, faith in them, i. 120. 

WANDERING affea:ions,ii. 20 ; thc'ts 
in wcrfhip, i. 136. 
Warfare Chriftian, ii. 77. 
Water the fpirit, and the blood, iii. 9. 
Weak faints encouraged by Chrift, i. 125; 

by the church, i. 126. 
Weaknefs, our o\vu,aiid Chrift our ftrcngth, 
i. 15. 

Wifdom and power of God in Chrifl: cru- 
cified, iii. 10 ; carnal humbled, i. 11, 12. 

Witncfljug and fcaling fpirit, i. 144. 

Word of God, i. ^^ ; preaching, i. 10, 119. 
See gofpel, fcripturc. 

World, crucifixion to it by the crofs, iii. 7; 
the temptations of it, ii. 107 ; its end, ii. 
164; mortification to it by the fight of 
God, ii. 41 ; its creation, ii. 147 ; pre- 
fcrvation, ii. 13. 

Worfliip of heaven humble, ii. 68 ; profit- 
able, ii. 123 ; condefcended to by God, 
ii. ss *» Chrift prefcnt at it, i. 66, ii. 15, 
16, iii. 15 ; accepted through Chrifl, ii. 
^6, 37 ; formality in it, i. 136 ; delight- 
fuljii. 14, 15, 16,17. 

Wrath and mercy of God, i. 42, ii. 80. See 
God, hell. 


YOKE of Chrifl eafy,i. 127. 
Youth, its vanities, i. 89, 90 ; advifed, 
i. 91. 


ZECHARIAH's fong, and John's mefT- 
age, i. 5C. 
Zeal in the chriflian race, i. 48, ii. 129; 
and love, i. 14 ; for the gofpel, i. 103, ii. 
4 ; the want of it, ii. 25 ; againft fin, ii. 
106 ; for God, ii. 116. 
Zion, her glory and defence, ii. 64. Sec 

F I N I S. 



r t 

A^ii_ A/-^ /J^ /->- "/~ '^'^ 


X 1 U V i^a^^llV_V-, xo^_;^^ 

1386 PSALMS of David . . . with hymns and spirit- 
ual songs. By Isaac Watts. 8° sheep. 

Northampton, Mass., 1799